Kaze no Stigma (2007) s01e03 Episode Script

Kannagi Family Head

1 Eyes as clear as the azure sky.
That is how you tell a "Contractor.
" The stigma of the wind, marked on the one who has been entrusted with the entire world's atmosphere by the Spirit King of the Wind.
A blast of wind in my heart Under the great weight of a single pain Emotions break loose and run through the darkness The memories unlocked them Blast of wind Just like water, destiny will begin to move forward on its own Will these hands go on being soiled, enfolded in hatred, not knowing true brilliance? Tell me if I can ever dream again A blast of wind in my heart softly blowing through my heart That's The Spirits of Wind! And there are so many of them! No It's impossible This power is It's no use! I see.
So you've found your own Don't you underestimate the inheritor of the Enraiha! Big brother! Ren! You are Hey! This place is off-limits.
Leave them alone.
- What? - They're in charge of cases like this one.
This is not the work of normal weapons.
What kind of magic do you think they used? They couldn't have done this with fire magic or earth magic or water magic Right.
The only possibility is wind magic.
But wind magic is usually used to explore or investigate things.
It's not capable of attacking on this level.
Well, that's the commonly accepted theory, but there's an exception to everything, you know.
Huh? Have you heard? They say a very powerful wind magic user has come to Japan from abroad.
Kannagi, huh Mother, what is this? Use it to supplement your living expenses.
What? I could've been proud of you if only you had talent in fire magic.
Mother! I was never going to return here, but Oh well, I guess I have no choice now.
Kazuma Yagami! What are you doing here? I came to see Jugo Kannagi.
A-Are you planning to have your revenge on Soshu-sama? After killing five members of the Kannagi already! You're unforgivable! Still the same, huh? As far back as I can remember you guys have always "played with me" like this.
Shut up! Got him! What? I have no business with you.
Now let me be on my way.
Y-You bastard! That's enough! Long time no see, Kazuma.
I hear your fight with Genma was quite a show.
Yeah, I kicked his ass! I see! You kicked his ass, huh? More importantly, Ren got kidnapped.
Ren did? By a wind magic user.
He's probably the one who killed your family members.
But I don't know why he took Ren.
Do you have any idea? So you do.
Come on inside.
I want to ask you something, too.
All right.
Does it bring back memories? Not really.
Wh-What's going on? - Ayano-sama! - Misao! Kazuma Yagami He came here? Yes.
Where is he now? He's still inside the estate.
With Soshu-sama Kazuma! "Kannagi" Here he is.
This is the guy.
He had more ghostly aura around him when I saw him, though.
"Name: Ryuya Kazamaki" "Name: Ryuya Kazamaki" Just like I thought Just like I thought What kind of file is that? This is Kazuma! You bastard! How dare you! Hey! Father? You knucklehead! How dare you leave here after I grounded you?! Where were you and what were you doing? And on top of that, now you've drawn a sword on a guest! B-But he killed our family members with his wind magic Like I said, it wasn't me.
What? That's enough! Stop playing innocent! He's telling the truth! You know there are others who use wind magic.
Both of you, listen to me.
The enemy is the Fuga clan.
What? This is their revolt.
Revolt? "Name: Ryuya Kazamaki" "Name: Ryuya Kazamaki" The one Kazuma witnessed is the first son of Hyoue Kazamaki, Ryuya.
The one Kazuma witnessed is the first son of Hyoue Kazamaki, Ryuya.
The Fuga estate has been empty since this morning.
There's no doubt that all the members of the clan have been involved in this revolt.
B-But the Fuga clan has been serving the Kannagi family for a long time! It is him that I can't trust, not them! You're like a boar, you know that? What did you just say? You just charge once you set your mind on something.
You don't know how to change your way of thinking.
Why you! If Kazuma was the perpetrator, why didn't he kill you? Well, that's Because I'm the Enraiha user! Stop being cocky! Even Genma, the top magic user of the Kannagi, was no match for Kazuma.
Uncle wasn't?! The way you are now, he can easily defeat you if he wants to.
You should know how much better he is than you.
They used Kazuma as a decoy.
So our attention wouldn't focus on the Fuga clan.
Why did the Fuga clan kidnap Ren? Because Ren is an immediate member of the head family.
W-Wait a minute, Father.
What in the world happened to Ren? I suppose you don't know, but The Fuga clan used to be a criminal organization with enormous power.
The Fuga clan was? 300 hundred years ago, the Kannagi family fought against the Fuga clan, and just barely won Because we managed to seal their source of power.
Source of power? What is that exactly? The being that they worship as their god a youma.
A youma? It's also insanely powerful.
Hey, don't tell me I believe they have chosen Ren as a sacrifice to revive that youma.
"Sacrifice"? It's been a long time.
But we've finally found the location of the seal, and figured out the forbidden procedure.
The Fuga clan's long-held wish is about to be granted! The evil spirits that were lingering around the seal We poured them into my son Ryuya! There weren't many, but Ryuya gained enormous power from them, and became the "host.
" And after the seal is released, we will acquire even greater power.
Now that we have an immediate member of the Kannagi head family The time is almost here! Long ago, the Kannagi family sealed away the great youma which the Fuga clan refers to as "Gehou-sama.
" The seal is the Blaze of Samadhi.
[In Buddhism, "samadhi" is spiritual concentration.
The Blaze of Samadhi is a fire-elemental crystal.
If you touch it, no matter who you are, you'll be burnt to death.
However, the sole exceptions are immediate members of the head Kannagi family, who originally created the seal.
Their bodies can release the seal without ever being burnt.
After the seal is released, the great youma resides in the host chosen by the clan.
That enables each member of the clan to manipulate the evil spirits.
"Name: Ryuya Kazamaki" "Name: Ryuya Kazamaki" And the host is Ryuya Kazamaki.
"Name: Ryuya Kazamaki" That is the conclusion that I've reached after going through the ancient literature passed down in the Kannagi family.
Father! What's going to happen to Ren? From the great youma's perspective, a descendent of the ones who confined him is sitting right in front of him.
No doubt before he possesses Ryuya, he will devour Ren until there's not a single fragment of his soul left.
Oh, no That's what I meant by "sacrifice.
" This is awful It's just too awful! Where is Ren? This is unforgivable! The Kannagi family rehabilitated the Fuga clan, former criminals, and even put them under our wing! If anything, they should be thankful to us! But instead This is This is just unjustified resentment! Unjustified resentment? You've got that wrong.
Just how am I wrong? What have the Kannagi actually done for the Fuga clan? It sounds nice when you say they're "under our wing," but in real life, they're just tools to the family.
Tools? But I've never looked at them that way! That's your version of things as one of the rulers.
In the Kannagi family, everything is based on power.
I know how the Kannagi have treated the Fuga since their source of power was taken away.
I understand where they're coming from, because I used to be in a similar situation.
And it went on for 300 years! I wouldn't be surprised no matter what kind of grudge the Fuga clan holds against the family.
This is their revenge.
And their goal is to destroy the Kannagi family.
Get this straight: The ones who've pushed the Fuga to this are the Kannagi themselves! Kazuma is right.
Father! Ever since I became Soshu, I've been trying to correct such tendencies But it was too late.
Damn I can't believe you people got Ren caught up in bullshit like this.
Father, tell me where I can find the Fuga clan.
I'll go rescue Ren! Wait.
You don't have the power to So, am I supposed to ignore what's going on? That is wrong! Ren wasn't Ren wasn't born to be eaten by the youma! I wasn't born to be eaten by a devil Where's the location of the seal? Tell me, Father! Wait.
He's right, you can't do it by yourself.
If you go, Ryuya will show up.
You need a backup.
What? I don't mind doing it.
You? Kazuma! He uses ghostly spirits to drive the spirits of wind crazy.
When that happens, even I can't control them.
But it's a different story for fire magic users.
Use your Enraiha and burn Ryuya from inside of his body.
There's no other way to do it.
Can we really win that way? Yeah, probably.
Probably? Don't give me that crap! I've never fought against a guy like that.
So I can't say for sure that we can win.
Now you're just quibbling! Stop it! I'll leave this to you.
Father?! So how much are you going to pay me? Huh? I did say I wouldn't mind doing it, but I didn't say I'd do it for free.
You're going to charge us for that?! Your family is in serious trouble here! The Kannagi aren't my family anymore.
Right now I'm Kazuma Yagami.
Why you! Fine.
Name your price and I'll pay it.
Father! Where is it? In the west.
All right.
What? Wait Huh? Hyoue-sama, the entire clan has been assembled.
All right.
Let's start the procedure.
What's the matter, Ryuya? Is it the Kannagi? Don't they know that they'd live a little longer if they just stayed out of it? Even if it's just the few hours until the seal gets released.
Ready? The time has finally come.
We will make the Kannagi family feel our 300-year-old grudge! Hey! Can't you drive a little better? I'll drive safely if you don't mind getting there after the destruction of the Kannagi family has occurred.
Hmph! How did I end up working with a guy like him anyway? Why? Kazuma is strong.
Obviously he's strong enough to defeat Genma.
I refuse to acknowledge that! How could he even talk about money when his brother's life is on the line? But he couldn't have saved face unless he did it that way.
What? Helping Ren means helping the Kannagi.
But he didn't want to make it look like sympathy towards the family that made him do it.
Because, right now Kazuma isn't a member of the Kannagi.
Either way, that's selfish.
Come on.
Don't be like that.
In this job, you and Kazuma either swim together or sink together.
Without each other's trust, you will never defeat your enemy.
Hey, are you doing this on purpose by any chance? Say something! You know what? I just can't stand the idea of working with you! You tend to get mad really easily.
What? When it comes to fire magic, anger is energy.
In that sense, you're cut out to be a fire magic user.
What is that? A compliment or an insult? However, if you lack self-control to reign in your anger, you're not a topnotch fire magic user.
I'll show you my strong self-control when the time comes.
We'll have a problem if you don't.
You play a pivotal role in this mission.
I know.
I'll attack Ryuya in the front and you'll back me up in the rear.
I guess that's how this mission is supposed to work.
Although I'm not too happy about it.
Why not? It feels like I'm the one who has to do all the work.
But it's the best way to do this.
I'm counting on you.
Counting on me? Well, that's unexpected.
- What is? - You saying stuff like that.
Because I thought you were arrogant.
We have to rescue Ren no matter what.
I'll never let him become their sacrifice! What? I've never seen this look on Kazuma's face before What's up? You got quiet all of a sudden.
Huh? I-It's nothing! We're getting out! What did you do that for all of a sudden? Wh-What? Here he is! I've been anxious to see you, Ryuya! I hear you're going to make my little brother a sacrifice.
I wasn't born to be eaten by a devil Will you protect me? I will never let you do that! The memory of that fleeting moment I took a deep breath within the flash I will always protect it so it won't fade away The dream where I screamed whatever I felt like, the red sky after school If I'd wasted even a second, I might not be who I am today The future that I dreamed of when I was a kid, even now those lively eyes keep on shining in my heart I get to say selfish things and wear whatever I want, but who do I owe it all to? One day I will reach the place that I dreamed of The memory of that fleeting moment that will never fade away It's no good! I can't win against him.
Kazuma expects nothing from me anymore.
What?! "I'm gonna hit him with something big, so buy me some time"?! Give me a break! What am I supposed to do with an opponent like Those eyes Kazuma, don't tell me you're Next time on Kaze no Stigma: "The Contractor.
" Wh-Why are you complimenting me all of a sudden?