Killing Eve (2018) s02e07 Episode Script

Wide Awake

1 Aaron Peel? People are being murdered.
What exactly is for sale? It's a weapon.
It's always a weapon.
The Twelve want to buy it.
Everyone wants to buy it.
There's a Pharaday Conference being held in Rome.
You need to make sure that we're there with him.
Not like someone can just swan in in a tight dress.
- Can't they? - Hi, partner! It's a crazy idea.
She murdered Bill.
I'm just so bored.
You're a bully.
We thought we were in trouble.
Do you want to walk with us? I got my date with Aaron.
- Great, let's start.
- I'm not dressed.
I don't care.
Are you okay? I don't know.
Do you want to talk about it? - I really don't.
- You'll feel better if you do.
- Honesty is the best policy.
- Ohh! Two A.
meetings and suddenly you're the expert on honesty? Yeah.
You know those things you said in the meeting? - Which parts? - You said you don't want anything, you don't like anything, that you're bored.
Do you mean it? Hm.
I don't know.
You don't know if you're telling the truth or not? Not really.
You don't feel anything? I feel things when I'm with you.
Thank you for the The sex? - Yeah.
- You're welcome.
I couldn't remember her name.
- Could you tell? - Aaron Peel is going to Rome.
We think that's where the sale is taking place.
Don't be jealous.
You know I'm not with them .
when I'm with them.
Anyone else here? I don't think so.
Definitely not.
I'm going to work.
Read the file this time.
You text Aaron.
Charm his face off and get us to Rome.
Whatever you say, boss.
I booked the whole place.
I don't like eavesdroppers.
I wanted round two to be in private.
You ordered? That's a little presumptuous.
It's the best thing on the menu.
It's only available one week a year.
Are you gonna have it too? No, I won't have anything.
Is it good? It's amazing.
Hi, it's Eve.
Just send me a text when you're finished or otherwise I'll worry you've been murdered or something.
Hi, Villanelle.
Just checking in to make sure everything is okay with Aaron.
I'm sure it is, it's just you know, so I know.
I'm sure you're fine.
I'm stuffed.
Why did you befriend my sister? Because I like her.
You didn't know who she was? You didn't plan this? I'm very rich.
I know what women do for rich men.
I don't like rich men.
- You like money, though.
- Mm.
Doesn't everybody? But you really like it.
Why do you like it so much? I like buying things.
Go on.
I like owning them.
I like looking at them.
You're a collector, then? I guess so.
Of what? All kinds of things.
Things that make me feel something.
I'm going to Rome.
Come with me.
I am not sleeping with you.
I won't sleep with you.
I won't touch you.
Eat up.
Hm? Mm.
Hi, it's Eve.
Just send me a text when you're finished or otherwise I'll worry you've been murdered or something.
Hi, Villanelle.
Just checking in to make sure everything's okay with Aaron.
I'm sure it is, it's just you know, so I know.
I'm sure you're fine.
Just wanted to check in to make sure everything is running smoothly.
Please contact me when you can.
Your little plan seems to be working.
But how did she manage to wangle an invitation to Rome? - I don't know.
- You weren't listening? Not this time, no.
How is she? What's her state of mind? She is excited.
Have you been razzing her up, Eve? Razzing? I'm counting on you to keep her calm.
- I'm trying.
- This is your operation.
It's your responsibility.
- I know.
- She just has to sit still, be quiet, get the buyers' names on tape.
We need to know not just what he's selling but who he's selling to.
Villanelle? Sit still? She will.
She just needs to think that she's in charge.
Well, there's a hotel near to Aaron's palazzo you can stay in.
Er will there be a team with us? I can come.
I can supervise.
I can do it.
Don't forget what she did to Anna.
Well, maybe you do need a bag man.
Take Hugo.
- Oh no, no.
- Who else is there? Jess is too pregnant to fly and you sacked poor Kenny.
He's very upset.
I have to live with him.
We'll be on standby if you're desperate.
Let Villanelle know that the safe word is "gentleman".
I'm running out of good safe words.
Wow! You're a hoarder.
You really don't need to help with this, Gemma, honestly.
But I like helping you.
This was my mother's.
You can keep your stuff at mine, you know, while you find somewhere.
You've done enough, Gemma.
I could always do more.
Eugh! Get a room! - Can I have this? - Sure.
What are you doing here? You always look so annoyed to see me.
Can someone tell me what's happening? Wait, do I recognize you? I see you got what you wanted.
Hm? The sexy maths teacher.
The school party.
Niko what's happening? Oh, I'm waiting.
- For what? - For a thank you.
A thank you? After our conversation in Oxford, it looked like you and Eve had a pretty good time.
Always close the curtains.
You never know what kind of pervert could be outside.
Niko? She is really annoying.
What do you want? - I want a recipe to your shepherd's pie.
- What? The thing with the potatoes and the curry meat.
- I know what shepherd's pie is.
- Eve likes it.
So Come on.
Niko Erm - Onions, carrots - Onions .
peas, mince erm - .
tomato purée, stock - Carrots, peas - .
and some Worcester sauce.
- Worcester sauce, yes! Okay.
See Worcester sauce.
- This wasn't so hard, was it? - No.
Are you gonna leave us alone now? Of course not.
Why don't you sit down? She's certainly effective.
- How's she been with you? - What do you mean? Her behavior.
Any escalation? Increased attention-seeking, recklessness? No, she's good.
How about you? How about me? Any escalation? Increased attention-seeking, recklessness? Oh.
How's the new operation going? Fine.
I said sourdough.
Think you can manage her in Rome, honestly? - Yeah, I think so.
- Rome is crucial, Eve.
She mustn't kill Aaron.
I mean it.
I hate to be strict but she really mustn't kill anyone.
Do you love her? No.
It's better you know now.
Do you love Eve? Do you love Eve? Yes.
- Are you sure? - Of course.
She's my wife.
- So close.
- What? I was so close to letting the both of you go.
You should have chose Gemma.
- Niko - Don't hurt her.
This is nothing to do with her.
But Eve would never forgive me if I hurt you, Niko.
Would she? Eve, uh you forgot your charger.
- Oh, that's not mine.
- Don't go to Rome.
- What? - Just don't.
Trust me.
Get out of it.
The operation I've been switched to Kenny? Do you want chunky peanut butter or smooth? Chunky, please.
Nice to see you, Eve.
Don't you need your charger? Oh, yeah.
See you soon.
- How's packing? - Hm What do we have in here? - What is this? - Mm.
Razor wire? How did that get in there? I will not be needing the pill.
It's a Mic.
You're gonna wear it this time, no arguing.
On Saturday.
Safe word is "gentleman".
- "Gentleman"? - I didn't choose it.
Why do I need a safe word? Because you can't just kill your way out of this.
This is the procedure.
How do I even get "gentleman" into a sentence? Passport, clean phone and money.
I won't need money.
Aaron wants to buy everything for me.
Maybe we're soulmates.
Are you planning something? Because if something happens, you and Eve, you are on your own.
I haven't seen you here before.
Oh, I just got here.
Well, lucky me, then.
What's your name? Um alright, Tommy, leave her alone.
- Please.
- We were just talking.
He's killed three women.
He could kill the shit out of me.
Carolyn didn't mention that you were coming.
- She doesn't know.
- Okay.
What I say in here, it's confidential, right? Yep.
As long as you didn't kill anyone, you should be alright.
So we're putting our asset, the psychopath, undercover for a few days.
It's a high-stress environment with a man who's extremely irritating.
Likely a psychopath, most definitely a control freak.
So I wanted to ask you if there's anything you can think of, anything that might diffuse things if they get out of hand.
Aren't they already? Putting a violent psychopath, possibly two, in a high-risk situation and just hoping for the best? Well, I want her to be safe.
- She can take care of herself.
- No, she can't.
You know, when people come to see me, wanting to talk about someone else, they almost always want to talk about themselves, so - I'm here for work.
- Of course.
How much of the day do you spend thinking about her? Most of it.
- You two in a relationship? - Define relationship.
- Are you having sex? - No.
How are things at home? My husband left me.
Are you behaving differently, doing things you normally wouldn't? Yes.
- Do you feel unsafe? - Yeah.
How else do you feel .
right now? I feel .
wide awake.
I recommended that you be taken off this operation.
I said you were too involved and too compromised.
But my recommendation was ignored.
I'm telling you for your own safety.
Thank you.
I'll bear that in mind.
Be careful.
You don't want to end up in here.
- Give me my passport.
- Mr.
and Mrs.
? - No.
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
Show Billie to her room, Mrs.
Cooped up in a hotel room all day with nothing to do.
How will we pass the time? - Set up everything in here.
- Why's it got to be my room? 'Cause I don't want all this shit in my room.
The bathroom's through there.
Your clothes are in the closet.
What already? How? Uh these aren't my clothes.
- Where is my bag? - You'll get it back.
Okay, well, it has my things in it.
You have everything you need here.
My contraceptive pill? You won't need that while you're here.
Peel has chosen everything for you.
Why don't you try some things on? Maybe she's busy with Aaron.
That's not how she works.
Quite hard to resist, though, with all that cash.
And he's actually not bad-looking.
If she's not wearing it, I'll kill her.
She probably just hasn't had time to put it on yet.
Get the back-up.
- Really? - Yeah.
We need to be able to hear her.
I need to get her a Mic.
Do you? Or do you just want to see her? Rome suits you.
Did you like your things? - I love them.
- You look good.
It took hundreds of hours to make the jacket at the atelier.
What does it feel like? - Uh it feels - Touch it.
Psst! Try the bread.
Thank you.
Stay focused.
We're going home.
I have a meeting.
There's an ice-cream shop on the way.
Try the crema.
And I thought I could watch you eat it.
Can't wait.
- How was she? - Fine.
She's having a great time.
What are you up to, Billie? Hm.
One way or another I'm gonna find ya - One way or another - Yes! I'm gonna win ya Get ya, I'll get ya I knew she wouldn't let me down.
Tune! I'm gonna meet ya, meet ya, meet ya, meet ya One way or another I'm gonna find ya I'm gonna get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya One way or another I'm gonna win ya What have you done? What do you mean? That belt doesn't go with that.
- I like it.
- Well, I don't.
You're ruining it.
Take it off.
Take it off.
Much better.
It has to be perfect.
There's no point if it isn't perfect.
There are some people coming for dinner.
The first of a select few.
- You'll be bored stiff.
- I'll be fine.
You'll be bored.
I'll be bored.
You look like a painting.
You're so still.
Stay there till I come back.
Exactly like that.
Hm? Very good.
Don't move.
Sounds like you've got competition, Eve.
They're both cold-blooded psychopaths.
The perfect match.
Are you gonna buy a hat? She's just doing her job.
Sounds like what? Russian oil money? Telecoms? You texted your mother just before you arrived, just to tell her you love her.
You had a Caprese salad for lunch.
And a secret packet of Haribo Tangfastics are in your car.
You inputted them into one of the many calorie-counting apps I own.
You told your wife yesterday that you had to work late.
In fact, you spent the evening with your boyfriend Gregor at the Hotel David.
You watched two episodes of Gossip Girl together and had sex twice, once at 10:23pm and again this morning.
Gregor will start blackmailing you shortly, by the way, from the looks of his text messages.
- Gregor? - Your areas of vulnerability include your mother, your daughter - not your son - you don't like him, do you? And an old school friend called Philip.
You're self-conscious about the size of your penis.
It's average, if a little on the thin side.
And in fact you're going bald, your wife once thought of poisoning you but she didn't go through with it and you dream of ice skating.
How much do you want? How much do you think it's worth? You'll be able to type in anyone's name, any ex-wife, any minister, any prime minister, and all this information is yours.
So that's Peel's weapon.
- Did we get all that? - Yeah.
I told you you'd be bored.
- Which flavor? - Mm Orange.
I told them to get rid of the orange ones.
I like orange chocolate.
It's disgusting! - Okay.
- Spit it out.
Spit it out! He got a bit weepy in the end, Ivan.
He was frightened.
People often are when they see themselves in zeroes and ones.
I looked you up.
Oh, yeah? Do you know what I found when I typed you in .
"Billie Marie Morgan"? No.
A shadow.
What happened to her profile? I told you to make it watertight.
I don't know! Maybe you shouldn't have fired Kenny.
I know everything about everyone.
I could get into your phone's camera and watch you sleep.
You're the only person in the world I know nothing about.
Nothing real.
A void.
That's me.
I thought so.
Me too.
Do you ever get lonely? Never.
I'm with people all the time.
I know things about them even their closest friends don't.
You don't want to talk to them .
touch them, sleep with them? God, no.
- Do you? - Yeah! I do all the time.
Do you think we need to call Carolyn? No, Villanelle's handling it.
I'm not worried about her, I'm worried about us.
They have got a bit cozy, you have to admit.
She's working for us, Hugo.
Are you sure? Yeah.
Well, it sounds like they've gone.
- I'm going to bed.
- Fine, I'll stay up.
- Seriously? - Uh.
Can you at least put the earpiece in? Oh, and don't watch me while I'm changing.
I know what you're like.
What are you doing? Are you going to listen all night? Are you having fun in Rome? You should let yourself go once in a while.
I can help you.
What are you doing? Okay.
I thought you'd never ask.
Don't talk.
Did you sleep well? Hey.
Well that was a surprise.
- But I actually had a great time.
- I really don't need to talk about it.
Oh, I think we do.
Just go get us some coffee.
We've got work to do.
There should be some more buyers today.
She just needs to hang in there.
I'll go get some coffee, then, shall I? Great.
Oh, and thanks for the threesome.