Kim's Convenience (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Janet's Photos

APPA: Okay, see you.
Gerald, Semira.
Janet upstair.
- Thank you.
- You have homework? Yeah, mid-term project.
- You both doing photography? - Yeah.
What you think Of this picture? It's nice.
Professional? Sure is.
How much you think I get for this? Like money? Yeah.
How much? I don't know.
Ten? - Dollar? - Or 20? - Twenty? - Maybe less.
Less than 20? Or maybe more.
Is that you picture? Let me see what you having.
Art school superstar photography student, huh? Oh.
Very good work.
I was wondering if maybe it was too much.
No, kind of, not enough, hmm.
We all born naked and we die naked Depending If we lucky I mean Without clothes, we is all so Well, if you like those you should check out Gerald's.
We gotta see Janet.
- Oh, come on, Gerald.
- They're not very They're not good.
Why so shy? That's you? Yeah.
You again.
(STAMMERS) I couldn't find a model.
You should find model.
And panty.
(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) UMMA: Wow, so very nice, Janet.
You get best mark in class? Pretty good.
Appa, come see.
Janet get top mark in class.
Oh! Very good.
We celebrate.
By you taking out garbage.
Appa! She work very hard.
Good! You work hard, I work hard, we all work hard by taking out garbage.
- Well, this has been fun.
- No, no, no.
Come see! Very beautiful.
(SIGHS) Old shoes? I told you he wouldn't get it.
I get! You take picture of old shoes.
UMMA: Very beautiful old shoes.
And this is telephone pole.
Very beautiful telephone pole.
Thank you, Umma.
I'm not say you not take nice picture, but people like nice picture with nice thing in.
Flower, tree Oh.
Like this.
UMMA: Also very pretty.
What kind of mark you think this get? - (GROANS) Appa - No, it's good picture.
Very centered.
You think this is not art? No, there's just a lot of different types of art.
Oh So now what she do is better than what I do.
Yes, much better.
In art school everything is just talking, drinking $5 coffee, and making art for yourself.
But in real world, people like to see picture of a beautiful thing.
- Whatever.
- You whatever.
(APPA SCOFFS) Take out garbage, don't take picture of garbage.
(SNICKERS) Perfect.
More perfect.
- TERENCE: Hey, Jung.
- Hey, Terence.
What's up with the suit, buddy? (BLEEP) guy.
He's got a funeral.
His uncle just died.
Is that what he told you? Come on.
He's going after the assistant manager job.
Like a idiot! Why's he an idiot? Assistant manager makes more money, got his own office, more responsibility Exactly.
Like an idiot.
Back here, we do whatever we want.
We find an iPod, boom, we got a new iPod.
We find some gum, boom, we got some gum.
Up front, Shannon's watching you like a hawk.
She's watching 'cause someone keeps stealing the iPods.
I've been here longer than anybody.
If I wanted to be assistant manager, I would have gone done it already.
Oh, damn, short interview, T-Bag.
You crash and burn in there? Dude, his uncle died in a fire.
Condolences, man.
You wanna hug it out? PASTOR CHOI: Mrs.
I think you collect most clothes.
(CHUCKLES) You're welcome, Pastor Choi.
Until Mrs.
Kim walk in with twice as many.
Two times more! Oh, it's nothing.
You welcome.
What you think? - Hmm? - (WOMEN EXCLAIMING) You look very dapper.
Like Frank Sinatra! Good work, ladies.
(ALL GREETING IN KOREAN) He take your hat.
(SCOFFS) I'll get it later.
Kim, how are your children? Oh, Janet just get very high mark in photography course.
- Top of class.
- Mmm.
At college.
So, not university? No, OCAD is university.
Then why is it called Ontario College of Art and Design? I've heard OCAD's amazing.
Yeah, very amazing.
You get university degree but also very practical.
Janet's so brave.
It's hard to make a living as a photographer.
But then again, where will we be without our starving artists? Who say Janet going to be starving? Maybe she is artist who eat and eat and eat.
(ALL LAUGHING) But not fat artist.
And don't you have a son? Yes Working very hard.
At a car rental agency.
Handy Car Rental.
Best car to rent.
That's good to know if our car ever breaks down.
Oh, but my BMW is very reliable.
Oh, you have BMW? You never mention it.
Haven't I? No, I don't think so.
Oh, I have a BMW.
JUNG: Hey, Shannon.
Oh, hi, Jung.
How's it going? JUNG: Good.
Um, so listen, I was looking at your - assistant manager position.
- Yeah.
Well, I thought I'd apply.
Well, okay.
Uh, I think that's great.
And, I actually have your resume on file, so I know, but I updated it.
There's some volunteer experience in there that I thought you should know about.
Well, you continue to impress.
I know that I haven't been here for very long, but I really think that I could do a good job.
Oh, I think you'd do a great job.
You've got wonderful people skills, strong physical presence, amazing posture When I picture someone under me Working under me, that someone looks a lot like you.
I'd be happy to recommend you, but Head Office will say you don't have a high school diploma and you've got a bit of a checkered past.
I was just a kid.
- I mean, it was juvie.
- I know, and to me that's just compelling life experience.
But to HR, it will make you a long shot.
Well, is there anything that I can do to make it - less of a long shot? Okay.
Well, maybe we could turn this into a mentoring opportunity.
Yeah! Yeah, that sounds great! We could get together, discuss your career goals, where we see ourselves in five years (STAMMERS) With the company.
- Uh, absolutely.
- Grab a drink after work - Okay - Even a working dinner wouldn't be entirely out of question.
Or we could just talk here? Sure.
Even better.
It's actually better if I'm home early, so I can feed my cats.
Well, just my one cat, and then there's these two other cats that hang around, so Why am I still talking about cats? Okay.
I will do my best.
Thanks, Shannon.
Thank you.
MISS MURRAY: Okay, let me Can you make them touch? Oh, Janet.
I was just speaking to the Dean - about your last assignment - Mmm-hmm.
And she agrees.
We wanna show your photos at the school's Open House.
That's amazing.
You know, it's rare that a student's work really impresses me.
- Thank you.
- And yours comes very close.
Isn't the Open House tomorrow? Yes.
I'll be honest.
Somebody dropped out.
But, hey, look, if you don't think - that you can be ready - No, no, I can do it.
I actually think my work will look better in a big space.
I have some ideas how they could be put up.
Maybe some high grain, uh, high contrast shots interspersed the underexposed tableau images And I can't wait to see how this turns out.
- See you tomorrow night.
- Okay.
- Thank you! - No, thank you.
(WHISPERING) Up there.
Oh, my God.
Oh, Mr.
Maple tree collection selling very fast, huh.
(CHUCKLES) No, I don't have time.
- Do you realize - (PHONE RINGING) Call waiting, other line.
(CLEARS THROAT) Hello, Jeanne Beker? MAN: (ON PHONE) Uh, no.
What time you guys open till? Okay, bye.
Just so many people wants to buy picture.
You want to buy picture? Nope.
(CURSING IN KOREAN) APPA: What you think? I take in Algonking Park last October.
Oh, you took those pictures, Mr.
Kim? Yeah.
Special price.
- No, trees aren't really my thing.
- Okay.
- How about - How much for that? Uh Oh.
Uh Porno Blooper Volume Six, $15.
- No, no, that photo.
- Huh? Why you want to buy? It's a manhole cover.
I'll give you $30 for it.
You'd pay $30 for this? Okay, fine, $35.
Not in focus.
Not in center of frame.
$40, that's my final offer.
Take it or leave it.
- $45.
- I'll take it.
KIMCHEE: You're not doing this! It's done.
I sent in my application.
KIMCHEE: For assistant manager? You know what I'm going to call you, right? Ass man.
- Because it's short for - Yeah, I got it.
You know what? I changed my mind.
Ass man is too cool for what you're doing.
- I'm gonna call you - (KNOCK AT DOOR) Don't go anywhere, ass man.
(KIMCHEE GREETING IN KOREAN) (GREETING IN KOREAN) Did you hear about this? - Hi, Umma.
- UMMA: About what? I applied for a new job.
That's great news.
KIMCHEE: It's terrible news.
Perfect time to leave car rental.
Well, it's at the car rental.
It's the worst job at our job.
UMMA: I thought you scrape gum? What's worse than scrape gum? Being an ass man.
Yeah, "ass man" sound worse.
Assistant manager, Umma.
And it's a good job.
It's got more pay, benefits and more responsibility.
So does doctor or judge or website design.
KIMCHEE: Is anyone even listening to me? We've got great jobs! The other day, I found a cake in the trunk of a car.
Would a judge find a cake? Would a doctor find a cake? This is a good opportunity, Umma.
I thought you'd be happy.
TI didn't even opportunity, get the job yet.
He doesn't even have the job yet.
Good luck being assistant ass manager.
JUNG: Umma Nice work, ass man.
No more kimbap.
- How is this better? - (DOOR CLOSES) WOMAN: - This is really striking.
You sure you don't want tree photo, free of charge? Here, take two, hmm? I'm good.
Well, if you need more fire hydrant picture, you let me know, huh.
I talk to photographer.
- WOMAN: Thanks.
- (DOOR OPENS) - Hey, Appa.
- And here she is now.
Oh, I really like your work.
- Thank you.
- Enjoy! - WOMAN: Thank you.
- (DOOR OPENS) What was that about? That was about you, great artist.
Since when do you think I'm a great artist? Since this.
Hmm? Why are my photos there? I sell them.
You need to take more.
Are you insane? These are for school.
They're not for sale.
- Is this all that's left? - Yeah.
I sell six today.
Appa, you can't just sell my stuff! It's not you stuff.
You stuff is our stuff.
I took these pictures! Who pay for camera that take those picture? Whose eye looked through the viewfinder and whose finger pushed the shutter button? Who give to you that eye and that finger? God did.
Okay, but Appa, I'm supposed to be in a show.
I can't get new ones mounted in time.
Ah, what you talking? I got these from drug store.
Three for $5.
(SIGHS) This is my work! Appa, you can't just go and And this is my work.
You is my work.
Me and Umma is struggle to make whole life for you.
And what you do? Take picture.
And now it's time for you to pay back to me all that I invest to you and what you say, "Don't touch my stuff.
" Appa, that's such a messed up idea! - You messed up idea.
- No, Appa, that's - You, no.
- What? - You what? - Stop doing that! You stop.
- So if I stop - You so if I stop.
Argh! (DOOR BELL DINGS) Oh, hello.
Kim, your son is a delight to work with.
I know.
But if you've come to plead Jung's case, I should warn you, he's got a lot stacked against him.
No, no.
I hope you don't give to him promotion.
You don't want him to get the promotion? No.
This is car rental.
What do you mean? This is good job for some people.
Maybe even very good job for some people.
I've worked here for five years.
Yeah, for some people.
But, my son You think he's too good for this? Not too good.
But very good.
Very bright.
So much potential.
He also has a criminal past and no high school diploma.
He is bad seed.
Can't trust.
Don't hire.
Maybe give promotion to Kimchee.
(KNOCKING) Umma? Okay, so nice talking.
(LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) - What is going on? - Is this a bribe? No, no! I find under chair.
Lost and Find.
Okay, have good day.
What? We just talking.
So I finally say to her, "You listen now, "I am man of the house.
"I give you good food to eat, "warm roof over your head.
"So, I expect some love and affection in return.
" How many time I tell you? Shih Tzu is a very stupid dog.
Hard to train.
(DOOR OPENS) So I threaten to send her to Humane Society, if she don't show me some respect! But you missing my point.
Janet is ungrateful in a different way than Ginger.
CHIN: Janet not ungrateful.
You sold her pictures.
She just pissed.
(SPEAKING KOREAN) So I sell her picture.
Do you think my father even look at my picture? You think my father send me to school for "art degree?" Sometimes I think how lucky I would be to have me as my father.
I would look up at me and say, "Thank you, me, for allowing me "to become such a great you.
" I see what is happening.
You is jealous of Janet because she have such a great dad.
It's true.
Because you provide such great opportunity for her, she take better picture than you - and you can't stand it.
- What? So you sell her picture in a rage to get revenge.
That's enough.
This is why Ginger pee in your slipper, hmm.
(SCOFFS) So, did you get the job? (SIGHS) I don't know, but what I do know is that even if they offer it to me, I'm going to turn it down.
- Why? - You and me, that's why.
I'm sitting there, the guy from head office is interviewing me, and I'm just like, this isn't me.
You know, this right here? You and me? That's me.
So you tanked it? Who knows.
But what I do know is this.
I'm staring at the regional manager, right, and I'm just thinking, "You know why I keep getting your name wrong? "'Cause I don't want to know who you are.
" "I don't want to be you.
"I mean, yeah, I like your suit, "and I really want to know where you got your shoes from, "but, buddy, this interview is over.
" Who said that, you or him? You know what we should do? We should tear this town a new one.
You with me? We'll start at The Steak Pit.
Yeah, there's my boy back.
Yeah, and do shooters at Stingray's They won't even see us coming.
- Wings at Fillmore's - Bam! Then soak it up with shawarma at Ali Baba's.
Just do it, man! Screw this corporate shit.
Yeah! (BOTH EXCLAIMING) Though I'm a little light on cash right now.
(SIGHS) Yeah, I bought that shirt for the interview.
What do we have to eat here? A egg.
Why is it in the cupboard? I really hope you get that job.
(DOOR CLOSES) Where you coming from? My school's Open House.
Where Gerald had an exhibit because his father didn't sell all his photos.
Who want to buy Gerald photo anyway? He takes good pictures, Appa.
Just not of himself.
I'm going to bed.
Open House is nothing.
To you, maybe.
APPA: Look, Janet.
You teacher, maybe she know what she is talking.
Maybe not.
But this is real world.
And in real world, people want to buy your picture because they is very good picture.
But could be better.
It's, uh, second hand, but he say it's best kind.
You bought this for me? - Did you use the money you - No.
I use my commission.
Thank you, Appa.
It's nice.
Do you mind? I know someone who might be interested.
- Who? - Can't say.
Anonymous buyer.
- KIMCHEE: Nice work, ass man.
- Thanks, Kimch.
(BLEEP) guy.
Congratulation, Mrs.
Kim! You must be so proud of Jung.
Ah, and so relieved to finally get some good news about him.
If Jung work hard, some day he become Regional Manager, then District Manager, and then finally, Vice President of big automotive company.
That's impressive.
Very impressive.
See? TRISH: This is your Jung? He's so handsome! Successful and handsome.
And single.
Mom, stop trying to set me up.
Your mommy is right.
Lunch was so delicious.
Everybody talk about.
Thank you ladies so much.
(WOMAN THANKING IN KOREAN) Oh I heard about this one.
Is it good? I'm loving it.
Great, thank you.
He took my book.
He can tell you how it end.