Kiri (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

TAP RUNS Jesse! The question is what he's not got.
Gout, arthritis of the left paw, cancer in the testicle, which means we've removed them.
- You hadn't before? - Couldn't put him through it.
He's got lockjaw, or some word for lockjaw, which means he's not eating properly.
He farts like a trooper.
- Don't we all? - According to the vet, he's got low-level depression.
- Has he now? - Yeah, like I said to the vet, 'Low-level?' with all of that, it's a miracle he's not suicidal.
If it was me, I'd be sitting in the middle-of-the road.
He's got a lovely coat, though, hasn't he? Oh, I have to keep him with me all the time.
Otherwise I get visions of coming home and finding him bleeding out on the rug.
- Ah.
- Always involve blood, my visions.
Never a nice, clean, soft death.
Still, I keep him with me.
Now, you look far less trouble.
Just passing through, I brought you those sausages you like.
Coming in? No, I better not, he's gone nuclear and I'm due in, in 30.
Oh, right.
Bit of a mess, anyway.
- Clinic working out OK? - So far.
Yeah? Good girl.
Never met someone who likes sausages as much as you.
The others I took to McDonald's, you I took for hot dogs at this German place.
I like sausages.
Remember to cook them this time.
BELL RINGS How does the other guy look? - Girl.
- Oh, you're kidding me.
No, I'm not.
I had to take her to hospital.
Suspected arm fracture.
- Police coming in? - Yes.
I'm sorry to contact you, but this is the third time we've had to bring a foster lot in, and they're a piece of shit.
It's the Peters family, not our finest lot, but they cover the basics.
Oh, Patrick.
I thought you were a gentleman.
What did you do? She called me a prick.
What, so you put her in hospital? How does that work? OK, so, the police are coming in.
You are entitled to an appropriate adult to sit with you.
I would like to be that I don't want you.
I want my dad.
- My birth dad.
- Not gonna happen.
I don't want anyone if I can't have him.
I know you're a good kid, Patrick, OK? Try and remember that, eh? JESSE BARKS I know, but I'm not allowed to take you in a school.
Oh, Jesus Christ, Jesse.
Miriam? This is Malcolm.
He'll be joining us for the next few weeks.
- Welcome, Malcolm.
- He's brought some cake.
Oh, then you're very welcome.
What kind? - Coffee and walnut.
- Oh, shame, can't do nuts, flares up my rash.
Fine, I'll take it back.
I'll just eat the icing.
Everyone's got a rash here, Malcolm, everyone.
PHONE RINGS Morning, Francis, how's things? She called cos he was out until 2am last night for the third time this week.
She's tried dealing with him, - but every rule that she sets - Malcolm's agency, right? - Right.
- What's he on an hour? Dunno.
Better than us? How's she setting the rules? Last week she called cos she's missing a watch her mum gave her.
Today, she tells me she's missing some underwear.
Oh, fuck.
Is she hot? - Yes.
- See, it's MILFs, we shouldn't give kids to MILFs.
It does something weird to their heads.
Does he look at you? - You mean sexually? - Yes.
- A bit.
- Yeah, but everyone looks at you a bit sexy.
- OK, I'd take it up.
- Take it up? Yeah, it's a tough one, you're newly qualified, I'd take it up.
I'm two years qualified.
That's still new.
Sounds like she's in sexual risk and that we can't have, take it up.
But Julie always looks at me like I'm wasting her time.
Not my case, not getting involved, I'm sorry.
I'm telling you, take it up.
You look like Audrey Hepburn.
Who? You look great.
Who's Audrey Hepburn? She was an actress.
She had a long, slender neck, just like you.
Do I need to wear a scarf? No.
Does my neck look silly? - No.
- This girl, Naomi Travers, called me Stretch the other day.
Well, we know what we say to Naomi Travers.
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will only make me angry.
BOTH, IN A DEEP VOICE: And you don't want to see me angry! KNOCKS ON DOOR - Aren't you supposed to be in school? - Free period.
- What's one of them? - I haven't got any lessons.
Then why aren't you in the library? - Library's full.
- Hi.
Hi, any news on our court date? Oh, no small talk, Jim, just get to the point, why don't you? Sorry.
How are you? Good day? Big day? Yeah, you don't have to feel like that.
And he is meant to be in the library, he signs in and comes home.
We're harbouring educational fugitives.
I'll send it up the chain, see what I can do about the court date.
- You having coffee? - Oh, you know how to please a girl, Jim.
- Hi.
- Hi! Oh, you're all around, except for the princess.
I like your kimono, Alice.
Oh, I wouldn't call it It's a - dressing gown.
- Oh, of course it is.
So, where is the princess? She's upstairs, we've been arguing about scarves.
- She's nervous.
- Yeah, don't have to be Don't have to be a big thing.
I've said the same.
Well, I need to get past you if I'm going up, or you can call her down.
Is our Eddie right? Everything's ready for her? It's just a day, Alice, barely that.
Six hours, half a day.
Nothing at all.
KNOCKS ON DOOR Hello, kid! - He likes you.
- He's farted.
And that's his way of telling you that he likes you.
He's a very affectionate farter.
I don't mind.
I like your scarf.
Alice said I had a long neck, so I thought I'd try it.
I'd love a long neck.
- Yeah, well.
- The scarf's good, it's nice, it's strong, strong choice, makes your eyes pop.
That's what all the young people say nowadays, I've been watching the MTV.
You're so funny.
You're the one laughing.
What? It's nothing.
No, today's gonna be nice.
- I know.
- I think it important that you get time with them at their home.
But you've never hung out with them on your own before, and there might be things that are a bit unusual to you.
I'm black.
I need to find out how black people live.
I get it.
Darling, if this was just about race, it'd be much more straightforward.
People are weird.
Your grandparents don't seem particularly weird, but they might be a little bit, and if they are that can take adjusting to.
I'll tell them you called them weird.
Then I might tell Alice what you called her.
Got a problem? - It'll pass.
- Yeah, there's tissues in the back pocket of the seat and wet wipes.
She asked me to call her "Mum.
" Well, that's up to you.
I know.
Anyway, you have my number, and your phone.
So, any time you want to leave, pretend to go to the toilet and phone me.
- But I won't want to leave.
- No, of course you won't, but it reassures me that you know there's a plan.
All set? Yes, of course.
Will you come in? I would love to, but I can't leave my dog.
- He farts all the time.
- He does.
Rochelle has something for you.
Yeah, in you go.
- Hi, Rochelle.
- Ah, Kiri.
Thank you for making this happen.
Oh, she's excited.
Maybe too excited, and she won't show it, but just be aware it's there, OK? She doesn't show much.
Listen to me, teaching you about your own grandkids, I'm so sorry.
We don't know her well enough.
I'll be back at four to pick her up.
Oh, don't you start.
It'll be fine.
CAR STEREO PLAYS: Shut up by Stormzy CAR STEREO BLARES TWIN: Yes! Yes, come on! - Yes! He got off! Yes.
- Get in! Miss! Craig, Christ, I haven't seen you in years.
- I got off, Miss! - That's fantastic: Rape.
And he did it.
- Yes! - Come on! Get in! The court understands the desire to remove the child from what is clearly a very tempestuous home atmosphere, but in a case where the child's right to a family life has to be given appropriate weight, - I cannot find in favour of removal - MOBILE BUZZES - - unless I am satisfied that the welfare of the child demands it.
That said, this is not the first time this family and these parents in particular Where's she gone? Yeah, because I was in court, the Telford case.
Oh, shit.
The stupid kid! They've asked for me? Why? So you can't tell me where she's gone? Can we wait until we're somewhere more discreet? Yeah, of course, Doug.
And probably better if you don't use my first name.
You don't seem very concerned.
Well, I'm worried but I don't think panic helps anyone.
Kiri's resilient, she'll turn up.
We have some witnesses who have placed her at the Downs.
And what's your hunch telling you? You must have a hunch.
So let's try and do this formerly.
Shall we? You drove her from her foster parents to her biological grandparents.
If we going to do this formally, we call it 'birth'.
Biological makes them sound like washing powder.
BIRTH grandparents.
It was an arranged visit, I told her to call me if she got concerned, she clearly did but she didn't call me, she just scarpered instead.
Stupid girl.
- You have her phone number.
- And she has mine.
You see, why is that interesting? That's standard practice.
Look she's just run away, she gets scared by stuff but she'll come home.
Doug? - What's going on? - How was this meeting arranged? Between them and us.
Kiri's about to be adopted, we thought it important to make unsupervised visits work before the adoption went through.
And prior to this all visits had been supervised? Yes, this is the first.
Tell me about Kiri.
She's nice she's a good kid.
She gets freaked out and has the occasional nosebleed.
- Nosebleed? - Yeah.
It's her thing, but compared to a lot of the kids I look after she has her head on straight.
Wasn't quite expecting this but And her foster parents, Jim and Alice? Yeah, they've been good, we have very little trouble, everyone gets on, it's why we supported the adoption.
Despite Kiri being black and Jim and Alice being white.
Transracial adoptions are fully supported by legislation and increasingly necessary.
Am I under investigation? Tell me about Tobi and Rochelle.
They're good people, what else is there to say? Tobi is the father of Nathanial? That's right.
Yes, that's Kiri's birth father.
He's an ex-offender, drug dealing and GBH.
He's been out a year and was denied access to Kiri.
He's a chaotic personality and was not Seen 35 Someone who could have a positive impact on Kiri.
And would you be aware of any physical contact between them? Well, there hasn't been any, not since she was taken into care.
Look, what's going on? You're scaring me.
The assumption was that Tobi would not try to affect a meeting between his son and his granddaughter, is that right? - What? - That was your assumption.
No, they're basically estranged.
Are you telling me that this is an abduction case? Are you telling me that Nathanial abducted her? He took her? Has he taken her and you've no idea where she is? Fuck.
So let's go back to what you did and heard when you dropped her off.
I could take Jesse if you'd - Sure.
- I've also I've got one of those flapjacks you like from M&S.
- No nuts.
- No, I'm OK.
I'm so sorry to hear about it.
Yeah, it's OK, Lucy, let's just keep things calm, shall we? Close the door.
I'm going to need to know everything, Miriam.
Her dad with the grandparents.
Do you think they were complicit? Did you know, did you have any sense No, of course I fucking didn't.
Of course I didn't.
- You got every consent? - Yeah.
- You got every check? - You supervised my paperwork, Julia, I thought she'd done a runner.
- But this - Even just any sense - Did Kiri ever even really talk about him? - No, not really, not to me.
His letters are pretty bland to be honest.
You do knew how much this could fuck us, don't you? Christ - That poor girl.
- No, poor us, poor you.
They'd better fucking find her, I need to read everything, I need to understand everything.
I didn't do anything wrong, Julia.
I really hope you're right, cos this just went full blown.
We're running on the Six O'clock News.
NEWSREADER: The search for the missing schoolgirl Kiri Akindele has entered its second day.
Late last night her foster mother, Alice Warner, spoke to reporters.
We implore anyone who knows anything to please tell police.
Kiri is such a special girl.
So full of life and joy.
We just Please, we just want her home again.
Local volunteers will today join a police search of Bristol Downs.
This is where nine-year-old Kiri was last seen, with her birth father Nathanial Akindele.
Akindele is from Peckham in south London and a police spokesperson confirmed this morning that their enquiries have now extended to the capital, while warning that Akindele is a violent man and not safe to approach.
This morning will see the search expand as the wider community works with police and the Harbour Authority to find the girl.
ON RADIO: Children who are being fostered are normally placed with families from the same cultural background, but a shortage of foster carers means that can't always happen - Oh, I know.
- In a moment I'll be talking to - I know.
- from Action For Children.
It's impressive, right? Sense of community.
There's over 100 people been enlisted to look.
I thought that kind of stuff only happened in working class places but, you know, my neighbours, turns out, are nice and friendly.
- Yeah, it's good.
- You're not over there.
- I'm going to join in a bit.
- No, you're not.
Because you're afraid of what people would say if you did spin up.
- Smoke? - I'm slightly outraged, Simon.
I think I'd smoke if I was you.
Do you, now? Mum and Dad had a visit from one of your bosses this morning.
I listened at the door and they were spitting blood about you.
Said you should have known not to trust the grandparents, said they didn't.
- What did my boss say? - Not a lot.
Just that he was sure that they'd find them both and that he was sure that we'd get Kiri back, which we will.
- Was a he, was it? - Yeah.
Bald guy, shit bald as well.
All tufty.
Do you know him? Management.
Would you like a sandwich? Instead of a fag? They're cheese and pickle.
I'm guessing you haven't had breakfast.
They will find her.
Safe and sound.
- You doing OK? - You're not my social worker.
- I worry about you.
- Well, I don't worry about anyone.
You remind me of my son, do you know that? Never said about a son before.
He kill himself or something? Nope.
He was 13.
What? Shit, I'm sorry.
You said something flippantly, I don't take offence at flippancy, if I did I'd be in another job.
Please don't think any more about it.
Yeah, I know, you're right, I'm not going to join in, am I? - But you should.
- Yeah, but No, you should, Si.
I'll go to my meeting.
Mum's already said on Radio 4 I think she was trying to make a point.
She said that biology doesn't make a difference in how much you love your kids.
She said in some ways she loves Kiri more than me.
I think she was trying to make a point.
Well, you know not to listen to it Yeah, well they chose her and they got me, it's different.
Police! Over here! Over here! What's happening? What's happening? Over here! I just want to see what they've found.
Stay back.
Stay back.
Stay back.
Please, I understand You look tired.
You following the case of the missing kid? I knew that was you.
They found her body, it's going to be announced.
- What? - They found her body, Mum.
My kid.
They found her body.
I didn't know where to come, so I came here.
You're puffy.
I can always tell when you're not taking care of yourself.
I don't expect you to look great, but do your best with what you've got.
It's always been our way.
And you're not doing your best.
Got an update from the nurses, they say you've been abusive.
They're stealing from me.
- They're not.
- It's the black ones you need to watch.
- You really don't.
- Fuck 'em.
They work very hard.
Fuck 'em.
- OK? - OK, OK.
Why do you come here? I don't know.
Kiri, right? Yeah.
Nice girl, was she? Yeah.
Have you got anything to drink? SHE COUGHS Don't bring me chocolates any more.
They play havoc with my dentures.
Oh, and that Denise.
- What, your best friend? - Oh, she always takes the best ones.
Maybe I'll bring chocolates for Denise.
Thank her for staying friends with you.
SHE SCOFFS I took a kid to see his mother's grave a few weeks back.
He sat in the car all sorry for himself, quiet.
I got him to the grave, he looked at it, no expression on his face, three or four minutes.
Then he spat on it and walked away.
- What did you do? - Took him home.
What I wish I'd said is, 'Don't feel ashamed of doing that when you look back, don't feel ashamed.
' 'If that's what you need, that's good with me and it should be fucking good with her, she's your mum and she fucked it.
' I'm in quite a lot of shit, Mum.
I'm in quite a serious amount of shit.
- That's her, isn't it? - Yeah, that's her.
THEY CALL OU Miriam! Do you have any comments about Kiri's death? THEY ALL CALL OUT QUESTIONS CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICK Can we just ask you a few questions, Miriam? Miriam, did you allow unsupervised contact because she was black? - Has this been racially motivated? - Miriam! So, as you've probably ascertained, the media has discovered your identity.
The leak did not come from this office, I hasten to add.
Do you know where it did come from? It is being investigated, but that's for another time.
Now, I understand that you've waived union representation for this meeting.
I'm a closet Tory, I despise the unions.
No, I didn't think at this point it was Um Just thought I'd find out where I stood first.
Well, in my judgment, it's probably worth contacting them after this.
Feeding me to the wolves, are you? No.
But our primary duty of care is towards Kiri, of course.
The decision to allow the grandparents unsupervised contact does seem, certainly on the surface, a bold one.
Does it? And your interviews with them to establish the boundaries.
The notes certainly don't reflect the gravity of what you've allowed for.
I try to keep my notes positive.
Studying your past record, there are a few instances where it appears that you've made bold decisions, occasionally with mixed results.
I don't think that's fair.
- Miriam - Oh, now she gets involved.
- Sheamus Trent, hm? Nkosi Graham.
- All investigated.
99% of the time, you are exceptional, but there are times when you follow your own judgment Because early intervention saves lives.
No, no-one's disputing that you care about the children, but let's just try and have an honest conversation here.
I can do honesty.
You're my line manager.
If you felt this was in any way unsafe, you should've done something.
How honest is that, Julie? The papers are claiming that we prioritised her cultural needs over her safety needs.
They're claiming that we allowed her into an unsafe home in order to tick our leftie boxes.
Think that's fair? No.
You weren't influenced by cultural needs? Yeah, course I was, it's part of my job, isn't it? It's also part of the job to assess whether a home is safe.
Nathaniel and Tobi were estranged.
Well, they obviously weren't.
You made a judgment and in so doing, you returned a girl into the hands of a chaotic and dangerous parent.
I didn't know.
I would never knowingly have put Kiri in danger.
I recognise I can push the envelope sometimes, but Julie will tell you I have told him that 99% of the time your judgment is usually impeccable.
Like that percentage, don't you? Stick a flake in it before you try and sell it to the tabloids, - why don't you? - OK, OK, OK, look, look.
The question is, or will be, how much you've pushed the envelope.
The foster parents are claiming that you pressured them into supporting your decision, hinted that it would help their adoption process.
And that, I'm afraid, DOES need investigation, and so And hopefully this is just a short-term measure, you are on suspension.
I didn't pressure them.
Very pleased to hear that.
Let's hope that's what the investigation decides.
We'll all have to accept culpability in this case, I expect.
Everything was done properly.
I made sure.
Julie, you know I wouldn't pressure anyone.
They found his car, Nathaniel's car hopefully that means that we'll discover what actually happened that day and we can put this whole sorry business behind us.
Thank you for your time.
Oh, fuck! Come here, Jessie.
Come here.
KNOCK AT DOOR I'm sorry to bother you so early.
- You found him? - Nathaniel? No.
I've answered all the questions you have for me.
It's not about that, either.
I'm afraid we need you to identify the body of your granddaughter.
Why is it not them? Sorry? Why is it me identifying her and not the other people? You're her next of kin, Tobi.
My son is next of kin.
Your son's whereabouts are currently unknown to us.
You have children? No.
Where are you from? Here.
When we get to the morgue, I'll take you both Rochelle will stay in the car.
They wanted to see her, too.
We're just trying to do what's best for all sides.
Are you ready, Tobi? Yes.
Tobi, is this your granddaughter? You can positively identify this as Kiri Akindele? Her throat, it doesn't look I need you to positively identify her for our records.
Am I allowed Can I go to her? Not while the investigation's still active.
Can they hear me in there? Yes.
I think if I was with the body, I would sing to her.
But I will spare you that.
Tobi, I do need you to formally identify her.
My name is Mr Akindele, and yes, this is my granddaughter.
You may let the other family in now.
Sir, are you OK? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing? Calm down! Please! We let him touch her.
You mean I did.
Her neck Her neck! To do that to her neck! I need to find him.
HE SOBS So I'm sorry.
TV: Police in Bristol are searching for a man following the discovery of his daughter's body on the Downs in Bristol.
Nine-year-old Kiri Akindele had been missing from her grandparents' home since Wednesday.
Her foster parents, Jim and Alice Warner, have described her as a "precious gift" - and said, "the world "will be poorer without her.
" - PHONE RINGS AND VIBRATES A social worker, Miriam Gracen, has been suspended - Hi - while an internal investigation's - been launched into possible misconduct.
- I can't! - The police are appealing for information - I've been suspended.
regarding the whereabouts of Nathaniel Akindele that's Kiri's birth father I'm on my way.
I'm not reporting it.
That's the first thing you're saying to me, you need to report this.
I don't think it's fair on him.
He just got angry and I don't think he handled it very well, to be honest.
I think if I'd handled it better, then Sorry.
Sorry! I know I know things are worse for you right now.
Lucy, you were assaulted by a boy in your care.
If I say anything, it goes on my record, too.
Another one.
Yeah, but if you don't report him, things escalate.
I needed someone I could trust to not say anything.
So now I'm part of the conspiracy of silence.
- Thanks.
- I just wanted someone to be here for me, you know? And I know you've always cared about me.
Some people in the office, they say you're in love with me or you fancy me or something.
You know, social services is full of people who look after children who behave like children.
I don't.
I'm straight, actually.
I was even married at one point.
I wouldn't mind.
- I quite like it.
- Well, then, that's a fucking pity, ain't it? - They giving you painkillers? - Quite strong ones.
- Truth drugs? - Maybe.
Not too much.
Won't mix well with the truth drugs.
I'm straight, too.
Most of the time.
Where's Jessie? In the car.
Asphyxiating himself, no doubt.
I hate what they're saying about you.
It's going to get worse yet, love.
Miriam! Miriam! Do you blame yourself, Miriam? Do you know where Nathaniel Akindele is? MUFFLED SHOUTING MELANCHOLIC MUSIC I bought some sausages.
You drove here? - Yeah.
- In that state? - Come in.
- No, I just bought you some sausages so you can If they see you like this, they'll crucify you.
I haven't tidied.
I brought you sausages.
Maybe I should cook them for you.
OK, but can I be honest with you, though? Yeah.
I fucking hate sausages.
Can you make beans or something instead? Sure.
Ignore that, I just haven't tidied.
Ignore that.
I hoped things would be different.
I wouldn't answer it.
Let it go to voicemail.
- No, I should.
- Miriam, listen to me, they can't hear you like this.
I ruined your rug.
It doesn't matter.
I've done worse in here, and you know I have.
- Oh, shit.
- OK, let's get you sat down.
DOG BARKS IN THE DISTANCE DOG BARKS We're joined now by Jim and Alice Warner.
This is about finding Nathaniel Akindele.
How hard is it to find one man? His face is on the front of every newspaper! He said he had changed, I trusted him.
- Why? - Because I hoped he had.
- I am on your side, you know.
- Do you think I can swap sides? Because I hate this fucking side, scares the shit out of me.
Everyone keeps looking at me, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do any more.
There are those who would question my right to call Kiri my daughter.
I understand your pain.
You saw her once a month.
I saw her every day.
I loved her every day.
We're planning a re-enactment.
The details of Kiri's day are becoming more complicated.
He initially said he was at school, we've discovered that he wasn't.
You allowed illegal contact between your son and his daughter.
- Rochelle! - That is a crime.
Why did you stay married to him? Because we were parents.
I've done bad things, I'm not a nice man.
I did the right thing by a little girl who deserved to know where she came from.
- Synced and typed by chamallow -