Killing Bites (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

The one with the sharper fangs will win

In this country,
zaibatsu conglomerates have held
gruesome underground blood sport matches
to gamble on since ancient times.
We did it!
Got ourselves a high school girl!
Holy crap! I think we got a winner!
Rip her clothes off!
Damn! Her tits are huge!
Why? Why is this happening?
-Why is this--?
-Yo, Nomoto!
Head towards Chichibu!
We'll dump her after we have some fun first.
You know, Houjo,
you invited me to go out and pick up girls,
but this is like a crime, isn't it?
-Maybe we shouldn't--
-Don't be a pansy.
You're guilty too.
Don't worry, you'll get a turn once we're done.
I mean you are a virgin, after all.
Do it! Do it!
I like it when they struggle!
I'm sorry.
I can't go through--
Keep going.
There's no time.
Just drive where I tell you.
Say yes if you understand.
Um, what happened to Houjo?
I don't know which one of them is Houjo,
but they're all dead.
Just drive already if you don't want to die too.
it's better if you don't look behind these curtains.
Can't drive for shit, has a weak ass stomach
What a useless bastard.
Hey, don't even think about running.
Mr. Shidoh, it's Hitomi.
Yes, I've just arrived.
I ran into a bit of trouble.
-Yes, that piece of shit is with me.
-Where are we?
What the hell is this?
Yes. What?
You mean this piece of shit?
Huh? Where did he go?
What the hell is going on?
Why is this happening to me?
I want to go home.
What the hell?
Why is this area cleared off like this?
It's a ring.
This is the private property of a certain zaibatsu.
It's where things end up
when they have nowhere else to go.
Like oversized garbage and dead bodies.
Or people like us. Right?
Please help me!
I have no idea what's going on.
Some high school girl was in the car,
and my friends are in pieces!
I see.
That is most likely
the work of a Therianthrope.
A new species with the intellect of humans
and the fangs of beasts,
with a power that far surpasses mankind.
That is what we call the Therianthrope.
What are you talking about?
We don't have time for stupid nonsense!
Did you just say stupid?
A puny and pathetic human would dare to call me,
Brute Leo, King of Kings stupid?
Know your place!
I was trying to help you take out the garbage.
I'm not done with him yet.
According to Mr. Shidoh,
the odds between you and me are 100 to zero.
At this rate, our Killing Bites can't be established.
Killing Bites?
That goes without saying.
I've battled hundreds,
and this will be your first match--
That's why we make him place a bet.
Ten million yen on me winning.
Then the odds will be 99 to one.
Can he pay that?
-We can use his body as collateral.
Spinal cord, organs, eyes.
-He's young, so they'll fetch a high price.
-You can't just--
I'm going home!
Do you really think you can get away?
Please let me go!
You fucking pervert!
You should be thankful that
I'm not going to kill you right now.
Uh, um, what is going on here?
Please tell me.
I mean.
What is Killing Bites, anyway?
Long story short,
he and I are going to fight right here.
If I win, you live.
If I lose, you die too.
Die? But
How could a girl like you beat a monster like him?
Gender and size don't matter.
The one with the sharper fangs wins.
That's what Killing Bites is.
Killing bites!
Mixed screaming tears the silence
Fine tuning your senses in the wild,
only the winners will live tomorrow
Well-sharpened fangs and biting insanity
We don't need a reason to fight
All we seek is strength
A spiral chain of life promises
The unstoppable evolution makes
the heartbeat come alive
Starving like crazy, left dry hearted
Putting on my fighting spirit,
time to stand up
Shout and roar!
Unleashed roaring shakes up the darkness
Fearlessly taking a painful step
Piercing sins lurking in this world
The truth's swallowed up the lie, gazing at everything
She's a monster too?
I heard you've never lost.
King of Kings.
That's quite the title you've got there.
She's provoking him.
Is she confident she can beat him?
I want something like that.
How does Leo Killer sound?
Seeing as I'm going to win--
Even if my prey is a little rabbit,
I don't hold back!
That's the way Leo fights!
Oh no, she's going to get killed.
I need to call for help!
What the hell is this?
I can't move!
Roaring Leo!
The lion's roar is the loudest of all felines,
intimidating all animals, rendering them immobile.
You were foolish to challenge a king!
It's time you knew true fear!
All who hear my Roaring Leo
should be crippled by primal fear.
Fear, huh?
You know,
I've never experienced fear my entire life.
All animals experience fear.
What are you?
Reveal yourself.
Brute Ratel.
With a wild and violent disposition,
they have been recognized as the most fearless animal
in the Guinness Book of Records
for the way they stand up to animals
much larger than themselves, such as lions.
In other words,
Ratels are the world's strongest small mammal.
You should at least learn the name of your opponents,
dumb ass.
Dumb ass?
You dare say that to me?
You little brat!
Take it back!
Leo lost?
-The odds were 99 to one!
How is this possible?
I can't believe it.
As you've witnessed,
that is my greatest creation,
Brute Ratel.
You got me!
Looks like you get to keep all the winnings to yourself!
Ratel, huh?
She's quite
an interesting girl, this one.
Well, you got to live.
You goddamn sex offender.
Huh? It was a dream?
Oh, right.
It was all just a dream.
Keep it down.
Don't scream into my ear.
I'll kill you.
It wasn't
a dream.
Well, looks like I don't need you anymore.
You saved me!
What the hell?
-Thank you so much!
-Get off me! I'll kill you!
-You're hurt!
We need to treat your wounds!
It might scar!
Are there any hospitals open this late?
Wait, where are we anyway?
I'm fine!
These will heal on their own!
No! You're still a girl, after all!
Mr. Shidoh! Yes!
No, not yet! I will take care of him right now!
What? Yes? Yes?
This guy?
I was forced to show her back to my room
for some reason.
Something about no regular hospitals.
We just fell asleep after I treated her injuries.
Um, thank you for yesterday.
I promise not to tell anyone about it,
so maybe it's time you
I was going to leave.
But before I do
This looks so good.
Isn't that too much syrup?
I should really be going to class soon--
Shut up and keep your mouth closed.
Don't even breathe.
So yummy!
So cute.
She's just like a regular girl like this.
I'm really sorry about yesterday.
Oh, you don't need to
-I mean, it was my fault to begin--
-What are you apologizing for?
You performed your job perfectly.
Isn't that right, Hitomi?
But, there was some trouble before the match,
and I wanted to beat Leo with one blow,
but I got rushed down,
so I was afraid I may have caused you to worry.
I believe in you.
There was never a moment
that I felt worried.
Who is this?
I don't recognize her either.
Mr. Shidoh!
Nice to meet you, I am Reiichi Shidoh.
I am Hitomi's guardian.
He doesn't seem like her father.
Nice to meet you,
-I am--
-Yuya Nomoto.
Second year student at Komagawa University
majoring in economics.
Student ID number E-4291.
Hailing from Nagano,
you currently reside in Corp Yanagisawa,
an apartment near campus, room number 201.
He's researched everything.
So, how was it?
You had the best seat for a Killing Bites match.
Um, was that the thing yesterday?
That's right.
A battle between Therianthropes.
Humans who have gained animal abilities
through the latest advancements in gene therapy.
They appear no different from normal humans,
but by transforming,
they change into battle form.
Why do all of this?
Are you familiar with the zaibatsu?
A group of the oldest merchants with 400 years
of history.
That is the zaibatsu.
While they were supposedly dismantled
after the war, the Japanese economy
is still being controlled by four zaibatsus:
Mitsukado, Yatsubishi, Sumitomo, and Ishida.
A secret proxy war with each zaibatsu's
representation on the line.
That is Killing Bites.
Each generation, the strongest have killed
each other.
And now all Killing Bites fighters
have become Therianthropes.
It is my Bureau's job to run Killing Bites smoothly.
Even regarding your friends last night,
we have arranged their deaths to look like
a car accident.
I'm sorry! I had no idea!
To think they were rapists!
I only knew Houjo through an old part-time job,
and he just called me out of the blue to drive him.
Don't try to act all innocent!
-You were jacking off in the driver's seat!
-I wasn't!
-Don't lie to me!
-I tried to stop them!
-Please believe me!
-No way!
If that's the case,
I won't have to worry leaving Hitomi with you.
I will assign Hitomi to be your bodyguard.
No! Why do I have to guard this loser?
He is currently Brute Ratel's sole investor.
If something should happen to him,
you will lose your right to participate in Killing Bites.
That would mean heavy losses for us.
I'm asking you to help.
Okay, if that is what you need from me.
I'm counting on you.
Mr. Nomoto,
I'll have you invest in the next fight as well.
Use this to pay.
It's a portion of our last winnings.
Bye then.
I'll give you further instructions in a few days.
That was unexpected, sir.
He really is just a normal college student.
In that case, shouldn't we
manage the money ourselves
and just detain him?
-There's no need to have Hitomi protect him.
-It's a necessary move.
It's possible that someone young like him
might have what Hitomi is missing.
Either way,
the next Killing Bites is going to get messy.
It really is 100 million yen.
How many times do you need to count it?
It's not going to change.
That's true, but
Besides, weren't you going to class?
I can't go to class carrying all this money.
Speaking of which, you're in high school, aren't you?
I'm taking a temporary leave.
Besides, my uniform got torn to shreds
thanks to a certain somebody.
I'm sorry.
Go buy these for me now.
And something sweet too.
Perhaps you should go yourself.
You want to die?
I'm sorry!
On the double now!
Yes, ma'am!
What am I going to do?
What did I get roped into?
But the more I think about it,
this means I'm living with a high school girl.
Excuse me.
There's something I'd like you to look at.
Um, okay.
What do you think?
Hold on a second!
Please get a good look at them!
What is this?
Now that you looked at them,
it's going to cost you!
Tell me everything you know about Ratel.
If you want to know about me,
come ask me.
I'm right here after all.
Now, let's get this started!
It's Killing Bites time!
You can't follow your desires
And do whatever
Curiosity killed the cat
You need to stay away
Even with your delicate smile
And baby blue tears
You can't camouflage
Your dangerous aroma
Don't let her bite you
With those fangs that look harmless
Whatever the way you look at her
She is a beast
Guide them, Oshie!
I heard it was a good pancake place.
But what is with this caliber of customers?
I can't go in!
Out of my way!
Two honey special sugar pancakes.
Oh my gosh,
she ordered some for me too!
Ratels and the Greater honeyguide,
these two animals have a symbiotic relationship
formed around their love for honey.
They were fated to meet!
So, who are you?
However, Oshie isn't a Therianthrope!
New report. It seems that the other zaibatsus
have started to take action against Ratel.
If Mr. Nomoto becomes their target,
it is hard to predict if Hitomi will be willing to protect him.
Next episode "Shit, I Might Fall For You."
End report.
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