Kidnapped (2006) s01e04 Episode Script

Number One with a Bullet

In a few minutes.
I'll be the first face he sees when he wakes up.
Me, too.
Don't you have a family? My wife just asked me that same question.
What'd you tell her? We couldn't really talk.
She's at work.
- At 4:00 in the morning? - Yeah.
Uh, my wife trades derivatives on the Hong Kong desk at Goldman.
She speaks fluent Mandarin, you know so she's getting up when everybody else is going to sleep.
Can I ask you a personal question? Sure.
Your wife, she's a trader at Goldman.
She makes good money, right? I guess that's relative, but we're pretty comfortable.
You get shot at for a living.
I find missing people for a living, Mrs.
Getting shot at is just the bonus.
You might say, um, I get shot at so people like yourself don't have to.
- You heard about tonight.
- I did.
And you're thinking, "What the hell was she doing out there? "Didn't she know the guy she was meeting "was a complete fraud? Or was she just being stupid?" I've spent time in the desert, you know, Mrs.
At some point, everybody sees a mirage.
And that's okay.
Until you kneel down and try to drink the water.
Excuse me.
I'm on my way.
Good night.
It's lodged between C-3 and C-4.
The bullet tore through his body armor, and a piece of the vest imbedded with the bullet.
Now, two hours ago, that piece detached and lodged in his spine.
There are risks because of your husband's weakened state, Mrs.
But if we don't operate, he could end up a quadriplegic.
You need to make a decision now.
Excuse me.
Is he going into surgery? - That was fast.
- Fields have eyes, and woods have ears.
Yeah, and hospital orderlies come cheap.
Yeah, that too.
- How's the wife? - How would you be? All right, listen.
As soon as the bullet's out- I'm really not thinking about that right now.
- All right? - Let me know how things turn out.
That medical account just went into review.
We'd like it closed.
I'm sorry, only the surgical team from here, Mrs.
You can watch from the observation room.
You forgot your Move.
FBI, move! Notify N.
Murder suspect fleeing south from the hospital in a stolen ambulance.
I'll be right back.
Do what you need to do.
But leave Virgil out of it.
Anything come back on the scalpel? No, it was clean.
What? It's what they call the scalpel if the patient's awake during surgery.
That way, the guy doesn't get freaked out.
You know, "Pass the scalpel.
" My-my father sold medical supplies.
Give this to the lab.
I heard there was a problem.
Why was there a problem? Because there was a problem.
Well, that there was a problem is a problem.
Oh? We're not in the insurance game, you and I.
You can't just chalk it up to force majeure.
Next time you blame your incompetence on an act of God, you can take it up with God.
What are you doing? Says here that the first 72 hours are crucial.
Where have you been? I've just been on a little walk.
For seven hours? Yeah, I keep thinking about the pool.
When he was little.
Leo! And- Um, Roger has been calling.
He says that, um, something's in play.
I don't know.
It sounded Chinese.
Are you okay? What? What sounded Chinese? I don't-some- whatever's in play.
- Gangzhou? - Yeah, I don't know.
- Whatever he- - Well, what did he say? I don't- don't- It has been over 72 hours.
Leo! He's not breathing.
He's not breathing.
He's breathing.
We don't need him to run a marathon.
He's less trouble this way.
We have to take him to a hospital.
Yeah, and maybe we can stop at a street fair along the way.
He's gonna die.
That's what I've been trying to tell you all along.
Quick lile sucker, isn't he? Doesn't hurt his chances that he's being chased by an old, uh- By an old what? Anderson? - An old what? - Uh, pro.
- An old pro, sir.
- Do me a favor, Anderson.
Just go back to before the shooting.
Let's try making this guy come into the hospital.
- Can we do that? - Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Have you seen this? We're material witnesses.
No, we're not.
A few hours later, Sullivan's dead.
Cain didn't go to Queens and shoot James Sullivan.
- Trust me.
- Why, you don't think he's capable? I don't think he'd risk it right now.
He wants Sullivan dead.
He throws him off the roof at the party.
He claims self-defense.
Heh, mayor would give him a commendation.
Latimer, sometimes you can be- - Andy.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
Preliminary from ballistics.
That bullet they pulled out of Virgil? Yeah? Molycoated.
50 caliber.
I was so annoyed, I yelled at him.
I actually yelled at him.
I left him on a bench in front of the Orange Julius, and I told him not to move.
I was only gone a minute.
They didn't have my size.
When I came back, he was gone.
That was ten years ago.
I think to myself, I have no idea what he would look like today.
I could pass him on the street and not have a clue.
I've been looking all over for you.
The Gangzhou Brothers are here.
As in, here.
They arrived in New York this morning.
All three brothers Yan, Chow, and Minh.
They brought a dead cat with 'em and started swingin' it.
Yeah? How bad? They put a five-hour clock on the deal.
Then they're off to Rio to serve it to the Brazilians on a platter.
Did they have lunch yet? No.
- Let's go serve it to 'em.
- Atta boy.
- There's one more thing.
- Ah.
- You read the papers today? - The kidnapping? No, no.
Someone went down to Sunnyside, ventilated Jimmy Sullivan.
He's dead.
Ni hao.
Even Steven? Is this accurate? - Who was that? - Who was who? What's on the paper? - What's the Gracen Group? - P.
- What's a P.
? - Private military company.
Think I.
with guns.
Lots of guns.
So we get a warrant.
We subpoena their databases.
We find our shooter.
are like small governments.
Very connected, very Dick-Cheney-on-the-speed-dial.
You don't visit these guys through the front door.
- How do we get inside? - We don't.
We get an inside man, some disgruntled ex-FBI, CIA, D.
, paramilitary, loner white guy with a history of instability and a plate in his head.
How we gonna find someone like that? I can't do it.
You know, private military companies, they put such a high priority on guys with your kind of training.
You apply for a job, they'll give you an interview just like that.
And once you're inside, I know you can get the information that we need.
Now, me, let's say I go through the proper channels.
They'll see me coming, man.
The information we're looking for disappears.
They'll-they'll see me coming, too.
Yeah, but they'll welcome you with open arms.
Man, all you gotta do, you plug this into a USB port on their mainframe.
Before I get a moment alone to find the mainframe, they'll process me.
It's not like processing cheese, man.
- Yeah, well- - It's just an interview.
Yeah, sure.
With electrodes pinned to your temporal lobes.
They're innocent-looking things, like they're pieces for an MP3 player.
Straight to your neural pathways.
Guy that shot Virgil is a player on the Leopold Cain kidnapping.
And his name is in their files.
And you are the only guy that I know who can get in there today.
Plug into their mainframe and get that name.
That's all we got, man.
Aside from time running out.
My name is Mancini.
The Japanese at reception.
You conquer a people, then put them to work.
In ten years, she'll be Arab.
Is this guy for real? You have an exceptional "résumé" We can always use men with your skill set.
We have a processing procedure.
There's nothing to it, really.
This way, please.
This is what worried him.
He'll be fine.
- Where were you born? - Montana.
What city in Montana? I was born in the Sapphire Mountains.
Did you ever serve in the military? Yes.
Would you say the statement, "War is a necessary evil" is true? No.
Have you ever been married? I never met the right girl.
Restrict your response to yes or no.
- Do you have any children? - No.
Would you say the statement, "You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs" is true? Yes.
Have you ever lied under oath? Yes.
- How's he been doing lately? - He's great.
- He's really good.
- Is he great - or really good? - I don't know.
- He- - Off the record.
- Kellog's been calling him.
- Okay.
I think it's got him a little rattled.
- I don't know.
- What's he saying? He won't tell me.
Would you say the statement, "Never leave one of your own behind" is true? Yes.
Have you ever left anyone behind? Y es.
Have you ever killed anyone? Yes.
Have you ever killed an innocent man? I- I don't know.
Is there a God? I don't know.
Is your mother still alive? I- I don't know.
Got one more little test.
When you're ready, hit enter.
When you're done, I'll come find you.
What a freak show, huh? How Uncle Sam likes 'em.
No offense, Latimer.
None taken, Ms.
This computer's not networked.
You gotta get to the mainframe.
I'll take the test for you.
Hook the wireless transmitter to the computer's motherboard.
I'm waiting for the signal.
Got it Good to go on the test.
Mainframe, Knapp.
You're almost home.
Welcome to the Gracen Human Assessment Path.
Have to see if I can get this as an MP3.
Select a numeric key that best reflects who you are.
There are no wrong responses.
Straight ahead.
Left or right? Take the second right.
- Well, we should be in.
- We're hot.
It's starting to load.
As fast as I can.
I'm a little exposed here, guys.
There are too many random files.
It'll take weeks to go through it all.
I need that shooter.
I'm sorry, Knapp.
Sorry? What's he sorry for? I'm not sure.
King just walked into the Gracen Group.
- Security.
- What the hell is he up to? Security.
There is a security breach in the building.
Knapp, you've got to get the hell out of there now.
Whoa, hey.
I was just looking for the bathroom.
You're my kid, okay? You do anything that makes them think otherwise, you're my dead kid.
You hurt our feelings, Mr.
I feel like I should be hurting something of yours.
Your assessment path results were outstanding.
Too bad.
You could have a future with us.
If you had a future.
What are you doing here? - Tell him the truth, Knapp.
- The exact truth? - Yes.
I'd like that.
Four days ago, a man was shot at 59th and 1st by a molycoated round fired by a man who I believe freelances for the Gracen Group.
- Was it a kill? - No.
Then he doesn't freelance for us.
We work hot zones.
We employ men who can handle the heat.
We don't hire freelance hit men who shoot people on the streets of New York.
- Where am I going? - You ever been to Dubai? This time of year, it can hit 120 degrees.
Well, I hear it's a dry heat.
You know, I'm gonna have to stop by my apartment, pick up some sunscreen.
There's plenty on the jet.
I've got this.
What about Knapp? What about Knapp, Latimer? There, that's our guy right there.
You email that to Atkins.
Tell him that right there is the only priority.
Right there.
- Is that my ride? - Quiet, sir.
I was expecting a limo.
As far as my flight goes, I don't fly coach.
- This is almost over.
- It is over.
I know you're wondering if this badge is real, right? If this guy's really FBI, where's his backup? Well, 'cause you can't see it doesn't mean inot there.
On your belly, hands behind your head.
Go, go.
You have Mr.
Mancini call me if he has any questions.
Other than that, none of us have ever met.
Let's go.
You threw me under the bus.
M9 Crosstown.
You would've done the same to me.
You get anything? Fingerprints and a photograph.
Wanna these things off me? Not particularly.
Shh, shh, shh.
How did this happen? Uh, he was playing hide-and-seek.
Cut his leg on a fence.
Oh, you have other children here? No.
Then who was he playing hide-and-seek with? That was me.
Personally, I think you're a little big for hide-and-seek.
A child's size gives him the adv- Your son has had heart surgery.
Is he taking any medication? Can you treat him? No, he needs to be in the hospital.
This-this infection could get- Doctor, I'd rather not.
His, um- his mother, she died in a hospital.
Yes, well, my mother drowned in a lake.
But when I'm hungry, I fish.
Any allergies? None.
I'm allergic to penicillin.
What the hell are you doing here? There's the matter of a certain veiled threat you made earlier.
Veiled? - I didn't mean it to be.
- I could kill you here and now.
Yes, you could.
That's why I hired you.
But you're not the only man on the payroll.
And then, uh, there's that wife of yours who takes a walk in Tompkins Square Park every afternoon at 5:00.
Right before she does her marketing.
Love that she buys fresh groceries every day for dinner.
Personally, a little thick around the hips for my taste, but the gentleman who violates her before sending her off, I can assure you he doesn't have a "type" per se.
Do we understand one another? Good.
Have a nice day.
I know I will.
There you go.
- Where'd they pick him up? - He was killed in Central Park.
- Time of death? - Tuesday, 10:00 AM.
The abduction was Monday, 7:40 AM.
- Any personal effects? - What they found on him.
Ten grand, a P.
, and a two-way cell.
Anybody been over these? Yeah, N.
D The P.
turns on, but it won't hold data.
The phone makes calls, but it doesn't keep a record or I.
the service.
Wait a minute, let me see that P.
for a second.
- What are you- - What the hell's that? Wow, microchip.
Hey, hey, hey.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- I'll do that.
- Oh, right.
What kind of cell phone doesn't keep a record of the calls or I.
the service? CIA, N.
, FBI.
We're good.
We got it.
All right.
- Point man at the kidnapping.
- Guy who tagged Virgil.
- But who's this? - We don't know yet.
But they're all connected, all three of these guys, through these two-way cells on the same frequency.
They're covering tracks.
They're killing everyone from ground zero of the kidnapping.
And I thought my wife was kidding.
I mean, we don't have that kind of money.
You know? I do okay, but $2 million And I found out later that the men who took Mark had taken the wrong boy.
You know, we worked so hard to send him to that school.
And they mistake him for some rich guy's son.
I didn't have the money.
I didn't have a choice.
I called the FBI.
They came.
And that's when everything went wrong.
- And we lost him.
- What went wrong? Everything.
- But what specifically went wrong? - What? Uh, we have a no cross-talk policy.
I'm sorry, but I-I- What was it? What exactly? I need to know what went wrong.
My son was killed.
That's what went wrong.
- You all right? - Yeah.
- Want a cigarette? - Yes.
- Thank you.
- This your first time? - Yeah.
- First time's the worst.
You never know what to expect.
I mean, all those parents sitting around, talking about their dead children.
Those images of all those dead babies at the bottom of so many swimming pools, and then their guilt because they never locked the gate.
You know what? After a while, it becomes an addiction.
What do you mean, "an addiction"? You know how they say if you drive your car into a lake, you have to wait for the car to fill up with water before you can open the door? Equilibrium, right? So you come here to be with people More pathetic than I am.
I know, it's awful.
No, actually, it makes sense.
You have a son or a daughter? - Son.
- Me, too.
- How old? - He's 15.
Jack was Wait a minute.
Your son is 15? What do you mean he's 15? I thought- Oh, I heard about people who come to these meetings to get off on other people's stories.
No, no, it's not- No, it's- - you don't understand.
- What don't I understand? My son was taken four days ago.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I had no i- no idea.
I'm so sorry.
- I-I should go.
- No, wait.
Listen, listen.
Look, anything you need Day or night.
Call me for anything Anything you need.
- Thanks.
- Maureen.
Oh, wait.
I didn't get your name.
- Ellie.
- Take care, Ellie.
Okay, let's see what the dead guy was carrying.
Here we go.
- How long will it take? - Few minutes, few months? I don't know.
- Yeah, I get it.
- Depends on if I can- Just-just get it done, all right? Does your friend have to be here? He found the microchip, Andy.
Yeah, but how'd he find the body it was buried in? He didn't say.
He's making me anxious.
We're all anxious.
We're over 100 hours into this kidnapping.
It's been 70 since we last heard from these kidnappers.
I'd say it doesn't look good for young Mr.
Make sure the wound is cleaned every day and that the bandage is changed.
The anti-rejection meds will suppress his immune system, so be sure that he takes - these antibiotics.
- Thank you, doctor.
One pill twice a day with food.
- I'll drive him.
- No, no, no.
I'll drive him.
It's the least I can do, right? I really appreciate what you did for my kid.
I look after the children, for they are the future.
Can't imagine what you must think of me, you know.
I didn't even know what my own son's allergic to.
Listen, um- I gotta take a piss.
Where's my cell? Oh, ravishing.
Ellie Cain's not so bad herself.
- Who's your daddy? - Depends.
- What do you got? - Oh, this and that.
Is Ellie Cain having an affair with Senator Ross or not? Yeah, I haven't the slightest.
What? What have you been doing? What am I gonna buy with that huge bonus you're gonna give me? Do you have something or not? - Oh, I've got something.
- What is it? What? It's bigger than O.
It's bigger than Monica.
It's bigger than all the Kennedys combined.
Yeah? What is it? It's just the story of the century.
Chinese soil, Chinese capital, Chinese labor.
Given that, we expect Cain's general contracting fee - to be discounted 60%.
- What? Your firm can front the financing, but it must be through the Bank of Guangzhou at eight points.
Why not just put a gun to our heads? We are China, Mr.
And this is a $6 billion undertaking.
The French and the Brazilians have made overtures.
These are the terms.
Come on! Come on Come on! Come on! Mr.
Cain? Come on! Okay.
Okay, okay.
Do you have anything to say? Just this.
Ten off the fee.
Five points on the financing.
Go to the Brazilians.
Go to the French.
End of the day, it's your money that's buying proprietary U.
Now, do you think Congress is gonna allow that to happen unless it's done through the auspices of a company that follows their laws? As you say, you are China.
Well, we are America.
This offer will expire the moment we set foot outside this room.
15 and 6.
Let's call the lawyers.
This microchip gave us a ten grand wire transfer six days ago to a numbered account at a bank in the Bahamas.
Two more wire transfers to our other two friends in the morgue, same amount.
The money came from Schroeder Textiles, - a business in Brooklyn.
- Let's move.
I'll get the warrant.
You handle the incursion team.
It's not my strong suit.
Yeah, I need an incursion team prepped and ready to go right now.
- You know where I am? - Table for one, huh? My date's playing catch with himself.
- Alone? - Seems to be.
All right.
Let's not announce ourselves.
I remind you, there may be a child present.
Copy that, sir.
Where is he? I don't have him, but he didn't leave.
Something's off.
He got a call but didn't answer.
Just grabbed his cell and stepped out of view.
What do you mean he got a call? - He got a call like that? - Yeah.
- Take it! - Wait, wait, no, no.
Take it now!