Kiss Me First (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

The Witch Is Coming

1 There's a destination.
I made it for you, Amelia.
- You're amazing.
- None of this was happening! - Until you came along.
- Me or him -- choose.
- I'm going away.
If she's hurt, I'll kill you.
You can't tell what's actual and what's not.
Please help me.
That does it.
It lets you in.
It's altering the base algorithm.
You've shown wonderful restraint, but now is the time.
- I concede you, Castor.
- Castor is shy.
Love is Love is love.
- Mr Adams? - That we'd all be together one day.
You won't believe it.
Take a life.
Any life.
Take your life.
Think about all the people you've encountered today.
This week.
This year.
Then think about how many people you'll encounter in your entire existence.
Family, friends, colleagues, enemies, lovers.
The ones who stuck around.
The ones who got away.
Fleeting, stolen relationships.
Endless friendships that ended.
Consider the ones you loved and couldn't tell.
Or were afraid of.
Or secretly yearned to humiliate.
Or maybe suck out of the world.
Then consider how it would be if it were all possible.
If you weren't lost, buried in your stupid life.
But making it, shaping and moulding it until you had everything you deserve.
And you were loved as you should be.
You're prettier than I thought you'd be.
Is he here? We have to be patient.
Your room's upstairs.
Go and see.
What's your real name? I'm Tippi and you're Mania.
We made it.
Run away.
SHE GASPS You look nice.
Have a seat.
There's plenty to keep us going.
A massive fucking freezer back there, totally loaded.
Bon appetit.
- It's good.
- It is! - SHE BANGS TABLE AND LAUGHS I'm a great cook.
I'll make amazing stuff for him.
He won't believe it.
We'll have this, then burn your stuff.
- Why? - Because you need to.
Boy, do you need to.
Give me your money.
Passport? It's in there.
Now you're really here.
Fucking 50 years old.
A few simple rules.
Take one every day.
What does it do? He's trusting us.
All we have to do is believe.
I'm so happy.
The others will be here soon.
We'll all be happy.
SAT NAV: Continue on E65 for 61km.
Kyle? Force, I have to pee.
Gotta get moving.
How long have we been driving? I don't know, maybe 13 or 14 hours, I guess.
How hard is this thing to drive? Freestyle, freestyle, freestyle.
Don't like me? Then suck your mum's mother My bars are hard like Giggs' front cover And after I'm gone there'll never be another, never Cos I'm a grime MC and I've still got mainstream music down to a No-one in the scene's as rowdy as me Get burnt to 1,000 degrees, then shipped to Calcutta It's time to get personal, I'm gonna burn 'em all Like the blitz, I don't give two shits I'll give it to 'em straight like my first name's Vertical You and your bird and all I'm like Jason's 'chete but sharper Pen point at the drama, Frank Sinatra with a combover Cigarette and lager, and I've got everyone edgy Everyone edgy, everyone edgy Zdot on this one.
- Hello, Mania.
- SHE GASPS You found me.
Well done.
It's around 25 seconds to go to the front door and turn right.
Take me for a walk.
I always loved this place.
When I was found and brought here, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was.
To the right there's a path.
Start walking now and count.
One, two - Three, four - When you reach 3,000 - I'll be waiting.
- .
five, six, seven - .
eight - Are you coming? I hope you are, Mania.
ten, 11, 12 SAT NAV: You have reached your destination.
Kyle, I think we're there.
What do we do now? Yeah? Yeah.
No problem.
Fuck Adrian, right? Gotta go to some place we can spend the night.
I hate this fucking run-around.
I want you to see what you mean to me.
How special you are.
Walk between the millstones.
Then you'll see.
- SHE CONTINUES TO COUNT QUIETLY - You've had doubts, Mania.
I know you have.
Doubt has ruined your life.
You think others doubted you, but really .
you didn't believe in yourself.
That's why monsters chase you.
But they won't here.
It's here.
I'm here.
I'm here.
Where were you? Swimming.
Where? Don't you know? Know what? Are you still with me, Mania? Not far to go now.
You're unsure if you can believe in me.
But you can.
I want you to see what you mean to me.
How special you are.
Walk between the millstones.
Then you'll see.
You've had doubts, Mania.
I know you have.
Let's eat.
I'll take you there tomorrow.
It's so beautiful there, Tippi.
You wouldn't believe it.
It's here.
It's real.
I thought I would be the special one.
Not a little runaway drug whore any more.
We're all runaways, Tippi.
He told me things, too.
Just me.
What? I stop the witch.
Then he'll come.
GPS: You have reached your destination.
Well, this is a real treat.
You sent us here? Me.
They send me.
Tomorrow we'll get there.
And then? Grab her and run.
Isn't that what you want? Why are you helping me? You made me work things out.
Everything's clear now.
I need a shower.
I'll take the chair.
What will you do afterwards? I don't get afterwards.
Before sucks, too.
Jocasta, she's afterwards, isn't she? She's waiting for you.
Everything can't work out.
No? - Why not? - People.
They're not what they seem.
They lie.
How? It don't matter now.
Get some sleep.
I'm cold.
No! No, you don't do that! WHISPERS: What the fuck are you doing? Hello, Shadowfax.
Funny, you look smaller than I imagined.
TWIG BREAKS WINGS FLAP Where is she? I know.
Oh, you'll see her soon.
Your GPS is programmed.
If you can.
Bitch! Bitch! You're ruining it! What are you doing? Don't run away from me.
We had a deal.
I take you there.
GPS: Continue on A30 for 11km.
Then turn left on to A36.
Prepare to filter left.
Continue for 91km.
It's OK.
It's OK.
It's too hot.
What's happening? The witch is coming.
The witch is coming.
SAT NAV: You have reached your destination.
LEILA: Most games are complete shit these days.
Badly coded cynical crap.
Half the time you're just walking through it like an obedient moron.
It's all so routine.
No, a real game is something you're not sure you can actually win.
Otherwise, where's the fun? Otherwise, what the fuck is our existence all about? A boring drone trudge towards oblivion.
What we need is meaning.
To play for something you might actually not want to lose.
Like for instance, your sanity.
Your friends.
Your life.
Tess? I'm here.
Tess? I'm here.
Tess? It's you.
You made it.
We've been waiting.
This one hasn't been cleaned up.
A bit dusty and smelly, but here's a name, so My name's Leila.
Did anyone else come? - Only you and me.
- So where is everyone? What happened to them, Tippi? Very funny.
It's broken.
I broke your little killer boy, too.
- Here she is.
- Tess? Tess? I'm going, you come with me.
- Aren't you going to eat? - Maybe.
- But then, you'll get your things.
- No.
All we have to do is leave.
I have a car.
- We'll be home the day after tomorrow.
- I am home.
He's going to kill you, don't you understand? Just for the fun of it.
You killed them.
You made Calumny and Denier do what they did.
You probably hurt Jocasta for all I know.
And Force.
It's not true.
No? Mania says you offed your mama.
Is that not true either? Tess.
It's me.
CRACKLING You need to come with me now, because something terrible is going to happen here.
It's not real.
He's plucking your No! Leave me.
I can't Tess, I'm sorry.
Sit down, bitch.
You don't understand, Tippi.
We're messed up.
That's why he chooses us.
I used to fuck anyone.
Drug dealers, punters, old men so they might like me.
Here, I'm safe.
I don't have to fuck anyone ever again.
And you've come to spoil it.
I'm telling the truth.
Your truth doesn't count.
It's me, Shadowfax, please let me in.
You should put on a dress.
Why? Because he'll forgive you.
What have we done? What if we did none of this? Didn't take those pills? We danced.
RADIO STATIC We got drunk.
- We had a laugh, don't you remember? - It was a lie.
No, it was the best thing that ever fucking happened to us.
I saw what Adrian's going to do.
He's going to do something to you.
Something horrible.
- We can't stop it now.
- We can.
Someone sent me a warning.
This person, Ruth Palmer.
- I have it with me.
It's a black box.
- The red pill - Tess, he's going to hurt you.
- It's real.
The red pill is right here.
It's here, Shadowfax.
He gave it to me.
He chose me.
I'm special.
It's me.
You were a test.
And I passed.
You win.
What? I said, you win.
Be his fucking virgin bride.
'You've been feeling let down, Tippi.
A bit disappointed.
'Yes? 'But I want to tell you how very precious you are to me.
'So precious.
'All of this was so I could be near to you.
'And I am now.
'But 'There's something quite big 'I need you to do first.
' What's next, you bastard? - Happy birthday to you - Ducky - Happy birthday to you - Ducky - Happy birthday, dear Drachian - Drachian - Happy birthday to you.
- Ducky Blow out the candles! Good boy.
ADRIAN: 'How do you like my house, Shadowfax?' 'I wanted you to come 'so you can understand.
'My clever boy.
' 'You need to integrate with this language, just like I showed you.
'Then you can go anywhere.
' 'Hurry up.
'It's something very special.
' Thank you, Mummy.
ADRIAN: 'Mania 'You know it's all a lie, don't you?' She loves me.
'Love's so close to hurt.
'She's been hurting people.
'Don't you want to be pure?' Yes.
'You know where to go, don't you? 'I'm waiting.
'You are free.
' 'Did you like my little scene setter? 'All good games have an intro, don't they?' What the fuck are you talking about? 'It's multiplayer combat with a tactical twist.
'Go to the window.
'This level has commenced.
' Fuck.
He's waiting for me.
It's not you, Tippi.
You're just not quite good enough for him.
You and Mania, you're just here to keep me interested.
- Yeah.
- I'm special.
He's probably watching.
That's how he gets his kicks.
Hi, Mania.
TIPPI GASPS It was never you, Tippi.
I'm sorry.
I'm here! I'm here! Where are you? Where are you? I'm here.
I'm here! Where are you? You said you'd come! Where are you?! Everything's a fraud.
The world's fucked up.
Lunatics are in charge now.
But think about it some more.
Life is just an adventure playground.
Don't take it so seriously.