Knuckles (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Don't Ever Say I Wasn't There for You

[suspenseful music playing]
[distant car rumbling]
[dramatic sting]

[gravel crunching]
[dramatic crescendo]
[insects chirping]

[Agent Mason]
IceCap Ski Resort.
This is where the buyer
wants to do the exchange?
He makes the rules,
not us.
Right, help me
unload the echidna.
[mysterious music continues]
[lights click]
[gravel crunching quietly]
- [shifts into park]
- [sighs]
Alright, little buddy.
I'm coming for ya.
- [sighs]
- [tapping wheel]
Come on, Wade.
You can do this.
You might not be
a warrior yet,
but you are a deputy.
In fact, you're one of
the greatest deputies
in the history of
law enforcement.
And normally,
in a situation like this,
you'd call for backup.
But this is Montana, so
you are the backup.
Rely on your instincts.
Think back to your
police training.
You are prepared for this.
- [tires screeching]
- [car engine roaring]
- [screeching continues]
- [car fading away]
- [panting]
- Don't ever say
I wasn't there for you.
Cool line.
I am extremely
unprepared for this.
["The Warrior"
by Scandal playing]
Who's the hunter?
Who's the game? ♪
I feel the beat
call your name ♪
I hold you close
in victory ♪
I don't wanna tame
your animal style ♪
You won't be caged
from the call of the wild ♪
Shooting at the walls
of heartache ♪
Bang bang
I am the warrior
Well, I am the warrior
And heart to heart,
you'll win ♪
If you survive
The warrior
The warrior
Shooting at the walls
of heartache ♪
Bang bang
I am the warrior
Well, I am the warrior
And heart to heart,
you'll win ♪
If you survive ♪
The warrior
The warrior
[song ends]
[eerie music playing]
[case buzzing, whirring]
Where have you taken me?
A dungeon?
A torture chamber?!
A pit so deep that no one
will ever hear my screams?
[dramatic crescendo]
- [beep]
- [soft jazz playing]
That's quite nice, actually.
Damn right.
Always pictured myself living
in a place like this one day.
Now, I don't know how to ski,
but with a house like this,
you bet I could learn.
All you have to do is sneak
into the bad guy's lair,
try not to get yourself killed
by their superpowered weapons,
and then save your
cool new best friend.
What could possibly
go wrong?
Come on, Wade.
What would Knuckles do?
He'd come up with
an awesome rescue plan.
[dramatic music playing]
Ah I am visualizing
my inevitable escape
and your brutal
destruction at my hands.
[laughing maniacally]
Yes! Your arms
have just snapped off
with the most
satisfying crunch.
Well, it's a good thing
you're trapped
inside that case then,
buddy. [laughs]
Stop talking to him!
- [dramatic sting]
- He was talkin' to me.
Just stop talking.
Fine with me.
I'm gonna go relax.
Job's done,
and we about to get paid!
- [laughs]
- [Agent Willoughby scoffs]
[suspenseful crescendo]
- [door bell ringing]
- ["Holding Out For a Hero"
by Bonnie Tyler playing]
Alright. Wade's awesome
rescue plan starts now.
Step one,
project confidence.

[engine revving]
- Do do do do
- [snapping]
Do do do do
Step two,
become one with the shadows.
Ah, ah
Where have all
the good men gone ♪
- And where are
all the gods? ♪
- Ooh! [laughs]
- [zapping]
- Where's the streetwise
Hercules ♪
To fight
the rising odds? ♪
Isn't there a white knight
upon a fiery steed? ♪
Late at night,
I toss and I turn ♪
And I dream
of what I need ♪
I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero
till the end of the night ♪
He's gotta be strong,
and he's gotta be fast ♪
- Whoa! Whoa!
- And he's gotta be
fresh from the fight ♪
I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero
till the morning light ♪
He's gotta be sure
Step three
lock and load.
Larger than life
Do do do do
Do do do do
- [lighter clicks]
- Do do do do
- Ah, ah ♪
- [inaudible scream]
[dark laugh]
Up where the mountains
meet the heavens above ♪
And the storm
and the flood ♪
- Step four, the grand finale.
- I can feel his approach
Like a fire in my blood
In my blood, in my blood,
like a fire in my blood ♪
Ah, ah
I need a hero,
I'm holding out for a hero ♪
You are truly an amazing
warrior, Wade Whipple.
Now, as is tradition,
let us celebrate
our victory with a warm hug.
I thought you'd never ask.
- I need a hero
- [fireworks popping]
I'm holding out for a hero
till the morning light ♪
- [elevator music playing]
- [happy humming]
Anything else?
[items clattering]
[cool voice]
Gimme a blue raspberry Icee.
[clunk, pouring]
Oh, how your screams
are a symphony to my ears
as I crush your skulls
into a fine powder,
- and--
- Sorry. Don't mean to interrupt,
but, uh, you almost
finished here?
- No!
- [punches ground]
[dramatic crescendo]
Now, I am finished.
Do you know,
I'm sorry we haven't
gotten a chance
to get to know each other yet.
I'm actually quite
an admirer of your work.
What could you possibly know
about my life of
battles and quests?
- Oh
- [tense music playing]
I know all about you,
Studying creatures like you,
your abilities,
where you're from.
That was my job
for a long time.
I see.
Then, you know about
my tribe's victory
over the vile Dr. Robotnik!
Of course.
So, if you know how
I destroyed someone
as dangerous as him,
then you know how easily
I can destroy someone
like you.
Is that what you think?
That I'm nothing?
That I'm no one compared
to the great Ivo Robotnik.
Well, let me assure you,
you're wrong.
'Cause while I know
everything about you,
I promise,
you know nothing
about me.
But when this is all over
you will.
[tense crescendo]
- [gravel crunching]
- [brakes squeak]
[shifts into park]
- [Wade] Alright. Geared up.
- [engine stops]
Here we go.
[dramatic, exaggerated clanging]
Hang tight, Knucks.
- I'm comin' to get ya.
- [heroic sting]
All I need is the perfect
rescue soundtrack.
Let's do this, Spotify.
- Time to rock out!
- [heroic crescendo]
- [anticlimactic tapping]
- [grunting]
That's not gonna
[insects chirping]
- ["I Don't Want To Wait"
by Paula Cole playing]
- Oh, no, not that song!
- Oh, forget it. [sighs]
- [clatters]
Warrior mode activated.
[energy zapping, whirring]
I don't wanna wait
For our lives to be over
I want to know right now
What will it be
- I don't wanna wait
- [lighter clicks]
- For our lives to be over
- [hissing, whooshing]
Will it be yes--
[song ends]
[fireworks exploding]
The fireworks were supposed
to be the grand finale!
- What the hell?
- What was that?
- [muffled fireworks popping]
- Sounds like someone
just set off
[footsteps running]
[fireworks continue]
Is that the round
little man again?
- [fireworks stop]
- Oh!
[fire crackling]
At least she's still drivable.
- [flames roaring]
- [glass shattering]
You again!
[dramatic music playing]
That's right!
I'm here for the echidna!
- [beeping]
- What's that beeping?
That can't be good.
Wonder what that--
- [blasting]
- Oh, no!
- [zooming]
- Yah! Ay-ay-ay!
- [whirring]
- Oh, no!
Oh, my God!
Wee-hee-hee-hee! [gasps]
I will be right with you guys!
- Oh, God! [screaming]
- [dramatic sting]
[glass shatters]
You guard the echidna.
I'm gonna go and handle this.
[ominous music playing]
- [curtain flapping]
- [footsteps approach]
[curious music playing]
[hissing, creaking]
Little pig, little pig,
where are you?
I know you're
here somewhere.
And I'm gonna find you.
[energy humming]
[mech fist clicking, whirring]
[suspenseful crescendo]
[high-pitched yelp]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [panting]
- [mech fist clanging]
- [yells]
- [table crashes]
- [scrapes floor]
- [screaming]
- [penguins squeaking]
- Oh!
- [Mason laughing]
- [grunts]
- [penguins squeaking]
- [whimpering]
I ever tell you about my time
in the underground fight game?
- We literally just met!
- I spent years
doing bare-knuckle cage matches
and backyard brawls.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
[groaning, panting]
- [mech fist whirring]
- [smashing]
- [screaming]
- [dramatic music playing]
[muffled screaming]
Doesn't sound like your rescue's
going very well, does it?
No, it does not.
Such a shame
Mm. Hope you're
comfortable in there.
- You're not? Huh, never mind.
- [muffled clattering]
- [screams, groans]
- [dramatic sting]
- [panting]
- [mech fist clicking]
- [ominous music playing]
- [gasping]
[evil snickering]
[fist whirring]
- [gagging]
- [ominous crescendo]
[phone buzzing]
One second.
I gotta take this.
- No, no, no, take your time.
- [groans]
- It's my mom.
- [sighs] Oh, yeah
- Should I get that?
- Yeah, you should answer it.
- Yeah. C-Can you
- She'll be worried.
- Yeah, of course.
Here you go.
- Hey, Mom!
- Hey--
- [Mom] It's about time
you answered your phone.
- I been tryin' to call you.
- [sighs] Yes, I know
you've been calling.
- I've been meaning to call.
I've been really busy.
- Hi, Mrs.--
- What's your name?
- Mason.
- Hi, Mrs. Mason. [gags]
- [indistinct]
It's-- Yeah,
that's just a work friend.
Aw, y-you think
we're friends?
Sorry, I'm sorry.
- [indistinct]
- Yeah, Ma. Okay. Ma, I'ma
have to hit you back. I'm busy.
- [Mom] Love you, Mason
- Alright, I love you, too.
Bye-bye, bye.
- [ominous sting]
- Sorry about that.
She seems very sweet.
- Where was I?
- You were telling
some horrifying story
about ripping some
guy's arm off.
- [snaps]
- Yeah.
And that's why
I signed up for GUN.
So I can get paid to beat up
on superpowered freaks
like your little alien friends.
Now, I don't have
to fight fair anymore.
Then neither do I.
- Sriracha!
- [squirts]
[mocking cackle]
- [groaning]
- [crunch]
[cart rattling]

Who are you working with?
He is my protege
and my apprentice.
A force so strong of
body, mind, and heart
that your last words will be
a plea for a merciful death
from the warrior
known only as
- Wade.
- [dramatic crescendo]
Sorry. Sorry.
Say, quite a tussle
back there.
You should see the other guy.
- [quirky music playing]
- Oh. Here he is.
Seriously? This is
your great warrior?
Thought he'd be dead by now.
It's his first day.
I know I may not look
like much of a warrior,
but [sighs]
no offense,
you guys don't, either.
I mean, he looks like
a sexy menswear model,
and you look like
some kind of psychotic
Uma Thurman lookalike.
Thank you.
Now, before you die,
tell me one thing.
What does a moron like you
want with the echidna?
- We're gonna win
a bowling tournament.
- [music builds]
- [mech fist whizzing]
- [dramatic music playing]
[slow motion]
Oh, no!
[zapping explosion]
[glass crinkling]
What are you doing?
- [electricity sizzles]
- [wind blowing]
I'm hugging you, as is
your celebratory tradition,
- is it not?
- [grunting]
[electricity sizzling]
Come on, we gotta get outta
here before they wake up.
- [agents groan]
- [suspenseful music playing]
- Oh!
- [wind blowing]
Oh, nope.
Whatever happens,
hold on.
What? What do you mean?
- [Wade screaming]
- [dramatic music playing]
[air rushing]
[screaming continues]
[gasps] We're alive!
Knuckles! [laughs]
We're alive!
- [cheering]
- [triumphant music playing]
Knuckles! You didn't
tell me you could fly!
No. I can glide.
- Huh?
- For very short distances.
[Wade yelps]
- [screaming]
- [crashing]
- [muffled gagging, coughing]
- [distant dogs barking]
- [bang]
- Stinks.
[continues groaning]
- [groans] Knuckles
- Get up!
Now is no time to rest,
Wade Whipple.
- We must flee!
- [Wade panting]
Sweet truck.
[doors slam]
Drive us!
How? I can't just drive us.
There's no keys.
- [Knuckles grunts]
- [engine starts]
- [truck chiming]
- Okay, I can just drive us.
- [engine roars]
- [tires squeal]
[upbeat rock music playing]
I don't know about you,
but I am star--
Hey, look, a Burger Shack!
Let's go eat!
- [rock music ends]
- Alright.
[passing truck honking]
I think after all that running,
we deserve
a little snack.
What do you say, bud?
I only eat grapes.
And Cool Ranch Doritos.
Okay, well, that explains your
insane and erratic behavior.
Now, come on.
Let's eat, bubba.
So, I was thinking about
how I rescued you before.
Um, on a scale of
one to warrior,
where does Wade fall?
- [growls]
- No biggie. You can
tell me after we eat.
Let's have
a little victory feast
for the boys, huh?
What victory?
We won nothing tonight.
Mm, correct.
I was taken prisoner
because of your
failures in battle.
Mm, that's also true
We were nearly
killed several times.
And once again, correct.
And the only reason
we survived at all
was pure luck.
None of these words would be
used to describe a victory.
Or a warrior.
Alright, some of the things you
just said might have happened,
but you're looking at it
the wrong way, Knuckles.
My dad taught me to take
any win you can
and enjoy it.
Nine outta 10 warriors
would call that a victory.
It might not
have been pretty,
but that doesn't
mean it wasn't a
Glorious victory!
Now, you're gettin' it!
Let's dig in!
This is gonna flop your little
red braids up and down.
- [suspenseful crescendo]
- [door opens]
[Willoughby growls]
- We are so screwed!
- Yeah, I'm pissed, too.
But what are we gonna do?
I guess the deal's off.
No. No, you don't understand.
The deal's not off.
There's no backing out
with him.
We've been selling weapons
to one of the most dangerous
criminal organizations
in the world,
run by
an absolute sociopath!
Now, we're screwing
him over on a deal!
We don't just get to take
our ball and go home.
We show up empty-handed,
he's gonna
straight-up kill us.
Most likely in
a pretty horrible way.
- Well, that doesn't sound great.
- No! Not great!
Not great at all.
We need to get them, fast,
before he gets us.
[suspenseful crescendo]
Wade Whipple,
you wish to be a warrior.
Yet you hail
from Green Hills,
a place where there
are no warring clans.
So, why do you remain there?
I guess Green Hills
has always just been home.
[melancholy music playing]
I mean, there must be
some place in the universe
that's like that for you, right?
Since the loss of my tribe,
I have journeyed across
every corner of the galaxy.
- Seen planets and stars
you could only dream of.
- [sighs] Hm.
But nowhere
I have called home.
- That must be tough for you.
- Yes.
I made a promise
to my fellow warriors
to find the Master Emerald
and protect it.
- [proud music playing]
- That shall be my goal until
the moment I join my people
in the Great Battleground
in the Sky.
One thing I have learned in
pledging my life to this quest
is that I have been betrayed
again and again.
And again. And again.
Sorry that happened to you.
You know how that feels,
don't you?
To be betrayed?
Yeah, I know how that feels.
By your father,
who abandoned you
like common gutter trash!
No, I got what you were saying.
Thank you very much, though.
[gentle music playing]
Warrior or not,
I'm strong enough to know that
I would never betray a friend.
You are stronger than
you think, Wade Whipple.
I don't know about that.
- [hopeful music playing]
- On a scale of one to warrior,
- you are a three.
- Really?
I'm gonna put that
on my dating profile!
Wade Whipple.
Solid three.
Now, come on.
Let's hit the road, huh?
["Rock You Like a Hurricane"
by Scorpions playing on radio]
Here I am
- Ha!
- Rock you
like a hurricane ♪
- [excited scream]
- Here I am
- [both laugh]
- Rock you
like a hurricane ♪
- [laughs]
- Victory!
- Ha ha!
- [laughs] Yes! Turn it up!
- Alright! Yeah!
- It starts to shout
Desire is coming,
it breaks-- ♪
- [song stops]
- [announcer] [on radio]
The Rock Zone Special Report.
[DJ] [on radio]
Alright, this just in, guys.
Authorities have a manhunt out
for a guy named Wade Whipple.
You remember this guy?
He was the sheriff's deputy
who won
the Hot Pocket-eating contest
at last year's Spring Fest.
[laughs] That guy.
There is a bounty
out for the guy now.
- I mean, he is royally screwed.
- [announcer] Screwed.
I would not want to
be that guy today.
Alright, let's get
back to the music.
[rock song playing]
Oh, my God.
I'm a fugitive!
There's a bounty
on my head!
And I'm Munsoned out here
in the middle of nowhere?
What are we gonna do?
- [grunts]
- [radio fizzling off]
You just love smashing
radios, don't ya?
[soft music playing]
- [Knuckles] Whipple!
- [grunts] Y-Yes.
First light has broken.
We need safe harbor.
Somewhere we can stay
hidden and secure.
I know a place we could lay low,
but it's gonna mean going
somewhere I haven't been
in a really long time.
[tense crescendo]
[doorbell rings]
- [gasps]
- Hi, Mom. I'm home.
- Oh
- [thud]
[upbeat '80s-style
music playing]
He's a big red warrior
who came from outer space ♪
On a mission to destroy
the fricking human race ♪
Met a talking hedgehog
and a fox ♪
And he changed his mind
'Cause this planet
really rocks, and he knew ♪
It was time to go
Days and nights
spent training Wade ♪
Till he's strong
and he's tough ♪
And he's
totally unafraid ♪
He's Knuckles,
the last Echidna ♪
He's got a powerful
punch and a temper ♪
He's Knuckles,
the last Echidna ♪
And Wade!
[song fades out]
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