Kill la Kill (2013) s01e04 Episode Script

Dawn of a Miserable Morning

1 Don't Please, don't! Don't! Senketsu! We're late, we're late, we're late, we're late! Hurry up and get dressed, too, Ryuko! What am I gonna do, what am I gonna do?! Calm down, Mako! Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, no! It's 4AM.
Help me! Help me, I'm being murdered! Mako, your lunch is ready and waiting in the kitchen! Senketsu! Good morning, Ryuko! Good morning Wait, that's my uniform! I know! It was filthy, so I'm giving it an extra-thorough cleaning! M-Ma'am, I'll take it from here, so don't— Nothing doing! What is the duty of the student? To go to school! What is the duty of the housewife? To do laundry! Is that clear? Now, hurry up and eat breakfast! You'll be late for school! But I can't go to school without that uniform Oops, I forgot to panic! Today's the big day, Ryuko! Big day? What?! Ryuko, you're on "that day"?! You're fine in your PJs, just move! We'll drop off your uniform later! Don't worry about a thing! Ryuko, wait! You're the only one who can hear me! So please don't leave me! I'm begging you! Are you okay, Senketsu? "Senketsu"? What's that? You gave your uniform a name? Boy, you must be lonely to do that! Wait! All the more reason to go to school! There's lots of friends there! There's nothing but enemies, and you know it! In we go! Sorry, Senketsu! Ryuko! Ryuko! That's surprisingly pleasant.
The wrinkles The wrinkles are melting away Melting away What's with this mass migration? There is a day when all of Honnouji Academy's No-Stars put their entire youth on the line when they go to school.
That day has dawned! Today is that day! This is No-Late Day! EPISODE 4 DAWN OF A MISERABLE MORNING "No-Late Day"? What the heck is that? I can see that you are confused, Ryuko Matoi! You're that Elite Four jerk— Disciplinary Committee Chair and one of Honnouji DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE CHAIR IRA GAMAGOORI Academy's Elite Four! Ira Gamagoori! Allow me to explain! No-Late Day is a school event that comes once a semester, in which the Disciplinary Committee springs surprises on slacker No-Star students to whip them into shape! TRAP When the siren goes off in the slums at 4AM, No-Star students must evade the traps that the Disciplinary Committee LATE built with all the technology at our disposal and make it to school by the time the first period bell rings at 8:30AM! DISCIPLINE And in the event that they arrive late, they are expelled on the spot, so— WHAT THE HELL?! What manner of slacker outfit is that?! My Kamui's in the laundry! It'll be dropped off soon! Spare me your excuses.
Leaving for school in a slovenly outfit like that is a mortal insult to both the academy and Lady Satsuki! MORTAL INSUL Is it, though?! Ryuko was asleep until just now! It's perfectly normal for sleeping people to wear pajamas! No one can laugh at that! Or do you mean to say that you dress like that when YOU sleep, Gamagoori? No, I sleep in the nude.
You'll catch cold if you sleep in the buff! If you were sick, could you work to your fullest potential in an emergency? Oh.
Please wear pajamas like everyone else when you sleep! What is your name? Second Year Class K, Mako Mankanshoku! The pattern on my favorite pajamas is one Mt.
Fuji, two hawks, and three eggplants! Mankanshoku, you say? I'll remember that.
Matoi! I couldn't care less what you happen to be wearing right now! But do you think you can reach the school without your Kamui? Behold the Disciplinary Committee's mighty barrier! Shocker! Look, Ryuko! It's like the whole city's been turned into an amusement park! I've never seen anything like this! And there's only 3 hours to go until our first class, Ryuko! The people at this school sure love to hear themselves talk.
All right, fine.
You're on.
I'm gonna bust through every last one of the traps you bozos made! As you wish! Students, commence commute! Forward, march! Mako, don't get separated! 'Kay! A trap right off the bat, huh? I'm falling! I'm falling! Up you go! CHECKPOIN Congratulations on passing the first checkpoint! I neglected to mention that use of the No-Star commuter cable cars is prohibited! Obey the rules and stick to the prescribed route! And now, gentlemen, until we meet again at school! There's another 999 of these to go! That's more than usual! He's screwing with us.
Come on, Mako! Ow, that hurts so much! You're our classmate, Maiko Ogure! CLASSMATE MAIKO OGURE Are you okay? Your arm is hurt! Why, it's Mankanshoku! And you're Matoi, the transfer student! Yes, I hurt my arm in that trap just now.
But I'll live! I can't give up over something like this! Hey, don't overdo it! Hey, Ryuko.
Since Maiko is hurt, let's take her with us to school! No! I can't let you! I'd only slow you down! Oh, okay.
We'll go on ahead, then.
Don't push yourself too hard, okay? The pain! Hang in there, Maiko! If anyone can make it on her own, it's you! Ryuko! For crying out loud Putting on a brave act, eh? Hold on tight.
We'll go to school together.
Thank you, Matoi! Don't sweat it.
I don't hate girls who push themselves to be strong.
Ryuko, look at that! Isn't that the 2nd checkpoint up ahead? How the heck do you get up there?! Damn it, if I had Senketsu, that hill would be nothing.
Move it! Make way! Back-alley doctor Barazo is coming through! Anybody who doesn't get out of the way will get a Caesarian, even if it's a guy! That's Ryuko up there! Hey, we've got your uniform! I can't hold on any more Maiko! Are you okay?! It's no use! - Oops! - Hey! Watch what you're grabbing! Keep your eyes on the road when you're driving, you fool! Dad! Are you okay?! Your dad is done for Mataro, I have a favor to ask you, man-to-man Take this uniform and— Will do! I'll make sure that this uniform gets to Ryuko safe and sound! Rest in peace, Dad! I've got it from here! Hang on, Ryuko! Ouch! Are you okay?! Ooh! Cheese! Cheese, cheese, cheese! Cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese! Mako, look out! It's a pie! Pie! That looks really tasty, Ryuko! Ow! Are you okay— You can do it, Ryuko! Damn it, I could really use Senketsu right about now! Ryuko! Hey, that's her! I'll be right there! My arm! Are you okay?! What a feast for the eyes! Keep your eyes on the road, confound it! Guts? Is that you, boy? I'm done for Guts, I have a favor to ask you, man-to-man dog Stop it, vile hellhound! Ow! That hurts! Don't bite down so hard, curse you! What time is it? 8AM.
Meaning that there are 30 minutes left.
This might be difficult.
No! No! If we don't do something, I won't be able to go to school anymore! Hey, Maiko, what's that? Pseudo-homeroom.
Students who have given up on making it to school on time, unable to face the reality that they will be kicked out of both school and their homes tomorrow, take attendance with dead, vacant eyes.
That's too sad for words.
So this means that the condo district up ahead is gonna be even tougher, huh? Hey, a school bus is coming! It's a minefield! It's an armored vehicle though, so don't worry.
That's a One-Star bus for you! It's passing the checkpoint! No way, they have it so easy! I wanna ride that! I wanna ride, I wanna ride! Oh, the pain! Damn it, No-Star! Get out of the road! Hurry it— Righty, then! All aboard! Hang on, Maiko, do you have a license? Honnou Town is the private property of the Kiryuin family.
If she has Lady Satsuki's permission, even a student can drive! I don't want to lose, either! I want to show them that even No-Stars have their pride! Maiko, you can be pretty bad-ass, you know that? No-Star students have hijacked a One-Star school bus.
They're clearing the traps.
Prevent them from reaching school with extreme prejudice.
Prevent them from reaching school with extreme prejudice.
Okey-dokey! What the hell is going on?! Are preparations for the final trap proceeding on schedule? No one is here? Wow, you gotta hand it to these armored buses! We're going to counterattack! How? With this! Ryuko, this is totes fun! It's not safe up there, Mako! Come down! This feels so good.
RPG! Retract turret! Gosh, the view's so much clearer now! Just a little further, and we're in the Two-Star district! RPGs from both sides! Punch it! Ouch Wake up, everybody! We did it, you guys! We made it! It's the school! If we can reach our classroom in 15 minutes, we'll be on time! Awesome, that's a piece of cake! A piece of cake! We couldn't have done it without you, Maiko! I'm seeing you in a whole new light! Nonsense, you did all the hard work.
Still, I'm happy you think so! Shucks! Yay, we're all friends! Look, Ryuko! Guts has brought you your uniform! Hey, Guts! Why is Guts bringing it? Geez, what's your dad thinking? Oh, the pain! We're sliding, we're sliding, we're sliding! Where are you going, Guts? What? Maiko, what are you doing?! You let your guard down, Ryuko No, Ryuko Matoi, I should say.
I've been waiting for this moment for ages! Maiko? This injured No-Star classmate was but a fake identity! My true identity is Maiko Ogure, Disciplinary Committee Head of Trap Development! HEAD OF TRAP DEVELOPMENT MAIKO OGURE Trap development, huh? That's right! A shadowy figure who remains undercover among the common students, spying on their behavior and developing traps! That is what the Head of Trap Development does! But I had grown sick and tired of that life.
I had a flash of inspiration when I overheard your conversation with Gamagoori over the surveillance cameras.
I would steal the Kamui, a Goku Uniform which held within it the power to go toe-to-toe with Lady Satsuki.
Using this uniform, I could be a Two-Star— THREE-STAR TWO-STAR ONE-STAR NO-STAR No, be one of the Four Elites— No, steal the throne from Lady Satsuki herself! STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDEN Yes! I'll become empress of Honnouji Academy and indulge in every luxury the academy has to offer! I can hardly wait! Maiko, it sounds like you had everyone fooled.
Maiko! Return that uniform to Ryuko! You see, putting on that uniform and transforming into something that leaves her half naked is Ryuko's only joy in life! Oh, yes! The transformation! I have to try that for myself right away! Off with this! On with this! What?! Get real.
As if a deceitful bitch like you could transform so easily! I did it! No way! KAMUI SENKETSU Oh, come on! I had so much trouble mastering the How can she do this, Senketsu?! Forgive me, Ryuko.
This woman has no shame.
If it means power, if it means standing on top of the world, I'll gladly get naked as the day I was born! Oh, it's flooding into me! The strength! The power! The strepower! Now, let's try out this strepower, shall we? Naturally, we'll start with the weakest! Mako! W-What's going on?! Why won't my body move?! What the hell? It's not working! It's as if my body's turned to stone! Senketsu Is it you? W-What do you think you're doing? S-Stop! Let's not be hasty! I'm so sorry I tricked you! What's up? Aren't you going to try out your strepower? Please! I'll give back the Kamui! Grr! What's wrong with this stupid outfit?! So uppity! So impertinent! It's the outfit! It's all this stupid outfit's fault! This stupid, broken outfit! It's freshly cleaned.
I bet they just used too much starch.
Right?! Making me drink that grimy blood of hers! I'm sorry I was late, Ryuko! Yeah, but since you didn't cheat on me, I'll forgive you.
Look, Ryuko! There's only five minutes to go until the first period bell rings! We have to hurry! I don't wanna be late and get expelled! Ow I hit my head on the air W-What the—? What the hell is going on? Moron! This is my ultimate weapon! I set it up on the off chance that this might happen! A fake school! And now! It's all over for you! Once my fake-school trap, "Begin All Over Again," is activated, no one can stop it! Like hell it's over! I'll just have to pound on you again and make you tell us how to stop this thing! How about now? Wait! Are you out of your mind?! Now that I've failed in my plan to take the Kamui, I swear on my pride as a Disciplinary Committee member that I will at least see that you are forever branded as a tardy student, Ryuko Matoi! It will be Maiko Ogure's final act of defiance! All glory to Honnouji Academy! Kidding! Ryuko, be careful! It's coming apart! Ryuko, help! Mako! Ryuko, put me on! Right, I forgot! Kamui Senketsu! KAMUI SENKETSU What the hell? This is the sea! This is way past square one! You'll never make it in time, even wearing me.
You'll be late! O! M! G! This station is the nonstop rope expresso-way to school for rich folks that us No-Stars could never ride in a million years! I always wanted to ride this! What? It's nonstop? Hey! You No-Stars can't be in he— Shut your mouth and take us to the end of the line at full throttle! Mako! Hurry, get in! But we have to pay the ropeway fare! No wallet! There's nothing for it.
I'll just have to leave my precious, precious croquette lunch instead! Who cares about that?! Just get in here! Yay! Yay! I always wanted to ride this! I always wanted to ride this! How many minutes are left?! One minute! In one minute, we'll be late! And expelled! No way! One minute?! I'm gonna get us to homeroom on time, if only out of spite! Curses, I came so close.
Well, no matter.
I'll play the good subordinate for the time being and wait for another opportunity to present itself.
I heard everything, Ogure! Master Gamagoori! Steal the Kamui and overthrow Lady Satsuki, eh? That's far beyond the likes of you! P-Please forgive me Never! You are expelled! EXPELLED You don't deserve to attend Honnouji Academy! Get out of my sight! Damn that Matoi 30 seconds! Got it! There's no time to get out at the station! Let's see, next up is Matoi.
Ryuko Matoi.
Ryuko Matoi? Present.
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