Kazoops! (2016) s01e06 Episode Script

Clothes for Jimmy

1 - [theme song playing] - Kazoops! Hi! I'm Monty.
He's a boy with a big imagination And this is Jimmy Jones.
Meet the pig who's truly a sensation He's my best friend.
He's always wondering why Kazoops Kazoops Kazoops Come on.
Let's go! Kazoops is what you'll hear him say Kazoops, Jimmy Jones.
Then just imagine And they're on their way Woo-hoo! On an adventure of discovery and play Kazoops Kazoops Just imagine [Monty] "Clothes for Jimmy!" [birds chirping] [Monty] What do you want to be when you grow up, Jimmy Jones? - [snorts] - [chuckles] Oh, silly, I know you'll be a bigger pig.
But what do you want to do? [snorts] Well, whatever it is, you'll do it right by my side.
I mean, I could be a fireman.
You could be a fire pig! - [snorts] - [chuckles] We'd get to wear matching uniforms! - You'd look great! - [snorts] And we could wear other stuff for our jobs, too! [snorts] Traffic wardens, deep-sea divers.
Hey! What about pilots? [snorts] Perfect! This is Captain Monty, your pilot, speaking.
- Ready, Co-pilot Jones? - [squeals] [imitates airplane] [grunts and squeals] [imitating airplane continues] This is your captain speaking.
On your left is a lamp, on your right is a Jeanie! [imitating airplane] Hey, Captain Monty.
Why don't you go fly around the kitchen? Great idea! - Coming, Co-pilot Jones? - [snorts] [squeals and grunts] Keep your trotters inside the cockpit at all times, Jimmy Jones.
[snorts] - [imitates airplane] - [gasps] [grunts] [groans] Oh, Monts.
Phew! And remember, stay on the lookout for anything unusual.
[imitating airplane continues] [squeals and snorts] Oh! Hello, Monty.
- [squeals] - [chuckles] Hi, Dad.
What are you doing? Fixing the tumble dryer with a few adjustments of my own.
Like what, Dad? - [chuckles] - [whirring] Success! One dry T-shirt for you in record time.
Um, Dad? Didn't my T-shirt used to be a bit bigger? Kazoops! - [Jeanie] Dad! - Whoa! What's happened to my jeans? [laughs] Oh, my favorite shirt has shrunk.
I think someone's going to have to take us clothes shopping! - Yay! - [chuckles] Oh, I don't know.
It's not that bad.
[gasps] My best socks! They're tiny! The shops, it is.
Whoo-hoo! Yeah! [giggles] Wow! New clothes for everyone.
- [snorts] - And Jimmy Jones, of course.
- [Violet and Stan] Huh? - [snorts] Monty, Jimmy Jones won't be getting any new clothes.
Why not? [chuckles] Because animals don't wear clothes.
- Jimmy Jones is wearing a captain's hat.
- [snorts] Hmm.
- That's just a little piggy accessory.
- [snorts] - Come on, Monty.
- [snorts] Hmm.
But if I wear clothes, then why can't you? - [snorts] - Kazoops, Jimmy Jones! Surely, animals need clothes, too.
Just imagine - Prepare for touchdown, Co-pilot Jones.
- [squeals] In the jungle is a store Selling animal clothes A peculiar boutique Called Betsy Buffalo's - Let's take a peek - Whoa! Won't you come along? What do animals wear? And what could go wrong? A gorilla bought a sweater He wore it to a meeting It was getting itchy And he started overheating Had to rip it off - It just didn't compare - [camera shutters clicking] To wearing his very own gorilla hair - Oh, no - [snorting] - Whoa! - At Betsy Buffalo's, they've got rows And rows of the most Impractical animal clothes - [laughs] - [squeals and snorts] An elephant squeezes In a pair of jeans So very tight They're gonna burst at the seams She could hardly walk She could hardly breathe The seams finally split And she looked so relieved A warthog bought a shirt For a formal do Spaghetti Bolognese was on the menu - He ate like a pig - [chomping] - And it wasn't so great - [slurps] The mess down his shirt Did not impress his guests - Oh, no - [giggles] Eat it like you mean it! At Betsy Buffalo's They've got rows and rows Of the most impractical animal clothes [squeals and snorts] A lion in a onesie An ostrich in tights A giraffe in a turtleneck It doesn't seem right A disgruntled hippo Wearing two wet shoes A cheetah dressed in stripes His mother's confused But Betsy Buffalo's Would be the very first call If the animals were having A fancy dress ball [animals chattering] - At Betsy Buffalo's - [squeals and snorts] They've got rows and rows Of the most impractical animal clothes Animal clothes Who needs animal clothes? [giggles] Time to head home, Co-pilot Jones.
[snorts] [imitates airplane] - [snorts] - Hmm.
So I guess animals don't wear clothes, because you're wearing everything you need already.
- [snorts] - But we can still play dress-ups.
- [squeals] - [Violet] Monty, are you coming? - On my way! - [snorting] I hope you're not too upset.
We won't be buying clothes for Jimmy Jones, Monty.
- [Monty] That's okay, Mum.
- [Jimmy Jones grunts] Animals don't have to wear clothes.
They're already wearing everything they need.
Uh-oh, like Jimmy Jones and his all-in-one - waterproof pink jumpsuit! - [chomping] [chuckles] Come here, you cheeky piggy.
[grunts] [squeals] [giggles] You've got to wash your clothes, Jimmy Jones.
Ready to roll? Yes! - [snorts] - [both] Oh! [squeals and snorts] [both laughing] [theme song playing] Kazoops Kazoops Kazoops Kazoops [Monty] Just imagine