Killjoys (2015) s05e07 Episode Script

Cherchez La Bitch

1 Previously, on "Killjoys" Hi.
I'm Calvert.
If you want to save Pree, I want you to swap this for his ID badge.
If you can help me do this cleanly, I can get you both out of the Quad.
- There he is! - Move, move! Run! Welcome to the party.
This ship is ours.
They're Qreshi.
Could be a rescue team.
That's a rescue team? Then why did he just plant a fusion bomb that could take out half this ship? Let's get those Qreshi pricks.
It's Johnny.
He sent a message.
"Herks" has been hijacked.
Qreshis trying to blow up the ship.
There's an Orbiter Class cruiser ship approaching at high speed.
It's the "Armada.
" Warden, what did you do with those fusion bombs? The "Herks.
" It's gone.
Broadcasting cloak is stable.
We are undetectable.
Before she went offline, Lucy told me something.
The hatchlings are clones, so if we find the lady's real body Then you put the rest of the species on the endangered list.
Nice view, if you're into stars.
I don't hate them.
So you think it worked? She bought the explosion? They haven't found us or shot at us, so I'm taking that as a good sign.
Maybe we're actually free.
Maybe we could just go, you know? This is probably our last chance.
There are other homes and other moons.
Maybe we let someone else take this fight.
Next time.
Tap my heart.
I'll hold you to that.
So, we have a ship, a head start, a warden who trusts us Ish.
What's next? We hope Zeph got our message and will be ready when we are.
- I am a poor Wayfaring stranger - Shut up! - You shut up.
You know how many people would kill for a free concert from me? [BOTH GASPING.]
Ah, got something.
Is it scurvy? I think I have scurvy.
Come on, baby girl.
No stopping.
We could still have a tail on us from Old Town.
Don't care.
I'm out of walks.
My walker's broken.
Agh! Why does my foot have a heartbeat? Agh! Turin's safe house is just a few more well, 20 miles, and more like a tent, really.
Leave me.
Safe yourself.
I had a good run.
There was sex and dairy and science.
Go! Be free, you beautiful space butterfly.
Oh, Lord, you're delirious.
Okay, come on.
Hop on pop.
But this is not some "Westie needs - to carry the Leithian" bullshit.
- No.
Or a "woman needs a man" thing.
Pree Can it just be "this nerd needs a hug from a warlord" thing? Yeah, I'm good with that.
Come on.
There you go.
All right.
- Pree? - Uh-huh? If we die on the way, don't tell me.
Okay, my fragile little ballerina princess.
Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh, ooh [EERIE MUSIC.]
Are you done grieving yet? Would you like a snack? Yes or no? Leave me be.
You're boring when you're sad.
Everyone's boring when they're sad.
Well, fix it.
I have things to do.
You have to help me.
I was never helping you.
I was helping Yala.
I don't care anymore.
Do you know how many times I watched your daughters cheat death in your memories? I've sped up my timeline, just to be safe.
As of today, no one on Westerley does anything but work day and night in the factories.
Isn't that clever? No.
Humans aren't machines.
They'll just work themselves to death.
Not for long.
At this pace, the air will be toxic ahead of schedule.
Everyone and everything on Westerley will be dead in eight days.
Oh, but that's fine, because you don't care anymore.
All right, we're back on "Mission: Kill the Lady in the Face.
" I'm looking at this scan of the hatchlings, and I think that Dutch is right.
Thank you.
About what? Well, that the hatchlings are clones of the Lady's full-grown body.
This is a biosim of the one that Dutch stole.
They should look something like this.
That is one ugly-ass baby.
Yeah, just like his mother, I'm guessing.
Speaking of, I hooked Newcy up to the ship's system, and we ret-engineered what a full-grown version of one of these buggers might look like.
- And? - It's gonna be big.
Really big, but just like the babies, mama can't survive for shit in our atmo.
So she's a spider in a box, too.
Ah, like the world's skankiest present.
See, I'd want my real body close to me, surrounded by my own guards in a location that no one can easily penetrate.
The "Armada.
" We can nuke it from orbit.
We're not winning a ballistics fight with an "Armada.
" No.
The only way we're gonna know that she's dead is if we sneak on there and actually watch her die.
What are we gonna do, run around knocking on doors? [DULL VOICE.]
"Uh, hi.
Pardon the interruption.
Have you seen the Lady so we can kill her in the face?" Well, everything sounds stupid when you put on a stupid voice.
There has to be a way to remote-locate her real body on the "Armada.
" Great.
Over to me.
Guess I'll go solve the impossible.
Must be Tuesday.
It's actually Friday.
Nobody's home, and the maid is fired.
Company rations? You'd think they'd have better food in a safe house.
I'm feeling attacked by these meat bars.
How can you be so chipper when the sky is falling? [SCOFFS.]
Because it's still such a pretty blue.
I've lived longer, in more worlds.
I have seen shit, done shit, caused shit, but I refuse to eat shit, spending my possible last days afraid of some alien Lady bitch with a bad case of PMS? Puh-lease.
We'll get through this, soon as you think of a plan.
- Me? - Mm, you're the smart one.
I'm just the eye candy.
Well, spoiler alert: my last brilliant idea got Fancy abducted and the rebellion busted before we even got a real start.
What if Turin didn't get the evac message in time? What if the Lady's people got him, too? What if we're the only resistance left? Your brainy brawn, my brawny brain? My money's still on us.
- [SIGHS.]
- Oh! - Hey, assholes.
Knock, knock.
Turin! Oh, gods.
We hug now? - We weren't sure you'd get out.
- I almost didn't.
Cut through a factory on my way out.
Stopped in, picked you up a little housewarming troll.
- Oh, bag of shit tits! [LAUGHS.]
What is it? Uh, it's a hatchling box.
I saw Dutch toast one of those.
Yeah, well, looks like she missed some in her Dutch oven.
There were trucks full of these, ready to move.
- Whoa! It's alive? Why would you bring that here, you sicko? So Zeph can make friends with it, teach it our human ways, find some common ground for peace.
So Zeph can study it, genius.
Tear it apart.
Find out how it works.
Defenses, weaknesses, all of it.
Know thy enemy.
Oh, do we have to? Yes, especially when your enemy is some alien dickhead body-jumper bent on your entire species' annihilation.
We are gonna have one shot to do this right.
We need to know how to kill her.
We need to open the box.
Are you insane? How do you remote-map an alien ship? I'm glad you asked.
By bouncing a low-level wireless signal through it to build a 3-D holo map and beam it back to us.
How? You need some sort of receiver on board the ship.
Got one.
A Newcy's physical form is still parked on the mothership where we left her.
It's just a bunch of inert hardware now, but that's all I need.
I just have to send her instructions embedded in a signal form that won't be suspicious.
- Radio waves? - Micro.
Just look like basic CMB if they notice it.
you want my systems.
Oh, I've been all up in your systems, thank you.
We can't send it from here.
We can't take that chance.
But there is a satellite on Leith with enough range.
It's just on a military base.
What do you want, Killjoy? An escape pod, your undying support, and a few prisoners.
Contender number one: Meet Bodie.
Bodie was a fourth-rank private.
He likes warm walks on cold beaches, the blood of his enemies, and cake.
Oh, no, wait a minute.
- Cannibal.
- Oh, damn.
Wait, like, good people, or, you know, bad people? Eh, just people in general, really.
Lots of people.
I'm, uh I'm better now.
We're gonna pass.
Eh, I get it.
It's fair.
Which leaves us with Distinguished marksman award, 12 years' service, mech division.
- Never touch my pudding! - [STRAINING.]
- Oh, hey, guys.
- What's up? - She's military? She's the only ranking Leithian on the ship.
If this was just a regular mission, we could wing it with D'av, but with these stakes and no time to prep? We gotta fit in.
How'd you like a day pass? It's a need-to-know operation.
I don't even care! You guys are the best for breaking me out! Ah, trees! Look at them! Oh, and grass! [SIGHS.]
Do you remember grass? - Is she okay? - Hey! [SNAPPING.]
Tree-humper, stop scissoring nature and focus.
We didn't bust you out.
You're on a mission.
And if you cock it up, we will fry you with Rennika's brain chip.
Can you get us inside the base or not, Lieutenant? - Yes, sir.
- Good.
Take point.
If anyone IDs us in there, we are toast.
We'll lose our only tactical advantage with the Lady, so if shit goes wrong, use any force necessary to get us out.
Agreed? BOTH: Agreed.
Okay, I'm less agreed now.
What the shit is this? "This three-tier communications base proudly offers you the best in cutting-edge Mili-tainment?" Is this a base or a goddamn theme park? Both.
We're not, like, a well-funded army.
Qresh cuts our balls off every year with sanctions so we don't get any big ideas, so tourism pays the bills.
Militainment is huge.
I hate every word you just said.
Easy, soldier.
The mission stays the same, right? We get in there, send the signal, and get out.
So we can't get caught, 'cause we can't even shoot our way out now.
How are we supposed to fit in with happy, normal people? This might be our greatest undercover challenge yet.
War! War! War! The biggest bombs take the biggest balls! Test yours in our new VF defusing sim in the west atrium.
I feel like somebody took everything I believed in - and peed on it.
Okay, talked to the door greeter.
Lovely woman.
We have free passes to the laser show tonight, and it sounds like the lower levels are off-limits to civilians.
Strictly military personnel.
That's where your tech'll be, then, makes sense.
In what way does any of this make any sense? Try living it.
Why do you think I turned to crime? Because you have the morals of a small braised cabbage.
- Hm.
- Okay, John, go with Calvert.
Do your thing.
Dutch and I will watch your exits.
- Good? - Good.
- Come on.
- Mm.
Why braised? I mean, I'm not angry.
I'm just hungry now.
On my signal.
I'm sorry.
You want me to what? Okay, just run it for us again.
We can't risk this thing escaping, but I need to get a good look at it, so you guys hold it steady, I'll drill a hole in the top, drop the surgical camera inside, - you seal it up.
- Okay.
- Oh! No.
And hell no, and then no again.
- What if the box cracks? - We scream and run and die.
- God damn it.
Next time, I make the plans.
- What are you doing? - Getting my boot ready in case we have to stomp the shitty bitch.
Let's get this over with.
Okay, we do this on three.
Ready? One, two No, wait! If this thing gets out and jumps on my face, - I want you to - Mercy kill you.
- Fight for me! - Yes, okay.
That too.
- Okay, ready? - Mm-hmm.
Let's do some science.
- He didn't like it! - I don't like it! - Okay, I'm in! I'm in, I'm in, I'm in! - [YELLS.]
Dropping the camera! [RETCHING.]
There it goes! Seal it up! - [SCREAMS.]
- Seal it! Seal it! [ALL PANTING.]
Did it work? - What? - Nothing.
Just scream a lot for a warlord.
It's warlord, not bug lord.
Okay, I do hate this war-tainment shit, but look at all these happy, goofy bastards.
Must be nice to live in a world so safe, they barely have an army.
- Hi.
- Hi.
What's your presentation? Uh Oh.
The tour.
- Uh - We're not, um We're just - The tour's starting.
- Oh.
- We're closed.
- They're starting.
- They're just getting started.
- You know what? Uh Take it away, Lieutenant.
No, no, no, no.
Over to you Chief.
Not really a thing.
Okay, Leith history.
Topic close to my heart and of which I am very well informed.
Okay, recording.
We have a live visual.
What the hells we looking at? Uh Is that is that upside-down, or No, I think I see a a fin? A face.
A fin-face? Wait, is that its ass, or its mouth? Ugh, it's alien.
Maybe its ass is its mouth.
Oh, good.
We know what its shitter looks like.
- Victory is ours.
- [SIGHS.]
Hold on.
What happened? Did it break the camera? I think it ate it.
- Well, what the hells now? - Shh.
Be patient.
There's gotta be at least one good, clear frame in here.
As you do Aha! Sorta.
Superior species, my ass.
That's some kind of octopus-spider shithead.
What? I-I've seen it before.
When Dutch was in the hatchery? No, no, no.
Before, before.
- Where? - I don't know! Company records, or old RAC research files.
Okay, good.
This is good.
So do an image search through all the old files.
- Let's find out what we're fighting.
- We can't from here.
The Lady's blocked everything to protect the delusion.
We can't have access to that without a hacked direct line.
Like the one in your lab.
We have to go back to Old Town.
Remember the salute if we see anyone.
Is that the head tap or the overly complicated handshake? - What is with you people? - I don't know! Less wars you have, the more time you have for fancy traditions that make you feel important.
You should see our parades.
Do you guys have clearance for this area? [GRUNTS.]
Do you outrank me, son? Because I don't think you outrank me.
- No, ma'am.
- Winter salute! [MILITARISTIC MUSIC.]
Tuck in your shirt.
Now go outside and run the pretzel formation till I come for you.
Real soldiers have work to do.
Yes, ma'am.
Forgot my anger meds.
Come on.
I think that bought us 20 minutes.
Now I've got blisters on my blisters.
We do this and get out.
There's still heat on us here.
Once we get to the lab, we're gonna go find Gared.
This little rebellion is short-staffed as shit.
Time to find my baby.
Uh Where did everybody go? [EERIE MUSIC.]
Okay, really need to fear-pee now.
I may join you in that.
- Zeph, you carrying? - Shit.
Then be a lamb and find some cover.
You go for the lab.
I'm going for Gared.
Make sure he's not still here somewhere.
- Ready? - What? - Wait, no! - Run! It's a goddamn kill squad.
Go, go, go! [GUNFIRE.]
Well, good news is the Lady's dummies didn't even know what to smash.
All right.
I'll never make coffee again, but my computer rig is still alive.
Okay, I'm in.
This may take a while.
Kind of wish we had that coffee.
Still clear, but I'd hurry up.
Well, hello, beautiful.
Let's get our sat tech on.
Okay, Nuce.
When you're done, let me know, and I'll let her rip.
Beginning upload.
Stand by.
What happens if this doesn't work? You get fired or something? Eh, major, major demotion - for all of us.
- There's a lot of talk about you back on the prison, you know.
About my blue eyes and startling wit? About the fact that there's something bigger going on that you're not telling us.
I'm not actually crazy or stupid, you know.
- I know.
It's just - Need-to-know.
Yeah, I get it.
Eight years in a prison cell, you get used to not being treated like a whole person.
Okay, don't do that.
I've seen your file.
What about your file? What you need to know right now is that we're the good guys, okay? Tap your heart on that, Killjoy? Within the limit of my authority, yeah.
I do.
John, I've finished inputting the embedded data.
You may stream it now.
Here goes Everything.
The Qreshi pilot shot first.
Pew! Pew! Pew! Bartholeon was down.
- She crashed into the fields and was never seen again.
But her ship proved first contact with these verdant, fertile lands, and gave us right of occupation.
And that is why, to this day, we remember this battle.
Thank you.
- Yes? There's no such thing as Bartholeon.
- Yeah, there is.
Shut up.
- Excuse me? Were you around during the first colonies? No, but books were.
Everything you said - it's all wrong.
- You're wrong, you farmer.
Go back to your farm.
Is that racist? - No, you're good.
- Good.
And we're done.
Slowly put down those weapons and show me your IDs.
We've had complaints.
All part of the act, kids.
It's fine.
We quit.
On your knees.
Hey, hey! Is that any way to talk to an officer? - Yeah, you, too.
- Right.
I hope you have a salute for this one.
Oh, man.
- Pree! - [GASPING.]
I was so worried.
I thought you'd be long gone.
Where did you go? I was You shaved everything.
Well, not everything.
Uh, undercover warrant.
Long story.
Need to be incog-Pree-to for a wee bit.
- It suits you.
- Everything suits me.
Only thought it was fair to give you the beard.
Okay, now just we gotta get going.
Now, now, I'm getting us out of here, stat.
We need food, meds, and whatever essentials you can pack.
I don't know how long we'll be gone.
And what the hells happened to Old Town? I don't know.
It's crazy, right? It's like a a switch was thrown.
Suddenly, the whole town started emptying out.
Everyone headed to the factories, I think.
- No one's come back yet.
- Everyone? But not you? Uh, yeah, yeah.
I think I'm the only one left.
Well, I'm sure Turin and Zeph can help us - figure that shit out.
- Good, good, yeah.
They're the ones with brains for this this mission stuff.
- True.
But my Gared wouldn't remember that, so who the hell are you? Who am I even talking to, you or the Lady? It's me.
- Knock it off.
- Put your hands up.
- No.
- Gared.
I'm not doing it, Pree.
Get that gun out of my face! You're either awake, a mole, or both.
I'm awake, okay? How long have you been lying to me? Well, not as long as you've been lying to me.
Well, this went super to plan.
Johnny, head down.
- That's it.
Lower, lower.
Harder, Johnny.
- Yeah, well done.
That's it.
- Oh, yeah.
That's it.
Okay, what are you guys doing? Getting the razor blade from my ankle.
What do you think we're doing? Use it to cut your ties, Johnny.
Okay, I'll try.
Ready? [GRUNTS.]
Got it.
Look, we're just a bunch of officers from downstairs blowing off steam, messing with the tourists.
Officers with no ID who don't know how and when to salute.
We're from Qresh.
We're doing a spot check.
You failed.
I'm terrified.
I'm gonna get the retinal scanner, ID you myself.
Stay comfy.
All right.
This is why we just need to shoot people.
At least he thinks that we're just prankster assholes so far.
Yeah, well, luck is running out.
Calvert's AWOL, and she's definitely not coming back.
And if she gets caught, then everyone knows that that prison ship has survivors.
- Go.
We'll handle this.
Go and get Calvert before she ruins everything.
- What are you doing? - Multitasking.
Gas spectron of what's inside the box, accurate to ten microns.
Should pick up any leaking vapor.
Where'd you learn all this shit, anyway? [SCOFFS.]
At the, uh, school for weird girls with big brains.
Self-taught, initially.
Hold this.
My family thinks women shouldn't read.
Puts too many thoughts in their tiny heads, stops them from hearing God.
I disagreed.
Little higher.
So what'd you do? Ran away to a Scarback monastery, got an education, joined Killjoys, found a better family, all because I didn't believe dogma over the empirical evidence that I'm in fact smart as shit.
I know I seem cocky at times, but it's not ego.
It's survival.
All right, smart shit, what do we got? - [BEEPING.]
- No match found.
What? No, that doesn't make any sense.
I know I've seen that thing before.
I know I have.
I'm right about this.
- Nice shot.
- Thanks.
- I just killed someone.
- Hey, he started it.
New plan: running away.
Gotta hurry.
- Turin - Pack your shit up.
Once the goggle gang finds us, the others won't be far behind.
Turin, don't move.
How long can these little buggers live in our air? - [CLATTERING.]
I saw its butthole, not its lung-hole.
- Oh! - How is it moving so fast? It has eight legs! Eight! Can it see us? I don't know.
Maybe sonar, like a bat.
Will it eat us? Probably, but it'll take a while.
Science hour's over.
Okay, we'll make for the exit in three.
You take the hatch.
- I'll cover.
Ready? - Okay.
- Yeah.
- Okay! Go, go, go, go! Shit! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
If that's the baby, I do not want to meet its mother.
- [THUD.]
We gotta find Pree.
Let's go.
Pro tip: maybe don't try the ole "sneak away" with a tracker in your noggin.
Oh, and good luck stealing our surface pods.
I can find my own way home, thanks.
Is that way through me? 'Cause that's what it's gonna take.
You know, I thought that we had a breakthrough back there, started to trust each other, but the first chance you get, you shiv us in the back.
- Take the girl out of prison - I'm not going back.
You talk a lot.
Yeah, maybe you should listen.
You're putting everyone at risk.
I don't care about everyone.
You don't care about anyone, 'cause you're a sociopath.
You don't get to say that.
That is a terrible word, and it isn't true.
Did you read that in my file? - No, I j - Because they put that shit in there to say that you're broken, so they can wash their hands of you and not help, but it isn't me.
It's not who I am.
Okay, I'm sorry.
If I was a sociopath, do you think I'd care about my kid? Care enough to give her up? Care so much that Coren Jeers Is that what Coren had over you for the Sparlow job? I'm never gonna stop running home to my girl, so you can either kill me or let me go, Killjoy.
I need to show you something.
How much longer till they can't breathe down there? I think a couple more weeks.
I can't let you go home right now, Calvert.
People will recognize you, and once word gets out that the prison ship has survivors, she'll come for my team, and she'll win, and then none of us will have a home to go back to, 'cause if we don't stop her on Westerley, she's coming for Leith next.
What's your daughter's name? Harper.
She's ten.
I haven't seen her in eight years.
All I need is two more weeks.
Give us a chance to fight, and then I will bring you back here myself and I'll tell your kid that her mother helped save the damn world.
Oh, happy day.
Last of my ammo.
Maybe there aren't many more left.
Or it's a death squad jamboree.
Look, no pressure, but we need a plan, 'cause if we die here, it's all over.
We may've just destroy the universe, et cetera.
Well, don't look at me.
I've whiffed the ball every step.
Pip, Fancy Now Dutch and the boys are gonna come here, expecting I did my part, and I'm gonna fail them, too.
You were right.
I'm better off in the lab than the field.
And I said this when? When we first met.
You were a shithead to me.
I'm a shithead to everyone.
It's my brand.
Don't be so fragile.
No one asked you to put the world on your shoulders.
Don't volunteer.
I don't know how to do this.
I don't know how to save everyone.
We don't get to save everyone, so we gotta be smart about who we do save.
Look, forget what I said about you.
Forget about your shitty family, or what Dutch needs.
You're the good stuff, Zeph.
You're the best stuff we got.
So trust your gut, - and watch your head.
- What? No! I'm gonna lead these bug bastards west.
Once you break this down, it should be safe out here.
- Turin, please! - Get to the "Royale.
" Use the tunnels.
I'll join you if I can.
I'll see you around, kid.
How is it that me and Johnny can do this so much faster? Can we please not talk about my brother while we're rubbing asses? [SIGHS.]
Oh, that's your line? Yes.
"Johnny" is my safe word.
Okay, hang on.
I think we're close.
Yeah, I've been close since we started.
Five more minutes, I'm gonna get one of us pregnant.
- Damn it.
- [SIGHS.]
We'll never live this down if Johnny has to come and save us.
Hey, uh, Johnny told me about your Killjoy sabbatical idea.
Are you really okay with that? Yeah.
D'avin, are you trying to use restraints so I can talk about my feelings? Why? Is that not sexy? [TENDER MUSIC.]
I'm worried about Johnny leaving.
Why? Because it's never been just, you know, the two of us for that long.
Johnny's always been there, connecting us, like our giant asshole child.
Okay, so So, if the war ends, Johnny leaves Do you want me to stay? Do you want to stay? [DOOR OPENS.]
Do I have to do everything for you two? Don't turn this.
You sold everyone out.
Because you're acting like idiots, running around with badges and guns like superheroes.
- Oh - Pree, do the math.
This isn't a war.
It's Armageddon.
Dutch isn't coming back, and we aren't gonna win.
I had a chance to save you, and I took it.
I wouldn't've had to if you woke me up.
I told you, I didn't want you getting hurt.
So you left me as some kind of rat in her maze? Oh, it wasn't like that.
I didn't just throw You never trust me with anything.
It's embarrassing.
Pree, look at me.
Huh? Look at this.
I can handle myself.
But I can't handle losing you.
Despite what my regime and melanin may tell you, I'm not a child any longer.
A man gets to a point in his life where it's not about building anymore.
It's about protecting what you have.
This is the best thing I will ever have.
Then stop shutting me out.
I can't be your partner unless I'm your equal.
Mm, equal is a bit ambitious.
Have you met me? [LAUGHS, SNORTS.]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I messed everything up.
How do we fix it? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
I saw her go this way! No! Down here! [MUTTERING RAPIDLY UNDER BREATH.]
Oh, shit.
I remember.
I know where I've seen her, you assholes! [DARK SYNTH MUSIC.]
Zeph, we need to go.
Yes, thank you, please.
Did you lose the escape pod? - A million percent.
- [SIGHS.]
Hey, Johnny, what's wrong? Oh, nothing.
I just thought that we'd start getting the mapping data back by now.
- Is something wrong with - [SHIP WHOOSHING.]
Your ship! [MAJESTIC MUSIC.]
What the hells? Lucy? How'd she get off the mothership? Permission to rescue your asses? - Is that Fancy? - I don't care who it is.
Permission granted.
Fancy Asshole Lee.
Happy to see me? Yeah, but you're never gonna prove it.
You're alive.
Turin and Pree are still in Old Town.
We have to go back for them.
We'll go back for everyone, I promise.
- Anybody home? - Yes, John.
What are we celebrating? Our reunion.
Lucy, is that really you? Your full memory, your full files? How? When you uploaded Newcy, she sent a trigger directive for me to enact any dormant backup protocols I had offline.
Well, I guess she knows you pretty well.
She's our baby, John.
- Well, no.
- We had a baby.
Okay [LAUGHS.]
All right, enough.
Just tell me, did my crazy mapping idea work? Have I ever let you down? No.
She has your eyes.
The "Herks" has responded.
We have permission to dock.
While she was mapping your ship and reading the files, Lucy found me in the prison log and led me out, but what you're looking for is here.
So that's where the Lady's real body is.
The data says yes.
We know exactly where to attack her.
Because I know who can tell us how to kill her.