Kiss Me First (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Off the Rails

1 Tess is staying for a while.
Is that all right? She was sick.
She didn't want to be alive any more I want to decide when, Leila.
so I killed her.
- All she does is play computer games.
- It helps.
You should stay at the unit for a while.
Then we can control the medication.
Calumny's gone.
His profile's deleted.
I can't find him.
Or we gave him what he needed and he's found some peace.
You can have that too.
The thing you most need.
Mum! Welcome to Azana Planet.
Friends, colleagues, gamers, the wait is finally over.
My name is Ruth Palmer, and today I'm going to change your world.
You'll decide what it becomes.
The wait is finally over for gamers around the world, with the release of the widely anticipated Azana Planet.
We created it with a morphable engine.
It's scalable, immersive, a whole planet of experience with no boundaries.
It can become literally anything.
With pre orders in the millions worldwide, video gamers are hailing it as a quantum step forward.
Every platform, every game play opportunity, every thrill, every experience.
Worldwide, all the time.
This is Azana Planet, and you are free.
Everything's changing.
I've moved in with some new people.
Nice people? Yeah.
They're nice.
But before I did that, I threw my lithium away.
- Why did you do that? - Oh, erm, I didn't want to be normal.
But now I do, so you know.
Give me some more.
I'm not sure that you're telling the truth about throwing - your drugs away.
- OK.
I'm a liar! Well, I think you have a chaotic relationship to the truth, Tess.
I mean, we remember what happened the last time you had too many drugs at home.
This is different.
I need some help.
Well, then, we can admit you, as an in-patient.
Then I can monitor your medication and we can control everything.
No! That's bullshit! Give me my drugs! I don't think it's appropriate without ongoing supervision.
Fuck it! I don't need your help, and I don't need the lithium.
I, I'm the one with the answers, Tess, so come back when - you're ready, OK? - Yeah? Well, maybe I should screw you.
Will that fix this? Because I'm going off the rails.
- Guaranteed.
- I'm always here for you.
I wish you could understand that.
Does it give you a hard on? Hmm? Fucking people over? - I prefer to call it helping.
- Well, I've got other help.
It's driving me fucking crazy.
She might be my sister, but that doesn't stop her being a bitch.
I hate my parents.
Big deal! - Wait!! Shadowfax!! Come on.
- Hey! Whoa! Ho! Nice moves! Tippi's complaining about her twin sister again.
She wins every single time.
Not, not even win -- makes me invisible.
If you see it a different way, Tips.
I mean, invisible that's awesome.
Check it out.
Oh! You dirty dog! Come here.
Come here.
Where are you going? Come here.
Nobody listens to me.
Moonlight makes me horny.
I don't think Adrian coded that, but you never know.
- Is he here? - I dunno.
He's with Denier a lot right now.
- Why? - Who knows? The kid's in some kind of shitty care home.
I'm verging on jealous.
He talks about you, how you're saving Mania.
- Saving? - Uh because she tried to kill herself? What? Oh.
- Calumny's gone.
- No, he's around.
- No, he jumped, there.
Don't be silly.
Whoo! Nothing's bad.
This is Red Pill, Shadowfax.
Look what Adrian gave me.
Everything you want is right here.
Wheee! Hey! Hey, hurry up, you silly moo! Mum? - Mum? - I told you it'd be good.
Mum loved it here.
Some of my best work, I think.
I'm afraid there's some sad news about Calumny.
He won't be coming back after all.
That's a shame.
- You've made everything so much more - What? Invigorating.
I didn't expect it.
Hope you don't mind, I brought Denier along.
He's been in the wars and loves the sea.
Apparently, the Isle of Sheppey isn't quite as nice as this.
Wherever that is.
Say hi to Mania for me.
I know something's wrong when I don't see her.
But you're on that, right? Where, where's my Go and find what you're looking for.
Take the bike.
It's very exciting.
Whole new ball game.
It's coming.
Everything's coming.
Fuck! OK.
Tess? - What are you doing? - Going out.
- Where? - Just out.
- Connor.
- So? - Don't see him any more.
- That's not really your call, is it? He's a twat.
He makes you go weird.
Yeah well, he's an available twat and I'm getting jumpy just sitting around.
Hate being jumpy.
Did you try and hurt yourself? Before you met me? - Who told you that? - Tippi.
She seemed to think I'd know.
Well, Tippi's got a big mouth! It was a while ago.
Before Red Pill.
Before I met Adrian.
I'm different now.
He's some kind of counsellor, is he? Why are you so negative? Doesn't he talk to you? Doesn't he make you feel special? Like, he's the only one who understands - Can't I understand? - I dunno, Leila.
Maybe, maybe don't answer my phone when my boyfriend calls.
OK? I'll fuck who I want.
I need some drugs.
Calumny's dead, Tess.
- Did you hear me? He killed himself! - You don't know that.
I do! I do know it! Maybe you should get to know people a bit better before you go criticising shit you don't understand! Yeah? Something's wrong.
Don't spoil this, OK? Adrian's all I've got.
That and a Future's Trader with a reliable dick.
You've got me.
Isn't that what you wanted, you and Adrian? You're not supposed to be cruel.
I'm not.
I'm your friend, and I'm here, and I want to tell you about something.
I have to go.
Azana, search Denier.
Search Denier.
Azana, message Denier.
Come on.
- Who took the remote? - You know I haven't touched it! - She ain't got it, all right? - I know you've hid it.
- I haven't touched the remote! - Bitch! Get the remote or suck my cock! - Fuck you! - Get Ben to suck your cock! - You hit me, you fucking bitch! - What the fuck are you looking at?! - Come on.
He fucking hit me, the fucking twat face! Oi! Pack that up! I told you about that before.
Do you know what? I don't care whose fault it was, just pack it in.
You're making that radio with the stuff I got you? Cool! Yeah.
God, you're clever, Ben.
Really clever.
Some things are private, we understand that, don't we? You can't tell anyone I got you this stuff, OK? I'm here for you, and you're here for me.
Say it.
I'm here for you, and you're here for me.
Oh, yeah.
Hello? Good morning.
I wonder if you can help me.
This is Leila's house.
And you are? - Jonty.
- Excellent.
Hello, Jonty.
You're the flatmate, right? Yeah.
Well, let me explain.
There's someone we both care about.
Are you listening, Jonty? Uh Um, yeah.
Leila and I don't get along.
Imagine how hard that is for a father, Jonty.
But you can help me.
You can help me so much.
It's only Earl Grey, I'm afraid.
Make yourself at home.
That's almost right.
You see .
the indices just need to go .
Clever of you to have seen that far.
Sometimes I think I understand stuff and then I'm not sure.
You can attain understanding .
but can you keep it? Sorry? Tell me how I can help you.
I I want to get inside something.
Inside a game.
A computer game? I want to hack it.
Something's strange.
Somebody's doing bad things there.
A player, I need to find out who he is.
You said you'd help me.
Yes, I did.
Do you know what this is? - No.
- Would you understand if something might be very bad, but was able to give you things .
that you'd needed? Like what? Things you shouldn't want.
Right, I have the kernel up here, try again now.
I can't find it.
I don't understand, it's supposed to take me straight in.
He's fucking with me.
- Perhaps you have the wrong place.
- No.
Is it possible .
that maybe you've What? .
maybe you've put two and two together in a funny way and? Calumny died.
He died and I was there.
I I told him to jump.
I'm sorry.
Well, it all seems very strange.
Perhaps you should go to the police.
- To show them what? - Well, I don't know.
I don't know what this is.
This coding isn't hackable.
They made Azana impregnable.
You'd need source algorithms and I doubt very much anyone would give them to you.
- You said you'd help me so - I am helping you, Leila.
Don't go there any more.
It's for the best.
I have to go.
Come again.
We could do some deeper code analysis.
I'm quite lonely here.
I wouldn't mind it.
After three years in prison, the billionaire computer game entrepreneur Ruth Palmer is a free woman.
She's won her appeal against her conviction for the manslaughter of her husband and business partner, Seb Palmer.
I would like to say thank you to everyone for their support and their belief in me.
Particularly work colleagues and the gamers all over the world who've been worried about me in prison.
But I have decided to make some changes and I won't be coming back .
to Azana Planet.
Now is the time to reflect on everything.
So this is my last statement.
I hope that everyone respects my wish for some peace, away from everything.
Oi! Table 4, bitch.
I know what you do, Zehra.
Watch out.
Everyone should watch out.
No, I'm not being stupid.
Fuck you! All right? I'm going to pick you up from school on Tuesday.
Why? We're just going to meet some people.
I'm busy.
You should listen to me, Ben.
Because if you ever stopped listening to me .
I've got friends that would find you.
They really would find you.
That's a bond.
We've got a bond.
Right? God's sakes! Right you, lot, who was that? You, you, you and you! Bed! All of you! Bed! Hey! You two should get to know each other.
Might be rewarding.
OK You're good.
It's me.
I get flaky.
I can't stop it.
It's OK.
We'll talk tomorrow.
It's all right.
You don't go away.
You save me.
How do I do that? Love me.
Right, team.
Bye, Mum.
High five.
- Bye, Daddy.
- Bye-bye.
Yes? I'm Tess' friend.
Yeah, I know who you are.
How do you know where I live? You're in her contacts.
What's this? It's a video of you screwing her.
Quite hard.
Too much anal sex.
This this is none of your - Jesus.
- Stop seeing her or I'll send a copy to your wife.
She seems nice.
Oh, and don't mention this to Tess.
- Same deal.
- What the fuck? She doesn't need your stupid cock now.
You don't know the first thing about me.
You fucking bitch.
You fucking bitch! I'm going to mess up.
I don't think so.
Everything's going to turn out beautifully.
Did you put something down there? To scare me? A monster? Whatever's down there is yours, Mania.
You made it yourself.
So go deeper.
- Face it.
- I can't.
Shadowfax wants to save me but she doesn't know how.
You underestimate her.
She's changed everything.
She thinks Calumny died.
I'm afraid that's true.
I tried hard to save him.
(That's sad.
) (That's so sad.
) He wasn't strong enough.
It's a shame but he did what he had to do.
And we can respect that.
Change is coming.
Another level.
New challenges.
What do you mean? There's a destination, Mania.
We'll get there.
You'll find your place.
(You wouldn't lie to me?) Come.
Let's look for your monster.
Your coat is ugly.
I told you to watch out.
Don't fuck with me.
OK? What's going on? It's fine now.
Sorry about the plates.
I got my head strong beating on you I got ahead and you're banking on me now There's just no love song, lullabies I was an alibi Just an alibi I got read wrong Leaning on you I got ahead when you raised me to the ground Don't show your cards to me Come up dry Oh Me, myself and I Give each other alibis What do you want? Tess Yeah, it's, er - I need to talk to you.
- OK.
I can't see you again.
- What?! - Look, I'm sorry.
We had fun.
But it has to be over now and You got your head start Gaining on you You didn't then But you're banking on me now You got me walking down this lonely road The only thing I'll ever know Stuck in the background Waiting on you Harley, watch the road! Excuse me.
It's me -- Shadowfax.
You shouldn't come here.
Why not? I wanted to meet you.
I want to meet everyone.
- No, that's not what we do.
- Why? Adrian doesn't mind, does he? Why would he mind? He told me we should get to know each other.
He's good to you, right? Yeah.
Wait, erm My my mum died a month ago and er It feels so strange, I I I can't talk about it.
Not yet but, erm I want to and I feel like if anyone would listen and understand, I'd be so happy and and I'd owe them something.
Denier, is something happening to you, something that's not right? No.
- Please go away.
- You don't have to listen to him.
Whatever he's doing, you could stop it.
It's OK to stop it.
Ben? I have to go.
- Just wait, Denier.
- Ben.
My name's Ben.
And don't worry, everything's going to be OK.
Can I help you? Please turn the music down.
I'm telling them to turn it down, love.
It's ridiculous.
She won't let me in, she threw stuff.
Everybody LEAVES! How many of these did you take? Right as rain.
No harm done.
She's, er She's like a game you can't win.
And, erm Who said you could do that? I think I think you did.
You can't have her.
This'll be easy, OK? You know how to be nice.
Just be nice.
Please, Ted, let's just go.
- Let's just go.
- No.
Look, this is how it is, OK, you let them be happy.
There's still time.
We could just go.
Shut up! What are you wearing under there for Chrissakes? What? What the fuck! I said that we could go.
- Good morning, Jonty.
- OK.
Erm, I'm not sure it's right you ringing me, like this.
She's behaving badly.
It needs intervention.
I'm not comfortable with it.
Why don't you erm, why don't you speak to her yourself? There's history.
Thinking she doesn't need me, but she does.
You can help me with that, can't you? Well she, she's pretty anxious right now, as it goes.
Do you know if she's shared that anxiety with anyone? I don't know.
She speaks to an old maths teacher, I think.
- This worries me.
- Look, er I need to know more, Jonty.
Tell me more.
Girl? Oh You've just been standing there for, ten minutes.
You got some trouble? Azul Some boy maybe? Upsetting you? I - A boy - If somebody's done something, I got brothers.
We take care of it.
How? With the weight of righteous anger, lady.
What else is there? There.
Now, you remember.
I got cards to play and money to lose.
- You can lock up, right? - Yes.
'They have confirmed that initial investigations suggest the car contained a home-made explosive device.
The Fire Services were able to bring the blaze quickly under control, and forensic police sealed off the area.
Hold me Feel your fear Feel your feet Feel your You're back early.
- Last night, I'm sorry I - Shut up.
What's going on? 'Just coming in.
Police have formerly identified the two bodies recovered at the scene as those of care worker Ted Whitton and 14-year-old Ben Graham.
- That's that's Denier - He did this.
Adrian made him do it.
No, that's not true -- Your fucking wanker Adrian killed him! You're not making sense.
Look at him.
Look at him! No! None of this was happening until - Until what?! - Until you came along! All right? Yeah! You're too busy stroking his cock, you don't see what he's doing.
Stop it! Just stop it! I can't help it if you're a fucking mental retard! You're all cripples! That's not Leil's.
Me or him.
Choose! I'm your friend.
Isn't that enough? I don't care.
Friends get tired.
Tell him, I'm coming for him.
Watch out! There's a destination, Mania.
We'll get there.