King of Stonks (2022) s01e06 Episode Script


We will
We will never sell
to that shit Deutsche Bank!
Deutsche Bank can kiss our asses!
Well, this isn't the first time
that Felix and Magnus ruined
a deal for Jutta Katz and Deutsche Bank.
I mean, Felix,
you wrote the code!
What will you get for it
if Deutsche Bank buys Networth out?
Um, probably a raise.
Deutsche is paying Katz ten million.
- For the whole place.
- You are the whole place.
But the code isn't worth ten million.
And if it unexpectedly vanished?
Do you really think Deutsche Bank
would still want to buy?
I've got it!
It has to look like
they messed with the wrong people.
- What?
- You don't fuck with IT guys, Jutta!
Felix, you're not a criminal.
Tell me who it was
and you'll get off free and clear.
The only thing that's missing
is your computer.
I'm the one who wrote the code.
Why would I steal it?
Of course, Deutsche Bank
no longer wanted to buy Networth.
What a shame!
Jutta will be fine, Felix.
The key is that this stays our secret.
I need you, and you need me.
Together, we're indestructible.
Just wait, in five or six years,
we'll be billionaires.
- What if I don't want to be a billionaire?
- It's not always just about you, Felix!
Think about
what you could do with the money.
I mean, not all billionaires
are bad people. Bill Gates, for example.
He wouldn't ever risk the foundation
that he and his wife, Melania, have.
- Melina.
- Melinda.
- Melinda Gates.
- Yeah. Whatever.
- The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
- Okay, who gives a shit?
And those two are like this, inseparable.
That's why they're successful.
Yeah, I don't think
that's why they're successful.
Felix, come on, get over here
with the net! Come on!
- Chop-chop!
- What a load of bullshit!
- Yes, yes, yes!
- That fish is too small, Magnus!
- Over on the rock there.
- No way. You do it!
The hook's still in it.
Felix Armand, the Bill Gates of Austria.
Hey! Hold on! Just stop for a second!
- I can explain.
- What's to explain? Huh? What?
That you were betting against me
because you think I'm a fraud?
Or that you slept with me
even though you think I'm a fraud?
- I was going to tell you the truth.
- Yeah?
- I wanted to tell you sooner.
- Well, I promise this, here and now
you're losing this bet against me.
There's no way
I'm gonna let this company be ruined
just because you don't believe in me.
When my mom went to the hospital
35 years ago to give birth,
the unexpected twin
was quite the shock for them.
We had one pacifier, one bedroom,
one fucking teddy bear!
Nobody planned for it! But I'm still here.
You could still give up
and turn yourself in.
It's the right thing to do.
You can't win anymore. Felix.
And you can't drive, either!
Stop telling me what I can and can't do!
Fuck! Fucking car!
Shit! BMW bullshit!
Okay, Felix,
it's still your company.
You just have to make sure
it stays that way.
First, you silence Tom,
then you make sure Magnus
accepts the new company structure.
You're gonna win.
- You need to roll that down, boss.
- What? Why?
- Oh, okay. Yeah, okay. Cool.
- You sure this is a good idea?
Of course.
If there's no article,
Sheila can short all she wants.
If the stock doesn't crash,
then only one person can actually profit.
- Boom.
- Got it.
It's kinda funny.
When a father
takes his kids to a playground,
everyone thinks he's a superhero
or something.
But when mothers do it,
it's just another day at the office.
Yeah, but statistically,
it's way more dangerous
when men look after their kids
because they're often distracted.
For example,
oftentimes all their focus is on
coming here
to pick up hot moms, you know?
Well, there are
some very gorgeous mothers.
Believe me, seriously,
it's worth sitting here.
Or sometimes
they're busy writing an article.
What do you want?
Do you know how many kids
are reported missing in Germany?
I didn't either. I had to look it up.
Eighteen thousand per year.
That's a lot.
I asked you what you want.
Yeah, what's funny about the 18,000,
not I forgot to mention this,
and it's important,
about 17,500 are never found again.
Listen. Fuck off,
and don't come back here.
If your family means anything to you,
I'd focus on another story.
- Sofia, Cleo! Come here!
- Now, before you go,
I need something from you.
- It went well, right?
- I messed up.
- You are
- Hey, man, I'm sorry, it didn't work out.
- You had only one job!
- You gotta get out of here.
Only one fucking job! Damn it!
Well, what am I supposed to do?
I'm just Austrian intelligence!
I can't solve every problem, okay?
- You can't solve any problems at all!
- Who am I? Huh?
Jason Bourne or something?
I have to think of something.
I shut him up for good.
I threatened the shit out of his kids.
All right.
So, off to sign the contract?
Can you please drop us
at the train station?
Frank! Get in. Drop the cone, man.
"Oh, no!
We're flying to Kazakhstan."
You're so racist!
that's Alipay and PayPal.
it used to be a threat
that they only have private accounts,
so it's a different thing.
Our only competition is Deutsche Bank,
Jutta Katz.
Once they're out of the way,
we'll have a monopoly.
Little accidents,
they can happen, you know.
- Oh, no.
- Maybe engine failure.
- I think that's good.
- Yeah, sounds great!
That's really good.
No, no, I didn't mean it
like that. Out of the way, businesswise.
What's going on here?
Are you back from the dead?
Want an espresso?
Can you get him an espresso?
No, I don't want an espresso, I want
to know why you're all in my yard.
What's all this about?
- An extraordinary general meeting.
- What? What's that?
- An extraordinary general meeting!
- We're shareholders.
- We own 20% now. Ta-da!
- What was that?
What? Wait, what?
It's a holding company
with headquarters in Luxembourg.
It's all anonymous.
We have nothing to worry about.
You just have to sign. Right now.
- Now, Magnus.
- No, no! No! No! Help me! Help me! Help!
I'll only sign
that shit over my dead
He doesn't even
stop talking underwater.
Felix, Felix!
We can't do this.
We're relinquishing control.
It's just a signature.
Bro, how long
do you think until he drowns?
We might find out.
Okay, okay, okay! I'll do it. I'll do it.
- Magnus? Come on.
- No way. No, I really shouldn't.
No more alcohol for me from now on.
If I wasn't drunk last night,
you couldn't have fucked me over.
I could be a DAX board member,
- you asshole.
- Magnus, we both know I'm only
saving you from turning
into Jutta Katz's sad puppet.
Come on.
- Thanks. All right!
- That's the way to do it, baby!
To a successful future
without any problems.
- Grazie, ragazzi!
- For the money dude.
Come on, cheer up, Magnus.
- Isn't it nice when family gets closer?
- Yeah.
After all, a work of art is only worth
what someone is willing to pay for it.
Yes. Thank you.
As always, you can join in
for the bidding online.
Or, of course, by calling in.
And next week, you can be a guest
right here with us in the studio.
- Glass of champagne?
- No.
Thanks for tuning in. And I look forward
to seeing you next time.
Today, only my feet fell asleep.
Thank you, have a nice day everyone!
Oh, Ariane, a little surprise
is waiting for you backstage.
- How nice.
- Asshole.
- What did you do this time?
- Actually, it's what I didn't do.
You were right. About everything.
I'm not going to sell the company now.
I mean, yeah,
I'm not Jutta Katz's sad puppet.
Screw the DAX deal, huh?
Not surprised, I knew
he'd choke when things got serious.
My daughter always had
a soft spot for betas.
Shut up!
What was that?
Oh, you heard me.
You should
finally shut your fucking mouth.
- Magnus!
- Since I first started seeing
your daughter, you've made me feel
like I'm not good enough for your family.
But let me tell you, every family,
I mean all of them, are better than yours.
Yes, well, not you, my dear.
You really are a wonderful flower
on a dung hill.
Oh, I
You know what? You've had
all this money shoved up your ass
since birth and you still feel
like you're entitled.
But, unlike you,
I can lead my life as I see fit.
You would never have had the balls
to turn down a DAX deal.
I've got them, though.
In your entire life,
have you done a thing
without using the money you inherited?
You prick? No.
Nothing. Nothing at all! Never!
And that's the reason why
you're such a miserable old fart!
You want some of this? Huh?
Huh, big man? You
You bottom-feeding stupid fuck!
- Son of a bitch
- Fuck you!
- You fuckin' Come on. Come on!
- You clown. How dare you touch me!
- I'm gonna kick your ass!
- Oh, yeah?
Who's the alpha? I can't hear you!
Who's the alpha now?
Ya fuckin' jerk!
Who's the alpha, Christian? Yes!
You're pathetic!
Fuck. Shit, Magnus! Hey!
- Oh yeah, I was doing a little meditating.
- God damn it, Magnus.
We don't even have
sufficient funds to short them yet.
- I don't think this is a good idea.
- Calm down.
- Calm down, Clay.
- I am calm.
The state attorneys are not even
gonna look at this before next week.
And no one but us has this evidence.
It's like our own personal silver bullet.
Once we get the money from
your old professor, we're gonna go short
and sit back.
- Confident as ever.
- Exactly.
But don't let your confidence fool you.
Professor Peterson isn't some idiot
from Sparkasse.
He's a bit of an old school guy.
It's gonna be easy. We have knowledge.
Knowledge is power and power is money.
And money is the only thing that counts.
- Hi, Sheila.
- Hey.
There she is, Professor.
- So, you're the one?
- I am the one.
You're the woman who wants my money.
No. I'm the woman
who's gonna make you money.
So I hear.
You have no idea
what we have on these guys.
We've been collecting tons of evidence
of the fraudulent and really suspicious
methods of CableCash and allegedly
Let me stop you right there.
Do you want to know what makes me
invest my money?
Clay, you were at my seminars. Tell her.
- His guts.
- My balls. Exactly.
See, I have a lot of friends
in high positions.
And they all heavily invested
in CableCash.
So you're telling me everybody else
is wrong and you're right?
I guess they lack my balls.
All right. Good answer.
So, how much are you looking at?
- Thirty
- Forty.
No. Let's make it 50.
One more thing.
I need five million right now.
In cash. I still have a debt to settle.
Geneviève! Want to see
what impresses people
more than your shitty art? Here.
Your cash. Five million!
Have you lost your minds?
What the hell are you doing?
Now we're even. Okay? Yeah?
No, this isn't a performance!
Grab some, guys!
Go for it!
Can you believe she never met me, too? ♪
But she call me every day
Tellin' me to behave ♪
What the fuck?
You know, I never listen ♪
I got a real bad feeling
I'ma let her down ♪
Got a hole in my pocket
And I'm running around ♪
Spending all of her money
On drugs and things ♪
Your bill.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, sure thing.
Casanova, you know that I'm a Casanova ♪
Throw my pennies in the well ♪
Is anyone in here?
Maybe someone
who wants to watch me jerk off?
Back to the hole that I came from ♪
Back to the hole that I came from ♪
Back to the hole that I came from
And I don't ever want to go back ♪
With CableCash, we have a reliable partner
and we have to be just as reliable.
Realizing that
That's what we thought.
You've called us here
to satisfy your needs again, right?
- Maybe.
- Mm-hmm.
I think
you should take off your blouse.
Dear Mr. Armand,
As you already know,
I'm writing a report on CableCash.
In the course of my research,
I've discovered
that you are the mastermind
of an extensive economic ruse.
You have 24 hours
to answer the following questions.
The article will be published
at noon tomorrow.
I think you'll be familiar with the list.
Semicolon, closed parentheses.
Is it true that at the start
of this year, you and Mr. Klaus Mackmann
visited the company TikkSystems
in Bangkok?
Is it true you bought the company
for a sum of two million euros?
Did you speak to Simon Nguyen
Did you knowingly provide
Steeler Consulting false information
Some of your businesses
registered with CableCash
that actually
that they have no actual revenue?
repeatedly been welcomed
to the Visconti family home for years?
In your opinion, is CableCash
really a bank for criminals?
How are you linked
to the convicted felon, Klaus Mackmann?
Why are the police here, Dad?
Why are the police here?
One more thing, off the record.
How does it feel to lose?
Wishing you the best, Tom Wieland.
To me, the CableCash stock
is the one to really look at.
Now, think about it.
This is their first quarter.
And they're already on the verge
of something big.
It's kind of funny.
You keep doing things that make me think,
"Man, this is
the stupidest thing anyone could do."
But then I'm like,
"Wait a minute, this is Felix Armand."
"He's always two steps ahead."
So? What's the game plan with Sheila?
I'm pretty sure we could bribe her.
Oh! Or do we sic Marco on her?
- What's plan B?
- There's no plan B.
I just want to say goodbye to her
and get to the airport.
I've been through all the options.
We can't win anymore.
Okay, boss.
Willkommen, konichiwa, bonjour,
- my tiny little turtledoves.
- Hey.
This is on the house.
You know, out of a million sperm cells,
you two made it into that egg.
So, celebrate.
Embrace the evening.
Ah, Konstantinos!
Where's my five bucks?
Congrats. You won.
You can look at it
before I take it to the DA's tomorrow.
I'm sure the DA
will give you a gold star for this.
It'd be a crime
if I didn't share it, Felix.
You could come to the DA's office.
Tell them everything.
As a chief witness,
you'll get at most two or three months.
I already have other plans.
- Yuri Ivanovich
- You could come.
This isn't an old romance movie where
the woman leaves everything for the man
and follows him into the sunset.
Felix, our relationship always had
a shitty premise.
If one of us wins, the other loses.
And in this case, you lose.
- That was clear
- Clear to you
when you slept with me
to access information.
Don't act
like you're the victim here.
No one's buys it anymore.
If the roles were reversed,
you'd do the same to me.
I really don't get why you're here
and not
with that incredibly beautiful woman.
She was looking at you
like you were a popsicle.
Stop with that bullshit!
I mean, I was next to you,
and she was still looking at you.
- Honestly.
- They really have us, Mike.
- Who really has you?
- They totally have us.
When that article comes out tomorrow, I
Then I'd better be gone, man,
do you get me? I better just be
What article?
What are you saying? What article?
That fucking Tom Wieland, that
Tom Wieland? The business journalist?
What's he writing?
Why do people like him even exist?
Not sex, not money,
not even a fucking death threat
- is gonna stop him from publishing it.
- Whoa, what are you talking about?
- Death threat?
- He's like those
one of those ethical journalists
in a Hollywood film.
"Oh, The Daily Mail still stands
for something. We're going to print!"
- Are you sleeping enough?
- "We can't go to print." "Yes, we can!"
"No, we can't go to print!" You know, man?
Then they fire up the press.
- And they're all like, "Extra! Extra!"
- Felix. Focus. Felix.
"Read all about it!"
- "Special edition, Austrian Chancellor"
- Hey! Hey!
What happens tomorrow?
Tomorrow, my friend, at noon.
"The Biggest Fraud Scandal
in German Financial History."
Cable CableCash crash.
Cable crash. Hey, it's genius!
I should sell that to fucking Tom Wieland.
Too bad you can't short sell right now.
You would make so fucking much cash, man.
We'll have to drink to that.
Don't go anywhere,
I'm gonna get the really good champagne.
The article's being published tomorrow
Mike here.
Hey, Nadine, what's up?
Christoph, we're gonna get fucking rich!
It's the biggest hit I ever landed.
Believe me.
There is a Plan B.
You won't believe what I just found out.
It's 11:30. Now for the news.
According to
the World Meteorological Organization,
the mean global temperature this year
was roughly 1.1 degree
above the average from 1850 to 1900.
The ramifications of climate
What the fuck!
Well, I did it.
Everything's in motion.
- Sheila?
- Huh?
- You better come and have a look at this.
- This one's yours.
Sheila, since the market opened,
everyone went short.
- What do you mean?
- Look.
What the fuck!
Let me sit.
- If we don't go in now, we get nothing.
- Yeah, I know.
So, go. Place the short.
Calm down, I'm doing it.
Sit the fuck down.
And there it is.
Look at this sweet, sweet money
from your asshole professor.
We're gonna go in
with five thousand percent leverage.
Maximum risk for maximum profit.
- That's the spirit. Well, then go.
- All right, I'm doing it.
Come on, let's go all in, baby.
Sheila, what are you doing?
You kind of froze up over there.
Press the button.
Something's wrong. Fuck!
What do you mean something's wrong?
What's wrong now?
We can't go in
if we don't know what happened.
For months, these people have been
laughing about me
wanting to short CableCash.
And now, all of a sudden,
they all want to go in? All of them?
- Overnight?
- Sheila.
What can we possibly do to figure this
- I'm calling Tom.
- We don't have time for this.
Sofia, be careful there!
Hi, Tom.
I'm shocked to hear from you.
Well, listen,
can you tell me what's going on?
- What? What do you mean?
- As of just now,
I'm one of hundreds shorting CableCash.
I thought maybe you knew
or had published something.
- No.
- So you know nothing about an article
- that you or anyone else has published?
- I know nothing about an article.
I swear. On my mother.
Okay. Yeah, okay.
Yeah, and how How are the kids?
They're good, yeah.
It's nice to hear from you again.
Listen, I have to go. Okay?
Uh, I'll be in touch. Bye.
Nothing, right?
Yeah, okay, well then let's go.
Of course he said nothing
because everything else
- would have been illegal.
- Sheila.
You know why I decided against Harvard
and came to work for you instead?
Because everything else
would have been stupid?
Because I knew that, again,
I would have been in a fucking bubble
of people who are too proud
and too self-important
to do the right thing.
People who only care about being special.
You didn't have the background
or the security to indulge
in that kind
of special snowflake behavior.
Your only chance of winning
was to always be right.
So, what now?
Just because you're not the only one
who knows the truth anymore,
you want to quit? Seriously?
Sheila, we have proof, hard evidence
that CableCash is a fraud, and we
brought it to the Staatsanwaltschaft.
We may not be fucking special,
but we are right, so let's go.
Did you prepare that speech?
No, actually.
Because you didn't strike me
as the kind of woman whose balls
would shrivel up just
when it fucking counts.
- But I guess I was wrong. Let's do it.
- Okay.
We have to stop the CableCash article
or it will look like market manipulation.
It's an emergency! Call me back, damn it!
What's the problem?
What? What?
This is the news at 12.
You should have seen the guy.
I almost beat him into a coma.
But I can't do that, I mean,
he's my father-in-law, you know?
It's crazy how good you feel
when you don't drink, man.
You can't fuck me over now.
I'm unfuckable!
Magnus, we Ali, come on.
- Magnus
- What's going on now?
- We wanted to
- There's an article in the WATZ.
What? What article?
- The WATZ article.
- Look. Look!
It's muted. Turn it up.
made up as internal
documents from the whistleblower show.
The accusations appear to
have shaken investor confidence.
Lawsuits against the top Fintech company
have already been announced.
In a situation like this, you can
only wonder how it got to this point.
Where is Armand?
- Is that all you can say?
- This isn't good.
I thought that you were the boss.
Are we going to jail
because we're shareholders, Magnus?
Stop with the goddamn filming!
There's no place for that in my office.
We had the special audit approved.
What was approved?
I opened a flower store.
- Trust me.
- No, man, I can't.
That's just some made-up
clickbait bullshit, and
- Boss, what have you done?
- Get out of my office, okay?
Come on, beat it!
I always have a plan.
What the fuck is going on?
Unfortunately, Mr. Felix Armand
can't take your call right now.
Please leave a message.
Hey, Felix. What the fuck is going on?
Who ratted us out
to that shithead Tom Wieland?
Where are you, goddamn it?
Oh, no. No, no.
Felix, did you leave me?
Are you leaving me alone
with these criminals?
Did you take off and go to the Caribbean
or did you, uh
The accusations are shaking
one of the cornerstones
of our finance industry.
If this story proves
to be true, I mean,
it would be one of the biggest
fraud scandals in German history.
And it has only left
investors fearing for their savings.
And that's why CableCash is now
officially considered a world religion
because so many people believed in
something that doesn't exist.
CableCash stock took a nosedive
after it came out
that investors had been fooled.
Thirty million, baby!
It appears CableCash is
nothing more than a bank for criminals
- by criminals.
- Thirty-one!
CEO Magnus Cramer has announced
that he intends to respond
to the accusations at a press conference.
We go out at three hundred million,
five hundred million.
- Five hundred?
- Yeah.
Aw, your boyfriend is calling. Ask him
if he packed his suitcase for prison yet?
- Hey!
- Hey, you good?
Yeah, I'm good.
I wanted to get in touch again.
We said goodbye
on bad terms the other night.
I just wanted to say I
Whatever happens, I had a great time.
- No regrets.
- I did too. Totally.
- Totally. It's too bad.
- Yeah.
Where are you now?
Already on a deserted island?
As if I'll tell you anything again.
I'm calling because we have
a score to settle though. Right?
And I thought before it's all done
Wait, so are we good?
And now the end is near ♪
Hello, ladies and gentlemen
our dear, dear investors,
and dear friends of CableCash.
I'll state my case ♪
Do you really think
it was a coincidence
that this morning, when the market opened,
short-sellers jumped all over our stock
by the hundreds of thousands?
Exactly three hours before
the now widely-read article
and smear campaign
in the WATZ went online?
It was an incredible coincidence, right?
I did it my way ♪
And in another coincidence,
false documents were given
to the DA's office this morning.
This coup was masterminded
by hedge fund manager Sheila Williams
and WATZ journalist Tom Wieland.
I did what I had to do ♪
They know each other from university
when Mr. Wieland
was one of Ms. Williams' professors.
I planned ♪
That's why we ask the responsible parties
in the government
for help
so that such attacks can't happen again.
Clay, stop the short.
We at CableCash
have not yet lost faith
in the rule of law in this country.
Stop the fucking short. Stop it!
Thank you.
Stop the short.
Stop the fucking short.
I said stop the fucking short!
- Why didn't you fucking do anything?
- What happened?
I know!
And one more thing
To all the loyal CableCash community.
Don't let these idiots
fuck us over, buy the dip.
Buy it, as much as you can and then hold.
Everybody's hands go up
and they stay there.
I did it my way ♪
Due to
the highly unusual barrage of bets
against CableCash this morning,
financial supervisory authority BaFin
has issued a short selling ban
on the payment provider's stock.
The rush decision was a reaction
to suspicions
of illegal market manipulation.
It is an attack on the very system itself.
Hedge fund manager Sheila Williams
and journalist Tom Wieland
are evidently guilty
of market manipulation.
Investigations have begun.
Hundreds of thousands
of short-sellers
have lost their entire investments.
We want to apologize to viewers
for our premature report this morning.
You know, the public pressure would have
broken anyone but Magnus Cramer.
One can only admire
his tremendous leadership qualities
After the DA's office
distanced itself from the allegations,
Digital Minister Maletzki spoke out
in support of CEO Magnus Cramer.
What has he got, if not himself ♪
Then he has naught ♪
To say the things ♪
He truly feels ♪
And not the words of one who kneels ♪
The record shows, I took the blows ♪
And did it my way ♪
Investors are
excited about the stock again.
After the manipulation accusations
were made public,
the stock recovered
in a matter of minutes.
Wake up!
It's time
to clear up a few things.
My ass!
What is it? What do you want from me?
CEO? Is that what you want, huh?
Well, fine, we can do that. No problem.
I always thought that, well,
two CEOs would be bad, but
Ah, well, it's actually better.
- No.
- Huh?
I don't want to be CEO. You were right.
Two CEOs would just confuse investors.
We'd end up insolvent.
Did you know that
the best fly for fly fishing
is the Woolly Bugger?
Aw, come on, get out of here
with that bullshit, Felix.
- Oh, no! No, no, no, no.
- What the hell is your point?
No! I listen to your shit daily,
now you're gonna listen to me.
Shut your mouth and listen.
You might even learn something.
- Huh?
- All right.
The Woolly Bugger
doesn't even look like a fly.
There are no flies like it in nature,
but it imitates and exaggerates
the key stimuli that lure fish.
And so all of the greedy fish bite
because they don't look first.
They only want one thing. To eat.
They don't even care about the truth.
They want to be duped.
And to do that,
we need you right where you are.
You, Magnus, are the Woolly Bugger.
Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
And you are, you're the rod, right?
The fisherman.
I want full executive power.
'Cause I need you,
and you need me.
"Together, we're indestructible."
- Remember?
- Yes. No problem.
- That's no problem. Yeah, absolutely.
- You promise me?
Yes, come on. Shake on it, Felix.
I'm not falling for that crap again. Here.
Veto rights? You sly dog!
Yes, on all decisions.
- CableCash thanks you.
- Yeah, yeah. Sure.
Get over here. Come on.
You little son of a bitch.
I always knew you had it in you.
Was that me or was it you?
What the fuck?
Turn the news on now
Come on.
Can't I have two minutes uninterrupted,
just a brief moment of peace?
Yes, yes, yes, what's going on?
You know how
to turn this piece of shit on?
Yeah, hold on.
More on
the fatal plane crash in Brandenburg
where four people lost their lives
in a private jet.
The victims included
the pilot and Jutta Katz,
Deutsche Bank board member
and mother of two.
Initial reports are pointing
to engine failure as the suspected cause.
Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!
- Super, super, super, Felix!
- No, no, no!
Look at what
your new business partners just did.
You don't know that.
You don't know anything. A cable fire
- It wasn't a fucking cable fire, Felix!
- You don't know that!
Alex Ericsson, will take over
as Jutta Katz's replacement.
Let's go to her now.
Good afternoon. We are deeply shocked
by the death of Dr. Jutta Katz.
She led digital payment at Deutsche Bank
with great passion and discipline.
I want to promise you all
that I will do everything in my power
to carry on Dr. Katz's work
and to ensure we lead the market.
Oh, fuck.
Vroom, vroom ♪
Oh, fuck.
Fuck you ♪
What if rich, white, straight men
Didn't rule the world anymore? ♪
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha ♪
What if rich, white, straight men
Didn't rule the world anymore? ♪
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha ♪
Twinkle, twinkle little star ♪
How I wish the world was different ♪
Where who you love and who you are ♪
Was nobody's fucking business ♪
What if rich, white, straight men
Didn't rule the world anymore? ♪
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha ♪
What if ♪
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