Killer Soup (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

- [thunder rumbling]
- [rain falling]
[crickets chirping]
[Swathi humming]
- Baby, I've got some good news
- Swathi.
- is dead.
- [gasps]
What? But how is that possible?
- It was Lucas who killed her.
- [gasps]
I saw it with my own eyes.
- But where?
- At her house.
You went to her house?
- Yeah, because Kirtima knew everything.
- [tense music playing]
She was here.
She wanted to talk to me that day.
And also wanted to help.
Uh, you were stressed out,
so I did not want to bother you.
- Why?
- Because I was scared of you.
Did you sleep with her?
No, we didn't sleep.
Just, uh, dosed off a little.
- [inhales sharply]
- [grunts]
[Lucas] Your husband knows.
Yes, you idiot.
He saw you at Kirtima's house.
Even I saw that what he was doing there.
Yeah, yeah, fine. You should thank me
for killing both our birds with one stone.
- At least our families are safe now.
- Let's see how long it lasts.
[breathes deeply]
[theme music playing]
[theme music concludes]
[ominous music playing]
[speaking Sanskrit]
[in English] What is the name
of the shop, ma'am?
- Huh?
- [shaman] Name of the shop?
Diamant de Mainjur.
- [shaman] Diamant
- De Mainjur.
de Mainjur.
[continues speaking Sanskrit]
[indistinct yelling]
[dramatic music playing]
[in English] Hey! Come on out!
Come, you bastard!
You can't stay quiet, can you?
- Mr. Shetty left already?
- Yes, madam, he was just here.
Then suddenly, he ran out over there
with a beer bottle in his hand.
She was innocent,
you murderer, you killer.
- Shut up!
- You shut up!
- [Swathi] Lucas, stop it!
- [groans]
Lucas, Lucas, Lucas! Lucas, don't!
- Lucas.
- [groans]
- [Swathi] No.
- I am going to finish this drama today.
No, no, no, no, no, don't touch him.
I'm warning you.
Or else? Or else what will you do?
Or else I'll
I'll think about it and tell you.
[panting] Swathi, you're making
a big mistake. Don't trust him.
I trust him.
He's in a lot of stress, okay?
- Lucas, please. Please.
- [breathes heavily]
Okay. Baby. Baby, are you okay?
- [Umesh] It hurts so bad. [groans]
- Baby, I know.
- Baby, it's okay.
- [car horn honks]
- [Swathi] Are you okay, Baby?
- Yeah.
- [Swathi] Can you drive?
- Yes, Swathi.
Your anger is justified.
- Lucas didn't handle this matter well
- He committed a murder.
She was innocent.
Your "innocent" was blackmailing Lucas.
- What?
- She wanted money to stay quiet.
- What nonsense are you talking.
- She didn't tell you all of this, right?
When you two were playing
Kalaripayattu in her bed.
We did not bring any Kalaripayattu.
You hurt me, Umesh.
[inhales deeply]
But I love you.
And I want to give you another chance.
But you'll have to decide right now.
Are you with me or against?
[mysterious music playing]
[Hassan] "Often the roads we seek
are simply highways inward bound."
"Often the roads we seek
are simply highways inward bound,
shrouded in the rain"
[door squeaks]
[Hassan] Oh, Mr. Shetty!
- Cheers.
- [Umesh] Cheers.
Hmm. It's very nice.
Is this stuff, uh, imported?
[chuckles] I always drink local.
I will be retiring next week.
- Congratulations.
- The case is now almost done,
so I thought,
uh, I'll personally come and say
you know, I'm sorry.
I caused your, uh
[chuckles]panic attack also.
Actually, Mr. Shetty, after this case
was assigned to me
I got very emotional.
That's [chuckles]all I have to say.
Sorry once again. [chuckles]
- Oh, Mr. Shetty.
- Hmm?
- There was no acid attack, no?
- [tense music playing]
[Umesh] Hmm?
Tell me the truth, Mr. Shetty.
You did this
to yourself, right?
[chuckles] What?
What are you trying to cover up?
Look, Inspector, you
- We already have the body with us.
- Body?
Which was dumped
at Suicide Point. This, uh
this was done
before your fake acid attack.
Why did you kill Umesh Mahto?
Okay, forget that.
This, uh, acid attack idea, who's was it?
Swathi's, right?
[chuckles] Now, what did she say?
What did she say that convinced you
to pour acid on your own face? Hmm?
So much loss, so much pain.
My Thupalli died.
Your own brother died.
And now, that poor accountant.
I understand, Mr. Shetty.
It's very difficult to live with guilt.
Just confess.
[inhales] See,
this file has all the evidence.
Now, just with your confession
this case can be closed.
Okay. I need to, uh, go to the toilet.
Uh, it's that way, right?
Thambi Thupalli, did you see that?
I finally got the fucker.
[chuckles] Now, this case is closed.
What the
Mr. Shetty,
isn't this the same acid bottle?
Sir, what is all this?
[chuckles] This is nothing. Just, uh,
fake Manisha Koirala's fake suicide.
Oh, come on, Mr. Shetty.
There was so many bruises
all over her body.
Apart from that, see these
television-serial-style love letters.
Even Omar Khayyam's writing is failed.
- What love letters?
- These.
[chuckles] From Swamy, AKA Umesh,
to Manisha Koirala, AKA Swathi.
[chuckles] I'll read a couple
of them, you listen. [chuckles]
"My dearest Manisha, it's been
a very long time since we last met."
"Every moment, every day, I miss you."
- "Your hot laps "What is "laps"?
- [somber music playing]
Oh, "Your name on my lips."
[Umesh] I write this letter
from my heart to yours.
We are two hearts but one soul, Manisha.
I want to say something to you.
Why don't we dawn the wings
of our love and fly away?
Where the winds of sorrow fade away.
You love me?
You'll be Mr. Shetty, and I, Mrs. Shetty.
- Yes.
- Yes.
[Swathi] Very good.
You blackmailed Prabhu?
This whole mess is all your fault.
Do you love me?
He was Prabhu's masseuse,
I mean, a servant.
Idiot! Why do I only find
chutiyas like you?
Did he say anything
about the resort?
We had nothing to do
with his death, right?
Umesh, are you mad?
Do I look like a serial killer?
- Yes.
- [Umesh] Yes.
- Arvind's not going to survive.
- Dead!
Anyway, I'm just happy that at least
one of our problems have solved itself.
Dead! Dead! Dead!
- is dead.
- [gasps] How is that possible?
Do you love me?
- You don't love me?
- But it's not that simple, right?
- Mr [groans, pants]
- Don't you ever come back here.
- [Hassan] Uh. Just
- Or I will complain about you.
- [Hassan] But tell me what happened?
- Just leave from here.
Just leave!
[scoffs] Fuck this.
[tense music playing]
[gasps, sighs]
Don't sneak up on me like that.
I'm always with you.
You wanted to know
and the answer is
I'm always with you.
Forever and ever.
[music concludes]
- [all] Surprise!
- [crowd applauding]
[laughs] Welcome,
welcome, welcome, Hassan!
[grunts, laughs] So good, so good.
- [all laughing]
- [indistinct chatter]
- [Uday] So?
- [Asha] Sir.
- Thirty-four years, huh?
- Yes, sir.
[chuckles] Hassan, and in these 34 years,
you haven't taken
a single day off, have you?
- No, sir.
- You should travel now, Hassan.
Go to Bangkok. Hmm?
What a sexy place it is. [laughs]
- I need to go now, sir. I'm sorry.
- Hey, hey, hey!
What the hell, Hassan? Huh, huh? [laughs]
It's your farewell party, what do you mean
that you're leaving early?
- [chuckles]
- No, sir, I have to handle some work, sir.
What kind of work?
Sir, I just met, uh
Prabhakar Shetty at his house, sir.
He is he is 100 percent guilty, sir.
He After seeing Kirtima's
post-mortem photos,
- he he became mad, sir.
- I told you!
You are not supposed to be seen
anywhere close to Shetty's house.
- Please, let me do my job.
- I am fed up of your insubordination.
- Asha, come here.
- [Asha] Sir.
You are promoted. Congratulations.
You will now handle this case.
And you
- You are fired!
- Fuck you!
- [Uday groans]
- [Asha] Sir, please stop!
[indistinct clamor]
- You want to fire me? I'll be fired!
- [Asha] Stop it, sir. Stop.
- [grunts]
- [groans, pants]
Every time you start talking
[mocks]you think that scares me?
Who are you to fire me?
I am resigning!
[dramatic music playing]
Thank you, all.
[Asha] Sir.
Softly, the devil whispered ♪
A recipe in my ears ♪
The sprinkle of wild mushrooms ♪
My broth runs clear ♪
Mm, heed the black hills
Don't you forget the secret ♪
Softly, the devil whispered ♪
Ma'am, how much farther?
Of the mushroom's effects ♪
Chef better beware ♪
A pinch of it is delight
A spoonful is heaven in a bite ♪
Any more in gluttony
Then it's forever goodnight ♪
Don't you forget this secret ♪
Softly, the devil whispered ♪
Look, potti.
Your secret ingredient.
[mellow music playing]
[yelling indistinctly]
[speaks indistinctly]
- Hello. Shalom.
- Hi, ma'am.
[mellow music continues]
[speaks indistinctly]
[Hassan] "Look for the fireflies.
Trace back to the beginning."
[laughs, coughs]
Begum, it was all
it was all in the book.
[chuckles] It was all in the book!
[laughs] It was Begum,
Don't you think I'm a comedian.
[chuckles] Seeing ghosts
and making up stories, hmm?
And always reading poetry.
That too in English. [chuckles]
Actually, everyone was right.
Even that DSP, Uday.
- I behaved like a fucking idiot. you know?
- [tire pops]
- [Begum whines]
- [groans]
[mellow music concludes]
[chuckles] Ready?
[sighs] I think so.
[indistinct chatter]
[Mehrunisa] You both, hurry up!
We need to serve. Go on, soon.
[jazz music playing]
[Sandy] So, get as many soups
- as possible.
- Sandy!
- Hi.
- [Appu chuckles]
Where's Aunty? I want to say hi.
Hello! A very good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.
I'm DJ Happy Talwar,
AKA DJ Tally,
AKA, like my fans call me, Digi-Tally.
Say "welcome."
- [crowd] Welcome!
- That's right, people.
Oh, now, without wasting
any more of your time,
I would like to welcome on stage
the face behind Diamant de Mainjur,
the town's most hot
and happening entrepreneur,
- Swathi Shetty!
- [crowd cheers, applauds]
[Digi-Tally] Yay, Swathi! Yay!
Thanks. [chuckles]
Thank you, Digi-Tally. Thank you, all.
I don't know what to say, I'm nervous.
- [crowd laughs]
- [Swathi] Okay, let me start.
We are Diamant de Mainjur,
which is French for "Diamond of Mainjur."
And we serve delicious comfort food
in a setting
inspired by Parisian art cafés.
[crowd cheers, applauds]
And now, I want to thank the people
whose continuous love and support
has made the biggest dream of my life
a reality today.
And at the very top of this list
is my beloved niece, Appu.
- [crowd cheers, applauds]
- Appu, if you hadn't pampered me so much,
I wouldn't have any of this today.
Thanks, bacha.
- [smooches]
- [smooches, chuckles]
And, uh, Arvind bava.
Though he is not with us today,
I am sure his blessings
will always be with us.
And my son, Sandy
- [crowd cheers, applauds]
- [Swathi chuckles]
who worked nonstop
and helped me organize this event.
- I love you, Sandy.
- Love you, Mom. [smooches]
And last, but not the least,
my greatest thanks to my greatest support,
my husband, Prabhakar Shetty.
[crowd cheers, applauds]
Prabhu, you are my soulmate,
you are my life, and you are
my forever partner-in-crime.
- [chuckles]
- I love you, baby.
Okay then, enough of my nonsense.
Time to enjoy the party.
- Cheers!
- [crowd cheers]
[indistinct chatter]
- I was wondering where you were.
- [sighs]
I wasn't invited here.
- Mannikam had called.
- He's going to war with us, right?
You came to tell me about that?
- Well, thanks, but I better go back in.
- [Lucas] No, Appu.
I came here to say something else,
something I should have told you.
- You see, it's about your mother and me.
- Why now?
Tell me, why now?
- Child, I am your
- Uncle.
I don't need to know.
I don't wanna be angry anymore. I'm done.
[sobs] And I miss you.
I really need you. [sobs]
[sniffles] I miss you too, darling,
and I love you.
- [sobs]
- [Appu sobs]
- [Uday chuckles]
- Hello, hello!
- How are you?
- [chuckles] Oh, uh
- Madam
- [Swathi] Hmm?
- this, too good! [chuckles]
- [Swathi] Really?
- [slurps] Mm.
- [breathes deeply]
- [chuckles] I'm so happy.
- You must you must tell my wife, Uma.
- [chuckles] Yes.
- Uma, you must ask Madam, okay?
- I will. I will.
- Too good. [chuckles, slurps]
So, uh, how's Inspector Hassan?
- I kicked him out.
- Oh, really?
[Uday] Mm. He was a nice fellow,
but, uh, that day,
the drama that he did was, uh
Oh, what drama? Uh. There's been
so much. I'm confused. [chuckles]
Without asking me,
he went and spoke to your husband.
[chuckles, slurps]
He spoke to Prabhu?
Hmm? Hmm! Yes, about Kirtima's suicide.
Uh. He went and, uh,
shared confidential evidence.
And told him his nonsense theories.
Total crap. I apologized to Mr. Shetty.
[tense music playing]
You play it when I tell you to.
- Done, sir. I'm on it.
- Okay.
- Hello, ma'am.
- Hmm? [gasps]
What the hell? You really scared me.
Can I see you in the kitchen?
[music concludes]
- [Hassan sighs]
- [cell phone chimes]
- [cell phone beeps]
- [no signal tone beeps]
- What the fuck!
- [Begum barks]
"Are you lost?"
I am not lost. [pants] "Lost."
[mysterious music playing]
[Thupalli] Yet, when you reach the end
And find yourself lost
"Are you lost?" And "highway."
[Thupalli] Turn and take a look
Over trails
- That are crossed
- That are
[Thupalli] And remember
Some mysteries we seek without
- Are often highways inward bound
- "Bound."
Hey. Begum?
Ah, come. Come, come. [breathes deeply]
- What can I get you, sir?
- [music stops abruptly]
Household supplies,
pesticides and cleaners,
chocolates for the baby.
- You got a phone?
- Nokia, Siemens, Motorola.
Uh. Not to buy.
- Just to make a call.
- Oh.
The network in these areas
is sometimes patchy.
I must say you're lucky.
I still have one of these.
- Here.
- [sighs]
[cell phone rings, beeps]
- Hello?
- [Hassan] Hello. It's me.
- Who the hell is "me"?
- Hassan.
Sir, what are you doing in Dindigul?
Uh, I was driving on Mainjur Highway
and my car broke down.
Could you please come and pick me up?
Sir, actually, I'm at the station.
I've got lots of work to do.
[Hassan] Come on, Asha.
You have to help me.
You are the only friend that I have.
[cell phone rings, beeps]
[Chenetra] Hello, Asha madam?
This is Chenetra.
Medical examiner, Mainjur Morgue.
Oh, tell me, sir.
Madam, actually I need to talk
to Inspector Hassan. Couldn't get through.
Uh. Hassan sir has retired, sir.
- Then do you want the DNA report?
- Which DNA report?
- That Suicide Point case.
- And what does the report say?
- Negative.
- It's negative?
What does that mean?
[Chenetra] The body is not Umesh Mahto's.
[tense music playing]
Time won't move faster
if you keep staring at the watch.
That's true. Thanks. I'll leave.
She'll pick me up very soon.
- [groans]
- [shopkeeper] Wait, wait, wait.
Hold a second.
I think you should try this one.
Best toddy in all of Mainjur, you see?
Brewed by yours truly.
- [sniffs, groans]
- [Begum barks]
Move aside.
What is this?
This is the best cleaning acid,
number one in all of Mainjur.
Do you want one?
Look, have you seen her?
She might have come here
a while ago to buy acid.
Oh, this lady. Yes, yes,
she came here one afternoon
and I do remember
she bought two bottles of this acid.
- Was anyone along with her?
- [shopkeeper] Yes, sir.
Was it this man?
He looks more or less like him,
but this guy was leaner.
I think he had long hair,
uh, and looked like a loafer.
I mean, she was way out of his league,
given the fact that
this guy was squint-eyed.
Just like me.
You know beauty and beast. [laughs]
- [laughs]
- [tense music concludes]
Okay, thanks. Go from here now.
- He's coming.
- I'm going, but don't forget this,
"A pinch is delight,
a spoonful of it is heaven."
"But a handful of it is
- goodbye."
- [Umesh] Swathi?
I, um Chicken.
Um. I'll go check the chicken. Kitchen.
[soft music playing]
[Swathi] The whole world
is praising my soup today
but my own husband hasn't even tasted it.
Oh, uh, why why not? [chuckles]
I will. Why wouldn't I? [chuckles]
Uh, but wait.
There you go.
What happened? Don't you like it?
[sighs] Oh, what
what have you put in this? [chuckles]
- My secret ingredient.
- Give it here.
- You knew about what happened to Kirtima?
- [soft music concludes]
What Lucas and I did together?
That day, you were all set to kill Lucas.
But after you met Hassan,
and he told you exactly what happened,
you didn't ask me a thing?
- [burps] Really tasty, ma'am.
- [Swathi] Answer me.
What answer, man? Give me the soup please.
What are you hiding from me?
You felt nothing
when you heard the truth?
I told you so many lies? I used you?
Didn't you feel bad about any of that?
- Give me the soup please.
- To hell with the soup!
That day when Inspector Hassan
told me about it
at first, I was really angry.
But then I came to understand something.
That I was I was so wrong about you.
I used to think that you and I
were the hero and heroine
- of some romantic film.
- What nonsense are you talking?
- But we are the villains, Swathi.
- "Villains"?
And Prabhakar and Arvind?
Were they some kind of saints?
They were side villains.
Just like painters, or carpenters.
We are villains.
And Kirtima and I are the same?
And there's no difference
between Prabhu and you?
There is.
- He's gone. [chuckles]
- And what about before that?
What about all those years
he cheated on me?
Lied to me?
About my restaurant, my soup, my
Actually, you know, Swathi,
your soup wasn't so good back then.
Honestly, it was quite fuck-all, yeah.
I did not want to hurt you,
so I would gulp
it down in one go. [chuckles] But now?
[inhales, chuckles] Give it to me, baby.
[breathes deeply]
[chuckles] Deadly. [smacks lips]
Potti! Hey, potti!
Something's up. Come fast.
What happened?
I told you not to disturb me, didn't I?
Yeah, yeah, man. I know that.
But come and see this first.
I went to see Zubeida
and look who is here, I
[tense music playing]
Oh, damn it.
Where the hell is she?
[Uday] Hmm.
- What happened?
- Sir, Uday sir is here.
[Swathi] Prabhu?
- [Hassan] Mrs. Shetty.
- Shit.
- [Swathi gasps]
- Sir!
Umesh Mahto, where is he?
- Hello!
- [music concludes]
Hello! [chuckles]
How lovely are you guys looking today.
- [crowd chuckles]
- [Umesh] Nice.
Very nice.
- What the fuck!
- [crowd laughs]
I am sure you all know by now
who I am, hmm?
Arvind Shetty's brother?
Who? The owner of Last Resort? Who?
Who am I? Hmm?
Hmm? Okay, I'll give you a clue.
Some call me [clears throat]
- Prabhu. Prabhu. Prabhu.
- [crowd laughs]
Just like that. But the correct answer is
I'm none of these today.
- I am a woman behind a woman.
- [crowd laughs]
[chuckles] Now, forgive me. I I I
- I mean that I am a man
- [gasps]
- [Umesh]behind a woman.
- [crowd laughs]
- Hey! Hey, Swathi.
- [Asha] Sir.
I am just Swathi's
spouse, husband.
A big hand for my wife.
- [crowd cheers, applauds]
- [tense music playing]
[Umesh] Where are you, sweetie?
- Sweetie?
- Yeah, yeah. I'm here.
- Baby!
- I'm coming.
- [crowd cheers, applauds]
- Hey, Swathi!
[Umesh laughs]
[Uday] Hassan?
- You fucker.
- Baby! Baby! [chuckles]
Oh. Ladies and gents, my beautiful wife.
[crowd cheers, applauds]
[sharply inhales] Oh, so beautiful.
So smart.
So successful is my wife.
Did you guys know
that Swathi used to be a nurse, hmm?
- Oh. [chuckles] Please.
- [chuckles] Surprise! [laughs]
From old patients to little,
little, little, little kids,
- Swathi used to be everybody's favorite.
- [chuckles]
And there I was
[imitates Arvind] "Chutiya."
- What bullshit is he saying, huh?
- This is not the time to argue, sir.
We have to arrest Swathi immediately.
- [breathes deeply]
- [glass shatters]
[sighs] Those were the good, old days.
Together or apart, we were
But now?
- What happened to us, Swathi?
- Prabhu. [breathes heavily]
Sorry, friends, I think he's had
a bit too much to drink.
There's still time.
There's a bus from Mainjur to Madurai.
If we leave now, we'll find seats.
- Tell me, you wanna go?
- Prabhu.
You've had a little too much soup.
- Oh. Oh, okay.
- [sighs]
[Umesh sobs] Okay, fine.
[in Hindi] Only you ♪
[in English] Enough. I've had enough.
I can't pretend any longer!
- [gasps]
- [indistinct clamor]
- Stop! Mainjur Police!
- Hey, DSP, move back
or you'll ruin your pants.
- Uncle, stop it.
- I'm not your uncle.
- Dad, don't, you
- Your dad is dead.
- Who's dead?
- Him.
He is dead.
- [crowd gasps]
- Oh, my
I'm Umesh.
Umesh Mahto.
From Jharsuguda, Jharkhand Border.
Swathi and I
together, we murdered Prabhakar Shetty,
and buried his body in the forest.
We burnt half my face
[burps]made me Prabhakar Shetty.
And made you guys chutiya. [laughs]
Mind blown, right? My mind also.
I told her, "Let us run away."
But running away
wasn't an option for my Manisha Koirala.
What did you think?
That the world will go on?
People will forget about it?
- But I didn't forget, Swathi. Yep.
- [indistinct clamor]
I love you, Swathi.
- [gasps]
- [Uday] Umesh! Umesh!
Hey! Hey! Stand back. I said stand back.
Enough, Swathi.
- Our story is over now.
- Shut up, you chutiya.
He's right.
Swathi, haven't you murdered
enough people?
- I haven't murdered anyone.
- [Sandy] Mom?
Is he telling the truth?
Sandy, no.
No, I mean [sighs]
I mean, Prabhu is dead. I'm sorry.
But I I didn't kill him.
We were going to run away
from Mainjur, but that night,
he saw Umesh and me together,
Prabhu attacked us.
He would've killed us,
but but he had a heart attack.
Attempt to murder.
- His skull was found fractured.
- Self-defense. Only self-defense.
And, uh, Arvind? Kirtima?
We are all aware of who killed Arvind.
Right, Appu? And Kirtima?
She slipped down the stairs
and she she broke her neck.
Lucas was there. He saw it.
What about Thupalli? ASI. My Kiddo.
- He fell off a cliff on his own.
- Huh?
Huh? I was ready to surrender,
but but that that idiot, he fell.
- Hey! Who are you calling a donkey?
- [Asha] Sir! Sir!
- Hassan, she has a gun!
- Sir, you leave me, sir!
- Leave me!
- Why are you getting so emotional?
Hey, I'm just
I'm just telling you the truth.
Sandy. Sandy, please believe me.
Whatever happened, just just happened.
I didn't mean for any of this to happen.
I must have poured the acid
on myself then, huh?
Actually, that's also true.
Potatoes are potatoes.
Mash them or fry them.
Stop this nonsense!
I am going to arrest both of you!
[Swathi] Hey, hey! Back off!
[crowd clamors]
[Umesh] Huh?
[Hassan] Swathi
- people are dead.
- So, how is any of that my fault, huh?
Did I ask Umesh to blackmail Prabhu?
Or that Nadar to have an accident?
You don't understand anything.
Nobody understands a damn thing!
[breathes heavily]
My whole life, everything I endured,
whatever I did,
none of you is capable of any of it.
[breathes heavily]
And after everything that's happened,
when I am trying to live my life
on my own terms,
then people judged me,
as if I don't know anything,
as if I am the one who is wrong.
[breathes heavily]
But fuck you all.
You're the ones who are wrong.
Swathi. Swathi. Swathi, baby.
[breathes heavily] I am
I am I am feeling very strange, Swathi.
[groans, retches]
[indistinct clamor]
[Umesh pants]
[Umesh] I am with always with you.
Forever and ever.
Careful with the legs.
Careful with the legs.
- Shut the door. Quick, let's move.
- Easy. Yes.
- [car engine starting]
- Take him to the hospital. Quick.
[Uday] Hey, Hassan!
Where are you going, man?
DSP sir, you please rush.
I'll go and get Swathi. Go!
- Hey! Hey, Hassan.
- Sir. Let him go, sir.
[footsteps approaching]
[Hassan] Swathi?
It's not worth it.
What do you think, Inspector?
Do you think everyone liked it
my soup?
Hey, Swathi!
[tense music playing]
[pants] Let's go.
Come quickly.
Quick, quick. Hurry, hurry, hurry.
[Thupalli] Life is but a walking shadow
A poor player
That struts and frets his hour
Upon the stage
- And then is heard no more
- [music concludes]
It is a tale, told by an idiot,
full of sounds and fury,
signifying nothing.
[birds chirping]
[dramatic music playing]
[music continues]
[ominous music playing]
[music concludes]
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