Kazoops! (2016) s01e23 Episode Script

Pea Soup

1 - [THEME SONG PLAYING] - Kazoops! Hi! I'm Monty.
He's a boy with a big imagination And this is Jimmy Jones.
Meet the pig who's truly a sensation He's my best friend.
He's always wondering why Kazoops Kazoops Kazoops Come on.
Let's go! Kazoops is what you'll hear him say Kazoops, Jimmy Jones.
Then just imagine And they're on their way Woo-hoo! On an adventure of discovery and play Kazoops Kazoops Just imagine MONTY: "Pea Soup" [SHE LAUGHS] See where that one went.
Oh, whoo! - Yes! - What's a-popping, Gran? Peas are a-popping, Monty.
From their pods to the pan.
Gran's pea soup is on the way.
Yay! We love it.
Right, Jimmy Jones? - [APPROVING GRUNT] - It's not just any old soup.
- It's Gran's pea soup, remember.
- Mmmm.
How could we forget? - It's dee-licious.
Ha-ha! - [GRUNTS, SQUEALS] - Can we pop some peas, please, Gran? - Here.
- Ooh! - Bet you can't pop them like me! Bet we can! Come on, Jimmy Jones, let's practise in the garden.
[SQUEALS] - Whoa! - That's 20-0 to me.
You'd better up your game, Stan.
- Hi, Mum.
Hi, Dad.
- BOTH: Hey! Hey! OK, Jimmy Jones, it's the Popping Pea Challenge.
[SNORTS, SQUEALS] Get ready.
Ugh! [SNORTS] - [GASPS] - Hey! - Woohoo! Good work, Jimmy Jones.
- What are you two up to? They're popping peas, Gran's way.
I used to do this as a boy.
Here, let's see if I still have the old pea-popping magic.
Not too hard, not too soft, it's all in the popping.
- You ready, Jimmy Jones? - [SNORTS OF AGREEMENT] - It's all in the catching.
- Cool! - Soup's ready! - [SNORTS OF EXCITEMENT] - Oh, yum! - Woohoo! Pea soup! Last one there's a sweaty sock! Mmmm! - Can I try it, Gran? - Of course you can, Monty.
Go on, then.
Oh, careful now, it's hot.
Mmm! It's dee-licious, like always.
[SHE LAUGHS] That's my boy.
It has been said my pea soup is the best ever.
- I certainly think so.
- Me too.
And me.
Wow! I know we all really love Gran's pea soup.
[GRUNTS OF AGREEMENT] But how do we know it's the best pea soup ever? Kazoops, Jimmie Jones.
Wouldn't we have to taste all the pea soup in the whole wide world to find out? - [GRUNT OF AGREEMENT] - Just imagine! I'm taking off on an important quest To find out whose pea soup is best Travel the world, and slurp and sip To see if Gran's pea soup is the best there is Down diving to a pea soup sea Fish swims up, and says, "Follow me" The kitchen's open, don't be shy Give the green pea soup a try It's not too bad, but I must confess Gran's is better than this Ugh, too salty.
On an island, in the summer sun A pot of soup is nearly done We take a seat upon the soft, white sand I hold a soup spoon in my hand I have a sip, and soon decide I kind of wish I hadn't tried Too lumpy.
- My gran's pea soup is super tasty - Super tasty - My gran's pea soup is super delish - Super delish - My gran says it's the best soup ever - Best soup ever - My gran's pea soup is scrumptious - Super scrumptious As we go to the far South Pole Come along and grab a bowl The soup is hot and smells quite nice It warms you up in the snow and ice Still, my gran has the upper hand - In comparison, the soup is bland - The soup is bland In the very best restaurant, we ordered the soup The water brought our final taste [HE CAUGHS] Too peppery! With just one sip, I was convinced Gran's really was the best.
- It really really was the best - Oops, sorry.
- My gran's pea soup is super tasty - Super tasty - My gran's pea soup is super delish - Super delish Super delish - My gran says it's the best soup ever - Best soup ever - My gran's pea soup is scrumptious - Super scrumptious - Yes, it is - Yes, it is My gran's pea soup.
Gran, we know for sure your pea soup is the best ever, but what makes it so awesome? Ah, go and sit down and take a guess.
It's my special ingredient.
Pepper! Mm-mm.
- Mmmm.
Chilli! - [SHE LAUGHS] Good try, Jeannie.
It's got a hint of chilli, but that's not it.
[SLURPS] Maybe, erm - Herbs? - [SHE LAUGHS] Lots of herbs to make it tasty, Violet, but no prize for you.
[JIMMY JONES SLURPS] It's like nothing has ever tasted better.
- [CONTENTED GRUNT] - ALL: Yes! Yes! Yummy! - What is it, then, Gran? - Yeah, tell us, Gran! [INQUISITIVE GRUNT] [SHE LAUGHS] Well, all right.
Yes? My special ingredient is - What is it? - Love! - Oh! - Oh, yes.
- Really, Gran? - Absolutely-tutely, ha-ha! If you like my pea soup, you're going to love my broccoli trifle! - Aw! - We are? Er, really? Could be time for the emergency ice cream, everyone.
Stanley! Kazoops, Kazoops Kazoops, Kazoops.
Just imagine!