King of The Nerds (2013) s02e08 Episode Script

Crowning the King

1 Previously on "King of The Nerds" Welcome to the new Nerdvana! 11 more nerds stormed into the new Nerdvana.
It was just, like, Their nerd wars were epic.
I will systematically destroy each and every one of you! Science fair It is merely hydrogen peroxide with manganese dioxide.
Larping so nerdy! Engineering you're out! Debate The falcon can fly circles around the enterprise, especially when the latter is diverting all power to shields.
Science fiction Oh, my! And live gaming.
I'm actually inside Tron! There were casualties along the way Japanophile Kelsey Goodbye, guys! Pokémon master Josh, aerospace student Mary Kate, inorganic chemist Nicole Well, that sucked, didn't it? Roboticist Katie, mechanical engineer Chris, and last week, fantasy writer Zack was finally vanquished in a live-gaming showdown.
Don't forget to be awesome.
These seven saw their dreams shattered.
Now there are just four.
And now only four nerds remain.
This week, will historian Brian, gamer Xander, rocket scientist Kayla, or bioengineer Jack win the right to sit atop the throne of games? And who will be crowned the new King of The Nerds?! Jack! Way to take it! You took out the unbeatable.
Way to go! I'm in the final four.
I've put myself into a position to win $100,000, and I sung Zack's swan song for him, you know? I'm gonna drink tonight.
I'm gonna drink tonight.
Before we begin, I need to prepare a pretty interesting toast for Zack.
But no, Jack makes this epic, long-winded toast about Zack.
When I first met Zack, I thought he was a nice guy.
Then came the first Second week of nerd-offs.
He kind of did that throne-room debacle.
But that follows the third week, which Zack created a ton of chaos and destruction.
I thought he was just some kind of evil little head.
And But even though he might come off as a terrible person in the beginning, you can change.
You can improve as a person, and I think that Zack would be an inspiration to all of us.
We get it! To Zack.
To Zack.
So, yeah, that was a long one.
Jack, wake up.
We got to go.
Who's gonna go home today? Who's my big boy, gonna go home? Not knowing what I'm about to go into, there's a little bit of anxiety, but I'm an explorer, so I'm ready to just tackle it.
Xander! What? What are you wearing today? This is my custom-made doublet and my poofy shirt, my awesome shoes, and my pants that are anachronistic but I wear them because I was part of a yosakoi team in Japan.
So, basically this outfit represents me.
What kind of outfit is that?! If I'm going to win "King of The Nerds", I'm gonna do it Xander style.
Calling all nerds! Please join us in the courtyard! The throne is so close we can taste it.
Only a few nerds is left in our path.
We wants it the precious throne.
Welcome to the final four.
Very impressive.
However Hold onto your pocket protectors because we are about to narrow down your numbers from four to two Right now.
Oh! Okay.
There's only gonna be two left? This just doubled the ante for us.
Welcome to the second annual season-finale quiz bowl.
This will be your last nerd war.
You will be asked questions that are specific to nerd culture Gaming, fantasy, math & logic, memory, Sci-Fi, science, comic books, and video games.
There are five levels of difficulty, beginning with easy peasy, then a bit tricky, then getting tough, ridiculously hard, and then finally my personal favorite, brain melter.
I wouldn't want to say I'm a great quiz bowler.
I know nothing about comic books, and, like, so-fi I don't know very much about Sci-Fi.
The first two to answer any five questions correctly will earn a spot in the final nerd-off.
The other two will be banished from Nerdvana.
This is the moment that I've been waiting for.
I am trivia guy.
Please pick up your books.
We have randomly chosen who will go first.
Kayla, you will be starting.
What is your category and level of difficulty, please? Let's do comic books for 2.
I'm going to go for the topics I know and the one or two topics that I don't think the rest of these guys know.
I know a lot about literary books, but comic books and graphic novels Reveal your answers.
The correct answer was "d".
Kayla, you are correct.
It was martian manhunter.
Thank you, j'onn j'onzz.
Jack, you may select a question.
Let's do science for ridiculously hard.
There are two categories I'm probably the best at Math and science.
And I'm gonna try answering the hardest question I can in those categories, but first, I'm gonna take a look, see about the difficulty level first.
You may reveal your answers.
The correct answer is "c" X-ray.
Damn it.
Ridiculously hard? That was a piece of cake, damn it.
Well, I think that I'm going to mix it up from what people expect me to pick.
I've always prided myself on my Memory for 4.
Memory for 4.
My how do you say that? You may reveal your answers.
The correct answer is "b" archer.
Brian, Xander, and Jack all answered that question correctly.
Kayla, that was incorrect.
I just missed a question that I really should have known.
- Xander.
- Level 3, fantasy.
It sounds like something in the crusades.
The napoleonic period wouldn't have to do with "his majesty," right? Napoleon was an emperor.
The correct answer is "d" The napoleonic wars.
Doesn't make sense.
Jack, you are currently in the lead with three points.
This is going much better than I expected.
Right now, I'm on cloud 9.
I think it's good.
Next question.
It might come back to haunt me, but let's do comic books for 5 brain melter.
Kayla goes comic books again.
Surprise, surprise.
You may reveal.
Kayla taking a brain melter for comic books is the smartest move she's done so far.
The correct answer is "b".
I had no idea what "the question" was, but I guessed "b" and I got it right.
That was a complete guess.
Brian, Kayla, and Jack, you all answered that correctly.
Xander, it was incorrect.
Jack, you are now one point away from the final nerd-off.
I'm super surprised at the knowledge that Jack is pulling out because I was not expecting that.
I need to step up my game.
Brian and Xander, you each have two points.
Kayla, you have three, and Jack, you have four points.
Jack, you are now one point away from the final nerd-off.
It's gonna take a miracle for Jack not to get the next question right.
It's his pick.
Let's do science for 1, please easy peasy.
Thankfully, it comes right back to me, so I'll take the easiest question I can.
And as long as I get it right, I win the game, right? So, who cares if everyone gets it right? I just need myself to get it right.
You may reveal your answers.
Farting plants.
Plant farts are essential for life, but did you know that they also produce water? They do.
You are all correct.
Jack, you move into the winners' circle! Yeah! Whoo! Wow.
I did not expect Jack to be will-rounded enough to best us in a trivia competition.
Good job, Jack.
Good job.
Victory for Jack.
Whoo-hoo! That's my fencing stuff.
Like, in fencing, you're supposed to yell and sway the judges in a certain way to make it look like you were confident in your attack.
And that's why I yell like that when I win games.
Next question.
I'm gonna go with fantasy, 2.
There are only two spots, and Jack has filled one of them.
I need to step up my game if I'm gonna fill the other.
Oh, God.
I know this one.
I've seen the first three seasons of "Buffy," really like it.
I'm gonna continue, so you "Buffy" people, settle the down.
You may reveal your answers.
The correct answer is "b" Mr.
Brian, Xander, you both answered that correctly.
Kayla, that is incorrect.
Yeah, I don't know "Buffy.
" Oh, crap.
We're tied.
I've got to win this.
All three of you have four points.
The next person to pull one question ahead will be joining Jack in the final two.
Brian and I overlap on a lot of skills and knowledge, so to make it even, let's pick a brain melter in math & logic! Oh! What?! Interesting move, Xander.
You're trying to avoid Brian winning.
So you're picking something Brian might not be strong in.
However, did you forget who's sitting on your left? I perk up, like, "video games?" It's not that kind of video-game question.
Come on.
Surface area of a sphere? 4-pi- "r" squared.
Oh, it was driving me crazy not to be able to answer that question, but I mean, hey, I'm already in the final two.
Why should I care? You may reveal your answers.
So much is riding on this question.
I need to get this right.
Otherwise, I definitely lose.
The correct answer Is "b.
" Kayla moves on into the winners' circle! I just won myself a spot in the final round.
I definitely feel more like Neil Armstrong than Jim lovell right now.
Kayla, congratulations.
- You too.
- Final two.
Give me a hug, you hobbit.
Oh! I am a trivia nerd, and Kayla, Xander, and Jack put up some of the best trivia fighting I have ever seen.
There are categories that I would have dominated in History, poetry But the way it stands, this is how it should be.
Brian, in the words of Winston Churchill, "everyone has his day, but some days last longer than others.
" Your run of days at Nerdvana have come to an end, but we bid farewell to a true gentleman and scholar.
Brian, keep reading.
The world is your library.
Hear, hear.
Hear, hear.
Brian, live long and prosper.
Peace and long life.
Come on.
I'm doing this for you.
We're gonna have to tape your fingers tonight so you can learn how to do that.
Xander, you have brought light and joy to the epic battle of who would be crowned King of The Nerds.
While your time here has ended, please know that your spirit will remain with us.
And know, also, "ave Maria" will never sound quite the same again.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Bravo, bravo.
However, Brian and Xander, you are not going anywhere quite yet.
- Oh.
- Oh! Am I still alive? Is there another nerd-off? A nerd war? I'll do anything.
Let me back in the game.
I can do it, coach.
Put me in.
You still have one very important task left to perform.
Brian and Xander, you are not going anywhere quite yet.
- Oh.
- Oh! Back from their long foray on the other side, banished nerds have returned.
Josh! Kelsey! Mary Kate! Oh, my God! Yes! I've just been through this super-stressful situation.
These are the faces that I need to see at this moment.
Oh, you! Xander, why are you dressed like a vampire? Welcome back.
I was real surprised to see Kayla there.
To me, she was just kind of the NASA, "Star Trek" girl, and she didn't really seem to have much else.
Jack actually really didn't surprise me because I could sense he was a very strong player.
Last season, we also brought back the banished nerds.
Last season, the former nerds were brought back for a popularity contest to determine who was King of The Nerds.
I know, right? However, you know that we know We know! Easy, easy.
However This season really is going to be different because the final challenge to determine who will be King of The Nerds is an epic gauntlet of eight mental games called "the nerd-liminator"! Jack and Kayla, you will not be alone.
You must petition the banished nerds to pledge their allegiance to you.
They will choose who they will help to survive and conquer the nerd-liminator! May only the best nerd win.
Let's do this, Jack.
Oh, man, I missed you.
I am so happy to see you where you are now.
Kayla, it's gonna be a pleasure.
I think my odds are pretty high.
If the trivia contest today has any indication, I can wipe the floor.
When I castrate you, no offense.
The nerd-liminator! Jack has my full support in this challenge, and I am someone with the most nerd-off experience.
In that respect, I see myself as a valuable ally for Jack.
If either of you two don't want to go, I will volunteer.
I love having all of the nerds back.
However, my game face is still on.
To whoever becomes King of The Nerds.
Huzzah! Tomorrow, it's game time, but tonight is our last night in Nerdvana.
I'm gonna live it up.
It was a great experience competing with you all, and of course, it was awesome to beat you guys.
Nerds do party.
Now, the thing is, partying's a little bit different for them.
Please don't kill yourself.
Nerf war! Nerf war! Oh, God, oh, God! How does this thing work? Oh, my God! Tonight, we party like ewoks.
It's an interesting combination to have Kayla and Jack in the final two.
It's not who I would have picked on day one.
They have a whole lot of pressure.
I don't necessarily envy their position at this moment.
I do have to not party tonight.
I've got to concentrate and figure out what's going on.
I don't blame you.
I will talk to all of guys individually.
Same here.
The final nerd-off is a gauntlet Eight different mental challenges.
And the thing is, any number of nerds can align with either of us to help.
I'm bacon.
Although it's great to rely on your teammates, teammates can't do everything for you.
You're King of The Nerds, and you're gonna be alone as King of The Nerds.
What can I do for you? What I want really is to deny Kayla the opportunity of using you.
Interesting strategy.
I'm gonna prepare first by getting as many teammates as possible.
The diplomacy game is first.
You enlisted my help for the battle hammer, and now this time, I'm asking for your help.
If I can get more nerds on the team, I can deny Kayla access to specific categories.
I can just win right there.
Nice to see you again.
It's a pleasure, you know? Teams are out the door.
Who cares that there's a titan in there, and who cares that there's a midas touch attacker in there? What matters is having the best nerd win.
I worked very hard to get here.
It took me two nerd-offs, Zack, and losing four nerd wars.
She never had to worry about any of this stuff.
Like, I had to worry every single day, and I don't think that she would handle it all that well, really.
Even if Kayla gets more supporters, I am one of the all-around strongest players individually, not because I know more than anybody else.
It's because I can learn more than anybody else.
I have the experience.
I'm the grizzled veteran of this group.
Josh, what are you feeling for who you're gonna support tomorrow? Jack and I bonded really well.
Like, I'm being totally honest with you.
And that's all I'm asking for.
The radioshack lab has become a mission control for me, and when you are the captain of a starship, you have the ability to pick your senior staff.
I would not want to be in your shoes, that's for sure.
Yeah, everyone's saying that right now.
I have no clue what these games are about, so I kind of have notes in my head "Well, if it's 'a, ' I need to get Chris.
If it's 'b, ' I need to get Katie.
" If there's anything board-game based, I think Xander would be the strongest one for that.
I hope I'm prepared.
I want to win, man.
I want to win so bad, especially against Jack because Jack has the academics, but is he really the best representative - of nerd culture? - He never steps outside the lab, and that's why we're on your team.
My initial instinct is to go for Kayla.
Jack is a true nerd, but he just ignores at least half of all the nerds out there by not knowing anything about popular culture.
If Jack pledges to give the next science grant he receives to a humanist, I could possibly be persuaded to move to his side.
Captain janeway's comment when she's talking about, you know, my ship, my crew, they expect me to be larger than life.
I only hope I can be that for them.
- You're - Oh, my God.
Stop being so cheesy! Oh, did I totally just tear you up? Oh, my God.
But that is I'm sorry.
"Star Trek's" my religion.
Ready? One, two, three, four! Just want to tell you about my pride that I have inside.
Being here's just been like a ride.
It's so great being a nerd.
It's so great, and I hope that you all have heard.
And I hope you all had a really good time, and like hearin' me sittin' here rhymin'.
I don't know if you've heard, but this room is full of a bunch of nerds.
Well, I'm just here to spread the word.
Gonna tell your mama, we're here at Nerdvana.
I don't know if it's relevant, but I don't know if it's relevant, but we're all kinds of intelligent.
Amazing, Josh.
We are the kings of nerds oh, yes we are the kings of nerds King of the nerds, yo! Calling all nerds! Calling all nerds! Plea You all right? It's all right.
Thank you.
Calling all nerds! Please join us in the courtyard! They are some classily dressed nerds.
Yeah, I think I'm underdressed for this one, guys.
I didn't know Curtis could even wear a tie.
Today, a new king will be crowned, but first, we must reveal the allegiances of those who support these two Valiant nerds, Jack and Kayla.
I'm about to go into an epic battle, and I need to find my senior staff to help me lead and command our starship.
Yes, sir.
Who have you chosen to support? I have ultimately decided to swear my allegiance to Jack.
I feel like Jack has shown he's very intelligent and that he can rule the nerd world with fairness and justice.
Josh, whom have you picked to support? Like Kelsey, I will also swear my allegiance to Jack.
Thank you.
I know a lot of people from the outside are gonna think, "how could you be a nerd and not like comic books? How could you be a nerd and not like Sci-Fi?" But everybody has their fortes, and I feel like that's what makes great nerds.
Mary Kate.
My allegiance is pledged to Jack.
Mary Kate, we're still taking over NASA together.
I know we are, girl.
Kayla, how do you feel right now? There's still more people over there, so Not good.
Nicole, whom do you support? I have a friend in Kayla and partner in crime in Jack.
I am confident that Nicole is gonna be on my team.
She's a midas touch attacker.
One explained why they should be King of The Nerds.
The other one not only explained why they should be King of The Nerds but why the other person shouldn't be, and I don't take kindly to people that say, in their defense, why someone shouldn't be.
So, my allegiance #Kayla.
I wasn't gonna use Nicole anyways, really.
Well, Katie, to whom have you pledged your allegiance? I pledge allegiance to the Kayla of the United States of Nerdvana and to the nerdbuplic for which she stands, one nation, indivisible, with "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" for all.
Kayla exemplifies everything that a King of The Nerds should be.
She's a strong-ass girl in science, and she represents the same thing that I came here to represent, which is that girls can be scientists, too, and we shouldn't have to apologize for being women.
I get to follow that? Man.
I'm supporting Kayla.
She trusted in me, and Jack did not.
Chris is just Chris.
I don't really care what Chris does.
Okay, Zack, who do you stand behind? One of them managed to work with me to do some pretty incredible things in this competition.
For that, I'm supporting Jack because of the display of good character that showed in him.
I would much rather have Zack on my team than have Nicole.
Zack has the most nerd-off experience.
He knows the most about the games that are gonna come up.
For the forsaken! All right, Xander, who is your choice? Well, we butted heads on a few of the challenges, but we really had a friendship that blossomed throughout the whole thing.
And I pledge my allegiance today for Kayla.
I was too artsy-fartsy for her, and she was too science for me.
But that's what gave our team the edge.
And finally, Brian.
Well, Jack and Kayla are both fantastic nerds.
In the end, I think that there's really only one of the two who knows what it means to fight with honor like a true Klingon warrior.
So I swear my fealty to Kayla.
I feel that Jack does not have the heart and soul of a warrior.
I don't know why on earth Brian would ever choose Kayla over me, but hey, you know what? That's Brian's choice.
You will be facing a bewildering array of intellectual and knowledge-based games that span the gamut of the entire nerd universe.
I feel good about my team.
Kelsey knows a whole crap ton about fantasy, Josh knows a lot about gaming, Mary Kate will be my comic-book foil to Kayla, and Zack has won three nerd-offs.
He is very good at those games.
The teams have turned out relatively even, so it should be a good battle.
And while you will have up to three chances to be helped by the trusty nerd councils who support you, be aware that only a nerd who has spent his or her entire life preparing for this moment will survive this gauntlet, win the crown, and be called King of The Nerds! Chris's strengths are mathematics, Xander has tabletop games, Katie knows electricity, Brian brings literature, and Nicole is I love Nicole.
She's awesome, so bring it on.
You may go.
Let's go prepare.
When I started with 11 people, the odds of me making the final two were 18%.
Currently, the odds of me winning the nerd-liminator is 100% Hear ye, hear ye! These two fine competitors shall compete in the ultimate gauntlet The nerd-liminator! Ooh! I don't treat the King of The Nerds as an empowering position.
It's not a tyranny.
You could like "Star Trek," you could like "Star Wars", you could both, you could like neither.
A nerd is somebody who needs to be forward-thinking, and I think those are the people who are gonna help us in society the most.
That's what being a nerd really is.
Calling all nerds! Please join us in the throne room! Earning the title of King of The Nerds would be the moment when I will fly my flag high and, "I don't care what you have to say about it I'm a nerd.
" Why not be proud of who I am and show the people that it's okay to be who you are? The throne has been empty for eight weeks.
Now one of you is going to rise up and earn the right to wear this crown.
Before you, the nerd-liminator Eight terrifying puzzles comprising of pop-culture math, periodic-table puzzle, cipher, sudoku, a logic puzzle, spacial problem solving, nerd words, and pac-man.
Jack and Kayla are going into the final, epic battle.
This is intense.
You have 20 minutes to complete the nerd-liminator.
The nerd with the most correct answers wins.
You won't know how you did or how your opponent did until our adjudicators have reviewed your work.
For help, you may call on three nerds from your supporters for only one game each.
This is it.
It's all come down to this.
$100,000, 20 minutes, one king.
Good luck.
Everything is coming down to this, and I know I can do these things.
I can win King of The Nerds.
I'm very excited, I'm nervous.
Every emotion you can imagine is raging right now.
Kayla's never been in a nerd-off, and Jack has two nerd-offs under his belt.
That might give him a little bit of an advantage, but you have team support on this.
And I think that's where Kayla shines.
The game begins now.
I looked at the table and focused.
There's no world around, just what's in front of me.
There's a math equation, but in order to get the numbers, you have to know pop culture, like, "how many children does darth vader have?" Kayla looks a little frustrated.
I'm not gonna get the math done.
I never knew math could be so compelling to watch.
The pop-culture questions are killing me.
That was a harder part Deciphering the culture rather than the math.
Mary Kate is stroking her moustache nervously.
Kayla gives up on the math, skips over the weird rope thing no one understands, and goes to the word find.
I think it's like the S.
If you can't get it right away, you move on, come back to it.
I know that these numbers are not correct.
Let's move on.
The math puzzle is in front of me.
And I look down at it, and my heart drops.
It is very, very, very wrong.
And Jack is right behind her.
He's moved on to the nerdword finder.
He's made a serious mistake, and you can't say anything to him right now, and it's driving me crazy.
Jack seems to be really in the zone.
The thing about the nerdword is, they have to first find the words, but then they have to solve the anagram at the end.
Oh, wow.
That makes it extra tricky.
Kayla, I can do this word search in less than two minutes, but you just need to call me.
It is dead silent in the throne room right now.
You could hear a pin drop.
15 minutes remaining! The nerdword find was easy, but it took me a few minutes to find everything.
So, time to move on and try a different puzzle.
And Jack has moved on to the periodic-table puzzle.
I'm missing a word.
I need help on this one.
Kayla has asked for help.
Finally, Kayla.
Thank you.
What the frak does that spell? Now Jack is becoming more and more frustrated with the periodic-table puzzle.
I knew the configuration of the periodic table, but I couldn't get the elements in order for some reason.
Kayla starts calling in helpers, whereas Jack really isn't using any of us at all.
I think Zack can't understand why he's not being asked to come in.
Ask if anyone can help you! I'm trying to help you.
I've been going insane.
It's driving him a little bonkers.
I'm leaving the periodic table and going to the next one.
And Jack is moving ahead.
He's going to pac-man.
He needs to finish one level before he can move on.
There's too many vowels.
What do a few r's, a "c," and bunch of vowels make? Marie curie! Thanks, Brian.
Jack is owning pac-man.
Oh, no, they're gonna eat him! But no, he's, like, owning it.
I finished pac-man easily.
I mean, I least know how to play video games.
Come on.
He's moved on to the cipher.
Kayla has moved on to sudoku.
I got this one, no help needed.
She is writing out numbers, she's using her fingers to move things, she's whizzing through this sudoku puzzle.
The cipher, I have no fricking clue.
We're here for you, Jack! Call on us! If you need our help, we're there for you.
It looks like Zack is just dying to jump in.
I'm looking at the stupid cryptogram.
Call the English major for help! Look at Jack Head in hands.
Anyone want to Yes.
I have it completely.
Zack has almost forced his way into this game.
I've been dying for you to call on me up there when I saw it from the get-go.
"D", "a", "d", "a" No, that's forwards.
Ten minutes! The next thing in front of me is a picture-slider game that has the periodic table on it.
I need to put it in atomic weight.
Girl, I got this whole puzzle solved.
This one right here.
I point, you move stuff there.
We're good.
That? This goes down.
Okay, look.
This is "sit atop" You see it? "The throne of games.
" I solved the cryptogram instantly.
Victory for sylvanas! Left.
You're done.
Love you.
That's what my team's for.
They're going to support me all the way through to the very end of this.
So, sudoku? I'm not good.
I know how to do it.
You know how to do it? Yeah.
Josh, you're my man.
I know it's not my strong suit, but Jack doesn't even sound like he knows how to do a sudoku.
Mon capitaine, can you help me with the math problem? I thought Chris was the math guy.
What do you mean, "no"?! Mon capitaine, can you help me with the math problem? Did Chris just say "no"? She now doesn't know quite which way to go.
Mon capitaine, will you help me with the cipher? Yes, I will.
Thank you, sir.
That's why Chris said "no" to the math.
You scared me there, buddy.
I couldn't guarantee that I could solve a math problem, but I can solve the cipher.
"Throne of games.
" Meanwhile, we have Jack and Josh still hammering away at the sudoku.
The clock is ticking.
Come on, Jack, we can do this.
I think it's safe to say that my feet are killing me.
Thank you, sir.
Cipher done.
Five minutes! I move on to the logic puzzle.
Blue must be touching the brown, and this must be adjacent to this.
This is something I know I can do.
Katie has not removed her hands from her face.
I think she's attempting a vulcan mind meld.
Just keep going! Don't mind me! This stuff sucks.
Oh, we messed it up.
- Wait.
Where did we mess up? - I don't know.
I don't play any sudoku whatsoever, and Josh is not necessarily helping.
Time's winding down.
Move on.
That's it.
All right, Kayla, it's pac-man.
You just want to eat all those little pellets.
Oh! God, I hate video games! Die! I just keep dying.
Every time I die, I waste more time.
This must be the most expensive game of pac-man ever played.
Go, go, go! Damn it.
I'm sorry.
I'm trying.
It's all right.
It's all right, man.
That time, I'm like, oh it.
Move on.
All right.
I'm sorry.
Good job.
I messed up.
We were this close.
He's returning to the math puzzle.
I still have some time, and I don't know if the numbers are correct.
Here, anyone know "Star Wars"? I love "Star Wars.
" I am Chewbacca to Jack's han solo.
So, minus 1? Oh, damn it.
Jack has called in his last helper.
Both he and Kayla will be on their own for the remainder of the nerd-liminator.
Failure's not an option.
One minute.
I am confident in Kayla's ability to beat the first level of pac-man.
Children play it.
Oh! I don't like video games.
I was horribly wrong! Oh! I just hate all video games.
Pac-man, I don't give a about.
That was the wrong one.
Oh I did not tell you to go that way, mister.
She's lost that game again.
She's burning time.
Kayla, just cut your losses and move on.
Minus 4, plus 4n, plus 2n.
Thank you.
One more point.
One more point.
Five four Three two One! - Damn! - Time! I have no idea how Jack did.
All I can hope is that I completed more puzzles.
Failure is not an option.
I have no idea who won.
It's just a toss-up.
The tallies are in, and it was close.
It would be an honor for me to win for all my fallen comrades.
I'm fighting for all of us here.
Out of a possible eight games, the final score is five to four.
The winner of $100,000 And the right to sit atop the throne of games The new King of The Nerds Is Kayla! Kayla, you are the new King of The Nerds! Thank you for everything.
Good game.
I am so proud of my team right now because I helped each one of these people personally and they helped me.
If it meant winning with Kayla's team versus not winning with my team, I would still choose not winning with my team.
Kayla, bend the knee! We scoured this nation for the greatest nerds we could find.
Of the 11 stellar nerds who came to Nerdvana, you have risen above them all.
Kayla is so immersed in nerd culture that she's going to resonate with nerds all over America, and the crown looks better than any baseball cap that Kayla could ever wear.
Arise, your highness, and claim your throne! All hail King of The Nerds! Mission accomplished! The throne that I've wanted to capture since the moment I saw it, and I did it.
This captain has found a new chair.
You all are just complete epicness, and I'm only here because you guys were willing to help me.
Do we get cabinet positions? To all the nerds out there, love what you love.
Forget about all the haters, and just be passionate about what drives you.
Every experience, there's a form of exploration, and every time you explore, you discover.
One day, maybe you will go to Mars, or maybe you will cure cancer.
That's what nerds are here on this earth to do To do the things that are too epic for everyone else to do.
On to Mars!