Kazoops! (2016) s01e14 Episode Script

Best Bike in the World

1 Kazoops! Hi! I'm Monty.
He's a boy with a big imagination And this is Jimmy Jones.
Meet the pig who's truly a sensation He's my best friend.
He's always wondering why Kazoops Kazoops Kazoops Come on.
Let's go! Kazoops is what you'll hear him say Kazoops, Jimmy Jones.
Then just imagine And they're on their way Woo-hoo! On an adventure of discovery and play Kazoops Kazoops Just imagine "Best Bike in the World.
" What is it? What is it, Mum? You'll see, Monty! Okay.
You can open them now.
- Surprise! - Surprise! Wow! Yes! A new bike! Oh, it's got its own stand, and a black seat and Listen to that! Is it really for me? Yes, Monty, it's all yours.
We thought it was about time you moved on to a bigger bike.
Your old bike is a bit small now.
Come on, then.
Take it for a spin! Try and keep up, Jimmy Jones.
Well done.
Well done.
Whoo-hoo! Go, Monty! Pull harder, Jeanie.
We need to move my favorite Camellia to a bigger pot.
Sure thing, Gran! Oh, that's very good.
Well done.
Careful! Look at that! My first bike.
Thanks, Dad.
I'm so lucky to have a new bike.
- Yes.
- And my old bike.
Two bikes! Uh, uh Your starter bike was a great bike in its day.
But now you've got a big bike.
Yes, I have.
Nice and big.
We thought we could hand your old one on? Aw! - Hand it on? - Yes, Monty.
It'll make a great starter bike for someone else who really needs it.
You mean, give it away? Well, yes.
It's no use to anyone gathering dust in the shed.
But it was my favorite thing.
I know, Monty.
But it really is best to let go of things you outgrow.
Tell you what.
Why don't you see how fast your new bike can go? Okay, Dad.
Look out.
Here I come! - That's it, Monty! - Yeah! Well done! Yeah, my new bike is much faster.
And it's much bigger than my old one.
Whoo-hoo! Get the potting mix, Jeanie.
Sure thing, Gran.
But I really love my old bike.
I might not ride it anymore, but I look at it and remember all the good times when I did.
Kazoops, Jimmy Jones! Surely your favorite things are for keeps? Just imagine.
I met a hermit crab He has his house upon his back He takes it with him everywhere He must love his seashell home As much as anything he's known He seems quite comfortable in there Birds up in a tree Minding their eggs happily A lovely nest that fits just two They chirp and they sing Their nest Is their most favorite thing And, gee, what a stunning view Why should I let go To the things that I outgrow When I still love them so I can't help but sigh At the thought of saying goodbye To my old best things That have long been mine But the crab, he grows And then he goes And finds a bigger shell He leaves his old one behind Then the bird eggs hatch and There's a batch of tiny little chicks The family grew and now there's ten They make a bigger nest and move on in Why should I let go To the things that I outgrow When I still love them so Wow, we're so high! I can't help but sigh At the thought of saying goodbye To my old best things That have long been mine It all turned out well For the crab's favorite old shell He passed it to a smaller crab he knew As for the birds' old nest A tiny Robin felt so blessed She found a perfect home And in she flew I realize I can now let go of the things That I outgrow To someone smaller Who will love them, too A shell, a nest, or bike Or a T-shirt that you like They'll still be favorite To someone smaller than you I guess you really are too small for me, old friend.
Yes, the time has come.
Here you are, Dad.
It's time I let my old bike go.
Are you sure, Monty? Yes, passing my old bike on is the right idea.
Good for you, son.
That way someone else can enjoy riding it as much as I did.
And you did enjoy riding it, Monts.
Yes, I did, Dad.
Okay, Monts.
I'm about to leave.
Thanks, Dad.
Bye, old bike! It's going to a good home, Monts.
Where it'll be looked after.
Bye! It's time for new adventures, Jimmy Jones! Ready? Hold on tight.
You know what a big bike means? Big fun.
Come on! Oh! I think he likes the new bike, Gran! He certainly does.