Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) (1994) s01e01 Episode Script

Series 1, Episode 1

INSPECTOR REX LAST STOP VIENNA I'd like a cup of coffee.
And a piece of what's it called? Sachertorte.
- Anything with that? - Such as? Schlagoberst.
I quite forgot.
with cream, of course.
- And your coffee? - With cream too.
One coffee with cream, one cake with cream.
Is all that cream good for you, Mr Zhukov? Good morning.
Mr Spitzer! what are you doing here? Everything's fine.
I came to tell you that at two o'clock your power of attorney for the bank accounts and the cash will be ready.
Where? At a nearby bank.
- You'll see to it yourself? - If you wish.
It's too bad that we have to terminate our business.
But it was to be foreseen.
Times have changed.
None of us are too happy about it.
But you've made provisions.
Give and take.
Everyone benefited.
And I bore the risk.
Were there any problems in Moscow? Put it this way Some people have been waiting for the chance to get rid of me.
But I've pre-empted them.
Your coffee, sir.
And your cake.
The same for me too, please.
Excuse me one moment.
what's wrong? Push the button! Don't panic.
It won't be long.
Search, Rex! Thank God.
Why is it going up? There's nothing downstairs.
Are you sure? He's sure.
That's him! He was at the same table.
Stop! Go, Rex! Come on.
we've almost got him.
Cover! Stay! Drop your gun.
A doctor.
Call a doctor.
Quick! You! See to it.
What's wrong with him? The dog's injured too.
Could you take a look? What's the world coming to? A bomb blast in the middle of Stephansplatz! Two passports.
I found them on the dead man.
The guy I shot had no lD.
I'll tell you more in the morning.
Very well, then.
This evening.
- What's the dog called? - Rex.
Come on, Rex.
Come! You can't stay here.
- What will happen to him? - Hard to say.
We had a case before.
The dog couldn't get used to anyone else.
He moped.
And? We had to have him put down.
Surely you can tell me roughly when What? No, just tell me when he can be questioned.
Yes, then put me through to the doctor.
He's with a private patient? Bully for him.
I'll call back.
It's mad.
"He needs rest.
He's seriously hurt.
" "Only Doctor can say.
" They don't care he killed a cop.
what a day! Don't bank on him talking when he comes round.
He'll talk all right.
Spitzer didn't look like a pro to me.
- What about the bomb? - The bomb! Any kid can knock up a bomb these days.
Anything new on the dead man? He had two names but he wasn't registered as an Austrian resident.
Try the hotels.
See if a Zhukov or a Ramirez checked in.
And you ask the federal cops if they know him.
What are you going to do? See my Eastern European pals.
Eastern pals, my foot! You mean the hot-dog stand.
Seeing as you've scoffed my ham rolls again.
How can I go shopping when I'm slogging away all day? Can he get mad! No gherkins! Two sausages with the lot, please.
Thanks, Franz.
So, what's new? I was going to ask you that.
Any news on the explosion? I heard about it on the radio.
I was there.
What can I say? A cop got shot.
- Hey, look out! - Sorry.
I'm really sorry.
Sorry, are you? Stop, you're making it worse.
I don't believe it.
It can't be true.
What's up? He pinched my wallet.
I'll pay you later.
Not your day, is it? I'm from round here, too.
- I don't know what you want.
- Just my wallet.
Magic! where are you from? - Okay.
we'll go to the police.
- No police, no.
Please! My father will kill me.
Look, I'm often in this part of town.
If I catch you again, there'll be trouble.
Got it? Now scram.
- How are you? - Can't complain.
What are you doing here, Richie? Or should I say Richard? - Have you got any water? - As much as you want.
You haven't been here for a long time.
And it shows.
Some kid just stole my wallet.
Fine thing for a cop.
Since my mother died I've felt a stranger here.
You're right, Richie.
It used to be much nicer.
Nowadays oh well.
You didn't come to hear an old Russian grumble.
What can I do for you? It's about the bomb.
I'm sure you heard about it.
I did.
Let's go up to my office.
- How's your back? - Worse by the day.
Things were much better just a few years ago.
Thank you.
One did business with the East peacefully, if not always quite legally.
But now it's got a lot tougher.
The Eastern Mafia have taken over.
That's why I'm here.
Do you know this man? Zhukov Petr lvanovich.
I know the name.
Yes, Petr Zhukov.
Top brass in the Russian Trade Ministry.
In charge of imports from Europe.
A senior bureaucrat, one of the old guard.
And probably KGB.
Most likely.
Or he wouldn't have got that job.
- Or a second passport.
- It's genuine.
Of course.
If you've got connections, you can get a genuine one.
Who could have wanted to kill Zhukov? And do it like that, with a bomb? A while ago in Frankfurt and Amsterdam some former Soviet bureaucrats were killed the same way.
There are other methods, more discreet ones.
Cyanide spray, for example.
Maybe it was to warn others.
I don't think so.
There must be another reason.
Zhukov always got a kickback.
That was common knowlege.
So it could be about money.
And if so, we're talking big money.
Excuse me.
- Richard - Hi, Stocki.
The guy you shot we found a car park ticket and a car key on the stairs.
He probably chucked them in a panic.
Anyway, the make of the car is on the key.
A posh jeep.
There were three of them in the car park.
We've accounted for two.
The third is registered to an import-export company.
Gonzagagasse 11.
Gonzagagasse 11.
See you there.
- How often did Spitzer - Mr Spitzer.
How often did he go to Moscow? Once or twice a month.
Although he did go there more often recently.
I don't know if I'm allowed to show you these.
You're allowed.
Better than having to, isn't it? So Mr Spitzer went to Moscow a good deal recently? I just told you that.
Mr Spitzer the company has had huge problems since the upheaval in the Soviet Union.
Well, since then things have ground to a halt.
- What things? - Trade.
I've barely had any business from there recently.
What kind of business was it? Exports to the Soviet Union Oops, Russia! Mainly technical construction parts, electronics and so on and so forth.
Have you heard of a Mr Zhukov? Petr Zhukov.
Yes, I know him.
He's the man at the Trade Ministry in Moscow Who has to approve our deals.
He's a very important man.
Did Mr Spitzer tell you that? No.
Markus, that is, Mr Spitzer said something in a telephone conversation.
He said "Nothing works without Zhukov.
" I'll get it.
It'll be my colleague.
You should see Spitzer's pad.
what a classy place.
No wonder he's up to his ears in debt.
What's your theory? Spitzer blew up his most important contact, a senior bureaucrat and KGB agent, on Stephansplatz.
Spitzer was broke.
Zhukov was fleecing everyone.
Perhaps Spitzer did it for the money.
Or someone put him up to it and got scared.
A lot of people will be getting scared.
Zhukov milked Landovsky too.
- Mr lmports-Exports himself? - The same.
Then he won't be the last.
If Spitzer doesn't talk, we'll question every importer.
We must see Spitzer right now.
Hey, what about me? Rex, this has to stop.
I know you don't want to eat.
But you really must drink something.
Let's take your bandage off.
Perhaps you won't need a new one.
Here we go.
Good boy.
Good boy, Rex.
Nearly finished.
There we are.
It's looking pretty good.
Come on, Rex.
Have a drink.
Rex, if you don't drink you'll die.
- Coming for a beer? - No, I've got to go home.
Come on, Rex.
Have a drink.
Go on, open up.
Rex, be a good boy.
Ah, the radiologist.
Anything new? I think he still can't be questioned.
We'll have a look.
Fetch a doctor at once.
Who was here last? A nurse.
And a minute ago, a doctor.
- Give me a description.
- White coat, dark hair - Where did she go? - Down there.
You still haven't drunk anything, Rex.
Sorry, Rex.
we have to go.
We have a sad duty to perform.
Squad, dismissed! Division, dismissed! Is the dog all right? His wound's healed but he's not eating and he doesn't obey us.
What will happen to him? They usually go to the family but Michael was single.
We'll keep him a bit longer.
And then? Well, Rex Rex! Rex! Come on, Rex.
We're going, Rex.
Come on now.
Come! What can I do? Come on now.
Come on, Rex.
we're going home.
Rex, stay in the car.
Sit! Sit! You're worried about the dog? You know what happens to them? It's not his fault his master was shot.
He was his handler, the man he related to.
He needs time to become attached to someone new.
You should know.
End of subject.
I'm not telling you anything ever again.
Are you out of your mind? Just don't mention my divorce, okay? Fine.
Deal with things alone, like you always do.
But don't ask me for a loan.
What has that to do with it? Would you marry a police officer? I did.
At least my wife says so.
Did you find anything in Spitzer's files? He'd done no business with Russia for six months.
Then why kill him and put the note in his hand? "Death to enemies of the Soviets!" - It's absurd.
- They're all old commies.
Spitzer sold hi-tech goods to the East.
Maybe he cheated someone.
Maybe someone wants us to think that.
I don't know.
Looks like a red herring to me.
We've checked the firms that trade with the East.
They all had dealings with Zhukov.
Landovsky, too.
In Spitzer's files I kept seeing the name of Ostex.
- Have we got anything on them? - I checked them out.
They ceased business after the East opened up.
- That doesn't make sense.
- True.
Ostex Let's take a good look at them.
Ostex here.
Mrs Werner speaking.
The chief accountant, please.
Thank you.
This is Mrs Werner.
Thank you.
I'm very well.
I need to transfer some money out of the accounts ending in 328 Well, Ostex didn't go bust.
We're from the police.
We want to talk to Mrs Werner.
- Come in, please.
- Thank you.
Trade with the East looks a safe bet.
- Not quite.
- What do you mean? Look.
I want you to see to it as soon as you can.
I need cash for a major transaction.
Thank you.
Yes? Two police officers to see you, madam.
Whatever do they want? Please ask them in.
My name is Moser, and this is Mr Stockinger.
we're investigating two murders.
How can I help you? Well do you know a Russian called Petr Zhukov? I've met him.
My late husband did business with him.
A long time ago.
And Markus Spitzer? He has an export business which hasn't done very well.
But Mr Spitzer's company records clearly show that your company also dealt with him.
May I ask where you were on wednesday around 5 p.
m? Here.
Do have a seat gentlemen.
Can you explain the murders of Spitzer and Zhukov? It's just a guess.
Recently in Frankfurt and Amsterdam some former Soviet bureaucrats were murdered in a similar way.
Maybe old comrades are taking revenge.
Yes, but Zhukov was murdered by Spitzer, an Austrian.
I can't believe Spitzer had a political motive.
There are rumours he needed money.
Perhaps he was paid and then eliminated.
Excuse me.
It's an open secret that Zhukov got a cut of all the major deals between Vienna and Moscow.
Is there any hard evidence? We could get the Tax Office to look into your company.
But it's not my area.
I want your help.
What do you want to know? Times have changed since the East opened up.
Zhukov still got his cut although he approved no deals because he'd been ousted.
He must have had enemies in Vienna.
Mr Landovsky, for example.
He's the biggest player.
He has the most to lose.
You're well-informed.
But would Landovsky murder someone over a petty scam? This is about all the money that Zhukov amassed.
We've asked around.
A cut of 10% is standard.
Zhukov must have extorted around 200 million.
- He couldn't send it to Russia.
- So it must be here.
What do you do professionally? I give a little financial advice.
It's sad.
So rich, and yet disabled.
Hey, you can be in a wheelchair and still be a criminal.
In any event this is about money.
You think someone didn't want to keep on paying Zhukov? Or someone wanted his money.
Landovsky paid Zhukov too.
He's next on our list.
Moser here.
Our colleague has just remembered something.
No, he didn't see her face properly.
No, something else.
She had a distinctive limp.
He said he couldn't get a word in.
Take your bad mood out on someone else.
No cause for alarm.
We'd like to see Mr Landovsky.
He's not here.
That's unfortunate.
I must talk to him urgently.
I can make an appointment.
It can't wait.
- Have you hurt your foot? - No, my knee.
why? It's our business to be curious.
Where were you on wednesday around 5 p.
m? Must I say? No, you can call your lawyer and I can summons you.
But why go to all that trouble? I was here.
My boss can confirm it.
All right, we'll check.
Where's your boss at the moment? Shopping.
Good morning, gentlemen.
Can I help you? I'm sure you can.
We want to see Mr Landovsky.
we heard he was here.
I don't know if I can disturb him.
I'm sure you can.
He's in the range.
Thank you.
Why have you given me this? The left plate is loose.
would you fix it? Are you crazy? Get our boys to fix it.
He'll charge a fortune.
- He'll do it for free.
- What makes you think that? It pulls to the left.
To the left, you say? Quite correct.
You're familiar with shotguns? We know more about hand guns.
We're from the police.
- Police? - Homicide, Mr Landovsky.
We don't want an accident.
I ought not to make a mistake like that.
A pro, are you? No, a hunter.
May I ask why you want to see me? It's about your friend, Mr Zhukov.
Well? He's dead.
Didn't you know? Someone blew him up.
Good Lord! Do you know who did it? Yes.
A certain Mr Spitzer.
But we think he was acting on someone's behalf.
What makes you think that? He was murdered as well.
You were Zhukov's biggest partner.
We all dealt with Zhukov.
We had no choice.
That's how it is in the East.
But it cost you a packet.
And you got no return.
Zhukov still took a cut although he was ousted, right? You don't think I'd kill a man over that? You can hire other people.
Where were you on wednesday? Around 5 p.
m? At my office, I think.
- And your secretary? - She was there too.
What's she got to do with it? Mr Spitzer was killed around that time.
By a woman with dark hair.
Goodbye, Mr Landovsky.
we'll meet again.
All done.
It was a simple matter.
- How much do I owe you? - It's on the house.
Thank you.
I really want to know why he did that for free.
He thinks I'm a thug.
Besides Understand? I see.
Look who's in a hurry.
Let's go.
- Any change? - No.
He won't eat or drink.
And he growls at anyone who comes near.
I'll take a look.
Rex! Come.
Rex, come! Come here, Rex.
There's no point.
Call the vet.
Mrs Werner has finished her soup.
- Is she on her own? - Yes, Mr Landovsky.
- Have you got a light? - Sure.
Avoid heavy food.
You're wheezing.
I don't feel like eating.
- The police came to see me.
- Me too.
So? Don't panic.
Well, what do you know Mr Landovsky seems a little nervous.
That's all, though.
It's as Mrs Werner said.
Those people all know each other.
It doesn't look like a friendly chat.
My last business deals with Zhukov fell through.
I'm in financial difficulty.
The liberalisation in the East has drawbacks.
It was easier under the old regime.
Mrs Werner I'm telling you.
I want my money back.
Not just the last payments but all I ever gave Zhukov.
He must have pocketed close to 200 million.
It's no good to him now.
The facts are simple.
The money isn't there.
Zhukov took it a while ago.
He came here on his way to South America.
You think I don't know about your deals? If I choose, you'll lose everything.
Is that a threat? If we don't come to an agreement I'll find ways and means of getting my money.
Watching them eat is making me hungry.
Good idea.
Keep watch while I grab some lunch.
Here? Do you want to bankrupt yourself? Thanks for reminding me.
I need to go to the bank first.
So you don't starve.
Mrs Werner's chauffeur put her in the car and drove off.
Landovsky went back to his office and I bought the cake.
Good idea, but it lacks something.
Really? what? Coffee.
will you get it? Done your banking? Now you can pay me back.
I went to Mrs werner's bank.
Guess who manages Zhukov's money.
- Mrs Werner.
- Right.
Höllerer, I want you and wimmer to watch her and Landovsky.
I'm on my way.
Mrs Werner managed Zhukov's millions and kept the interest.
It occurred to Landovsky that this money was ownerless.
Mrs Werner's motive is clear.
She wants to keep Zhukov's money.
And Landovsky wants his share.
Maybe one of them got Spitzer to kill Zhukov.
But who killed Spitzer? It wasn't Landovsky's secretary.
I've made a few inquiries.
She and Landovsky are having an affair.
They were at work on wednesday.
But they weren't occupied with work.
Yes? Goodbye, gents.
Have a nice evening.
I almost forgot.
Your wife called.
- She's taken the furniture.
- I'll sleep on the floor.
One more thing The dog's vanished.
Vanished? Richard! Yes? I've got something for you.
- What's that for? - For you to sit on.
You have no furniture.
Any more crap from you, and I'll move in with you.
Are you threatening me? I was only joking.
Ha-ha! Leave me be.
Be glad you're rid of her.
Have a nice evening.
Hello, Rex.
I knew you'd be here.
How are you? I don't even know how to console humans in this situation.
I know how you feel.
But You can't stay here.
I think the two of us would be quite suited.
I live alone.
There's plenty of space, and no furniture.
You could come to the office.
I can fix that.
We'll just have to train Stockinger.
He's terrified of dogs.
I don't know if you like these but I practically live on them.
I never get to the shops, you see.
Oh well! we'll find out what you like, won't we? I'm going now.
Think about it.
So you're not coming.
Then I can't help you.
Rex! Have you changed your mind? Coming with me after all, are you? Rascal! What are you up to? Come on.
Come! Wait in the car.
Hello! - Yes? - The dog's back.
I've found Rex.
Well done.
We've no idea how he got out.
Where was he? At the cemetery.
It's sad.
Rex used to be one of our best dogs.
He could sniff out any scent drugs, missing people.
But since Michael's death I hear you don't know what to do with the dog.
That's true.
We can't even sell him if he doesn't obey.
And if he stops eating we have no choice.
I want him.
It's not that simple.
He's state property and maintained by our taxes.
It'll save the expense of having him put down.
In any case, he stays here.
You can file an application.
And you must pay for him.
He's coming with me.
He'll die in here.
Send me the bill! Hand over the dog at once! You're stealing state property.
Lodge an official complaint.
In triplicate.
We're leaving, Rex.
The councillor is busy.
He can see you in two weeks.
- Fine - I've got an appointment.
I know.
Go on.
I'll tell him you're here, Mr Landovsky.
The councillor will see you now.
Pleb! Listen we're in deep trouble.
Please! Not so loud! The walls have ears since the Zhukov business.
The police came to see me.
And Mrs werner.
They're questioning everyone who did business with Zhukov.
Sit down.
You're making me more nervous.
The police have got all Spitzer's documents.
If they start examining our books, you'll be in trouble too.
Me? Why? You overcharged for your goods and got an export subsidy.
Zhukov approved everything and pocketed a cut.
How was I to know your figures weren't right? Oh please! They know enough to work that out too.
Can we be sure that Spitzer didn't talk before he died? That miserable rat.
He blackmailed me.
I'd really like to know who told him about our little arrangement.
Well, it certainly wasn't me.
I didn't know he was pressuring you too.
Did you know Spitzer personally? You know what it's like in our line.
Where do we go from here? Tidying up our own books won't help.
The amounts all appear in Tax Office records.
See what you can come up with.
I know nothing.
Mrs Werner has her hands on the money but not for long.
Look, Max.
He's eating again.
It's funny When you talk about the dog your eyes get moist.
I just wanted to show him to you.
Rex! Rex, come here.
Come on.
Come on.
You've had enough to eat.
He wanted to go walkies.
- What about your wife? - Ex-wife.
- Has she left at last? - Yes, with the furniture.
Why? Just wondering.
Don't let it get to you.
It's an occupational hazard.
It was the same when I was a policeman.
Every second police officer is divorced.
Yes, I'm over it.
Play-acting is one thing you've never been good at.
If I were, you'd never have caught me.
Be glad I did.
Or God knows where you'd be.
Not every kid that nicks a moped becomes a crim.
But from your gang everyone did.
we've all made a career for ourselves.
On different sides of the law.
And they earn more than me.
Be glad that I got you to join the police.
By the way, how's the man who planted the bomb? Someone turned off his respiratory machine.
Goodness! At first we thought it was Landovsky's secretary.
- But she's got an alibi.
- A good one? Not really.
She and Landovsky say they were busy at the office.
With private matters.
It's not a good alibi, but it's a pleasant one.
Landovsky went bust once before.
Over a speculation in Moscow.
The opening of the East hurt his business.
Mrs Werner's also suss.
We have two suspects.
That's good.
Better two suspects than none.
Höllerer speaking.
Hello, Richard.
The light's on in her room.
The car's in the garage.
I had a thought.
This is going back a bit but Mr Werner's death was a bit fishy.
There should be a file on it.
Good, Höllerer.
Get hold of it.
On no! Rex, what are doing? My trophies! Go on, move.
The only prizes I've ever won for brawling.
Know him? Max Koch.
we met him just now.
Oh well.
My ex-boss.
And this is my ex-wife.
It's funny.
They always want a photo Always.
Oh well.
This was my job once.
I used to smoke then.
I was with Gina.
Then I got pneumonia and gave up smoking because Gina said Never mind.
Anyway, this is the living-room.
Rather sparsely furnished but Rex? Now where's he got to? Rex? Off! Off you get! Scram.
I sleep here.
You're in the living-room.
I must buy cans of dog food tomorrow.
A whole boxful.
I see.
Good idea.
Sleep well.
Wake me if you need me although I may not know much.
I've never had a dog before.
Good night.
Don't think I haven't noticed.
- I've found something.
- What? What the? A dog.
It's fairly obvious.
Name? Reginald von Ravenhorst.
But you can call him Rex.
Address? Marokkanergasse 8.
- He's yours? - Yes.
Since yesterday.
And yes, I've asked the boss.
It's okay.
- What did he say? - Nothing.
He swallowed.
If no one objects, it's okay.
Do you object? No, but Accidental death of Harald Werner, 1 979.
Is he Is he - Is he our Mrs W's husband? - Yes.
Get this If she weren't in a wheelchair you'd say she killed him.
Good morning.
No news on the Werners.
Wimmer's watching Mrs W.
The car's in the garage.
The chauffeur's washing the car.
Without them she can't go out.
Did you say something? Me? No.
why? Anyway Mrs Werner became disabled two months before her husband died.
I don't know Can't you hear it? - Someone's growling.
- My stomach.
Stockinger, I've got good news and bad news.
The good news is that the dog the one that went missing is back.
What's the bad news? Well - He works for us now.
- No! No.
No! Stocki, stay here.
He won't hurt you.
Richard, you know I'm not scared.
It's time.
Are there any first-class seats? Sorry.
The food just isn't good enough in business class.
Good morning.
Did you sleep well? Yes, by the open window.
Fresh air does me good.
- Good morning, madam.
- Morning.
Richard, please! I didn't know you had a dog, Richard.
- Well, you'll all get used to it.
- What's he called? Rex.
Fill me in on the late Mr Landovsky.
Well, some walkers found the body.
It looks as if he fell from the hide and broke his neck.
All about two hours ago.
There are abrasions on his palms.
He probably grabbed the ladder and slipped.
Shoo! Shoo! Go away.
Cut it out.
- Look, traces of earth.
- Yes, I noticed those.
You'd think he'd fall on his back.
See if you can find a haematoma.
Richard, are you really looking for a murder case? No, but he's mixed up in a case we're working on.
I'm convinced someone pushed him.
Off! Search! Down! Go! Search! Over there.
Well? Have they got a cast of the footprints? And some soil Where's Rex? No idea.
I just told him to back off a bit.
Shit! Rex! Rex! Rex! Come here.
What's the matter, eh? Rex? Rex, come here.
Rex, where are you going? What do you want? What is it, eh? What's wrong? What is it? I don't want to be disturbed.
The councillor is here.
He refuses to leave.
Tell him to wait.
I must talk to you.
Make it quick.
I have a lot to do.
I bet.
You want to close Zhukov's accounts and do a bunk.
The fantasies of an Austrian public servant! Look at me.
Do you envy me? What do you want? If it gets out that I approved the subsidies, I'm ruined.
You have Zhukov's money.
It would only be fair to give me some.
Is that what you're all after? Money.
Spitzer lived beyond his means.
Landovsky couldn't get enough.
And you a panicky little bureaucrat.
Zhukov's cut had to be paid into your bank.
You've lived well on it.
When he came to claim it, you hired Spitzer to kill him.
I'd like to see who could prove it.
Continue your nap at HQ.
We'll get Mrs Werner.
- Stay there.
- You think she'll run for it? who is it? Moser.
Come on, Rex.
Inspector, Madam is sick and won't see anyone.
Sorry, but she'll see me.
Stay, Rex.
Rex? Rex! Open the door.
We have strict orders not to enter the garden-house.
Should I break it open? Rex.
Rex, search! Search! Good boy.
Good dog, Rex.
Go on, search.
Good boy.
Go on.
Search, search.
Search, search.
Search, Rex.
Search! Rex, what is it? Have you found something? What have we here? Well done, Rex.
Good boy.
Good dog.
What a clever boy.
Run, Rex.
Run! Go get her! Stocki.
Stocki! Excuse me.
we need to talk.
How dare you? I work for the government.
So do l.
Mrs Werner Been to Lourdes, have you? It's an amazing story.
Shortly after Mrs Werner was crippled her husband was hit by a heavy concrete flowerpot.
She inherited his fortune and invested Zhukov's money wisely.
Why didn't our guys suspect at the time? The doctors said she was a psychosomatic cripple.
She was in a wheelchair for years! Well, for a few hundred million She confessed to instigating Zhukov's murder.
And to the murder of Spitzer and Landovsky, and her husband.
Come here, Rex.
You get a She was unlucky that we caught Spitzer.
And that Rex found the crucial clue.
Rex If you're looking for your biscuits I'm sorry.
I've eaten them all.
Did they taste good? Very good.
They were dog biscuits.