King & Maxwell (2013) s01e04 Episode Script

King's Ransom

He's not coming.
Yes he is.
He lives in Alaska.
What is your point? Your telling me he woke up this morning, got on a plane and flew 4,000 miles to meet up with two strangers in a park.
I wouldn't say strangers.
I spoke to him on the phone once.
- Once? - Mmm.
- You talked to him once.
- Yeah.
Excuse me.
Are you Sean King and Michelle Maxwell? Yes we are.
I Hunter Glenn.
I'm here for the Katherine Heigl movie.
Hunter, Hunter, Hunter.
Oh, your head shot does not do you justice.
We took one look at you and said, "That's our Togo.
" Uh, hey.
Uh, is is Is Katherine here? Katie's in her trailer.
Can I get one picture of you for wardrobe? Just Can you just put your hands behind your back? Hey, hey! Hunter Glenn, you owe $32,000 in back child support.
Okay, all right.
So I'll pay it after the movie.
Hunter, we're not casting agents.
You're in a park.
We're taking you to jail.
So Katherine and I don't have a shower scene? Never doubt me again.
King & Maxwell 01x04 Kings Ransom One less deadbeat dad living under the Aurora Borealis.
Aurora is the goddess of the dawn.
- I can relate.
- Oh.
Someone's feeling good about themselves.
I like that.
To the dawn part.
I'm a morning person.
Let's talk about you as a goddess.
- Please let's not.
- Oh, come on.
Put you in a warrior-princess costume.
Fanboys would be all over that.
I'm getting some coffee.
I'm good.
Thanks anyway.
Why are you watching Clyde Ritter's assassination? The light in the ballroom, Sean it's off course.
- Look.
- No.
Edgar people don't like to be reminded of their mistakes.
It's how people learn, Sean from their mistakes.
If you need to go back That is the last place I need to go.
I'll go with you, Sean.
We'll talk about this later.
I'm assuming you misdialed.
We're on our way.
Noah Allen was last seen yesterday at soccer practice at Montrose Park.
This morning, the SLS contacted the family and claimed responsibility.
High-end kidnapping ring out of Colombia? Why grab Noah? Doug Allen, the boy's father, is the C.
of Tranzer Oil & Gas big player in Colombia.
Yeah, Liz, the mother, works part time at the American Fine Art Gallery.
Has the SLS done this before? Struck stateside? When the price is right.
You clear our involvement with the family? It's taken care of.
How old is the kid? We'll do whatever we can, but you don't like us much, so why are we here? Sometimes, the Bureau's rules and procedures leave my hands tied.
You two are able to kick in doors, and that can be useful.
The dad's company has hired a kidnapping-and-ransom consultant to work with the family to negotiate the boy's release.
So far, our investigations have run parallel, but I have my doubts that the symbiotic nature of our relationship will last.
She doesn't play well with others.
See for yourself.
I'll tell the family you're here.
Hello, Sean.
Shot in the dark you guys took a yoga class together.
Okay, then.
I'm Michelle, Sean's partner.
Joan Dillinger.
This is Joan.
Something you'd like to share? We were in the service together.
Come on.
We got a kid to find.
I knew working for a company in Colombia was a risk.
I never should have taken the job.
- No, Doug.
It wasn't your fault.
- This isn't about blame.
It's about doing everything we can to bring Noah home.
While Sean and the FBI conduct their investigation, I'll prep you for the ransom call.
Dad, the zombie app froze again.
Who's this handsome guy? This is Josh.
Hey, Josh.
Pretty cool shirt you got there.
Noah has one, too.
You know, we're gonna let you guys take care of the frozen zombies, okay? Excuse us.
It's gonna be all right.
No witnesses so far.
We canvassed the neighborhood.
All we got was Noah's 10-speed locked at the bike rack.
Any ATM or traffic cams? We pulled the security-cam footage from a parking lot across the street.
Carter's been going through it.
Came up empty.
How does a 13-year-old kid get snatched after practice, and nobody sees anything? We'll give the park a second look.
That woman has more attitude than you have excuses to not work out.
She wasn't always like that.
And fortunately for the family, she's got the skill set to back it up.
You don't think I work out enough? You got a minute? Actually, we were just headed to the park.
Excuse me? It's Maxwell, right? Your file came across my desk when I was head of the New York Field Office.
You're kind of the poster child for what not to do.
It's nice of Sean to take a chance.
But if I were you, I would show a little more gratitude.
Take all the alone time you need to catch up.
Call me when you're done.
Let's talk in private.
Uh, given our history, do you think it's wise for you to be here? I don't have a problem putting our past aside to help get Noah home safe.
I've dealt with the SLS before.
The way it's gonna happen is with a clean, uncomplicated exchange.
That's how they like to work, and that's how I've brought four abductees home.
I don't doubt your ability, Joan.
At end of the day, our goal is the same.
Unlike you and the FBI, I don't care about bringing the kidnappers to justice.
My job is to negotiate Noah's release, and that will happen, as long as you stay out of my way.
I am not the enemy here.
Whatever's happening, put it on pause.
There's a call coming in.
Remember, try to stay calm.
We need to get proof they actually have Noah.
Try to keep them talking.
The longer they're on the line, the more we can gather to track them.
All right, you ready? Yeah.
This is Doug Allen.
5 million in cash, or you'll never see your son again.
5 million in cash, and your sonwill be safely returned.
Can I speak to him? That won't be allowed.
You have three hours to gather the money.
Do not try to include a tracking device.
Please, I-I just need to know that Noah's all right.
Can you ask him what the name of the song was that his mother used to sing to him before bed? Stand by.
We're on mute.
You're doing great.
We got a location.
The call's coming from national harbor.
I want a chopper in the air.
Let's move.
Doug, that's their job.
Right now, your job is to focus everything on this call.
We good? - Yeah.
- Going off mute.
The song was "You are my sunshine.
" Thank you.
Where should I bring the money? We will be in touch with further instructions.
You did everything right to keep Noah safe.
- What happens next? - We keep looking for him.
What about Agent Rigby? I'm gonna check in with Rigby.
I know how hard this is.
But Joan is right you guys are doing great.
I'll get the ball rolling on the ransom money.
I'll circle back when I'm done.
Thank you.
When I was working for the Secretary of State's detail in South America, the groups never asked for cash, always a wire transfer.
I've seen both.
Unmarked cash is harder to follow.
We need to be sure we're dealing with the SLS.
I agree.
When I see a red flag, I'll reassess.
I hope you survived your little powwow with everything intact.
I still have all my moving parts.
But I am touched by your concern.
Oh, more like mild curiosity.
National Harbor was a dead end.
Led to a burn phone tossed in the trash.
You have anything there? Not sure yet.
Hey, what was that little look between you and Rigby? Oh, he he worked a kidnapping case in West Virginia.
Considering he called us, I guess it went south.
He didn't give any details.
Rigby never does.
I'll let you know if I find anything here.
Copy that.
Edgar, I know you hate crowds, but I need you to meet us at the Allens' house.
I have something important for you to do.
What is he doing? It's okay, Edgar.
It's a friendly room.
Show us what you found.
This better be good.
There are 30 digital video files uploaded that are traceable to Montrose Park this Friday between 1430 and 1930 1430 and 1930, eastern standard time.
Zulu time, Romeo.
UTC, negative five.
In other words, the window in which we believe Noah was abducted.
That's Noah! Back there in the orange sweatshirt.
Where did he go? Clear views on these six.
Watch the bikes.
Stranger danger, stranger danger.
Look out.
Stranger's back.
Oh, God.
- Did you see that? - Roll it back, Edgar.
Wait and there.
- Hot damn.
- It's something.
But it's hard to I.
off a tattoo.
Tattoo is as good as a fingerprint, if you know who to ask.
Hello, Benny.
You're late.
Watch the attitude.
What are you gonna do? Throw me back in jail? Well, that depends.
Are you back in the funny-money business? Sean, you know I found a new outlet for my artistic talents.
Oh, is that new? Came to me in a dream.
I'm surprised there's any space left.
Space isn't the problem.
It's finding the time.
I have a three-month-long waiting list now.
You have a nice back.
I could give you a dragon Or a wolf.
I do a very nice wolf.
Well, it's not your tattoos I'm interested in, Benny.
I need to know who did that eye I texted you.
Curved lines on the end stroke, poor color saturation, blurring.
It's the work of Dennis Rivers, Jefferson Ink.
You sure? Had it confirmed by "Dennis the Menace" himself.
Did he remember who he gave it to? Sergei Krasnakov, gun for hire.
His only allegiance is to the green.
Lives over on 17th Street.
Nice work, Benny.
I only have $100.
No, no, no.
I got this.
You don't trust me.
Think about that wolf, Sean.
Progress Rigby, I got an I.
and an address on the tatted kidnapper.
We'll go do what you brought us in for.
Stupid app.
Do you work for the FBI also? No.
I live here.
Noah's my brother.
Noah can be a real jerk sometimes, but I really wish he was here.
May 24, 1982 my sister took one of my pencils.
I bit her on the buttocks.
It works now.
I don't really care.
I'm just doing it so I don't have to see my mom cry again.
I don't like people crying.
Me neither.
My mom totally lost it after karate yesterday.
Hey, Edgar? Just letting you know I'm going to meet Sean.
First date Ice skating and hot chocolate at Kafe Leopold.
How did my relationship with Joan become a guessing game? Ah, so you'd characterize it as a relationship.
Let's just say I have a knack for getting involved with complicated women.
You want to bait me, you got to do better than that.
I got the stairs.
We're not the cops! We just want to talk! Not even a "Screw you"?! That's just rude! Don't do it.
Ow! I tried to warn you.
One hit.
All right, give me this.
Up you go.
Text from Rigby.
Kidnappers called back.
Drop is in an hour.
Let's make this easy.
We have you on video kidnapping Noah Allen.
- Where is he? - Screw you.
Ah, and there it is.
Rude when you didn't say it, worse now that you did.
Oh, Sergei, I would really hate to be you right now.
See, either you help us or my partner is gonna tell the Bratva you did, which, if you think about it, would be even worse.
That'll put a kink in your street cred.
- Where is Noah? - I don't know.
Remind me how to upload again.
Just hit the little thing, you know.
Okay, there it goes.
37%, 58%, 72%.
Okay, stop.
I got an envelope full of cash and a call from a guy using a computer voice.
He said he'd give me another envelope if I helped snatch the kid.
He told me when and where.
After you grabbed him, where did you drop him? The roof of a parking garage on Connecticut Avenue.
Left him tied up in the back of the van.
- Any idea who hired you? - No.
After it was done, he called back, asked if we were good to go.
I said, "Yeah.
" - He told me where to get my envelope.
- What are you saying? He specifically said, "Good to go"? Yeah.
Why? We need to call Rigby.
Come on.
- Rigby.
- Hey.
The guy who hired Krasnakov used a phrase that's American slang.
Listen I was already skeptical the SLS would ask for a money drop.
I don't think we're dealing with Colombians.
The SLS are pros.
If we're dealing with amateurs, that's a different story.
You need to stop the drop until we know what's going on here.
I can't.
The family always has the final say in a kidnapping case, and they're following Joan Dillinger's lead.
All right, listen.
We're on the way to the house.
We need to talk.
A little busy right now.
The drop's about to go down.
- Give me 30 seconds.
- It'll have to wait.
There's still time.
We picked up one of the hired guns who grabbed Noah.
His contact used the phrase "Good to go.
" I don't think these guys are SLS.
"Good to go"? Are you sure? You need to pull the plug.
The package is delivered.
Allen is clearing the area.
Stand by.
That's Noah's sweatshirt.
That's him.
We have confirmation the orange hoodie belongs to Noah.
Do we have visual confirmation this is him? If we're gonna go, we need to move now.
- That's my son! I know it! - Confirmed.
All agents move in.
Drop that bag! Drop it.
Get down.
Get down! That's not him.
They got spooked by you two poking around.
Hey, we need to reassess and figure out who we are dealing with here.
The kidnappers found these guys online and paid them 100 bucks to wear the hoodie and pick up the briefcase.
This was a test.
Hello? You disobeyed instructions, and the price is now double.
$3 million in 24 hours or Noah dies.
We found the kidnappers van.
Burnt out in Southeast D.
We're processing it now.
Someone had to drive it out of the garage.
No cameras in the structure.
I'm checking traffic cams in the area.
Another dead end.
I know what happens when these things go sideways.
West Virginia.
The kidnapper put the girl in a box and buried her in the woods.
We tracked him down.
He drew on me.
I took him out.
And the girl? He was the only one who knew where she was buried.
Well, that's not gonna happen here.
The Allens have decided the FBI and its guests are no longer welcome.
You have no authority to interfere with our investigation.
That's true, but the Allens have the right to ask you to leave their property.
The Allens are following your lead.
We don't need to be here to find Noah.
I expect you all to be cleared out by the time we get back from the bank.
We're moving back to the boathouse, Edgar.
Hey, I saw you give your pencil sharpener to Josh.
Is everything okay? Josh takes karate.
I started karate when I was about his age.
It's a lot of work, but it's fun.
Not yesterday.
His mom cried.
After karate? After karate.
"Karate pickup 4:30.
" - Hey.
- Hey.
It's possible Noah's mom received a call from the kidnappers at 4:30, which is hours before anybody even realized he was gone.
We need to talk to her.
She just left.
She said she needed to clear her head.
What's her number? I think you're confusing me with Edgar.
Liz Allen 202-555-0164.
It's ringing.
You rang? Only one reason she'd leave without her phone.
She forgot her phone.
Or so we couldn't track her.
She received a couple of calls from the American Fine Art Gallery earlier in the day, and then nothing until 6:18.
You sure she got a call at 4:30? It was after karate.
Maybe she deleted it? Or maybe Liz has a second phone.
We need to find out everything we can about her.
Merry Christmas.
That's the living room, but that's different.
There was a picture there a print of Monet's "Water Lilies.
" 256 in the series.
Now it's just a dust frame.
It was removed recently.
It was taken down for a reason.
Whatever it was, someone didn't want us to see or know.
Look at their other artwork.
All real paintings.
An affluent couple wouldn't put a gift-shop poster above their fireplace.
Unless water lilies are sentimental.
Water lilies can't be sentimental, Sean.
They're flowers, not people.
A painting can be sentimental.
Click on that.
1994 A painting in Monet's "Water Lily" series was stolen in California.
Never recovered.
Theo Bancroft was convicted and sentenced to six years.
He killed his cellmate and ended up serving 18 years.
He was released five months ago.
And that looks a lot like Liz.
She's wanted for questioning as a person of interest.
Our soccer mom is an art thief? Could explain why she works at the American Fine Art Gallery.
Who has been living large while her partner did almost 20 years.
Sounds like Theo Bancroft is out for revenge.
She looks a lot like you.
Leslie Sebastiani.
She was a stupid kid who made a lot of mistakes.
She died a long time ago.
Theo Bancroft has your son.
I had to go along.
The ransom, the screwed-up money drop it was to keep everyone focused on the wrong thing.
And what's the right thing? A $40 million Monet.
He wants me to steal it.
That's the real ransom.
How are you communicating with him? I found a burn phone in my purse.
Soon as I heard his voice, I knew it was Theo.
That temper.
It all came rushing back to me.
That's why I stole his share 20 years ago.
I used it to disappear.
It's how I became Liz.
We're going to find Noah.
There's still time.
I am not a thief anymore, but I will do whatever it takes to save Noah.
Please don't try to stop me.
We can't go to Rigby.
When he finds out she's wanted, he'll bring her in.
And then what'll happen to Noah? She could be playing us.
It's easy to change your name, not so easy to change who you are.
Did you see that calendar in her kitchen? Soccer games, karate tournaments, date nights It was packed.
This is not a woman looking for one last score.
Her family is her life now.
You know what this means, don't you? Yeah.
10 years, if we get caught.
The print gave me away? Actually, it was taking it off the wall.
It's about the same size as the one in the museum.
I was looking for a bag it would fit in.
Edgar says the number Theo's been calling from originates at a free VOIP company.
He's been using a VPN service to route it through Hong Kong.
Which means we can't find him? No way fast.
But he can watch us me, on the museum's security cameras.
That's what he said.
If he's gonna watch you steal the Monet, we need to be able to see everything he sees.
Which means tapping in ourselves.
Well, Edgar can rig that up.
We just need to be able to distract the guards watching the monitors.
There's only one guard at the monitors budget cutbacks.
And Vince is always slipping out for a smoke break.
That could give us about a six-minute window.
Talk to us about taking the painting off the wall.
Will an alarm sound? No, but there's a magnetic strip affixed to each piece of artwork and sensors at every exit.
We'll remove the strip.
Okay, but every employee is subject to a random search before leaving.
Well, then you can't be the one to walk out with it.
There will have to be a hand-off without the security cameras seeing.
Museum opens at 10 A.
that gives us 15 hours.
Liz, why don't you go home and help Doug get the ransom money together.
We'll text you when to meet us.
I'll walk you out.
It's Sean.
I need you to trust me.
One, please.
- Thank you.
- Morning, Jeff.
We're in.
I just got a text from Theo.
He says he's watching me.
And thanks to Edgar, so am I.
You both copy? Loud and clear.
You're coming in fine.
All right, I got Vince.
He's on his smoke break.
We have six minutes.
Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen.
The museum will be offering a free tour with refreshments for the first 20 people who line up for the Renoir gallery.
I think I'll pass.
They're gone.
Let's do this.
Okay, walk towards the exit about 8 feet.
And stop.
All right, you're off camera now.
All right, you have a guard headed your way.
Copy that.
It's right there.
Okay, ma'am, to be safe, we're going to be evacuating.
I need to ask you to head to the main exit, all right? Sure, of course.
Attention, all personnel, we have a code red.
All right, just inside the doorway, there's a blind spot.
Michelle's headed your way.
No way Theo could have seen that.
Excuse me, ma'am? You dropped this.
Right this way folks.
I need you to exit the building.
Thank you.
Whoa, ma'am, I need you to step over here, please.
Let me see what's in your bag, please.
Text from Theo.
He wants me to bring the painting to Hangar J at West Ridge Airfield.
He's gonna make sure that I'm alone.
Then you will be as far as he can tell.
That's your plan? There's no way I'm getting in there with you.
Hey, if you don't want to see this through, I'm sure Liz will understand.
Ladies first.
Nice try.
I'm on top.
That's fun, too.
Ow! You okay? What an amazing plan, Sean.
Nobody said it was gonna be glamorous.
I smell coconut.
Do you smell coconut? They said it was unscented.
They lied.
Where's my son? Relax.
First, I search you and then the car.
Okay, step back.
Give me the key.
That's a problem.
Give me the key.
All clear.
I want to kiss the guy who invented rear folding seats.
Actually, that's what they were invented for.
It's been a long time, Leslie.
You got your painting.
Now let Noah go.
It'll be a short reunion.
You're gonna be a number for the next five to seven years, once the museum takes a look at their security footage.
If you hurt him, I swear to God Noah.
Are you okay? Oh, God.
You know, I never pegged you for the soccer-mom type.
Keep them both here till I'm in the air.
I suppose I'm the decoy.
Start bringing a gun, we can take turns.
I am so lost.
Is that the plane to Vegas? Drop it before I drop you.
Shoot her.
I wouldn't do that.
She's a really good shot.
And you're a whole lot of target.
I said shoot her! Drop your weapon! Keep your hands where we can see them! Theo Bancroft, you're under arrest for the kidnapping of Noah Allen.
You have the right to remain silent.
If I go down, she goes down with me.
I don't know anything about that.
Where's the painting? There is a Monet on that plane worth $40 million.
If you're not gonna exercise your right to remain silent, get in the car.
Agent Carter will be happy to take your statement.
She stole it from the American Fine Art Gallery! It's okay.
Go home.
Be with your family.
Thank you.
I owe you both everything.
Stay out of trouble, you.
Nice work tracking down the flight manifest.
There's only one fence with balls big enough to traffic a $40 million dollar Monet.
I knew he was headed to Marseilles.
You took a hell of a chance stealing this.
Not really.
It's a fake.
The original is still in the museum, leaning on a wall where no security camera can see it.
I should have known.
Well, thanks for reaching out.
I, uh I forgot what a good team we make.
We had our moments.
You were together for three months.
You were separated from Dana but not divorced.
You have my attention.
You kept your relationship a secret, and neither of you were willing to make a real commitment.
You just described 2/3 of the men on this planet.
End of the day sex with a co-worker is like skydiving without a parachute.
Josh wanted you to have it back.
That was a really nice thing you did.
He may not have understood it, but I did.
You need to go back to the ballroom, Sean.
Right now, I need to hang this painting.
What do you think? Your guy does good work.
His guy is Benny and I do exceptional work That you're hanging in the kitchen? There's no room left in the bathroom.
I never figured you for a painter.
Why? A reformed counterfeiter can't be cultured? No one puts Benny in a box.
Benny in a box.
Sean put you in a box for five years.
Well, technically, I got her out after two.
I got myself out by agreeing to help you track down those Korean supernotes.
And now I can't get rid of you.
I'm like the memory of your first love.
I'll be with you forever.
What memory? His first love stares at him in the mirror every morning.
That's a rough way to start the day.
Oh, I see how it's gonna be.
You're gonna team up on me, huh? Come on, Benny.
I'll buy you a beer.
I'm ready, Sean.
Not the ballroom again, Edgar.
I need to see the light.
You're never gonna give it a rest, are you? No Sean.
The stage was there.
We brought Ritter in through the kitchen.
The sun came through that window.
I didn't have my sunglasses.
Thank you.
What was the time, Sean? 3:14.
Eight years ago, September 25th was a Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.
3:14 Post Meridiem.
Solar azimuth was 237.
22 237.
Solar elevation 34 34.
Declination negative 1.
54 degrees.
I'll take your word for it, Edgar.
Windows facing northeast.
It wasn't the sun, Sean.
Maybe it was a flashbulb or a news camera.
Angles are precise.
On the video, the light was low, direct.
Who wanted you blind, Sean?