Kitz (2021) s01e06 Episode Script


Vanessa was exposed to the smoke and the fumes for too long.
She didn't make it.
- Where is she? I want to see her.
- I'm sorry, but that's impossible.
Don't bullshit me! I just talked to her.
We had a little fight, that's all.
Damn it! Let me through! Let me through! No! - No! - Shh.
All right.
It's okay.
I never wanted this.
Hans, I never wanted this.
You're in shock.
I'll take you home, all right? You're okay.
I thought I'd lost you too.
What happened in there, Lisi? I'm the cause of her death.
What? Lisi, don't talk nonsense.
I posted the video.
- Which caused all of this to happen.
- Nobody wanted this to happen.
But what if we were wrong? What do you mean? She said she loved Joseph.
Do you believe her? Listen, if she'd really loved him, would she have lured him in the mountain? At night, tipsy, through the ice and snow? Would she have gone on holiday instead of at least going to the funeral? Is that how you act when you love someone? Get some rest.
Thank you.
Call me if you need anything, okay? If all the ground is flesh And ocean is your blood Mr.
Ziervogel! I've been looking for you.
I'm a landlocked conch shell Carrying the sound of the waves I hear the ocean in myself But I can't reach the place That always led me on For proof of the dawn I could never find During the night I die to find Your face What is it? Something stuck in your throat? What's wrong with him? - I don't know.
- Hans! What is it? I'll call the doctor.
Take deep breaths.
Come on.
Come on! The more I give The sweeter Would you like some coffee? Thank you.
I just want to talk to Lisi.
Do they know how it happened yet? Right now, everything is pointing to a fatal chain of events.
I'm afraid that's all I can say.
I'm sorry to bother you this early.
But it's urgent.
- Do you have a few minutes? - Of course.
Kosh! Why aren't you answering your phone? I was so worried.
I fell off the wagon, all right? So sue me.
That's totally normal.
Everyone in your situation would've caved.
I feel like I'm falling apart, Hans.
I came this close to calling Wirsing here from Munich.
But you didn't.
Because you know it would only make things worse.
Can you do me a favor? Of course, what is it? Can you please tell me yesterday didn't happen? I'm afraid I can't.
We got into a fight, and now she's gone.
I just can't believe it.
Me neither.
But we'll get through this.
Whether you want to or not.
I'd like to kiss you right now, but I'm afraid I just might faint.
Look at you, Romeo.
I'm talking about your boozy breath.
I'll brush my teeth.
The whereabouts of the arsonist are still unknown.
And the family's already hired a private investigator.
Lisi, I need to know what happened yesterday.
Right before the fire, a, um, a video was uploaded.
It caused a shitstorm and may have triggered the arsonist's vendetta.
Know about this video? We made the video one night for fun.
You and Vanessa.
She asked me to help her record a kind of casting video for some acting role or something.
- So Vanessa was just acting for the video? - Yeah.
So she wasn't like that really.
Um, and do you have any idea how the video ended up on the Internet? Is it possible that someone leaked the video? Maybe in order to hurt her? No idea.
We filmed it on her phone.
I don't know what she did with it after that.
Sorry I can't offer more help to you.
Thanks for now.
I have one more question.
You don't know where Vanessa's phone might be, do you? No.
Uh, why? It might reveal more concerning who's behind all of this.
And neither we, nor the family's private investigator have been able to find it.
All right.
If you remember anything else, contact us, okay? VANESSA CONGRATULATIONS.
- Hello, Mr.
- Roger.
Probably this isn't the best day for this, but we still have to talk about the letter that arrived yesterday for you.
What's going on? I must remind you about the meeting next week with the board.
As the sole heir of the hotel and a new board member of your father's holding company you're expected there.
Can't you do that for me? I'm not up for it.
I'm only the hotel manager.
All right, then you're fired.
What? And I'll rehire you as "Master Chief General Advisory Board Fucker Deluxe.
" It's not that simple.
Then come up with a better name.
Give yourself a nice raise, but please don't bother me with this fucking holding company.
All right.
Anything more, sir? Call me Kosh, okay? Hey.
How are you holding up? Do you need to talk? Uh, no.
- So should I leave? - It's better.
What happened between us was wrong.
I don't know.
Dominik! That's Vanessa's.
She lost it when You know.
I was just about to take it back to her family.
I'll give it to them.
I have to go see them now.
Take care.
Wait! Dominik! - Wait! - What? Give it back.
Why? Is there something important on it? What do you know? Well her very last words to me were What are you doing? I'm deleting her last messages.
Okay? Or do you want her family to know that we betrayed their daughter? You know her private pin code? It's her sister's birthday.
We were together for four years.
So, now that nothing ever happened between us You're relieved.
I can see it.
Take care.
Shit, shit, shit! So he's taking the phone and the recording straight to her family? - Yeah.
- Fuck! Keep calm.
We can find a solution.
We have to get the phone back somehow.
But how? I can't just show up there out of the blue.
Yeah? I'm Lisi Madlmeyer.
- I was there yesterday when - You're Joseph's sister.
Would you like to come in? Yeah.
rely on the police investigation.
That's what I pay you for.
The search for the arsonist has top priority, Mr.
Mom, Dad, this is Lisi.
Lisi? Hello.
I wanted to express my condolences, but I I hope I'm not imposing.
How nice of you to come.
Dominik just told us you tried to save Vanessa.
Can I offer you a drink? Thanks, that's not necessary.
I'm just dropping off flowers.
You're sure, then? Not even a little scotch? Claire.
Um, why not? We've met before, haven't we? With Regine.
At the brunch.
It's hard to put into few words what happened.
I really thought that Vanessa was in good hands with Regine.
I put my trust in her with my daughter.
So how's this possible? Break-ins, videos, fire.
- She was our daughter! - Yes.
We should've been there for our daughter.
I can never forgive myself.
We shouldn't have left her alone.
- Claire.
- What "Claire"? My child is dead! I have to bury Vanessa.
My daughter! I hate to intrude further.
Is it okay okay if I use your bathroom? Yes, of course.
Through this door, straight ahead.
Looking for anything in particular? - Come with me.
- I I Where are we going? We're going to my room.
This isn't a good time.
Fine, then we'll talk right here.
- What about? - What didn't you want? Hmm? Yesterday, during the fire, while standing there, you said, "I didn't want this.
" What didn't you want? I forget.
And you can't remember the affair between Vanessa and your brother either? What affair? You're suddenly overnight the very best of friends, then insert yourself into her life, and then steal her boyfriend.
Then there's a video that causes a shitstorm that leads to her house burning down.
- And now she's dead! - Shh! Then you snoop around her parents' hotel room and you try to tell me that none of that has anything to do with it? What didn't you want? Help me, Kosh.
There you are.
- Where are you going? - Munich.
Now? But Claire and Ferdinand are coming over.
- I already visited them today.
- You didn't say anything.
Do you really want to drive in your current state? If I have to stay here another minute, I'll go crazy.
So you believe that Vanessa drove Joseph to his death.
That's why you wanted revenge? But not like this.
- You have to believe me.
- What about Hans? Hans loves you.
Why should I believe you? Because you know it yourself.
But he's in just as deep as I am.
But if that recording comes out, then it all comes out.
And Hans is going down with me.
For what? For his part in an armed robbery.
The robber, that was Hans? Hold on.
That fucking watch, he stole it? But then how'd it get into my bag? I put it there.
- What is wrong with you? You're - I I might've handled my grief poorly.
I realize this now.
That's a bit of an understatement! - You're so warped! - Likely.
I deserve the consequences.
But Hans doesn't.
We've got a chance to stop it.
I can't go back to retrieve it in there.
You can go back in.
I can't.
The phone with the recording is in the back bedroom.
The pin is 10-03-02.
I'm only doing this for Hans.
And this stays between the two of us.
Basto? - What are you doing here? - I didn't know where to go.
Everyone is is looking for me.
I didn't want this! Please.
Please believe me.
And I didn't know it'd go up in flames like that.
I believe you.
- You have to turn yourself in.
- What? I'll take you there.
- Lisi.
- Hello.
Is Dominik here? He's on the way to Munich.
I couldn't stop him.
I see.
I'm sorry.
Do you want to come in, talk for a bit? Thank you.
I better go home.
Are you alone? Yeah, why? Can we talk? Sure.
What's up? Kosh? Hans? I haven't always been honest.
Do you love me? What? Just answer honestly.
I love you, you idiot.
That's all I need.
I love you too, my farmer boy.
It is good.
May I? Of course, Toni.
I heard what happened.
I, um I can't really quite believe it.
It's so shocking.
How are you doing? I don't think it really matters how I am.
You returning to London soon? Yeah.
Toni, I'm so sorry I was such a shitty friend to you.
Lisi, come on.
It's okay.
No, it's not.
I was shitty to you.
I totally lost sight of our friendship.
And that's not fair.
And it makes sense.
You you suffered so much.
Don't worry.
It's nothing our friendship can't take.
Toni! Excuse me.
I have to say goodbye to Bine, or she'll definitely feel sad.
Go for it.
Hey, this is Dom.
Please leave a message.
You want to be alone? You didn't make it very far.
I thought I'd already missed you.
If only I'd been there a little earlier.
What do you mean? There were four of them.
What could I have done? - I should just have - Prevented it all? I was scared, okay? I was scared shitless.
I blamed myself for such a long time because I wasn't able to stop Joseph.
It drove me crazy.
You always look for a reason why.
All the while letting life slip away.
Which is a shame because life isn't so bad after all.
If you let it be.
And what if you just screwed everything all up? And you can't fix it anymore.
No matter what It's too late.
Then maybe you'll find someone Two broken pieces together.
And then comes the moment when the fog finally lifts.
The path is open.
You don't look back anymore.
Turn back around Ready to put everything that happened behind you.
Turn back around I'm nearly there, cyborg Ready to take your course There's enough If only it weren't for the little voice telling you, "Just don't look back.
" I wasn't dead Could not relate Wasn't to know My head goes Now the rest must follow I have been looking for an answer Turn back around She was my best friend.
- It's okay, baby.
- I can't believe it.
It's awful.
Oh God, Nessa! Patrizia? Hey, Lisi.
Do you need a moment? No, it's okay.
Um, I just can't quite handle this event.
So how'd you know about my brother? I just want closure.
Kosh, we're so glad that you came.
Why wouldn't I? We weren't sure that you could make it.
People were trying to reach you.
I was at Hans' place for a few days.
A pleasure.
My condolences.
So you came.
- My condolences.
- Thank you.
My condolences.
I think I'll pay a visit to my old man.
Should I come? I think I'd rather do it alone.
Hey, Dominik.
How are you? I thought it over.
You know, your offer.
I'm very grateful to you for the opportunity, but I don't want to take that spot from someone who deserves it more.
Don't be so modest.
You have potential.
I see in your sketches.
And you bring an unconventional perspective to the table.
That's valuable and what we're looking for.
Yeah, but I just feel uncomfortable about it.
That's to your credit, but now what's your plan? Well then, I'll stay in Kitzbühel for now.
Submit applications.
If it doesn't work out, I'll try again.
And if it still doesn't work out, then at least I'll know where I stand.
And I just have to know.
Hello, Papa.
By the way, I own your hotel now.
Thank you.
But the thing is, I don't need a hotel.
I need a home.
You never understood that.
But now I've found someone who does.
Vanessa was always the star of the family.
Nessa, Nessa, Nessa.
I used to be envious.
Until I eventually realized that it was much harder for her.
What do you mean? All the posing, and the smiling.
The perfection.
She wasn't free.
But with your brother she felt far freer.
And was she in love with him? - This really has to stay between us.
- I promise.
Things weren't going well with Dominik.
She wanted to break up.
She just didn't know how.
Did Vanessa talk about that night when my brother passed away? Well, she Of course, she wondered if he'd gone up there to see her.
Are you okay? You were there at the party? - That night in your chalet? - Yeah.
I know it was a year ago, but you recall anything off that night? Was Vanessa acting weird or anything whatsoever? At one point, she was looking for her phone.
Major drama.
But she found it again eventually.
Why? Why these strange questions? Lisi? Hans.
- None of this makes sense.
- It makes sense to me.
I spoke to her sister about it.
- Something must've happened there - Lisi.
Please don't torture yourself.
You read the messages.
So did I.
We heard Jo's final voicemail.
What if Vanessa didn't send Joseph any of those messages? Lisi.
Where are you going? Now you look for love In the times of hate How many swipes for a blow of fate You keep the light on You keep the light on You keep the night light on Hold your broken dream up high Oh you know you try Oh you know you try Mr.
Ziervogel? You're under arrest for the destruction of evidence.
Don't touch me.
What the fuck? - Let go! - Stand back.
What did he do? Oh you know you try Oh you know you try It's the worst case scenario lullaby Even if the cops come And knock on your door My brother Joseph, he died a year ago.
Lisi! Where are you going? You know her private pin code? It's her sister's birthday.
What's wrong? What if you just screwed everything all up? It's the worst case scenario lullaby Something's gotta change Something's gotta change Hold on, hold on Hold on to something good Try to soothe yourself To sleep, my dear You know this whole mess Is born from fear Keep the light on, the light on The night light on
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