Killing Bites (2018) s01e12 Episode Script

Thanks for Everything

Killing bites!
Mixed screaming tears the silence
Fine tuning your senses in the wild,
Only the winners will live tomorrow
Well-sharpened fangs and biting insanity
We don't need a reason to fight
All we seek is strength
A spiral chain of life promises
The unstoppable evolution
Makes the heartbeat come alive
Starving like crazy, left dry hearted
Putting on my fighting spirit,
Time to stand up
Shout and roar!
Unleashed roaring shakes up the darkness
Fearlessly taking a painful step
Piercing sins lurking in this world
The truth's swallowed up the lie, gazing at everything
Yes, I managed to stop the bleeding.
She'll be okay now.
But that's weird.
Shouldn't the crew be helping the injured
now that the fighting is over?
What's going on with the Destroyal right now?
I'm impressed.
You were able to detect a presence
and dodge the first shot by sound alone.
But there is no escaping
the Chameleon's Zetsudan strike,
a death-blow from the shadows.
Chameleons flick their tongues
at speeds of nearly 90 kilometers per hour.
It takes only 0.01 seconds for it to reach top speed.
It's the fastest projectile in the animal world.
Tiger, the strongest Brute.
Cheetah, the fastest.
And Ratel, the giant slayer.
None of them are in any state to fight.
And we'll have you join them.
Hold on.
Why the hell are you bastards?
There were more?
You almost scared us!
You're in no condition to fight after all!
Time to stick my tongue into your skull
and taste your brains!
How is that possible?
How can you fight even on the verge of death?
I'm not going down because of losers like you.
If I don't make it back,
I wouldn't hear the end of it.
It doesn't matter how close you are to death.
The one with the sharper fangs wins.
That's what Killing Bites--
Oh, no! Hitomi!
-Don't let your guard down. Kill her.
-Yes, sir.
Participation of unregistered Brutes in the Destroyal
is a serious offense.
How did you know where we were?
You will be eliminated
under the authority of the Bureau.
Sorry to keep you waiting!
We had to pause the broadcast
due to technical difficulties,
but I, Shinozaki, decided to go on-location
in order to interview the winner directly!
While the Brutes sustained some serious injuries
during their fight,
none of it is life-threatening.
The rescue team shall arrive here soon!
Thank goodness.
And here we have Brute Rabbit!
She won the Destroyal in a huge upset!
Now, let's do an interview.
Please tell us how it feels
to win the Destroyal.
Who did?
This is the footage Shinozaki took moments ago.
These Chameleons are Sumitomo Brutes.
In other words,
they are assassins Sumitomo sent in after losing
to kill any surviving Brutes.
A calculated attempt to nullify the results
of this Destroyal, making use of the ensuing chaos.
Isn't that right, Chairman Sumitomo?
God, they're all so useless.
Does this mean you admit to these charges?
That's right.
I won't run and hide at this point.
But, Shidoh,
I will never accept your methods.
You will regret making an enemy of Miyabi Sumitomo
as you burn in hell.
I wouldn't do that.
There is no reason for you to die.
Good job, Leo.
Committing such atrocities under my nose
is an affront to the Killing Bites.
A crime punishable by death.
-Isn't that right, Shidoh?
However, there is someone who committed
an even greater crime.
You, Yozan Mitsukado.
Mitsukado Zaibatsu used Killing Bites
in order to appropriate the Japanese economy
over the centuries,
which led to our recent stagnation.
You did the same with Theriomorphosis technology.
It should have been perfected and released to the public
so that the masses could receive the benefits
of Theriomorphosis.
But you were captivated by the Therianthropes
and the profits they would create.
You prioritized your little company
over bettering society and the rest of humanity.
I had higher hopes.
I thought that you might be able to change the world.
Fearing and rejecting a revolution out of pure selfishness
is the sin you have committed.
In that case,
how will any of you sinfully weak bastards
be able to hold a king with tremendous power
such as myself
accountable for his sins?
No one--
You? Why?
You traitor
Your greatest sin
is your insolence for one who is ordinary,
daring to stand above true royalty.
Thank you, Leo.
Now we can finally move forward with our plan.
Isn't that right, Mr. Shidoh?
To change the financial world, the globe,
and humanity.
The beginning of a new evolution.
What have I done?
I lost an unlosable game.
And on top of that, I lost the invincible Pangolin.
I have brought shame to my grandfather.
How will I make up for this blunder?
How did this happen? Grandfather!
Grandfather is dead?
Lady Yoko.
The Chairman died of a sudden heart failure
just moments ago.
The police and medical organizations have already
been contacted.
Please take care not to touch the body.
You have my condolences.
How dare you.
It's plain to see that this was no natural death!
I don't know what happened here,
but in any case,
the Bureau will have to take responsibility!
In other words, you're done for, Shidoh!
Forgive me for saying this,
but you are the one who is finished.
What are you talking about?
Now, now, Mr. Shidoh.
You didn't need to say that.
Lady Yoko, please rest assured,
this was not some oversight on the part
of the Bureau.
This was an efficient change of power
with minimal casualties.
The ideal coup d'état.
The Bureau,
Yatsubishi Zaibatsu, Ishida Zaibatsu,
and the anti-chairman faction within
the Mitsukado Zaibatsu,
after careful deliberation, decided that
Chairman Mitsukado's death
would be for the best.
I truly hope you understand.
How dare you brazenly confess this to me.
Leo! Kill them all!
What's wrong, Leo?
-Hurry up and transform and kill these--
Leo serves only himself.
No, not you too.
Now then, things are going to get busy.
I'll leave the clean-up to you, Mr. Shidoh.
We have an award ceremony to attend, after all.
By the way, President Toh,
what kind of speech are you planning?
No, I have nothing prepared!
-I need to talk it over with my wife.
-That's a great idea.
Perhaps you could have her give it.
This can't be happening.
The chairman of Mitsukado Zaibatsu
and his granddaughter
are subjected to such atrocities,
and nobody will help us?
What's it like?
To be used as pawns on a chess board,
the same way you people
used us Therianthropes up until now?
You traitor!
You should watch your mouth.
If you realize your position
and pay me the proper respect,
I'd be willing to let you live as my slave.
Male lions will customarily kill the pride leader
in order to take over the group.
When they do, the females in the pride
do not particularly offer any resistance,
even if their husbands
or their children are killed.
Desiring to pass on stronger genes,
they willingly accept the new male.
The individual winner is Brute Rabbit.
The winning team is Ishida Zaibatsu.
And with that, the Killing Bites Destroyal
has come to a close.
So, what are you going to do,
Mr. Nomoto?
Sorry, what were we talking about again?
You're not listening at all!
How could you just ignore me
when I'm struggling to decide which anime series
I'm going to DVR this season!
I'll see you in chains for this!
-Calm down, Moriyama!
-This is serious stuff, man!
It's almost been two weeks
since I was released from that terrifying banquet.
Life went back to normal
as soon as I stepped off the ship.
I've returned to attending my regular college classes,
just as I had before.
The Specific Gene Editing Regulation Reform Bill
With Hitomi and Mr. Okajima gone,
my room is back to being quiet.
I haven't been able to reach Hitomi since then.
My days are so peaceful,
it's as if everything was just a dream.
But it wasn't a dream.
I know this
because of the heavy cases filled with cash
that I'm too scared to open.
There were two more cases
due to Ishida Zaibatsu's victory.
This 300 million yen is evidence
that it all really happened.
And most of all,
something inside me has changed.
Ever since I participated in the Destroyal
Ever since the night I first met Hitomi,
I'd already
I'm so glad the police showed up.
But those guys weren't nearly as scary as Hitomi.
I've been getting hurt a lot lately.
That should do it.
Let me do that!
Why are you cooking stew in my room?
Why not? It's delicious.
These are mine.
I'll kill you if you eat any.
Is it Moriyama?
It should be around here.
She was pretty vague though.
This was the only place I could think of.
Was I wrong?
You're late, Nomoto.
You're okay!
I was so worried about you.
Is everything okay with you now?
-Like your arm?
-Oh, this?
I can't exactly move it freely yet,
but it'll probably heal up eventually!
Looks like you're still tough as ever.
-I'm relieved to see that.
So the reason I had you meet me here was
How do I put this?
I mean, it's not super important or anything.
-I just had something to tell you in person.
Thank you very much for everything.
What? I didn't do anything you need to thank me for.
The plan at the Destroyal
was for me to just follow your instructions
without having to think about anything.
But there were times where I had to make
some difficult choices.
Some of my decisions
didn't turn out too well.
But that was also probably the first time in my life
that I chose to fight.
That's when I finally realized
that the one with the sharper fangs wins.
The true meaning behind these words is that
it's the strong will to never run from a decision
that determines who wins and who loses.
In other words, fangs represent the will to fight.
I was able to realize this thanks to you.
What are you going on about?
You make it sound like
You're confessing your love for me.
No, no, no! I'm definitely not!
Of course, I care about you.
But I just admire you as a human being.
I wouldn't compare them to any romantic feelings.
Damn it, you've got me all out of whack.
Anyway, I'm impressed that you were able to
stick with me to the end.
For that,
I'm thankful to you too.
Thanks for everything, Nomoto.
No, that's not I just--
Sorry, Nomoto.
I don't know why,
but Mr. Shidoh told me to kill you.
That your existence would be a bit of a problem
for what Shidoh is about to do,
and what I need to do.
But to me,
the time I spent with you
I guess you can't hear me anymore.
I couldn't do
what you said.
Is it done, Hitomi?
I see.
His fate was sealed the moment he met you.
So you don't need to feel too sad.
I'm not sad.
This is the special ordinance-designated
Therianthrope district
known as the Therianthrope District.
It's a special district established
on the artificial island built in Tokyo Bay
in order to give more freedom
to our Therianthrope citizens.
It is also the main host
of the international Therianthrope combat event
Killing Bites.
Its venue is the KB stadium, the large arena
located at the center of the special district.
This facility was built specially for Killing Bites--
I'm finally here.
The Therianthrope holy grounds.
This is where I'll become
a Killing Bites champion!
Now, shall we begin?
The one with the sharper fangs wins.
That's what Killing Bites is.
Isn't that right, Hitomi?
You can't follow your desires
And do whatever
Curiosity killed the cat
You need to stay away
Even with your delicate smile
And baby blue tears
You can't camouflage
Your dangerous aroma
Don't let her bite you
With those fangs that look harmless
Whatever the way you look at her
She is a beast
Guide them, Oshie!
It's been two years since Hitomi disappeared.
I've visited pancake shops all over the country,
but I didn't find any leads on Hitomi.
The mellow and rich natural maple syrup
coupled with the subdued sweetness
of the whipped cream and batter!
Such harmony!
I know Hitomi will surely come here!
The symbiotic relationship between ratels and the
greater honeyguide
is an unbreakable bond forged by food.
-I'm going to be working here starting today!
-Who are you?
However, Oshie isn't a Therianthrope!
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