Kim's Convenience (2016) s04e03 Episode Script

The Help

Who you talking too? Shh.
I don't know.
How you not know, you is on the phone? Ah, I think it's Pastor Nina.
She phone me, butt-dial style.
What Pastor Nina butt saying? I can't hear because someone keep talking too much! [PASTOR NINA.]
Oh, yes.
Oh! I think I hear a man.
Maybe it's just a movie? Ah, but they both laughing.
Frisky or normal? Now it's quiet.
- Now I hear talk.
- About me? What they going to say about you? I don't know! That's why I listen! [PASTOR NINA.]
Hello? Hello? - Hello? - [CLEARS THROAT.]
Hello? Who is? Mr.
Kim? It's Pastor Nina.
I must have dialled you by mistake.
And we must have answer by mistake.
Is everything okay? I thought I heard yelling.
Everything fine And, uh, not good to listen to people conversation.
You're right.
But I didn't know it was Apology accept.
Enjoy you guest.
- How did you - Okay.
See you.
You think she know we eavesdrop? I'm still here.
Stop nervous moving.
I'm not.
It's just all the big donors are here, and they have a lot of influence over who wins the Clark Medal.
They do? And isn't one of your photos upside-down? [SIGHS.]
Oh, come on.
I thought you hung it? I did.
Yeah, you is the same way when you was little before piano recital.
But don't worry, Janet.
Your photos much better than your piano.
I'm sorry.
Do you mind if I steal Janet away to meet some alumni? Yeah, yeah! Go schmooje.
I'll be right back.
Excuse me.
Is there any meat in those spring rolls? Oh, no, no.
It's vegetarian, very good.
- Mmm.
I'll have two please.
- Hmm? Oh.
And a chicken skewer, too, if possible.
Here you go.
Thank you.
And can you take this, please? Thank you.
So, then, Gerald doesn't notice the huge wine stain on his collar but keeps asking if there's anything in his teeth! [UMMA LAUGHS.]
It's funny because Gerald is dumb, huh? [CHUCKLES.]
You know what's funny? Nice lady at event, um, Mrs.
Taylor, mistake me for waitress and make me serve her food.
- What? There was food? She assumed you were a waitress because you were Asian? No, no, no.
I was standing beside food.
Lots of waitress is Asian people.
Innocent mistake.
It was racist.
Ah! Innocent racist mistake.
Ignorant racist mistake.
You missing joke.
I was wearing same clothes as waitress.
No! It's typical white, unconscious bias.
Hmm, happen to me all time.
- Really? - Yeah.
People mistake me for working in the store every day.
But you do work here.
But how they know that? See? Racist.
I can't believe you're not more upset about this.
- Just the way life is, Janet.
- Not you.
Let it go.
Enjoy your night.
We try.
This is the last of your stuff from my place.
Mostly hair products and colognes.
- My mango body butter in here? - No.
I'm keeping the mango body butter.
Friends said this might get messy.
Tell your mom I say bye.
Take care of yourself, babe.
Probably shouldn't call me babe any more.
Baby steps, babe.
Looks like Splitsville's got two new residents.
You think? [OMAR.]
The box of stuff? The awkward hug? Tale as old as time.
Well, Shannon is kind of an awkward hugger in general.
Well, we'll know for sure in a minute.
No look back.
Roll credits on that one.
I mean, she's probably okay, right? She will be, once I make my move.
Time to fly low and buzz the tower.
What? [MAN.]
Hello? Owner take such a long time in the bathroom, huh? [CHUCKLES.]
Hello! You have customers here.
So inconvenient.
Aren't you the owner? You think all Korean is a store owner? No.
I mean, you're wearing slippers and you're always here, so Fine.
Get out of my store.
- So it is your store.
Why you throw out customer? Because he only see me as a shopkeeper.
You are shopkeeper.
In Korea, I was a teacher.
Why people not mistake me for teacher? I wanted to be nurse.
No one mistake me for nurse.
Wanting to be nurse and being nurse not the same thing.
Ah, you hardly was teacher just starting.
Once a teacher, always a teacher.
See? I just teach you something.
Maybe it was her comfortable shoes? I mean, servers love those.
It doesn't matter, and making excuses for it is even worse.
- You're right.
- I have to say something.
Just letting it go isn't going to change anything.
I completely understand.
I mean, I could never completely understand.
Although, I was once offered change while waiting for Chelsea outside The Bay.
Not the same thing.
Oh, sorry.
I don't want to interrupt.
It's just I want to talk to you about something that may or may not be anything.
I mean, it's I get a 15-minute lunch.
Last night, at the showcase, a woman thought my mother was a caterer and wanted her to serve her food.
What did your mother do? Served her the food.
But she was upset? No, she was happy.
So, does she need a reference? No.
'Cause she's not a caterer.
And people shouldn't assume she is just because she's Serving food? Asian.
Oh! Now I see.
I think an apology of some kind is in order.
It's not 2016 anymore.
This stuff has to stop.
Of course.
Did you see who the woman was? It was Mrs.
It's about principles, you know.
You're right.
And we have a zero-tolerance policy here at the university.
But just so you know, it's the Taylor family that adjudicates the Clark Medal, so that is something to consider.
Well, I just think people should know when they do something wrong.
And I will absolutely say something.
But you can do a bad thing and not be a bad person.
- Yes.
- And should one mistake dictate who you are, forever? So I shouldn't say something? Sometimes not saying anything says a lot more than saying the wrong something.
So I'm saying Something.
I think we have to.
Final answer.
Yeah, these are the three we ordered.
Pretty awesome, huh? Ah, they're so adorable, it's sick.
The shipment looks so much smaller.
Yeah, since you made a switch from Big-Swipes to Turbo-Towels, you're ordering way less.
Because they're quilted? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- Get a room.
Or a lab.
For all that chemistry.
Turn down the heat on the Bunsen burners, you two! - What? - Sorry.
Ah, no.
- Someone else.
- Oh.
But it's great to see, you know? 'Cause they work together, so when they started seeing each other outside of work, it was pretty effortless.
Good for them.
Good for them, good for others.
I mean, what's really important is that Gwen was free of all past relationships, as far as I know.
Ah, true.
Yes, Gwen is was suddenly available.
Clean slate, ready to date.
'Sup, Shannon.
Got a sec? Omar! [LAUGHS.]
You kidding? Nothing I like more than some secs with you.
Some seconds.
Seconds with you.
- Got it.
- And Not sloppy seconds some some good old-fashioned "time" seconds.
Oh, hello, Ms.
Kim, you remember Mrs.
Taylor? Oh, yes.
Nice to see you again.
I insisted on coming the moment I heard what I'd done.
I feel absolutely sick about it.
No, no, no, no! It's easy mistake.
I standing right next to catering table.
You are too gracious, but it's not who I am.
My daughter-in-law is Sri Lankan.
I'm just happy Janet is doing good at school and she is finalist for big prize.
I think she might even win, don't you? Oh, we really can't say.
Stiff competition this year.
But it's true.
She gonna win.
Well, we certainly wish you well.
You and your husband have a lovely store.
Why you think I run store? Don't you? Do I? You were stocking cans.
Yeah, I do.
And a dollar from every roll goes to "Truth or Bear", an organization that rehabilitates wounded grizzlies.
That's funny.
- Is it? Sorry, Kimchee.
I just love how you can't stop talking about her.
- Who? - Gwen.
You two really have that spark, huh? It's, like boom! Fireworks.
Yeah, our spark is pretty lit.
But a lot of sparks never spark into anything.
- Gotta put the work in.
- Ugh, boring.
As soon as I feel it, I go for it.
No take backs.
Gary in Grade 8, Rugby Rick, Mason the mason, guy I dated before Alejandro whose name I can't remember.
And how'd those guys all work out? Oh, you know.
I mean, the bloom goes off the rose eventually and sometimes very quickly.
I just know Gwen and I would never have made it this far if we rushed it.
- Huh.
- So, about these paper towels Marcus! That's what his name was.
Wow! That was gonna bug me.
What's wrong? It's my socks.
I'm wearing two lefties.
How can you tell? How can you not tell? Oh, Janet.
A word? Sure.
Just letting you know the apology's been delivered.
That's great.
Thank you so much.
Was my mom okay with it? Oh, she handled the situation very well.
So, congratulations.
Sorry? Well, it's not public yet, but it looks like you're getting the Clark Medal.
I won? - [EXCLAIMS.]
- Ah.
So, just be sure to let her know that it's a done deal? - Sure.
- Great.
Found someone wearing two righties.
What are the odds? Oh.
You probably trying to see what's on the shelf.
- Not really.
- Hmm.
It's a teaching degree.
No, thank you.
Just these today.
- I was a teacher back in Korea.
- Hmm.
But here, people think I am just a shopkeeper.
I know.
People just see me as a cleaning lady.
Yeah! You's also good cook, good mommy And an excellent ultrasound technician.
Yeah! Yeah? Yeah! What subjects did you teach? So many, hmm? Geography, history, psychology.
- My son, Javid, is struggling with math.
- Mmm.
Do you think you might be able to help him? Yeah! I can help him with, ah, geography, history, psychology.
And math.
Thank you so much.
No problem for teacher.
Okay, so, uh, four can of noodle adding tax is, uh, 5.
Like it says on the machine.
- Yeah.
So, I was thinking, if you're free tonight Yes.
I mean no.
I don't know.
Why? What are you thinking? Uh, well, if you're into it, maybe we could see a flick? And then grab a bevy? Or some chow.
Or a bevy and chow.
Is sounding casual always this hard? No.
I mean, I can't.
It all sounds great, but I-I need to take things slow right now.
- Yeah.
I thought that we - We did.
I just I'm a rusher.
It's kind of my thing.
Has been for a while.
I end one thing and then I rush into another thing and sometimes I don't even know the new thing's name.
- It's Jung.
- Oh, I know.
And that's what makes this different, so I want to keep it that way by breaking my rushy rebound habit and just taking it slow.
Well, how slow are you thinking? Think of it as a yellow light.
Doesn't yellow turn red before green? - It does.
- Gotcha.
But it's about the journey, not the destination.
Road trip.
Vroom, vroom! Honk, honk! Fun, right? Just wondering when the owner is coming back? Just give to me you money.
Thank you.
Guess who won the Clark Medal? [UMMA GASPS.]
- Me.
- Oh! - Congratulation, Janet.
You see, Janet? Work and focus.
Even you can be successful.
Thanks, Umma.
Is it also possible that you might have used the Mrs.
Taylor situation to influence her decision? What decision? She judges who wins the Clark Medal.
Ah, no, no.
You win, fair and square.
- Yobo.
- What? Sometime you sneak attacking so good, you not even know you sneak attacking.
- What did she do? I tell Mrs.
Taylor fact.
What's problem? - Oh, God.
- [APPA.]
Simple math.
Innocent racist mistake, plus Asian lady suggest a daughter should win, multiply by years of white guilt equal Janet win award.
You welcome.
Hey, if you find a ring in the car, let me know.
- You lost one? - No.
I want one.
Hey, Jung, do you mind bringing the blue Escape around? Jung? I'll get you an Escape.
Or die trying.
Did Jung hear you? Are you going to fire him? Can I watch? It's fine.
It's a inside joke.
You got me, Jung.
You can't walk past me like that.
Oh, I just wouldn't want anyone getting confused about the pace of our relationship, you know? Wouldn't want anyone thinking that I would just I dunno drop everything and move a car around for you.
So you did hear me.
Or it's just a random example.
Moving cars is your job.
And I'm taking it slow, like you said.
Or I could go slower.
Slower the better.
You know, maybe we could go so slow, we don't even go at all.
Best thing you've ever said.
- So it's decided.
- Oh, it's decided.
- Great.
- Good.
I'm sorry I said all that slow stuff.
I didn't mean it.
- Please stop talking.
- Sorry.
But if you think about it, we really are going quite slow.
Okay, want me to speed up? Should I speed up? I'll speed up.
No, no, no! Just mean we've known each other for years.
So that makes this way different than all those randos I've rushed it with before, like Oh, my God.
I forgot his name.
Okay, now you need to stop talking.
Yeah, I'm gonna sweep Shannon right off her feet.
Just as I grab a broom.
That's a sign.
Take power of Y times X square.
Transfer zero, plus math style, - and you get, ah - Wrong.
What? How you know? 'Cause it's what you did before, and I heard Siri tell you it was wrong - when you asked her in the bathroom.
- [SIGHS.]
Truth is I only teach math one time to cover for friend who have nosebleed.
My main subject is history.
Me, too.
'Cause history's easy.
- No! - Face it, Mr.
We're not math guys.
We've been at this for like a million hours and haven't solved a single problem.
- Maybe you attitude is a problem.
- I don't think so.
Oh, hi, Javid.
How it's going? Yeah! Good, good, uh? [CHUCKLES.]
Lots of number, letter, adding, subtracting.
Oh, yeah.
But, uh, sometime is good to have a second opinion, uh? For variety.
If, ah, you is teaching, what you do? Oh.
Just use more number.
Looking good.
Nice work, Yobo.
Did I only win because of my mom? Janet, so nice to see you again.
- I need to know.
- You were already a finalist.
I can't accept the medal.
It's art, Janet.
It's completely subjective.
A dart throw at best.
Is an apple better than an orange? Is a triangle better than a square? I don't know.
And I'm supposed to be an expert, and Mrs.
Taylor thinks that Barnett Newman is the pinnacle of art.
He does stripes, Janet.
The emperor has no clothes.
Hello? I've seen West Side Story.
I know how to fight.
Just looking for a customer's lost locket.
But, uh, no such luck-et.
- Want me to look? - Not now.
You're off the clock, so don't go making me look bad.
I forgot the light.
Ah, I can see your head, Jung.
Better not find that locket before I do.
Get outta here.
- [UMMA.]
Here's Janet with medal.
- [MRS.
And here is medal on table with no Janet.
And here is a medal from side view.
And the Hello, Janet.
Your mother's been telling me all about the award.
Quite the accomplishment.
Thanks, Mrs.
- And here the medal from behind.
- Ah.
But I couldn't have done it without my mom.
That's very sweet of you to say.
No, really.
She made them give it to me.
Your family has so many talents.
Just the Kim I wanted to see.
Yeah, yeah.
I know.
I already tell Javid he need to find better teacher.
Javid has never done better.
He pass? 62%.
So you proud of that? Ah.
Very clever of you to pretend not to know the answers so Javid would teach himself.
It's a old teaching trick.
Thank you so much.
So, maybe we take this down, huh? Yeah.
Don't have to brag about everything I do.
- Yo.
Anybody home? - [APPA SIGHS.]
Uh, where you going? Oh, sorry.
It's your store? No.
What they don't know can't hurt them, right? Hmm.
Hard to say.
I could steal this golf magazine.
Then I'm happy because I have a free magazine.
But I'm also sad because I'm stealing and I hurt owner of store.
- See ya.
- Oh.
She pay for that? What do I know? I'm just a customer.
Okay, then.
Time to pay.
- What? - You is a customer.
For magazine and chips.
Still worth it.
Where you going? Get my chip.

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