Kevin Hart: Don't F**k This Up (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

What Happened in Vegas

1 How I found out was uh, a DM.
I don't know who it was.
They sent me a video of a edited video of Kevin and, you know, another woman.
I was pregnant at the time.
I was about seven or eight months pregnant, and I was having breakfast, and I open my phone Immediately, I just lost it.
I called him, I'm crying, I'm, like, pissed.
Right then and there, I just kept saying, "How the fuck did you let that happen?" [host 1.]
Kevin was forced to come clean about cheating on his wife, - who was pregnant, by the way.
- [host 2 laughs.]
I know, right? Cheating is one thing, but on your pregnant wife? I told Kev this weekend too, I said, "Kev, I got your back.
" My wife said, "If you get on that radio and defend Kevin Hart" - [woman.]
Well, you did.
- "you are a fuckboy.
" - [man 1.]
Hey, Eniko, how you holding up? - [man 2.]
Have you spoken to Kevin today? [man 1.]
Do you, uh, know the girl who, uh, he cheated on you with? Had Had any words with Kevin yet? [man 2.]
Is Kevin still in Atlanta, or did he come home? You publicly humiliated me.
Like, your whole Everything is on Instagram, everything is on social media.
So it was an ongoing fight, all the time, every single day.
I kept I kept questioning him, like "If this is what you want to do, I don't want to be a part of that.
" I kept worrying about the baby.
I have to maintain a level head.
And I think that's the only thing that really got me through.
And I wasn't ready at the time to just give up on, you know, my family.
Um I wanted Kenzo to be able to know his dad and, like, grow up, so [sighs.]
It was a lot.
[voice breaks.]
Yeah, it was a lot for me, but, you know we went we've been through it, we've gone through it, we're past it, and he's a better man now because of it.
So I can't I'm-I'm happy that it kind of happened, you know? Yeah.
I get sensitive every time I talk about it.
[instrumental theme music plays.]
- Da-da-da - [Kevin.]
The toughest thing was just telling my wife.
That conversation was a a tough conversation.
There is no easy way to have that conversation.
Theworst part is just knowing how you made somebody feel.
- [fussing.]
- Come on.
There's a major effect it can have on the people that you are closest to, the people that you love the most.
And when I got to see that firsthand with Eniko, when I got to see the effect that my reckless behavior had it was, um That was crushing.
That was That tore me up.
That really tore me up.
He's fucked up, and this was a bad one.
This was major.
So [sniffles.]
Nine years, and I think, looking forward, it'll be it'll be better, you know? That's probably the lowest moment of my life because I know what I was responsible for.
And, you know, when it happened, it came at such a at such a fucked up timebecause we were in the middle of the tour, we were starting Night School, and you know, home home wasn't home.
Home was cold.
And in that moment, you gotta you gotta have something to lean on, you gotta have something to help you stand up straight, and that something for me was my guys.
Kevin Hart has worked with the same group since their very early days, and now apparently he won't come on a talk show without them.
So please welcome Kevin Hart and the Plastic Cup Boyz.
- [intro music plays.]
- [cheers and applause.]
Every tour stop, when we're on set and we're filming, every individual is looking at you.
And at that time, that's when that's when I felt like my guys stepped up.
Na'im is you.
Okay, good.
That's Joey.
I know you.
Spank? [low murmurs.]
- That's Spank.
- Ha! - That's right.
And Wayne? - There we go.
- [Chelsea.]
Okay, and then Kevin.
- Yep.
- What do you mean? - Oh, yeah.
That's you.
- Why do I need a name tag? - Okay, right.
So, tell us What does everybody do here? Some of you are comedians, some of you are failed comedians.
- What do you do? - [laughter.]
The Plastic Cup Boyz are my friends, more importantly, my brothers, who have become road warriors.
You know, these guys are on the road with me whenever I'm doing stand-up.
They weren't judgmental.
It wasn't about how fucked up of a position I was in.
It was about, "We're here for you until you figure it out.
" [Kevin.]
Blackie! [indistinct chatter.]
What up, Mike? I mean, it's a it's a bond.
It's a brotherhood.
It's something that we've, you know, we've formed over the years.
I think with Kev, you know, he had his mom but it was a split household, so he didn't really have that strong family bond growing up.
So I think if you look at him now, like, he hates to be alone.
As his brother, we have to we have to be there for him, you know? No matter what he is, he's family, so We can't let him just sit around and be depressed and think about it over and over.
We gotta get back to work.
Within that group, you have the portion of the group that are comedians: Na'im, Spank, Joey.
I met Kevin Uh, our neighborhoods right next to each other.
I'm from Nicetown, he's from Erie Ave.
Like, I think I was, like, 16, 17 around that time.
- Oh! Oh! - [tires screeching.]
Okay, all right.
Yeah, welcome to the hood! [men snorting, laughing.]
I met him, started playing basketball at the Zion Baptist Church church league.
Twenty-three years we've been together.
Twenty-three years.
I was part of the reason why Spank decided to get into comedy.
'Cause he saw me coming in and out of Philadelphia, and he was like, "Man, I'm funny.
People call me funny.
" I was like, "Yo, I'm gonna take you out with me.
You got a great friend that's now doing comedy.
No reason why you shouldn't roll with me.
" [overlapping chatter.]
- What's up, Na'im? What's going on, man? - What's happening? [Na'im.]
I met Kevin very early in my career.
I didn't start working with him until 2001.
So I knew him for about three years before we started working with each other.
- Give me some of that.
- [overlapping chatter.]
- Na'im, I'm sorry.
- Baby, they couldn't Robert! You got the camera on me.
Na'im Lynn, been with me the longest out of anybody, was new to comedy, just starting, but was really serious about the craft.
To me, Kevin Hart is, uh he's like a little brother.
Little brother that thinks he's the big brother.
He always wanna put you up on game, always wanna teach you something, but he's my brother.
There's nothing else that you can really call him.
You can't can't call him just a friend.
Have to call him a brother because sometimes your friends are your family that you choose.
So, now, I got Harry, I got Spank, I got Na'im.
This is when Joey came up.
Harry's the one that told me Joey was homeless, and Joey didn't want to tell me.
That's when I said, "Well, fuck that.
I'm not gonna let Joey suffer.
I got him.
I'll figure it out.
I'm gonna have Joey host.
" The call was like, "Hey, man, Harry said you're doing things are pretty bad over there.
" My pride was like, "Ain't shit happen wrong here," but in the back, I was like, "Oh, come on.
Get off the phone and say thank you.
" So now, for the first time, you see somebody doing comedy clubs with three openers.
You got three openers before you get to the main act.
- [indistinct chatter.]
- [Kevin.]
I had the host, I had my feature, and then my super feature, and then me.
It's never been done in comedy clubs.
We all value one another.
The reason why we value one another is because we're invested into one another.
When you're here in Hollywood, everyone needs some help, and you need people around you that you trust, that you can talk to.
And at the same time, family keeps it real, as they say.
[horns honking.]
- [Kevin.]
What'd you get? - They denied my card didn't they? [all laughing.]
- You didn't put that call in, huh? - Motherfucker said 190 euro.
- I ain't got 190? Shit.
- [scoffs.]
Don't crowd.
The love in Paris is amazing Hello, hello, hello.
- Hello, hello, hello.
- Excuse me.
So much love in Paris.
Look at this.
So much love.
People are giving so much love, man.
In return, I say I love you back.
- What store did y'all wanna go to? Uh - [indistinct chatter.]
They got Louis, - then down here's some good shit.
- Let's do Louis.
Let's go to Louis first.
- Let's tear this shit up, man.
- [inaudible chatter.]
- [man snorts, laughing.]
- [overlapping chatter.]
Jesus Christ.
- This men's? - These - [Boss.]
Yeah, those are men's.
- This men's.
Yo, I ain't about this life.
I ain't about this life, man.
- We're putting it together.
- [Spank.]
Yo, I ain't about this life, B.
- Spank.
- I ain't about this life, B.
- Spank.
- Come on, man.
- If you do that - [Harry.]
Over here contemplating.
- If you do that - What color you gonna put on, Spank? Yeah, Spank, do it.
I say we all wear Versace shirts, have a Versace night.
- What y'all think? - I'm with it.
Everybody buy a shirt.
Let's do a Versace night, man.
You in, John? - I'm not doing it.
- [Spank cackling.]
If y'all really wanna do a Versace night, I'll do it, but It's too loud.
I would never ever wear it again.
It's about what we wanna do for the night, man.
You gotta live life.
You know it's gonna cost us.
This gonna cost us.
You think our wives are gonna go like this: "Oh, that was dope! We should do that, too.
" You have this in a little bit larger size? Okay.
Low-key John is a very frugal person.
- I don't wear Versace.
- Me neither.
You just said this is something you would wear.
I would.
John always talk about money.
John is John is John.
John is always come at my head.
But everybody is well paid.
There's not a person underneath this umbrella, this company, that is not well paid.
John is a very well-paid, uh, hairstylist.
I wouldn't even call him a barber.
Let's do it.
I was trying to avoid it, but all my friends are doing it, - so it is what it is.
This shit is stupid.
- [chuckling.]
Joey, let's see you, Joey.
- Walk on up.
God damn! - [all exclaiming.]
- [Kevin.]
Oh, shit! - [Boss.]
Do that shit now, dawg! Do that shit now, dawg! Come on, dawg! Don't do it to 'em like that now, dawg! - Yo, Joey! - [all hooting, laughing.]
Don't do it to 'em like that now, dawg! Come on now, huh? Huh? Come on now, huh? The pole's out the door.
The pole's out the door.
- Yo! - [Na'im.]
I feel underdressed.
- The pole's out the door.
- Yo! Yo! Ooh! - Freak one.
- We doing a pose? Yeah.
One, two.
- Okay, y'all gotta go.
I gotta go.
- All right, bro.
- Yo, you hatin'! - [overlapping murmurs.]
Let me know if they boo you with that shirt on.
- I'mma take mine off.
- [laughter.]
Camera straight ahead [speaks indistinctly.]
[crowd cheering.]
Y'all having fun out here? For the Irresponsible tour? It's Versace shirt night.
You see Joey? There he go.
I love ya.
I appreciate ya.
Thank you.
Look, look, there they go.
Look, look at the rest of my friends back here.
It's Versace shirt night.
Look Look at them [laughing.]
Versace shirt! No, no, no.
Look, just It's Versace shirt night.
I gotta get a picture.
This is a legendary moment on our Irresponsible tour.
We've been touring now for about seven years.
And the fact that we are going out the country and doing these type of numbers is unreal.
It doesn't happen with us, it happens with you and your support.
So we love you.
Thank you guys so much for tonight.
- We appreciate you.
- [crowd cheering.]
Not only are we we work together, but we're a team.
We've created a brotherhood, so we care about Kev's well-being.
It's difficult to have to go through something so publicly humiliating.
You know, you made a big mistake, and then to have to leave your home, and now go to work and and go film a movie and be on tour, you know, that-that adds more fuel to the fire, more than people may know.
Now you have to do damage control from far away.
I talk to Boss a lot.
That's because me and Boss are together every day.
We pride ourselves on being real with one another.
Boss saved me after the whole Vegas incident because his dedication to keeping me healthy kept my head clear and it gave me focus when I needed it most.
When the whole Vegas scandal happened, shit, all we did was work out.
We worked out three times a day.
He needed to clear his fucking mind.
So it was just like, "Yo, let's go to the gym.
" Kev realized he fucked up, right? Like, there was a real moment that there was tears.
There was a lot of emotion.
Public humiliation for his wife.
There was so much shit that goes involved with, you know, being who you are and then making this type of mistake.
He fucked up and, you know, he needed, you know, almost like a slap in the face to slow and sit his ass down.
You gotta learn from your fuck-ups.
I learn from mine.
Lesson number one that I learned is that whatever happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas.
That's the first thing.
[crowd laughing.]
Don't believe that shit.
That's a goddamn lie.
Lesson number two: for the first time in my life, I had to look in the mirror, I had to have a conversation with myself.
"God damn it, Kevin.
What are you doing? What are you doing? You're almost 40 years old, still doing the same dumb shit.
Grow up.
Grow up!" And me realizing I had to grow up, that meant I had to go back to my wife and make my wife feel secure in understanding that I was done doing the dumb shit.
He flew out to LA, and he's like, "I'm coming to get you.
I'm gonna prove to you that it's all about us.
" [voice wavering.]
I believe in second chances.
Um I'm all about forgiveness and you only get at least two times.
[chuckles softly.]
That's it.
Three strikes, you're out.
You're out of here.
I'm done.
So, as long as he behaves, we're good.
You know, we're good.
Thank you so much.
I love you.
- A happy wife is a happy life.
- Get off me.
I'mma get you an extra burger.
- Yay.
- [Kevin.]
I cannot say anything out of the context of I brought that whole thing on myself.
I remember getting a phone call from Kev.
He said, "Hey, I'm going to Vegas.
Come fuck with your boy.
" Mind you, this was like Thursday night, and he said he was going Friday.
I said, "Aah! You know, I'm married, bruh.
I can't just leave the house like that.
Uh I need a, uh, longer notice.
Uh, I don't think my wife goin' for it, so I can't make it.
" So, probably me and four, five others denied it 'cause it was last minute.
We couldn't do it.
- [dance music playing.]
- [inaudible chatter.]
I wasn't there to protect him.
I wish I would've been there because we all take a responsibility ofeither saying something to him or asking him not to go somewhere.
I don't have my circle around me.
My circle ain't there because Kevin is doing what? I'm moving in unfamiliar territory.
I done called the audible.
Your circle around you, it's very hard for you to do stupid shit.
Get tapped on your back, "Hey, dummy.
What are you doing?" I ain't got nobody with me.
When the tape came out, we definitely thought it was the girl.
At the time, Kev didn't have many memories of what happened.
But then I'm looking at pictures and shit, and it's like, "Well, how did they take these pictures? What the fuck? Who else was there? Was somebody else there?" I'm like, "Who did this?" I said, "Holy shit.
" [reporter 1.]
Today, a man was charged with attempting to extort money from actor Kevin Hart with a surreptitiously recorded video of the married comedian and another woman.
[reporter 2.]
He's been charged with two felony counts.
His name is Jonathan Todd Jackson.
So here's the kicker: he's been Kevin Hart's good friend for the last 15 years.
Imagine thatsomeone who you consider like your brother betrays you.
This is still an ongoing thing, and there's trials and shit that's happening, so I still can't say that the person that's expected is guilty, because it still hasn't been determined.
So because of that, I still can't even find it in my heart to say that it's the person they're saying is involved.
Jackson was a member of the family.
Although he didn't travel with us, he was just as close to Kev as any of us.
He was a Plastic Cup Boy, unofficially.
You're talking over 15 years of friendship.
There were times when J.
would just pop up and come over.
He was at our house on Thanksgiving two days after Kenzo was born.
It was one of those things where you don't know what to believe, 'cause it's so absurd that it's the last thing you would think.
He allegedly videotaped him.
I guess he placed a camera in the room, videotaped the act, came home, edited up the video, and then sent him a e-mail or ransom of like, "Look, I will release this video if you don't pay me.
" It was like $10 million or something like that.
Kev was crying for days, hurt.
He still doesn't believe it.
He's, like, still in shock.
I'm I get angry right now.
I'm thinking about this shit.
Just the man code of who we are is just violated to its fucking tenth degree.
And that shit just fucking I just don't believe in That shit just Oh, my God.
I don't even I don't wanna talk about it, 'cause that shit just angers me.
To this day, a piece of me is like, "There's no way.
" I don't know.
It's tough to talk about because, like I said, you're still you're still speaking in a "allegedly" format.
But what I was able to really take from it is that the same hurt that I caused an individual, that individual, you know, being my wife that same level of pain came right back to me.
It sucks that what happened happened, but now your eyesight is even more clear.
Because now you understand that, if we don't have trust, we have nothing.
I don't think he'll ever be able to trust again outside of our group like that.
What you see in our group and the people that we have around, there's not gonna be any new faces.
There will not be any new people.
Somebody that you truly trust love that's hurt.
[chatter, giggling.]
Shots up.
Another great weekend with a great team.
When you're truly fucked up, you know, some anger, some issues that you're holding onto, for a moment you'll think, "We're okay," but somebody's gonna catch that warfare.
You're You're gonna let it out.
- [Kevin.]
Do it again.
- Stop trying to threaten people.
Me and my guy, Eric, 'cause you don't take shots.
So me and Eric will take shots.
- [Boss stammers.]
I don't give a fuck.
- Shut up, bitch! [Boss.]
You gonna lose.
I guarantee you that.
- Boss, do you think you're rich? - Shut up.
I'm not rich.
Think you're wealthy? Everything stops today, you can live forever? - Nigga, I work every day.
- I said if everything stops Stop! - If everything stops today.
- I'm good Fuck me, fuck everything else.
I've had money before you and gonna have money after you.
Fuck everything.
If everything stopped, - could you survive? - Yes.
- You're a liar.
- What the fuck are you talking about? - Do you have a home? - Nigga, I make more money on training - Do you have a home? Have a home? - What the fuck are you talking about? - Tell me.
- Do you have a home? - You are dumb.
- Just say yes or no.
The fact you're trying to tell me I can't survive - makes you look dumb as fuck.
- Ronald "Boss" Everline, - do you have a home? - That's dumb as fuck.
- Do you have a home? - I been making money way before this.
- Why aren't you answering the question? - You sound dumb.
- Ronald.
- No, I'm serious.
- Take this shit.
- [Kevin.]
Fuck you.
- [Boss.]
Fuck you and everything you said.
- [Harry.]
Sit down.
You're out of line.
- [overlapping shouts.]
- You're out of fucking line, bro.
- [Boss.]
Youse a bitch if you think - You're out of line, man.
- [Boss.]
I don't care, yo.
- You outta line, bro.
- [Boss.]
I don't care.
- Stop, stop, stop, stop.
- Stop, you're pushing your friends, yo.
- [Boss.]
He took that motherfucking [continues inaudibly.]
I fucked up.
[soft piano music plays.]