Kin (2021) s02e08 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 8

- You alright?
- It's Bren.
He's doing it again.
We will get Bren. I promise you.
VIKING: Nikki's gone.
BREN: If I get as much
as a fucking whisper
that she's been blabbing her mouth off,
you'll be digging her up
in the Dublin Mountains.
RORY: The word is out
that Bren is hiring.
- What for?
- Don't know.
So it must be something
big he's planning.
I'd watch your back if I was you.
FRANK: I'll tell you what, I'll set
you up with something before I go.
- Go where?
- Somewhere nice.
BREN: I want you to keep this
just between you and me, okay?
And don't you worry,
'cause I'll sort everything.
- LEE: Did you get them?
- ANTHONY: Yeah. Go, go, go.
Watch, watch, watch!
- Fuck!
Just fucking drive!
What the fuck happened?!
She came out from nowhere,
Bren. Right in front of the car.
Nothing I could've done.
- Is she gonna be okay?
- What do you fuckin' think?
Get your clothes off. Put them in there.
The gun's in the car. Do
you want me to get that, too?
Leave it there. We'll
put them in the crusher.
Where's your change of clothes?
On the bench.
Go get dressed.
Go on.
BREN: Go on, Anthony. Get his legs.
I am not having you
pay for his fuck-up.
There's only two people know
you were there tonight
you and me.
You'll keep it that way.
There's a lot of fuckin'
snakes in this family.
I've spoken to Eric
about what we're planning.
- And he's agreed to help us.
- Why?
Bren's been making
threats against Nikki.
And I'm not fuckin' having that.
Eric wants something in return.
He wants to be allowed
to reopen the houses
run them himself.
I want to be me own boss,
deal with things my way.
He's part of this family.
Having him look after retail
would be good. For everyone.
Do you want me to
fuckin' help youse or not?
You'd have to source everything
that you sell from us.
That's the only way.
Yeah. Okay.
So? When's it all happening?
- You're fuckin' jokin'.
- MICHAEL: Bren's hiring.
The longer we wait, the
harder it will be to do.
We need this done. Quickly.
You're doing the shooting.
I take it Jimmy's driving?
We haven't spoken to Jimmy yet.
Bren's Jimmy's dad, too. He should know.
I'm gonna talk to him.
BIRDY: Look.
VIKING: What the fuck?
Uh, can I fuckin' help you?
Ah, Eric.
- You know who Glenn Wright is?
- No.
He's the lad who shot
you and Jamie last year.
He was killed earlier this evening.
VIKING: Let me know if
you catch whoever did it.
I'll buy them a drink.
Oh, we'll get them, alright.
They knocked down a woman
when they were getting away.
Don't look at me. I
was at Birdy's earlier.
Came here together.
She'll vouch for that.
Don't worry, Eric.
We know exactly where you were.
This was under the
driver's side of your car.
And Wright had an app on his phone.
Following all your movements on it.
When he was shot, he had a gun, gloves,
and a balaclava in the boot of his car.
You were very lucky tonight, Eric.
Anthony. Let's go inside.
The boy who shot Jamie
was killed tonight.
That's good. Isn't it?
Come here, Anthony.
Alright, Da.
- Here. Did you hear?
- What?
That cunt that shot Jamie. Been killed.
What? Who fucking did it?
Who gives a fuck?
He's dead now. That's all that matters.
Here, John! Bottle of
champagne down here.
- We're celebrating.
- That should have been me.
I should have done it for Jamie.
You had a whole fuckin' year
to do something about that.
But you stood around with
your hand on your prick.
So don't come shouting now
because someone else wiped your eye.
Tonight's a good night, Jimmy.
You should be celebratin'.
We should have fuckin' done it.
Here. Go up and get that into you.
I should've done it.
Nuray, this is Amanda Kinsella.
I know who it is.
I just wanted to call you
and tell you how sorry I was
to hear about your father's death.
Can only imagine how difficult
the last couple of days have been.
Thank you.
I'm sorry to have to bring
up business at this time,
but there's something I
need to discuss with you.
NURAY: Hamza.
BREN: Birdy!
- Let me in!
- Go to bed, Brendan.
Open the door.
No, I-I'm sleeping!
I only want to say hello!
I'll talk to you in the morning.
Ah, come on, Birdy. Open up.
I said fuckin' open up!
Open up this fucking door!
I have me phone here. I'm ringin' Mikey.
You think I give a fuck about that?
I'm ringin' him right now!
Fuck Michael. Fuck off!
You fucking shower of cunts!
I don't give a fuck about Michael.
I don't give a fuck about any of youse!
Fucking shower of cunts.
I talked to Nuray.
The Batuks are arriving today.
I can handle them.
You just talk to Jimmy.
You sure?
Good luck.
Yeah, you too.
You hungry, Brendan?
I had a few too many last night.
Sit down.
I'll make you a fry.
That'd be lovely.
Did you see Frank?
You said you were going to talk to him,
put a stop to all this God shite.
Oh, I did, yeah.
I talked to him. It's gonna be grand.
What did he say?
He said he quit all
this God and mass stuff.
He knows it's not on.
Anything else?
What do you mean?
I mean, did he have anything
else interesting to say for himself?
- About what?
- I don't know.
You tell me.
You like roast beef, don't you?
I was thinking of doing it on Sunday.
Yeah. Yeah. I'd like that.
What's going on?
I have a job. For someone we can trust.
What about Bren?
He's not gonna know about this.
Dublin's a small
place. Word gets around.
Tell me how much you
want for two days' work.
Look, I appreciate you thinking of me,
but I don't need the grief.
- For two days?
- 20,000 bonus if everything goes well.
What do I need to do?
You alright?
You can't have people lying to you
and sneaking around behind your back.
You've got to stamp
it out. No exceptions.
I-I know that. But it's fucking Frank.
No fucking "buts" about it, son.
This is what it is. Right. Come on.
Fuck it.
Everything okay, Bren?
Yeah. Why wouldn't it be?
So what's the story, Bren?
If I'd have known you
wanted to talk to me,
I would have called over to the pub.
Is there something wrong?
You tell me.
I don't think so.
You sure about that, Frank?
'Cause I heard you're leaving us.
What do you mean?
I mean I heard you're off
somewhere sunny, Frank.
Somewhere sunny
with lots of young tan
boys to suck your dick.
Huh? Is that the plan, Frank?
- Ugh!
- For fuck's sake, Da.
I asked you a fuckin' question.
Bren, where are you getting this from?!
Don't fucking lie to me!
Jesus Christ, Da! What are you doing?!
This is between me and my brother.
So you stay the fuck out of it.
He's a fucking snake,
running away and betraying his family.
That what you're doing, Frank, is it?
Huh? Running away?
- Where's your passport?
- I don't know.
I will beat you unconscious, you cunt.
I'm gonna tear your fuckin' house apart.
Now, where is that passport?
In the desk.
In a drawer in the office.
What the fuck are you
doing with an office here?
- Go get that. Go on!
You fucker.
Put that away.
Or I'll cut your
fucking dick off with it.
Right. In future if
you want to go somewhere,
you come and see me and I decide
whether you get that back or not.
Is that fuckin' clear?
Come on, you.
[SOFTLY] I'm sorry, Frank.
PADDY HUGHES: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Just a sec.
I gotta call you back.
Thought you'd be interested.
Those bank details you
found are for a shell company
registered in Dubai,
and yesterday we had
our first activity in it.
Please tell me it's the Kinsellas.
Wayne Madigan.
A large transfer arrived in
from an account linked to him
that was then forwarded on
to the Central Bank of Syria.
- You report that?
- Of course.
What about the shell company?
- Can we link that to the Kinsellas?
- Not so far.
It's owned by another shell
company registered in London
that's owned by another
shell and so on and so on.
I know. This would have
been the icing on the cake.
But with everything we
got on the dealership
and her current businesses,
we have more than enough
to make the money-laundering
charge stick.
Let's pull the trigger.
Excuse me. I'm looking for Betty Duggan.
That's her over there.
Have you got a minute?
In private.
Won't take long.
What can I do for you?
I'm Eric Kinsella's auntie.
If I call the Guards, they'll
be here in five minutes.
I'm not here to hurt
you or threaten you.
Your family have been calling Jess
and making vile threats.
And that was wrong.
And I had no part of it.
And I-I don't agree with it.
So what do you want?
Jess to rethink what she's doing.
Your nephew left my
granddaughter without a dad.
And I'm not gonna pretend that
Eric is any kind of an angel,
but neither was Kem.
He was a drug dealer. And a murderer.
Of course you're going to say that.
You know that shooting last
year at the Vara supermarket?
That was Kem.
He set up his friend Fudge to be killed.
He organized the murder
of Gerard Delaney.
You can google that.
And he betrayed people he
shouldn't have betrayed.
You think that justifies
what happened to him?
Yeah. I do.
Kem knew the rules.
What's happening with
your Jess, though
that is not right.
The Guards know she's
grieving and she's angry.
They are using her to get at my family.
They don't care that
she's she's gonna spend
the rest of her life
in witness protection.
They don't care that she won't be
able to see her friends or family
or that you and your husband are gonna
miss your granddaughter growing up.
All those birthdays, Christmases,
special occasions that you
won't get to spend with Jess
or Chloe.
Your family would pay a very
high price. And for what?
Jess' statement is all they have.
Might not even be enough
to take it to court.
[CHUCKLES] The whole thing's crazy.
Jess and Nikita aren't criminals.
They should be kept out of this.
- Betty.
- Just give me a minute, Paul.
I can see you're very busy.
I won't hold you up any longer.
Tell Jess if she
withdraws her statement,
she can return home with
no fear for her safety.
You have my word on it.
Nice meetin' you.
Well? What'd she say?
For fuck's sake.
Just means she's thinking about it.
I've got a good feeling about this.
You think so?
Yeah. Trust me.
Thanks, Birdy.
I have a bit of business to do here.
You can go.
MAN: Hey, Bren.
- Got some lobster meat?
- Yeah.
MICHAEL: You, uh You want a beer?
I know it's serious if
you're offering me a drink
in the middle of the day.
Yeah. There's some stuff I
need to talk to you about.
Now I am worried.
Spit it out, Michael.
Da's a problem. He has to go.
- "Go"?
- Hm.
It's gonna be you?
I suppose you're doing
this for Amanda, yeah?
And Eric. And Birdy.
And I'm sure Frank will be
on board if we asked him.
What exactly has Da done?
He's destroying everything.
Let me get this right.
You're gonna kill Da
'cause he's a fucking prick?
Ah, it's a little bit more than
that, though, Jimmy, isn't it?
I mean, look at the shit
he's caused since he got out.
He hurts people. It's what he does.
Why are you even telling me this?
'Cause you have a right to know.
Could use your help.
No. Fuck you, man.
- Okay.
- He's our fucking Da.
- All I'm asking you to do is drive a car.
- I said no!
You're putting me in a real
difficult position here, Michael.
What the fuck am I supposed
to do with this now?
I can't stop you warning him,
but I'm doing it either way,
so I thought you should know.
Da doesn't deserve this,
not for what he's done.
He's been sniffing around Anna, too.
And I can't have that.
What's that supposed to mean?
You know what it means.
He's not a fucking paedo.
He's not a fucking paedo.
You're just making up
shit. You're making up shit
- to justify what you're doing.
- Why do you think Mam left?
She was protecting
little Jenny from him.
- Bollocks!
- Why would I make that up?
To get me to fucking help you!
You know I'd never do that.
You don't believe me, ask Birdy.
She helped them. She
helped them disappear.
Ask her. She knows the truth.
How long have you known?
- I don't believe you.
- Fine.
- I don't fucking believe you.
- That's 'cause he was easier on you.
He didn't come after you
like he did with me and Jenny.
I always tried to stand up for
you, both of you. You know that.
I know that. And I'm not
blaming you for any of this.
- Why didn't you tell me what was going on?
- Why?
So I could fucking help you!
Help me now.
You did the right thing.
You never would have been in charge
with him there, undermining you.
This is better for both of us.
AMANDA: A business partnership
benefits both our families.
If we're partners, we'll give you 5%
of our annual profits in perpetuity.
That will mean hundreds of
millions for your family.
What about this Wayne Madigan?
Is he going to be a problem?
I know he's transferred money for drugs
to the Syrian Central Bank.
That kind of transaction gets
flagged to Europol and the FBI,
so I don't think he'll
trouble us anymore.
Don't you ever get tired of this?
Because I'm good at it.
And I like that.
But I am gonna have a baby, so
that might change everything.
Yeah, I meant to leave the
Teddy there, where Glen was killed.
I think I just seen Anthony
Kinsella at Angela's vigil.
Why would he be there?
That's what I thought.
- Did you hear that, Ma?
- You sure it was him?
What's the problem?
Where are the tablets now?
My colleagues are sending
them from Birmingham tomorrow.
- Tell them to stop the shipment.
- This has all been arranged.
I have a friend in the
Guards, and he says they know
about the payment I
made for those tablets.
I don't understand. How
could that have happened?
Because they tried to fuck us!
The account I put it
into was being monitored.
The Kinsellas had me use that account
but paid for their own half in cash.
They were setting us up.
But now we know.
We can do something about it.
Your phones.
Eric has the number.
He'll text you when he gets
to the pub when he sees Bren.
You let him know when
you're five minutes away.
He'll bring him in the front.
Got everything else?
You're doing this for Jenny.
And you, Birdy.
DAN: Frank!
- Fuck's sake, Frank, what happened?
- Did you tell him?
- Who?
- Bren.
Did you fucking tell him?
Look, Frank, I didn't
know he was gonna
You ever come around here
again, I will fucking kill you.
- Frank.
- Shut the fuck up!
I'm going upstairs now,
and I'm getting a gun.
Don't be here when I come back.
I trusted you. I fucking trusted you!
Nikki! Nikki.
- NATALIE: She doesn't want to talk to you, Eric!
- Nikki.
Don't worry. I'm just
taking what's mine.
You can take what you
want. I don't care.
Eric, I have to go.
You see that lad who
was shot last night?
He was on his way over to kill me.
The Guards found a tracker on my car.
He had a gun and a bally,
and he was on his way to
get me when he was clipped.
When I heard how close I was to dying,
all I could think of was you.
- Eric, will you just stop?
- I swear to God.
Just you. Nothing else.
Look. You're not gonna change
my mind about any of this.
Give us some fucking privacy, will ya?
I know I fucked up. Okay?
But I can fix this.
- It's too late.
- It's not too late.
I'm getting your charges dropped.
And no one's getting hurt.
Birdy spoke to Jess' mam.
It's all gonna be fine.
- And I'm done with Bren.
- Yeah, sure.
I swear. I'm fucking finished with him.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I can fix it. I can fix it.
Please stop.
Just watch.
You have to trust me.
Fuck. Look. I have to go.
This is gonna be okay. Trust me.
BREN: Where the fuck have you been?
Taking care of that Nikki
thing. Like you asked me.
Yeah. Grand. It's all gonna get sorted.
Eric, this is Derek, an old
pal of mine from way back.
Alright, Eric?
Now get yourself a drink and join us.
Yeah. No bother.
John. A whiskey.
Alright. Bren's there.
You know what I keep thinking?
Why Mam didn't take us
with her when she was going.
You ever wonder where they are?
Not anymore.
I do.
All the fuckin' time.
Text Viking.
Tell him that we're five minutes out.
You seen Bren?
Fuck's sake.
What the fuck?
Anyone fuckin' seen Bren?
Yeah, he's out the
front there with Derek.
- Bren.
- Yeah.
- Someone outside I want you to meet.
- Hey! What have I told you
about bringing that
dribbly bollocks in here?
- Bren!
- Sorry, Bren.
- Bren!
- What?!
- There's someone outside I want you to meet.
- Who?
It's a fella who says he knows
where Jess Duggan's been holed up.
- Well, bring him in.
- I already asked him.
He won't come in. He
says he's too nervous.
Jesus, Da. What happened to your face?
Oh, you finally grew a
pair of fuckin' balls.
What the fuck is going on?
Pull over. Stop the car.
What the fuck happened?
I shot him.
Is everything okay?
There's something I need to tell you.
You've always been ♪
Here with me ♪
And in your eyes ♪
Baby, I can see ♪
It's my reflection ♪
Doubles the truth ♪
And what it tells me ♪
Is that I belong to you ♪
And when we pass each other ♪
- Can we get you anything, Da?
- Once again ♪
Then I will recognize ♪
My true friend ♪
- We are two friends lost in time ♪
when your eyes are passing mine ♪
I see we've been through
so much in our lives ♪
We are two friends so in love ♪
The times we've been together ♪
Oh, baby ♪
We're true friends in time ♪
My little sister ♪
When did you go ♪
And what is in your face ♪
That shows? ♪
A story buried ♪
Deep and strong ♪
But that's a secret ♪
One that we kept for so long ♪
To say our love would be a lie ♪
But what other word doesn't die? ♪
We are two friends lost in time ♪
When your eyes are passing mine ♪
I feel we've been through
so much in our lives ♪
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