Knightfall (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Hard Blows Will Banish the Sin

[SCREAMING] The Grail will destroy us all.
Brother Tancrede, you stand charged with murder.
JONAS: The Brotherhood of Light call on one another.
[SPEAKING ARABIC] What business would such men have with your master? I need to find out.
What future does the wife of a king have with a Templar? What hope is there? You are with child.
QUEEN JOAN: There is a way to resolve this.
There is something you may wish to whisper to your Queen about the Prince and Princess.
QUEEN ELENA: Submit her to a purity test.
[SOBS] The young Prince is a problem.
What is to be done? I shall think of something.
Think fast.
I can't marry him now.
You're clever, Uncle.
Are there things you can do? It's from the King of England.
What does this mean, my Lord? It means war.
[SPEARS THUMPING] Preparation is wise, Your Grace, but we should not break the peace with England without due cause.
You saw what they did to the horse, De Nogaret.
There is no peace.
Let us not make any haste I expect England to underestimate me, De Nogaret, but you should know better.
[THUMPING CONTINUES] [THUMPING STOPS] England has been our enemy for centuries.
Every time peace is reached between us, it is their king who breaks it.
They can attack us by sea or by land.
But no matter what they do, France will never succumb.
We will fight them to the end.
It is the will of God! [SOLDIERS CHEERING] Prepare my horse.
I must pay the Earl of Oxford a visit.
The gauntlet.
Do you want me to give the order? No.
It should come from me.
[CHAINS CLANKING] [GRUNTING] [GRUNTING CONTINUES] [BREATHING HEAVILY] LANDRY: Brother Tancrede you must repent your crimes against the Temple or face punishment.
Do you repent? I do not.
I repeat, do you repent? [EXHALES SHARPLY] No.
I did it to protect the Temple.
I will always protect the Temple.
So be it.
This man, Tancrede, is your brother.
You may not want to strike him hard.
But let me tell you this: hard blows will banish the sin from his body and will give him a chance of redemption.
Weak blows will allow his sins to go unpunished and his soul uncleansed.
If you care for him, you must strike him with all your strength.
You will be punished until you repent.
I do not repent! I do not repent! [GRUNTING] Oh! [GRUNTING] [SCREAMS] I do not repent! I do not repent! [GRUNTS] I do not repent! I do not repent! I do not repent! I do not repent! I didn't want to wake you.
It is our daughter's wedding day.
My soldiers have fire in their bellies.
I confess, so do I.
Now that things have improved between us.
Then we are both pleased.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] GUARD: Your Grace? KING PHILIP: Excellent.
Tell the troops to stand ready.
What is it? [DOOR OPENS] I've called on the nobles from Brittany to Burgundy.
They're mustering their men.
If England does strike, we are ready.
Did we make a mistake, allowing Isabella to turn her back on England? England has shown his true colors.
And Isabella will have the husband she desires.
Soon she will have children of her own.
Truthfully I wish we could have another child.
Don't you? We can only hope.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] Four nights this week.
Should be sufficient.
Four nights will ensure the legitimacy of the King's child.
I'm I'm sorry.
Isabella, you must believe I never told a soul.
Isabella, please.
I don't know what to say to make you believe me.
There's no need.
I'm not angry anymore.
I require to see the Earl.
He's indisposed, sir.
Then I recommend he become disposed.
Open this door.
[GRUNTING] [DOOR BANGS] KING PHILIP: If Oxford's gone, then good riddance.
But if England has recalled him, we may be in more danger than we thought Here in Paris.
England would not dare touch me in Paris.
I do not know another way to interpret the ambassador's disappearance.
What kind of man skulks off in the night when we have shown him every hospitality? The English truly have no honor.
Does anybody know her? Has anybody seen Adelina? You the boy? I took this beating For a little schnip like you? Who beat you? Roland? I talk to nobody.
Where is she? She went after him.
Where? No idea.
It doesn't matter.
If she finds him, she'll be dead by now anyway.
I said, where is she?! GAWAIN: Parsifal? We'll find her And Roland another way.
Let's go.
[BELL TOLLING] [SCATTERED LAUGHTER] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] - Where is he? Is he coming? - Well, he nodded.
- Did he not yes? - Yes.
Then where is he? Nil desperandum, De Nogaret.
I'm here.
I admit I was surprised Of all the people who might ask for my assistance.
Extremis malis, extrema remedia.
Desperate times, indeed.
[CLEARS THROAT] I hear the King has mobilized his troops.
But I need the King to understand that his army doesn't make him invincible, and that every precaution must be taken here in Paris.
What do you know of the Earl of Oxford? I heard he's vanished.
- Who from? - Friends.
[SCOFFS] They are correct.
And have your "friends" also heard about a plot against the Royal court? Yes.
Then our spies are capable of agreement, even if we are not.
I don't have spies, De Nogaret.
Good Christians keep me informed.
I salute you.
Good Christians are spies that you don't have to pay.
You're right.
We must ensure that Philip understands the danger he's in.
[GASPING] Dear God.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] [GRUNTS] [CROWD MURMURING] What's happened to him? He's been poisoned.
QUEEN ELENA: Poisoned? Who could have done this? He warned me.
There's been an attack on the Royal palace.
De Nogaret has been poisoned.
What about the Queen? The whole family, are they safe? I don't know.
[SNAPPING FINGERS] DOCTOR VIGEVANO: Your Majesty, the poison has begun to take hold.
There's nothing I can do for him.
[SIGHS] That wine was for the wedding.
We could have all been poisoned.
[DOOR OPENS] LANDRY: I'm relieved to see you're both safe.
Your arrival is most appreciated, Master Templar.
Our man Draper may be able to help your physician with the poison.
Please, come this way.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] Who is behind this? It may be the English ambassador, the Earl of Oxford.
Where is he? Disappeared.
De Nogaret went to his lodgings in the Bishop's Palace.
His men are still there, but he himself is long gone.
Pay these men a visit.
Find out what they know.
Watch my wife.
Your Grace? There may be traitors under my very nose.
And until I know more, you must protect the Queen.
She is my most prized possession.
Now more than ever.
Indeed, I must thank you for your help the other night.
I don't understand.
Whatever you said to the Queen had the desired effect.
She has rekindled her affections and spent many nights in my bed.
Well, that's wonderful news.
That's as it should be.
So can I count on you to protect my wife? I would rather die than let anything happen to the Queen, Your Grace.
At this moment, you are the only one I can trust.
[DOOR CLOSES IN DISTANCE] Surely there are other Templars who could guard me.
None that I would trust with your life.
I thought my life was no longer your concern.
Your life will always be my concern.
STREET VENDOR: Small enough for a pigeon.
And this is the whole message? Yes.
Make your mark there.
GAWAIN: Your Master was here one moment and gone the next? - Yes.
- Without a sound? [DOOR SLAMS] You expect me to believe that? - It's the truth.
- You must have known relations between your country and France were under strain.
We're told not to get involved.
Your job is merely to guard.
And yet your Master vanishes on your watch.
That smell.
PARSIFAL: I smell horse shit.
Shut up.
Wh-What is it? Step back.
[SWORD SCRAPING] [CLANG] The smallest spark sets it aflame, and it engulfs everything it touches.
It sticks like honey to the skin and peels it off in the blink of an eye.
Water will not douse it.
It is a wicked weapon.
They call it Greek Fire.
Never heard of it being in France.
Even in the Holy Land, there was only ever one man who knew how to handle it.
Well, who was that? I know someone who knows him, but I can't ask him.
Well, why not? It's Tancrede.
GAWAIN: Tancrede, I need your help.
[MURMURING IN LATIN] Years ago, you told me you fought the Mamluks alongside a Mongol warrior.
Greek Fire was his weapon.
What was his name? You call me a traitor, you condemn me.
You condemn yourself by refusing to repent.
Well, at least I give you the pleasure [COUGHS] of watching my suffering.
You receive the punishment you deserve.
GAWAIN: I take no pleasure in it.
This is madness.
There are lives at stake.
The boy is right.
There's been an attack on the palace.
The Princess is to marry, and we must protect her.
This is not about you or the Temple.
It's about France.
Brother, tell us what you know about this Mongol.
Let's go.
I never met him.
But I do know that he is a dreaded mercenary.
He's made killing an art.
He's an alchemist Not only with Greek Fire, but also with poisons.
He's gifted with a bow and a sword.
He sells his skills to the highest bidder, and you will find him Only if he wants to be found.
Well, what's his name? What does he look like? How do we stop him?! [INHALES] You don't.
This is a damned waste of time! There were two chests full of this Greek Fire.
Imagine what he could do with that.
Is there nothing you can tell us? He could destroy the palace or the church, with the Princess in it on her wedding day.
Don't you care about that? [INHALES] Well, the Greek Fire leaves a trace.
Scour the buildings with brimstone.
The yellow of the brimstone turns white if the fire is present.
And one more thing.
He always wears a mask.
Come on, boy.
You're here.
I never thought you'd be in this room.
[CHUCKLES] What? The King confided in me today.
He told me that you've been sharing his chamber.
What did you expect? For you not to run back so quickly to his bed.
Where I lay my head is no longer your concern.
I know I have no right.
But I could have killed him.
To hear him talk about how he gets what he wants.
He gets what he wants, you get what you want.
Neither of you spares a thought for what I want.
Do you really think I wanted to go back to bed with Philip?! I don't understand! I don't understand! I'm with child.
Your child.
Our child.
When were you When were you going to tell me? I tried that night.
You had news of your own.
When Philip finds out That's why you've been visiting his chamber.
[DOOR OPENS] There's a Templar.
It's urgent.
The Earl had two cases of a a weapon.
Greek Fire.
I have to speak with the King.
You stay with the Queen.
No one gets in.
[DOOR CLOSES] Will this remedy work? No, Your Holiness.
I do not know what the poison is.
This will only soothe his passing.
This is the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.
By heaven, De Nogaret, you have some sins to take away.
Blessed are those who are called to His supper.
Greek Fire? LANDRY: It's a weapon used against armies.
It could destroy the whole church.
You need to postpone the wedding.
After all that I've done to make it happen? Impossible.
You need to think about the risk to Isabella and the Queen.
You cannot care for my wife and daughter more than I do.
If I show fear here in Paris, if they see that I cannot even protect my own family, they will know that I cannot protect France.
But I cannot protect the church.
Then we'll have it here In the palace.
Lend me your men.
Help me to take every precaution.
But this wedding must proceed.
[SWEEPING] Take care.
Event the slightest spark could ignite the Greek Fire.
We've laid out the brimstone in the kitchens.
- There's nothing.
- Good.
Take your posts upstairs and be at the ready.
Let's sweep the upper chambers.
GUARD: The great hall is clear.
Move out.
Wa 'alaykum salaam.
You walk among them.
You converted from our faith to theirs.
But you will never be one of them.
Who are you? You know who I am.
Brotherhood of Light.
My Master wants to speak with you.
I will speak with him when I am ready, and not before you've given me what I want.
[GRUNTS] The wounded man you captured and took into the Temple Did you kill him? He tried to kill the Master and Tancrede.
Still, I did my best to save him.
May God rest his soul.
I want his body back! No.
That is something I cannot do.
It is something you must do.
He was my son.
Landry, we must speak.
It's important.
It was his son.
The Saracen who escaped, Tancrede killed his son.
Did you tell him I wanted to speak with him? He doesn't care.
He'll talk to you only when he has the body back.
Then we should give it to him.
They've already killed Godfrey.
Heaven knows The man's child.
It's his flesh and blood.
He'll want to bury him.
Give him the body.
[DOOR OPENS] I remember when I held you in the palm of one hand.
You didn't cry.
You were entirely calm.
You seemed to know everything The day you were born.
Father, I'm not that innocent, little girl anymore.
All will be well.
I'm not so sure.
It's your wedding day.
I'll take care of everything.
Let's take you to your husband.
[CROWD CHEERING] [CHURCH BELLS RINGING] We have swept the entire palace.
No trace of the Fire.
You look beautiful.
POPE BONIFACE: Behold, fellow Christians, we have come together in the sight of God and the angels and all his saints to join two bodies This man, and this woman So that they be one in flesh.
GAWAIN: Templars do not keep possessions.
And may they earn together an eternal life in the kingdom It's all I have left of Marie.
This obsession with a girl nearly got you killed and may well be the end of you.
Surrender themselves - You need to let it go.
- I don't know how.
Hear them and embrace them with Your divine love.
There is a place all Templars go when we first join the Order A tree where we leave our past so that we can move from one life to the next.
Holy Father, You will it that Lluis and Isabella, Your true children, should be known by their love for each other.
And by their love and Yours, may they produce more children and love them the way You love us.
- And may Lluis - We must talk.
[WHISPERING] As long as Philip is my husband and the King, what is there to say? And protect them from evil.
And may they grow old together in the comfort and blessing of holy matrimony until death them do part.
And now, I charge you all, by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, that if any of you know of any [HEART BEATING] Philip! Down! [GRUNTS] [CROWD CLAMORING] [BREATHING HEAVILY] [GRUNTS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] Take the Queen! You take the King! Wait! - Lluis! Help! - Isabella! Lluis, help! [GASPS] Lluis! Isabella! Lluis! Isabella! [HORSE WHINNIES] Isabella! Jump! I can't! I'm stuck! [GRUNTS] Goodbye.
Isabella! Isabella! Lluis! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] No, Lluis! No! No! [BREATHING HEAVILY] Gawain.
Thank God you're safe.
Thank God you're safe.
You're safe.
[GASPS] [BREATHES SHAKILY] [VIAL THUDS] Can you hear me? [INHALES DEEPLY] [SIGHS] [GASPING] [RETCHING] [SNIFFLES] [PANTING] Did it work? Exactly as you planned.
She always saw the best in me.
We give our lives and all we own to God.
And in the act of submission, we find our strength.
If you can give up your rage and your pain, you will be free.
[MUFFLED BREATHING] [GASPS] My King The English King Will provide a handsome reward to anyone who returns me.
Give this up now, and I'll say you rescued me.
He will make you rich.
ALTANI: You're not going anywhere.
I know you.
I know your kind.
You're just a paid assassin.
You have no honor.
[SPITS] Your history is written by men who speak of honor as if it could be bought.
My history has a different author.
DE NOGARET: Try to be diplomatic, Robert.
Altani is only doing her job.
You! I might have known.
Untie me immediately! France has been under attack.
Someone tried to kill the Royal Family, right here, in Paris.
What have you done? Luckily, they failed.
But Prince Lluis of Catalonia was killed in the fracas.
I told you killing the Prince wouldn't work.
It would only point to England, and then there could never be an alliance.
I wouldn't want that.
I don't want anyone to think your King did it.
I want them to think you did it.
Knowing that Longshanks will blame you for Isabella not choosing his son, you took matters into your own hands.
[CLEARS THROAT] And employed an assassin to poison me, attack the King and Queen, and abduct the Princess.
Luckily, with the Templars' skill in tracking the Greek Fire Left for them to find by Altani Your plans were scuppered.
Apart from the tragic and cruel murder of Prince Lluis, killed as he gallantly tried to rescue his bride on their wedding day.
That was low.
Philip will understand eventually.
Or the Pope.
Well, Boniface is clever, you are right.
But you poisoned me.
If I am the target, then I cannot also be the perpetrator.
You've made a speedy recovery.
Thanks, no doubt, to your prayers.
My prayers were for you to find peace, not to recover.
It's interesting that after such heartbreaking turmoil, everything's turned out exactly as you wanted.
Your Holiness, my thoughts have only ever been for the Princess.
Her happiness is my sole purpose My "holy grail," if you like.
KING PHILIP: Suicide? His plan failed.
He have no choice.
He must have known the most horrible torture was inevitable Either in England or in France.
He had nowhere to run.
This whole thing, drummed up by one man? It would appear so, Your Grace.
And the assassin? Dead, along with the Prince.
Unfortunately, there was not much left of either of them by the time the flames died down.
Send word to England.
We understand his ambassador acted alone.
We hold no grudge, and we extend the hand of peace.
And the hand of Isabella? Yes.
LANDRY: Once I thought our demons were to be fought in Acre.
[CHUCKLES] There were clear lines The righteous and the infidels, the Holy Land and here.
And now I don't know who's righteous and who's not.
[SPEAKING ARABIC] And our battles are being fought right here, on French soil.
My own brother fighting against our cause.
Everything I've ever understood, everyone I've ever loved Godfrey, you Brother, I need you to repent.
Tancrede, let us be brothers again.
Do you really believe God doesn't want the Grail to be found? If you believed you were right, why did you act alone? Why didn't you come to me? [SIGHS] Would you have listened? [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] [GRUNTS] [FLOOR CREAKING] [KNIFE CLANGS] [CREAKING CONTINUES] [DOOR OPENS] QUEEN JOAN: I have only a moment.
I must get back to my daughter.
Thank you for meeting me.
There is so much to say.
You're with child My child.
[LAUGHS] Even saying those words out loud, I can scarcely believe it.
Our child.
What of the Grail? Your Templar vows? Those haven't changed? I'll find a way for us to be together.
What way is that? We can leave Paris.
And we can go somewhere, anywhere.
Where would we go that he couldn't find us? And where you wouldn't be a Templar? I love you.
But what future does the wife of the King have with a Templar? You have my child growing within you.
I will have the King's child, and you will go back to the Temple.
That is our future.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] [FIRE CRACKLING] MAN: The wind is still against you, Landry.
You wanted to talk.