King & Maxwell (2013) s01e08 Episode Script

Job Security

1 You would look great in those shoes.
I know.
They're not practical.
You could be a little less practical.
You dress like you're still in the secret service.
What? No, I don't.
You tuck in your shirts, wear that jacket with the shoulder pads.
Shoulder pads give structure to a jacket.
Dressing like this gives me an air of authority.
I'm just saying we're private investigators.
You can dress how you want.
It's one of the perks of the job.
You should get those shoes.
Excuse me.
Miss? Yes? Can you help me? She should get these shoes, right? They are cute.
See, Michelle? Clearly, this woman has taste.
After all, she only shoplifts the best jewelry.
That's exactly why I wanted her opinion.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
I'm Sean king.
This is Michelle Maxwell.
We're hired by the store.
We're private investigators.
Her, maybe.
You look more like a building contractor.
We're gonna need to search you, miss.
Not the purse.
Umbrella on a sunny day? I like to be prepared.
Unsnapped, loose.
Makes a convenient place to drop small items.
Open the umbrella, miss.
This is ridiculous.
It's bad luck to open an umbrella inside.
Wait! Wow.
That was bad luck.
I'd say about six months to a year bad luck, depending on the judge.
Let's go see the manager.
I lied.
Those shoes would look horrible on you.
King & Maxwell 01x08 Job Security All I'm saying is we used to be charged with protecting leaders, visiting foreign dignitaries, and the integrity of the United States economy.
Used to be.
Past tense.
Now we're hired by a store to bust a rich klepto.
We're P.
Just one of the many services we offer.
For which, I might add, we're being well paid.
Look at it this way.
We bust the shoplifter, the store's insurance rates don't go up, their prices stay down, we're still safeguarding the economy.
One high-end boutique at a time.
I thought you wanted us to take on more cases that paid well.
I want us to take on cases that mean something.
Take it easy.
Where you going, Edgar? Have a date.
A date? With who? Benny's buying.
Late for lunch.
- You look nice.
- I know.
Benny's buying.
That'll cost her.
It's soup day.
Can I help you? I'm, uh, looking for a King & Maxwell Detective Agency.
You found it.
Come on in.
I, uh, I want to hire you to find my cellphone.
Have you tried calling it? It's not lost.
It was stolen this morning.
A guy grabbed it out of my hand as I walked out of the Metro station.
You should try the police.
I did.
They took a report and told me not to get my hopes up.
Must be a nice phone.
It's a new iPhone.
Well, for what we charge, you might just want to buy another one.
It's not the phone.
It's what's on it that matters.
Which is? Pictures of my late wife.
I'm sorry.
She died of cancer three weeks ago.
I had photographs of our last days together on that phone.
They're priceless.
Please find it for me.
This is why being a private investigator is better than working for the government.
We get to choose our cases.
Cops wouldn't be able to help Leo even if they wanted to.
The department would never allocate the time - or the resources.
- 'Cause there's such a small chance of finding a stolen phone.
If we're gonna try, we need to learn more about how phone thieves operate.
Bet you anything that Edgar's lunch date knows a little something about that.
Hey, Wu.
I know Edgar loves your soup.
Watch very closely.
Don't take your eye off the pea.
Where is it? Which one? Ah, I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Sean, we're just playing for lunch checks.
That's always how it starts.
Surprise, surprise.
Should have picked the right hand.
Open up, Benny.
It's a magic trick.
It is nothing like a magic trick.
It's exactly like a magic trick.
Don't worry, Benny.
We have your lunch.
Out of the kindness of your heart? We need information.
What else is new? We're trying to find a stolen cellphone.
Grabbed right out of a man's hand on the street this morning.
Ah, the new purse-snatching.
All the cool kids are doing it.
They call it apple picking.
How do apple pickers operate? They watch people talking, texting, checking their e-mails in their own little world, then they grab and go.
Phone's already unlocked so they have complete control.
Then they put it on airplane mode.
Turns off anything that transmits or receives a signal.
Cell signal, wi-fi, and Bluetooth.
Keeps anyone from tracking it or wiping it remotely.
If we wanted to find out who picked an apple this morning outside the Federal Triangle Metro Station Those guys are pretty territorial.
Once they find a good place that's busy rush hours and lunch hours, they fight to keep it.
Chances are, whoever took your guy's phone is probably working that same spot right now.
Time to set a trap.
Double or nothing.
Pick the one without the pea.
Soup's up.
You know he's gonna grab my phone, right? Why is that? Because I'm using it like a normal human being instead of holding it out like bait.
People talk on the phone this way.
Who? Private investigators trying to lure a thief? You better hope he grabs my phone and not yours.
Oh? Why is that? If he grabs your phone, you'll have to chase him.
When was the last time you ran, Sean? I can run.
At least in the secret service they made you stay in shape.
Hey, there is plenty of gas left in this tank.
Aah! He's got my phone! Pedal to the metal, Sean! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! You call that running? What the hell? Give me the phone.
Screw you! Oh, ow! Okay, okay, okay! You don't have to break my wrist.
That's police brutality.
Uh, except for we're not cops, which puts us in a unique position.
Right, Sean? What my partner just said is that, being private investigators, we're able to make you an offer.
"Dax Walters, 2221 Washington Court, Apartment 303.
" - What kind of mother names her kid Dax? - Probably the kind who didn't want to see her little boy handed over to the police.
Now, listen to me.
The cops are coming any second.
Now, you tell us the truth, we'll let you go before they get here.
You lie to us, Dax, we know where you live.
I am looking for a phone you stole this morning.
I didn't steal a phone this morning.
This is your turf.
Yes, this is my turf.
This is where I steal phones.
I just stole this lady's phone just now.
- I didn't steal a phone this morning.
- Dax.
I want you to think about it.
It was an older man.
He had gray hair, a gray suit, a blue tie.
He was coming off the Metro.
Some other guy jacked him, man.
I was just getting to work.
I saw the whole thing.
Don't lie to us, dax.
I swear to you.
Skinny little punk with a hoodie grabs it and goes.
It wasn't in front of the Metro, though.
It was next door in front of the hotel.
If you guys catch this guy, you got to tell me.
There's, like, a price to pay for operating on my sacred ground here.
Oh! Okay, a deal's a deal.
Go on.
Take off.
He's getting away! See? That's how you chase a suspect.
Here's your phone.
Be sure you show the police what's recorded on the video.
This is your turf.
Yes, this is my turf.
This is where I steal phones.
I just stole this lady's phone just now.
I didn't steal a phone this morning.
Leo lied to us.
Why would he say he was down at the Metro when he was in front of the hotel? Maybe that camera caught the theft.
Well, that's worth a look.
Excuse me.
Where's your head of security? I'll get him for you, ma'am.
Okay, here's the play.
We're from the company doing routine maintenance on the security system.
You always get to do this part.
You want to pretext? Let me give it a shot.
Oh, I like that.
Follow my lead.
You got it.
I'm Michelle Maxwell.
This is my partner, Sean King.
We are private investigators trying to recover a cellphone stolen from a client in front of your hotel this morning.
It had pictures of his late wife on it.
Happy to help.
I'll get you a copy of our security footage.
Thank you so much.
You told him the truth, and he fell for it.
It's all in the shoulder pads.
Pah-pow! Have you been injured on the job? Help me, Hamilton Skales! Cut out of the will? That bastard! I'm Hamilton G.
Skales, and I'll tip the balance in your favor.
Let me help you get exactly what's coming to you.
Hamilton hablo español.
Positive outcome not guaranteed.
The big guy knows my commercial by heart.
Pretty cool, huh? Hey, between me and you, what's the matter with him? I'm only asking because I think I could get someone to pay a pretty good chunk of change for that we'll talk about it later.
Hamilton G.
Skales, Attorney at Law.
How are you? Hamilton G.
No? You don't want to do that? You're not a hand-shaker? I'm not offended.
That's fine.
Perhaps you've seen me on TV, channel 13.
Right? Just like he did? No? Maybe on the side of a bus? Picture of me, great picture, Hamilton G.
Skales on the side of the bus? I'm all over the Mount Vernon Express Line.
I got my thumb on a scale, Hamilton G.
Skales, scales of justice.
Get it? It's a joke.
You're not here to laugh.
You're here to listen.
That's all right.
I'm not a comedian.
I'll tell you what I'm here for.
I'm here to make you an offer you can't refuse.
Check this out.
One, two, three, four look.
I'm not even looking.
I'm just pulling bills off.
I'm not even looking.
I'm not even looking.
Doesn't matter to me.
Watch this.
Boom! Right there.
There you go.
What's that? That is a little incentive for you to forget that you ever heard about the cellphone you're looking for.
We don't work that way.
Come on.
Take the money.
That's got to be double what they're paying you, anyway.
Don't tell me you don't need the money.
You work in a boat shed, and your secretary's rain man.
- No offense.
- "Rain man.
" Dustin Hoffman.
Definitely 1988.
He's good.
I like this guy.
That's that's That's really good.
I know what you're doing.
I know what you're doing.
You're stalling.
You're stalling.
Guess what.
I'm not offended.
I get it.
I understand it.
Tell you what.
I'll throw a couple more benjies at you.
Maybe you'll buy yourself a new suit.
Looks like you could use one, right? You, too.
I mean, if you're gonna dress like a man, you might as well work a little harder, huh? How about that? Boom.
Huh? Do you like my suit? I get all my suits at Ray's Suit Emporium in Silver Spring.
Ray's a buddy of mine.
He's a good guy.
I'll hook you guys up.
I extricated Ray from a very ugly pre-nup last year.
The bitch didn't get a dime.
Pardon my French.
I'm gonna punch him in the face.
Don't let me stop you.
Oh, come on.
Bring it on.
Bring it on.
You want to punch me? I'll end up owning the place.
Not that I want it, anyway.
Let me ask you a question.
What time are Quint, Hooper, and Chief Brody getting back from the shark hunt? Get it? That's a That's a movie reference.
" 1975.
He's good.
Why try and buy us off the case? It conflicts with a lawsuit that I'm filing.
What's the lawsuit? I'm not at liberty to say.
Who's your client? I am not at liberty.
Look take the money! Come on.
Be smart.
Why don't you be smart and get out of here before my partner makes you bleed all over that suit of yours? It wouldn't hurt the suit.
I had it scotchgarded.
Okay, fine.
All right.
You don't want the money? No worries.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
It's your funeral, okay? But seriously.
Come here.
About Igor over there.
You guys should call me because I could get an expert to testify that that is all birth related.
Did you know that you could sue the obstetrician up to 35 years of age in certain circumstances? All right.
All right.
Just think it over, okay? Think it over.
Hamil uh, Hamilton G.
Skales, Attorney at Law.
What was that? Let's watch the security footage.
Crappy video quality.
Digitized analog.
One-to-one conversion.
CIF 352x240.
What does that mean? Crappy video quality.
Can you clean it up? Yes.
- Will you clean it up? - Yes.
That will take 3 hours, 22 minutes.
Look at that.
Enlarge that.
That's not Leo Goldberg.
No, it's not.
That's George Clark, the Deputy Director of National Intelligence.
Benny's on her way to the boathouse.
Once Edgar finishes cleaning up the hotel's security video image, she might be able to identify our phone thief.
King, Miss Maxwell, I'm George Clark.
Thank you for meeting me somewhere other than my office.
I would like to apologize for the charade.
- Please allow me to explain.
- Allow us.
You get your phone stolen in the street.
You could afford to replace it, but you don't.
Something important must be on it.
But the man whose agency oversees the CIA and the NSA doesn't use his own guys to find it.
He turns to a couple of P.
Because what's on the phone isn't state secrets.
It's personal.
Very personal.
Married man coming out of a hotel.
You don't want anyone to know not even us.
So you send someone with a heartbreaking story guaranteed to inspire us to track down the phone.
A former operative.
Exactly what's on the phone, Mr.
Clark? It's a video I wanted to keep from falling into the wrong hands.
Apparently, it already has.
Let me guess.
You got a call from an attorney named Hamilton Skales.
He said he's prepared to file a lawsuit on behalf of an unnamed client.
My phone and its contents will be entered into evidence unless I settle out of court.
That suit's trumped-up nonsense.
- Skales is using a quirk of the law.
- How so? If he offers to sell the phone back to him, it's blackmail.
He can go to jail.
But if he threatens to enter it as evidence in a lawsuit, unless Mr.
Clark pays a settlement, well, then he's on solid ground.
It's legal extortion.
Completely legal.
So, I have to give him the money.
Not yet.
Let us do our job.
Should we be saving a cheater? A single mistake shouldn't cost a person their career.
He also lied to us.
He's a liar and a cheater.
Thank you.
We'll see you later.
George Clark is good at his job.
Ted Bergin knew him from their days back in the Department of Defense.
He would want us to help him.
Plus you can't stand to let Hamilton Skales win.
Oh, that's just gravy.
So, you don't like Hamilton Skales? Well, you're really gonna hate him after we get through with you.
Let me guess.
He sent you to tell us to drop the cellphone case.
What if we say no? Please say no.
You see that enthusiasm, Michelle? You know what they say.
If you love your job, you never really work a day in your life.
One second, fellas.
Who you calling? Cops won't be here in time to help.
Oh, not the cops.
An ambulance.
Oh, you will need that.
Yeah, well, it's not for us.
It's for you.
I'm calling from the alley behind Lucy's Cafe on 6th.
You're gonna find three thugs You guys aren't offended if I call you thugs, right? It's more of a job description than an aspersion.
Well, that's what I was thinking.
Yes, ma'am.
100% serious.
You'll find three scumbags - Scumbags is an aspersion.
- Yes, it is.
They're gonna be suffering from an assortment of abrasions, blunt-force trauma That one's gonna have a hepatic contusion.
Hepatic contusion? Bruised liver.
That's really gonna hurt.
And one of them will be found upside-down in a trash can.
Ooh! Sean King.
You like blue, Edgar? The sky is blue.
I like the sky.
Me too.
I like the sky, and I like blue.
All sorts of different blues.
Cobalt blue, azure, Prussian blue.
I like indigo blue but some dumb committee somewhere decided it wasn't a color.
What gives them the right? What gives them the right? How about red? Do you want red? Orange.
Orange is a friendly color.
How about one day you let me give you a tattoo instead of just painting your nails? Why? I just thought you might like one.
Why do people get tattoos? All sorts of different reasons To stand out, to be different To remember someone.
You have tattoos.
More than you can see, Edgar.
You have the word "Daniel" on your wrist.
Yes, I do.
You want to remember Daniel.
Yes, I do.
Why? Daniel was my brother.
You remind me of him.
He used to ask a lot of questions, too.
Used to.
Daniel died.
Yes, Daniel died.
Tell me about Daniel.
He was smart and funny.
He loved to draw Pencils and ink, mainly.
One day I fell asleep, and he drew this beautiful dragon on my arm.
I didn't want to wash it off.
The next morning when I woke up, it was gone.
He called it a magical dragon.
Said that one day it would come back, that I'd have to be patient.
He was 11.
I was 9.
I'm still waiting for that dragon to come back.
So, what about your pinky? - What color? - Pink.
Of course.
Dumb question.
You don't need the tattoo.
You will remember Daniel.
Yes, I will, Edgar.
There you go.
Soup's on.
Let me take a look at this cleaned-up video.
Don't know him.
That's odd.
He's wearing dress shoes.
Where are you? Tie shopping.
Don't tease me.
I'm on my way to Hamilton Skales' office.
You went without me? Hey, we didn't take his money, we beat up his goons, and I'm thinking maybe now he'll be more willing to talk.
I can make him talk.
That exactly why I went without you.
Let me try talking to him lawyer to lawyer, my way's more fun.
I'll give you that.
So, two lawyers, a priest, and an orangutan walk into a bar together.
I'm hanging up now.
Hey! Hamilton hablos español.
Sí! Positive outcome not guaranteed.
Have you been injured on the job? Help me, Hamilton Skales! I'll get you the settlement you deserve.
Skales? Cut out of the will? It's Sean king.
That bastard! You'll dance on his grave.
I'm Hamilton G.
Skales, Attorney at Law, and I will tip the balance in your favor.
Let me help you get exactly what's coming to you.
Well, well, well.
Look who it is.
Agent Rigby.
I was beginning to believe I was gonna get through a week without running into you.
Sorry to disappoint.
What's your business with Hamilton Skales? I'm looking for a stolen phone.
What's on the phone? Who said there's anything on it? What's on the phone, King? I can't say.
Who's your client? The client's privacy's part of the case.
Come on, Rigby.
I need you to trust me on this one.
I've earned that much.
I can't believe you arrested me.
Think of it as a way for us to spend more quality time together.
Ernesto Ortego and Marcos Perez.
Those are some scary-looking missionaries.
K-17 Cartel enforcers working out of D.
Your attorney friend contacted their boss trying to sell him a phone containing blackmail on an unnamed high-ranking U.
Well, cartel business might go more smoothly with someone important in their pocket.
It might.
We intercepted a call from El Jefe telling his boys to go negotiate aggressively.
Skales strike you as the kind of guy that would hold out? He would have buckled if they looked at him hard.
The fact that they beat him into a coma indicates that they left empty-handed.
Oh, Skales knows who has the phone.
He gave them up.
You have any idea who that might be? I wish I did.
One more chance.
Who's your client? What's on the phone? You leave me no choice Agent Rigby.
Seriously? Yes, sir.
Whoever your client is, they have juice.
I have orders to let you go.
Get out of my sight.
I will find out what's on that phone, King.
I leave you alone for half an hour, and you get arrested for obstruction of justice? Thanks for coming.
George Clark spring you? Guy's got some pull.
I went by the hospital.
Skales won't be talking for a long time.
I'm gonna have to track down that phone another way.
It'd be good to know the client in that trumped-up lawsuit.
All that information's in Rigby's hands now.
I doubt he'll share.
Good thing I copied the files off Skales' computer while I was waiting for the ambulance.
Look, Sean.
Benny did it.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
A rainbow is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, Violet.
Roy G.
Roy G.
Roy G.
Trumped-up lawsuit against Clark doesn't show a plaintiff, but here's something interesting.
Skales saved that suit in the same computer file as another one.
They must be related.
What's the other suit about? Former agent Roy Smalls was suing the CIA.
It's under the umbrella of the Department of National Intelligence.
And what with our client being its deputy director I believe they call that a clue.
I believe I'm gonna talk to Mr.
Smalls to see if May I? Eh.
See if he knows why Skales went after George Clark.
Any luck with the video? I didn't recognize the thief, but I did notice something weird.
Check out what he's wearing.
Wing tips.
Not the footwear of choice for your average phone thief.
No way.
Show me his face.
We've met that kid.
He's the bellhop from the hotel.
I believe they call that a clue.
Thanks for meeting with me, Mr.
I hope you don't mind the walk.
I I can't afford a physical therapist, so I do what I can on my own.
Not a problem.
What happened? If you don't mind me asking.
I was CIA.
Things went sideways on an op in North Korea.
The agency disavowed me to avoid an incident.
I spent 10 years in a Pyongyang prison.
I've heard about those places.
It's all true.
And then some.
The agency didn't give you your benefits when you got home.
Once they throw you under the bus, you stay there.
I knew the risk when I signed on.
I'm not complaining.
But you went to Hamilton Skales and filed a lawsuit to get your pension restored, plus damages.
That wasn't my idea.
I can't stand that shyster.
My son did it.
He's trying to help me out.
Your son.
He's a good boy.
Excuse me.
I got this They took a lot from me in that prison.
But the worst thing I lost was the time I could have spent with my boy.
What's your son's name? Jason Smalls? Jason Smalls? I need George Clark's phone back.
That video can help my dad.
You're in big trouble, Jason.
Arrest me if you want.
I'm not here to arrest you.
I'm here to save you.
What? Skales pulled a double-cross.
He tried to sell the phone to the cartel, and some thugs put him in the hospital.
Now, I'm pretty sure he told them about you.
I can take you to the police, and they'll protect you until we catch these guys.
Now give me the phone.
How would your dad feel if you got yourself hurt? Or killed? Come on.
Don't do it.
I warned you.
Here we go.
Marcos? Marcos can't come to the phone right now, but I have what you're looking for.
I'll trade it for the kid.
Warehouse outside of town.
I'll text you the address.
Bring the phone and my cousin.
No cops or the kid dies.
No cops.
I promise.
Well, this isn't good.
You're about Marcos' size, right? Why? I have a plan.
Well, this is one way to get me to wear a tie.
Tattoos are done with a needle, not a marker.
The plan is to dress him up like what's-his-name.
Then we'll put a bag over his head, cuff him, and trade him for Jason.
You can't trade people.
It's illegal.
It's a trick, Edgar.
We just have to get Jason out of the line of fire before we take down Ernesto.
Are you going to save Jason? We're gonna try.
I don't know about this.
You think Ernesto's gonna buy it? Not if you don't hold still.
If I mess up the lines on this tattoo, he'll know you're not his cousin.
What? I was just thinking that you were right and I was wrong.
Really? About what? You shouldn't wear a tie.
Show me the phone.
And its contents.
Walk straight ahead.
Come on, Jason.
Drop your weapon.
Do it! Now step back.
You think I'm stupid, Michelle Maxwell? Skales told us you and your partner were involved in this.
Where is Sean King? I think I know.
The only reason you would put a bag over my cousin's head is if this wasn't my cousin.
You betrayed me.
Now your partner's going to die.
Say goodbye to Sean King.
Put down the gun, Ernesto! Drop the gun.
I don't think so, Marcos.
Get on the ground.
Get on the ground.
See? I can be reasonable.
Just make me a right offer if you want my help.
I got him.
All clear.
I'm sorry, dad.
I'll take that phone.
You did remember to take George's phone out of airplane mode, right? It's completely connected.
Edgar can work his magic.
Is my nose bleeding? You're fine.
That's all I get? You smack yourself in the face doing a basic tackle and cover, you don't get sympathy from me.
I was hiding back there too long.
My legs cramped up.
- Always an excuse.
- Well, look.
The important thing is you realized Ernesto would see through the bag trick and that we improvised a new plan, and it worked.
It did work.
I can't believe it worked.
Yeah, me either.
Right? Only one video on this thing.
Let's see what was so important.
Have you been injured on the job? Help me, Hamilton Skales! I'll get you the settlement you deserve.
I hate my life.
Skales' case to restore Roy Smalls' pension was going nowhere.
So when Jason grabbed your phone, Skales started planning a trumped-up blackmail suit.
But he got greedy and called up a cartel boss to see if he could sell the phone for even more money.
And unfortunately for Skales, the cartel decided they'd rather beat it out of him than pay him for it.
Is the boy all right? He's fine.
Jason recognized you at the hotel and saw an opportunity.
He was really just trying to help out his dad, so maybe you could go easy on him.
I won't be pressing any charges.
And I will look into the father's case.
A man makes that kind of sacrifice for his country, he deserves to be taken care of.
You don't have to worry about what was on the phone.
Not only did our friend wipe it, he uploaded a virus to keep anyone from recovering anything from the hard drive later.
Sounds like somebody I should hire.
Well, with all the government spending cuts, I don't think you could afford his soup bill.
You did lose everything on the phone, and I'm sorry about that.
You probably wanted to keep the video of you with your daughter.
I'm in the secret service.
I read faces.
I saw the resemblance.
20 years ago, I served as a diplomat in Latin America.
That's where I met Daniela's mother.
I only learned about her recently.
It's not a scandal you were worried about.
Daniela lives in a country with a booming kidnapping industry.
Her connection to me would have made her a target.
You had to protect your child.
Excuse me.
I, um You can finish up here, right? Sure.
Excuse me.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, sir.
May I? Please.
I'm, uh I'm aware of your secret service history.
You're both good agents.
We were.
You still are.
King appears to have moved on, but, uh But I believe you haven't.
And you know this how? I read people, too, Miss Maxwell.
Being an agent was my life.
I've had a hard time letting it go.
What if you didn't have to? You helped me.
I want you to allow me to help you.
I have a little influence in this town.
You can have your old job back, Michelle.
You just say the word, and it's yours.
Think about it.
This is dramatic.
No cameras or eyeballs here.
You're into something deep, and I ain't getting dragged down with you.
What'd you find out about the Ritter assassination? That if you're trying to figure out who really killed your boy, Clyde, the Ritter commission report ain't gonna help.
What do you mean? It's a straight-up work of fiction.
Fiction? All 1,800 pages of it.
My source says that the investigation was never conducted, that someone just wrote the findings and handed them to the chair of the subcommittee.
Who? I doubt the chairman even knew, probably didn't even want to.
What are you telling me? That if you want to know who set you up, you're gonna have to go back to the original evidence.
Now, it's in a box locked in the FBI headquarters.
You're a detective.
Go detect.