King (2011) s02e11 Episode Script

Justice Calvin Faulkner

1 How old is the victim? - Coroner says late thirties.
- Sorry, where were we? Next of kin notified? Next of kin notified? No I.
Jane Doe.
Jane Doe.
- What are these pictures? She died at work, alone.
- Spears! - All alone.
Must have made some bad choices.
Someone tell me what Good morning, chief.
On my way.
Vultures already circling.
Justice Calvin Faulkner.
Know him? Know the name.
Family court judge.
Housekeeper found him in his apartment this morning.
Coroner thinks he's been dead for two days.
- Two days and nobody missed him? - He was divorced.
- Cause of death? - Strangled with some kind of undergarment.
Undergarment? Are we looking for an Amish killer, sir? Whatever you call it.
That's an undignified way to go, especially for a family court judge.
Only a matter of time before the details leak, so the sooner you figure out what happened, the sooner this becomes yesterday's news.
- My girlfriend, I'd like to - Sorry, sir.
Sir, step back! Step back! I have to meet her.
I need to see her.
We're getting married.
- My name's Jess.
What's your name? - Uh, Stephen.
OK, Stephen, so if you'll just step back over here, you'll see your girlfriend as soon as she comes out.
- OK.
Over here? - Yeah, right there.
- Good.
Found the victim's wallet in the lobby.
No credit cards, no cash.
- Thanks.
- Don't know why you guys are even here.
Empty wallet, no forced entry.
The way that guy was laid up upstairs, it's not a big mystery.
I'll let you know when I solve it.
Hey, King, are you gonna hold Danny's hand too when he gets to Homicide? OK, Riley, we got the case.
So long.
- Danny's going to Homicide, huh? - I don't know.
I guess.
It's news to me.
I can't wait to take over one of his cases.
Oh yeah, 'cause I don't have enough awkward in my life.
Alimony Towers.
When do you move in? Who says I'm over 40? Faulkner got divorced 6 months ago.
Divorcing a family court judge, that's gotta be uncomfortable.
It goes double.
He was a top divorce lawyer before he was called to the bench.
The ex-Mrs.
Faulkner's probably living on food stamps.
- Just a minute.
- Thanks.
So what happened to you? How did you end up here? Did you make some bad choices? Well, there's signs of a struggle.
He's still wearing his wedding ring.
Well, took me a while.
Lonely guy, the way he's dressed, his neckwear Sex play gone too far? An outcall.
Deliberately, accidentally, who knows? She grabs the wallet and runs.
Takes a lot of effort to strangle somebody.
Doesn't have to be female.
Could be male or half and half.
Size 2.
Prescription tranquilizers washed down with a single malt.
That would make it easier.
Work, work and more work.
God, this fridge looks like mine.
Well, this is either the daughter or the mistress.
That's a daughter photo.
Had a dream last night.
You were in it.
Did we have our clothes on? It's in his robe.
Someone finally calling to check on him? - Hello? This is Detective Sergeant Spears, Toronto police.
It's First Toronto.
Someone's using Faulkner's credit card.
Justice Calvin Faulkner, divorced, one adult child, got an address for the ex-wife, Abigail, no address for the daughter Meredith, but she was charged with impaired in '08, cocaine possession last year.
I wanna talk to the exwife.
If she got shafted, it's motive.
He used to be a divorce lawyer and they got divorced.
You can bet she got shafted.
Both my exes would strangle me, but I'm still liking the working girl theory.
- Faulkner's phone records? - Yeah, just got 'em.
I'll check calls to escort agencies Friday night.
You got those numbers memorized, do you? What's up, Martin? So the judge's credit card was used for 3 separate purchases, all at the same camera store.
What's on the security footage? The camera at the camera store was broken.
The clerk described the buyer as a young white male with dark hair, about 6 foot.
OK, vague description.
I'm guessing this photography enthusiast went to the nearest pawn shop and traded those cameras in for cash.
Get me a picture.
Judge Faulkner was strangled with a red lace teddy.
The label said.
"Bisous Privés.
" Maybe we can trace where it was sold.
Bisous Privés went out of business 7-8 years ago.
Machine stitching, but good quality.
- Really, Ingrid? - What? You got shoes, I got my thing.
Well, if it's your thing, you're on it.
I wanna know who it belonged to.
But bring in Abigail Faulkner first.
After we divorced, I uh I purged the house of everything that was his.
And then this morning after the police left, I searched for anything I might have missed.
I found one of his old dress shirts.
I understand.
I'm divorced.
Even after all the fighting, there's still.
Oh no.
There was never any fighting.
No? No, I knew before we got married that I'd always have to compete for his attention.
Compete with the law and other women.
Were there many other women? Cal was smart, funny.
And when he focused on you, it was like you were the most attractive, interesting person in the world.
It felt like like you were glowing.
I had 25 years of those memories.
So why the divorce? He fell in love.
Born in the 80s.
I would have a problem with Vanessa born in the 80s.
Hope you made him pay.
- No.
Cal was always very generous and I had my own money, so Was Judge Faulkner into any kind of unusual sexual activity? No.
Frequent sexual activity, yes, but unusual? - What about prostitutes? - No.
No, Cal would never have done anything like that.
He certainly didn't need to.
Can I ask you Did you talk to my daughter Meredith? No, we thought you might She's my only daughter and I don't know where she is.
I called and I texted.
You find her.
Faulkner's last mistress: Vanessa Kaplan.
I checked Faulkner's phone list.
No escort service.
Work calls and takeout.
His clerk said he had a major decision due Monday.
Last call 9:10PM.
So he died sometime after that.
No hookers and I'm not liking the ex.
Oh, and I was right about Bisous Privés.
Company folded in 2004 and nobody sells it.
- Could be vintage.
- Ew.
- Gently used lingerie? Not so much.
I'm thinking it must be from someone's private collection.
Well, Abby Faulkner's not a size 2.
Maybe Vanessa Kaplan.
Vanessa Kaplan, 31, event planner, Leaside, lives with her husband Mike.
Well, let's go talk to the mistress and her husband Mike.
Strangulation with lingerie? Not how a jealous husband's gonna handle it.
Oh, how would a husband handle it? Well, Danny punched me in the face, remember? No, I don't remember that at all.
Hi, I'm Detective Sergeant Jessica King.
This is Detective Sergeant Spears.
Yeah, I thought you would You know, um Can you just come in? Come in.
Someone have an accident? My husband has a bit of a temper.
I started crying when I heard about Cal and, uh Mike, he he could tell and he just - We understand that you and Calvin were in a relationship? - Lovers, yes.
- Where's Mike now? - He left.
At work, driving, I don't know.
I I shouldn't have broken the rules.
- The rules? - We agreed.
No friends, no one at work, and you never see the same person more than 3 times.
- An open marriage.
- And you broke the rules for Calvin.
I did.
I broke the rules for Calvin.
He made me laugh in my whole body and - And your husband found out.
- He called me on it last week.
I denied it but he didn't believe me.
We're gonna need the licence number of Mike's vehicle.
Mike would never do anything.
Open marriage.
Like that works.
- Better than just dreaming about it.
- What? - You said you had a dream about the two of us.
- No, nothing like that.
Everyone was there Ingrid, Martin, and you were all acting like I didn't exist.
I think that means you're ignoring something that's important to you.
Look at you, Dr.
Ingrid, Mike Kaplan's driving a blue van.
It's got one of those in-vehicle response systems.
Get the company to get us a location.
Licence number 478 Kilo Zulu Hotel Alpha.
Right there.
That's him.
That's him.
We'll take him on the bridge.
Hey! - Hey, hey! Stop! Don't move! Hands where I can see them! On your knees! It's my wallet.
Driver's licence? We're not here to talk about your driving, Mike.
- Mike Kaplan was charged with assault a year ago.
Punched a guy at a Christmas party dancing too close to his wife.
Guess Mike isn't so down with the 'open' part of the relationship.
Well, let's see what we can do with that.
And I got this when I ran his plates.
Not hungry? Open marriages.
Well, if they really worked, a lot of guys would be signing up.
Good in theory, but I bet she was getting all the offers, huh? I didn't kill him.
You're sitting at home watching basketball highlights and she's out banging I got my share.
Sucks to be alone, eh, Mike? Really sucks.
Now, is this what you signed up for? Guy like you, no kids, half a marriage? Is this what you really wanted? Take it from me, even kids aren't gonna save you if she falls in love with someone else.
- I'm sorry, this is making me sick.
- If you were jealous, Mike, if you got angry, if you did something, we can talk about that.
A while back, I was seeing this woman.
She ended it.
I found myself following her home, sitting outside of her house.
You ever do anything like that, Mike? How many Faulkners have there been? Was this guy one more than you could take? I have no idea what you're talking about.
Parking ticket.
Your van.
A block away from Judge Faulkner's apartment last Friday night.
Can you explain that, Mike? I caught up with him in the lobby.
He said he was in love with Vanessa but she wasn't sure that she could leave me.
- Then what happened? - His daughter showed up with some boyfriend.
Faulkner didn't want to talk to me in front of her.
What d'you do? - Me and the daughter got in the elevator.
I left.
- And the boyfriend? Where d'you go next? I went to a bar.
The Carmindy.
Bartender's name is Charlene.
She'll remember me.
I offered to drive her home.
- Hey, boss.
- You were in my dream last night.
Whoa! Sounds like a nightmare.
What was I doing? Talking about making bad choices.
I was dead.
Dead? That could mean you're looking for a change in your life, a new start.
It's a good thing.
Have you got anything new for me? Um, yeah.
So, it wasn't the nearest pawn shop, but at least the camera there worked.
Um, seller was a woman.
A woman? That's the daughter.
Meredith Faulkner stole Daddy's credit cards.
Damn it! It's not syncing my calendar.
We released the mistress' husband.
His alibi panned out.
- Goddamn it.
- Try turning off the calendar syncing.
I did that.
Who you looking at now? - Judge's daughter keeps racking up his credit cards.
- Why is it not doing that? - Erase all your calendar events and turn the syncing back on.
- I didn't do that.
OK, the daughter chokes her dad with old lingerie? Spears and Martin are tracking her down.
- Sorry, how do I erase them? - Give it to me.
So, Danny, Homicide.
- I was waiting for this.
- Would've appreciated a little heads-up.
Strangely, we don't run all personnel decisions past you.
I didn't mean that, sir.
It's just Homicide is 24/7, Major Crimes is 24/7.
King, I'm your boss.
I'm not your marriage counsellor.
Danny's a pedal-to-the-metal kind of guy.
Homicide's all details and quote They wanted him.
Maybe they see something in him you don't.
I'm not saying he can't do the job.
Maybe for once this is not about you, King.
And maybe until you have your suspect in custody, this is a good time to go home and discuss this with your husband.
Well, look at you.
You are my marriage counsellor.
- It came up late yesterday.
You were working.
- I'm always working.
It doesn't stop us from talking about things.
Yes, it does! You get your head in a case, that's all you think about.
- That's not true.
- Oh.
- I multitask.
- Yeah.
You thinking about the judge right now? - No.
- No? I'm not thinking about the judge, I'm thinking about who killed the judge, Danny.
It's my job.
- OK.
Well, I'm not giving up Homicide so I can keep breaking up bar fights, all right? We both knew that me being in uniform was temporary.
So does this mean that you've given up on us having a family? - People in Homicide do have kids, Jess.
- The adoption counsellor said - She said 6 to 8 years, is what she said.
- Not if we make changes.
If we just make a few changes, we can speed it up.
OK, so what do you want me to do? Stand aside and just wait, just in case? You are giving up.
And you didn't think maybe this was important to talk about? If this doesn't happen for us, honey, we're gonna be OK.
You said all along that you want kids.
Yeah, well, who gets everything they want in life, right? People who are willing to fight for it.
Yeah? Hey, uh, Meredith Faulkner used Daddy's credit card to order a pizza.
We're at a warehouse in the Junction.
You want us to wait for you? No, don't wait, just grab her.
I gotta shower and change.
They're bringing in a suspect.
Pizza! Ooh! Whew! - Police! Get on your knees, hands behind your back.
- Hey! On your knees, now! Get on the ground! Behind your back.
Where's Meredith Faulkner, huh? Hey, where's Meredith Faulkner? I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Where is she? Check the can, man! - Sit down! You good? - Yeah, yeah.
Meredith? Meredith? Meredith Faulkner? - Who are you? - She's here.
It's OK.
Toronto police.
We're gonna take care of you, OK? I'm Detective Sergeant King.
Meredith, I'm here to tell you something.
Something very shocking.
Your father Calvin Faulkner is dead.
In fact, he was murdered.
No way.
I'm afraid so.
What I just told you, that's the hardest part of my job.
You know what the next hardest is? It's asking how you came into possession of your father's credit cards.
You're not a stupid girl, Meredith, you've talked to the police before, so I'm not gonna play any games.
It looks really bad.
- How's my mom? - Worried about you.
How what happened to him? That's what we're trying to figure out.
You can help us.
You and Otis saw your father Friday night.
Yeah, um Yeah, I was, um I needed some stuff.
I was thinking of going back to school.
How did you end up with his credit cards? Meredith, my dad loves me, he'd do anything for me, but he would never give me a platinum credit card.
I was just gonna buy some stuff for school and then give the cards back.
I told you, man, she was up there for like 10 minutes.
She was getting some money from her dad.
- And you didn't go up with her? - No, I stayed in the lobby.
You never went up to Justice Faulkner's place? I didn't want the hassle.
Guy didn't like me.
Really? Why is that, do you think? I have no idea.
Theft over.
Suspended sentence on assault.
Awaiting drug rehab.
You're a father's dream, Otis! $40.
He said that was it.
He said he didn't like me being with Otis, didn't like him sponging off me.
My dad's a lawyer too.
Long days.
Hardly ever home.
My parents' marriage went to hell.
They spent so much time getting even with each other, they had no time to pay attention to me.
So my skirts got shorter, my men got older.
And it drove my dad crazy, but at least I knew he was thinking about me.
I hurt my dad, but I would never let anyone else hurt him.
Tell me about Otis.
- I want a lawyer.
- Sure.
I'll make the arrangements.
Shall I contact legal aid, or will Meredith be paying for it? The camera store, the pawn shop I'm guessing that was your idea, right? Make a little money off the honey? Are you a kept man, Otis? - What's that now? - How's that work for you? I mean, living off a woman.
Is that is that a knockoff? You weren't able to hustle her for a designer label? - Watch what you say, man.
What are you gonna do? You gonna choke me? You know, I'll level with you, Otis.
This here is a waste of my time, because your girlfriend, she's in the other room and she's yapping away and she's probably already said it was you.
- Otis was waiting downstairs.
- What did he say? He was pissed.
40 bucks doesn't go far.
And the wallet and the credit cards? You had this, right? So why be upset? - I didn't - You didn't have the wallet.
Did you go back up for it? No.
You didn't.
Who did? There's no way Meredith, he was your father.
You probably both said a whole lot of mean things to each other, but you loved him and he loved you.
More than Otis ever will.
Just tell me the truth.
Just tell me what happened.
He went back.
Look here.
Your girlfriend says you went up to the apartment on your own.
All right, man, look, this is what happened.
I went up, guy started getting mad at me, started yelling, saying he was gonna call the cops.
He went into the bedroom to get his phone, his wallet was on the counter.
I swear, man, I got the hell outta there.
That's all.
- How long was Otis gone? - Not long.
Five minutes maybe.
What did you do while you were waiting? I went out, I had a cigarette, got stuck with Stephen.
- Stephen? - He's this guy hangs round the neighbourhood, always talking at me.
Was Otis acting differently when he came back down? Out of breath? He said he ran down the stairs.
This can't be my fault.
Everything's been my fault! Meredith, I can call your mother and let her know you're here.
Would you like that? Please.
Otis is sticking to his story.
Says he didn't touch the judge, just took the wallet.
Well, we need another way to get it.
Maybe DNA on the teddy? - I'm still stuck on that lingerie.
- Really.
Yeah, it's just lying around and Otis grabs it? Whose is it? Too small for the mistress, too small for the ex-wife.
If the teddy doesn't fit You can't convict I'm still working on it.
Well, the guy's into women.
It could be anyone's.
We got Otis on the cocaine.
Send his DNA to forensics.
Stat, but don't hate me.
I thought if I compared the credit card purchases to the judge's phone records, it'd be further proof that Otis was our man.
- You're about to burst my bubble.
- Yeah.
First purchase with the stolen cards, liquor store, 8:37PM.
Justice Faulkner talked to his trial coordinator at 9:10.
So the judge was still alive when Otis left.
I checked with the coordinator.
She said the judge broke off the call because there was someone at the door.
- Maybe Otis came back.
- I think I know who can tell us.
- Who? - Guy who was hanging around, Stephen.
Meredith's friend.
Mom! I I didn't I know.
I know.
I know.
Let's take you home, OK? Meredith, before you leave, do you know where Stephen lives? Stephen? Uh Somewhere near Dad's apartment, I guess.
- Last name? - Used to know it.
His mom was a client of my dad's.
One time when we were, like, 12, we all went for ice cream.
Ice cream with a client? He showed up last summer.
I'd buy him coffee, we'd talk.
I felt sorry for him.
How come? He's kinda off.
One time he even proposed to me.
That's his last name.
Ennis? Lorraine Ennis? I was sure Cal had a thing with her.
Stephen Ennis was a patient at the Lakeshore Centre for Mental Health, released last summer to his brother.
He was at the crime scene.
He had that vibe.
Andrew and Stephen Ennis, aged 13 and 11 at the time, subjects of a nasty custody battle.
Calvin Faulkner represented the mother, Lorraine Ennis.
Six months after Lorraine got the kids, little Stephen came home from school and found her.
She'd been strangled with a piece of her own lingerie.
Who did it? - The father.
- What happened to him? He got 15 years.
We need to find Stephen.
We're trying to locate Stephen Ennis.
His brother hasn't seen him for a couple days.
What's the theory? He blames Faulkner for splitting up his parents' marriage and his mother's death? Well, could be.
He's supposed to show up and check in at Lakeshore every week he's missed a couple of weeks.
Off his meds, off the grid.
We're checking in with mental health workers and community centres to see if anyone's seen him.
Make sure all patrols are fully aware.
We don't want to provoke a confrontation, we don't need this to escalate.
- Chief.
- Congratulations, Sless.
- Thank you.
- I'm sure you'll do wel.
- Thank you, sir.
- The tough part of Homicide is managing your life outside Homicide.
King, let's bring this young man in peacefully.
I got an idea.
No! Ha, ha! So, if this is gonna work, this whole family thing, one of us is definitely gonna have to keep more regular hours.
- That's all I'm saying.
- Right.
You could take the Inspectors' exams.
You trying to get me to quit my job? No, I'm not.
It's a promotion.
Stable hours, home by 6:30.
Danny, I love what I do.
You could love being inspector more.
Seriously, more power, more control Jess, you could be the first female chief of police.
Fight for what we want, right? I love you.
- I love you too.
Now get out of my office, I have a murder to solve.
Complete background on Stephen Ennis.
No, it's OK.
- Didn't move.
Judge Faulkner.
Great career, worked all the time marriage tanked and he died alone.
- Martin told me about your dream.
- What? Dying alone in a pay-by-the-week apartment? That's not gonna happen to you.
- You promise? - Yeah.
When you die, you'll be surrounded by cats.
- Get out.
- And no one will find you till the neighbours smell the stench.
OK, thank you.
So, do you know where your brother might be? Is he under any stress? Do you honestly think that Stephen could have something to do with Judge Faulkner's death? We don't know.
But it's possible that a person with diminished capacities wouldn't be held responsible for their actions.
Finding my mom, I think that caused it.
- Caused his disease? - Doctor said it's possible.
Genetic predisposition plus a tumumatic event He's been in and out of care for 10 years.
He hears voices that he can't shut off.
Must be hard.
I love my brother, I hate his disease.
- Is your father still in prison? - Paroled last Christmas.
Died in March cancer.
- I'm sorry.
- You think maybe you're finally gonna get your dad back even with what he did- and, uh Did Stephen blame Faulkner for your parents' divorce? Probably blamed him for our mother's death.
- So he knew that they were having an affair.
- Yeah.
Dad always talked about it.
Have you ever seen Stephen get violent? Never with me, but the voices, they could make him do things.
Well, if we can find Stephen, we can make sure he gets some help.
You promise to take care of him? We'll do everything that we can.
We have a a storage space, all our parents' stuff.
He might go there to feel safe.
- He might remember me, so let me take it.
- OK.
Hey, Stephen? It's Jess.
From yesterday? There's too much crap blocking it.
You good? - Good.
Hey, Stephen? You in here? Stephen? Hey.
- Hey.
Love letters from Faulkner to Stephen's mother.
Divorce lawyer sleeping with his client doesn't get more unethical than that.
Says he knows it's wrong, but he can't stop.
Describes in detail why he can't stop.
- Enough to set him off.
- We'll see.
We're not gonna get anything admissible anyway.
I just want to know the truth.
Stephen? Can I sit with you? Are you comfortable? I'm gonna need to smoke.
I smoke.
I started late.
- I can arrange that.
- I wanna quit.
Can't smoke and be a doctor.
A doctor? A surgeon.
Gotta quit cigarettes.
You have schizophrenia? - Right now I do.
- Right now? As long as I do what I'm told, eventually the voices will leave me alone.
And those voices Do you see or hear anything right no.
I hear the voice of wisdom.
- Do you see anything, Stephen? - Behind you.
What do you see? Always there.
Um People I know, Dad, sometimes demons.
Well, Stephen, you don't need to look at them.
Right now you can just look at me, OK? OK.
I saw you yesterday outside of Judge Faulkner's apartment, remember? You like to spend time there? He took me for ice cream once.
And Meredith.
Meredith had ice cream too.
So you found out where he lived and you'd go there trying to see Meredith? We're gonna be married.
Um, I wrote her a song, a country song, The Ballad of Bruiser Joe.
I'm gonna make an album soon.
I'm really sensitive to music.
Its time signatures affect my body.
I need a certain amount of beats per measure.
You know, 4-4, 3-4.
I'm OK.
I need to avoid complex time signatures like 5-4.
Like in the 2nd movement of Tchaikovsky's Symphonie pathétique.
This way, they can control my body.
They can control the beating of my heart.
It's I require a steady dose of country.
It's medicine.
Makes me calm.
- Judge Faulkner died.
- I know.
Meredith's dad.
I don't think I did it.
Your hands.
To gain their trust.
Make sure I'm not hiding anything.
They, uh they make me do it.
Stephen, I'm gonna tell you a story and I want you to stop me if I say anything that's not true, OK? You were very upset when your father died and you read letters that Justice Faulkner wrote, that he wrote to your mother.
Mom's stuff, it's all safe.
It's safe in the locker.
- But you read those letters.
- That part's not true.
They won't let me read.
The voices drown me out.
So you didn't read those letters that Justice Faulkner wrote to your mom.
Andrew read the letters.
He wouldn't tell me what they said.
Andrew, my goodly brother true.
My protector.
Do you like Johnny Cash? Mmhmm.
I'll go get you some more coffee.
People with a mental illness are more likely to be the victims of a crime than the perpetrators.
Strangling Faulkner and holding on till he's lost his breath, how long would that take? This boy can't focus for more than 30 seconds at any time.
We've got the wrong brother.
There's a pretty strong case against your brother.
I can't believe it.
Will he have to be hospitalized? His lawyer will likely argue Section 16.
It's mental incompetence.
OK, right.
But it is the murder of a judge and you need to be pprepared for the fact that Stephen could end up in general population.
He can't, he'd die in prison! You're a good brother.
Always protecting him.
I try.
Even with a Section 16, a provincial mental health facility is pretty grim.
They medicate aggressively, keep their patients locked down, restrained.
- Isn't there something that you could - I have to do my job.
Wherever he ends up, it's gonna be very, very rough on him.
He needs to be prepared.
I thought it might be better coming from you.
- You promised that he - Andrew, he needs to understand what comes next.
Booking, preliminary hearing, competency hearing.
Of course, he's gonna have to be held in detention through all that time.
OK, Stephen, let's see if you can do my job for me.
And! What are you hey! - Stevie.
- What are you They've been asking me questions too, it's no big deal.
You been writing any songs? Yeah, been working on a couple.
Remember when Dad went away and we didn't think we'd be OK, but we were? - You took care of me.
- Yeah.
Now, we might we might not be together for a while.
I'm wedding Meredith this summer, you've gotta be there.
I'll be there, I'll be there, sure.
But I have to You'll be OK.
I know you'll be OK.
- I'll be - Stephen, you are You're you're a good person.
You're a great brother.
You don't have to prove it to anyone.
No, see, they don't trust me.
Don't listen to them, listen to me.
It'll be OK.
There's this hospital, it's up north, by a lake.
Up north? I I gotta go away? Are you gonna come? You'd come? We were supposed to have a different life.
We were supposed to have a family.
Faulkner took that all away.
He Mom and Dad might have Without him.
And you He paid for what he did.
To you and all of us.
I wanted him to feel what Mom felt.
To have his breath his life squeezed out.
You got it? - Stephen agreed to go back to Lakeshore for a few weeks.
Then they're gonna release him.
He's gonna need support, an advocate.
We'll make sure he has a good social worker.
Solved I in less than 36 hours.
Nicely done.
I think I should write the Inspector exams.
Sounds like a good 5-year plan.
Actually it's a 5-to-7-year plan, but I need to speed things up.
You're head of the Major Crimes.
That's the best second best job in the service.
Sir, you once said to me that you can't have it all, and I thought to hell with him.
But I need to rethink my priorities.
You know you'd have to wear a uniform.
Look like everyone else.
Cotton polyester blend.
I love the feel of polyester.
Same flat black shoes every day.
Every day.
- Why don't you sleep on it? - Yeah, maybe I should.
Chief Jessica King.
God help us all.
Danny, pick me up up front.
Well, if you're gonna be in Homicide, we need to get you some new suits.