King of The Nerds (2013) s02e06 Episode Script

Nerds to the Rescue

1 Curtis: Previously on "King of the Nerds," a "Star Wars" versus "Star Trek" debate posed problems for Jack.
I've not seen "Star Wars.
" I've not seen "Star Trek.
" - What is an Enterprise? - Curtis: But even with Zack's help Force only chooses you, technically, because the mitochondria.
Midas Touch Attack once again lost the nerd war.
How 'bout them tribbles? Curtis: The Titans of Rigel tried to save Katie Chris: We're trying to convince you not to vote Katie in.
- This is your chance to vote Zack off.
- It's not no.
But Jack and Zack could not be swayed.
I guess my attempting to help this team is not really, you know, enough.
Curtis: As the Titans put in Jack.
In the nerd-off, Jack got revenge on Chris.
Who do you select to get your shock? - Chris.
- As a punishment.
You made your bed.
Now lie in it.
- Curtis: Shocking both Chris - Gah! And the other contestants by emerging victorious Kashyyyk [Claps hands] Spelling the end for Katie's hopes of winning "King of the Nerds.
" Titans, let's meet.
- Jack.
So - "Star Wars," yeah.
You can't say I didn't prepare you.
- I know.
I know.
"Star" - No.
That was cool.
I have to thank you so much.
And, Jack Jack Jack.
This is the first of many victories for team Midas Touch Attack.
I know.
I know.
I am happy about this.
I get to survive another day here, and I pissed off the purple team, which is exactly what I wanted to do.
And you know what? We are taking this all the way to the end.
Midas Touch Attack is winning this game.
Finally, someone in this house has listened to me, and look what happened.
The forsaken has won or the forsaken have won! I thought she had that one in the bag.
- She did have it in the bag.
- Kayla: She did.
Oh, Katie I shall miss you and your purple hair We need to regroup and figure out what happens next.
[Groaning] We have to win.
Brian: Once the teams finally do dissolve, it's every man or woman for him or herself.
I don't want either of them in the final three.
I don't want them in the final five.
Brian: The key point in the game, especially now, is to just survive until that individual phase.
At that point, it really is anybody's game.
Jack, we're basically in the end game.
Jack: I know.
It's the end game.
This is already the end game.
We're here, and, hopefully, I'll be seeing that end game with Jack, and someone from Midas Touch Attack will be taking home the crown.
But I also have to say, you are probably the last person I want to face.
- We just have to stick together.
- Yeah, I know that.
Don't worry about it.
'Cause if we go into a nerd-off together, one of us goes home and then the other person doesn't have an alliance.
We have no friends in the household.
And Katie's gone.
Jack: I really hope there's no hard feelings from this.
I did what I needed to survive, you know.
Chris: No, you sent me in and knowing that it would cause me pain.
The fact that you did means that I don't like you anymore.
- Sorry, Jack.
- Aww, I'm so sorry.
It's just what it is.
Because the fact that you used pain - as a revenge mechanism against me - [Chuckles] No, that's exactly what you said.
And there's no laughing matter about it.
Jack thinks that I'm mad at him.
I'm not really mad at Jack.
Come on.
This is a game.
We all know it's a game.
I think that is a very horrible thing for someone to do.
All right.
Well, I'm so sorry, Chris.
You don't get a chance to apologize.
I'm ensuring that Jack believes that I am mad at him, because it's one of my many mental games that I'm playing right now.
I hope you can forgive me, okay? That's the end.
I am surprised that Jack is actually buying my act.
I'll take it.
I think I did a pretty good number on Jack.
I almost was like, "oh, my God.
Is this really happening?" No.
I'm not disappointed.
I would have done the same thing.
Good morning.
Buenos días.
I told my team members that I aim to misbehave.
I don't know if it'll be me or Jack, but one of us is going to win this competition.
I hope it's definitely not you.
My intention is to widen the rift between Jack and Zack, and if I can keep just chipping away at it, that will make my position even more powerful in this game.
You did say that at one point in time that you would vote yourself in every single time.
No, it was because I didn't like my team.
- You still like your team? - And yet Jack still protects you like that.
- No, I like Jack.
I like Jack.
- I'm still here.
I'm still here.
And even though Jack doesn't necessarily like you, as he said a couple of days ago.
Brian: Chris is running circles around Zack, and Zack does not even realize it.
And you want one of our members to come over to your team.
So, you're saying we should get punished for winning.
No, I didn't actually say that.
I said I thought that was unfair.
Stop putting words in my mouth.
It seems to be a habit of yours to put words in other people's mouths because you think you're superior to others, and I'm sick of it.
You realize that? I don't know what's going on.
Help me.
Help me.
What is going on? This is ridiculous.
Every single time you start talking, you act as if every single word you say is law.
It's not.
Cut it out.
What? You're like the biggest hypocrite right now.
Zack is like a young Anakin Skywalker What I'm trying to say is that English I don't understand anything you're trying to say.
'Cause you keep interrupting me because you're obnoxious! Continue, please.
Brian: Just full of emotion and uncontrollable.
I don't want to compare Chris to a Sith Lord, but [Darth vader breathing] Calling all nerds! Please join us in the courtyard! - What is that? - Oh, my goodness.
They are evil.
Bobby and Curtis are dressed up as space dudes? Super villains? I have no idea what the hell they are.
What could this be? Brian: That could be Ming.
Maybe Flash Gordon.
All I know is that Curtis' shiny head is blinding me right now.
Oh, that's a bald cap.
[Chuckles] Welcome to "King of the Nerds" science-fiction week.
[Contestants cheering] And, yes, you are excited.
[Laughter] But, unfortunately, today is not all fun and games, for there is a dire situation unfolding above you as we speak.
We have been contacted by an intergalactic force.
It appears that their spaceship is disabled, and we have been asked to navigate their laser systems to help them locate one of their own.
He is known by his earth name, George Takei.
[All gasp] Oh, my! Kayla: I'd have to say that George Takei is definitely on my top five of "Star Trek" idols.
They've beamed instructions of their laser-grid systems to the radioshack lab.
And your challenge is to navigate the laser grid with your body without interrupting any of the laser beams.
But you must prepare carefully - because only two people from each team - Oh, my goodness.
Will be allowed to navigate the ship from either end.
Plus, there is a complex mathematical equation imprisoning George when you make it through the lasers.
Jack: It's about damn time! What is the one thing you expect nerds to do? Math.
That's all.
You are George's only hope.
We've got to save George, guys.
- We've got to save George.
- Got to save George.
And remember "klaatu barada nikto.
" - "When the earth stood still," guys.
- Oh, man.
Yeah, sure.
[Indistinct shouting] You know, I kind of like you better as a blonde.
Oh, stop it.
You know I'm taken.
Come on.
Kayla: Let's go to the radioshack lab, right? Yeah.
Let's figure this out.
Team meeting in the war room, guys.
War room, yeah.
Let's figure this one out.
We've got tape.
We've got each other.
And let's do it.
Got each other, Jack.
Got each other.
Let's go to the war room and get some scissors and get a calculator.
That's a good idea.
What's the calculator for? Zack: Jack has very, very strong math skills.
That gives us a significantly higher probability of winning this.
Darn it.
I'm sounding like Jack suddenly.
What's going on? Ugh! Let's build this maze, guys.
We're practicing by stringing "lasers" otherwise known as pieces of string up between different walls.
It's like the evil game of Twister.
So that means that one person wearing a blindfold is going through the maze while the other person directs them on what to do.
It just occurred to me, like, what's actually at stake here.
If we lose this, we are going to the nerd-off together.
If we win this, we get to take one of their members out, so we got to win this.
We have to win this.
Jack: Zack will be directing on my team, and I will be going through it.
Oh, go slightly to your left.
- That's your right, Jack.
- Oh, sorry.
Zack: Jack is not a coordinated person, but Jack isn't as good at directing as I am.
- Get over this one.
Keep your back low.
- Ugh! In "World of Warcraft," I've actually led a lot of raids before, so mark this day in history, for it shall be the greatest day in victory! - Keep going forward.
- Oh, no! So, a laser maze is not the best for a 6'2" gangly nerd.
Plus, my math skills are not exactly up to par.
- It's that hard? - It's awful.
[Chuckles] So, I think our best bet right now is to send Chris and Brian in.
I think going into it, this is the best combination.
Brian and myself.
Chris has a natural talent for being a director, an organizer of sorts.
And the size of the maze runner is important.
This seems to give me an advantage.
In fact, this is the first time that it's been good to be 5'4".
And I've got those skinny jeans I wore yesterday.
Your skort might be the best.
- My skort might be the best.
- Zack: Your skort is the best.
Nothing handles a laser maze like a kilted hobbit.
Come on, team! Let's pull it together! This is for George Takei! We're gonna save him from the aliens! This is our maze, you know? Okay.
So, I would prefer that you don't use our maze.
Chris and Zack are at it again.
You put it in a public area, so we're gonna use it.
No, you're not allowed to do that.
It's our maze.
You can't use our maze unless we're allowed to use yours.
That's unfair.
Jack: None of this behavior would be tolerated in Asian cultures.
If you put any of these people in my household, my mom will set them straight.
- What if we build a maze - Just shut up! That's on this side of your maze.
Just shut up, Chris.
Just shut up.
More mind games.
Can we build a maze in your space and go use that maze for our run-through? Of course not, because we need this space.
Says who? - Says common sense.
- That doesn't make sense to me.
Zack: Chris has been trying to upset me.
No! You cannot use our maze, and he's trying to upset me.
I don't understand what you're saying.
Of course not.
Go ahead and use our stupid maze.
Thank you for permission of using your maze.
Zack: My next step is try to go relax, get my head in the right place because I want to win this nerd war.
All: Oh! Kayla: That's amazing.
We've got to get him out of there, guys.
We definitely have to.
Xander: This looks straight out of "Mission Impossible.
" There's a hallway.
There are lasers.
There are pads with math questions on them.
George Takei is in a cage.
I don't know what's going on.
I can't focus.
I'm over-stimulated.
Brian: Probably the best thing you can do with lasers is play with your cats.
They love it.
You just have a pen, and you just go "whoop, whoop, whoop," and the cats go "meow, meow, err.
" Welcome to space.
I'm trapped.
All: No! The humanity.
And it's your job to get him out.
Starting from opposite ends of the hall, two members from each team will pair up to simultaneously race to reach and solve the math problem which will unlock the cell.
Whoever successfully frees George Takei wins this nerd war.
Oh, my.
[Laughter] Yes.
Xander: Did you see George Takei in season one, episode four of "Star Trek"? He's fencing without a shirt on.
Sulu , "beam me up.
" Team Titans of Rigel, which two members of your team are you going to select to save George? - Us two.
- Curtis: Chris.
Now, for every tripped laser, there will be a one-minute time delay, in which you must remain frozen in place.
Plus, if you answer the math problem incorrectly, you'll get a 30-second time penalty.
Take your positions.
Thank you, sir.
Live long and prosper.
Peace and long life.
Peace and long life.
I can't do that.
[Chuckles] Turn in your card.
You're not a nerd.
The size and speed of the person is clearly an important factor.
Nothing handles a laser maze quite like a hobbit in a skort.
Don your glasses.
These goggles are crazy.
They just make everything disappear.
Chris: Brian is wearing spectrum-blocking glasses, so he actually can't see the green lasers.
Help me, nerds.
You're my only hope.
And we begin in 3 2 1.
Go! Duck.
Okay, start crawling.
Tell me when to stop.
Keep going.
Go forward.
You're good.
You're at a good height.
You can crawl normal.
Normal crawl.
Chris: The way that Brian and I had practiced is that we're gonna move very slowly and carefully so we don't hit any of the lasers.
This is classic tortoise and the hare.
Slow and steady wins the race.
Okay, now stand up where your head is.
- All right.
Now? - Okay.
Stand up.
Big jump.
- Ready? - Go.
He is going very fast, and Brian is going very slowly.
Chris: Turn to your left.
Pivot on your left foot.
Now walk forward.
Baby step.
- Baby step? - Baby step forward.
Baby step forwards.
Brian: I want to take things slow and steady because one wrong move trips a laser, and that holds you up for a whole minute.
Lower your head.
Duck your head in.
Really fast.
Really, really fast.
Chris: Okay.
Lift up your right foot.
We can go slow here.
Now forward as far as you can get it.
Forward and down.
Do not move your left foot.
Okay, now, Brian looks like he's hung up here.
It looks like he's not moving at all.
In a way, Brian is giving himself a one-minute deficit.
[Laughter] Kayla: Come on! Not so slow.
Give me warp speed already.
Walk towards the angle that your left foot is pointing slowly.
Okay, tuck in.
You are now going to jump across [buzzer] No! Oh, crud.
That's a one-minute penalty.
You must freeze.
Ugh! Directly in front and behind of your left foot are lasers.
Brian: Yeah.
If you can move it to your left, by putting your weight on your right foot, you'll be good.
Starting to get nervous about this whole tortoise thing.
You might want to hurry it up there, Brian.
Lift your up.
[Buzzer] Oh! Freakin' "A.
" Brian, that will be a one-minute time delay.
Oh, my.
Brian: Is there any way I can get more maneuverability going backwards? No, there's a beam behind you.
Just step your foot up and move it over.
Tell me when I can.
Jack, you may begin again.
Go up.
Get up, Jack.
You got to jump.
Now? Do it.
Go! Yes! All right.
To your left.
I'm trusting you, man.
Wow! Did you see that jump? Very good.
That was spectacular.
That was remarkable.
Xander: Jack must be a surprise gymnast or I suspect that he's Catwoman.
Come to think of it, I have never seen Jack and Catwoman in the same room together.
Brian, you may continue.
Lift it straight up.
[Buzzer] Screw this.
Oh, my goodness.
Same laser.
Titans of Rigel, you have one-minute time delay.
What is taking you so long? Zack: Jack, stand up.
Stand up and jump all the way to the end.
All your power at once.
Okay, I jump to the - Everything you have jump.
- What? Jump straight ahead as hard as you can.
Really far.
- Yes! - George: Bravo.
Jack is through.
And Jack is through the lasers.
Jump! Jumping Jack! Jumping Jacks! Get it?! [Chuckles] Jack, be nimble, Jack, be quick.
Jack, jump right over the horrible laser death rays! How the heck did he get through that so fast? Brian: If I'm going to win this, we need to stick it out and hope that Jack fails a couple of times on the math problem.
Oh! Tribbles again.
So, after 12 hours 11.
You'll have 11.
Three things I'm good at math, following directions, and jumping.
I don't know how to do it.
It's all up to you.
As nerds, we are supposed to be good at math, and how can you test our nerd ability if you avoid math? We have a little bit of time if you need a little time.
They're still frozen.
Titans of Rigel, you may continue.
Damn it.
Okay, so 11.
Oh, God.
I can't do this without paper.
Slowly back.
Slowly back.
Screw the tortoise.
Go, hare! Go, hare! Come on, Brian.
Don't move your right foot.
1,210 plus 121 is 1,242.
Right? - Yeah.
12420 plus 1242? - Yes.
- What's that? - I don't know.
Your left arm up.
It's by your elbow.
Straight up.
Keep going.
You got to move your elbow up.
Now over.
Come on, please.
Bobby, you have to look at Brian.
Keep going over.
Keep going over.
I hope my mom doesn't see me in this position.
[Sighs] Ready? Zack: Yeah, I guess that's it.
Is that right? Damn it.
No! Oh, no.
This is really bad.
That's a 30-second hold for team Midas Touch Attack.
Chris: Keep going.
Brian: I'm halfway through the maze, and Jack is already working on the math problem.
I feel like I'm in a really nerdy game of laser twister.
It looks like he's doing pretty well now.
Holy comeback, Batman.
He's beginning to get a little momentum there, Bobby.
I don't know.
Without paper it's hard.
I know.
It's really, really hard without paper.
I get it.
Chris: And move.
Step over.
[Buzzer] Oh! And that means a one-minute time delay for Brian.
[Sighs] 1,331.
31? Oh, it's the next number of the fibonacci sequence.
Damn it.
Do it.
Jack: A fibonacci sequence is what happens when you multiply "x" plus 1 then "x" plus 1 again Because the coefficient of "x" is 1 and the coefficient of the "x" squared plus 2x plus 1 is "x" By using a triangle method, you actually take the "x" 121, 1331.
I know the Fibonacci sequence quite well, actually, so - Yes! - George: Bravo.
- Fibonacci sequence for the win! - Thank you.
Thank you.
You saved me.
Jack, you are the man! That's it.
I could not believe that I can now add to my list of things I've done in my life "unlocked a cage containing George Takei.
" Yes! You did it! Yay! Yeah! Midas Touch Attack! Whoo! Yeah! George, live long and prosper.
Right? That's how you do it.
Kayla: I'm pretty bummed we didn't free George Takei from that cell.
We embarrassed "Star Trek" people across the world.
- You will live long and prosper.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Guess who's not going home tomorrow! Whoo-hoo! Sorry, guys.
Chris: It was my goal to play mind games with both Jack and Zack.
It didn't look like that worked.
I believe it might have motivated them to just try harder at winning this nerd war.
Midas Touch Attack, you have won this nerd war.
Yes! Whoo! Zack: Finally winning and hearing "you have won" from none other than George Takei was fantastic.
You also get to visit the special-effects studio legacy effects the creators and fabricators behind "Iron Man," "Avatar's" amp suit, not to mention our very own nerdbot.
- Whoo! - Yes! That's awesome.
Titans of Rigel, you have lost this nerd war.
Therefore, two of your members will be going head-to-head in the nerd-off.
Two Titans will be going into the nerd-off tomorrow.
For more information on that, we turn to black correspondent Chris Jackson.
Thanks, Xander.
Black correspondent Chris Jackson here reporting live from Nerdvana.
It has been a devastating day as two members from the purple team will be going head-to-head in a nerd-off.
Here to comment is purple teamer Brian.
It sucks.
Back to you, Xander.
You may all return to Nerdvana.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[Chuckles] "Live long and proper.
" I'll try.
I'll work on it.
I'll work on it.
Good job.
We've done it, Jack.
I am so happy to win.
We didn't just beat them, either.
We destroyed them.
I think we may have proved that we are capable of working together.
Yeah! Jack: Zack and I may have the most opposite personality possible.
Maybe those opposites are exactly the personality team that everyone needs, you know? Great job.
- Whoo.
[Roars] - [Roars] Brian: I am sorry, guys.
Takes a team to lose as a team.
The Titans now know what it feels like to lose, and it's not pleasant.
We've got a tough decision ahead of us, guys.
Chris: Unfortunately, because of my actions over the past 48 hours, I imagine the gold team's gonna vote me in.
Considering the mind games I've been playing with Zack and Jack, I don't believe that there's anything I can do to convince the gold team not to send me into this week's nerd-off.
It's not gonna happen.
Who do you want to vote off? Well, my heart says I want to vote it as Chris.
The person who I most want to see gone from this competition is Chris, but I don't want to give Chris another opportunity to potentially win another nerd-off, and I don't know if this is the best one to send him home in or not.
I think it's really between Chris or Brian.
No, Brian is the one who scares me the most.
I want Brian out, actually, because I think Brian is the biggest threat to me right now, and if Brian stays alive, I don't know if I can trust him as an ally.
I personally don't think Chris is that important in this end game.
I just hate him is all.
[Chuckles] - I know.
But, I mean, you can't - I understand.
- But, the thing is, that, like, I mean, you can't, like - No, I understand.
- Brian is more dangerous in the end game.
- Uh-huh.
Xander: I'm gonna be completely honest.
Chris, you are a very, very strong player.
Knowing that you would go into the nerd-off, I would want to get you out of the competition.
And this would be my chance.
And, so, a good move would be to send Kayla in because I know that if it's Sci-Fi, - she would be able to beat you in the nerd-off.
- Yeah.
One of the great things about working with the purple team is the concept of logical decisions.
We discus things, and we get everything out in the open.
For me, I think I probably do see Chris as more of a threat.
Kayla's probably the strongest Sci-Fi person.
And that's why I'm scared [Bleep] right now.
Everyone thinks I'm the only one who's gonna be able to take Chris out because Sci-Fi is my specialty.
I don't want to embarrass myself because Sci-Fi is only partially my specialty.
I'm going in tomorrow.
It's gonna be between me and Chris.
It's extremely important that I stay here.
I'm the only chick left.
I do not want to be the last chick standing and to lose again and leave this many guys here.
Uh, W.
D what would Janeway do right now? Crap.
Well, I'm gonna head out, I think.
- All right.
- It's a good idea to just I think I'm gonna take a moment and compose my thoughts.
Land true.
Peace and long life.
[Chuckles] Zack: Oh! We got a reward for the first time in Nerdvana.
- Zack.
- Zack? Welcome.
It feels good when you win.
I got to say, victory tastes sweet.
I'm gonna be showing you guys a lot of top-secret stuff.
We've got movies that we've been working on for about six months now - that aren't gonna be out for another year.
- Ooh! - Oh! Can we see those? - And we've got some trade secrets that I'd be happy to share with you guys, as long as you don't share with everybody.
Of course.
Well, let's get the tour started.
- I can't believe it! Oh, my God! - This is so good! - This is so awesome! This is so amazing.
- Follow me.
Legacy was pretty awesome, I have to say.
I mean, you actually got to see [Bleep].
I mean, how cool is that? We saw [Bleep].
We saw the [Bleep].
We saw, like, everything that any little boy could dream of, you know? And, I mean, just to see it in real life I mean, every one of my friends is gonna be so damn jealous.
- Wow.
That was a great trip.
- Yeah.
I can't believe it.
All that stuff like, what? [Bleep] And Pretty cool stuff.
[Bleep] It was awesome.
Xander: I know that it can't be much help, but it is in my best interest for you to win, so if there's anything that I can do for you.
I think it would be in the best interest for the whole team if we vote for Brian in and keep Chris.
- Really, really? - Really, really.
But not for the team for individual competition.
For both.
I'm gonna try and convince my other teammates to turn their vote towards Brian.
Brian has just as much knowledge as I on Sci-Fi, so it could come back the other way.
'Cause I only know "Star Trek.
" And it's win-win.
If he takes out Chris, then we lose the threat of Chris.
But if we lose Brian and we still have to be a team next week, we still got our three strongest players.
Right now I think I have Xander convinced to vote with me against Brian, so now it's gonna come down to me convincing Chris.
Brian: Good morning, bacon.
How is this morning for you, bacon? I'm bacon.
Thought so.
Today we're off to the throne room, and the Titans of Rigel are having to face sending our own team members in and someone not coming back.
So, Kayla, are you fine going into the nerd-off or not? - No, I'm not fine.
- Okay.
Kayla's worried that Brian and Xander are going to send her in because the gold team is sending me in.
Well, who are you gonna throw to if I'm gone? You know? I don't want to vote for Kayla because she'll definitely beat me in the Sci-Fi nerd-off.
So, basically, I asked her who I should vote for, and she said Brian.
I have no idea who Kayla will vote for.
I just got to sit back and watch this drama unfold.
- We should vote bacon in.
- Chris: Say your name if you want to go into today's nerd-off.
Xander: [Chuckles] He's made a very persuasive argument.
Calling all nerds! Please join us in the throne room! Kayla: I did everything I could for this vote.
Let's just hope I convinced Xander and played Chris enough that they all vote for Brian.
Today two nerds go head-to-head in our nerd-off.
The winner will stay to compete for $100,000 and the right to sit atop the throne of games! The loser will go home immediately.
Zack, how does it feel to be finally coming out of the desert after 40 years of losing? It feels wonderful to finally win this one.
And I feel like not only did Jack and I win I think we actually had a pretty solid victory.
And, also, I looked really good in front of one my idols.
So, it's pretty cool.
The teams have voted, and I have the tallies here.
[Sighs] Midas Touch Attack, you have voted.
By unanimous consent Chris is going to the nerd-off.
Midas Touch Attack, why Chris? He's a strong player.
Chris is just pushing too many buttons, and I didn't want to try to argue with Zack 'cause I don't really want to get on Zack's bad side again.
Team Titans of Rigel, we have your votes.
The first vote Is for Brian.
The second vote Kayla.
The third vote Is for Brian.
That's two for Brian, one for Kayla.
And the last vote is Brian.
Brian: I'm slightly surprised, but I don't take the Titans' vote personally at all.
At this point, it's an individual game.
Every player has their own strategic decision to make.
I think that some members of our team are plotting more long-term strategy than short-term, and taking me out now would be helpful to them.
It's a gamble, and I can see their strategy.
Kayla, why do you think Brian wound up in the nerd-off? We were actually hoping to get Chris out, and I feel that Brian and I have very similar Sci-Fi abilities, but he has the literature of Sci-Fi that I do not, so I think that gave him the leg up, and I know I'm banking on him to take Chris out.
Sorry, mon capitaine.
It's all right.
Kayla: I'm proud of myself because I was able to play a strategic game, but I did have to throw one of my friends under the bus.
I feel like sisko in a pale moonlight.
Chris, Brian, step forward please.
Bend the knee.
For today's nerd-off, you must bring to bear two deeply nerdy skills science-fiction trivia and a first-person shooter game.
Prepare to do battle.
You'll find toy blasters in your house to practice your targeting.
You will also find 1,300,015 science-fiction books on Amazon.
[Laughter] Memorize them.
You have three hours.
May the best nerd win.
Chris: I've been in a nerd-off before, so I know what to do.
You have to stay falm and cocused.
You have to stay calm and focused, and that's how you win.
Ooh, those are weapons.
Facing Chris one-on-one is intimidating, but it could be gratifying.
If I could knock Chris out, it's one fewer formidable opponent for the future.
- No hard feelings, Brian? - Not at all.
- Had to save myself.
- No.
Not at all.
And I do think, you got literary down better than I do.
- Should be fun.
- It will be fun.
My strategy going into this nerd-off is to study as much as possible.
I'm not going to spend a lot of time practicing my aim, because I need to make up for my deficiency on the science-fiction knowledge portion.
What can I do for you guys? You want me to just leave? You want me to help? - I'm gonna - I'm here for you guys.
- Yeah, I think research is good.
- Okay.
My plan is to balance my time between boning up on my Sci-Fi knowledge and practicing with the gun.
Do you have much experience with nerf guns? Brian: A little bit.
I'm trying to see how the arc works.
Yeah, 'cause there is a slight arc to nerfs.
I went shooting once, and I went 0 for 80 on Clay pigeons.
I'm not a very good shot.
Zack: I'm really looking forward to this nerd-off because Chris and Brian those are two of the strongest players in the entire house, which means no matter what, one of the strongest players in Nerdvana is going to go home today.
What needs shooting? Whoa.
I walk out, and I see all the different spaceships with all the different point values, and I'm starting to put the pieces together.
Walking into this nerd-off, I'm realizing just how grateful I am not to be there because Mindy is particularly pretty today, and I don't think I'd be able to focus.
Chris, Brian, welcome to your first intergalactic space battle.
Now, in this nerd-off, knowledge is a weapon.
And you are gonna be using that knowledge to obliterate this armada before you by answering science-fiction trivia questions.
Brian: Going into this nerd-off, there is no way I can lose with the great [Speaks Japanese].
Watching over my shoulder.
[Squeaks] Get a question wrong, and you miss a turn.
Get a question right, and you get 40 rounds of ammo to shoot down as many space ships as possible.
Now, the enemy spacecraft are worth different points.
The nerd that scores the highest number of points after six rounds wins this nerd-off.
Chris: I'm a huge fan of Sci-Fi.
If I get enough questions right, I can beat Brian.
First question Come on, guys.
This is easy.
Every fan of "Firefly" knows this.
Please reveal your answers.
The correct answer is "D," The Cortex.
Brian, that is correct.
You have earned a turn in the gunner's chair.
- Shiny.
- [Laughter] My strategy is to take out large targets first then move to the edges and take out higher-value targets.
Fire away.
Zap! Pow! Pow! He's exhausted his ammo.
Brian is knocking these ships out of the sky.
Well, they're not really out of the sky, I guess, well, he knocked them over.
He shot them with some foam.
Chris: I do not like "Dune.
" Why would I need to know the answer to this question? The correct answer is "D," Melange.
Oh, right.
I'm in a nerd-off that's Sci-Fi related.
Brian, you may fire at will.
Nice shooting, Brian.
Next question.
- The Drake! It was the Drake, right? - Man: Yeah.
That was it? The Drake! It's the Drake.
- Chris, you are correct.
- Oh, no.
I can't believe I got that right.
I can't believe I got that right.
All right.
All right.
Not too shabby.
I'm on the board.
We've only got three questions left.
Here's the next one.
I think it was either the Aztec or the Mayans, but I'm just gonna have to guess on this.
Bobby: Reveal your answers.
The correct answer is "A," Egyptian.
Not the Mayans.
Not the Aztecs either, apparently.
Chris, blast away.
Pow! Nice shooting.
Oh, no.
Nice shooting.
Curtis: It looks like we've got a race on our hands.
A space race.
[Chuckles] You're hilarious.
Okay, two questions left.
And, remember, the person with the highest score wins this nerd-off.
You are correct "B.
" Toasters? Cylons? Anyone who knows "BSG" knows what a Toaster is.
Chris, it's your turn.
Rough go.
Xander: Chris, you got to pull it together.
You got to do better than that.
Brian, fire away.
[Gasps] Now, there is one question left.
Good luck to both of you.
You are both correct.
You are both getting a shot at the armada, and we are getting out of the way.
I took those ships down.
Zack: Come on, Brian.
You can do this still.
You're still in this easily.
Curtis: Fire! [Applause] Solid.
Brian: I hope that I've done enough, but this really could be anybody's game.
So, after the final round, Chris you hit 6 ships for a total of 11,200.
Brian, you hit 4 ships for a total score of 11,400 points.
[Applause] Zack: Brian! Brian, you have won this nerd-off.
Victory for Brian and all of the hobbits that he leads! Kayla: It's pretty sad to see Chris go.
Until we meet again, stay strong, buddy.
Chris, while you were not able to engineer a victory here, please know that the foundations of Nerdvana are stronger for your time with us.
In the end, I just missed too many questions, so, props to you, Brian great job.
At this point, you're still solidified as teams, but in the end, there can only be one King of the Nerds! [Contestants cheering] [Chuckles] Yes! Now, you know that last season we dissolved the two teams, but we know that you know.
This season, we are gonna do exactly the same thing.
- [Laughter] - There we go.
As of this moment, team Midas Touch Attack and team Titans Of Rigel are officially dissolved.
- #Titans.
- Attack.
From here on out, it's every nerd for himself.
It's suddenly become real.
This is no longer a team game, and I can't hide behind my team anymore.
You may return to Nerdvana.
Good night.
Zack: It's the true start of the individual game, and I think my odds of success are significantly, astronomically higher.
Chris: My time here at Nerdvana was amazing.
I know I'm not gonna be King of the Nerds, but being in a house full of nerds where they can appreciate you and you appreciate them it was just a great time.
Buh-bye, Chris.
[Chuckles] I do good work.