King of The Nerds (2013) s01e06 Episode Script

Nerdy Dancing

1 Previously on king of the nerds This week you'll be tested in pure intelligence.
The teams battled to be the first to solve a difficult puzzle.
What in the world? And team Blextrophy managed a come-from-behind victory Got it! To crush their opposition.
You have won the nerd war! With old scores to settle, Danielle finally got her revenge when the servants of the forsaken orb chose Joshua to go to the nerd-off.
Someone cuts you, there's still a scar.
Team Blextrophy selected Ivan to go into what would prove to be an epic battle.
There's nothing more epic than a sumo wrestler.
Ivan won by the skin of his dragon's teeth.
- How's it feel, buddy? - Bittersweet.
And Joshua's thirst to sit atop the throne of games and be crowned king of the nerds never be quenched.
That sumo kicked my ass.
My team is at their strength right now 'cause they have me back.
The dragon has been awoken.
He picked you up with one hand.
With one I was like I was like, "one hand?" Joshua got one right in the ear.
I laughed.
I didn't I couldn't Joshua was incredibly cocky and obnoxious.
So whatever.
You want to be selfish? You want to be sneaky? That'll catch up to you in the end.
Tomorrow we have another nerd war.
So I'm just trying to relax, chill out, and clear my head.
This is the best.
I like dancing.
I mean, I occasionally dance naked in front of the mirror or something.
But I think most people do that.
Virgil's moves are great.
He just puts his whole body into it.
He scores better than I do at that game, so I'm not going to criticize it.
Do it, do it.
Good job.
Calling all nerds! Join us in our fabulous courtyard! Wow.
Oh, they got my hair.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, my.
What is going on? Look at his shoes.
My first thought was that we were gonna be making a meth lab.
You know, you look great.
Good morning, my little nerds.
Good morning.
The one thing missing from Nerdvana is an anthem! For this week's nerd war, you will be writing, producing, and performing a song that epitomizes the nerd experience.
Your nerd anthem should be full of nerdy references, celebrate all things nerdy, and be catchy enough that other nerds will want it as their ringtone.
We're gonna write an anthem for all of nerdkind.
Oh, man.
We're really excited 'cause it's creative, and we love doing creative stuff.
You will work with your own music producer What? To record your song and a choreographer What? To hone your team's performance.
Tomorrow you will perform your song for three guest judges.
Are you ready to unleash your nerd rock gods? - That means go.
- Let's do it.
I'm very, very worried about feeling comfortable in front of a live audience.
I remember for the live debate, I was panicking, and I was crying.
Um I am nervous about freezing up again.
The chorus is, like, "I don't care if it's klingon or na'vi", "talk nerdy to me.
" - Mm.
It's all about how smart guys are hot.
I am taking the lead on this nerd-off.
And Clark Kent's the hottest one.
I do feel like I'm the most qualified because I've had a lot of vocal training.
Take me up the staircase of your mind and me till the sun shines.
That was beyond inappropriate.
I really had to tone down my references.
Integrate by parts, u-substitution.
I originally wanted to make a reference based on a very common "c" programming error, you know, like, the buffer overflow error.
But, you know, 'cause you can make it kind of sexual.
Um, but I'm just like, "no one's gonna get that.
" No, our love diverges, 'cause, like, it's, like, a divergence of an integral.
I don't get it.
What is your vocal ability? - I can carry a tune.
- Okay.
I can't sing, but I actually can rap.
That's kind of what I was thinking.
I've written a lot of nerdy parody songs on the Internet.
I think it'd be really funny if we went like, "rolling d-20s, I can afford cristal.
" Like, "I'm the pokemaster.
Get in my ball.
" My lyrics are, like, out of control.
One of the lyrics is like, "while other girls are dreaming of jocks in locker rooms, I was fantasizing about riding Harry's broom.
" Just inappropriate and hilarious.
The one that I wrote down is, "you call me nerd like it's a bad thing, "but it's our time to make a stand.
"If it wasn't clear, we live without fear, and nerds will rule the land.
" Doesn't rhyme.
Oh, I guess it does.
But in music, it's generally a little more catchy than that.
Danielle's full of emotional strife.
She'e's really hard to be around sometimes.
I'll work on mine.
I'm jingle Jared from jingle punks.
- Virgil.
- Virgil, hey.
I'm here to help you guys make a hit song.
- All right, awesome.
- Awesome.
- Let's do this.
- Let's do it.
Let's do it.
Let me pick some guitar chords, and we'll start there.
The music producer was wizardly.
Now it's time for the rise of the nerd I'm gonna see what this sounds like with auto-tune.
Now it's time for the rise of the nerd This is usually where you make a snide remark about the state of pop music today.
But I don't know I mean, I was a little impressed.
Then they all started rumors Calling me a bed wetter No, that's not how it goes, honey.
I think Virgil's pretty tone-deaf.
Kids treated me like an epidemic He can't carry a tune in a bucket, so the strategy is to have him speak-sing his lines.
Then they all started calling me a bed wetter Yeah, that's better.
- I'm Ivan.
- I'm Rick.
Rick? I feel like our song just speaks about nerds in general.
So you want to do, like, a hip-hop number.
I'm really going snoop dogg on it.
It's funny when I first met you, I was thinking you kind of reminded me of him, man.
- Really? All right.
- Oh, my goodness.
- I'm dungeons & dragons.
Look at me now, you've awoken a red dragon Danielle's games.
But I'm in the top-rated guild In world of warcraft And moo is science.
We're studying black holes like Neil degrasse Tyson I think if we touch on all of those things together, we can cover most of nerd splendor.
You call me a nerd Like it's a bad thing I liked it the original way you did it, to be honest.
Danielle has a very strong, vocal personality, and sometimes it takes over everything.
It keeps getting lower and lower.
It almost sounds disconnected from the rest of the song.
I grew up all my life in a musical family, and I kind of know what I'm talking about, kind of.
- Hi! - How's it going? - Good.
How are you? - I'm Lauren.
You're from oh, my God! That's Lauren and Napoleon from so you think you can dance! Oh, my God! - Hi, I'm Virgil.
- Napoleon, pleasure.
Napoleon? That's like naming your child genghis Khan or something.
Don't get me wrong, I mean, Napoleon was, like, a very impressive man and all, but is he, like, a positive figure in history? There's two beats right there.
And all I want you to go is whack, whack, strong.
There it is.
Living life as a skinny academic.
That was very subpar.
All right, we're almost there.
I think the choreography will look awesome if we could all do it at the same time.
Hip, hip.
I'm having a hard time picking up the choreography.
That's it.
Ooh, girl.
No, it's awful! I don't have much rhythm, and I'm a terrible dancer.
- Just drop.
- Drop.
And then forward.
I seem to be dancing okay.
I think the worst I am is slightly below average.
That's easy.
I have been to dance clubs before, but it hasn't been for dancing, it's been for meetings.
Hacker meetings often take place in back rooms of dance clubs.
It has a nice ambience.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I can't wait to meet this choreographer.
Moo? Tabitha.
She's the choreographer fso you think you can dance.
This is a pretty awesome nerd war.
Have you guys ever performed? I've been onstage quite a bit.
Been onstage, but I've never, like, danced that hasn't involved fire.
Nerds are cool And on the "cool," don't pull this way.
Tabitha makes me feel inadequate because she's, like, two people dancing currently, like a person and a half.
And she's ridiculous.
Like, mama can back it up.
You call me a nerd See, I'm not even I'm not even doing the same thing she's doing, though.
I think this choreography will really take our song to the next level, so I'm trying to get these moves down, but sometimes Danielle needs a little bit more reassurance.
That's okay, you got it.
You totally have this.
You got it.
You got the b look at the boobs.
Lead with the boobs.
Are we gonna get points deducted for this dance being kind of porny? Porny or corny? Porny was the word I used, with a "p.
" This is a consistent thing with Danielle.
Come on, Danielle, get in here.
- I don't have to - Come on, sweetie, just move.
When she falls and scrapes her knee, I gotta pick her up and wipe the boo-boo off and be like, "it's okay, sweetie.
Get back in the playground.
" Oh, my God.
There's no way I'm comfortable with this going on right now.
Boobs come forward.
I just feel so awkward.
And, like, nobody gave a.
It's a bad thing If we lose this nerd war over her fear of a body roll, I'm gonna scream.
I can't do that.
It's okay, sweetie.
You can totally do it.
All right? In fact, you have to.
- Hey! - Hey! - Ready for a pizza break? - Yeah.
Well, there's hot little caesars waiting for you upstairs.
- Hot little caesars.
- All right? Pizza time.
Little caesars is bringing it to the yard for us again.
Ooh, yummy, pepperoni.
It's time for breadsticks, son.
I'm literally gonna be doing body rolls until, like, 3:00 in the morning today.
Honestly, my biggest concern is the body roll.
Boobs, sit.
I'm telling my body to do a roll, right? But, no, there's just no rolling to be had.
And that's a whole, like, whopping half a second of our dance.
You know, Danielle's Danielle.
She has to get wound up about everything that goes wrong, and just let it go.
Boobs, sit.
Boobs, sit.
Let's see what we got.
Ah, here we are.
Our wardrobe today is gonna be the cute, little schoolgirl outfits that are quite sexy.
I think this is supposed to be a bow tie.
Today I'm playing, like, a naughty catholic schoolboy.
These pants aren't even remotely tight enough, but whatever.
I feel like our chances are actually pretty good.
I trust both my teammates, and they're both very competent.
Oh, wow.
Very good.
I think that we have a good song.
We have strong choreography that matches, and I think we have good outfits.
I don't know, you know.
How much more do you need? I don't know, guys.
What do you think? Which hat looks better zombie hat Or dragon hat? I'm really not happy about the wardrobe situation 'cause I think we're all gonna look dumb, and I'm, like, embarrassed about it.
I like the zombie hat the best.
We're supposed to be gangsters.
Oh, there's a lot of Booty movement in here.
That's awesome.
That's perfect.
I look nothing like Ivan right now.
I've never done, like, any type of rap thing, period, nor have I ever worn any clothes like this.
You know, I'm bringing it to the town, son.
Welcome to the nerd anthem battle! I have extreme anxiety.
I fear that I'm gonna forget my dance moves and my lyrics, just like I did in the live debate.
The nerd anthem must celebrate all things nerdy, be full of nerdy references, and be catchy enough that other nerds would want it as their ringtone.
Let's introduce our panel of expert judges, who will be determining the winner of this nerd war.
Please welcome the godfather of nerdcore rap, mc frontalot! Like, oh, , we're rapping in front of the guy who knows about nerd rap, you know? I sometimes feel like It's all about bringing your "a" game and not fearing the reaper.
And also, please welcome Internet sensations and experts in the field of satirical songwriting, Garfunkel and oates! Garfunkel and oates are parody songwriters.
You say hello, and I say hello back And our song has humor in it too, so I'm like, "okay, great.
Well, this should go well.
" We're putting our best foot forward, and then our less good foot, in a rhythmic motion.
Teams, are you ready? - Yes.
Let's do this.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Please welcome team Blextrophy Performing their song, talk nerdy to me.
Come on, everyone, clap! Talk nerdy to me.
We nailed it.
I am so proud of myself.
I finally felt comfortable in my skin, to not give a what people thought anymore, and I just gave it, and it turned out well.
Hold on.
First of all, you did that in one day? - Yes.
- That's amazing.
Amazing! Gosh, the choreography was awesome and really catchy, really catchy.
I'm definitely surprised that team blextrophy's performance was as good as it was.
This nerd anthem is gonna be a battle, and I'm ready to fight.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome team servants of the forsaken orb.
I usually don't get nervous onstage, but I am a nervous wreck.
In an alternate universe, I'm still not good at dancing.
Performing their song, nerds are king.
This is servants of the forsaken orb.
We wear it.
No other attitude will do.
Break it down.
Boom! Head shot! Yeah! We killed it.
Yes! That was quite solid.
I'm in a position where I hear a lot of nerd rap that people give me, and some of it is a little hard to listen to, but I would listen to that over and over again.
I think the strongest point in sfo's performance was the number of references they were able to cram in there.
But ours is still catchier.
Judges, you may take some time to deliberate.
I'm impressed with both of them.
I just like the statement of tnerds are king.
It's a gr I mean, no doubt, those guys got - it's more positive.
- Mm-hmm.
Nerds are king.
I feel like this could be, like, a YouTube hit or something.
Yeah, I think they both could, really.
Talk nerdy to me is just, like - it's just so catchy.
- Yeah.
You can't get out it's still in my head, you know? Like, if you played those two songs for just everybody who self-identifies as a nerd, like, what would they pick? Judges, have you reached a decision? - Yes, we have.
- We have.
Blextrophy's song, it sounded like the opening to, like, the care bears.
Like, is there a nerdy care bear? Is there calculator bear? Fun math bear? Which team created the greatest nerd anthem? I have to go with the song that is still stuck in my head.
It is such an anthem.
Team Blextrophy.
Thank you.
We got one vote, and not only that, it's a vote that's probably gonna be correlated with another vote.
Great, well, this probably bodes well for Garfunkel.
Without a doubt, unquestionably Servants of the forsaken orb.
I disagree with her because I think raps are harder to sing along with, and I thought part of an anthem was that people were supposed to be able to sing along with it.
We have one vote for team Blextrophy and one for servants of the forsaken orb, which means Mc frontalot, this nerd war hinges on your decision.
I am just so not sure if we're gonna win or not.
You guys did a fantastic job.
You guys did a fantastic job.
After painstaking deliberation, I'm going to have to go with Servants of the forsaken orb.
- Thank you! - Thank you.
Oh, my God.
Oh, God, thank you.
I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I am.
We worked so hard, and it just sucks.
Somebody has to lose.
It's just, why always us? Team servants of the forsaken orb, you will be taking your rock-star moves to the sky zone the world's biggest trampoline! - All right.
I'm nervous.
I mean, I, like, I don't know what if I poop my pants on the trampoline? It's, like, a legitimate fear of mine.
What if I just come down and then a poop comes out? Team Blextrophy, you have been out-anthemed.
That means two nerds from your team will be selected to go to the nerd-off.
Every time we have to vote someone out, it hurts.
You are dismissed.
Great job, everybody.
Seriously, it was so good.
Yeah, please don't feel bad.
I think Blextrophy lost because their song wasn't "anthemy" enough.
I would like to think that my gangster rapping was a big part of it, though, and my body roll.
I find this game ridiculous at this point.
I find this game absurd, and it is becoming utterly uninteresting.
For every objective competition blue has won, every subjective competition we have lost.
- ! Just it.
- Just it.
Like, I'll go back to caltech, and I'll enjoy it there.
And I'll finish my research.
Maybe I'll take my postdoc at m.
There's a big tub of ice cream downstairs if anyone wants some.
- I want some ice cream.
- It's good.
Do you want some, Virgil? - Not right now.
- Okay.
I'm aware what I'm feeling right now is not indicative of, like, my typical feeling.
I'm aware I'm still really ticked off.
And I expect with, like, a nap or something, I'll feel better.
Ugh! - Whoo! - Whoa.
I feel great about today's win because I really led my team to victory.
I think it was the lyrics that won it for us, and I wrote the hook that we used.
Just, like, all I do is win.
This game is called "team up on Ivan.
" Oh, ho, ho! Never surrender.
It's a good thing Ivan throws like a bitch.
- That was good.
- Yeah.
What do we do about the blue team? The two strongest people on the other team would be Genevieve and Virgil.
I think Genevieve's the largest advocate for putting me up to the nerd-off.
So, if she is eliminated, then that won't be as much of a concern.
We did it to jon.
We put him up twice.
Just gotta do it again.
I say we could be safe if we put Genevieve up, but I'm leaning toward Virgil he's pretty darn smart, and I think he underplays himself.
The science and engineering competition has not yet come up, and Virgil is, I think, one of the key players in that field.
He's got talents in other places, but not the way Genevieve does.
She is a lot more well-rounded than Virgil, like it just it sucks, but it's just so true.
Genevieve is a bigger threat to me than Virgil is.
Genevieve knows a little about a lot of things.
Virgil knows a lot about a few things.
Yesterday he told me that there's an actual phenomenon where sewer rats get their tails tied together and have to live the rest of their life as siamese sewer rats.
It's known as rat king.
Virgil is a wealth of random information.
Did you know, in Hebrew, they have a word for animals with one testicle bigger than the other? They do.
See, you learn all these things from him, but how would any of this ever be useful in a challenge? - We just have to make a choice.
- Ah.
Realistically, they would probably send me to the nerd-off.
I mean, I presume they'll pick you first, and I'll be their alternate.
So who wants to fight Genevieve tomorrow? I think I've shown that I am a threat because I went to the last nerd-off, and I didn't just win, I won by a lot.
And that's why sfo is going to vote me to the nerd-off.
I think, ultimately, the strongest team couplets going forward are, foremost, myself and Genevieve.
Two, Genevieve and Celeste.
Three, myself and Celeste.
Is that correct? I mean, what does Genevieve believe? I have made a promise to Celeste to not vote for her, and Virgil's come into this conversation with the expectation that he's already safe.
I mean, I feel like you and I would make a great team, but I feel like Celeste and I would make, probably, a better team.
Sincerely? You think I mean, I'm sorry, if the answer is true, that's fine.
Just judging by past competitions.
Wow, that's interesting.
I'm safe from the orange team.
They're targeting Genevieve, and then I'm just gonna lay low and stay under the radar, just like in high school where I flew under the radar to survive.
So I'm protected from my own team voting me to the nerd-off, and so I'm protected from the other team from voting me to the nerd-off.
If the best doublet going forward is perceived to be Genevieve and Celeste, then I think it's me and you tomorrow.
Is that is that the reading? If you're okay with that, Virgil.
I mean If that's sincerely what you think, then that then I'm cool with that.
Actually, no, wait.
Let's take a quiet moment and just reflect on this fact.
Okay, then.
By the way, I still will try to kill you.
Do you agree that it's futile to plead our case to the other team? I mean, what case would we plead? I don't know what I could say that I hadn't already said in the past.
I mean, honestly, the one that hurts is that the trio has to be broken.
I'm still sad about losing yesterday because we all worked so very hard to keep the trio together.
If I was Spock-like, the emotional intensity of this game would not get to me, but it does.
Calling all nerds! I'm feeling really sad going into the throne room because I don't want to see two of my teammates go to the nerd-off.
Today two nerds go head-to-head in the nerd-off.
The winner will stay to compete for the crown and the right to sit atop the throne of games! The loser goes home immediately.
Both teams have voted, and the tallies are here.
Team blextrophy, we have your votes.
One vote for Virgil Two votes for Virgil, which means, for the very first time, Virgil, you will be going into the nerd-off.
Team servants of the forsaken orb, we have your votes.
By unanimous consent Genevieve, you will be going into the nerd-off.
So, Ivan, why Genevieve? We had to pick somebody, and our hearts weren't in the choice, but our heads were.
I honestly think I have a really good chance of winning the nerd-off because the loss sent Virgil into an emotional tailspin, and he doesn't deal with his emotions as well as I can deal with my own.
Genevieve, Virgil, please step forward.
Bend the knee.
Today you will be tested on your funky moves.
You will compete against each other on the Xbox kinect game dance central 3.
I mean, I am better at that game than Genevieve.
I will beat her.
The only game I know I would lose is a dance central game.
This is, like, my biggest nightmare.
Today you will compete against each othery nut.
On the Xbox kinect game dance central 3.
You will each have one hour with the game to prepare.
The only time I've played this video game has been in the house.
I'm not a good dancer.
- You may rise.
- And may the best nerd win.
I don't want to go home over something as stupid as my dancing ability.
I think that's something really dumb to go home over.
I'm gonna practice.
I really am.
'Cause I can't do anything else at this point but practice.
I think my chances going against Virgil are 40/60, 60% in Virgil's favor because he's played the video game more, and he usually gets better scores in it than I do.
You'll probably win, Virgil I know.
But I'm gonna do my best.
It makes me upset that I'm probably gonna win.
There's always a luck component, so she could pull something out of her ass.
But I have a substantial edge.
This game is not emotionally healthy.
- I would like to see Virgil stay - Strategy-wise.
Genevieve would be my first choice to get rid of, just because I think that Genevieve and Celeste would work better together than Virgil and Celeste would.
I do feel bad putting Genevieve up in that place.
Yeah, but if we had put Celeste in, Virgil definitely would have gone home.
Two people had to go in, and there was only three people, Yeah.
There was no good solution, and you can't feel guilty, because that's the rules.
The rules say, "you can't feel guilty.
" Better them than us.
Like, I don't know.
Maybe I'm mean, and I'm cold.
I don't know.
I don't see any reason to feel bad.
I just don't.
Bring your right arm up just a little bit.
There you go.
I'm helping Virgil, because, strategically, it's better for me to have him in the house.
Dust yourself off.
Dust yourself off 'Cause you're so fly.
I really think if Virgil tries, he will win the nerd-off.
Swish, and up.
Oh, that's sexy.
I've seen Genevieve dance.
It's awkward.
Oh, that's really nice.
Oh, that's oh, that's great.
I'm thankful for moo and Danielle helping me.
Practice really helps.
Flawless finish.
So your best bet is to look up some dance central videos.
Genevieve and I are in the radioshack room, talking about the dance centrnerd-off.
Without a doubt, I am one of the top female gamers in the country.
Rhythm games I dominate no joke.
I just want you to look at the screen and just understand everything and what you need to concentrate on.
There's many different things going on on the dance central screen.
You have your positioning, to make sure you're okay and centered.
You always have to be in the center.
- Right? - Okay.
You also have little cue cards that tells you which move is coming up.
Right foot is gonna move first And then I'm gonna clap.
And then you come together and clap.
Do you see that picture? Yeah.
Then you have the actual dancer that you have to mirror, and, like, you have to multitask everything.
Now you have to put them all together.
I've been training her a lot on the game and trying to get her to clean up her moves.
You know, studying saved me last time.
Hopefully, studying and practicing will save me this time.
There's nothing I've been wanting to see more than a nerd dance-off.
Genevieve and Virgil, are you ready to boogie? - I think so.
- Ready as I'll ever be.
For today's nerd-off, you will battle each other on kinect for Xbox 360's dance central 3.
The nerd with the highest score will win today's nerd-off.
Genevieve, take the stage! Look at the concentration on Genevieve's face.
Genevieve, tremendously focused.
Genevieve looks like the inflatable flailing-arm man.
There's no, like, rhythm to it, but she knows which moves to hit to get her the points.
Now, you will notice that she's doing the shakedown movement.
What she's doing right now means, "I would like another drink, please.
" And this is, "yes, but only if you're buying.
" Can I get to your soul? Can you get to my thoughts? Genevieve, go, go, go! Hit that beat.
You can do it.
One, two, three, four.
I can fix all those lies Oh, baby, baby Genevieve's practice is paying off, and you can bet your damn well shaky-Booty-lovin' ass that's gonna help her towards the end of the song.
Genevieve just passed a million points! Bravo, Genevieve.
Thank you, Genevieve.
That was very good.
I'm really proud of myself not to brag, but I got over a million points, and I've literally never done that.
Virgil, take the stage.
Okay, all right, not not much room for error there.
I need to play literally flawlessly.
This actually could turn out to be hard.
Virgil, take the stage.
If I had to classify Virgil's dancing, it would be middle-age white man.
Like Ugh! Ooh! It's interesting how Virgil's lack of footwear seems to be influencing his moves.
He looks relaxed.
He looks comfortable.
He's even sort of smiling.
He actually looks like he's enjoying this.
I would describe my dancing style as the Latin dance style.
I like the Latin style, where you move the hips a lot, because those are fun movements.
I mean, how often do you get to move like that? Can I get to your soul? Can you get to my thoughts? Move those hips, Virgil.
Wipe that off.
Dust that off.
Now throw the confetti.
Throw the confetti.
Virgil is letting his freak flag fly.
Virgil's hitting a lot of the moves that I missed, and he seems to be getting a lot of combos.
I could be doomed.
Virgil's gone past a million points! Oh, wow.
This is gonna be tight.
And here comes the big finish.
To win this nerd-off, I really need to get the flawless finish, 'cause, you know, there's the "almost," "nice," and "flawless," and I was thinking, "okay, I really need 'flawless.
'" ooh, not quite the flawless finish.
- Oh.
- Thataway, Virgil.
Well done.
Thank you, Virgil.
Genevieve and Virgil The difference between your two scores is just under 30,000, not even a 2% difference.
Virgil, you scored 1,100,000 points.
I feel good.
It's like, "oh.
" It's like, "I might actually win this.
" Genevieve, you scored 1,129,000 points! Which means, Genevieve, you win this nerd-off.
I failed with the finish.
So I know Genevieve got a "flawless" finish.
And I think if I'd gotten a flawless finish, I would have won.
Genevieve, you may rejoin your team.
You live to fight another day.
I'm definitely happy, but I have mixed feelings, because I just feel a little sad to see Virgil go home.
Virgil, you came to nerdvana as the Internet man of mystery, but you are no longer a mystery to your fellow nerds.
They think of you now simply as a good friend.
Return to the real world, and blind them with your science.
It was really bittersweet for me.
I like Genevieve a lot.
I wanted her to stay.
At the same time, I love Virgil.
Go, blextrophy! - Bye, Virgil.
- Bye, Virgil.
Bye, Virgil.
It's important to remind you that in two weeks' time, one of you is going to be walking away from here with $100,000.
Now, you are still solidified as teams, but there can only be one king of the nerds.
From this moment on, blextrophy, servants of the forsaken orb, your teams are hereby dissolved.
From here on out, it's every nerd for themselves.
We're in the endgame, kids.
This is the final five.
This is where the good stuff starts to happen.
I'm used to thinking of social structures as something that I'm not a member of myself.
Being in close quarters forced me to realize I have to accept my own membership within the social structure.
I will miss, for the first time, feeling part of a group.
There's a real spirit of, I guess, something like family.
There are some nerds that say only I.
Is what matters.
You know what really matters? I mean, how 'bout being nice? I think the world would be a better place if, like, everyone got a little bit nicer.
That's what I would want in a world.
I think most people would want that.
I really feel for him.
I bet he wishes the earth would just open up and swallow him.
It was for the best.