Kaleido Star (2003) s02e15 Episode Script

The Fresh Start's Amazing Decision

Well,well,well Everyone,i'm free at last! I remembered how much fun i had that day.
As well as my own policy.
There's nothing i can't do if i try! And if i can do it without trying,then i'm super lucky! If it turns out i gotta do it,then i'm gonna do it! I'm walking straight down my own path to become the True Kaleido Star!STAR!STAR! Tattoo Kiss,it started as a crimson and black passion, It eventually comes to reply an conflicts of the heart Tatto kiss The trump card is mission for molding the future.
An ambiguous result is unwanted in romance An imposible reality Even a free bet can't be seen The hard to achieve truth Can you feel me now? What do you say to an excitablw self? A perplexing point.
Dreaming the dream you cannot wake from Trapped by fate Don't stop loving Can't stop loving you Yeah,yeah,yeah I'll believe in you,and even if everyting is lost I'll still be loving, Can't stop loving you No,no,no! Tatto Kiss! I'm very sorry.
Even if you come back now,you will not perform on stage.
Yout contrac's been terminated.
This is only natural.
Yes,i understand.
If you would let me come back,i'll do anything.
I don't need par either.
I really love Kaleido Stage after all.
Please Owner.
If you want to do odd jobs for free then i've no reason to stop you.
Do as you wish.
Thank you very much,owner! This is just like when i went to Kaleido Stage for the auditions by myself.
Starting from zero with nothing at all.
My dream then was become a Kaleido Star but My new dream is A conflict-free stage everyone can enjoy.
I'll take time, but I know it'll open the path to becoming the True Kaleido Star.
Tea or coffee? "Would you like some tea?"she asked.
Instead of tea,how about a stylish cocktai What? Um Un,no,thank you!I'm fine! A youngster like yourself traveling alone? Oh,y.
But i have many friends overseas.
Oh,really?That's nice.
Friends are precious.
Aren't they? Yes! They're all close friends! That's right.
It's not zero.
Right now,i have everyone! The Amazing Decision for a Freash Start! Sora!Over here!Over here! Mr.
Policeman! Sora!Glad you came back! Mr.
Policeman,that hurts! What are kids doing these days Oh,sorry.
I was just so happy.
Policeman,thanks for coming to pick me up! Everyone's waiting for you to return! I want to meet everyone quickly! Mr Policeman , this time i've truly realized that i love Kaleido Stage.
That's something to say in front of everyone who's been waiting for you! You're right.
How about some candy? Thanks.
I want to make Kaleido Stage that the audience,the cast,and that everyone can enjoy.
I love smiles! That's what makes you Sora! Welcome back,Sora! I.
I'm back.
Sora! Geez,Sora!You had me really worried! Sorry about that,Rossetta.
I was wondering waht in the world i'd do if you didn't come back.
Thanks for coming all the way to Japan to see me,Ken.
What?! Ken!You went to Japan? Not just me!I was with Mr.
Policeman! Not fair!Where're the Japanese souvenirs?! Oh,right.
Souvenirs,souvenirs Sarah-san gets a ninja disguise! Mia gets a good luck charm! Wow!How cute! Marion and Jonathan get battledores! Cool! Kengets a globe.
Eh?A globe? Anna gets a hyottoko and harisen.
Sora,this thing's face is kind of scary.
That's a Japanese lion.
What?A lion? Marion!She said it's a lion! Sora,is everything really okay? Are you back on your feet now? Sorry.
I've kind of made everyone worry.
But i'm alright now.
I won't ever lose sight of my dream again! It's great to see you in high spirits.
I wonder why i got a globe It's only useful once or twice in a lifetime.
And if you don't have one,it's not like it matters.
That you right there,that's GREAT! You're the boke,i'm the tsukkomi! This is the best! How many times have i told you i won't team up with you! Ah,why not? Someone thirsts for bloodi sense it nearby! Halt!You villain! May! Hu?May? I can't hear a thing she's saying.
She's barking.
Well,it's a good thing there's a wall here then.
She's coming.
GALAXY WARP SEVEN! Congratulations on winning at the Circus festival,May! Why the hell are you here? May,cut it out.
Even if she has no contract,Sora is still our friend! Can't you at least say "Welcome back?" Like i'd say that.
You can't even get a back on stage.
And your room's disappeared.
My room? I was planning to get to that matter later! I see.
I guess that's true.
It's okay,Sora! You can stay with me in my room okay,Sora? Meaning this is no time to be throwing a party.
Why don't you quickly get yourself over to owner's place? And return to the stage as soon as possible! Because our business from the Festival hasn't been settled yet.
May So you're saying you WANT Sora to come back to the stage? Then why don't you just say it straight out? I just want to win against her properly! Thank you,May.
But i'm fine with things as they are.
Sora What do you mean? I've decided to avoid conflict.
No matter what.
You don't intend to perform again? No,i haven't given up on the stage.
Someday,i will definitely to return to the stage.
But i don't want to raise conflict on the stage.
I want to make a fun show with everyone.
That is my new dream.
That's just stupid! Well? C'mon , Sora.
From today on,i'll be in your care! Don't hesitate to ask me anything at all! Pleased to have you! Do your best! One minute till curtains up! Alright guys!We're gonna blow them away today too! Especially leading up to our scene together after the Demon Spiral make sure to put in plenty of punch! Got that?! Yes.
I really wish Sora would return to the stage.
It's something Sora decided for herself.
Let's just support her.
Someone get this! Coming!Coming! Sora! I guess it was a little too heavy! Someone carry these costumes! Coming!Coming! Sora,sorry to put you throught this.
No problem.
This guess down to 3B.
And carry this down to 2C.
Yeah,got it! May and Leon-san's Romeo and Juliet.
But now,Kaleido Stage belongs to May and Leon-san.
I'm hanging the costumes here,okay? Thanks,Sora! I knew to prepare for this,but But i really I'm jealous of May being in the spotlight.
Sorry for making you do this.
Not at all.
This is fun for me! I'm seeing a whole lot of the Kaleido Stage i never knew.
I want to know more and more about Kaleido Stage.
You really love Kaleido Stage,don't you? Of course i do! And i'm gonna fall in love with it ven more! Leon!So you were out here? I just told them about the lighting being off during the performance.
Leon? Sora Leon was staring at Sora,but why? Whoa.
It's green.
This is Japanese tea.
Î? Well,well,well,i wonder if you'll like it.
I'll drink it.
I'll try it and see.
Go ahead.
It's pretty good once you get used to it! Sora.
To be honesc,i don't get your feelings about not wanting conflict on the stage.
Even now,i'm proud of those days when i was aiming for the world championship.
But you think that's a bad thing,don't you? Oh,no,no! I don't think that! But Of course you're amazing,Rossetta.
I also think May was wonderful when she won at the Festival.
It's just that i came to realize that wasn't my dream.
Is it still okay to keep my dream of performing with you? Of course! I will definitely return to the stage.
If we'd be performing together,i wanna do it right away! Sora If you like the tea i'll make some more.
Oh,no need.
Den dero dero dero dero dero den.
The oats are in full harvest.
Den dero dero deroGreen peas,beans too,all in full harvest.
Scared of me?Scared of sleeping in? Good morning,Sora! What are you doing,Fool? The one who asked me to wake you quietly so as not to disturb Rosetta was you,Sora! Oh,yeah!I have morning cleaning! Then i guess i'll be sleeping together with Rosetta-tan then.
I have urgent news for you,Sora! It's Layla!Layla's coming! Making up a lie about Layla-san,you're despicable! No!It's true! I was going to tell you before,but according to my fortune telling,Layla's Leo is coming near! To be frank,yesterday's show was a bore.
Nothing ever reached my heart.
It had May performing stunt after stunt,but .
overall,it wasn't one complete show.
It's just a one-man medley.
Mia,give us your opinion as head director.
Mia,this woman is Cathy Taymor,the lead director for Off Broadway.
Well,i'm only an amateur over here thought.
But those were my genuine feelings regarding the play.
Um,i apologize.
It's just as Cathy says.
But with my inability,i can't do a thing about it.
It's all my fault.
Everything is my fault! I'm very sorry! I guess i'm fired,right? I am fired,aren't i? That's why Cathy came here,isn't it? I understand.
You're pretty funny,you know? You've got talent.
I'll second that.
That was called the Demon Spiral,right? Having Romeo and Juliet use that was a pretty good concept.
And it was shining with personality! In all fairness,it was pretty good.
The problem is your ability as a director.
Currently,audience incentive isn't falling, but the customer base is greatly stagnated.
I'd like you to fix this trend.
I'll take this job! Well,now that everything's decided,let's get going,Mia! Um? Don't give me that,i'm new here!If you're not around what will i do? Right! No!Completely wrong! Leon and May's timing right there was way off! How are you missing each other? Oh,that's because during the performance May's jump wasn't high enough So,in order to compensate,Leon's move looked smaller and it became.
That has absolutely nothing to do with the audience! Yeah Leon!May!Come here for a sec! Leon,i understand your moves are top class,but Show me something that'll move my heart! May,watching your stage in New York was amazing enough to stir up mu blood.
But what was that just now?! A Romeo who cares only about showing off? And a Juliet afraid of becoming disliked? Who the heck wants to se that?! Don't underestimate the audience! Take a break! Sh.
She's so cool! Find her? She's nowhere! She did say she had morning cleaning.
Laysa-san came all the way here Found her! Hey guys! What are you doing? As you can see,wiping the windows.
This grimy spot here kinda bugged me.
Save that for later.
Layla-san is here! Sora! Talk about surprises! Sora,quickly! Someone named Cathy from Broadway is here as well.
Cathy-san came too? Oh,but at the Festival i "I misjudged you,Sora.
" Is what she told me so I wonder just how i should face Layla-san? Come on! If you wasted time worrying about every little thing, would you still be Sora?! Instead of planning,just going ahead and DOING IT is Sora,isn't it? Or do you plan to never see Layla-sa again? Rosetta Let's go! There might still be a chance for you,Sora! What? A chance to return to the stage.
But Alright,play it back,please.
You can see it here for yourself,right? What's with this half-hearted performance? Like right here!Show me that scene one more time! Huh? Go back thirty seconds! Yeah! You two aren't even trying to look at each other.
Where in the world would you find lovers like these? Hold on,Rosetta Just go in,it's fine! I'd rather just watch from here.
HHi there! Sora! What are you doing?! Oh,it's really her! It's Sora! Hey,coeme down here for a bit! I wanna see your Juliet! I heard about your circumstances,but anyway,try it! Leon What'll you do,Sora?This is your chance! Sora,you want to avoid conflict,but it looks like no one here's gonna let that happen.
I won't say anything to Kalos,so don't worry! Come on!What's wrong? Show me,why don't you?Your Juliet! I will not do it.
Please have May continue as Juliet! Stop screwing around! What do you mean you don't want conflict?! You're just scared of facing me! You coward! May! Sora.
Yes? Think well about how much your action just now hurt May.
Choosing not to fight can hurt others too.
Good work today! Good work! Don't worry too much about what happened today.
Just by being here you brighten everything around you.
Even if you aren't on the stage.
You should do whatever you think is right.
Thanks a lot,Ken! Hey Ken!Are you getting on? Yeah! Well,see you tomorrow! Yeah.
Good work! Ken,thank you.
Leon? Weren't you set on becoming my partner? I have a different dream now.
I believe you are't what i'm aiming for anymore.
A stage completely free of conflict may just be a mere fantasy But no matter what happens,i want to make it come true! And what if i told you to become my partner? W.
Wait,let go!That hurts,Leon-san! Could it be you? Are you the one who can become my partner.
? No!No!Let me go! You're exactly like her.
Sophie! Sophie! Leon! Leon! You're hurting me,Leon-san.
Leon-san? Sophie.
Thank God.
You're not hurt.
Leon-san,i'm Sora.
Could it be you?I knew it Leon-san! Why?Why did he call Sora by the name of Sophie? Who is Sophie? I hurry as hard luck gathers Once it drains,we're out of time.
When i know the path,i can take it easy It's time to take it out.
Here we go Gouin only Only throught force Drive at top speed The best view is always overlooked I wanna let it Memory Harbo light Starry night Escape for tomorrow's sake.
There is no vacantion, Oashisu wa get But i get an oasis I turn my cell phone off To charge it up on love Gentleness alone will not heal me Because the pain is still there We are alone,passed by each other What's going on? Until the misunderstanding is resolved, And true hearts meet In tears or in smiles I'll be with you! The one capable of becoming my partner is Sora Naegino.
and so what i'm aiming for now is a stage free of conflict! Sophie Stop this stupidity! An unforeseen happening and accident.
As well as a wonderful,happy,present.
I know i'm not wrong!WRONG!WRONG! Next time on Kaleido Star: The Humiliating Awesome Co-starring My wings are my dreams,wich take me to the sky!