Kaze no Stigma (2007) s01e22 Episode Script

Determination and Hesitation

1 Eyes as clear as the azure sky.
That is how you tell a "Contractor.
" The stigma of the wind, marked on the one who has been entrusted with the entire world's atmosphere by the Spirit King of the Wind.
A blast of wind in my heart Under the great weight of a single pain Emotions break loose and run through the darkness The memories unlocked them Blast of wind Just like water, destiny will begin to move forward on its own Will these hands go on being soiled, enfolded in hatred, not knowing true brilliance? Tell me if I can ever dream again A blast of wind in my heart softly blowing through my heart You hold it right there! I will stop you in the name of the McDonalds! Oh, yeah? Metatron! She meant everything to Kazuma And she still has a hold of his heart You must win against Tsui-Ling.
What? You're the only person who can stop Kazuma, Ayano-chan.
That's just impossible There's no way I can beat her.
"Multidistrict youma victims assault incident report" I can't believe it That Yagami-san helped Utsumi kidnap Kudo-san If he follows Utsumi, he'll find a way to Pandemonium.
That's what Kazuma figured.
Then I guess we have to cancel this operation.
I was hoping to find Yagami-san by marking the locations where the Seeds might show up No, we need to keep that as well.
Why? There's no evidence that Kazuma has found the location of Pandemonium.
If he hasn't, he'll continue to hunt them.
I can't afford to let him stay on a rampage any longer.
Kazuma Big brother Who's there? Suzuhara-san? Serizawa-kun? F-Fancy meeting you here! Ren-kun, what are you doing here? More importantly, what are you two doing here?! Right now this park is off-limits! We were just worried about you, Ren-kun.
Because you looked depressed at school.
You had a very sad look on your face We're friends, aren't we? I'd like to help you if you don't mind! Ren-kun! I will help you! No, I will! I will! Me! - Me! Me! Me! - Me! Me! Me! - I said me! - I said me! - Me, me, me, me! - Me, me, me, me! Thanks! And I'm sorry that I made you worried.
But it's really dangerous here.
I really appreciate the thought, but Shall we begin, you wind magic user? If I beat you, I'll get a lot of experience points! Then I'll become a Master! Big brother Ren, why are you here? I-I was looking for you, big brother D-Damn it! This much won't get me! Please stop! What's the use of doing stuff like that? That man can't fight anymore! Big brother! Don't get in my way! Big brother! S-Serizawa-kun! Let me go! I need to stop him! Talking won't work on him! If you're not careful, he'll get you, too! That guy really is your brother, right? I can't believe it What does it take to change a person that much?! Big brother Yagami-san is nowhere to be seen.
I see.
But I guess this confirms that Yagami-san hasn't found Pandemonium just yet.
Don't you think it's strange? Huh? When he hunts the Seeds, he attacks them during their battles.
But according to Ren-kun, he only saw Kazuma and one lone Seed.
What are you saying? What was that boy Kazuma hunted doing here tonight? Why did Kazuma attack him? "Medical Center" It looks like we won't be able to interrogate him for a while.
Your big brother seemed like a different person Those eyes They scared me to death.
Even Ren's voice couldn't reach Kazuma No one can stop Kazuma anymore We need to stop him.
We need to stop big brother.
You can't do that, Ren-kun! Th-That guy is crazy! But But we still have to do it! I can understand how he must feel.
Being bereaved of someone so dear to you And then having someone use her to their own advantage I wouldn't forgive that either! This must be about Ayumi-chan But big brother is still wrong! You can't let the past hold you prisoner! I I want big brother to go back to normal! No matter how strongly he feels about Tsui-Ling-san, I swear I'll save him! Ren I will I will never give up! "Rumor" "Rumor seed" "Third class" "Fang" "Next game" "Pandemonium" "Pandemonium" "Change~pandemonium" "Point (Mail from pandemonium)" "Game" Oh, yeah! "Announcement" "Come to Fujimi Kakuyama building at midnight tonight" "Pandemonium" Bingo! I found a clue! "Announcement" "Come to Fujimi Kakuyama building at midnight tonight" "Pandemonium" "Announcement" "Come to Fujimi Kakuyama building at midnight tonight" "Pandemonium" Ayano-chan, it looks like I get to help rescue Nanase-chan, too.
Ayano-chan, it looks like I get to help rescue Nanase-chan, too.
Ren-kun, don't do anything reckless.
Call us anytime if anything happens! Thank you! Catherine Ren-kun, was it? Kazuma's brother was admirable.
I agree.
I was moved.
If only I wasn't injured, I'd go with him, but Oh, this is so frustrating! Release Kazuma from the spell of the past How can I do that? Miss maiden? The only thing Kazuma sees right now is the past.
He has no interest in the present whatsoever.
So how could I ever get him to Kirika-san told me to wake him up to a present that's more worthwhile than the past.
And that I'm the only one who can do that.
But I'm not sure there even is a worthwhile present for him Wait a minute.
Did Kirika say that to you? Yeah.
I can't believe that Kirika told you stuff like that, instead of me! Just what about me is inferior to you anyway? Catherine? What are you saying? Basically, Kirika picked you over me! Picked me for what? E-Er, just to clarify, you do understand what she meant, don't you? Nope.
Y-Y-You numbskull! Think about it! Isn't it obvious! Wh-What's with you?! Kirika was saying that what makes the present worthwhile for Kazuma is you! She meant you, Ayano! Oops Oh, no! What am I doing explaining stuff like that to her? I'm her rival, for heaven's sake! Th-Th-That's impossible! Kazuma would never think of me that way.
He even refused Ren, you know.
S-So I'd be the out of the question! Catherine is right.
Kirika! I thought you understood it, but You really are clueless, Ayano-chan.
C-Clueless?! I know you can No, I know only you can get Kazuma's attention.
I've been watching it for a long time.
Try to remember the bond that you and Kazuma have built together.
The bond? Between Kazuma and me? You know, you might become a pretty good woman in the future.
Kazuma You should be more confident about yourself.
You're already a good woman.
As good as Tsui-Ling-san, I'm sure I'm going to get totally awesome information, just watch! Is that Vesalius? N-Nanase-chan! So who is that person? Utsumi-kun?! That's not Vesalius! Who the hell are you? My name is Grand Mage.
I have special powers just like you all, but I'm in the fourth class! Fourth class? We're still in the second class! Not just the third, but the fourth?! You chosen ones.
I'm glad you all responded to my call.
Now I will give you a message on behalf of Vesalius.
Tomorrow at midnight, Pandemonium, the source of the greatest power, will descend to the material world! To celebrate this descent, you will be granted a gift.
If you desire power, you shall aim for Pandemonium.
This is a race! The one to reach there first will be given the ultimate power.
The absolutely invincible power that can't be outdone by anyone! Ultimate power Absolutely invincible I will I will be the number one! Hey, where is Pandemonium going to show up? The place for the descent is Central Park! Oh, my goodness This might be really incredible information! You are Shinomiya! Huh? Oh, no! "My cover is blown!" "Ayano Kannagi" Wait a second! What do you mean? Anyway, just send it to me right now.
Kirika-san! I've got a text message from Yukari! What is this?! "From Yukari Shinomiya" "To Ayano-chan" "Pandemonium will descend to Central Park at midnight tomorrow.
""It's the beginning of a race for the seeds.
" "From Yukari Shinomiya" "To Ayano-chan" "Pandemonium will descend to Central Park at midnight tomorrow.
""It's the beginning of a race for the seeds.
" "Pandemonium will descend to Central Park at midnight tomorrow" "Pandemonium will descend to Central Park at midnight tomorrow" "It's the beginning of a race for the Seeds" "I saw Nanase-chan.
She looked okay, but something was not right" "My cover is blown!" "I saw Nanase-chan.
She looked okay, but something was not right" "My cover is blown!" Yukari-san sent this to you? Yukari-san sent this to you? Yukari, you idiot! Why would you do such a reckless thing by yourself? Now it's not only Nanase, but you, too But this is still great information! It specifies the location of where Pandemonium is going descend! No Pandemonium will not descend.
It's been there to begin with.
At Central Park! What? And Kazuma probably knows about it, too.
What do you mean by that? This is a text message found on the cell phone of the young man Kazuma beat up earlier.
"From: Daiki Isurugi" "Subject" "Mail from Pandemonium" "You will earn an incredible amount of experience points by defeating this wind magic user.
His location is central park.
" "Pandemonium" "From: Daiki Isurugi" "Subject" "Mail from Pandemonium" "You will earn an incredible amount of experience points by defeating this wind magic user.
His location is central park.
" "Pandemonium" I asked them to forward it to me.
"From: Daiki Isurugi" "Subject" "Mail from Pandemonium" "You will earn an incredible amount of experience points by defeating this wind magic user.
His location is central park.
" "Pandemonium" Big brother? Big brother? "You will earn an incredible amount of experience points by defeating this wind magic user" "His location is Central Park.
" Kazuma must've been there the whole time.
Probably ever since the night Kudo-san was kidnapped.
Kazuma must've followed Utsumi and found out the location of Pandemonium.
Bernhardt found out about it and sent that young man.
Of course, he actually didn't think that the young man could defeat him.
He was just having fun, provoking Kazuma.
But I still don't get it.
Kazuma found Pandemonium, so why hasn't he attacked it? He's probably waiting patiently For Bernhardt to wind up his job.
Then he'll destroy everything right before Bernhardt finishes it.
And Kazuma will enjoy watching Bernhardt in despair, then finish him off with a smile.
That would be his perfect revenge Kazuma Bernhardt, too, is enjoying this situation, knowing Kazuma's plot.
For them, this is a game.
It's a dark game of poker, where the cards are intrigue and revenge, and the chips are their lives.
And now a new card has been dealt.
The descent of Pandemonium We don't have much time left.
All right.
I will stop Kazuma.
Big sis! I don't really know how much I mean to Kazuma Kirika-san, I know you told me that I'm Kazuma's worthwhile present.
That doesn't really click for me, to be honest with you, but if there's any worth in me, then I want to make Kazuma turn around and pay attention! Not to the past or Tsui-Ling-san But to the present! Ayano-chan Sheesh, it must be nice to get to play that role! But I won't forgive you if you mess up! So what are you going to do? What? Your strategy.
How you're going to rescue big brother from the past.
My strategy? Um, don't tell me you don't have any A-A-Anyway, I'm going to do it! I'm coming for you, Kazuma! It's almost time, Bernhardt I delivered the message to them for you.
The Seeds will be pouring down here soon.
That's good to hear.
However, I have no intention of doing any more errands for you.
But I still have something else that I want you to do for me.
Not a chance! I've obtained ultimate power! I'm going to defeat you and become the ruler of this place! Do you really think you can beat me? I'm the one who's given you that power.
A pupil is meant to surpass his master at some point.
Nanase-chan! Where are you going? The fun has only started.
Sabishige na hitomi Ano sora ni nani wo sagashiteiru no Kimi wa kaze no yaiba de dare mo yosetsukenai Shizukani chi wo nagashite naiteru sakenderu hitori Inishie kara no chikara yo mezamete Zutto matteta kono deai wo lenai kizu kakushiteru kimi wo Dakishime sasete itsuka To tell you the truth, I'd always looked up to you a little.
I'd always thought I wanted to catch up with you one day and have you acknowledge me.
That's why I can't acknowledge you right now! I can't believe I've been aspiring to something so ugly! I refuse to acknowledge that! Next time on Kaze no Stigma: "The Crimson Flame.
" Wake up already!