Knokke Off (2023) s01e10 Episode Script

Op de liefde?

["Already" by Hydrogen Sea playing]
[birds singing]
Already pressure builds up
In my system ♪
Watch as the blood
It cracks right out of me ♪
And in the first morning light
That we squander ♪
The pangs of remorse will ignite ♪
I want to drip down in the ocean ♪
Into the darkness, alright ♪
I want to lay down with the wisdom ♪
It hides at the back of my mind ♪
How can we grow up to feel isolated ♪
Thinking there's no one
That will understand? ♪
When life on this planet
Is truly abundant ♪
Jacques? Shit!
They want to sink down in the ocean ♪
Hey, hey, Jacques?
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Who's Daan?
- Have you read my messages?
- No.
We're leaving here at 11 o'clock.
[Daan] Jacques, hey.
[man] On meditative runs many
distracting things will affect your mind.
Thoughts, feelings, physical sensations,
impulses and memories.
What if we open up
To what surrounds us ♪
[Alex yells]
I love you.
[music continues muffled
beneath an ominous tone]
[all yelling and screaming]
[shallow breathing]
[music starts playing normally again]
I want to lay down with the wisdom ♪
It hides at the back of my mind ♪
[waves crashing]
[knocking on door]
- Can I come in?
- Yes.
I lied.
I know.
- Patrick
- Killed Claudia.
I'm taking it to the police.
He won't be intimidated by that.
I know someone who can make him confess.
A friend.
I can't bring you sister back.
But I can try to make up for it
as much as possible.
Trust me.
Give me a little bit of time.
[phone chimes]
What the fuck?
- Hey, Margaux.
- Hi.
[Eleonore] See you.
What was she doing here?
Look at this.
- Daan's garbage?
- Don't you like this?
You'll find a thousand like those
on Instagram.
- What was Eleonore doing here?
- She came to bitch and moan.
A few problems at home.
Stress, right?
When you best friend screws your husband.
If you don't know what you're talking
about, then shut your mouth, girl.
[tense music]
[Eleonore] They'll be here around eleven,
so we'll be having lunch at one o'clock.
When Angelique sets her mind on something
- Mom, do you want to
- No honey, I'm too busy.
Play some games,
Melissa will be right over.
Christine and her daughter make twelve.
When is Patrick coming?
What happened here?
Can't you see?
Shit, dude.
Why shit?
It's really convenient for you, right?
- What do you mean?
- Your father was here yesterday.
He threatened Jacques
and now the club's yours.
- Cool it, buddy.
- Or what? You're threatening me as well?
- My dad's no murderer, okay?
- Isn't he, though?
Louise says differently.
Don't believe everything
Louise is telling you.
You think she still wants you?
You're assholes,
you and your whole bloody family.
If you don't like it,
go back to your fucking campsite.
You feel so powerful,
but you're a tiny little shit.
Really? And you're the one telling me?
Scum crosses the border
thinking they can get away with anything.
- First Louise nearly drowns 'cause of you.
- That's not true.
But it is, buddy.
Before you came, everything was good.
We nearly forgot about Claudia.
What happened to Claudia?!
Fuck you, dude!
It's time to go home, summer's over.
[Daan coughs]
[Melissa] Olivia, hi.
- Hi.
- What are you doing?
Your mom asks
if you'll join us for a drink.
- Champagne?
- With a dash of vodka: vochka.
- Really?
- Of course not. We'll play a game.
[gentle classical music playing]
[Melissa] Yes.
Yes, well done.
Serve the hors d'oeuvres,
or they'll stuff themselves with chips.
There they are. Hello, darlings. Welcome.
- 25 years
- How have I managed to keep it up?
- Is your man here?
- He should be here any minute.
- Hello.
- Hi, Eleonore.
- Hi there. Hey, girl.
- Hi.
How are the preparations for the wedding?
The wedding's been postponed.
Louise is keeping us busy all day.
Next year in the chalet in Verbier.
That's going to be beautiful in the snow.
So romantic.
- Good idea.
- Excuse me.
Thank you. No, water for you.
Is Alex here?
I saw him this morning, but he left.
No idea where he went.
Ah, there's our Jan.
- [Angelique] Is it still a surprise?
- [Eleonore] Yes.
- [Jan] Hi, Eleonore.
- [Eleonore] Hi, welcome.
- [Jan] Hey, Jacques died.
- [Eleonore] No way.
- [Angelique] Who?
- [Eleonore] The owner of the surf club.
What happened?
His heart.
Good gracious.
Wait, Alex is here.
Hi, son, it's good you're here.
What happened to you?
Hey. Go clean yourself up
and put on something else.
Wait, that's too much.
What happened?
Hey. Are you alright?
Hi, Alex. Are you okay?
Yeah, great.
[Anouk] Hola. Hello?
- Hey.
- Fucking Alex, fucking asshole.
What is it with you and Knokke?
Jacques is dead.
I found him this morning.
He was harassed by Alex's dad.
- And where are my fucking keys?!
- Daan.
Apparently, the most well-respected people
are the biggest assholes.
And that's news to you?
What a fucked-up world.
A world in which we don't belong, honey.
Leave those rich people be.
Daan, you'll never be one of them.
Louise might have been fun,
but she'll never truly understand you.
[dial tone]
Daan, hey.
Daan, just let her be
with her fuckboy Alex.
And let Alex be the pathetic, rich guy
who is so bored
he fucks up people like us.
This is Louise's voicemail.
- What are you doing?
- Fuck.
What do you want to do to them?
They can't simply get away with
everything. Not Patrick, not Alex.
- And what about Louise?
- What?
She broke your heart, Daan.
And believe me
she doesn't give a shit.
She doesn't care about you anymore.
And besides
Alex will do anything to stop it.
No. I need your moped.
I have to see her.
[door opening and closing]
There they are. Hello.
Hi, sweetie.
- Is Louise here already?
- Yes, go on.
- Christine.
- Eleonore.
Good of you to come.
- Patrick won't know what hit him.
- Yes.
Come in.
[easy listening music playing]
[muted chatter]
[Margaux] Yeah. [laughs]
- Hi.
- [Matti] You good?
- No champagne for you?
- Mom's put me on water.
Yeah, right.
Dear people, Patrick's chauffeur
just informed me they're nearly here.
And he doesn't know a thing.
- So exciting.
- Right? Cheers.
[in French] Hello.
[Eleonore] Good day.
- Hi, Charles, you alright?
- [Charles] Yes, and you?
Did you invite him?
I hate you so much. How many times
do I have to tell you? I'm not marrying.
- Calm down.
- Stop your pathetic efforts.
They can take one cover away.
- Emilie?
- No, no Emilie!
Emilie, excuse me. Emilie?
[Angelique] Well, everything will be
alright. It's just wedding stress.
- She's having cold feet.
- [woman] I had that too.
I was completely
It'll blow over.
I was extremely nervous before my wedding.
Are you following me around
like some lapdog?
Can you leave me alone for two seconds?
- I came to say your dad's nearly here.
- [scoffs]
A party for 25 miserable years with
that bastard. Can you understand that?
- You're being childish.
- Am I?
Have you forgotten
what I told you yesterday?
- No.
- Did you talk to Daan yet?
- No.
- No?
You know if anyone gets wind of it,
I'm truly fucked.
- Why?
- Why?
Did you think it was real?
- Sometimes you're such a dumb broad.
- Why are you acting like this?
I booked tickets to Uruguay.
You're coming.
- No.
- Louise.
Alex, you're going crazy.
- You're coming.
- You never mentioned it.
- Louise, you're coming.
- No, stop. No!
Do you prefer to be with Daan? Is that it?
- Well?
- I chose you.
- No, no.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck you, Louise.
- Alex
You're a dirty whore.
[Louise sobs]
- Alex.
- I'm nothing to you anymore.
[Alex sobbing and muttering]
- Don't touch me.
- Fuck you, Louise.
Don't touch me!
You're just as sick as your dad.
I hate you.
You're a fucking liar.
I don't recognize you anymore.
Never touch me again.
- I don't want to see you again.
- Lou!
[he breathes heavily]
[everyone outside] Surprise!
[applause and cheering]
[singing] Long may they live ♪
Long may they live, happily ♪
So happily, so happily ♪
- Hip hip!
- Hooray!
- What the fuck are you doing?!
- Patrick!
[emotional violin music]
[Patrick] This is your fault!
[indistinct chatter]
[breathes heavily]
- Louise, where are you going?
- I'm going out for a while.
Away from Alex.
What is it? Why are you so upset?
Did you take your medication this morning?
[Angelique] Louise!
- Louise!
- It's got nothing to do with my pills.
Your perfect son-in-law is an asshole
and my pills won't change that.
Darling, you have to take your medication.
- You'll be admitted to a psychiatry ward.
- You're not listening.
Do you realize that?
Do you realize how harsh
you are with me sometimes?
And with Emilie?
Daan, I have to leave here.
I have to leave.
I'm harsh with you
because you need to know the truth.
Those pills provide you with stability
and you need that.
You won't find it with him.
Or do you think it's real?
You don't know what's real.
[moped engine]
- Beautiful hair.
- Yours too.
A few more.
I'm going to make my husband happy
for once.
- Ah, sweetheart.
- Look here.
- [Jan] The Jan rosé.
- [Eleonore] Yes, your rosé wine.
- There is another bottle.
- [Jan] I can taste it beforehand.
[Eleonore] Exactly. Especially for you.
We have two bottles, so go for it, guys.
What the
- What's this?
- Hm?
What's this? Where is this coming from?
Everyone at the table received it.
That's true.
This wasn't the deal.
- [Eleonore] What's this?
- You were supposed to delete this.
I'm no longer a part
of your party, Eleonore.
You're a cowardly, filthy cow.
- What's happening?
- You are.
What do you mean me?
Here's to love.
- What have you done, son?
- [Alex] What?
There's no hiding now.
Everyone knows what an asshole he is.
Excuse me?
A merciless bastard who built his career
on the backs of others.
- Okay, everyone out.
- Patrick.
- Jan, everyone out.
- They're not allowed to see your anger?
[Eleonore] Angelique, put it away.
Are you beating up me or Mom again?
Angelique, please stay.
- Come on, do it.
- [Eleonore] Please, stay seated.
No, I'd rather everyone left now.
[Matti] Come on, Margaux. We're leaving.
- Matti is leaving as well.
- [Eleonore] Olivia, play some piano.
- Isn't it interesting anymore?
- [Patrick] I'd like everyone to leave.
[Eleonore] Olivia, play some piano.
You practiced so hard on your Chopin.
Alexandre, what do you think you're doing?
Olivia, listen to your mom
and play the piano.
No, you're a scumbag.
Fuck you, really.
- At least one who dares speak her mind.
- Bastard.
[Patrick] Olivia, wait!
- Leave me alone!
- Olivia!
- Olivia, come on, sweetie.
- [door slamming]
[urgent knocking]
[piano music]
Daan? Daan, stop.
[Patrick] Olivia? Olivia, please. Open up.
Give Daddy your phone.
Olivia, give Daddy the phone.
You don't want to see that video.
Don't look at those images. Don't.
Stay out of it!
This is between me and my daughter.
[emotional music]
It's okay.
[Patrick] Olivia!
- Stop and think, asshole.
- Olivia?
- [Melissa] Stop this!
- Open up, come on!
It's okay.
[she sobs]
- [Patrick] Open the door! Olivia!
- [Melissa] Stop this! Are you crazy?
Listen to me closely: you don't talk
to me like that! Understood?!
What will you do? Will you push me? Do it.
Go ahead. I know you killed Claudia.
[Claudia screaming]
[Alex] Stop, stop!
[Patrick] Hey, hey, hey!
[Claudia screams]
[Alex] No!
- I killed her.
- [Eleonore] Alex!
- Shut up, son.
- I won't shut up! Stop!
Stop all the fucking lies!
[sobbing] I killed her.
- Did you use me? Is Patrick innocent?
- That's not true.
- Who are you?!
- Her sister.
- Get out! Go downstairs!
- My sister!
- [Melissa] Alex!
- [Patrick] You knew about this.
And you tried to let me
take the fall, right?!
Don't you realize
you're the cause of all this?!
I hate you!
- I hate you!
- [Alex] I'm sorry
[Eleonore and Patrick continue yelling]
[Eleonore] I hate you!
- You're the fucking cause of it all!
- I hate you!
[Patrick] Everything, and I mean
everything is your fault!
[gun clicks]
[emotional music]
I'm sorry.
["Already" by Hydrogen Sea playing]
Already pressure builds up
In my system ♪
Watch as the blood
It cracks right out of me ♪
What if we open up
To what surrounds us ♪
To plants and the bugs
And the roots of the trees? ♪
Didn't you hear
They'll strike deals with us daily? ♪
And giftwrap some bliss in a breeze ♪
I want to drip down in the ocean ♪
Into the darkness, alright ♪
I want to lay down with the wisdom ♪
It hides at the back of my mind ♪
We want to sink down in the ocean ♪
Into the darkness, alright ♪
We want to lay down with indifference ♪
It governs the whole of our minds ♪
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