Knightfall (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

And Certainly Not the Cripple

LANDRY: There is a place all Templars go A tree where we leave our past.
- You want Navarre.
- Absolutely not! I saw Roland having this written A message.
A message to who? Philip will raise your child.
Our child will not know you.
Wake up! I'm not Godfrey.
I am not a traitor, nor will I ever be.
TANCREDE: Wait! I am the man you're looking for.
I killed your son.
Go back to where you first met Godfrey.
There, you will find what you seek.
He's fooled you all! He murdered Lluis! You shall be hanged until death takes you.
[SCREAMING] Guards! De Nogaret! AMB.
RODRIGO: The Navarrese have sent word to Paris of the hostages you've taken.
They will take it as an attack on France.
[GATES CREAK] I'm sure your cousin Joan will not let it pass.
I should hope not.
So this is their leader? Yes.
Mercy, Your Grace.
The people of Navarre want peace.
My grandfather was Navarrese.
In his honor I will spare your life.
[SIGHS] But if I release you, how can I know you will not once again raise your sword against me? I give you my word as leader of the village of Sanguesa, we will not.
Forgive me if I make certain.
Remove his hands.
No! No, no! [GRUNTS] [SCREAMING] [SWORD CLANGING] S01E07 And Certainly Not the Cripple GODFREY: You're the one called Landry? YOUNG LANDRY: Might be.
Mother Superior tells me you might be the worst troublemaker here.
Then she'll be glad to let me leave to be your squire.
GAWAIN: It's definitely the right place? Rashid told me the Grail would be where I first met Godfrey.
This is where I first met Godfrey.
Hello, Mother.
Do you know this place? How did it burn? One of the children was playing with a candle or so I heard.
Thank you.
It's over.
If the Grail was here, it's ash.
I did everything Godfrey told me.
I did everything Rashid told me.
I followed the trail.
I was tortured.
I sent our brother to his death.
Tancrede was right.
God never wanted the Grail to be found.
God's grace be with you.
God's grace be with you.
God's grace be with you.
I haven't seen God's grace for some time.
Let's be honest, he hasn't seen mine, either.
There's a price on your head.
Only say the word and I shall be hanged.
I heard your master was taken.
One can only assume it was about the Grail.
Don't pretend you don't want to find the grail as much as I do.
Or is this your life now? Bread for the bewildered? Imagine if you did find the Grail.
Wouldn't you like to swing your sword in battle again? He's given up.
We were sent to an orphanage, but it was burnt to the ground.
There is no more trail to follow.
It's over.
The Grail has been "lost forever" before now, only to show its face soon afterwards.
Why would you want it? Oh, I don't know.
The greater good.
Before they see you.
[GROANS] Forgive me, Your Holiness.
I have failed you.
How so? I was taken by a group calling themselves the Brotherhood of Light.
[SCOFFS] I have heard that name.
They are infidels.
[SIGHS] Perhaps.
But if they are to be believed, Godfrey was one of them.
Godfrey was a traitor? I'm not sure.
His allegiance should have been to God and to his Pope and to his follow Templars Not to infidels.
His loyalty was to the Grail.
The Brotherhood has made it their mission to protect the Grail, to keep it from the hands of men.
Oh! They have no business! Forgive me, Father.
[SIGHS] I struck a bargain with them.
I let them take Tancrede in exchange for information about the Grail.
Dear God.
Have you taken leave of your senses? They shared with me a clue that Godfrey left, something to which only I would know the answer.
Which was? The Grail was where I first met Godfrey the orphanage where I was left by my mother.
I went there immediately, but it was burned.
And the Grail? Gone.
I think it is dust, and if it isn't, then maybe this Brotherhood of Light is right, and God doesn't mean for the Grail to be found.
[SIGHS] You should have informed me before you undertook this journey.
Forgive me.
I merely wished to retrieve the Grail as I promised.
And then what? This Brotherhood of Light I-I did not know [SIGHS] they wanted to protect it, just as Godfrey had before them.
You would have given the Grail into the care of the infidels? No.
I don't know.
Oh, Landry! You have taken leave of your senses.
Forgive me.
It is fortunate that you did not find the Grail.
There is a chance that I could still find it.
If somehow t-this information is wrong Maybe somebody moved the Grail before the orphanage burned.
Landry go home to your Temple, take your seat, and do your job as Master.
As for this so-called "Brotherhood," you're to have nothing further to do with them.
Holy Father Get out.
[DOOR OPENS] Thank you.
Do not despair.
There's news from the palace that might lift your spirits.
The queen is with child.
My prayers are answered to see you alive.
I thought you'd give me the time to find a way for us.
Time? My belly is already showing.
My first duty is to keep this child safe.
By denying its true father? In my darkest moment, you appeared to me.
All I could think about was you and our child.
Your Grace.
Had I known you'd been captured, I would have sent the Royal Guard immediately.
Thank you, Your Grace.
God has smiled upon us.
He has again blessed our union with a child.
Congratulations, Your Grace.
Vigevano is confident the baby is a boy.
Feel my son.
I don't think the Master Templar wants Come.
Can you feel him? Forgive me, Your Grace.
Urgent news.
[PAPER CRINKLES] Landry, I'm sorry, excuse us.
What is it? Navarre has been attacked.
Attacked?! By who? Pierre? Can you read? [HORSE NEIGHS IN DISTANCE] "I'm in Paris.
I need more men, I.
" Where did you get this? The girl Adelina.
She saw Roland having it written.
[SNIFFS] It means he was working for someone.
Queen Elena's armies have taken hostages from Sanguesa.
Rally the dukes.
Our troops have to be mustered within a fortnight.
Two weeks?! They must leave immediately! My dear, to muster an army is no small thing.
You need supplies, horses, grain.
Rest assured, we shall be swift.
In the meantime, I will set off for Navarre and start to gather the troops there.
Every able-bodied lad "Every able-bodied lad"? [LAUGHTER] I wasn't aware this was amusing.
This is my homeland.
A battlefield is no place for a woman, let alone a woman who is with child.
What kind of husband would I be if I let you go? What kind of queen would I be if I did not defend my people? Excuse my wife.
Her condition has made her excitable.
This has nothing to do with my condition! My dear, you have no idea what the blood of battle is like.
Neither do you.
Escort the queen to her quarters.
Philip, I will not be sent from the room.
It is for your own good.
[HORSE NEIGHS] Is the queen awake? I do not know, Sir.
LANDRY: Dear Lord, bless us.
Bless Jacques, our Grand Master.
Bless Boniface, our Pope.
And may He grant us all Thy wisdom, amen.
ALL: Amen.
Brother Tancrede.
[CLEARS THROAT] Forgive me, Master, I am to give the report.
Of course.
Proceed, Brother Anthony.
Thank you, Master.
Our expenditure this month has fallen to 8,000.
The value of our assets remains constant at 968,000.
The King's army is almost ready to defend Navarre.
There are rumors that in defiance of the king, Queen Joan has already set off.
The queen has gone to Navarre? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS] Yes, Master.
As you know, the prisoner Roland is wanted for more than just the murder of the Temple Master.
He's wanted for the murder of a noble family in Genoa and our brothers in the Temple there will be collecting him to face his charges.
I heard about Catalonia's attack.
Have you also heard about the queen's departure? This is defiance.
This utter disregard for my authority.
By God, Landry, I cannot allow it.
I am her husband and her king.
Your Grace, allow me to help.
I can ride out and bring her home.
No need.
The matter is in hand.
My governor there, De Rouvray, he's a good man.
He will see to it that she does not venture into harm's way.
Oh, I've been so foolish, Landry.
I allowed myself to imagine that things were improving between us That the child was healing our rift.
Forgive me, Your Grace, but I doubt a child can heal a marriage with difficulties.
[SIGHS] You say you want to help me.
Anything, Your Grace.
In times of strife, my father would sneak out of the palace dressed as a commoner to walk among the people.
And you wish to walk among the people now? No.
I wish to drink.
[SLURRING] Drink or be gone.
I'm the Temple Master.
Drunkenness is frowned upon.
Not tonight.
Tonight you're not a monk, and I'm not a king.
Now drink.
To my miserable marriage.
She thinks I'm a coward, you know? She accused me of never fighting in a battle.
A king has to strategize from a proper distance you know, in in order to observe the whole battlefield.
Who am I fooling? A true leader fights shoulder to shoulder with his men, as you Templars do.
I have not done this.
Philip, you can't blame yourself for that.
Well, who then can I blame? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Hey.
- Philip? Philip! Let it go.
Come on.
I always let it go.
You, there! I suggest you buy me another.
And I suggest you suck my rod.
[LAUGHTER] [CHEERING] His sword is buckled to his right.
He's gonna swing with his left.
You duck, then you hit him with all you've got.
[GRUNTS] [ALL SHOUTING] [GRUNTING] PARSIFAL: Who do you work for? [GRUNTING] Aaah! Enough! What do you think you are doing?! Roland had this letter written before he was arrested.
At the end, it says "I.
" I know that could be two letters or a number, but we need to tell our Master Roland is no longer our concern.
The Temple in Genoa is sending knights to collect him.
Roland is wanted for crimes there, and there he will face justice.
Oh, no! What could be more important than killing a Temple Master? He should stay here in Paris.
It's not Godfrey's death you seek to avenge, is it? It's Marie's.
Parsifal, you must submit to God.
Only then will you be worthy of being a Templar.
Will you submit to him? Yes, sir.
I will.
Extraordinary, wasn't it? It's extraordinary that you walked out of there with only a bloody lip.
Oh, it felt so good not to hold back, huh? To have free rein.
Ah, free rein.
What is it? It takes setting aside the crown to see things more clearly.
In the end, it is those closest to you who will betray you.
De Nogaret.
You were warned about De Nogaret.
[SIGHS] It's right under my nose.
I just [SIGHS] I just couldn't see it.
Everyone lies to the king.
Sometimes I think you're the only friend I've got, Landry.
Never betray my trust.
I remember you were a noble before joining the Temple.
What was your name? My given name was Audric, the second Lord of Bonnechere.
[DOOR CLANGS SHUT] Have you ever been with a woman? [LAUGHS] Uh, a few before my oath.
[SNIFFS] You smell of ale.
You've been drinking.
Did you ever want any children? A third Lord of Bonnechere? I suppose.
When I heard God's call, then I answered.
It is possible to hear God's call and ignore it.
Landry? What have you done? Who is she? It no longer matters.
I gave her up for this search for the Grail.
But I still can't get her out of my heart.
If it's over, then let it be over.
She's having my child.
Another man will raise that child as his own.
Jesus' name, Landry! I must resign as master.
You cannot resign before finding the Grail.
The Grail is dust.
If God intended for us to have it, we would have found something at the orphanage.
He's testing your faith.
You must forget this woman and the child and resume the search.
I never knew my parents.
And their absence haunted me.
The idea that I would inflict that same pain on a child Look at me.
I am wracked with pain.
All you've ever known is this.
What do you know about being a father? I know enough not to abandon my child.
Turn your back on the Grail, and you will be abandoning God.
No, Brother, it is God who keeps abandoning me.
GODFREY: I took something he believed belonged to his people.
Is that what's in your box? Never mention that box again.
Understand? You.
What are you doing here? Looking for a handsome lad like you Landry.
[GRUNTS] How do you know my name? I heard the cripple say it in the street.
You know something, don't you? You want to know who burnt down the orphanage.
It wasn't a child.
And it wasn't an accident.
Who was it? Me.
Brother Gawain.
This was a mistake.
Believe me, I know what it is like to be on the inside and yet to feel so alone.
Tell me.
Landry has broken his vows.
Master "holier than thou" Landry? He's been with a married woman, one who bears his child.
Even when he demoted me, I respected his decision because he was the best one to lead us after Godfrey.
And now? Does he still deserve your loyalty? He's the only one who can find the Grail, so, yes, I remain loyal to him.
Tell me something If Landry found the Grail, would he let you drink from it? Yes.
He knows how much I suffer.
He's not fallen that far.
He would not deny me that.
Your master seems to deny everyone but himself.
And if you think he would deny you, then you must ask yourself how much does it mean to you to have a chance of drinking from the Grail? And how far would you be willing to go? What do you mean? Oh, I I merely raise the question.
Halt! What is it? Navarre, Your Grace.
[MAJESTIC MUSIC PLAYS] Why did you burn down the orphanage? I'd like some wine, please.
I know you monks have the good stuff here.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] Now ask your questions.
Why did you burn it down? It's what Godfrey instructed me to do, if he should be killed.
Anyone getting as far as the orphanage was to believe they were too late.
So the Grail is not lost.
Why did you not say something before? Because what I say is meant for your ears only.
All of these men around you, once you have the Grail, they will all try to take it from you.
You can't trust any of them Not the Turcopole, not your friend the King, and certainly not the cripple.
I am Governor De Rouvray.
Welcome to Navarre.
What is Queen Elena's position? She is camped five leagues to the east.
And the Merinos are convening here? Yes, Your Grace.
I wish to speak with them.
Are you certain, Your Grace? Of course.
I must speak with the nobles.
As you wish.
But be warned they may not wish to speak with you.
- Who's this? - From the Temple in Genoa, sent to collect the prisoner.
[HORSE NEIGHS] You're not supposed to be out here.
Why? Am I prisoner? I don't know what you are to come here, telling me my brothers can't be trusted.
- They can't.
- But you can be? Whom to trust? Tricky, isn't it? If I had wanted to kill you, I would have done it at the orphanage.
Or I could do it now.
Your throat would be cut the moment you tried.
You're feeding the wrong one.
The black wolf and the white wolf, you're feeding the wrong one.
You know that story? Oh, you think you're the only person he told.
Of all people, you can trust me.
I am the clue that Godfrey meant you to find.
- I'll take you to the Grail.
- You know where it is? - Where? - You'll see.
We set off in the morning.
Hey, what's going on? Where are you going? Oi! No messing! You have to get me to Genoa! Oi, I'm talking to you! [CHAIN RATTLES] It's time to make your penance.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] [GRUNTS] I've never talked, lad, and I'm not starting now.
So don't waste your time.
[SCREAMS] [SCREAMS] [PANTING] Tell me who you work for, and I'll let you find peace.
Or die a sinner with no forgiveness.
[GRUNTS] Listen to me.
You don't want to know who it is.
I met Marie when I was 13 years old.
[GASPING] She was the most beautiful thing I ever saw.
You don't know these people.
[GASPING] Who is it? They'll kill you.
I don't care.
Now tell me.
What's his name? Who are you working for? No mercies no mercy thy will be done [GASPING] Oh.
Lord hear me I beg.
There's no one listening.
In the name of Jesus! There's no one listening! No! [SCREAMS] GAWAIN: You trust her? I have no alternative.
If she does lead us to the Grail if we do find it, would you allow me to drink from it? Gawain, you told me we must bear the pain God gives us.
This is different.
Godfrey himself used the Cup to heal his brother.
Godfrey had the Grail since Acre.
If he thought you should use it, he would have given it to you.
The Grail is meant to heal the world not you or me.
Gawain? It is easy for you to say.
You have not lost as much as I have.
I haven't? Are you sure? If you value our friendship, you'll never ask this of me again.
GAWAIN: Six hours on the cross.
Then death.
And the resurrection.
Your suffering was greater than mine.
But at least yours ended quickly.
Every step every waking moment is agony untold.
Every time I ride a horse, every time I draw a sword, and I can show none of it.
Lord, I know I am a Judas.
I have lived with the guilt of my betrayals.
But now I find our master, your chosen one, is a vile sinner.
And still he can do no wrong.
I have kept my vows, and now you show me that those vows are worthless? Oh.
I see.
This is your plan for me.
You have burdened me with this because it is my destiny.
You needed Judas to betray Jesus, and you need me.
It is your will that Landry not give me the Grail because you want me to take it from him.
And take it I will! Why is the cripple here? He's my brother.
I trust him with my life.
[HORSE NEIGHS] [CLAMORING] Our scouts Our scouts say Queen Elena's army sits 4,000 strong, ready to invade.
How many troops can you raise? 1,000 men, 400 horses.
Do not forget France's reinforcements, my Lords.
And where are France's reinforcements? Did Your Grace bring the French army in under her dress? My husband, your king, was mustering thousands of troops when I left.
You have my word, reinforcements are coming.
Your word? And who are you? This is not your home Nor has it ever been.
Navarre is where my family have been born and buried for 400 years.
You are a Merino.
My grandfather, Theobald, gave you that title.
You have your noble lands because my family bestowed them! It is true that I do not know this country as well as I wish.
But I know my cousin.
Once she learns I'm here and the army of France is behind me, she will back down.
[DOOR OPENS] MAN: Make way! Clear a path! A delivery has arrived for her Grace.
A gift from Queen Elena of Catalonia.
[ALL GASPING] Send a message to Queen Elena.
Tell her I wish to parley.
I know what you're thinking.
It won't work.
What? Draw your sword against him, and he'll kill you.
[SCOFFS] Why would I draw my sword against my master? I don't know.
Why would you draw your sword against your master? [HORSE NEIGHS] [HORSE NEIGHS] [HEAVENLY MUSIC PLAYS] Mother Superior.
I don't understand.
Landry, it was always my privilege to care for you.
And you have grown into the man I knew you would become.
I'm very happy to see you.
[DOOR CREAKS] This is as far as I'll go.
That's it? 15 years I've waited for this moment.
[GRUNTS] [GROANS, GROWLS] [SCOFFS] I thought you would have waited till the ride home.
I'm taking the Grail because you were never going to give it to me.
Is this really about the Grail? I am crippled because of my loyalty to you.
You are crippled because it's God's will.
Do not speak to me of God's will.
Was it his will that you took a woman from her husband? Is it His will that you've abandoned your child? - Don't push me, Brother.
- You are no brother of mine.
You're not fit to be a Templar.
You're a hypocrite.
And you're a liar.
You gave Tancrede over to the Saracens knowing what they would do to him.
[GRUNTS] [SPITS] You're our master, our leader, and you spat on every value we hold dear.
You hate yourself more than you could ever hate me.
Your leg is the least of your problems.
Draw your sword.
Defend yourself.
- [GRUNTS] - Oh! Oh! [SCREAMS] [GRUNTS] [GROANS] [COUGHING] [PANTING] Gawain [GRUNTS] Don't make me kill you.
I'm a better Templar than you.
I'm a better man than you.
This cup has made madmen of us all.
You are a better Templar than me.
Because if I was a better Templar, I would kill you.
Enjoy it while you can.
We'll all be starving when war comes.
War with whom, England? [CHUCKLES] Where have you been? Catalonia.
The queen rode out of Paris and into battle.
And with child.
The queen is with child? Five months or so, they say.
Then there'll be another prince or princess, then taxes will go up Again.
Royal bastards.
[SCOFFS] GAWAIN: Landry has been with a married woman.
One who bears his child.
KING PHILIP: To Landry, our new Temple Master.
A royal bastard indeed.
These sisters have kept the secret of the Grail for 15 years.
Thank you.
The Pope himself will hear of your service.
No, wait! The cripple? You were right.
Is he dead? I will deal with him.
When he wakes, you let him go.
He's a broken man, and we are still Christians.
There are things now that you must do.
You must take the Grail to a new safe place.
There are places Godfrey had prepared for this day.
No more hiding places.
- I will take it to the Temple.
- No.
And from there, I will take it to the Pope.
The Temple is not safe for you or the Grail.
The Temple is the safest place for me and for the Grail.
[SIGHS] I'm gonna have to go with you.
Why? Because you're making a mistake.
Because Because this will be the death of you.
And because I'm your mother.
Where's the master? Is he back yet? No, why? What's happened? It's Roland.
I took him from the Temple.
I killed him.
[SIGHS] Parsifal, why would you do that? It doesn't matter.
I know who he's working for.
You do? You know? He told me.
And it means we cannot trust anyone.
I need to warn Landr