Killing Eve (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Sorry Baby

- There's been another kill.
- His name was Zhang Wu.
He was a Chinese colonel visiting Berlin.
Take off your clothes.
Murdered during a very specific He liked having his balls clamped.
Suspect a Caucasian woman in her mid-20s.
She's investigating your work.
I want you to watch her.
- I need to know who she meets.
- Jin? I don't know anything about Colonel Zhang.
Promise you won't be naughty.
I promise I won't be naughty.
Where's my bag? I'm on her tail, we're moving through Cassiopeia.
Call me.
I don't want to lose eyes on her.
Think of this as a friendly, little mole trap.
I thought no one knew about this department.
Not this department.
Just you.
She said her name was Eve Polastri.
I'm in a club called Funkeln.
She's here somewhere.
Bill! Please be seated.
Thank you.
Please, please.
Oh, God, no.
I've worked with Bill for over 10 years.
I am honored to be speaking here today on behalf of his colleagues, who I can say really, really liked him.
I think we can all agree that Bill was a very loud man.
He was a good man patient hard-working.
A man who had time for everybody.
No, he didn't.
I think most of that was really reserved for his family.
In that sense, I-I would say Bill was truly a traditional man.
Apart from perhaps his, uh, methods of .
of, uh, team leadership, which could really be only described as individual, to say the least.
For example, we know how much Bill liked - his biscuit Wednesdays.
- Shh.
I'd be lucky if I got a chocolate finger by lunch, but uh But in his heart, see, he was a generous man.
And, uh, he was deeply loved and admired so let's not forget that.
Everyone's gonna think I'm the other woman.
Oh, they all think that anyway.
I'm bad with grief.
I know.
I'll be fine for like two years, and then I'll have a complete breakdown about this.
When are his family told the truth? No one is ever allowed to know the truth.
Mugged in a club at 61.
What a hero.
So, what do you wanna do now? I want to kill her.
With my bare hands.
Villanelle? What are you doing? Happy birthday! - It's not my birthday.
- Dance with me! - Turn the music off.
- Dance with me! What are you doing? Okay, lift me.
Lift me.
- No, I have a bad shoulder.
- Lift me.
No! Turn this music off.
I was just trying to do something nice for your birthday.
- It's not my birthday.
- So, tell me when it is! - We need to talk.
- Oh.
Can we go somewhere with no balloons? - Mm.
- Good.
You are being very nice.
I've been excited to see you.
Really? Or is it because you know I'm angry? Very angry.
Whoa! Thank you.
These are very cool.
One more! Oh.
Sure? So, it's not Eve Polastri? Do you think I don't know everything? As for a partner He was following me.
He was off limits.
So I don't think I can trust you anymore.
If you can't play alone, you have to play with your little brothers and sisters.
Your next job.
This will tell you where to meet them.
You won't work alone again.
Open it.
For your daughter.
Did you think I don't know anything? Welcome to England.
I'm so excited to see the Siberian chiffchaff.
They haven't been seen since 2009.
Do I get one of these things? You're a little late.
Well, I had to make a delivery.
- When is the kill? - Tomorrow.
You're excited? Where are we going to sleep tonight? There's a cushion.
We take turns.
Stand well away from the edge of platform two.
The approaching train is not scheduled to stop at this station.
I'm gonna do a thing behind a bush.
Your hair's grown.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! No fighting in the car! She's a friend! Are you? You want some stew? No.
Wine or No.
No, thank you.
I'm okay.
What? What? I'm sorry to bring this up now.
But you're not being honest with me.
About Bill.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Really? He was a friend, okay? Please don't make this all about How did he die? I want you out of this.
If you value your life, our life, you will.
I know you think you're honoring Bill, but you looked me in the eye, and you told me there was absolutely no risk Please don't tell me I just care.
I know you care about me.
We all know you care about me.
Sometimes I think it's all you have! God, I You don't have to apologize.
Oh, your suitcase came back from Berlin.
It was on the doorstep.
I'll leave the stew out.
So? What's the history? Hmm? Well, you keep it out of my car.
Only happy things in the car.
Okay? Baby pass me a thing.
Who is the target? We don't know yet.
You don't know who our target is? We'll be told on arrival.
We just know we're here to kill a member of the British intelligence services.
- Eve, can we just talk, please? - Get out! Get out! There's a perfume called La Villanelle and about 5 grand's worth of clothes.
What type of clothes? Expensive clothes.
Amazing clothes.
All my size.
Jesus Christ.
Don't open it.
We don't want any further contamination.
It's not good that she knows where you live.
Yeah, well, don't write your address on your suitcase that gets stolen by a psychopath.
I want you to get the whole thing fast-tracked with forensics.
Get any DNA checked and cross-referenced with the other crime scenes.
I also want you to check any stores in Berlin who stock these clothes.
There's German tags.
And then contact the stores and see if you can find any security footage.
So, we are going to keep going? Yes.
We are going to keep going.
Okay, good, because I found a Don't you think that maybe you should take some time to I mean, maybe you shouldn't go to the office yet.
We're going.
Eve, I need to tell you Some of this stuff is niche.
There won't be that many stockists in Berlin.
And let's check in with the German authorities, too.
Can you do the door? Who came in and out of the country on the days either side of the kill? And look up the perfume La Villanelle.
It was in the case, too.
That's what we're gonna call this asshole from now on.
- Villanelle.
- Okay.
I also really need to show you something that I found.
Show me.
I need, um, 30 seconds.
Max 45.
Elena? Yeah, I'm okay.
I just needed a minute.
So, this is beyond weird.
- Jin Yeong, the Chinese agent.
- Mm-hmm.
The documents he gave you in Berlin included statements from accounts in the Cayman Islands.
Jin thinks they, whoever they are, used these accounts to pay off the insiders betraying his department.
- Okay.
- But then I'm poking around on these transactions, and I notice this account number.
Receiving three payments a year for the exact same amount.
Follow the money, and we find it lands here.
Henry's, a prep school in Sussex.
School fees.
That's as far as I got.
- Um - Take a minute.
- Okay.
- Look at the sausages.
So Wow, that's a lot of sausages.
So, I went to this party.
This was about a year ago.
A big work birthday party.
Big marquee thing, free champagne, et cetera.
- Lovely.
- Yup.
So, everybody got drunk.
But Frank got really drunk.
Well, you know his wife died.
Yes, this was while she was ill, and, I mean, he was like, "Wow, Frank is drunk.
" I had to put him in a cab at, like, 8:00.
These ones have got chili in them.
Oh, delicious.
So, while we were waiting for this cab outside, he was very emotional, telling me the pressure he was under to send his kids to private school.
He said there was no feasible way he could find the money.
And the big finish? Kenny traced the lead Jin gave us to payments made to a school called St.
Both of Frank's kids go there.
It is disappointing when the mole is the one who looks most like a rodent.
Where is he now? Kenny's on it.
But we will find him and bring the bastard in.
We're not after blood, Eve.
We're after information.
In the grand scheme of things, Frank is middle management.
There's a good chance he'll lead us to someone far more important.
We keep this in-house.
You've done brilliantly.
Bill would be proud.
- Thank you.
- Madam.
Stay nourished.
Get some chops.
I'll be in touch.
Um Have you checked the sights? I shot a Dutch politician with a Colt last Friday, and he's, uh, definitely dead.
So, yes.
Thank you, sweetie.
Everyone had a pee? - There won't be time to later.
- I can hold it.
But you'll regret it.
I'll be a minute.
Don't be freaky.
I thought I'd never see you again.
- You hoped.
- I won't fight you.
Why? You scared? Aah! Aah.
I just don't want you to get hurt.
- Okay? - Oh, my God.
What's going on, guys? She had a wasp on her nose.
Nadia? It's fine.
Let's go.
They told me one of you didn't matter.
Don't make me guess.
Okay? Okay, so, where's our rat? - He's in Buckinghamshire.
- What's there? I don't know.
Just a house.
I'm working on it.
In the meantime, though, Frank's contacts and call records.
We know who he's calling, when, and for how long.
- Okay, what's the town he's in? - It's a village.
About as English a village as you'll find.
It's called Bletcham.
We should go.
What, both of you? I mean, are you trained for that? It's a surveillance job in the Home Counties, Kenny.
We just need to be in the area.
- We're going to Bletcham.
- Right.
Mm, darlings.
We've got a name.
Frank Haleton.
Hmm? MI5.
How are we gonna do this? - Bang, in the head - Hm.
or whatever.
You two go to the front, and I'll cover the back.
I love you, baby.
He's nice.
- I'm glad you got out.
- You took my place.
We are both here now.
Good afternoon.
Sorry to ambush you like this.
Is Frank in? No, he's gone out.
- Oh.
- I'm his mother.
Are you Who are you? My name's Natalie.
This is Fanny.
We work with Frank.
A few of us are in the area.
He gave us this address.
I'm sorry.
I thought this was his house.
We just wanted to drop up.
Drop in.
- And say "hi.
" - Mm.
Of course.
I have some fruitcake in the freezer.
Oh, lovely.
Did she say anything about me? Who? Carolyn.
God, you have such a crush.
- And you don't? - She's a legend.
In the '80s, she cultivated one of the most powerful Russian assets in British intelligence history.
She exposed an ex-KGB officer planning to sell weapons-grade plutonium on the international black market.
Apparently, she's saved the world like eight more times since then.
You want to save the world? - Well, yeah, of course.
- Hmm.
You are quite a romantic underneath it all, huh? Talking about romance.
- Kenny - Ugh! is about to explode.
Poor guy.
I know it's gonna happen, too.
Don't be looking at me like that.
What? I'm serious.
I've never had it hot before! - It microwaves very well.
- Hm.
Frank adores it.
Any idea when he'll be back? I'll just give him a call.
We can wait.
We don't want to pressure him.
No, that's fine! He's probably just getting cheese or something.
Darling, you have lovely visitors.
A Natalie and a Fanny.
A Fanny.
- From the office.
- Yes.
Oh, dear.
That's a shame.
Shall I tell them to come back another time? All right.
I'll see you when I see you.
Love you.
Bye! Oh, dear.
He's been called back to London.
Something unexpected has come up.
But he sends his best wishes and apologies.
He must have been in a hurry.
To forget his car.
She says he's gone back to London.
- What does that mean? - It means we wait.
I knew that.
Nadia, you watch the back.
Kenny, what have you got? We've had some activity.
But it's strange.
Someone just made a call to Frank's mobile from a landline.
- Okay.
- I've located him, but the mobile's in the same house as the landline that called him.
Well, what does that mean? Either this equipment is dodgy, which it really isn't, or it's just weird.
Hey! Come on! Come on! There.
He's moving out of Bletcham.
What? We just got here.
He's bombing it! Why is he running? Does he know we're here? Vai, pumpkin.
Vai! Ohh! Whoooooyyyyyyy! That's a good pumpkin.
- That's a good pumpkin! - Shh.
Vai! Vai! Come on! Please! Ah, he's going away! Come on! Eve: You guys there? Pull over.
Get Kenny back, and I'll try and call Frank.
- Eve?! How did Oh! Oh, God.
- Yes.
Oh, my God, Eve! - Listen.
- Frank, it's okay.
We just want to talk to you.
You don't need to run from us.
They're chasing me.
No, we're just Wait.
Who is? Help me! Who are you running from, Frank? I should kill myself.
Uh, no! Frank, just breathe, okay? Just calm down and listen to me.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
- This way.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
I give the orders.
Okay? This way.
You okay, pumpkin? Oh, my God! That's very subtle.
Will you have some respect?! Huh?! Frank? Are you there? Speak to me.
Frank, say something.
Where are you? They've got guns.
I'm hiding.
Frank, listen.
We are tracking you, okay? We can find you.
Just, uh, stay quiet.
Uh, yeah.
Yeah? Now what? Say something stupid, and I will shoot you.
Like "you shot Frank bang in the head"? Oksana! She's the ex? Now I have all the reasons to blow her to pieces.
Why is she even here? I was sent to get Nadia.
For what? You gave me my way out of there.
Now I'm giving you your way out of that.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- You are not a pumpkin.
- Shut your mouth! - You are beautiful.
Let me.
I've been wanting to do this for a long time.
I am not a pumpkin.
- Paris? - Yes, Paris.
Florence, Vienna.
Wherever you want to go.
First class.
Everything you deserve.
Check the boot.
I'll start the car.
They're going.
Frank, I need you to move north.
What?! Where is north?! Oh.
Okay, sorry.
I Oh, yes.
Uh, Frank, can you see, like, a phone mast? It looks like a It has, like, a plastic bag on it.
I can see that.
I can get there.
Just stay low and run.
- "Stay low"? - I don't know.
They've come back.
Frank, we are on our way to you now.
You have got to run.
Frank?! Eve, I can't.
I can't.
Do you prefer your other options? Anything? Just clothes and this kite.
Put it in the back.
We can use it on the weekend.
Put it in the back.
Let's get out of here.
Seriously? Guys, the house in Bletcham that called Frank It's already on our system.
Belongs to a woman called Veronica Hill.
She's suspected Russian intelligence.
He is up to his neck in this stuff.
GPS has him 500 yards away.
We have to get to him now, Kenny! Stop at the next gate.
He's gonna have to get to you on foot.
Uh, Frank? Frank! We're at the top of the field.
I don't think you can see us, but, um Oh, Jesus.
Um, just make a run for it and trust that we're here, okay? Frank, are you running, or are you crying? Running and crying.
Aah! - Okay, we're here! Just run for it! - Aah! Oh, God! Frank! Frank! Shit! Frank! Oh, God! Oh, God! They're coming! All right! Elena, get in the back! Come on, Frank! Oh, God, Frank! Aah! Aah.
- Oh, God.
Oh, God.
- Get in the back! Oh, thank you! Oh, thank you.
Eve, go! Go! Eve, please! Oh, my God.
No, no, no.