Knuckles (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

What Happens in Reno, Stays in Reno

["The Warrior"
by Scandal playing]
Oh-oh-oh-oh ♪
Oh-oh-oh ♪
Oh, who's the hunter?
Who's the game? ♪
I feel the beat
call your name ♪
I hold you close in victory
I don't wanna tame
your animal style ♪
You won't be caged
from the call of the wild ♪
Shooting at
the walls of heartache ♪
Bang bang
I am the warrior
Well, I am the warrior
And heart to heart,
you'll win ♪
If you survive
The warrior ♪
Shooting at
the walls of heartache ♪
Bang bang
I am the warrior
Well, I am the warrior
And heart to heart,
you'll win ♪
If you survive
The warrior ♪
I am the warrior!
- [song ends]
- [dramatic sting]
It's done.
Knuckles is headed your way.
We're in position.
[tense music playing]
[music building]
He's almost at the penthouse.
As soon as you have him,
you send my mom and my sister
down to me, and please
just don't hurt him.
- [whirring]
- No promises.
[evil laugh]
[dramatic crescendo]
[elevator chimes, doors rumble]
[blaster zapping]
[evil laugh]
[sizzling, crackling]
[suspenseful music playing]
What the
What is that?
- [Knuckles] Peekaboo.
- [both gasp]
- [yells]
- [Willoughby screams]
[both grunt]
[Wade] [on phone]
Oh, shoot and darn it.
I forgot to tell
you guys one thing.
Knuckles has been
listening the whole time.
You messed with
the wrong warrior.
["Saturday Night's Alright
[For Fighting]"
by Elton John playing]
- Big mistake. Huge.
- [energy sizzling]
Oh, don't give us none
of your aggravation ♪
- We had it with
your discipline ♪
- [grunts]
Saturday night's
alright for fighting ♪
- Get a little action in
- [grunting, yelling]
Get about as oiled
as a diesel train ♪
Gonna set
this dance alight ♪
'Cause Saturday night's
the night I like ♪
Saturday night's alright,
alright, alright ♪
Oh man
- Ooh
- [grunting, yelling]
- [growls, grunts]
- Stop hitting yourself!
Stop hitting yourself!
Stop hitting yourself!
- [song ends]
- [panting]
- Wade! How did you get here?
- [smashing, fighting continue]
I snuck in the back stairs,
then, using my cat-like reflexes
and natural ability
to be overlooked,
I was able
to get in the room.
Besides, they were more
focused on Knuckles anyway.
I'm here to rescue you guys!
- Oh, thank God.
We really need your help.
- No, Mom! We don't.
I'm gonna get us
outta here on my own.
Wanda, please don't
start that again.
- Yeah, don't be a hero, Wanda.
- I am a hero!
I've accidentally locked myself
in those cuffs so many times,
Tom gave me a master key!
- [fighting continues]
- [Wanda groans]
Wade, you saved us!
- What are you doing?
- [Wanda] No. Wade, stop.
Stop touching me!
- Stop! No--
- Stop moving your hands! If you
stop moving your hands, then I--
- I'm doing a thing right now!
- What are you doing?!
I'm doing an FBI thing
where I slip my own hands
out of these handcuffs
by dislocating my thumb.
Here I go.
- Ow! Oh!
- Just let me do it!
It'll be way less painful
and quicker!
I'm almost there. Ow!
- You're screaming in pain.
- Ow! Ah! I'm almost there!
Let your brother
rescue you!
[dramatic music playing]
This isn't over yet
[mech gloves whir]
No! I'm not letting Wade
rescue me! No freaking way!
- Ah, Knuckles!
- [smash]
- Let's do this.
- [yells]
- [energy whirring]
- [dramatic music playing]
- [yells]
- [both grunt]
[tense music playing]
- [energy sizzling]
- This ends now.
Okay. Fine.
Fine, you win.
- Knuckles, you okay?
- Wade! Stay back.
- [rings clanging]
- [dramatic music playing]
Not this time.
[rings shimmering]
- [zapping]
- [wind howling]
- [dramatic music playing]
- [both yell]
- [furniture whipping by]
- [Willoughby screams]
[ceiling cracking]
- Ah! Get off me!
- Ah! No!
No, I can't get sucked
into that thing! Help me!
This ain't good.
[furniture whipping by]
- [straining]
- [cracking]
- [wind howling]
- [clang]
[dust settling]
[gasps] Dude!
That was awesome!
I can't believe the plan worked.
We did it!
Wade Whipple,
you must hurry.
Your Tournament of Champions
is about to conclude!
The tournament?
You mean--
Yes. Your greatest victory
still awaits.
- [dramatic music playing]
- This is your last chance
to face your ultimate foe!
The schmuck known
as your father,
in a ritual trial by combat on
your own personal battleground!
I'd like five minutes alone
with him in a trial by combat.
The time has come for you
to prove your worth
as a champion,
and a warrior.
You know what?
You're right. This is it.
This is finally my chance
- to--
- [Wanda] Got i!
- I got it! [laughs]
- [retches]
- Told you I would do it!
- W-Wanda, put that thing away.
- [delirious laugh]
- Impressive battle wound,
Wanda Whipple.
Thanks, Knucks.
[Gary] We are here
at the final round
of the Bowling Tournament
of Champions
in beautiful Reno, Nevada,
or as I like to call it,
-"Las Vegas for losers."
- ["Sirius" by
Borna Matosic playing]
Once again, the heavy
favorite's from overseas,
where they bowl on
the wrong side of the lane.
I'm talking about the team
led by 27-time winner
and legend of the lanes,
Pistol Pete Whipple!
- [crowd cheering]
- [haughty chuckle]

- Look at that swagger.
- Wow, look at the attitude.
I mean, this guy
is all confidence.
- [exhales]
- This crowd is goin' nuts
for Pistol Pete.
Are you ready for a show?
[crowd cheering]
- [Dylan] Jordan. Gretzky.
- [Gary] Yes.
Brady. These are
the names you think of
when you think of athletes
that have defined their sport.
And with a win today,
I would argue
that Pistol Pete's face
should be chiseled up there
- on the Mount Rushmore
of bowling as well.
- [Pete chuckles]
Next time she needs
an after-school activity,
we're doing piano lessons.
And in the challenger's
we have
a young upstart team
looking to have their first
taste of championship glory.
It's fronted by a small-town
Montana sheriff's deputy,
who also happens to be
- Pistol Pete's long-lost son!
- [laughs] What?
- Allegedly.
- Now, here's a good
father-son story.
Rumor has it
that Pistol Pete
abandoned his son
at a local TJ Maxx,
choosing a bowling career
over his parenting duties.
I wanna say,
regardless of how you feel
- about childhood abandonment,
and I'm against it
- Hm. Me, too.
the deals at TJ Maxx
cannot be beat.
[laughs] No, I wish my dad
left me at a TJ Maxx.
But, you know what?
Let's settle this score
once and for all
and bring out
our challenger,
Mr. Wade Whipple
- Yes!
- [holds "Whipple"]
- Yes, Wade!
Here he comes, everybody!
- Go, Wade!
Get ready!
[song continues]
- Sorry, where is he?
- [music stops abruptly]
- Uh I'm not, uh
- Is he not
I gave him the--
Mr. Wade Whipple!
[song restarts]
- Just like that scene
in The Sound of Music
- L-Let me do it again.
- [song stops, restarts]
- Maybe he didn't hear it.
Let me hear it. Uh
Let's settle the score once
and for all and bring out
Wade Whipple!
Wade? Wade Whipple.
- [song fades out]
- [confused chatter]
- Oh, man.
- [Gary] Wade Whipple?
[Dylan] I-I don't have him.
I don't have eyes on him.
Okay, well, I-- What do
you mean stretch it out?
- I can't stretch it out
- We're supposed to fill time.
You know what?
L-L-Let's do some
of the fun facts.
Oh. Oh, what a pity.
It appears my opponent
is officially a no-show.
Which means, once again, I
- am the winner! [laughing]
- [crowd cheering]
Put that trophy down.
[triumphant sting]
- Dad.
- [drops bag]
- [Gary] Wow Okay.
- [Dylan] Wow Lotta drama.

[hushed chatter]
[Wayne] Oh! There he is.
Surprised to see me?
Can't say that I am.
You never were the sharpest
thorn in the briar patch.
I don't have any idea
what that means,
but I'm sure
it's insulting.
If I wanted to
insult you, dear boy,
I'd tell you you are
in over your head,
out of your league,
and 10 pins away
from the most humiliating
defeat of your life.
- Oh, snap! I heard that!
- Ooh! That's gotta hurt!
- [laughs]
- I heard that one!
In front of everybody!
And if I was
to insult you,
I'd say your game's
gotten weak,
your costume
smells funky,
and, quite frankly,
your accent sounds fake.
- Sick burn, baby!
- Really? Even the last one?
- [Dylan] Oh! Should we be
allowed to hear this?
- [Gary laughs]
- I think not.
- Should we be--
I mean, this is private!
I'm going to give you
one last chance, Wade,
to do what I did
all those years ago
and just walk away.
Because there's no way
you can win, dear boy.
You see all these
lovely people?
Every single one of them
is here
because they love me.
- [chuckling]
- [crowd cheering]
And they have absolutely
no bloody idea
who the hell you are!
[haughty laugh]
Oh yeah, old man?
- [flicks hat]
- They will.
- [crowd gasps]
- ["Sirius" by
Borna Matosic resumes]
- [Gary] Wow!
- [Dylan] Whoa!
Those are some
athletic-looking thighs!
[Gary] I mean,
but get them in the sun.
I don't think I'm supposed
to be looking at that.
[music builds]
[sighs] Let's roll.
[crowd cheering]
Yes, Wade!
Wade, put your pants
back on, dude.
[nervous laugh]
It'll be cooler.
[cheering continues]
[frustrated grunt]
Pistol Pete! Pistol Pete!
Pistol Pete! Pistol Pete!
Pistol Pete!
Pistol Pete! Pistol Pete!
Pistol Pete! Pistol Pete!
Wade Whipple!
- Wade Whipple! Wade Whipple!
- Wade Whipple! Wade Whipple!
Wade Whipple!
Pistol Pete! Pistol Pete!
- Wade Whipple! Wade Whipple!
- Wade Whipple!
It's Whipple versus Whipple
as the Tournament
of Champions finals
are officially underway.
Can't wait.
[music stops abruptly]
- [Gary] Oh!
Right out of the gate!
- [Dylan] Wow.
[Dylan] Here we go.
This is some great
bowling action.
[laughing] Yeah.
That's how it's done.
Pistol Pete! Pistol Pete!
Pistol Pete! Pistol Pete!
Pistol Pete! Pistol Pete!
Pistol Pete
[crowd slowly fading out]
- [gunshot]
- [blows]
Man, your dad's a real
turd bucket, huh?
Yeah, I've recently
come to realize that.
[sighing] Ahhhhh
Better keep up, dear boy.
That is, unless,
you're ready to
wave the white flag
and surrender.
- [scoffs] I'm Wade Whipple.
- [dramatic music playing]
Lieutenant Deputy of
the smallest town in Montana.
I don't know the meaning
of the word "surrender."
Water bottle.
- [pops]
- I have not yet begun to ball.
[loud slurping]
[music building]

[ball rumbling]
- [crowd gasps]
- Yes! Yes!
- Wade not backing down at all!
- [laughs]
- Look at the balls on this guy.
- Oh. Tit for tat.
[on TV]
Look, I'm not a doctor,
but technically,
- they share the same blood
- Can I get a beer, please?
- [bartender] Yeah, sure.
- [TV chatter]
- [pouring beer]
- [Knuckles] Hm
This truly is
a strange little planet.
Can I get you anything, honey?
Yes. Bring me your
largest challah bread.
["Pick Up The Pieces"
by Average White Band playing]
[ball rolling]
- [crowd cheering]
- Bam!

[ball rolling]
- [crowd cheering]
- Yes!
[laughing, blowing]
Ha, yes!
[bowling balls rolling]
- [pins clattering]
- [squeals]
[crowd cheering]
[Susie giggling]
[crowd cheering]
[song continues]
- [pins clattering]
- [crowd cheering]
[crowd cheering]

- [song ends]
- Uh-oh!
- [crowd cheering]
- [humming melody]
Pistol Pete looking
a little worried over there.
- [laughs] Oh, yeah,
he looks intimidated.
- You know, I think he's, uh,
got a little bit tougher
competitor than he thought.
Gettin' nervous yet,
old timer?
Nervous? [scoffs]
Don't be ridiculous.
Woo-hoo! You go, Wade!
And whatever happens,
- I'm proud of you!
- [Wanda] Wade!
Please! Please
don't choke today!
- Just please don't do it!
Do great! Okay?
- [kissing]
- [noisy chomping]
- [TV chatter]
[people screaming]
- [TV chatter continues]
- [smashing, screaming]
Hm That sounds troubling.
- [muffled explosion]
- [tense music playing]
- [metal whipping]
- [yells]
- [music building]
- [stomping]

Knuckles the Echidna.
It's an honor
to meet you at last.
[dramatic music playing]
- [grunts]
- [Knuckles yells]
- [chain whipping]
- [grunts]
- [glass breaking]
- [groans]
[dramatic crescendo]
I thought you'd give me
more of a fight.
- [ominous bell chimes]
- [Dylan] This is it.
It's all going to come down
to this final frame.
[tense music playing]
[both sigh]
- [ominous bell chimes]
- [Pete] You got this, Pete.
[slow-motion rumbling]
[rumbling increases]
- Oh
- [rattling]
[crowd gasps]
- [tense music playing]
- [muffled rattling]
[rattling slows]
[shallow breathing]

- [rattling stops]
- [crowd gasps]
- Yes! I love you, pin!
- Oh, for heaven's sakes.
That miss gives Wade a chance.
- If he can get a strike here,
he could win the tournament.
- [clears throat]
[sighs] You should pick up
this spare, no problem.
- [Dylan] Wow! [laughs]
- [Gary laughs]
- Those are fightin' words
right there.
- Sick dig!
Someone's about
to get slapped!
- [Gary laughs]
- Great use of the term
"sick dig," by the way.
[ball rolling]
- [crowd cheering]
- [Pete laughs]
[haughty sigh]
This is so dramatic.
[Gary] Because as it
comes down to this,
if Wade Whipple
bowls another strike,
he'll be on his way
to a perfect game
and a tournament
Not to mention
an emotional victory
over the man who left him
a fatherless,
utter shell
of a human being.
- Okay
- [Gary] And the question is,
does Wade have the strength
to finish this fight?
Well, do you, dear boy?
Are you strong enough
to strike down
your own father in battle?
To do whatever
it takes to claim
that championship trophy?
[dramatic music playing]
Or are you just another
schmuck with a nickname?
[scoffs] Wade the Warrior?
[laughing, sighs]
Oh, I know
I'm strong enough, Dad.
Because all my life,
I've learned
from great warriors.
- Hm.
- I learned from a mother
who never stopped fighting
for her family.
I learned from her sister, who's
honestly a little bit annoying,
but amazingly fearless
and headstrong.
[music building]
But most of all, I learned
from the greatest warrior
in the entire galaxy,
who taught me that
real warriors wouldn't exist
if not for those
who came before them,
showed them the way,
and never stopped fighting,
no matter how hard
the battle became.
That's why I never would've
found my greatest strength,
my true power,
without my friend,
Knuckles the Echidna.
[emotional crescendo]
Now, Dylan, normally it
doesn't take this long
- for bowlers to bowl.
- Yeah, I agree, Gary.
It seems as though
he is monologuing.
That's highly
Nice speech.
But you left out
one small detail.
- You're a loser, Wade.
- [tense music playing]
You always have been,
and you always will be.
- [sighs]
- [Pete grunts]
[clears throat]
Well, would a loser do this?
[soft music playing]
[dramatic sting]
[ball rumbling in slow motion]
- [slow wobbling]
- [tense music playing]
[dark chuckle]
[wobbling continues]
[music builds]
[wobbling increases]
- [clatters]
- Yes!
- [air horn blares]
- [crowd cheering]
[triumphant music playing]
- Oh! Unbelievable!
- Oh! The upstart has done it!
Oh, my God, I did it!
I won! [laughs]
I'm a champion!
- [crowd gasps]
- Whoa! Duck!
- Knuckles?
- Wade Whipple!
Get your people to safety
- before they-- [yells]
- [crowd screaming]
[dramatic music playing]
[Susie whimpering]
[screaming continues]

- Wade! Where are you going?
- To help my friend!
- [emotional music playing]
- [machinery whirring]
- Knuckles?
- [Knuckles] Wade!
Stay back!
Okay, the stakes have
been raised considerably.
Don't worry, Echidna.
This'll all be over soon.
- All I need is
- [whirring]
every ounce of your power.
- [zapping]
- [groans]
- [Wade] Knuckles!
- [groaning]
- [dramatic music playing]
- [whirring, sizzling]
- What are you doing to him?!
- [yells]
[powering down]
Your power is mine, echidna.
- [stomp, fizzling]
- [dramatic music playing]
Your only purpose now
is to die!
[dramatic crescendo]
Knuckles! Buddy!
What did he do to you?
[The Buyer]
You caused me a lotta trouble.
- Now I'm gonna make you pay.
- [sizzling, whirring]
[soft music playing]
You think you're so tough,
hiding behind that metal onesie
you're wearing?
I'm not scared of you.
Come and get me!
[dramatic music playing]
Okay, I was bluffing.
["La Cucaracha" novelty horn]
[tires screech]
- Hm?
- [triumphant music playing]
- [tires squeal]
- [Wanda] Whoa!
Somebody call for backup?
We thought
you could use a hand.
- [Wanda laughs]
- God, that was a good line.
- [mech gloves whirring]
- [music building]
[energy sizzling]
Alright, Wade.
Let's do this.
[dramatic crescendo]
Let's roll.
[glove whirs]
[angry growl]
Knuckles, I hope
you can hear this.
You taught me how to stand up
for myself and fight!
[emotional music playing]
And we're stronger
than ever now
because we fight together!

A warrior's true strength
comes from their heart.
[music building]
- [grunts]
- [clangs, crunches]
And your heart
has never been bigger!

You fight to honor
your family!

You fight to protect
your friends! [grunts]
And now, you have
something new to fight for.
[mech suit approaching]
A home!

[glove whirring]
Looks like you're
all out of balls!
[dramatic crescendo]
[Knuckles screaming]
- [triumphant music playing]
- This is my home!
- [zapping]
- [growls]
- No! No!
- [mech suit powering down]
- My power!
- [dramatic crescendo]
['80s-style rock guitar riff]
[boom, whoosh]
- [yells]
- [music builds]
The Flames of Disaster!
Come on!
- [screaming]
- [electricity shorting]

- [zooming]
- Finish him, Knucks!

- [cables snapping]
- [creaking, rumbling]

[Knuckles grunts]
Victory is ours.
[sphere collapses]
[electric fizzle]
Wow. Well,
there you have it, folks.
This proves what I've
been saying all along.
anything can happen
in the National
Bowling Championships.
You know, Gary,
I looked it up,
and actually,
this has happened before.
There was a visit
by an extraterrestrial
in the 1974 tourney,
- but I don't think he was red.
- Well, you might be right,
but I'm gonna tell you,
this time was a lot more fun.
- What a show tonight, people.
- So fun. Oh!
Looks like there's some more
action down on the lanes.
Hey! That dork burger's
stealing the trophy!
- [Cockney accent] Shut your
gob hole, you little brat!
- [Dylan] Oh no!
Pistol Pete is
stealing the trophy,
and he lost the tourney!
I don't know what the rule book
says about this, Gary.
- [panting]
- [Wendy] Oh, no, you don't.
Take your hands off
my son's trophy, you schmuck!
- [grunting]
- [triumphant music playing]
Mom, that was awesome!
Ever think about
joining the FBI?
Well, if it means
I can spend more time
with my daughter,
I'd love to.
[Wanda grunts]
You did it, Wade Whipple!
You won!
Buddy, we did it.

["Whatta Man" by Salt-N-Pepa
& En Vogue playing]
Hey, hey
Alright, yeah
Oh, what a man,
what a man, what a man ♪
What a mighty good man
He's a mighty mighty
good man, yeah ♪
Ooh, now break it down
- [motorcycle rumbling]
- Hey, Knuckles!
How about some
new road trip music?
I call this mix "Knuckles
and Wade Warrior Jammerz."
["The Warrior" by Scandal
playing on phone]
What is this amazing song?
- Oh
- Could this be
- Oh-oh-oh
- Yes!
This is
my jam!
Stereo jungle child
Love is the kill,
your heart's still wild ♪
Shooting at
the walls of heartache ♪
Bang bang
I am the warrior
Well, I am the warrior
And heart to heart,
you'll win ♪
If you survive
The warrior
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