Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) (1994) s01e05 Episode Script

Series 1, Episode 5

- Then it's over.
- About time too.
The taxpayer pays for my time and his treatment.
The treatment's not pure pleasure either.
University Clinic Open wide now.
A bit wider still.
That's great, just fine.
Remain calm or there'll be a bloodbath.
Unlock the handcuffs.
How far can you possibly get? You stay out of it.
Unlock them.
Greet the comrades in jail.
Escape attempt! Watch out! Stop! Stop! Dangerous bacteria.
We must get out of here.
I can't.
I can't I can't go on.
I'll fetch a doctor.
Make sure you get out of here.
This way.
I'll just check you out.
Please move your gun.
What's up? - He needs surgery right now.
- Otherwise? Very simple.
If not, he'll die.
I'll be all right.
I'll get you out of here.
And you, look after him.
What happened then? There was a shoot out with other Poles.
One dead, one seriously hurt and Borek a suspect.
Two others escaped.
Got it.
Borek Jerzy, fraud, organised theft, several violent crimes Eight years in jail.
He was held on remand for 6 months.
I arrested him.
They tried to free him because he was up for a long sentence.
- Was it about drugs? - I'm not sure.
The drug squad took over.
He and his henchmen - had done drugs before.
- Must have been that.
They've been bringing in pure, cheap drugs.
We don't know for sure.
Borek hid something during his escape.
After his arrest, he shut up.
He's the only one who knows where it is.
The drug squad didn't find anything? He fled after the shooting and was arrested.
And no one knows where the loot is.
Borek's accomplice is being operated on.
He may not live.
- Do we know who he is? - He had no lD on him.
But they're checking his fingerprints.
- And the dentist? - He's dead.
I'm quite sure drugs are involved.
In big quantities.
Why are you so sure, Stocki? These Eastern Europeans are pros.
They kill for money.
How much? - Coffee? - No.
Big money, enough to fill a car boot.
What about a pilot's case? Look here.
A witness saw Borek escape with one like that.
But when I arrested him, he didn't have it.
You see? A case of pure heroin is worth a bit.
In any case we must check the area involved.
If the case is here, he'll grab it straightaway.
Do you think he hid it here with us? Very funny.
My shoe's gone.
The crime rate must really be soaring.
- It was here a minute ago.
- Right, Rex? The shoot out was here, and I arrested him there.
And on the way from here to there, - he hid the case.
- But what route did he take? A witness saw him here with the case.
So it's these streets and lanes.
- It's still a vast area.
- We'll need back-up.
Tell them and issue Borek's description.
And once Mr Stockinger has found his shoe, - he can come along too.
- Yes! It can't have vanished into thin air.
Come on, Rex, show him where you hid it.
Where's the shoe, please? Rex, how will it look if he limps after us all day? He has a hole in his sock.
Well? Where's my shoe, please? Urgent.
The man is armed and dangerous.
We need five patrol cars as back-up.
I don't know He could have hidden the case in a million places.
We could be lucky.
He didn't have much time to hide it.
What's up? He's leaving the church! Rex, sit! Let's go, Stocki.
BALLET SCHOOL Request back-up.
Cordon off the area.
- Go back, back! - Why? Go home.
Look after the children.
Piss off.
Outside! Sit down! Over there.
Sit down.
Sit down! I said, sit.
Hurry up, sit down! Borek! Moser here, Homicide.
I want to talk to you.
Clear the door.
There are many children here, no tricks.
Borek, calm down.
- Don't harm the children.
- That depends on you.
There's a phone here.
Call me if you want to talk.
Stay away from the door.
Stocki, he's taken the children here hostage.
Clear the building immediately.
I need the phone number here.
Evacuation has commenced.
Request back-up.
Evacuation almost complete.
We're escorting the last people out now.
Then we'll cordon off the nearby streets.
What? A unit's on its way.
Fine, Stocki.
Find a plan of the building.
We must find out the layout of the room.
Shut your mouth.
I told you to keep your mouth shut! You're getting on my nerves.
If you yell, she'll cry even more.
You'd better make sure that she stops.
- Yes? - Borek, it's Moser.
How many children? What do you want? I have eight little girls, one teacher, and enough ammunition to I want to speak to her.
You can't speak to her.
You'll have to speak to me, Mr Moser.
What do you want? I want my friend brought here from the hospital.
There's a black BMW in front of the church.
I want to see it in front of the house opposite.
We can discuss it.
- But release a child first.
- I give the orders here.
Or do you want me to shoot one child after the other? Don't threaten the girls.
Panic will help no one.
We can discuss it, on condition that you release a girl.
Got it, Borek? Shit.
It's all right, it's all right.
Now calm down.
It's all over.
Were you hurt? No? You're a courageous girl.
Listen, can you tell me how it looks in there? You don't have to if you're too upset.
I just want your friends to get out as well.
Here are the building plans.
And he had to come too.
Look who it is.
What's he doing here? This is Rex.
He only came to meet a brave girl like you.
The man has a gun.
And he yelled at me.
He won't yell at you again, never again.
- What's your name? - Anna.
Anna, I want to show you something.
Look at this.
This is the room you just left.
Here's the door.
Where are your teacher and friends sitting? Can you show me? The man is sitting here, and the girls and the teacher there.
Very good, you've been a great help.
Can you take her downstairs? Come along.
What do you think? No one can get in without endangering the hostages.
- And his accomplice? - Well A certain Marek Kosinski, sentenced twice for murder.
He was operated on, but it looks dicy.
He can't be moved.
Can't you release the girls? Why not just keep me? Quiet! You're the first one I can do without.
What's up? Why the delay? I want my friend here now or someone will die.
Wait a minute.
The man can't be moved.
It will put his life at risk.
Is that so? I insist you bring my friend here.
There's something else.
I have a case here filled with three kilos of high-grade plutonium.
And if this case is damaged, then we will all die.
Stocki, he says there are Plutonium, of course that's what it is.
We took his car apart, and found leaden shields behind the back seats.
Tell the Feds, and get someone with a Geiger counter.
Moser here.
Get me the hospital.
- There's plutonium in the case? - Yes.
But it is well sealed.
And if everyone plays along nicely, you'll get out of here in one piece.
Unless the case falls on the floor and is damaged.
What about my friend? He's being transferred.
He's on his way here.
- But the risk is on your head.
- And the car? The car will be out there, so release some girls.
- The car first.
- No, the girls first.
Have you still not understood? I have the children.
I am armed.
I have a case filled with plutonium.
I make the decisions.
- What about the car, damn it? - Don't frighten the kids! All right, fine, the car will be out there.
Go to the window if you don't believe me.
- Me? - Yes, you.
- Yes? - The car's there, Borek.
You promised to release several girls.
I promised nothing.
My friend must be here first.
- Arsehole.
I'd like to - Richard! No emotion, that's what you tell me.
- What about Kosinski? - He's on his way.
He's in a bad way, they must drive slowly.
- And the radiation unit - They're coming.
Calm down.
All we can do is wait.
Doing nothing drives me insane.
He could go berserk.
Did you check everything? There's an identical practice room underneath.
Let's go downstairs.
Please stay near the phone.
He's just going downstairs.
Our men are covering the whole area.
On the roofs, behind the windows but we can't see into the studio because of the curtains.
As long as he keeps the girls in one place, and we don't know where, we can't attack.
- What do you suggest? - He'll go with the hostages.
He'll escape from the room, go downstairs, and out of the house, that's our chance.
A bloodbath.
The girls and the teacher will protect him.
That's one more reason not to deal with him on the inside.
We must get the girls and teacher to safety.
A video camera in the wall - Let's drill a hole.
- We can't.
He might hear the noise, too risky.
- Mr Moser? - Yes.
I checked for radiation upstairs.
- Well? - No radiation.
He says he has 3 kilos of high-grade plutonium.
- What? - In a pilot's case.
So it's an amateur job.
Maybe it's lined with lead and steel, and no radiation has leaked.
Normally even a quantity of 200 grams is packed in a 20 kilo case.
And what happens if the case is damaged? It would be a catastrophe.
- Can you sell it? - High-grade plutonium, yes.
It's used to ignite hydro or plutonium bombs.
Countries with the technology pay a fortune for it.
Be careful.
Is the room upstairs identical? Yes, almost.
It's been painted in a more elaborate manner.
And there, in that spot, there's a table.
- A table? - Yes.
- Is there another one? - Sure.
- Could you get it for me? - Of course.
Stocki, ask the girl he freed where the case was.
What are you planning? I'm trying to simulate the situation upstairs Borek's behind the table, the girls are in the corner.
- The piano's there - We've done that already.
Not even a mouse could get in there unseen.
Please stay in radio contact and report any changes.
Will do.
The case is on the left of the table.
- Get a similar case.
- How on earth can l? Stocki, hurry.
We have no time.
Well, Rex, listen to me now.
I think we can do it.
But you must help us.
Go ahead, got it? We'll try.
I think we can do it.
You can get in upstairs unnoticed.
I don't want to bother you Max, what are you doing here? Listening in to police radio? I promise I won't interfere.
- But I want to be near you.
- Max! Listen, you can help me.
Stand near the door.
- Why? - Just do it.
Put the table exactly where it is upstairs.
Stockinger, put the case on top.
You stand near the door, and you in the corner where the children are.
Stockinger, you sit down.
Rex, come here.
Can you explain this to me? Take the pistol in your hand.
He must take it from you.
We don't mean to keep you, Borek.
The ambulance and your friend will be here at any moment.
Where's Moser? Right now Moser is calming the girls' parents.
Try to con someone else.
Tell Moser I won't wait any longer.
- How can this work? - Wait and see, Max.
Borek goes to the door.
- Because he lets the girls out.
- Yes.
Just as he opens the door, and the girls pass him, Rex rushes in and hides behind the piano.
You're Borek, so open the door now.
- Now? - Yes.
Rex, come.
Hide behind the piano.
Come on, behind the piano Fine, Rex.
- See him? - No.
First the door hid him, and now the piano.
Great, really great.
Now pay attention, Rex.
That man there, that man, he has the loot, that's where it is.
But he mustn't see you.
Wait till he looks away then go there.
That's where the loot is.
Look away, Stocki.
Okay, get him.
Enough, Rex.
That was very good.
Except for the case.
You mustn't touch the case.
The case mustn't fall.
Got it? Now do it again.
Which one is Moser? - I am.
- We've brought the patient.
How is he? During the transfer he died.
Your friend Kosinski's here.
Very good.
So far I'm happy with you Mr Moser.
So let some of the girls go in return.
But first I want to see him.
All right.
Push out the stretcher with the man on it so he can be seen from the window.
You three stand by the door.
In case someone feels like shooting me.
Hurry! You come with me.
Very good, Mr Moser.
Now I want to talk to him.
Release the girls, then you can talk.
Listen, we kept our side of the bargain, now keep yours.
If you don't at least release three girls, we won't talk again.
Come now, come.
Fine, now let's go on an excursion.
Yes? Rex, enough.
Well, Borek, we meet again.
Look after the girls.
We'll all go outside slowly, nothing has really happened.
It's all right, it's all over.
Come now, it's all over.
Everything's fine.
You're safe now.
Do you know I was scared shitless about you? I wanted to tell you the same thing, Richard.