Kill Me, Heal Me (Kilmi, Hilmi) (2015) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

As you want, I will leave the company but I will stay in Korea.
I have things I have to do.
What else do you have to do instead of receiving treatments? I'm thinking of doing just that.
Why my heart had to be broken into pieces, what those pieces signify, I'm thinking of finding out.
While finding my lost memories and putting together my heart that became pieces.
I will see what kind of picture is completed.
I'm not a substitute for Father.
I am also not a dog that guards Seungjin Group, nor a monster.
I am only Cha Do Hyun.
Let's go, Oh Ri Jin.
Oh Ri Jin! Ahjumoni, where did Secretary Oh who came in with me go? I asked her a favor to get some wine from the wine cellar, but it took so long that I was about to go downstairs just now.
The wine cellar? But fire and basements, I am just a little scared of them.
No, I will go.
Oh Ri Jin.
Oh Ri Jin.
Oh Ri Jin, are you okay? I'm okay.
I just felt dizzy for a second.
I've been fine but I don't know why I'm like this again Let's go out now, can you get up? Yes Oh Ri Jin! Oh Ri Jin! Oh Ri Jin! What is this? What is this? Kill me, Heal me Episode 13 You must be busy, but thank you for coming here.
No, it's fine.
I should come flying any time if my patient is in danger.
You're the Superman of this era.
Next time, instead of my office, how about a secret rendezvous at the aquarium? These days the fish have gotten a lot better.
Go back up and rest.
- Even if you be faced with painful memories, don't get beaten up.
Look after Dr.
Oh well.
Even though she looks like that, she is very soft-hearted.
She used to struggle a lot because she would feel so much empathy for a patient.
Well, it might seem I'm needlessly worrying, but it just concerns me, seeing her become like that.
I will do well.
Hey, doesn't it feel like I'm a Dad asking my son-in-law to keep my daughter happy, right? I'll leave now.
You don't have to come out.
Oh Ri Jin! -Ah! Oh Ri Jin are you okay? Oh Ri Jin, come to your senses Come to your senses.
Oh Ri Jin.
Oh Ri Jin! Oh Ri Jin, are you okay? Come to your senses, are you okay? Oh Ri Jin! Oh Ri Jin Don't leave.
Don't leave.
Don't leave.
Play with me.
Play with me Play with me Don't go.
Play with me ♬ The deep night will show you, who was not able to leave ♬ ♬ It wakes me up from my sleep and kisses me again ♬ ♬ Your voice, which whispered “I love you” and your scent ♬ Don't go! Don't go ♬ Your voice, which whispered “I love you” and your scent ♬ ♬ echoes in my ears everyday ♬ Don't go, don't go, don't go ♬ echoes in my ears everyday ♬ I'm not going.
I'm not going anywhere.
So don't worry.
No matter how scary the nightmare is, it will always end sometime.
I will look over you from now on.
♬ I walk through the darkness because I want to find you, ♬ Rest assured and sleep.
♬ I walk through the darkness because I want to find you, ♬ ♬ I can’t touch you or be embraced by you ♬ ♬ The things that are taking over me aren’t the bastards living inside me ♬ ♬ The strong medicine will not heal me, only the word love ♬ ♬ The voice that echoes in my ears wakes me up ♬ ♬ Embraces and kisses me, and I can no longer see it anymore ♬ ♬ The deep night show you, who was not able to leave ♬ Hey, Oh Ri Jin.
♬ The deep night show you, who was not able to leave ♬ ♬ It wakes me up from my sleep and kisses me again ♬ Are you perhaps having a nightmare right now? ♬ It wakes me up from my sleep and kisses me again ♬ ♬ Your voice, which whispered “I love you” and your scent ♬ ♬ echoes in my ears everyday ♬ ♬ Where are you? ♬ And the string of memory that has started to unwind until it hits a dead-end wall will slowly keep on rolling without stopping.
No matter where the end lies.
♬ I’m sorry.
I hold on to you, and tell you to not get far away from me ♬ Misery and sadness, despair, greed, ♬ I’m sorry.
I hold on to you, and tell you to not get far way from me ♬ envy and guilt.
That even in the midst of being enclosed by all that darkness, may there be hope, even if in it's the end, and happiness.
The little girlpleaded and pleaded.
Oh- Oh- Oh Ri Jin? Oh Ri Jin? Oh Ri Jin? Oh Ri Jin! What are you doing, Oh Ri Jin? You woke up already.
Because of Nightingale Cha I felt better.
I was hungry so I was searching in the refrigerator.
Are you okay? It seems you had a nightmare all night long.
No, I'm okay.
I am like that sometimes, like it's an annual tradition.
I want to eat the duck stew my mom makes I'm sorry.
What are you sorry for? What does duck stew and you have to do with anything? Are you relatives? It was completely because of me that you had to lie being in America.
And because of that you haven't been able to meet with your family comfortably.
Therefore, you can' t eat your mom's duck stew.
Which is why all of this is my fault.
Wow~! You are like one of the 33 representatives who read the Korean Declaration of Independence.
But what should I do? I'm sorry.
While you were not here, I already 'came out' to my family.
Oh, is that right? That's good then.
Let's go.
I'll drive you.
Take a break starting today.
I return the offer! If I appear like this to them, they will worry even more.
And I still didn't tell them that I am your physician.
You're sorry, right? Then to make up for it, buy me food.
Then I shall forgive all your sins.
Ah Oh Oh Ri Jin! Professor said to rest until today.
You must have forgotten.
I am also a doctor.
My source of nutrients have been cut off~! I finally feel like I'm alive now.
What kind of nightmare did you even dream? You said it's a yearly thing; I don't think it should be taken lightly.
Let's talk about the serious stuff during our conversation later.
For now, eat.
Is it because of the phobia of basements? Hey, I said let's do it later.
You are tired, too, having to resolve all the things Mr.
Shin did.
For now, let's eat as we get things off our chest.
Here, cheers! Drink up! Oh Ri Jin.
- Don't worry.
There's someone else who interprets my dreams.
Who is that? Here, cheers! I'll let you know if you drink.
Cheers! My brother.
When I dream nightmares, as a writer, he interprets my dreams for me.
I actually am a little bit scared of basements and fires.
It was love.
Since the little girl was so scared, he himself pretended to be scared too for her.
I sweet-talked my brother to come with me.
But he is also scared (of basements)! I guess we are really twins! Since he wanted to pretend he's afraid just like her he tricked himself into believing that he was really afraid.
I heard you met the writer, Omega.
I am sorry for lying to you all this time.
What kind of a person is Oh Ri On? I don't know him that well either.
There's about 276 yellow-spotted snakes inside him.
Oh Rin Jin.
Why are there so many questions today? Is Oh Ri Jin really your real brotheror Why? Your body isn't that well, should you be drinking that much? The mutt might as well stop eating poop, but I can't stop drinking soju while having samgyupsal.
Now--- cheers! That was really good.
Butis it okay to always eat through your money? To someone who entered the road of unemployment starting from today? Don't worry.
If I sell all the items Se Gi bought so far, we can eat and live for two years.
So, from now on, how do you plan to live? First, I am going to organize my stuff in the company and then match the puzzle.
What kind of piece will you be grabbing first? The child.
The basement child if he/she really exists and if he/she does where that child came from and where the child disappeared to Excellent! Not dodging the problem nor depending on someone else.
I like that attitude of you just facing the problem upfront.
Nice, really nice.
It's a tarot reading shop.
Wait, for a doctor do you believe in that unscientific astrology? Who knows? If we ask where that child is right now, we might be able to get a good psychic reading.
Just earlier you said that I was great for not relying on someone and facing it myself.
I was just joking.
Gosh, getting so serious about it.
My phone? I must have left it at the restaurant.
I'm sorry but can you go in first.
Can you order some coffee? Americano, double shot.
I'm counting on you! Come in already, it's your first tarot card reading.
Isn't it? Come in.
Wow, you look very handsome.
Well I'm searching for someone So you are here for a love fortune.
It's not that.
Don't be nervous.
Think about the person that you like right now in your mind.
Take out 3 cards each with your right and left hand.
Who I like? Yes.
Hurry, hurry.
You have to choose fast before my spirit becomes hazy.
Ah, yes.
- Quickly.
The middle is you, the right is the person you like and the left is the obstacle that disrupts your romance.
That girl, very nice.
She's very warm and bright.
She's like a sunbeam shining through the window in April.
When she calls your name You become a stuc---I mean, flower for her.
She doesn't have any strong features, but she does make you comfortable.
Right? Yes, that's right.
Now you.
The judge card.
That girl entered your heart without you realizing it, you judge yourself for it, and you try your hardest to contradict it.
It comes out like that.
And Oh my, the obstacle to your romance.
How come such a sour thing come in? Oh my, it's sour, sour.
Something very sour came in.
Wow, there's blockades everywhere! Oh my, what on earth? They are all savages, all savages.
And so will it become true or not? Finally, pick the last card.
Oh, so handsome.
It's the wheel of fortune! It means an unavoidable fate.
You will meet the person you're waiting for the longest time, but it will not be a smooth-sailing.
Without pain and hardship, this love will be hard to come true.
Look, look.
The judge is holding a sword.
Ah, this judgement (It's a pun).
- Judgement.
Today's horoscope I stepped on poop.
Oh my, I am Year of the Ox, right.
I'm looking at somewhere else.
Hello~ Welcome! You came to look at your love fortune.
Oh my, oh my! So great! Wow, why do you have so many guys? 1, 2, 3.
Wow you're a player.
Dirty dirty.
What! No! It's not! What do you see me as? It's fine.
Let's just say that's true.
So? What do I have to do? Pick your last card.
"Death?" Death (in Korean)? Ruin.
It's ruin.
It means to just forget things like love and just work hard instead.
Only if you give up on your current love can you prevent a big misfortune.
It's just that kind of meaning.
The End.
The End (Korean).
The End (Japanese).
This is INVALID! INVALID! - Omo! Omo! Shuffle the cards again! Oh my, hallelujah, seriously! Oh my, what in the world! What are you doing? Oh, I was checking the stocks.
What are you doing? What are you doing right now? Huh? Tarot card accurate rate, tarot card validity Why are you even searching this crap? Ah, why are you doing this, really? Wait This situation right now It was on purpose, wasn't it? It's very unnatural.
It was not.
If you look into the context from both sides, it is also probable to a degree.
So, how accurate are the tarot card readings? It doesn't say anything definite clearly.
It's not scientific.
It has no validity.
Right? -Right? Of course! - Yeah! No way.
Huh? -Huh? Huh? -Uh~ Huh? Huh-uh.
- Mm? Mm-mm? You had yours read.
Then I'll be upstairs, call me if you need me.
Oh Ri Jin.
Yes? Why do I have to call you only when I need you? That's What do you mean by that? Have you never needed me before? Am I only just your patient? No It's not like that.
Is there no possibility for me to be considered as a man? Do you want to go ride the Snowflake train? What? When you take the Snowflake train, go on a trip and talk more with me.
You can learn a lot more about me.
Then we can become a lot closer.
First, we need to become closer for me to be able to feel out the possibility.
Deal? Deal.
Then, in 30 minutes, let's meet here.
Han Chae Yeon.
Hello? See me for a bit.
I have something I want to say to you.
Did you drink? Why do you care if I drink or not? Do you even care? Sorry, but I can't meet up with you.
You go home, too.
You seem very drunk.
Then I'll call Ki Joon oppa then.
I'll call Ki Joon oppa and tell him everything about how you tried to seduce me that night and break the engagement.
-Chae Yeon.
I will tell the Chairwoman everything, that her grandson is a scoundrel.
And I am thinking to sacrifice myself and give a little treat to the tabloid and economic newspapers.
Let's try getting excitedly torn apart for once.
I won't die alone, you know? What? Why didn't you change your clothes? Sorry, Oh Ri Jin.
It's okay.
As long as you are comfortable, let's go.
It's not that I suddenly have a matter to attend.
I think I need to push the trip for later.
Why? Did the Chairwoman ask you to come to the main residence again? It's not that Chae Yeon.
She seems to be having a hard time because of Se Gi.
I think I should set her heart in place.
It is something that Se Gi did, but it is something I need to take responsibility for.
How are you going to take responsibility? I'm not sure.
For her not to have a change of heart anymore, whether I act evil towards her, by persuading her for now, I have to go.
Will you be okay? What? Oh, of course.
Go already, go.
Then, I will come back soon.
You're drunk.
Let's speak at a brighter place.
What are you doing? Calling me out all of a sudden, it will be the last time I will listen to you.
Next time, even if you say that you are going to break the engagement or go to the Chairwoman, I'm not going to come out no matter what threat you say.
If I slit my wrist, then will you come out? Han Chae Yeon.
You're the one who first put your hand out to secretly be together.
But why do I have to be the only one feeling that I am left behind, thrown away? I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
That situation was not a situation where I could be sane.
I lost my senses for a moment.
When you lost your senses, my reason came back.
I found out who is actually in my heart now.
Chae Yeon.
You said you wanted to put an engagement ring on me yourself.
You said you were gonna give me the right to choose.
Wow, it's so nice.
I really like this hotel's spa.
I really like their massage, as well, because they press so well.
Later on, I couldn't even feel where my feet or arms are attached to.
My mind is just everywhere.
Hey, Baek Jin Sook.
Who would look at you and think you're the wife of an Ambassador? Please think of Ambassador Han as well.
Keep up with your class.
Anyway, because of you, I feel refreshed.
I hear that as another plead to bring you back here? Wow, we connect so well.
I love my in-law.
When I go to Brazil next time, you're repaying this two times more, okay? Okay, I got it.
How about dinner at that place? Oh! Yeah, it seemed okay there.
Oh, wait a second.
I don't know where my legs and arms are right now, but I know that the peeing place is over there! I'll be back.
Aigoo, who would stop that mouth of hers? Yes.
Get the car ready.
And make a reservation at Samcheong-dong.
It's ruin, ruin.
Okay? It means, just give up on love and just work hard instead.
By giving up on your love right now, you can stop any big misfortune later.
It's that meaning.
The ending.
The end.
From tomorrow I'm going to go to early morning service.
I'm gonna go to church.
What work do you do, Hwi Oppa? The work I do is To inherit his parent's restaurant, he's just chopping firewood from morning until dinner.
Isn't that right? Why do you keep calling me? What? No, I didn't call you.
You called me.
Me? When? From a very long time ago.
It's a joke, joke.
Ah, this The mood is good and why is she again Why? What? Ri On, come take me home.
I really want to go home but I can't drive because I drank.
Oppa is in the middle of a business right now, I'm busy.
I'm going to hang up.
I had a nightmare again.
I even fainted this time.
So you need to interpret my dreams.
You turn my nightmares into lucky dreams well though.
Where are you right now? Oh Ri Jin? Oh Ri Jin! I'm taking back the vacation I refused a while ago.
I did not get mad because we couldn't ride the Snowflake train! Don't misunderstand! Ri On, do you remember my first love? Your first love? Who is he? You know that jerk in high school.
Even though he had a girlfriend, he wanted my notes so he treated me well.
You covered my eyes so I wouldn't see him with his girlfriend.
You knew? Am I stupid? I actually discovered them before you but I just acted like I didn't know.
Because I was thankful.
Because of you, I wasn't one bit broken-hearted.
I thought there really was only you.
Can I get goosebumps for a minute? Can you do that again? If I make a stupid mistake like that again, can you cover my eyes again? Do you by any chance like him? What is a first love to a guy? What? Is it something that isn't easily folded? Is it something that you want to unfold again after folding it? Even if there is a fold mark, do you not care? It differs on the situation.
If it folds in one go, then it's thank you.
If you open it up again then it's lingering attachment.
If you open it twice then it's sadness.
If you open it three times it's pain.
After unfolding it over and over again and it becomes ragged, that's how the heart gets ripped.
And when ripped, you just deal with it until you've gone numb.
That's how it is.
So it's like that.
You know Ri On, these days, I don't know what I am doing.
About what? I feel like I am transferring my feelings (transference) to that person.
I keep having nightmares, and I keep having a déjà vu feeling.
I feel confused.
I keep getting feelings that make me unprofessional.
I'm a doctor.
Because that person is going through tough times 100 times harder than me, I can't tell him to listen to my hard times.
These days I miss my times at the hospital.
During then I was too busy to think about anything else.
I just needed to work.
It was simple.
There was no reason to be confused.
I became really weak, didn't I? What are you doing? I'm just saying you are loud.
If you're going to say such weak-hearted things, say it inside.
You seriously can't be serious for even 10 minutes.
10 minutes!! Just put it in! Put it in! ♫ Everyone has ♫ ♫ at least one of those ♫ ♫ Even if I say ♫ ♫ that there isn’t anything special ♫ ♫ Even if I act indifferent, ♫ ♫ it hurts.
♫ I'm a doctor.
And because that person is suffering 100 times more than me Do you think it will be okay? - Huh? Of course! Hurry and go.
I can't make him listen to my problems If we get on the Snowflake train and go on a trip, and talk together, you will get to know a lot more about me.
And we can get a lot closer.
After getting more friendly, I can analyze the probability.
♫ With a face that is unfamiliar, ♫ ♫ I will just hurt your heart ♫ If you don't like a doctor, I will speak as a friend.
No matter what kind of situation you are in or who you're with, you can't ever lose your mind.
Don't worry.
I am here.
Come out! I said don't die like this! Cha Do Hyun! Cha Do Hyun! Cha Do Hyun! I thought you were gone because of me! I was so scared, did you even know?! ♫ seems like an old friend ♫ -Save me.
♫ I cannot get used to this feeling, I miss you ♫ From now on, instead of "Kill Me", ask to "Heal Me" instead.
Even if that is the case, you guys are not dying, but under the name Cha Do Huyn, you will become a greater person.
♫ The only thing I can give you are just the unstoppable tears ♫ ♫ With a face that is unfamiliar,♫ ♫ I will just hurt your heart ♫ ♫ Just let me love you by myself and leave ♫ President, you're here.
You came.
Now let's go in.
- Please go first.
I heard that Chairman Seo Tae Im fired Vice-President Cha Do Hyun.
I heard.
If we try to personally ask, we might be misunderstood for intruding private family matters.
But if we just go over this issue, I don't think it's proper as his uncle.
I am in a roughly tough spot.
Two months before the stockholders' meeting, she discarded her own successor.
Chairwoman Seo's gun isn't as good as it used to be, isn't that clearly revealed now? Not only that.
Soon, with Chairman Baek's granddaughter, his son will be married.
So for this week's stockholders' meeting, you elevating to the position of Chairman, isn't that an obvious truth? What did you just say? Who is the person looking for the child again? Are you positive? Hurry.
We need to find that child out first before anyone else, using any kind of method necessary.
Do you understand? Soon the chairwoman will call you.
Take it as a time to get a breather.
Secretary Ahn.
Yes, Vice President.
Don't wait for me, and grab onto a good opportunity when it comes.
The people giving the good opportunity will get entangled with people they want themselves.
If the line is longer, the longer the wait, right? I will line up in the short line.
So come back any time.
You can take your time moving out of your office.
Aren't you rushing too much? A person that should leave, should hurry and leave.
You did well, Hyung.
I am thankful for all this time.
I haven't even done anything for you so why are you thankful? Also, when are you leaving for America? I'm not going.
You're not going? - I decided to stay here.
I have something I have to do here.
I see, take care.
I'm warning you but don't come near my company and woman again.
If I see you snooping around her one more time, you're dead.
Yes, Madame.
I heard Do Hyun got chased out of the company.
What exactly is this nonsense grumbling? What were you doing until the situation became this bad? Ah I was going to hide myself quietly in Japan, but after hearing this news, I am on my way back to cause a confrontation.
Tell me! What on earth is going on?! Mom, where are you? Didn't you say you would become the owner of the Seungjin Group? You said being out in some other country would be of help to you.
Then you should've stayed there.
Whatever you could have done, you should've stayed.
How could you just be chased out like that stupidly? She's really spiteful.
Would you do this on purpose? Did she ever, for her grandson, cast a sweet gaze on you or complimentt you? That even you, who is innocent and lamb-like, would grow some horns, too.
No matter if the whole world points their fingers at you, mom will understand you.
It's okay.
Mother From now on, whatever I ask, promise me that you will be honest and tell me the truth.
I I am too honest for my own good.
What? About what? What is it? In the past, at Seungjin was there a child around my age? What? A child? In that house, there was no other child other than you.
Mom, I already know that you are searching for the child.
Whose child is that child? I don't know! I'm telling you I don't know! I don't know! Then what is the reason that father abused me? Yes? What are you talking about? What kind of strange things are you talking about? Your dad treated you so preciously! You're saying nonsense! Then, did father treat that child nicely as well? Of course! He treated the child really well, too! He was someone that really liked children.
Son I I have a really important meeting I have to go to I forgot about it.
Do Hyun, can I just call you later? I have to go now.
Writer Omega You went to Ssang Ri yesterday, right? That's right.
I am sorry for not welcoming you in.
Truthfully, our parents don't know yet.
That the patient that Ri Jin is in charge of is you.
A set of parents that raised a daughter preciously.
Hearing that their daughter is living with an unmarried man in another house, tending to him as a patient, how many parents would welcome that? I also am someone who is lying to his own parents by getting involved into this brother-sister conman team, but I trust Ri Jin as a doctor.
I know that she is someone who will never develop personal feelings towards a patient.
Our mom is so amazing! I think you were Han Seok Bong's mother in your past life.
(Han Seok Bong is a well-known Joseon calligrapher) What's so hard about that? You can do anything if you put care and effort into it.
Utmost sincerity and interest.
That was the secret method.
Is there a different secret method to cut rice cakes? It's not the secret method to cut rice cakes It's the secret method of how you loved Ri On and me the same.
It's impossible to give love equally like this, even if we are your biological children.
Even if you scale it over and over again, even if you divide it after verifying so many times, I don't think there's more of a precise, fair, and touching love like this.
Ri Jin I'm just saying.
I'm telling you to get a lot of new year's luck.
I'm very, very thankful.
It must be because you're a writer, but your thoughts are well-put in your choice of words.
Tend to (as a patient).
If you intended to draw a straight line by poking at my weaknesses, you have succeeded.
While I'm drawing, I'll draw another line.
I heard that you will go back to the U.
after two months.
I trusted in that clause and joined this con team, I will observe only until then.
After that, I wish that you would not create any connection with Ri Jin anymore.
Oh my, I came out.
Ah, really, this ^#@*.
He only brings me out when he's having a difficulty! Seriously! Agh! I'm so ^#@* pissed! God, seriously! Ah.
what are these tears? Geez, this is so annoying.
Well, whatever, it's Ahn Yona's world now.
Here, then.
Cha-Cha- Cha Do Hyun? Oppa~ O- O-O- Oppa? Cha-Cha-Cha Do Hyun? Oppa! Oppa~ Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Oppa~ My Ri On Oppa! Oppa? Oppa!! Hey, Oh Ri On.
What are you doing, not helping out with the food for the holidays? Is the personality you were talking about by any chance.
Yo Na? How do you know Yo Na? Did you perhaps meet her? S-save me, Ri Jin.
I'll be good.
I'll do better from now on, too.
I'll be good even when I die.
Oppa! Yo Na wants to eat this.
Why am I your oppa?! If you're handsome, you're my oppa.
Oppa, I want to eat this.
Buy this for me.
Oppa! Buy it for me! Why are you making me say so many wo-wo-wo-words? I'll buy it.
Please, sister! Relax.
I am on my way now.
Hang in there with the mindset of Kim Yuna! You can't lose her.
If you lose her, whatever you're imagining, it'll be worse than that.
You got it? Don't provoke her and do everything she asks you to do.
Do everything that she asks you to do, everything.
Hurry and give it to me! I'm saying I'm gonna die from starvation right now! If you don't give it to me, I'll go up on the table and dance.
Here it comes.
Here it comes.
- Here it comes.
- Ah~ Ah~ It's not! It's not like that! It is like that! I can't.
I can't do this.
I can't do this anymore! Sister! Why? Did you lose her? Catch me.
She said try and catch her.
Hey, you want to die? I'm I'm almost there! Try to stop him at all costs! Through any way! Hey, I saw you! Grab him! Please do not take pictures.
Hey, you can't go that way! Yo Na! Yo Na! Come here, come here! Yo Na! - Hey! Oh! Hey, Oh Ri On.
For now, just grab her.
Go in with the 7th skill, 7th skill.
The 7th skill? What do you mean the 7th skill on a girl? I just called her a girl I don't know anymore, geez! Hey, Oh Ri On! Grab him! Run! Oppa, try catching me! Oppa, catch me! You can't lose him! You can't! Can't! Catch him fast! Catch him! Catch him! Hey! Stop! Let's go together! Yo Na, Oppa will buy you snacks.
Let's go.
Oppa, why can't you catch me? Oppa, from now on, I'll catch you.
You got it? Me? - I'm coming! Oppa! I'm going! Move.
Y-You're like a muscle girl Oppa! Just this once! Oppa! One time! Oppa! - Oh Ri On! Hey! Wow! Oh! Oppa! Oppa! Don't work out! Hey! Thattalkative wench! Didn't I tell you to not show your teeth?! Hey, Ahn Yo Na! Aren't you gonna listen to me? Don't touch my brother! Come here! Again? Oh! Don't! Don't! Oppa! Oppa.
Who are you? What happened? Am I the one that came here or did you--- Is that important right now?! JustI was thinking of dropping you off at your house but then automatically I needed to leave Ri Jin there.
Anyway, it's a long story to tell.
I Did I perhaps For now, please get out.
I'll take my time and explain what happened in detail.
What kind of girl, girlthat energy, energy! If it's a girl Perhaps Yo Na? - It was really something! I really This is the clothes that Oppa values the most-- Look at me.
I'm calling myself OppaHa.
These are clothes that I value the most.
Change and come down stairs.
Oh Ri Jin! Why are you always pulling me like this? Ahead of time, you kiss-- Are you okay? I'm okay.
Completely fine.
Poem Collection: When I look at a wheel, I want to roll them It's your favorite poem collection.
Did the caretaker read it to you? I used to read it to you once in awhile before.
When I see wheels I want to roll them.
So Oh Ri On knows everything now.
That I have multiple personalities.
It's not only Yo Na's fault.
Actually, Ri On had met Se Gi before.
Se Gi? He actually already developed an inkling towards this direction, if he saw the difference between you and Mr.
Shin, it's game over.
Anyways, he won't use your weakness to fill up his self-interest, so you don't need to worry.
This is under the fourth clause, 2nd subsection.
I've fulfilled my role now.
If you can excuse me.
Oh right, you're Perry Park in our house for now.
Our mom and dad will otherwise be very confused.
Oh! I'll be in the kitchen so if you need anything from me, call for me.
Oh Ri Jin.
What is it? Only for two months Only for the remaining two months, can't I be a man (to you)? Actually, I knew everything.
That you didn't hate this woman but that you really loved her.
Even though I knew that, I held on to you.
Because you looked like a rope that will save me from my sewer-like life.
So I'm saying, Honey Me, I'm going to find this girl.
Before our Do Hyun remembers, I'll find her first.
And I'll get her out of Do Hyun's sight.
Party B (Ri Jin) will not fall in love with Party A (Do Hyun), including the other personas.
Then I will pay the breach of contract penalty fee stipulated clearly in the contract.
I will breach the contract.
What are you trying to do? You said we have to kiss first.
No, that's not what I meant.
That's not what I'm trying to say! Nothat's not what I meant, I'm saying What's the matter? ♬ The hidden things inside me ♬ ♬ Changed me greatly ♬ ♬ It put me to sleep, tied my hands together ♬ This picture Why is this picture here? ♬ I erased them, ♬ Why? ♬ Without knowing anything I screamed ♬ ♬ And that’s all I remember ♬ This is my mother's picture.
(Mother) on the family register.
♬ I want to free myself, ♬ ♬ from the torment of my sins ♬ ♬ Someone take me out, from my spirit full of scars ♬ ♬ The deep night show you, ♬ ♬ who was not able to leave ♬ ♬ It wakes me up from my sleep and kisses me again ♬ ♬ Your voice, which whispered “I love you” and your scent ♬ ♬ echoes in my ears everyday ♬ ♬ Where are you? ♬ Kill me, Heal me Preview I'm saying to stop teasing my man, everyone! It's very comfortable and warm.
I am her brother.
-Do you find it fun because I endure everything you do? Let's break off our engagement.
Not all my memories are gone.
The day you and I became twin siblings.
There's someone who wants to meet you.
What happened in this house 21 years ago, I will reveal all of it!