Kidnapped (2006) s01e13 Episode Script


l didn't know you smoked.
-l try to avoid it when l'm on the iob.
-Why's that? l don't want it to become more of a handicap than it already is.
People, at this point, usually say, ''Why don't you quit?'' Well, l don't wanna tell you something you already know.
Besides, knowing the right thing and doing the right thing two very different things.
-Hey, Sal, what's the holdup? -Two seconds.
-Hey, thanks for stopping off.
-No problem.
-Your wife work late? -Oh, the pizza? No, no.
We're renovating the house.
Kitchen's out of order.
We spend most of our time in the basement eating pizza.
-What'd you order? -Now, that's the question.
See, here's the tricky thing.
l despise mushrooms.
My wife, she loves them.
l like pepperoni, she hates pepperoni.
And my kid? Get this.
He'll only eat a plain slice as long as it's not next to a mushroom slice or a pepperoni slice.
-You're kidding? -No.
Ordering pizza in my family can be a major pain in the ass.
So how about you? -You married? -No.
-Another FBl priest, huh? -Yeah, l guess so.
-Yeah, l was like you once.
-What do you mean? Thought l could make a difference, make things better for people.
-What happened? -My wife got pregnant.
And iust like that, l am no longer worried about people iust one little boy.
You lose your obiectivity pretty quick.
-Leave God's creation to God.
-Pizza's ready.
-About time.
Thank you.
-You got it.
-So how long you been with IA? -You mean OPR? l still call it Internal Affairs.
The Office of Professional Responsibilities? Sounds like some Planned Parenthood clinic.
-l guess so.
-Cops investigating cops.
-So how long? -This is my first job.
You know, when you sign up, all you think about is nailing dirty cops.
You don't think about the good ones.
And tomorrow, we track down Vance.
-Good night.
-Good night.
Andy, you forgot your pizza.
I need to get these flowers delivered.
I asked the deIivery man.
I said, ''What's the deal with the roses?'' He said.
There you are.
-It's just for the summer.
-Japan? We never do anything we want in this famiIy.
We just do what we're programmed to do.
It's like we're robots.
-You're such a hypocrite.
-What is that supposed to mean? Nothing.
Just keep writing your thing.
-Good morning, AIice.
-Good morning, Mommy.
AIice is my youngest.
What did I teII you about making a mess in my kitchen? That is Maria.
She's been with us since Leopold was born.
-And this is VirgiI.
He's my brother-- -Alice.
Yes, sweetheart? Why do people? Beautiful, isn't it? Hey, Latimer.
l'm sorry.
-About what? -About Virgil.
Let me look at you.
-Virgil's dead.
-What? Yeah.
-He saved my life.
-Oh, baby.
l'm so sorry, baby.
We should go inside.
Agent Archer, this is Leo.
-This is my son.
-Welcome home, son.
Let's get you upstairs where it's safe.
How's it feel? Big.
-What? -l stink.
-Oh, l don't care.
God, you're so skinny.
l think you've grown.
-Where are Aubrey and Alice? -They're at Grandpa's.
They're gonna be back soon.
-Dad seems different.
You sure you're okay? l don't-- l don't know.
lt's okay.
You're home.
You're home.
-l'm gonna shower now.
-Okay, good.
Good idea.
Because you really stink.
l need to show you and your husband some photos.
Do either of you recognise him? Yeah.
This guy, yeah.
He was here a couple days ago eating bagels.
-Any other time before that? -l don't remember, no.
-Who is he? -His name is Vance.
He's one of ours.
-You think that an FBl agent took Leo? -lt's a theory.
Why do you think it might be him? All right.
The money that was used to finance this kidnapping has been linked to a federal investigation.
We, in turn, have traced those funds back to this individual, Vance.
-l'm still looking for motive.
-But he's still out there? -We're looking for him right now.
-Are we in danger? We've got men posted inside and outside this building, Mrs.
Now, look, remember, this situation is still a situation so we still have a iob to do, all right? You both stay with the Cains no matter what.
lf they move, you move.
You both know Agent Vance? He shows up, you call me.
He's persona non grata.
All right, thanks, fellas.
-What you doing? -Just taking precautions.
l want everybody to stay on high alert till we find this guy.
-Till we find Vance.
-l'm not convinced about that.
The money we found at Vance's was from the Ramone bust.
Same with the money we found on the kidnappers at the morgue.
-l've heard the evidence, Andy.
-What? You're not convinced? lf Vance did this, l wanna know why, you know? Get me a motive, man.
And get me Atkins.
-l wanna talk to Atkins.
-All right.
l'll-- l'll bring him in.
By the way, this is the part that l hate the most.
What's that? Packing.
As soon as they come home it always seems like we've overstayed our welcome.
-lt's awkward.
It's like: ''Oh, so you're still here.
Well, we're gonna need this room back.
'' One moment, you're their friend, their priest, their saviour the next, you're iust a memento.
And it's not just on their end.
When the iob's done, l can never think of anything to say to them.
You could always bring up the fee.
Speaking of awkwardness, that always breaks the magic of the moment.
''Thanks for bringing home our son.
'' ''You're so very welcome.
How about a cashier's cheque?'' And how come l always get landed with the billing? -Because l do all the shooting.
-That's not a fair trade.
-lt's far easier to shoot someone.
-Well, it's almost over.
-lt doesn't feel almost over to me.
-Then your feelings are broken.
Cain got a letter.
Well, actually, Mr.
Cain got a letter.
Cain opened it.
From Claire Phillips.
Claire Phillips is dead.
lt was an in-the-event-of-my-death letter.
-You're kidding? -That was my reaction.
Claire said she'd fallen in love with a man who she thought was in love with her but in fact was using her to get to Mr.
-Why? -She didn't say.
-Who was it? -Emerson Jaynes.
Our friend from The Tibetan Book of the Dead.
Kellogg's pen pal.
Anyway Mrs.
Cain said that she remembered the name Emerson Jaynes.
She said that there was some woman in the hospital room next to Leo's who used to read her son a bedtime story from a children's book whose main protagonist was-- -Emerson Jaynes.
So where is this all heading? Find Jaynes, find the kidnapper.
-Vance is the kidnapper.
-Why? -Haven't you heard? -What? l don't care, kid's home.
Am l interrupting? We were iust fantasising.
Come on in.
-So you're packing up, huh? -Well, the job's over.
ls that what that little voice inside your head is telling you? That little voice inside died three jobs back.
-lt was a gut shot.
-This doesn't make sense.
None of this makes any sense.
Well, woman drowns her kids.
Man kills his pregnant wife.
Hamsters eat their own.
What makes sense? -lt's too neat, man.
It's too neat.
-You know what l like? -What? -l like neat.
-l like neat, but l do not like too neat.
-Well, it's not my problem.
Why don't you go retire? Learn to fish.
Take up needlepoint.
-Change your clothes.
-You know, l really want to.
But that voice, man.
Well, tell him to shut up.
Tell him the kid's home.
One more son of a bitch on the streets isn't gonna make a difference.
-All right, Leopold's surgery.
-What about it? Mrs.
Cain remembers a woman from the hospital.
She used to read her kid a story about a boy named.
Emerson Jaynes.
-Which hospital? -Columbia Presbyterian.
Wanna take a ride? l'm gonna stay and watch Turner clean up.
Then l'm gonna get paid and leave without saying bye.
-l thought you left the FBl.
-This is not about the FBl.
l know how you feel.
-l can't stop smiling.
-Me neither.
-And l haven't thanked you.
-Just doing my job.
Well, thank you for doing your job.
And l'm sorry, l'm-- You-- l'm sure you've made sacrifices being here.
And l hope that your family hasn't suffered because of us.
-Well, we all have to make sacrifices.
-Thank you.
-Hey, what's up? What are you doing? l need you to find Atkins.
Well, l've left him three messages.
l'll call him again.
See? l'm calling.
-So how is it? -lt's good.
Want some? -Oh, no, thank you.
-Oh, come on.
lt's really good.
Who knew? Peanut butter and bacon.
Well, when l was visiting Dad when he was across the park l was really hungry and all that he had was peanut butter, bacon and white bread.
And the rest is history.
You are one smart kid.
What do you say we go somewhere? Let's go away.
Let's go to the vineyard.
-When? -Tonight.
l am not letting him leave this house for the next 20 years.
-Oh, come on.
What do you say, Leo? -What about work? Who cares about work? This is almost over.
And when it is, we're a family again, and l am yours.
l mean, l am all yours.
Yeah, me too.
l love you, babe.
lt's a nice day for a nice day.
Hadn't noticed.
-That was your wife? -Yeah.
-She wants you back home? -That's an understatement.
-And what do you want? -For this to be over.
You want it to be over or to be resolved? Whatever, resolved.
l mean.
Richard Jansen.
Columbia Presbyterian.
-He performed Leo's surgery.
l thought you and Knapp were OVer.
Contrary to popular belief, Knapp and l share neither a bed nor a brain.
-Who are you? -l'm Knapp.
-What the hell was that for? -Claire Phillips.
Who killed her? How the hell should l know? l don't know, you're a worm, worms know things.
Yeah, well, l don't know who killed her, all right? It was probably your boss.
-Why don't you go ask him? -She was dating someone.
Who? He never came around.
l never saw him.
Yeah? Who did? How the hell should l know? Why don't you go ask her mother? Hey, you broke my eggs.
-Good afternoon, Mr.
-Can l help you? l'm Special Agent Andy Archer.
l'm investigating the Cain kidnapping.
But what does that have to do with me? The people I work for don't want your money.
Good news for you is, l do.
l just need a moment of your time.
Well, l'm listening.
-ls your wife home? -No.
She's picking up my kid from ballet.
Let me guess.
And then they go for ice cream? -That's a good guess.
-The 31 Flavours over on McGuinness.
-How'd you know that? -Because you're fired.
-Any word on Atkins? No, not yet.
Still looking.
-Hey, Andy? -Yeah? What you did for my daughter and myself l know it put you on thin ice with the-- With the Bureau.
Yeah, l'll be okay.
Look, the Cains are gonna be addressing the press.
lf you were the guy standing next to them it probably wouldn't hurt your career any, you know? Whoa, that's.
-That's a great idea.
-You got it.
Hey, Latimer.
-And what did you find there? -Drugs, guns and money.
-You found a lot of money, didn't you? -25.
That is almost a 20 million difference in accounting.
How do you account for that, Agent King? Agent King.
Tell me about your brother-in-law, Agent King.
Hey, let me tell you something-- l need to talk to you.
We can finish this up some other time.
Just remember everything said.
What is or isn't in my purview is certainly out of your purview.
-Hey, hey.
Where you going? -l gotta go take care of something.
-Are you okay? Hey, l'm gonna go up and get ready for the press conference.
-That's good.
Which one do you think? What you have on is fine, man.
l gotta go.
All right.
-Hey, Ned.
-Hey, Andy.
Good afternoon.
l'm looking for a Dr.
Richard Jansen.
Jansen's going into surgery.
l really need him.
Well, not as much as his patient needs him.
Yeah, my name is Special Agent Latimer King.
-l need to speak with you.
-What's this about? -lt's about Leopold Cain.
-Oh, he's my patient.
You found him? -We did.
He's home.
He's safe.
-That's a relief.
-The Cains are good friends of mine.
-Yeah, that's-- l heard that they were.
Listen, when Leo was here there was a young boy in the room next to him.
-l need to get that boy's name.
-Do you have a warrant? No, no.
l can't help you without a warrant.
Doctor-patient confidentiality.
Look l don't wanna say this too loud.
Could you step in here for a second? Just-- lt will not take but a minute of your time.
-All right, iust make it quick.
What is it you wanna say, Agent King? -l need that name, doc.
-l told you, l can't-- Doctor, look, listen to me.
There are extenuating circumstances here.
l don't wanna do something l'll regret.
l need the name.
Now, what's it gonna be? -Who are you? -l'm Knapp.
What kind of name is that? -l heard about your daughter.
-And? And l'd like to ask you a few questions.
Can l come in? It's important.
So, what do you want? Your daughter was dating a man Iast year.
What about him? What was his name? He had a funny name, like you.
Emerson something.
-Yeah, that was it.
-Did you ever meet him? -No.
He was real secretive.
l used to call him Snuffleupagus.
Big Bird's imaginary friend, the woolly mammoth.
Why was he so secretive? Well, that was a secret too.
l think he thought he was too good for me.
Because of the drinking.
He looked kind of like a college professor.
l thought you said you never saw him.
l said l never met him.
But l saw him once.
l was at Claire's having coffee.
He called to tell her he was downstairs.
He asked her if she was alone, and she told him she was.
Can you believe that? And then she threw me out, her own mother.
Anyways l passed him coming out of the elevator.
l pretended he was invisible.
ls that him? -Nope.
-Are you sure? That is not him.
Oh, l've been waiting for this.
-Leo, how does it feel to be home? -It feels good.
So they brought the little sucker back home.
Give me a moment.
l would like to make a statement.
Phillips-- l'd like to say we're very happy to have our son home, as you can see.
And we'd like to thank everyone for their support.
The FBl.
The good people of New York whose kindness, generosity-- What an act.
--touched our hearts and helped us get through this.
l'd like to thank my wife, who's the real backbone of this family.
And we can't answer any questions or comment any further.
Phillips? The investigation's ongoing.
We just wanted to come out here today-- -Annie.
--and say thank you.
Have l had a lot to drink since you got here? Why? That's him.
That's Emerson Jaynes.
Jack Archer.
-Excuse me? -Patient's name was Jack Archer.
Parents, Andrew and Madeline.
He was waiting for a new heart.
He didn't make it.
Are we done here? Yeah.
Thank you.
-lt's Archer.
Annie Phillips ID'd him.
-Yeah, l know it.
lt was his son in the room next door.
Look, l called the house-- -Phones are dead.
-Called the cells.
l called Turner, couldn't get through.
They're already dead.
And everybody's dead.
He's making his move.
-l'm not calling an assault team.
-There's only one way to play this.
Hang on a second.
Look, l-- l didn't wanna say this in front of the Cains, but.
This is odd.
The phones are-- Dead.
Get down.
Don't move.
My name is Leopold Cain.
l've been kidnapped.
Run! Run for your life! -Go to hell! -Save me a seat.
What are you doing here? You know, you are very lucky.
-You know that? -Yeah.
No, no.
You know, l mean really lucky.
Pretty durable too.
First a heart transplant, and then all this.
l wonder what the odds are.
You know? Surviving both? l don't know.
Not good.
Let's start over.
You mean? l'm serious.
Wipe the slate clean.
-Just forget everything.
Can you? -Yes.
Can you? -All right.
-Yeah? Prove it.
Prove it? Wanna go upstairs? Mom! Oh, my God.
-Get away from him.
-Listen to me-- ln a situation like this, you listen to whoever has the gun.
l'll give you some other tips.
Don't provoke the shooter.
-Wait, hold-- Hold-- -Leo.
Use the victim's first name.
Humanise him.
Create empathy.
Let the assailant know that the victim is not just some random person.
Why are you doing this? -Why am l doing this? Because you destroyed a man's life.
-And l'm here to avenge him.
-What man? There was a man.
A good man.
A iust man.
A family man.
A company man.
A man who believed in the system.
Play by the rules keep your nose clean, and everything will fall into place.
That was the man's philosophy, and so far, it had been good to him.
-Please, we can-- We can talk-- We-- -Shut up.
Shut up.
Otherwise, l'll kill him now.
The man had everything he wanted.
A beautiful wife, a wonderful son.
And a great job upholding that great system that he put so much faith into.
But then tragedy struck.
And God tried to take from him the only thing that mattered.
Come on.
Come on.
So the man rushed his son to the hospital.
A congenital heart problem.
The man's son was placed at the bottom of a list, a long list at the end of which was hope.
And the man knew there was nothing he could do to help his son.
He knew that he must put his faith where it had aIways been.
In the system.
And one day, after a year of waiting after the boy's condition had worsened to the point where all hope was lost the phone rang.
A donor had been found.
A new heart was waiting for the man's son.
And that's when everything went wrong.
There was a complication.
The heart was deemed an unviable organ.
The surgery was canceIIed.
The man's son died.
And the man knew he'd done all he could but something wasn't right.
He knew how to spot a lie.
He was an fBI agent, after aII.
The man could not believe the truth.
But there it was.
His own son had died so that a rich man's son could live.
How could the system that he had sworn to uphold turn on him, its most loyal protector? The man became consumed with grief and anger.
He began to investigate the rich man and the deeper he dug, the more his hatred grew.
He dedicated his life to building a case against the rich man unearthing all of his sins, until finally, his case was built.
And on the eve of nailing this rich son of a bitch to the wall he was ecstatic.
But then the man, who had grown empty inside he had this terrible last thought.
What if the rich man who had already shown his talent for manipulating the system managed to manipulate his way out of this? Or what if he wound up in some country-club prison playing tennis for three years and getting off with good behaviour? No.
The punishment must fit the crime.
The man said to himself: ''The rich man and his family must be destroyed.
They must be torn down, removed from the earth as you would remove a cancer from the body.
'' And the man learned all the rich man's secrets by seducing his mistress.
He would create chaos, involving the FBl, a bodyguard and a kidnap specialist who was this close from kicking the chair out from underneath himself.
And by the time he was ready, what little humanity he had left inside was dead.
Until all that was left is what you see here.
Listen to me.
-You're wrong.
-What? l said you're wrong.
l didn't do these things.
-l did not take your son's heart.
-Oh, he is good.
He's lying to me, just like he lies to his shareholders.
No, it's true, it's true.
You are gonna watch your son die the same way l watched my son die.
You know what to do? Listen, Archer.
You have to believe me.
The man you think you're talking to can't even hear you.
-l swear-- -l will shoot you right now.
lt was me.
lt was me.
l didn't know.
l was only thinking about my child, l swear to you.
l didn't know.
lf you had a chance to save your child's life you'd take it, wouldn't you? Of course you would.
l swear to you, l did not know it was meant for your son.
-Liar! -l am not lying, l swear.
lf you need to punish someone punish me.
Not my son.
Punish me, please.
-lt's too late.
l'm coming in.
l'm unarmed.
l'm coming in, l'm coming in.
-l believe you.
-lt's over.
-Nothing's over.
-lt's over.
You don't wanna do this.
-They took everything from me.
-l know.
-But that kid is innocent.
-Nobody's innocent here.
Listen, Andy, there's something you don't know about your son.
Shut up! -Where's King? -There's something you don't know.
You're stalling.
You wore your vest.
l told you it didn't feel over.
l'm sorry, kid.
Son of a bitch.
He was calling the game from the sideline the whole time, huh? -Agent King.
-Yeah? We got something over here.
The money from the Ramone bust.
What's left of it.
What about Ellie Cain? -What about her? -She broke the law.
lt was her kid, sure, but she broke the law.
When it's your kid, there's another law out here.
-You know? -Yeah? Which law is that? Jungle law.
Don't you let this clothing fool you.
Underneath, we're all just animals.
All of us.
Agent King.
Nice room.
-Thank you.
-For what? For everything.
You know, my dad always used to say: ''Boy, don't you ever thank a man for doing his job.
You iust make sure you do yours also.
'' Hey, l was going through some of Virgil's stuff and these are his Navy Seal ID tags.
You know, Virgil was a really great warrior.
When a warrior dies in battle it's a great honour.
Do you believe that? No, but Virgil did.
You take really good care of yourself.
Yes, sir.
Just because you're retiring doesn't mean bad things ain't gonna happen.
Yeah, you're probably right.
When you get back from your little vacation if you're feeling all rusty, Iooking for something to do.
Are you offering me a job, Knapp? Maybe.
Well, stranger things have happened.
All right.
-l'm sorry.
-What? l never asked you what you like to drink.
-Well, no one ever does, so.
-No, l guess they wouldn't.
You come into people's lives when they're at their worst.
-And when things get better, l leave.
-So will we ever see you again? No.
You know, we've been through a lot together.
l don't even know your name.
Sure you do.
About what l did-- No, you don't have to say anything, Mrs.
l was only thinking about my son.
But if l had to do it again l would.
l know.
All right? Thank you.
You mind? Root beer.
Root beer.
Paid in full.
Well, look at that.
That should iust about cover expenses.
ls there anything left over? Baby needs a new pair of shoes.
-l think we can swing one.
-What now? Now we wait for the phone to ring.
Don't worry.
l'm sure something bad will happen soon.
Yeah? Speaking of phones l have to go and retrieve my bugs.
lt's for you, Mr.
Thanks, Alice.
-This is Knapp.
-She sounded nice.
What, cat got your tongue? You know, I've been reading about you, about your case.
A G-man, wow.
You know, l really admire him.
So now that it's over, what will you do? You don't wanna be alone too long.
You're liable to catch your reflection.
You know, my dad said something about you once.
He said that the world needs men like you.
Men that can thrive in miserable environments so that others can sleep at night.
You know that day my sister went missing? When no one could find her? It was such an ordeal.
My parents were paralysed.
But then you came.
You took their misery and you made it your own.
What my father didn't realise was that you were iust simply escaping your own demons.
Anyway, I was reaIIy inspired by our Mr.
So much so that I'm gonna come out of retirement.
Get back in the game.
Wanna play?