King of Stonks (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Midnight Express

With terrible scenes
of violence in the city center
these images from this
year's forum will certainly stick with us.
A violent scene of total chaos
caused by an employee of CableCash Inc.
Whose volatile share prices
are now worrying investors.
CEO Magnus Cramer, of CableCash,
is here with us right now.
- Good evening to you.
- Hello, Ms. Brückner.
Yes, if one could if one could call it
a good evening.
- Yes, well, you're not incorrect there.
- I mean, really, this is the saddest day
- in our company's incredible history.
- So, how do you, um
It is. But sorrow and euphoria
can be closely linked sometimes.
Well, we'd just been reveling
in our breathtaking revenues.
Thirty percent growth
in our first quarter, and then
then we see these images.
Well, sure, but confidence
from your investors seem to be strong.
- Are you able to enjoy that
- Oh, no.
- given the situation?
- Ms. Brückner, honestly
This money is utterly irrelevant.
I mean, what's really the point of this?
You journalists talk about
our figures, you know, our 300 million
- Yes, well, sir, we
- And, I mean, now, we can only hope
that no one has been injured.
And that we can help that poor,
clearly mentally ill girl find her way.
- Right?
- Of course, I'd like
We have to create awareness
for such things.
- Not everyone has it as good as us.
- Bam!
Oh, yeah! Eight minutes!
The report and interview.
Bam! Bam! Bam!
Totally beat the guy
who flew his plane into the Alps.
- Just ignore him.
- Nobody cares! This week's news,
- "CableCash, 30 percent!"
- Got it, boss.
And just like that,
the stock shoots up again!
Hey, Felice!
Felice, Felice, Felice! Did you see?
Your gunslinger made sure
everyone remembers us.
- Come on. We're celebrating.
- Yeah.
That's great,
but I have some business to
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
We have to get our system in order first.
- Get the system in order?
- I've had this feeling
since we got back from Geneva that someone
here is disturbing the energy flow.
Pretty sure it's Lückenroth.
- Shut the fuck up.
- Okay.
Yes. Yes, yes.
Thank you, my stunning colleague,
for your services,
and for the memories
you're leaving behind.
Our journey together has been most lovely,
but now it must end.
Is this really necessary?
Tell your child soldier
we don't need psychos here, okay?
Get her out of here. Now.
All right! Moving on.
Thai-Klaus has an idea to help us
take the CableCash spirit
to the next level.
Let's take this company
right to the top!
- Ah!
- Presents! Presents!
Oh, fuck.
Check it out! This is our new
This is our new spirit animal, okay?
This is Falco. Like him, we soar high.
And will only descend to snap up prey.
Here, Felice
Make an appointment with Klaus.
Back in Geneva, he hooked us up
with some contacts in Asia.
It's a good opportunity to expand there.
Klaus. Klaus hooked us up
- with some contacts in Asia?
- Yeah.
Magnus, things working out in Geneva
was pure chance, you know that, right?
We were within an inch of being finished.
And now you want Klaus making
important strategic decisions?
I'll be doing that going forward,
just like I've done in the past.
I'm not giving up the helm
in the middle of the storm.
Oh, looks like someone
took a testosterone bath!
Aye-aye, captain!
It was just a suggestion.
No, seriously,
if you don't need help, do it alone.
Okay? Go on. Everyone.
Let's get some really nice pictures, okay?
One after the other, please.
You're supposed to photograph us together.
- Sure, boss, okay.
- Not just the bird! Are you stupid?
So, do I still have a job?
I don't have a driver's license.
So how in the hell am I supposed
to get Sammy home?
I need you.
Thank you, boss. I owe you a lot.
Yeah. Stay out of the office.
And no more weapons!
No more weapons, sure!
Fucking Tom! What does he want?
No one gives a shit
about Magnus's mess at the Forum now.
Listen, I have another outfit
I can put on.
I mean, maybe this is a bit much
but I thought, since we're going
to your parents', maybe I should
Hey, Sascha, my parents are not
gonna care what you're wearing. Okay?
- Felix, I just want to talk.
- Back off! Huh?
Are you friends with the judge?
How are you not in jail?
- What do you want?
- We can still get rid of Cramer.
Wait in the car.
Felix, I see what's going on.
You don't want Cramer out
because he's an ass.
It's because half
your customers don't exist.
And the more he openly gloats
about your incredible growth,
the more pressure you have
to deliver figures next quarter.
So, you're avoiding me.
But you don't have to outrun the tiger.
You just have to outrun the guy
you're on a safari with.
If you fess up,
I can guarantee that the piece
only goes after Cramer.
Him and the company
I worked ten years to build.
It hasn't been your company
for a while now.
He wants to surround himself with yes-men.
He has no use for you.
I'm writing the article either way.
By the end of the month,
CableCash is history.
Either you sink with it
or you jump in the lifeboat.
Take a look. I'll give you a week.
So this is my life's work.
Four hundred twenty pages full of numbers
that I can't back up.
Sick. I was hoping to be on the plane
with the chick who just shot at me.
- I didn't shoot you.
- I just told you to rile them up.
If you hadn't gone all Che Guevara,
your arm would be fine.
Che Guevara had thousands
of political enemies rounded up
and put in labor camps,
don't compare me to him!
If anyone is Che, it's you.
I did nothing, but I have to go to Grandma
and Grandpa's for punishment!
- I'd prefer the death penalty!
- Hey!
I'm not your father
just because your mom's incompetent.
Get your seatbelt on and shut up.
I've got bigger problems than you.
Are your parents really that bad?
Trust no one
Your best friend can turn red ♪
Anybody in the crew
Could put it in your back ♪
Check your rear view
When you're on your way home ♪
And stay off that fucking phone ♪
Don't post bitches or your money, kid ♪
That'll have them niggas at your crib ♪
With the drum down
Pointing at your fucking wig ♪
Hey, Mom.
You look pale. Are you all right?
- Um, I
- Sascha Renzel. I'm his assistant.
- He's a really great boss.
- Oh, that's nice.
How lovely.
- Sammy! Sammy! Oh, welcome home!
- Yeah.
- What's wrong with your arm, sweetheart?
- Skating.
- Oh! What about yours?
- Also skating.
New car?
- Hey Dad. It's a rental.
- Ah.
You come in a private jet again?
That's just great.
- Ruining the world in style.
- Have you heard from Magda?
No, but
Just leave her alone for now.
She needs some time.
- Hmm?
- Hmm.
Okay. Nice to see you, but we have to go.
Oh, come in at least!
We hardly ever
see each other. And I made
chili sin carne just for you.
We really have a lot to do,
so we can stay an hour.
Great! I love ground beef.
So Julian had such a sweet idea.
We went hiking in Bad Gastein
and camped in tents.
You know, like we used to.
- Imagine!
- Nice. Sounds good.
Your father and I
with the entire troop for a whole week.
Wow. Great of Julian.
It was really simple and so lovely.
Look, Felix.
Homemade. Totally analog.
Is that the prize
for emptying the schnapps?
No, no, no, no, no.
Oh, no! That's the big jar.
We put all our earnings in there
and pay for everything with it.
Food, vacation.
Repairs. And if someone needs
some money, they can just grab it.
Yeah, so it's clear
you're stealing from other people.
It creates a community mindset.
Julian has one at home now too.
Once, when Felix was 16,
he took everything out of it
and bought Melanie a brand-new bicycle
because he thought she would
go out with him then.
- Okay. And? Did it work?
- Yep! She fell off and it killed her.
She's now married to Julian.
Felix had to work the whole summer
just to fill it back up.
It was worth a try. It could've worked.
Then you'd have two sons with Melanie.
Yeah, instead I'm the COO
of a listed company.
Yes, a company where
one of the employees
pulls out a gun and shoots at people.
I mean, Julian told us.
We threw our TV out.
Anyway, to capitalists,
people are just manpower.
Right? A commodity like any other
that a capitalist can buy,
use, exploit, and have at his disposal,
like some kind of animal
trained only for growth!
- Because he only
- Rudi!
Where is Julian anyway?
He really was so glad
to hear you were coming.
We have payment options for people
who wouldn't have bank accounts otherwise.
- It's something entirely different
- We haven't told Felix the best thing yet!
Or did you tell him already, Rudolf?
- What?
- We have a woodpecker.
There! Oh, flew away.
The woodpecker?
It's really a shame
you two can't stay any longer,
I'm sure you would have seen it.
You know, a little time off
would be good for you right now, Felix.
- You're looking really tired son.
- Sascha, we're leaving.
- Now, Felix, please
- Felix, don't get so upset
- over this.
- Felix!
- You know what? Yeah.
- He always overreacts.
For your woodpecker.
And for the bike as well.
Something for the community.
- Felix, stop that!
- To help with your community mindset.
- Sound good?
- This was so nice
You know what?
I won't apologize for being unplanned.
- Hang on, no one ever said that.
- I won't be treated
like I'm invisible. Because out there,
in the real world, I am somebody.
I'm somebody! And I'm needed.
And there's nobody else like me.
It's all right.
Yeah buddy, it'll heal again. That's good.
- Julian!
- Felix!
Hey, Julian.
Hey! Come here, you.
- Um, sadly, we have to go. Sorry.
- Wait, but
Mom told me that you were gonna stay
for dinner. I brought my guitar.
No, I God! We don't have time. Sascha!
- So lovely meeting you.
- Unfortunately we have to go.
- Sorry.
- Nice to meet you.
That was the lady from TV.
What's wrong?
Oh well.
I guess money can't buy happiness.
Sammy! Hey! We can play Scrabble again.
What a great idea!
Did you know, Che Guevara once said,
"It is better to die standing
than to live on your knees"?
- Hmm, what's that mean?
- Like
if you believe in something,
you should fight for it.
Oh, okay. Cool!
- Felix!
- Tom, I looked at your papers.
- Good evening, Mr. Armand.
- You've got nothing.
I know you journalists love to write
stories to destroy German companies.
And it's a great story. Fraud,
duping investors, a bank for criminals.
But that file is nothing
but 260 pages of lies.
- And I'll prove it.
- Felix, listen to me, okay?
I'm holding a little press conference
next week.
You're welcome to attend.
You're gonna see I'm right.
Then you'll never hear from me again.
'Cause we're not friends.
- And I'm no prize idiot
- Felix, Felix.
- for your personal vendetta.
- Felix, the offer still stands.
I'm the COO of Europe's
biggest fucking Fintech company!
And here,
this structure isn't right.
- Triple-check that, please.
- Hey, you're the auditor, right?
- Yeah.
- Then you're just the right guy.
A few people out there
don't believe in us.
We need a complete special audit
of the quarterly report
with all the frills.
For this quarter? No way, not a chance.
Then you're not the right guy.
I'll find someone who can handle it.
Wait a minute!
If I start right now
I can do it. But I'd like to have Schulz
as my assistant to copy stuff.
Deal. Schulz, do the copying.
- Wait, what? Felix!
- Great!
Steeler Consulting is
one of the four biggest accounting firms
in the world. They audit all
the big boys on the market.
If they put their stamp on something,
then your books are beyond reproach,
and investors can trust you.
Hallelujah! ♪
But Steeler Consulting doesn't
just look for mistakes in balance sheets.
They also advise companies
on how not to make those mistakes
in the first place. And they do it
from the same companies
they audit for mistakes.
According to Steeler Consulting,
it's a win-win situation.
They have a much more
authentic insight into a company,
and can therefore audit it better.
Critics say one hand washes the other
after the second hand
jerked off the first hand.
But, whatever the case,
every audit is about
presenting credible documentation.
At the end,
just add some final provisions
and appendices.
The thing is, it should look like
a real takeover agreement
we've been negotiating for a year.
- Tomorrow at the latest is best.
- What are we buying?
Some company in Asia, for 300 million.
Better said, we've already bought it.
I feel like I would know if we spent
300 million dollars.
We're not really
buying a company for that price.
Ah, so it should just look like it.
Hmm? "CableCash, 30 percent."
Look, we buy cheap,
then we backdate the contract
and have Lückenroth sign off.
A Steeler approved special audit
will give us peace.
You think he'll do it?
He wants in the family.
And you want Thai-Klaus to get you
a rich, dubious businessman in Asia
- who you can screw over.
- Yeah, I don't trust Klaus.
I know a rich, dubious businessman too.
Amira Wallace?
- Well, I know his daughter.
- Felix.
Organize a video call with her father.
It has to look official.
- And, Alex
- Hmm?
Not a word to Klaus.
If I prove to Magnus I can do this alone,
- we'll be rid of him.
- Sure.
- Asia is my territory.
- Okay. I'll get on it.
Felix, it's obvious what's going on here.
If Thai-Klaus starts making decisions,
then in a month, we're all finished.
All right!
He is the CEO of CableCash.
CableCash which recently has had
a lot of success on the marketplace,
has projected
that their own growth is sustainable
and will continue to do so for years.
- Hey, Dad.
- Hello.
Good to see you.
- That thing's huge!
- Let's just put it here.
Yeah, I know,
but presents have to be huge.
The bigger the present,
the bigger the love, right?
- Hello, Grandma!
- Aunt Sheila!
Whoa! Hello, honey!
You weigh
as much as an elephant!
No, I don't weigh
as much as an elephant.
Happy birthday! And hey, look at what
Aunt Sheila brought you.
- Whoa, his arm's as big as your head.
- Let's lift him up.
- Hi! I'm happy to see you too.
- Didn't we say no more expensive gifts?
Come on. If I can afford it, it's okay.
- And look, she's stoked.
- Are you rich, Aunt Sheila?
Hmm at the moment I am, I'd say so. Yes.
And why are you rich?
Mm, I'm like Robin Hood.
I take money from the rich.
But I don't give it to the poor,
I get gifts for cute seven-year-old girls.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Easy! Where's Mom?
- Hey, Mama!
- Oh, hi, hon!
- Hey, Sheila?
- Yes?
If you're Robin Hood without giving
to the poor, you're just a thief, right?
That's not a real job, you know.
- Are you five?
- Okay, um. Ada?
I have to return the teddy bear.
- Can you stop yelling? It's annoying.
- Your mom hates money.
Come on, don't do this, you two.
- Say something, Rick.
- Listen,
I love you both,
whether you have a proper job or not.
- What?
- What?
What do you think I do all day?
What do you guys think I do all day?
I have a proper job.
I have a proper fucking job!
Really? Do you have to
fight the entire time? It's her birthday.
- Quiet just one sec, please, just
- She always does this.
It's Amira.
Yes, hello,
Alex Ericsson from CableCash.
Yes, hello.
I'd like to arrange a video call
with your father
to discuss investments
as soon as possible.
Yeah, sure. With my father.
He's on a video call
with the Thai ambassador.
- But maybe in about an hour?
- That'd be great.
Great. Yeah, I'm at his office
in London anyway.
Oh, fantastic.
Okay guys,
the winner gets a bonus.
And the company car of their choice.
and they get a fuckin' salary raise!
get ready to rumble!
- Hi.
- Oh!
- Hi.
- Good to see ya.
Nice to see you too. It's unexpected.
Yeah. I thought I'd say "Hi" really quick.
I, um, did my hair
in a bun just for you.
Yeah, it looks like, uh,
- like a cinnamon roll.
- Yeah.
Well, I went to the barber yesterday.
What do you think?
It's not a cinnamon roll.
Should I take it personally?
No. I don't think I could pull it off.
Well, I doubt you just called
to make me laugh.
Of course, no. I wanted
to discuss some business with your father.
It's about our Asian expansion.
Ah, yes. His meeting went long.
I have full authority
and decision-making power,
so we can, uh, we can talk about
what you wanted to discuss with him.
And I'm game for anything. So let's go!
- Felix?
- Um.
It's just important
that I discuss it with your father.
And the whole idea for the Asia expansion
isn't that far along.
I have to discuss it
with several departments still.
You can tell me,
even if it's not official yet.
Really, my father is Nigerian,
and does business in Asia.
That's dangerous territory to do business.
You have to know the right people
or it can get unpleasant fast.
You know what I mean.
- Did I say something wrong?
- No. No, no, no. Not at all. Not at all.
Um, our quarterly figures
are about to be published.
That's just routine for you, right?
This one's a special audit
by Steeler Consulting.
Oh, wow.
- A special audit?
- Yeah.
We have journalists
that are breathing down our necks,
and they're watching us like hawks.
We're having a press conference on Monday.
Oh, I'm sure
that won't be a problem for you, right?
I mean, CableCash is in good hands.
If Thai-Klaus
starts making decisions
then in a month we're all finished.
Make an appointment with Klaus.
Back in Geneva, he hooked us up
with some contacts in Asia.
It's a good opportunity to expand
Hey, um
Hey, a really important meeting
Let's just wrap this up.
We're right in the middle of this.
When this is over,
I'll take you to dinner.
Is that a question or an order?
Uh, it's your choice.
- Then this weekend.
- It would be better if we could wait
- 'til the quarterly report's done.
- Mm-hmm. Yeah. Sure.
- Yeah.
- All right.
Just let me know. You can text me
and tell me when and where.
And feel free to contact me about Asia.
All right, I will.
And we can talk about everything that, uh
- I was meditating.
- Of course.
About the Asian business, I
Are you okay?
- Huh? Yeah.
- Everything okay?
Did you know Leonardo da Vinci
slept 15 minutes every four hours
so he could always stay creative?
Wow! Wow, wow, wow! Cool.
Um, anyway, I reconsidered
the thing with Klaus.
You were right, he's a great guy.
- I'd love to work with him.
- Okay. Yeah, good. Okay.
Well, no better place
to relax than at a family party.
Marching on ♪
Considering you want to steal
from this guy, he seemed pretty damn nice.
- That didn't go well for you, did it?
- It's cool.
Why do you always act
like everything's fine?
Man, it's obvious
something's off with you.
Oh, yeah? Like what?
You've been stressed out
the entire day. And
You're totally into that type.
What type?
"Is that an order or a question?"
I'm not dating someone
I'm betting against.
Then don't take that bet.
- Go out to eat with him.
- He won't get the chance.
After the quarterly, he'll be in jail.
And the food there is not great.
Sheila, I'm getting sick of your excuses.
It's very simple.
If they pass the audit tomorrow,
you owe me five million euros.
Geneviève, there's no way
they're gonna pass.
Steeler's doing an independent audit,
and their guy's under pressure
from his company, investors,
and probably the judiciary.
I don't want to hear
this shit anymore.
I just want my money. You get it?
- Just pop the champagne.
- Ridiculous.
And tomorrow we'll watch
CableCash go up in flames together.
No, no, Sheila! I
You are the auditor
from Steeler Consulting, right?
Oh, fantastic. Müller,
DA's office, Munich.
Oh. Uh. One mo one moment.
What can I do for you?
I was told you were assigned
to a special audit
of CableCash's quarterly report.
That's correct, yeah.
We trust this isn't
some kind of wishy-washy audit.
The kind companies have done to placate
the press and investors, you know?
Of course. As always, I'm being
very thorough and conscientious
You can't be too careful
with these new, flashy companies.
You're liable. It's best you get
another pair of eyes on it.
Or even better, two more pairs, right?
You don't want
to take that gamble on your own.
No. Um, of course not. No.
- Good. Have a nice evening.
- You as well.
Yes, I have the numbers here,
and Magnus
since the shooting in Geneva,
your follower count
is 23 percent higher!
Look. Even that
late-night show mentioned us.
This has more than half a million clicks.
And the comments feed is on fire.
- Look at that.
- Fuck.
Get me this year's quarterly reports,
triplicates of bank statements,
proof, receipts, and get it on my desk
by the end of the day.
You'll receive copies from Schulz
You know what else is kind of nice?
Even more young investors
are interested in CableCash.
I still don't see how buying
a worthless company is gonna help us.
Why would be buy
something that's shit?
It's like this. Your sneakers
They're basically just
a few grams of plastic, right?
And the material, not worth two euros.
And what did you pay?
- A hundred and twenty.
- Exactly. That's capitalism.
An item's value depends on
how much you are willing to pay for it.
And Balenciagas cost five times that.
Whatever. In the end,
it's just worthless plastic
with a label printed on it.
And that's what we're gonna do.
Thai-Klaus got us
a plastic company in Bangkok
that's worth two million.
they're in communications.
It's a shit company.
And we can buy it,
and as soon as possible. Watch the road.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
You just gotta relax, Felix.
We'll get there.
We offer
our customers a high-quality service
for ticket bookings, concert bookings,
uh, cinema tickets, soccer tickets
But, for the quarterly figures,
we need a company
worth at least 300 million.
That's why a middleman
is buying the company,
not us.
His grandpa developed a caffeine serum.
Then he sold it
to a toothpaste sales guy in Austria.
Hi! The family still gets 50%
of the revenue,
without expenses or having to work.
He has no reason to care about money,
but he'll do anything
for a small commission.
So, may I introduce you.
This is Simon,
one of the richest men in Asia.
Hey, man.
He'll buys Tikksystems
for a measly two million
and sell it to us for much more.
I mean much, much more.
To be precise,
we'll transfer 300 million to him
of our investor's money.
Then we get an account receipt.
He gets a commission
of ten million for it all.
And the 290 million that's left
gradually finds its way
back into our account.
Feasible revenue figures
from our extremely lucrative company,
Tikksystems in Bangkok.
- That's an awesome idea, boss!
- Yeah. Then we have to cover some tracks.
What do you mean?
Calm down, Felix.
You're doing the right thing.
This deal will save CableCash.
The fewer people
who know about it, the better.
And maybe Tom is right about one thing.
You don't have
to outrun the tiger.
You just have to outrun the guy
you're on safari with.
Wow. What took you so long?
You finally pull
the stick out of your ass?
Hey, you know what?
I think you're really great.
I mean, you're a good guy.
Especially in your position. It's awesome,
and you're a really good COO.
What you did with the indirect sale,
slapping all those intangible
asset costs on top. Genius!
I always thought you didn't like me.
But our trip, it's kicked some ass, right?
Spicy as shit.
You know what?
I'm gonna tell Magnus right away
that you can take on responsibility.
- What?
- Yeah, he doesn't need me
because he has you. And you've got vision.
When we get back, I'm moving on.
Klausi-Maus is more useful elsewhere.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah, of course!
But this is so spicy,
I have to have a smoke.
- You want one?
- Uh.
Should we do it outside?
Come on, Klaus. Let's go.
No, there's a balcony over there.
- Indoors, too.
- But
- What's wrong with you, man?
- Let's just go outside, okay? Quick.
We can just
I just want to smoke.
- We can take that with us.
- Hey, what's wrong with you?
Police! We have to search you.
What? Why?
What do you want?
What are you looking for?
- What is that?
- You're under arrest.
Hey, that's not mine!
What is that?
- No, you can't do that! Let me go!
- Stop resisting!
- Hey! What's going on here?
- Let's go. Move!
Felix, you did this?
- Move, move, move!
- Are you serious?
Hey, let go of me!
- Go, go, go!
- What the fuck is this?
I believed in you!
What did I ever do to you?
Felix, you asshole! I'm gonna ruin you!
It was only a few grams.
He'll be out in five years at most.
Oh, well, it would have happened
sooner or later anyway.
Ladies and gentlemen
we're now approaching
Düsseldorf International Airport.
It's a beautiful day, 23 degrees Celsius.
All right, here it is.
It got held up in admin.
Uh, and could you open the windows?
- We don't have windows.
- Oh, yeah. Sorry.
We're taking a look
at CableCash.
After a spectacular rollercoaster ride,
its stock has recovered.
However, the rumor mill keeps churning,
and we will see whether
CableCash can end its shaky run.
In the meantime, their management
has apparently commissioned
a special audit of the quarterly report.
you've gone over everything twice.
Let's just say we're good.
And soon,
market analysts and investors
will finally get the answers
they've been looking for.
The most pressing question is,
can CableCash
confirm its fantastic growth forecast?
Business correspondent,
Tom Wieland, is there.
The CableCash quarterly report
is about to be announced.
We'll see
if the auditors have approved it.
If you ask me, I doubt it.
I have
just one thing to say about this topic.
Don't do anything stupid, guys.
I bought your stock last week.
Hello! Are you coming? We start soon.
Well, honestly,
if the audit goes badly,
the bank's gonna take away our studio.
Including the audience, you guys
Are you okay, Lükey?
- What's taking Lückenroth?
- He'll be here.
He just went to the toilet.
- He's nervous. Yeah, uh
- Why is he nervous?
Come on.
- Where were you?
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Can we go now?
Let's go.
Good morning. Good morning.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
Being a newly listed company,
we decided to have
a special audit of our quarterly figures
because our lucrative expansion
into the Asian market,
this past year in particular,
has been hard for some to comprehend.
But despite that, I promise you
that CableCash
has a very bright future ahead of it.
Auditor Rene Lückenroth
from Steeler Consulting
went through our finances
with a fine-tooth comb
and will report the result.
Please, Mr. Lückenroth.
Uh, thank you, Dr. Cramer.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
The special audit of CableCash's
quarterly report has shown that
in line with the prime standard,
all requisite evidence
has been provided. Thank you.
Mr. Lückenroth!
Don't stop till you score ♪
Lückenroth! Lückenroth!
People! People! People, people,
people, people! Turn off that damn music.
I'd like to thank someone else.
Without him,
CableCash wouldn't be what it is today,
and he knows
that we're more than just a company.
Even if we are an awesome one.
we're a family.
My friend
Felix Armand!
Get over here! Come on, come here Felix!
- Get over here. Come here, Felix!
- Come here, come here.
- Felix! Felix!
- Mwah!
I knew you couldn't do this alone.
If you want to get rid of Klaus,
you're gonna have to try harder.
- Yes!
- Family!
And because I know
what this means to Felix,
and because he wants
his family to share in this,
I wanna tell you he had support.
And that man has the heart of a hero
and the vision of a fucking falcon.
And that's why I'm happy to tell you
that he signed
a three-year contract with us today.
Welcome our new
Head of International Strategy,
Klaus Mackmann!
Oh ♪
eliminated all doubts
about the company's success
Tonight, you're gonna lose your soul ♪
You're gonna lose your soul
Tonight, tonight ♪
Oh, you're gonna lose control ♪
Tonight, you're gonna lose control ♪
You're gonna lose control tonight ♪
I get up in the morning
To the beat of the drum ♪
I get up to this feeling
Keeps me on the run ♪
I get up in the morning
Put my dreams away ♪
I get up, I get up, I get up again ♪
Oh ♪
You're gonna lose control ♪
You're gonna lose control tonight ♪
- Oh ♪
- I get up in the morning ♪
To the beat of the drum ♪
- You're gonna lose control ♪
- I get up to this feeling ♪
Keeps me on the run ♪
You're gonna lose control
Tonight, tonight, tonight ♪
Tonight, tonight ♪
So don't ditch me tonight, okay?
I just won't go to the bathroom.
Then nothing can go wrong.
- I promise. I swear!
- Hey, this guy!
Hey, Mike.
You got a table? I'll get you
a table.
- I'll get you a table right now.
- Who's that?
That's Mike Silver. He owns this joint.
- He's a crazy guy.
- Is that his real name?
Of course not Well,
you never really know with him.
He's a big gambler.
In 2012,
he bet against his native country.
- He made big money when Greece defaulted.
- Hmm.
Now Greeks don't like him so much.
He can spot the losers.
He does that thing on the market
where you bet on falling prices to
Short selling.
- Yes. Yeah! Oh, yeah. Okay, right.
- Everyone knows about it now.
It would appear
he can't trade for two months
because he colluded with some journalists.
And that, of course, is illegal.
All right, short sellers
aren't too well-liked
because we stick our finger in the wound.
No, no, no, you're not well-liked
because you only win when others lose.
And that's why people hate you.
Oh, mon frère.
That's all in your head, you know.
If you bet on a winner,
someone has to lose too.
Well, take care of Felix. Salut.
Have an enchanting night.
- Wow!
- Bon appétit!
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Some days only food helps.
- Was your day also shit?
- Oh, wow! You have no idea.
- I really fucked up today.
- Professionally?
I was pretty certain of something,
but found out I was wrong today.
And now, I need a new start.
Fake my death, or go into hiding,
something like that.
Although, your boss is your dad.
I'm sure you'll find a solution.
Yeah, but my father and I It's difficult.
Ah, yeah. Hmm.
My dad
doesn't really understand what I do.
Actually, I don't think he wants to.
Oh, well,
since Steeler gave you prime status
he must be at least a little proud of you.
- Okay, okay. Check this out.
- Bring it on.
When it said in the paper
that we were going public,
my father called
to say that my brother
got a new rain barrel.
Suck on that.
Okay. And your brother has a career
the neighbors think is great?
- Something kids can draw?
- He's just a
Wait! A fireman.
Ooh, teacher. But fireman was really
- That was really close.
- The idea's the same.
- Yeah, sure, but the teacher
- Yeah.
calendar is not
quite as sexy.
- Drink? Drink?
- Definitely.
- Yeah. Well, um
- Mm-hmm. So, what are we drinking to?
To a new start.
- A new start.
- Mm-hmm.
- Cool night.
- I thought so.
- Yeah.
- Totally.
What are you doing now?
I was thinking I'd kiss you now.
- Uh. Cool. Cool.
- Cool?
Love ♪
Devotion ♪
Just look into your heart, my friend
That will be the return to yourself ♪
The return to innocence ♪
- Felix?
- Yeah?
Hold on. Wait a sec.
Do you have, like, another playlist?
Uh, yeah?
- Okay.
- Oh, thank God!
- Um. No thanks.
- All right.
- Felix.
- Huh?
I have to tell you.
Oh, my God!
You're not a Nigerian princess.
This was just spam sex
to get to my money.
I'm fine with it.
I'll be broke soon anyway.
What's that mean?
I'm quitting.
How come?
I guess I'm just sick of helping
my boss lie to the entire world.
My company's a scam.
What were you gonna say?
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