Kim's Convenience (2016) s04e06 Episode Script

Soccer Dad

1 - [MR.
- [UMMA.]
Monday, huh? The grind continues.
I thought you was close Monday.
Ginger's always a handful.
How was your weekend, Mr.
Kim? Hmm? Good.
Give me the highlights.
Saturday, I watch Jays game and make nacho in a bag.
Sunday, watch Jays game after church and make nacho in a bag as well.
Not as good as first bag, but pretty good.
How about you, Mrs.
Kim? Yeah.
Kim and I have tea Sunday morning before church.
Then we go for walk in the park and then go out for very nice dinner and a cocktail.
Beautiful food, nice conversation.
So many beautiful memories.
A highlight.
For me.
Also highlight for me, too.
I thought highlight for you was two baseball game and a cheesy chip? Yeah.
Chin ask me for my highlight, not our highlight.
I talk about our highlight, too.
I say we go to church.
Church is a big highlight.
Kim look so beautiful on Sunday.
Really? What I was wearing? - Brown.
- No.
- Dress.
- No.
Strike three.
You out.
Ginger bit a baby at the dog park.
Should've led with that.
Oh! Good idea.
Stock up for blackout.
Have to be ready.
You want blanket? Waterproof match? No, it's for our soccer game later today.
- Soccer? - Rec league, nothing serious.
- What position? - Uh, near the back.
- Goalie? - Not that far back.
Have to be good at throw-in.
And kick down flank.
I take it you're into soccer.
I used to score so much, eh.
And get lots of goal, too.
Just kidding.
But not about the goals.
Clearly Jung comes by it naturally.
- Jung is playing? - Yeah.
You should come by, check it out? We're at the park around the corner.
- Anyone's welcome.
- Yeah? But don't expect much.
It's a mixed bag.
Some old dude named Seamus.
Says he played for Scotland but he's got an Irish accent.
Doesn't add up.
How much? What you talking? It's subeesu.
Aw, thanks, Ajushee.
Anything to help team win.
Yeah, we're not one of those "win a game" teams.
Oh, my God.
That smells so good.
It's Korean for "pancakes.
" No, it isn't.
Well, we got them at Korea Mart and they're delicious.
I mean, you just heat 'em up and Bob's your pancake.
Don't mean to go all food snob on you but my mom makes them from scratch.
Peels the mung beans and everything.
You are, kind of, ruining them for me.
When they're fresh, they're amazing.
Well, these two are fresh from the toaster and smelling pretty good.
You have to try my Mom's.
I'll get her to make us some.
Then we'd have stuff for the week.
- Who wants syrup? - [GERALD.]
- You don't use syrup.
You really are a food snob.
I don't know, maybe see a movie or order in? Keepin' it low key? That's actually pretty exciting for me.
Oh, mar God! Are you two planning a date night? Oh, I wish.
Stacie was just telling me what she's doing for her birthday.
- Stacie's birthday? - Yep.
A movie? Ordering in? That's it? She seemed kinda stoked about it.
No, no, no.
It's a birthday.
We gotta give her a big ol' handy birthday holla! I don't think she's into birthdays.
That's what we all say, but when we get a birthday cake and everyone's screaming, "Surprise!", who isn't happy? - Stacie.
- Don't ruin this, Omar.
Here comes the cannon, Seamus.
Psych! Saving it for the game! Make sure you use the whole field, guys.
Except the corner by the dog park.
That's nasty.
Oh, hey, Kimch.
Make sure to cover up front whenever Seamus is out.
Kimch? Why is my Appa here? And dressed like that? Ah, that might be on me.
I invited him to check out the game, but to watch.
Well, it looks like he's playing for Korea.
Watch out.
Oh, just jump style.
Okay, everybody, bring it in.
- Appa.
- Ajushee.
So, you came to play? Yeah.
Defence, fullback, centreback.
Depend on formation.
What you think, sweeper? Why don't you watch first, then we'll figure something out.
Yeah? Oh.
Hands in, everyone.
Wolves on three.
One, two, three.
Can you believe it, pre-packaged Bindae-tteok? Yeah.
People will buy anything nowadays.
All about convenience.
So lazy.
Not you.
This one is very good for divorce person.
I told Gerald and Chelsea they have to try your Bindae-tteok.
They can't wait.
You tell them I make for them? They're so good.
Just drop some by next time you make a batch.
Janet, Bindae-tteok is tricky.
No rush.
Whenever you have time.
- No? - I'm very busy, Janet.
Sure, but you cook every day.
What's the big deal? Big deal is, I'm not restaurant and you are not baby.
You want Bindae-tteok, you make Bindae-tteok.
Figure out.
You think it's so easy, stand over stove all day, hot oil splashing onto arm, sweat dripping into batter.
Maybe you make me food for once in your life.
You drip sweat into the batter? One time, small spider fall in.
But that's not the point, Janet.
I kind of feel like it is.
- Hey there, girl.
- Sorry? A little bird told me you've got a bird-day coming up.
- Oh.
- It was Omar.
Look, I'm not so into birthdays with the cake and the song and the strip-o-grams.
Got it.
Too true, Staceface.
But just so's I knows, what number are we cruising at? You're gonna make a big deal of it.
- Oh, my God.
Is it 40? - Forty? Sorry.
35? Thirty.
Oh, my God.
Thirty? Thirty is awesome! - Shannon? Seriously.
- Okay.
I won't do anything.
Thank you.
We gots a promise to break.
Yeah! Kiss your herb garden goodbye, Mom! No, that's What? No.
Watch out.
Geuluchee! [WHISTLE BLOWS.]
Bring in, bring in.
Have to make chances, eh? Don't wait.
Make pressuring.
Appa, relax.
It's just a beer league.
Their forwards are killing us every time.
You know why? Number 69 is a cherry pick.
Just keep it loose.
Keep the ball moving.
No, not enough, hmm.
You gotta be in the right position for 69.
Kimchee, you have to be serious.
Okay, everyone, take knee.
Take knee, huh? Yeah.
We losing corner kick every time, huh? But if Kimchee kick, Jung is taller, head in.
Okay? Aim for Jung's head.
Got it.
- A plan.
I like it, coach.
- Yeah.
He's not the coach.
Just keep your positions and have fun.
Okay, guys, Wolves on three.
Try this.
One, two, three.
Timberwolves fighting.
- Rhythm is better, huh? - Yeah.
One, two, three.
Timberwolves fighting! See? Okay.
Have fun.
Why does it look more complicated when you do it? Your bean dip's not bad.
That's batter.
Do you even know what she's doing? Yes, I have to boil ferns, and let them sit for [WOMAN ON VIDEO.]
let them sit for 24 hours.
Twenty-four hours.
We should really eat more fern.
She's squeezing the sprouts for some reason? And adding sugar.
Do you know why? [GERALD.]
I think that's salt.
Can you both be like, not here, not now.
We're just interested.
We've never seen you cook.
And I'm hungry.
Okay, if you're going to watch, then, uh - Soak these.
- Mmm.
I'm over it.
Yeah, just call us when you're done.
Nice cut, Jung.
That's it.
Hey, buddy! I'm open! Petra's open, too.
But pass to me.
Go! Go! Go, Jung! Nutmeg! Nutmeg.
Yeah! That's my son! Geuluchee! You see him do nutmeg? Pass it! [WHISTLE BLOWS.]
Remember corner kick plan, Jung! Kick to Kimchee.
Oh, so you can pass the ball.
Just get it in the air.
Yeah! Yeah! [WHOOPS.]
Did you see that? Yeah! [LAUGHS.]
I hug everyone, huh? [ALL CHEERING.]
Yeah, Jung was so good, and everyone love my cheer.
- So happy for you both.
Hey, Appa.
Hey, Umma.
Oh, hi, Janet.
Listen, I'm sorry about earlier.
I didn't realize how intense Bindae-tteok is to make.
That's okay.
Nice to hear you appreciate.
Getting the gosari soft enough, getting them to stick properly You trying to make Bindae-tteok? Kind of.
I've cut a few corners.
They're a bit mangled.
You actually make.
Good for you, Janet.
Trick is how to get right mix of sweet rice and mung bean.
Umma teach you very well.
Actually, I used a different recipe.
I told her to do herself.
- You can try one if you want.
- Yeah.
Not bad.
I know they don't taste like yours.
But still, very okay.
For first time.
Thanks, Umma.
- Hmm.
- Very good for any time.
- What did you say? Uh How much I appreciate you.
You can't miss it.
But we've got an early game tomorrow and we're just coming off a big win.
- Yeah.
Thanks to me.
- What? And Kimchee.
And like, the team.
Well, this is our team, and old Stace needs a win.
- Sorry, not old, just - [METAL CLANGS.]
So, next time, just rent the cars to the customers and work harder.
Thank you, all.
Hey, Nama-stacie.
So, taking an office poll.
You're on death-row and get one choice for your final meal, except that meal gotta be cake.
- Shannon - Specifically a sponge cake due to budget constraints.
Stupid warden.
I thought we talked about this.
All right, fine.
But this is 30.
You're on the cusp of all the good stuff.
It's just a number.
An amazing number.
Remember when you were 15, and you're like, "I can do anything.
Be anyone.
Have any kind of job.
" That wasn't 15 for me.
Then you hit your twenties.
You're more confident.
You've gone to school for business.
Then flunked out into the Arts.
You live with great friends.
Party hard.
Ton of guys.
Then your friends move away.
Then you move away.
Then you're in a new city.
So fun.
But you're also kind of alone.
So you get a cat.
Then two cats Are you okay? Then you realize you've been in a job for eight years that you thought you'd have for six months.
Now you're almost 30.
Married? No.
I mean, I'm hopeful, but no guarantees, right? Thank God for the cats.
Then to hear myself say that is even worse.
I miss my parents.
The smell of the ocean.
When I was eight, I wanted to be a dancer.
It's okay.
Maybe it's time for a third cat Hi, Janet.
Hi, Umma.
Just bringing container back to you.
Did you wash it? Yes.
Three time to get smell out.
So I was thinking of making Kongbiji-jigae.
Oh, Janet.
So very hard for beginner.
But I'm here to help.
- Oh, thanks, Umma.
- For example, can you tell to me how do you make your Bindae-tteok? I just followed a video.
Soak the beans, mix the rice add chopped onions Slow down, Janet.
What else you do to make accidentally so delicious? I can send you the link.
Maybe you use mistake spice? It's a celebrity vlogger online.
I don't need celebrity or vlogger or internet to use like a crutch.
Like I do.
If that's what you say.
Check this out.
Ginger doing a back flip.
She's just lying on her back.
I started recording too late.
- Hey, Ajushee.
Ah, Kimchee.
Corner kick special! Suck it, Mr.
He was my gym teacher.
Sounds like you're the star player.
- Well - [APPA.]
You kidding? He just kick to Jung.
Jung head into the net.
Goal! Jung is a star player.
There are a lot of stars in the universe, Ajushee.
But only one on the team.
- Jung.
No, Kimchee is also very important, huh? Who else going to pass to Jung? [CHUCKLES.]
And bring team snack? Right.
- [SIGHS.]
It's hard for other people to live in shadow of Kim family.
I get it.
It's the same with Ginger and me.
None of the dog owners can talk to us because they're so jealous.
That's why.
- Hey, what you doing? - Nothing.
You trying to make Bindae-tteok? Not trying.
- Why? - [SIGHS.]
I used to make all the time.
And I used to have hair all over my head.
What do you know? Go to bed.
Just use this one.
Like to make from scratch.
Because of Janet? No.
Janet's was okay.
But made me want to have real thing.
One I make, is so much better.
Your Bindae-tteok is burning.
When are we doing this? Is the party still happening? She didn't say no.
- Hey.
- Oh, hey.
Do you know if your party's still on? Way to go, Omar.
But is it? And what's with Shannon? - Kimchee! Pass to Jung.
- I got this.
Kimch, I'm open.
He's open! Pass! [PETRA.]
Bring it home, K-pop.
- Hey, Kimch.
- Jung, take the ball.
Yes, yes.
Go, go.
- Yeah! - [SHOUTING.]
Jung Kim! Jung Kim! Jung Kim! - [WHOOPING.]
- What was that? - It's called a goal.
- It's called robbery.
Me and Petra were all over it.
Dick move and you know it.
Yeah, if by dick, you mean amazing.
Okay, okay.
Break up.
Break up.
Yeah, 'cause we all know what side you're on.
I'm just thinking of team.
The team's supposed to be having fun.
Like them.
But they losing.
Yeah, and we're up for the first time this season.
I don't care, and neither did you before Before what? [WHISTLE BLOWS.]
On three.
- One, two, three.
Timberwolves fighting! Hey.
Don't worry about them.
This next one's for you.
- Hey.
- [SIGHS.]
I'm sorry for trying to force a party on you.
It's okay.
It's just I thought I know.
There was no confirmation on when or how, so - No.
- Happy birthday! Guys, she said she didn't want a birthday party.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! What? I didn't think you guys would actually do this.
I'm so happy.
- You are? - Yes.
I am so happy.
- I knew it! - And cake? Oh, my God, is that ice cream cake? That's my favourite, too! You ordered it.
- And what's this? - [MUSIC PLAYING.]
Karaoke? Salt-N-Pepa and Alanis Morissette.
Okay! The Barra MacNeils? Oh, my God! Best birthday ever! [SQUEALS.]
Oh, Stacie.
Okay, let's pick a song.
Oh, hey, Appa.
Yeah, I just, uh Good game today.
Yeah, yeah.
Nice weather.
Best weather for soccer, huh? Air pressure was perfect.
You want a beer or something? - Okay.
- Yeah? Come in.
Where's Kimchee? Oh, I think the team went out for wings.
- Gunbae.
- Gunbae.
So, it's, uh, it's good having you at the games I can't coach any more.
Store's, ah, getting busy, you know.
Fall, winter, Simcoe Day is coming up.
Hey, Ajushee.
Sad news.
I'm not going to be coach any more.
Oh, shoot.
Well, thanks for being so understanding.
Understanding what? In general.
Understanding so much.
Air pressure and all that.
I going now.
See you, Appa.
So, he took it okay? Yeah, he got it.
Gotta be honest, bro, didn't think you'd do it.
Takes balls to fire your dad.
I said I'd do it and I did it.
For the team.
He quit, didn't he? Beer? And I couldn't find shiitakes for the japchae, so I just used oyster mushrooms.
Yeah, sometimes you have to do like that.
And they turned out pretty good.
But now Gerald and Chelsea are expecting me to do all the cooking.
Welcome to club, Janet.
I'm really lucky to have you as my Umma.
Yeah, you is.
And I am lucky to have you too, Janet.
Yeah, you is.
Okay, I have to take over Appa shift now.
There's bindae-tteok for you.
Oh, my God.
The real deal.
Put mine to shame.
Hey, Appa.
Want some? Yeah, okay.
Oh, my God.
What is this? Umma! [SHANNON SINGING.]
What a man, what a man What a mighty good man I want to take A minute or two And give much respect due To the man who's made A difference in my world And although Most men are hoes He flows on the down low Good night, Shannon.
Thanks for my party.
You bet.
You so crazy I think I want to have your baby What a man, what a man, What a man What a mighty good man Yes, he is
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