Kazoops! (2016) s01e21 Episode Script

Never Mending Story

1 - [theme song playing] - Kazoops! Hi! I'm Monty.
He's a boy with a big imagination And this is Jimmy Jones.
Meet the pig who's truly a sensation He's my best friend.
He's always wondering why Kazoops Kazoops Kazoops Come on.
Let's go! Kazoops is what you'll hear him say Kazoops, Jimmy Jones.
Then just imagine And they're on their way Woo-hoo! On an adventure of discovery and play Kazoops Kazoops Just imagine [Monty] "Never Mending Story.
" - [giggles] Mine! - [grunts] Mine! - [both giggling] - [oinking] [Jeanie] Whoa, ooh! - Yes! - [grunting] That's another duck for Jeanie! [toy quacking] - Nearly - Nearly.
[giggles] - Yes! Give it a blow, Jimmy Jones.
- [toy quacking] [both giggling] [Monty] No way, it's mine all day! [Jeanie] Hey, got it! [both giggling] - It's mine.
Just admit it! - Ooh! [giggles] - [Jeanie gasps] - [Monty] Whoa! - Oh, dear.
- Wow! Look at that! The spring's come right out of the sofa.
[sighs] It's a good job we weren't sat on it.
Ow! Ooh [both giggling] Lucky we were sitting - up this end, eh, Jimmy Jones? - [oinks] What's up, Jeanie? Oh! There are horrible pointy springs - popping out all over the sofa.
- [oinks] Oh, dear.
Look at that.
[sighs] [chuckles] You should have seen Jeanie jump.
[laughs] Not funny, Monty.
[chuckles] She went right up in the Ouch! - [gasps] - [giggles] What was that Monty? This poor old sofa has just about had its day, hasn't it? Maybe it's time to start looking for a new one.
[gasps] A new sofa? No! [Violet] I do like this one.
Too spotty.
Uh Ooh! How about this one? Blue is always good.
Hmm, not sure.
What do you think, Jeanie? Huh? [chuckles] Hmm.
Awesome! That is so right for this house! [Stan chuckles] I'll bet there's a matching chair shaped like a nose.
[giggling] Oh, Dad.
Where's Monty? He should be helping us.
- I'll go and find him.
- Mmm.
Come and help us choose a new sofa.
Why do we have to get a new one, Dad? Well, I, uh I love this old sofa.
Remember when me and Jimmy Jones - used to bounce on it like a trampoline? - [oinking] - And when we made it into a pirate ship? - [oinking] Yes All the times we hid behind it, when something scary came on the TV.
Or when I used to cuddle up with you and Mom, and you'd read me a bedtime story.
[chuckles] Oh, such happy days, but it's very old now, and it's falling to pieces.
- No, it's not! [gasps] - [couch creaks] Oops! [sighs] Come and help us choose a new one, Monty.
We haven't even tried to fix it yet.
So how do we know we should throw it out? [oinks] Kazoops, Jimmy Jones.
Just because something's broken, does it really mean it's no good anymore? Just imagine.
Out on the ocean In a boat made for two We sail to an island Where the sky is blue And there on the island Where the palm trees grow [giggling] There's plenty of work For a fixit flamingo The fixit flamingos They fix day and night Patching and mending And breathing new life Into tired old objects That have seen better days The fixit flamingos Leave nothing to waste Mend it Repair it It's what they love to do Fix it Restore it The fixit flamingos Make things better than new An electric guitar Is fixed up and fine A teddy bear gets repaired With a new button eye An old clock is smiling And rightfully so It had just been fixed up By a fixit flamingo A tricycle, a flower pot And boots all get fixed They patch up a football And give it a kick The fixit flamingos They sure find it hard To throw away things That once were so loved Mend it Repair it It's what they love to do [oinking] Fix it Restore it - The fixit flamingos - Wow, cool! Make things better than new [giggling] - [Monty giggling] Thank you! - [oinking] - [giggling] - [oinking] Monty, we could be sitting on a lovely new sofa.
And you could help choose it.
- Or we could talk about fixing this one - [oinking] which has so many stories to tell.
But it's old, and broken.
What's old and broken? Our sofa.
There's nothing wrong with old.
[stammering] No, of course not.
Uh, we didn't mean I love that old sofa.
Even if it is a bit broken.
If that sofa goes, then so do I! - Yay! Save our sofa! Save our sofa! - [oinking] - [both] Save our sofa! Save our sofa! - [squealing] Ooh, this looks like fun! [all] Save our sofa! Save our sofa! Save our sofa! Save our sofa! Save our sofa! Hmm, maybe we could fix it up.
[Stan grunting] [humming] [straining] Here we go.
[chuckles] - [panting] Yes! - [oinking] Well? What do you think? - Dad's been up all night fixing it.
- [squeals] - Thanks, Dad.
Just like a fixit flamingo! - [oinks] [both] Huh? Well done, Stanley.
Nice job, Dad.
Should be as good as new.
Well? Isn't anybody going to try it out? - [all laughing] - [Jeanie] Look out! [laughing continues] - [couch creaks] - [thud] - [all gasp] - Huh? [all laughing] [theme song playing] Kazoops Kazoops Kazoops Kazoops [Monty] Just imagine