Killjoys (2015) s05e09 Episode Script

Terraformance Anxiety

1 Previously on "Killjoys" - Hi.
- Hi.
I present Sylas and Evi Robbel of Land Robbel, primary benefactors of this prison.
Here we go.
D'avin Jaqobis, experienced prison fighter.
- Pass.
- What? - [GASPS.]
- What? - What, did you see it? - It's my dad.
- He's in trouble.
- You tell me how I can find the others, and I promise you a quick death.
You're giving up that easy, Kin Rit? Dutch would skin your ass for it.
Yala's dead.
Never sticks, family trait.
Do you want me to stay? So you love Dutch.
Figure of speech.
So how long can these hatchlings survive on Westerley's surface? Long enough to scare the shit out of you.
We need to prep for a ground fight.
- You sold everyone out.
- I had a chance to save you, and I took it.
You still miss them? Your daughters? Yes, they were the stars I followed.
I could give you more than they ever could.
I will give you a galaxy.
Hurry up, Von! That's the last one.
Holy shit! Just keep moving! - Move, move! - Go, go, go, go! - Go, go! - Move it! So it ends.
And so it begins.
We need to talk about what you promised.
- What I promised? - Yes.
I believe your exact words were, "I will give you a galaxy.
" That was what you call a figure of speech.
I will have a galaxy, so you will have a galaxy.
I didn't take it that way.
But my needs are much smaller than that.
Give me a planet, just one.
Say Qresh.
- Qresh? - Mm-hmm.
Why? Nice to have my old home again, I suppose.
Humans are sentimental like that.
If you love Qresh so much, why don't you marry it? What was that? - Nothing.
- Ah.
You can have Qresh for now, but if this doesn't work, Khlyen, I will be starting over in another system, and I won't leave anything behind.
Not even Qresh.
Understood, but why wouldn't it work? Are you nervous? I do not get nervous.
You're on the cusp of achieving everything you've worked towards for centuries.
Apprehension isn't surprising.
It's Human? You guys want to call ahead to the Armada, get 'em to run me a nice bath? I could use a nice soak before the next round of beatings.
Whoa, whoa, innocent victim here! Victim, maybe, but I've seen your sexer bills, Turin.
I'd hardly call you innocent.
Never thought I'd be so happy to see a couple of bartenders.
They really beat you up.
Nothing gets by this one, huh? - Here.
We've been scouting out the lab you were in for days.
If I was Dutch, you'd give me a medal.
If you were Dutch, you'd be dead along with the rest of Team Awesome Force.
- Dead? How? - Later.
For now, let's get to the Black Root ship these assholes came in on so we can get off this pissant moon.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
We can't just abandon Old Town.
We need to get our people out of those factories and avenge Dutch's death.
Uh, Pree? Well, that's convenient.
So why doesn't this feel like a good thing? D'av and Johnny have been training teams from the "Herks" to sabotage, infiltrate, and get out fast and quiet.
The Lady won't know what's hit her.
How many? Well, so far, we have 12 teams.
12 teams, 200 factories.
I'd say you need to train faster.
But what if just had to take out one? Tell him.
No, you tell him.
You figured it out.
Yeah, you found all the raw data, so Yeah, but you finessed it, which is really more of the Hey, guys, I have a really fun game.
The first one who starts talking doesn't get punched in the face.
That does sound like a fun game.
Okay, so nine days ago, the people of Old Town were put on 24-hour shifts.
Why? Go ahead.
Tell 'em.
We assume it was to maximize output, which would also explain why the Lady slaved all the factories to the main Old Town plant.
It gives her complete control.
And us one big fat target.
We hit one factory, we shut them all down.
Exactly, and no one gets punched in the face.
Now, that sounds like a plan.
We need a pretty big bomb to hit that factory with.
There's no way the "Herks" has that kind of firepower.
She also doesn't usually receive unannounced guests.
Prison ship, Killjoys? It's just a bit on the nose, don't you think? Delle Seyah? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Hello, sister.
It's been a while.
Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh, ooh We tried to get you out, but the Lady got out instead.
I'm sorry, that's when things got complicated.
I know.
It's all right.
How did Jaq even know where we were? Our son has many gifts, unlike his father.
Now, take us to Qresh so I can reclaim my place as Head of the Nine, gather the armed forces, and start a proper war with the Lady.
So, what, we're all on the same team now? 'Cause I might have a problem with that.
- Oh, spare me.
- Don't they think that you're dead? [SCOFFS.]
We don't have time for that.
We need to save Westerley now.
That dirt moon? Why? - Dutch - Because that dirt moon is our home.
I think we should go to Qresh.
- What? - Oh, see? Even a Jaqobis can see reason eventually.
Not for you, for us.
We know people who might have what we need.
Come on, Zephyr, tell me you still have a link.
Come on.
Come on.
Pree? You're alive! And kicking up all the fuss, honey bunch.
Uh, but not everyone made it.
Oh, no.
Turin? No such luck, sweetheart.
Gared? Yo.
- [SIGHS.]
- It's Dutch, D'avin, and Johnny.
- We think they're dead.
- Oh.
But when this is done, - I swear I will tear that Lady bitch - Oh, no - another asshole - Pree - Pree? - For every one of them she killed.
You would do that for me? Johnny! Turin said you were dead.
Wishful thinking.
What about your brother and Dutch? All alive and kicking.
Sorry to disappoint, Grumplestilskin.
Uh, we have a problem.
Well, a bunch of them, actually.
Everyone's back in Old Town, and they were told they didn't need to come back into work, ever.
If Westerley's air is already at the tipping point, it means we're too late.
No, no, if Turin has enough air to bust my balls, there's enough air in the atmosphere to reverse the process.
We have a plan to take down the factory.
We have plans? Oh, I love plans.
It's risky, but we got volunteers up here to make it work.
And I'll need some readings from my weather station to see what's changed in the air quality.
Go out into the air to tell you how bad the air is.
- Lucky us.
- Hey, Turin, if it makes you feel any better, the weather's done wonders for your hair.
You would kill for a mane like this.
All the units have been unloaded, and the accelerant's being dispersed.
I want all reports from Old Town as soon as they come in.
Yes, ma'am, but there's something I think you need to see first.
We're getting an unidentified signal from this planet, beamed directly at us.
Do we have forces that far out? No, ma'am, we don't.
Send a jump ship to investigate.
And in the meantime, keep your focus on Old Town and the children.
- - Seriously, Pree, I want to help Johnny.
Honey bear, you don't have to do this.
What I did for that sexy Khlyen bastard almost got people killed.
My friends, you.
So yeah, I think I do.
Oh, but, Gared, if this goes bad, I don't know if I can come and save you.
Maybe it's my turn to do the saving.
Oh, I could get used to that.
Let's get right to it.
We need military ordnance.
Specifically guided missiles, air-to-surface, heavy payload.
What would make you think that we would have anything like that? Because the Robbel clan is known for two things: being a bunch of grasping little parvenus Why, thank you.
And for being perfectly happy selling weapons to anybody with as much joy and few scruples as possible.
How much do you have to spend? We're a bit short on joy right now.
Well, there are other ways we could make this happen.
We should talk about the big one.
- The big one.
- The arms.
- Definitely him.
- Mm-hmm.
Definitely him what? For Landsunion.
Evi's had her filthy little eyes on you for some time now, and, truth be told, so have I.
So who do you prefer? What the hells are they talking about? Oh, just the oldest Qreshi custom there is.
They're asking which of them you would like to marry, Jaqobis.
Never thought I'd ever say this, but I think Gared was the smart one for getting out of Old Town when he could.
Oh, hush.
We get Zeph any new info on the weather, they blow up the factory, and everything goes back to normal.
Everything goes back to normal, I think I might just stick with this whole drug dealer thing.
A lot less stressful than running the RAC.
Tell me about it.
Well, that's certainly something new.
Yep, Gared was the smart one.
We should get moving now.
What kind of weapon is this? It's not a weapon.
Though according to Johnny, my pottery is a crime against humanity.
Look, I, uh I need your help with these Qreshis.
Kendry says if I reveal myself too soon as the heir to the Tenth Family, things on Qresh could get a little stabby.
I can tell you a secret.
I know what the Lady wants.
Jaq's body.
We know that.
No, no, someone else.
Someone who knows Hullen physiology.
And who has she spent more time with than any other human? Khlyen.
That's why she brought him back.
To make sure the transfer with Jaq holds.
And once she has his abilities There's no way of stopping her.
That's why we have to rescue Papa.
I don't even know whose side he's on anymore.
Papa always fights for his family, for his home.
And we have to do the same.
Qresh was never my home, and after all this time, how is it still yours? It's where I was born.
The Kin Rits were the first of the Ten.
We chose which families ruled and which families served, and after all this time, I'm ready for it.
Ready to go home and take my rightful place.
I think I know how you can help.
You can't marry Jaqobis.
He has no lands, no titles.
I'm not entirely sure he can read.
Seyah Kendry, marriage isn't always just about lands and titles.
It can be about loftier things.
Like banging.
Lots and lots [SLAP.]
of banging.
Okay, as soon as this evil bitch is done with Westerley, she's gonna come right for Qresh, and there won't be any more banging.
If she's such a threat, why should we give you the things we might need to defend ourselves? Because this is about more than just fighting for yourselves.
This is about taking a stand.
This And because if you give us all the missiles and guns you can spare, Delle Seyah Kendry will make the Land Robbel a member of the Nine.
She will? Oh, no, she will not.
Our mutual friend has already agreed to it.
Go and ask her.
Give my friends that which they require, and I, Delle Seyah Kendry of Land Kendry, will offer Land Robbel a seat at the Council of Nine [BOTH MOANING SOFTLY.]
I think my speech might have worked.
We get to the bar, get this info to Zeph, and have a nice drink or five.
Less talking, more walking.
Did you hear that? Hey! Pree? Oh, man, am I glad to see you.
This fog is, like, crazy, huh? [CHUCKLES.]
Oh, it's me, Carl.
Who? I work with Gared.
Come on, I play Wompball with you guys every weekend.
You stole my tablet.
All right, whatever.
You can come back with us to the bar.
Great! Man, I feel a lot safer with you guys than - [SCREAMING.]
- Oh! Carl? [TENSE MUSIC.]
Well, shit.
Missiles are loaded.
We have to get back.
You okay to go with the Robbels? Well, they do give good grovel.
I'd forgotten how much I missed that.
Did, um did Jaq say anything about me? - Like what? - I don't know.
The last time I saw him, I didn't even know who he was.
I guess I wouldn't blame him if he hated me.
We are here because he insisted we save you.
So no, he doesn't hate you.
I don't think he cared much for that cube we left him in, but that was Aneela's idea.
It's not like I could ever change her mind.
Yeah, I know the feeling.
Oh, Gods, Jaqobis, take that hair shirt off.
- It's not a good look for you.
- It's not that.
It's you.
You seem different.
It's been a long journey, but at the end of it was Aneela.
And when you've got someone like that to fight for In any case off to your war.
You too.
Good luck.
I don't need luck, Jaqobis.
I have breeding and knives.
Welcome to the SS "Ladykiller.
" I'm Johnny.
I'll be your cruise director.
We have multiple cans of whup-ass waiting for you in the lounge.
Well, we've got the buckets of sunshines ready for launching.
Any luck with the targeting system? Say hello to the Missile Beaconator 5000.
Patent pending.
Plunk this puppy by a control core, and missiles will fly to it like Dutch to an emotionally unavailable father figure.
Aah! Too soon? You can't just go in there and say, "Hi, where's your control core?" We need a diversion.
We put together a strike force, 20 people.
We go in hard, draw their fire.
You sneak in the back.
- We have volunteers - Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You have volunteers for an infiltration mission, which you said would be quick and quiet.
This sounds like a full-on assault, and that means casualties.
It's the only way.
Well, then you make your case to them.
They'll make their choice.
I will.
So pep rally.
We got missiles.
We got targets.
We got plans.
Uh, Johnny, we have a problem.
And right on schedule.
So far, the fog's only over Old Town, but that extreme localization can't be natural.
And then the whole monsters-eating-people thing.
These creatures were the size of a houseplant last time we saw them.
I guess the Lady's wee creepy-crawlies turned into bigger, hungry ones.
That rapid growth rate is concerning.
Yeah, missiles can wait.
We have to get down there.
We hit the factories first, and then we save Old Town.
Dutch, the factories aren't the ones eating people.
Look, right now, the cloud is over Old Town.
There are over 200 factories.
If this is just a test run Then we're up to our asses in aliens before we can stop her.
We have friends down there.
They have families.
They're just gonna have to hold on until we can get them.
Dutch, a Black Root ship is approaching the "Herks.
" We're cloaked.
How did they find us? It's hailing with an SOS.
Guys, Johnny, shouldn't there be a ship around here? Is that Gared? Yeah.
I've come to help.
Yeah, forgot to mention.
Make yourself at home.
Drinks on the house.
So what exactly do you mean by, "Hold on," Zeph? Send me the info you got from my weather station, and I'll figure out a way to bioengineer the fog to repel those things.
You really think you can do this, Zeph, or is this just some shit you're saying to keep us calm? Maybe.
Is it working? Come on.
Ginny? Pree, I haven't been home in days.
I got things to do, man.
And I don't want anybody out there right now.
Besides this little one could use a friend.
Hey, sweetie.
I grabbed whoever I could off the streets.
Most folks got out of town when they saw the fog.
You tell 'em why? Eh.
No point scaring them more than we have to.
You talk to Zeph? Oh, yeah, she has a plan.
That bad, huh? Team Awesome Force has been pissing me off and saving our asses longer than I care to recall.
If anyone can sort this shit out, Yardeen can.
Well, we had a plan, but like my old friend Big Joe used to say, "Plans are for shit.
What else you got?" I say we go for a full frontal attack, hitting them hard and not stopping until we win or die trying.
Are you in? They're not buying it.
Okay, I'm gonna cut the bullshit.
This isn't what you volunteered for.
Hells, this isn't even your fight.
But it could be if you choose it.
Like many of you, I have spent my life apart from family, politics, all that other bullshit.
That's why I became a Killjoy.
But today I am part of something.
I am fighting a darkness that is threatening Old Town, the Quad, our home.
And I won't stop fighting until this darkness is gone or I am.
But if we win if we win the Quad will need protectors.
And I would be honored to stand alongside anybody who joins this fight today.
I would call them family.
So who's with me? Let's go see a bitch about a bombing.
You have to hold still.
Okay, okay, for real this time.
I can't help it.
It tickles.
Wait, what if they scan me? I built this earpiece myself.
Chromium plating, subatomic transistors.
It's undetectable, untraceable, and will let you hear Johnny wherever he is.
Okay, but can Johnny hear my thoughts? It's not You'll be fine, Gared.
Do you need me to explain it again? Do you think they'll ever forgive me? After what I did? They're trusting you to pull this off.
Isn't that your answer? Maybe the question isn't if they forgive you but whether you forgive yourself.
I turned against the people I cared about too.
It takes time.
You care about people.
Good luck, Gared.
Thanks, Fancy.
I should never have said anything.
You really think this is gonna work? You heard what he said.
As long as Khlyen still trusts him.
Yeah, but, you know it's Gared.
Look, um If you think this isn't gonna work No, no, it's not that.
I just I just, uh I wanted to say that if anything happens, [CLEARS THROAT.]
I Uh - Guys, ready and waiting.
- I just I wanted On our way, Johnny.
Oh, watch that barrel there, mister.
Johnny, I need you to see something.
I pulled these scans from my weather station and isolated the fog elements.
Lucy, can you pull up Zeph's scans? What do these look like to you? Holy shit.
That's definitely a virus.
You have to tell Old Town.
That what I thought at first, but look closer.
It's attenuated.
And what kind of virus is attenuated, Johnny? Remember when I said that you had that tone sometimes that made me want to punch babies? That's the one.
An attenuated virus is a vaccine.
I don't this fog was supposed to poison anybody.
It was supposed to immunize them.
Yeah, but against what? Everything okay? Just not used to these Qreshi guns.
Can't get my sights squared.
Qreshi guns are backwards like they are.
You gotta turn the dial the other way, anticlockwise.
And there's your zero point, and now [GUN CLICKS.]
You can rock and roll.
Need any other tips? I can handle myself.
I noticed.
By the way, what were you gonna tell me earlier on? Just, uh Let's go bomb some shit.
What are you doing here? I had to tell you right away.
Something's happening, something big.
Leave us.
It's the Resistance.
They're gonna attack the Old Town factory.
- When? - Soon.
But it's just a distraction from the real attack on this ship here.
How exactly are they going to attack this ship, Gared? With what? It's okay, Gared.
You're doing great.
As soon as you send your fleet to defend the factory, they're gonna fire missiles at you.
They have missiles.
They're gonna fire them at you.
From a cloaked ship.
From a broke ship.
No, no, no, cloaked.
Cloaked! Broke ship? Cloaked ship.
Gotta clean out those ears there, Khlyenie.
Tell me about this ship, Gared.
The line is in the water, and the hook is in the sinker.
That's not how fishing works.
All right, everybody, it's go time.
We're in.
Move, move, move, move, move.
Everyone stay tight and ready.
No one engages until my go.
Fancy, I need you to recon the targets up ahead.
Lock it up.
Lock it up.
Dutch, I love you.
I'm not telling you 'cause I want you to say it back.
Not that I don't want you to say it back.
- I just need you - D'av, is this really the right time? We're about to go and shoot a bunch of stuff.
We're always about to shoot a bunch of stuff, which is pretty awesome When you think about it, but I just need I need you to know I admire you, I love kicking ass with you, and I can't imagine doing any of it with anyone else but you.
You're what I'm fighting for, Yala Yardeen.
I count three squads.
All armed.
Could be more on patrol.
Did I miss something? Who told you about these attacks? That's a very good question, and I would like to give you an answer to that question any second now.
Who are you talking to? Oh, I'm not talking [SQUEALS.]
My own spy turned against me, sent to feed me false information.
The attack on the factory is real, though, isn't it? Something like that.
Well, then let's hear who it is.
Gared, it's John.
Are you okay? Guys, I lost Gared.
Shit, you think Khlyen bought the whole distraction thing? I don't know.
Do we call it off? Not if we want to save Old Town.
We stick to the plan.
Come with me.
- Now! - Oh, right, right.
We lost the bobber, but we still have the oar.
Have you ever fished a day in your life? All right, let's move.
Ready? Ready.
All right, everybody, let's make some noise.
- Go! - Move! I need a ship to Westerley.
And I need you here.
My mole has information about a possible plot against you.
I need to take him to Westerley to confirm it before - [ALARM BLARES.]
- Ma'am, something's happening at the Old Town factory.
We're under attack.
Let's move.
Cover me.
Team is fully engaged.
You two better move your asses.
You keep up the bang-bang while we set up the bleep-blop.
Are you talking dirty to me? - Guys, seriously, I just ate.
- Shut up.
I've seen you make cutesy eyes at the warden.
What? I don't even know what you're talking about.
"Oh, please, Miss Warden, can I put my missiles in your launch bay?" Where else would I put my missile? Our missiles.
I hate you so much.
I really do.
Send every bomber, every soldier, every breathing thing under my control.
- Don't! - Why not, Khlyen? My informant here believes this is merely a distraction to draw our attention and our firepower.
Once we do that, we will be defenseless against a direct assault.
Who do you think is behind this attack? That's what I intend to find out.
Turin, how long are we supposed to wait here? Until we got word that the coast is clear.
Hey, hey, hey.
You can't go out there.
I ain't waiting around in here to die from whatever's out there.
You're all fools if you do.
I'm getting out of Old Town.
Oh, God.
Everyone calm down.
Just calm down.
How the hell are we supposed to be calm? What are we supposed to do? You remember where the hells you're from.
These people ain't woke, Pree.
They don't even know who they are.
Is that man on drugs? Probably, sweetie.
But what the hell is he talking about, Pree? None of you are who you think you are.
Oh, hells, I thought I was a Killjoy.
Not that I wasn't fabulous at it, but I'm a bartender.
That's who I am.
And when I look at you all, you know what I see? People who have been through the Black Rain and Company bombings, Spring Hill wall, because you're Old Town, the lowest of the low, and damn proud of it.
You never give up and you never give in, no matter who you think you are.
And now we are going to sit here and not be afraid.
And sing some songs? Yes, baby, and sing some songs.
A girl from Leith With skin like snow What brought me here She'd like to know BOTH: Was it the job, the Company gin She ain't never met a real Westerlyn ALL: Oh, Westerley I'm Westerlyn Oh, Westerley I'll say it again Screw 'em all They'll never ken I'll always be A Westerlyn [GUNFIRE.]
I never run from a problem That I'd seen before I only run towards your goal Then everyone'll know She's got a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot Ooh Wow Ah, oh You know, these are the moments that I miss.
You, me, a bunch of dead assholes.
Holding them off.
Status update? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Are we good? Golden.
D'av, package delivered.
Meet you at the rendezvous.
Fall back! Fall back! - Back it up! - Go! Move it! Tell Rennika to hold on until we're in the clear.
No problem.
We're almost home free, kiddies.
That's my girl.
Sorry, Yala.
So am I.
I wanted to see what you'd do on your own, what side you're really on.
And now I know.
You need to come with me.
This plan of yours won't work.
Actually, I think it worked out pretty well.
You sent Gared, knew I'd find the bug, hear your voice, and come right to you.
Everyone has a weakness, especially if it's someone they love.
Now you're coming with us.
No, you can't do this.
Oh, I'm pretty sure we can.
Johnny? We got you [BEACON BEEPS.]
And we've got another beacon.
And some big-ass missiles.
Why am I not surprised that you of all people would mistake the size of your missiles for the power you have? Did Khlyen just make a dick joke? If you destroy the factory, the Lady will destroy the Quad, and for what? Her children are already in Old Town.
I burned them down once.
I can do it again once the fog is gone.
That fog is the final treatment for the fully grown alien form, and once it's gone, they will be indestructible.
I thought the vaccine was to inoculate the people of Old Town, but if it's for the hatchlings People of Old Town don't matter anymore, except as food.
That's not happening.
It already has.
We can't win this war, but if I can keep Qresh safe No, I am fighting for Westerley.
Yala, you can't fight for something unless you know what you're willing to lose.
Now, I have a plan.
So do I.
Johnny, how wide are the target zones for the missiles? A few kilometers, but I thought we just needed to take out the factory, don't we? Yeah, well, he said Old Town is full of those bugs.
If we don't stop it now We never will.
I'll reset the target zone.
Someone needs to tell Pree.
Lucy, prep your engines.
We're coming in.
Preparing for evac.
All right, everybody, stay close.
Jump pods will be waiting for us in the Badlands.
We just have to get there.
It's just a game, sweetie.
Just like hide-and-seek.
Why isn't anybody smiling? Everyone needs to stick together, but when I say run, you run.
Run! - Go, go, go! - [CROWD SCREAMING.]
Johnny, target is locked.
Transferring controls to you now.
Everyone from Old Town is in the Badlands.
It's now or never.
Are you sure you want to do this? There's no other way.
Come, now.
We don't have time for this.
Found you.
- I don't want you to.
- Aneela.
And I don't want to go to Arkyn.
We don't always get to do the things we want, my love.
But what we're doing on Arkyn, that's for all of Qresh.
And I promise you, once we're done there, we will come home again.
Stay with me while we lay It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Where nobody knows our name You didn't forget me, did you, Mommy? No, I was just, uh, confused for a little while.
But everything's okay now.
Can we go home, then? Not just yet, honey.
Well, Yala, that was quite the show.
You'd be disappointed if it wasn't.
Hmm, perhaps, but you don't really understand what you've done, do you? Stomped on a bunch of bugs, saved a world, got you.
I think I'm pretty good.
That that was just the beginning.
Now comes the end.
I will burn them! I will raze every building to the ground! I will boil the waters of Qresh! - Ma'am, it's here.
- What is here? The jump ship we sent to investigate the unidentified signal, it's returned.
It's brought something back.