Knokke Off (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

Da's tenminste een brave

["War" by Brutus playing]
Our world ♪
It's gone ♪
Did we ever grieve or cry?
No ♪
[Alex] Lou!
I came for help ♪
- [Melissa] Are you okay? Jacques?
- Hey, Jacques.
- Jacques?
- [Melissa] Can you hear us?
Jacques, are you there?
♪my hair out ♪
Unleash your war ♪
Help! Somebody, help!
It will be okay. Help!
Stretcher, quickly.
Can you hear me?
Unleash your war ♪
[doctor] Shallow breathing.
Pulse is weak.
This time again ♪
Rea two.
After all of this we have no more ♪
[doctor] Prepare oxygen.
Saturation is at 80 percent.
- What did she take?
- Alcohol and MDMA.
- Saturation 70 percent.
- Or coke, I think.
- You think?
- 60 percent.
I don't know, I wasn't there.
It was a hen party.
- Escort him to the waiting room.
- Patient stopped breathing.
Come with me to the waiting room.
- Intubate.
- Intubating.
[monitors beeping]
[waves crashing]
These are his papers. His identity card.
- You can wait over there. All the best.
- Thank you.
- I'll go get some coffee.
- Okay.
What's up with Louise?
She's in a coma. She ODed.
I should've known, but I was only
concerned with that fucking club.
She ODed? How?
At Emilie's bachelorette.
I thought she was with you.
- I found her in the rising tide.
- [Angelique] Alex?
An overdose?
[Alex] Sorry.
- Did you talk to Emilie?
- Straight to voicemail.
[she sighs]
- Take a seat.
- [Angelique] Emilie, this is Mom again.
Where are you?
Please call me back, it's urgent.
- She's stable.
- [Angelique] That's good, right?
It's neither good nor bad, it's nothing.
We're not out of the woods.
Now you've gone too far. I was ashamed
of you already, but now you make me sick!
- Patrick.
- That's entirely mutual.
How dare you speak?! I've known for years
you're not to be trusted!
But to stuff a girl
with a bipolar disorder full of drugs?!
- Asshole!
- Patrick!
Alex wasn't there. He just found her.
Thanks to him Louise is still alive.
Now you're at a loss for words.
Dad. At least say you're sorry.
That's not going to happen with your dad.
- Melissa!
- Hey, sweetie.
Shouldn't you be in bed? Daan.
What's wrong?
- Our
- Our daughter is in the ICU.
Louise took an overdose.
[Olivia] What does that mean?
[Melissa] That you took too many pills.
[Olivia] Are they pumping her stomach?
Excuse me?
I'm sorry.
I assessed the situation wrongly. Sorry.
Yeah. Erm, she's out of danger.
Her temperature was dropping, but after
administering oxygen her saturation is up.
[Angelique] Oh, Maxime.
[Jan] Thanks, Paul.
- Merci.
- Guys
[Angelique] I'm calling Emilie.
[Jacques] There he is.
- That was you, right?
- [Patrick] What?
Right, loudmouth?
"Asshole, asshole!"
You're looking spiffy.
Is that your business partner?
- Boozer.
- Are you talking about me?
Yes, I'm talking about you.
Clear out, or you can visit the ER again.
Don't you agree
that his nose is a bit crooked?
[Patrick yells]
- Please
- Take her home.
Better, much better.
- Who's the asshole now?
- Jacques.
[Jacques] Come, Dani. It was about time.
- [Angelique] Put your head back.
- [Patrick] Yeah, yeah.
[Angelique] I have your keys.
[melancholy piano music]
[monitor beeping]
[breathing apparatus working]
[chuckles gently]
[Angelique sighs]
What is it?
- [sobbing] Daddy
- Hey
Daddy and Alex hate each other.
- No. No, they don't. Shh.
- Yes, they do.
[Melissa] How about you sleep with me?
Yes? Okay, come on.
I wish Daddy were dead.
- [Jan] That's her stuff, probably.
- [Angelique] Her cell phone, I think.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
[seagulls calling]
[she sighs]
What's up with Patrick and Alex?
And what about Patrick and Jacques?
And with you and Paul?
I wasn't thinking.
You should've seen Eleonore's face.
[monitor beeps loudly]
Oh, sweetie.
- [Louise] I'm scared.
- [Angelique] It's okay.
- Daddy's here.
- [Angelique] Mommy and Daddy are here.
It's okay.
[doctors muttering]
It's okay.
[Angelique sobbing]
Hey, sweetie.
It's okay.
Alex, she's awake.
You can't visit her right now,
only when she's a bit better.
- A psychiatric ward, again?
- It's not a closed ward.
We have the top neurologists,
psychiatrists and social workers.
That's the best spot for her.
If you think it's best for her, okay then.
Do you want to have
the dealer investigated?
No, Paul. Really. No.
- Leave the police out of this. Please.
- I thought as much.
[Angelique] Okay.
- Naturally.
- For everything.
Shall we join our oldest?
At least she's well-behaved.
[door closing, footsteps]
[they both sigh]
- What is all this?
- Call the cleaning lady.
- And a cab.
- Oh.
Their parents will be pleased.
That's Mirjam's daughter.
- Mirjam?
- Zegers.
Mirjam Zegers? Doesn't ring a bell.
The minister.
- Emilie.
- [clears his throat]
What's all that?
I didn't know how to tell you.
Is that
[Melissa] Yes, here I come. [roars]
[upbeat music playing]
- I win.
- Yes.
[Olivia] Hi, Mommy.
- I'm taking a shower.
- Very good, sweetie.
Here you go.
- What a mess last night.
- Indeed.
- Olivia was very upset.
- I can imagine.
She seems all grown up,
but she's still so young.
- And sensitive.
- I know, I'm her mom, after all.
And then Jacques.
I understand it, because I know
the background. But I think
You don't do that in front of the kids.
She is most upset
about her father and brother arguing.
That made her really sad.
Rosé wine?
I'm still responsible
for your lovely daughter.
We're in Knokke and you're on leave.
- Okay.
- [chuckles]
I'll check up on her anyway.
And I'm taking a shower.
[Emilie] I didn't notice a thing.
[emotional] She was so sweet and happy.
She was walking around cheerfully.
- It was a great party.
- [Angelique] No doubt.
It's a pigsty, Emilie.
At first glance
nothing seems to be broken.
Mom, I'm sorry.
Everyone was fucking drunk.
Jacques, he admitted he was wrong
and he said sorry.
For the first time in his life.
And you believe that?
I give him the benefit of the doubt.
How can you be so naive, Alexandre?
[phone vibrating]
She can have visitors.
- Give her my love.
- I will.
See you later, Jacques.
Alex. Alex, wait up.
Any news from Louise?
- She's no longer your problem.
- What?
If she'd just taken her pills
none of this would've happened.
[unsettling music]
Where's Alex going all of a sudden?
He had to go to the Lulu.
Deliveries or something.
I'm not sure.
[monitors beeping]
Shh. Easy, easy.
[sobbing] I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
No apologies, alright?
I was an asshole.
I neglected you.
I'll take good care of you.
I'll take care of you, I promise.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
I really love you.
["Crushing" by Intergalactic Lovers
I was waiting anxiously ♪
- For your call to come ♪
- [boys cheering]
For your words to come and reach me
And ♪
Staring forever at this screen ♪
But the right name never lights up ♪
No, your name never lit up ♪
She's in a psychiatric ward.
- Who?
- Louise.
Louise, in a psychiatric ward? Shit.
♪to let this go ♪
[nurse] Can I see? Okay.
Recovering from your blow ♪
Our liquid love once blazing
Now just froze ♪
Are we nothing anymore? ♪
[phone chimes]
It will get better
Yeah, it will get better ♪
Still I'm counting down the days ♪
It will get easier on me ♪
Once the missing starts to fade ♪
And I don't wanna stay lost
In these memories ♪
I never thought you'd be the one
So bittersweet ♪
And I guess it's time ♪
Alex must make sure she takes her pills.
If you weren't into men,
she'd have made a pass at you.
- [laughter]
- Thank you.
- She didn't try anything with me.
- She's mental, Matti. Not blind.
Our liquid love once blazing
Now just froze ♪
From crush to love to nothing ♪
Are we nothing anymore? ♪
Are we nothing anymore? ♪
[Emilie] Lou?
Come here.
- Sorry.
- For what?
I messed up everything.
You didn't mess up anything.
How are you?
This is a prison.
I'm being aired twice a day.
Dad says this is one of the best wards
in the country.
I want out.
And then what?
- I want to do something fun.
- [chuckles]
Do you remember when we were little?
We used to go to this fun-fair.
We played a game in which you had
to hit moles on the head with hammers.
You hit those moles in the head
really hard, time and again.
Bang, bang, bang.
Until your arm went numb.
Maybe you're one of those moles now.
Maybe life's hitting you
over the head really hard.
But you will always survive.
Do you remember?
Here, take this.
Come, we're leaving.
- Whereto?
- You'll see.
Ready? Go!
[loud arcade machines]
You're really good at this.
How do you do it?
Watch out! [screams]
- Almost. Can I?
- Yes.
[Emilie] Go!
Okay, Lou, look!
I'm doing it.
Check this.
Lou, I'm crushing it!
Lou, check this! I was crushing it!
Oh my god.
Check, I've hit the bonus!
[sinister music]
[breathes heavily]
[machines beeping and coins clattering]
[Lou panting]
Lou, are you alright?
Come, we're going home.
Why does it hurt so much?
Don't underestimate it.
You went beyond your limits.
It'll be alright,
but you need to give it some time.
I hurt everyone.
Mom, Dad.
Alex, Daan, Margaux.
Everyone I like and who likes me.
You always hurt the ones
nearest to you most.
You know we'll never abandon you.
[sad piano music]
A bottle of rosé for the bosom buddies.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
- Enjoy.
- Good stuff.
- Is he drunk?
- I heard he has a slight problem.
- [Margaux] Really? With alcohol?
- Not only that.
- You're kidding.
- Does Jacques snort?
- Terrific.
- He can join Louise in her room.
- Maybe they get a group discount.
- Instead of gossiping you might visit her.
Didn't think of that?
Where the fuck were you
when she lay half dead in the water?
I forgot, you were completely
out of it yourself. Right, Margaux?
Nice going, Margaux. Really.
[melancholy music]
We're taking her back tomorrow.
Mom, she's really unhappy there.
- But it's safe.
- Do you still trust her?
Really? Honestly?
I don't know. Someone can stay
with her here, can't they?
Emilie, she can't be alone for one second.
I'm away regularly for work and for Daddy.
I can arrange something.
We could take turns.
I'm here as well.
I don't know.
I don't know.
[light tap]
[another light tap]
[another light tap]
- Take the back entrance.
- Okay.
- Hey.
- Hi.
I had to see you.
I, erm
I have to ask you something.
It's been haunting me for some time.
I need to know.
had taken your pills, as usual
would you have fallen in love with me?
But I wouldn't have given in to it.
you were really in love.
I still am.
Are we still something?
[sad piano music]
Did you see it?
- Your money or your life.
- Oh!
You're looking good.
I saw Daan.
But I chose you.
I don't want to lose you.
Me neither.
Daan can't be trusted.
Claudia, your previous nanny for Olivia
was Daan's aunt.
Melissa has been searching for her for
two years. That's why she took the job.
It's so fucked up.
Claudia ran away because she stole
from your family, right?
Jewels worth hundreds of thousands
from my mom.
Erm Hey
I'm sorry, I have work to do.
I'll be back soon.
[dial tone]
[dramatic music]
[music stops]
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