Kazoops! (2016) s01e09 Episode Script

Half a Pair

1 - [theme song playing] - Kazoops! Hi! I'm Monty.
He's a boy with a big imagination And this is Jimmy Jones.
Meet the pig who's truly a sensation He's my best friend.
He's always wondering why Kazoops Kazoops Kazoops Come on.
Let's go! Kazoops is what you'll hear him say Kazoops, Jimmy Jones.
Then just imagine And they're on their way Woo-hoo! On an adventure of discovery and play Kazoops Kazoops Just imagine [Monty] "Half a Pair!" Squelchy, squelchy, squelchy.
[laughs] Squelchy, squelchy! [snorting] Ha! It's all about the squelch, Jimmy Jones! [snorting] Whoops, nearly lost one! You can't squelch with just one wellie.
[squealing] [laughing] Yeah! [Stan] Snack time, Monty! Yay! [squeals] - [grunts] - [snorts] [chuckles] Ah, ah, ah! Hang on a minute.
We need to clean the pair of you up first.
[laughs] I guess my wellies are a bit mucky.
Give them a good old scrub under the garden sprinkler.
They'll soon be squeaky clean again.
Yeah, I'll go and turn it on! Hey, while we're at it, we can give Jimmy Jones a hose down, too! [gasps] I'll be back in a minute with the shower kit.
[whimpers] Plunger? Oh, yeah.
Bucket? Mmm.
Oh, I wondered where that was! [groans] Tongs? Uh Nope! A-ha! Gloves.
Ah! Strange! I could've sworn I had a matching pair! Hmm Sprinkler's ready! Jimmy Jones? A-ha! - [whimpers] - [laughs] There you are.
[whimpering] Jimmy Jones, come on! Taking a shower's not so bad.
[whimpering] I know you don't like getting your ears wet, but the sooner we get you clean, the sooner we get to eat.
[squeals] Sorry, Monty, Jimmy's shower will have to wait.
Why, Dad? I can't find my other rubber glove! [squeals happily] And half a pair of gloves isn't any use at all.
- Really? - Nope! - [snorting excitedly] - So, pop that in the bin, and I'll go get a new pair.
Then Jimmy Jones can have his shower.
[gasps] [whimpers] Ah, ah, ah! Feet! [snorts] It seems a shame to throw it away.
[laughs] - Oops.
- [snorts] [laughing] - Hmm.
- [snorts] [blows] It's sort of sad that a glove is thrown out just because it's on its own.
[snorts] Is half a pair really no good? - Kazoops, Jimmy Jones! - [squeals] There must be a use for the one that's left! Just imagine - In a pair there is two - [Monty laughing] So what are you supposed to do? - If you've only got one - [gasps] Oh - [giggles] - No need to despair We'll make use of every half a pair Let's have some fun - Fishing in a swamp - [laughs] We catch half a pair of goggles A pirate grabs them and puts them on - [laughs] - [snorts] They're a perfect match Cause on his other eye He wears a patch He says, "Thanks, now I've got to run" Next, we catch a boot Who knows who a boot might suit Then a warthog plucks it Right out of the net [Monty laughs] He puts it on his head Ties the laces round his chin Now he's got his very own crash helmet - Cool! - [oinks] In a pair, there is two So what are you supposed to do - [snorting happily] - [laughs] If you've only got one - No need to despair - Whoo-hoo! We'll make use of every half a pair Let's have some fun - Soon, we catch a flip - Cool! - There's no sign of the flop - [laughs] We give the flip to a frog Who loves to surf A pair of jeans rips at the seams And now it's half a pair They're snapped up By a green tree snake Who's happy she's no longer bare [giggles] In a pair, there is two So what are you supposed to do - If you've only got one - [caws] No need to despair We'll make use of every half a pair Let's have some fun [Jimmy Jones squeals] - [laughing] - [snorting] You see, Jimmy Jones? Just the one can be fun.
And useful, too! [oinking] - And this glove might be on its own.
- [squeals] But I know how it can be really useful! [squeals] Time for that shower, Jimmy Jones! [snorts] [whimpering] I'm back and I've got the gloves! Shower time, Jimmy Jones! Huh? Hi, Dad! Look, a one-of-a-kind shower cap, - for a one-of-a-kind pig! - [snorting happily] - [squeals happily] - Nice one, Monty.
Maybe we don't need my new gloves, after all.
[giggles] That's it, Jimmy Jones.
You look like a whole new you! [laughs] [chuckles] Now, how about those snacks? Race you to the kitchen! Whoo! - [chuckles] - [snorting] Yeah! - [laughs] Come on! - [snorting] - [Stan] Don't start without me! - [Jimmy Jones oinks] [theme song playing] Kazoops Kazoops Kazoops Kazoops [Monty] Just imagine