Killer Ratings (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

The Son

Being here in Manaus means everything will be fine in my life.
On the day of Claudia Leitte's concert Bebetinho, a friend and his girlfriend were there.
Some people surrounded the car and Everyone knew.
There was only one reason for Bebetinho to be killed.
Two people have been shot.
It was a murder-for-hire.
He's already dead.
His days were numbered.
It was around 4:00 p.
when Civil Police officers arrived here at Representative Wallace Souza's house to carry out search and seizure warrants.
After being arrested, Raphael felt ill.
Escorted by police officers, he was taken in an ambulance to the hospital.
After being discharged, he will be interviewed by the police and taken to prison.
Where's my father? I want to talk to my father.
Raphael? - Are you okay? - Everything's fine.
I'm fine.
It's okay.
I'm innocent.
It's all okay.
You can relax.
APRIL 25, 2009 The sirens are still ringing in my ears.
WALLACE'S SON I saw the ambulance taking him into prison.
Going through that was like a nightmare.
Like hell.
Raphael, we love you! Everyone's here, love! The noise when Raphael entered the prison, we heard how the inmates reacted.
They were banging on the bars.
You could hear it from the outside.
It was insane.
I saw how desperate our father was, trying to do something.
That made me extremely worried for my brother's life.
I didn't think he'd leave that place alive.
Can we talk to you? Can you tell us anything? Look I'm sure that as soon as we have all the answers, I will be the first to arrange a press conference to explain the truth.
Not what they're telling the public, but the truth, because I'm sure my son and I are innocent.
We found a lot of evidence at Representative Wallace's house.
We started analyzing all the evidence very carefully.
Illegal ammunition a list of weapons.
In Raphael's bedroom, we found spent bullets.
We found another list, full of names, detailing all the murders committed by the group in recent years.
That list confirmed everything that Moa had stated before.
We also found a large amount of money.
How much is in there? Between 150 to 200 thousand reais.
In the safe, we found 250,000 reais in cash.
SECRETARY OF INTELLIGENCE This money wasn't legal.
The money hadn't been declared.
It could have been from drug trafficking, it might have come from various sources.
Wallace Souza was a state representative.
He had parliamentary immunity.
We could not investigate him directly, but the evidence told us that we were on the right track.
THE MONEY This amount of money, Jesus Christ! WALLACE'S SISTER Think about it.
It was about 200,000 reais.
The money that he was earning, he always tried to save.
I saved money because, unfortunately, I have serious health issues.
You see? And I had to save money for an emergency.
An emergency, because I suffer from thrombosis, which can happen at any time.
I've already had four in the portal vein.
And unfortunately, I don't have health insurance.
Wallace had a very serious illness.
He had portal vein thrombosis, in his liver.
And I believe this was only the third case in Brazil.
If his situation got worse, he'd have to travel.
He had to go to his doctor in São Paulo for immediate treatment.
Wallace lived a very modest life.
Wallace's house was as simple as it could be.
But the press made it look as if Wallace lived in a mansion.
It was a simple house.
It's still there.
There was no luxury, wealth, nothing.
This is my kitchen, it might be a bit messy.
It's very difficult for me to be here alone.
My life is such a mess.
I don't know what the next step is for the future.
First, I will wait for the storm to pass.
Then I can decide what to do.
My father got really busy, in the Assembly or talking to attorneys.
He had to prove his innocence, as well as my brother's.
They've accused us of several homicides, some of which supposedly involved Raphael or me.
What they are doing is ludicrous.
It's gotten to the point where it's causing me a huge problem with public opinion.
I mean, a lie repeated 1,000 times becomes the truth, right? Therefore, some people think, "I wonder if he really ordered so many killings?" They found a handwritten list of weapons.
THE LIST OF WEAPONS - Is this your handwriting? - No.
I don't think so.
These weapons were to be reported and exposed on Canal Livre.
I got the list from Orkut, and I was going to report on it.
We thought that this was a list of weapons used by the gang to commit many crimes.
The Task Force was ready to take the next step in the investigation.
We would arrest the security guards that worked on Wallace's TV show.
MAY 20, 2009 Police! Open up! Open the door! Open the door! Police! Open the door! The operation started around 4:00 a.
There were 30 civil investigators, four federal officers, and 150 policemen of both corporations.
Task Force carried out 62 search warrants.
Eight men from the criminal group led by Representative Wallace Souza were now in prison, waiting for their trial for association with drug trafficking and possession of illegal weapons.
In their houses, we found weapons, ammunition.
Much of what we found was illegal.
When we took a closer look at the guns, we noticed that many of them were the same caliber as the ones on the list found at Wallace Souza's house.
This is just a selection, and we still believe other people will be arrested.
Is the Task Force still working? More than ever.
They pulled in everyone around Wallace.
WALLACE'S DRIVER They were broken.
If not humiliated or arrested.
When all the fuss started, I could never have imagined that it would reach me.
Then, one day, I remember it as if it were today Someone yelled, "Mario!" I looked at them, and there were guns pointed at me, and they put me in a police car.
It was the most shameful thing I've ever experienced.
When I got to jail, it was horrible.
I went in and the guys inside knew everything.
There were some inmates there who had been arrested because of our accusations.
They'd say, "Your boss put me here for five years.
Now you're going to pay for it.
" I was already dead.
The Task Force, they wanted me to talk about guns.
"Where are they?" I said I don't have any.
Association with drug traffic.
What traffic? What association? Where are the drugs? Where's the physical evidence? It wasn't there.
It was very difficult to defend yourself against an avalanche of accusations.
DEFENSE ATTORNEY - WALLACE CASE And the Task Force knew that.
You go from upstanding citizen to answering 15 charges in less than a year.
Are you gathering evidence? For sure, I will go to the end of the world.
As I said earlier, when you are innocent, you go to the end of the world.
So, the more people involved in the case, the more crimes of which they accuse those involved, the harder the defense becomes.
I had some conversations with the Representative about this case, and he was very confident that it wasn't going to affect him.
He said, "I'm going to stay on track, because I didn't do it.
First of all, I didn't do it.
Secondly, I'm a representative and I have immunity.
This won't bring me down.
" Every day, there were negative news stories against Wallace.
INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIS The public became divided as to whether he was innocent or guilty.
I don't regret having voted for him despite his personal issues.
He is a good man.
There was still a large number of people supporting the Representative.
Many thought that it was political persecution.
I think he messed with someone who has enough power to do this to him.
I am really sorry.
I like him very much, but for me, it's over.
At the time, Wallace's TV show was off-air, and he found himself with no voice to defend himself.
Then he found a way to defend himself through speeches at the Legislative Assembly.
I don't believe that anyone is paying such a high price as my family and I.
They tried to link me to drug traffic.
Who doesn't know me as Canal Livre's host? How many drug dealers did I help put in jail? How many young people did I help to get into rehab? The history of my family, losing a brother to drug addiction due to drug dealers.
A politician relies on his image, and they are slowly destroying mine.
People who believe in me know that I am sided with the truth.
They know I am innocent.
They have smeared me and my family's name.
There are people calling my family a gang.
They don't know the history of my family, and they call my family a gang.
There are some things, fellow representatives I made an agreement with myself.
I said I would leave it in God's hands.
He used the Assembly to defend himself, as well as his son.
How would my son benefit from killing 17 drug dealers? If this were true, my son shouldn't be investigated, he should be studied because he'd be a serial killer.
Only a sick person would kill 17 people in a row as they claim.
What is this all about? Maybe he made mistakes like every youngster makes.
Mistakes are part of being young.
Wallace may be innocent.
STATE REPRESENTATIVE That is one version of the events.
Where Wallace didn't know what Raphael was doing.
That in fact, Raphael acted with Moa without Wallace's knowledge.
The evidence pointed more towards his son than the father.
Can you call my father, please? You start to ask yourself, "How much do you know about what your son does when he's not with you?" Maybe Representative Wallace had lost control over Raphael.
He made a mistake lots of parents make.
Many parents are very protective of their children and end up being harmed by their children.
I believe in my brother.
If he says he's innocent, I'm going to believe him.
Everyone can make mistakes.
Everyone has secrets.
But I believe that they took the son to get to the father and to finish the entire family.
Can I take a look? Can I look before we start? No, on your own camera.
- You want to look? - Yes.
But then we'll have to rewind the tape.
Okay, never mind then.
I'm very nervous.
I'm afraid that if I talk, people will think I'm lying.
They show your picture, call you a drug dealer, the boss of a gang, of an extermination group.
It has a huge impact on an individual.
I don't even know how to explain it.
You feel powerless, not knowing how to defend yourself.
I did training courses.
For sport.
They mixed one thing up with the other.
I was never caught with any arsenal.
I was never even caught with one kilogram of drugs.
I want to show you the room where my son Raphael lived.
This was my son's bedroom.
How can someone be a big drug dealer and live in a place like this? My son is traumatized.
Unfortunately, since he's the Representative's son, he is paying a high price.
They filmed the entire house during the search, except in here.
Then, they found ammunition up there.
On top of there.
I mean, if the ammo was to be stored, it should be in here, not up there, you know? That's why we assume the ammunition was planted.
You see? It's crazy.
Raphael was charged for possession of illegal ammunition.
But we kept investigating because he was suspected of much more serious crimes.
THE LIST OF NAMES The list found in Raphael's bedroom was kind of a map of all the group's criminal activities.
All the murders and their perpetrators.
We thought that the list would hold all the secrets of the case.
What was the most significant piece of evidence which proved the existence of an organized group? Some scribbles on a sheet of paper.
It's laughable.
Raphael says it was from a conversation he had with an attorney showing the accusations against him.
Actually, I'm embarrassed that the justice system of my state considered that to be evidence.
It's an interpretation that only the crazy people at the Task Force could come up with.
THE SPENT BULLETS During the search, we found nine spent bullets in Raphael's bedroom.
Moa said in his statement that Raphael was somehow involved in the murder of Bebetinho.
So we asked the judge to allow us to exhume the body.
The Task Force was there and we made the ballistic comparison in which we verified that the bullets found in this body were identical to the spent bullets found in Raphael's bedroom.
Raphael was now one of the prime suspects for Bebetinho's murder.
The death of Bebetinho was one of the most important cases for the Task Force.
We brought new people in, including a detective, whose work became very important.
DETECTIVE "DANIELA" TASK FORCE Since joining the Task Force in 2009, up until last year, I've been afraid of leaving my house.
There have been many threats.
To be honest, when they called me, I didn't even think about the dangers.
I only thought about the work, because I really like investigating.
I was the detective in this case.
If you want, I can tell you about it.
Bebetinho was a drug dealer.
He was a spoiled kid, and he was friends with Raphael, Wallace's son.
Then what happened? Bebetinho's pick-up truck was broken into.
Inside the truck, there were more than 230,000 reais.
This money was from drug trafficking.
What did Bebetinho say when he found out? "I am going after whoever did this.
" He knew how to track them down.
Raphael took part in the execution.
That was his name.
And the other guy, Junior Sujo he escaped.
Then a rumor started that Raphael was the one who ordered Fabiano to steal the money.
Bebetinho was already thinking that Raphael had something to do with the theft.
Bebetinho had said he was going to kill Raphael.
Then what happens? I concluded that Bebetinho was killed by Raphael's security guards ordered by Raphael and Moa confirmed everything.
Junior Sujo was a key witness to Fabiano's murder.
Junior was there at the crime scene, and gave a statement to the Task Force.
A drug dealer called Frankezinho of the 40th district.
Five days after talking to us unfortunately, Junior Sujo was executed.
It is not acceptable to the investigation team to have a witness murdered.
Frankezinho of the 40th was a drug dealer in Manaus known for his cruelty.
What caught our attention was that Frankezinho's name was on Raphael's list.
Highlighted as the one who killed Junior.
JUNIOR SUJO - KILLED BY FRANK 40 But no one knew where Frankezinho was.
He was hiding, and we were looking for him.
Frankezinho of the 40th was the drug lord of South Manaus, known as Igarapé, and one of the biggest dealers in all of Manaus.
It was like a hunt.
Not only by the police, but the entire press.
And, after three weeks, he was finally arrested.
I remember we all went there to report on what he'd say.
Whether or not he would confirm that he had a connection with the Representative.
Do you know Representative Wallace? I know him from TV, but I don't have any ties to him.
Do you know Raphael, Wallace's son? I've seen them on TV, but I never had ties to any of them.
But Raphael doesn't appear on the show.
Sometimes, in the background.
And also on the news.
Moacir mentions in his statement Frank's involvement in several crimes.
There's a handwritten note that makes the connection between Junior Sujo's death, a witness in the case, and his alleged killer, Frankezinho of the 40th.
I'm not the monster you think I am.
We didn't have the exact picture of his relationship with Wallace's group.
Frankezinho said nothing on that day.
But he talked later.
And what he told the Task Force would have major consequences to the case.
He said that Wallace's criminal organization, which was linked to the Canal Livre show, demanded that he paid around 1,500 reais a week so that he could continue and the show wouldn't broadcast his name.
Wallace was always out to get him.
Frankezinho of the 40th.
The drug lord from the 40th district.
He was sentenced to 41 years in jail, but he is already on day release.
Guys the thugs are now in control.
If we don't do anything Frankezinho of the 40th a drug dealer who paid 1,500 reais to get protection from Wallace.
Wallace's show at the time made more than 100,000 reais from advertising.
This is the best coffee in Manaus Café do Norte.
It had very high ratings.
They didn't need 1,500 reais.
Why would he stain his reputation for 1,500 reais? I can't understand it.
They realized the importance of divulging information to build public support to impeach the Representative so that they could try him as a common citizen.
We would ask him, "Are you going to resign?" He said, "I'm not going to resign.
I am innocent.
" The Assembly began to feel the pressure.
I would like this Assembly to be careful to look at both sides of the story.
They already want to impeach me.
Who is demanding that? Why do they want to impeach me, if no formal accusations have been made yet? His position in the Assembly started to be questioned.
It would be irresponsible of me to ask my colleagues in this house to protect me, for God's sake.
I don't want protection.
I want truth and justice.
I'm not afraid of the truth or justice.
My father was really desperate.
He couldn't believe that was happening.
I like books like this one, The 48 Laws of Power.
Look, "A lot depends on the reputation.
Give your own life to defend it.
" It's here.
It seems I found a passage which is just right for what I'm going through.
"You must do everything to preserve your own reputation, and not lose it.
Not to be discredited.
" That case was destroying him inside.
My father was sick.
He suffered from many illnesses.
This got worse with all that pressure.
Wallace Souza's family doctor, Juan Villa, said that the Representative is unwell.
He was coughing a lot, with pain on the right side of the liver.
He's deteriorating, and now he's in a very delicate situation.
We don't know what may happen.
I was in the hospital with my father, I remember it very well.
I was trying to be positive.
I was trying to help him through that.
I believe children should be there for their father to help him get back up to fight.
I felt it in my bones as a son.
You see the person you admire, whom you see as a mirror, being judged for things I know he didn't do.
Suddenly, a video surfaces of someone inside the prison.
A video that had been recorded spontaneously.
Maybe by a man who feared being killed.
Frankezinho of the 40th denies I'm being accused of something that has nothing to do with me.
I don't have any involvement with Wallace Souza or Raphael Souza.
It would be very strange of me to be involved in the situation I am being accused of after being attacked so often by Wallace on TV.
He says that he would not have accused the Representative, who was after him.
I was tortured by the Secretary of Intelligence.
I didn't even get a chance to report it.
When I wanted to report it, they put a gun to my head and told me not to.
I was tortured.
He says they forced him to confess to things he couldn't have done, things he didn't do.
He says that they put a gun to his head, that they hurt him.
It was obviously a massive set-up.
The goal was clear: to destroy Wallace.
Frank says that everything he said was under torture.
And we made it clear that it never happened.
An attorney came to me and said he went to a meeting with Frank at the time of Canal Livre.
And he even took photos of it.
He showed me the pictures, but didn't give them to me, since he feared for his life.
I was Frank's attorney at the time.
Frank called me and said he was meeting someone and wanted me to go with him.
Frank asked me to take photos because he thought that people would not believe him.
So we went to the location, he got out of the car, he met with Wallace Souza.
I found it strange.
It was a bizarre meeting, and I took photos.
The photos showing Representative Wallace in a meeting with Frankezinho were a real surprise to everyone.
At that moment, there was no way to deny it.
What was one of the biggest dealers in the city doing meeting with the Representative?