Kodenavn Hunter (2007) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

We're landing.
We're in touch with the wounded.
Another person have appeared.
Sit still! A public warning will go out in a few minutes.
We're sending the strikeforce by helicopter.
Ask Arvika hospital what the ambulance helicopter's position is.
Tell flightcontrol to report unannounced flights.
I'm inside in a few minutes.
God! Look! Kikki! was disguised as firefighters, and disappeared with Arian ALushi in a hijacked ambulance helicopter.
Probably entering Swedish airspace.
- What a story! - Two Norwegian servicemen killed.
- A good looking guy! - Don't you know him from work? - Really? - With Tascko.
Sexy man, I got to say.
What? Of course! - Kikki? - She's over there.
- Kikki? - Yes.
- You have experience nursing.
- Are you ill? No, but.
- Do you understand Norwegian? - Yes.
- Someone needs first aid.
- Try the doctor's office.
He doesn't have a green card.
I never completed my education.
Oh! Hi.
- Now, or? - We're going now.
You better not know where you are.
- Well? - The bullet is lodged in the groin.
Danger of infection.
It's close to a main artery.
We have no choice.
I got help.
You are a nurse? What do you think she is, a basketplayer? Make the sterile pads ready, clamps.
There's plasma in the bag.
The patient must be monitored.
Give him antibiotics.
There's a danger of clotting.
You got that? - We stay until he's ok.
- Not a chance.
- I have to go to work.
- You're on sickleave.
Can I have my cellphone so I can call it in? - You know you can't call right? - Let me go.
This is not a game.
So I'm taking care of this, you got that? Ok.
- How's his fever? - 40.
5 C - Get his fever down.
We won't loose him.
- I can't guarantee that! The air in here is fucking bad.
This needs changing.
Fucking hell - Don't fucking drink here! - Stop it.
Stop the paranoia.
- You want a beer? - No.
- His fever is not coming down.
- He's been to war.
Can I have a cigarette? - Sitting here makes me crazy.
- Never done time? No.
I only got suspended sentence.
Don't know why I'm wasting my leave sitting here.
- But of course, you're here.
- That's right.
What do you say? Feeling a little horny? - No, as a matter of fact I'm not.
- No? Ok.
Take them.
- You're joking right? - No! You're not free are you? Ok.
- No.
- Yes.
- Cut it out.
- Take it easy.
- Hey! - Be nice.
I'll be gentle.
Damn it, cut it out.
- Turn.
- Stop it.
- Give me a kiss.
- No.
Stop it.
Cut it out.
- I didn't know she was yours.
- Relax, nothing happened.
Say "shoot me.
" Say "shoot me.
" - What did you ride? Virago? - No.
Don't like cruisers.
Kawa ZX R.
- Really? Bullshit.
- 1000 CC.
- What kind of bike do you have? - None at the moment.
But I can get my hands on a Ducati 999.
- That's a kickass bike! - Fuck yeah.
I drove a Ducati once.
916 on a track.
It's wild.
Can I try it? At least one ethnicgroup in Sweden is put in connection with the helicopter hijack.
The fact that we haven't located the helicopter, suggest careful planning.
They probably flew low, under the radar.
That takes a skilled pilot.
Possible military background.
- Ah, back to say hello? - My father was ill.
You could have said you'd be away several days.
Help out in the bar.
Are you coming to Toni's tonight? - Who's gonna be there? - It's just for us at work.
- Du you know the Norwegian, Jonna? - I know who he is.
- Not my type.
Is he here? - Come to the club on thursday.
- Have you been to see him? - Cut it out! - Isn't he gay? - I don't know.
- I was curious.
Lot of money.
- He does business for Tascko.
Hey, Allan.
Police! Freeze! I said freeze! Ouch! - You can follow me.
- Ok, where are we going? It was just for personal use.
Is it so hard, to write a fine? - Hey! - You fucking party pooper.
We have to be able to have a little fun, right? - Everything is how it should be.
- No one has taken your place.
What's happened? Tell me.
This is gonna take some time.
Have info, about a 38 cal.
bullet, operated out of an east european.
He was staying illegally in Gothenburg, three days ago.
The Smith & Wesson 38 is the Norwegian service revolver.
Where was it? A sound from a container crane was registered.
And that a car alarm was on for about 20 minutes during the night.
Is this about the escape in Norway? - Nationality? - Croatian.
How do you know this? "Undercover" or informer? - Damn it, Maria! - The person is in a dangerous situation.
- I want to guarantee a 100 % silence.
- You can trust me, can't you? There's talk about cops.
- Why is he involved in such a mission? - The person have a nursing education.
It's not clear why they choose to trust outsiders so blindly.
The contact is a Norwegian.
Not registered in Sweden.
- Not anything else? - Just the appearance.
I'll contact Norway right away.
You won't pull him out? - We'll decide that tomorrow.
- Not until you've talked with us.
Don't forget I'm the Chief of operations, and am responsible for security.
- This case has cost us two lives.
- That's why.
Seems like fake leads.
- Are we sure he's not exposed? - Chief seems certain.
It's possible they were picked up outside Koster, and are hiding here.
- Did he receive a transfusion? - Blood type A.
Matches the blood found at the scene of the crime.
- Do we get to meet "undercover?" - Forget it.
We're seeing the chief of operations.
She wants to pull out "undercover.
" - We're counting on Jonna making contact.
- Does "undercover" have a transmitter? No.
It's not like in the movies.
It's too risky.
So is a meeting with "undercover" out of the picture? Yes.
That's a no.
- You do have a boss? - Yes.
We have a meeting at 12.
I'll recommend pulling "undercover" out.
Wait a minute.
Isn't it more dangerous pulling him out? We'll send him out of the country.
Then you can use all the information.
If we find the hideout now, someone will have leaked it.
Then our guy is a suspect.
We have to choose what to go with.
Anybody else informed? - Not with me.
- My boss.
We're laying low.
You locate reported car alarms.
And monitor ports.
I'll see if I can find Jonna's identity.
I'll deal with those views.
Take this.
I'll check the ports.
13 car alarms are reported.
Five of them in the port area.
Let's check the business register.
Fuck, This woman can't be allowed to screw up our investigation.
It's Narco's "undercover.
" It's not tactical to imply that we are in touch with Holmberg.
Awesome! - Do you want it? - Are you kidding? For what money? I need to place some cash.
- Problem solved then.
- It has to be in a Swedish name.
You can use it as much as you want.
Payment for the nursing job, or what? There! It's him! - Do you have anything on him? - Check with Norway.
- He wants me to go to Oslo with him.
- When? I don't know.
- How do you get out of it? - Out? - I'm going in.
- No.
- Yes.
- You stay right where you are.
- He wants to register the Ducati in my name - You request to be pulled out.
He gave me 20.
000 for the nursing job.
Wait a minute Are you falling in love? I have to take the money, to appear credible.
Put the money in the Norwegian budget, but don't blow this.
What have you done? Albanians hardly trust their own.
- I fucked my way ahead.
- Well, you've done something.
I advise you to keep your mouth shut, or you're out of the force.
Listen! The Ducati isn't clean.
He doesn't want to drive it across the border himself.
This is the result of a year of "undercover" work.
It's big! - Do you get that? - You're after this.
What do you think they'll want the next time? Don't do anything, until you have the "go ahead.
" Ok? I can't vouch for this.
- A fit policeman? - Who says it's a man? - They're going to Norway.
- "Undercover?" I received a coded text.
She's driving a Ducati 999.
Jonna's driving an Audi TT.
They're gonna stay at Oslo Plaza.
- She switched SIM cards.
- Has she gone rogue? The text was sent an hour ago.
I don't know if she's in love.
- Does she know who he is? - Didn't want to send that electronically.
Let's hope we'll be fully protected in Norway.
- Is the Norwegian gone? - The funeral is today.
srt and translation by GeirDM