Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) (1994) s02e03 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 3

INSPECTOR REX A MURDEROUS SUMMER - You've still got hold of it? - Yes, I'm fine.
But if you need a rest That would be the day! - Mind the step.
- Thanks, it's there to trip me.
I hope you're renting for a long time.
Why? - It will take ages to renovate.
- I had no choice about moving.
Look at your dog! Later, Rex.
I'm busy.
Wrong approach.
How does he know you don't have time? Rex, give it to me.
Good dog.
Get it.
Sorry, I'm too busy to climb the tree.
Wait until Richard comes.
Richard Well? - Will you help him get it? - I can't climb up there.
Get it yourself.
He always gets his way.
No, he felt you couldn't do it without his help.
- Moser.
- Höllerer.
Sorry to disturb you.
We have a double murder at Lobau.
There was one there last year.
Schubert's team handled it.
Yes, but two of them are on holiday.
So we'll do it.
Forensics and Dr Graf are on their way.
Stocki's waiting for you in a boat at H"der bridge.
I'll try to get the file of last year's case.
See you.
Well? Last year a couple were killed in the wetlands.
- It's happened again.
- I remember the case.
It was sort of a ritual killing.
- Any details? - No, it's still a bit early.
- Coming? - Me? No.
I'm taking the bus.
I've seen plenty of corpses.
Did you know this is the last rainforest in Europe? No.
But I can tell by the humidity.
It covers over 80 square kilometres to the Czech border.
If someone's hiding here, we'll never find him.
If someone is, he'll be eaten by mosquitoes.
Hello, Rex.
Hello, Richard Stockinger.
- Any news? - Yes.
I worked on last year's case.
They were battered to death with a stone too.
Fractured skulls, heavy bleeding, crushed brains and more.
- And the murder weapon? - There isn't any.
Schuster and his colleagues assumed the killers threw the stone into the water afterwards.
Nothing was found.
You can't find any traces when a stone's been in water so long.
He probably got rid of this one in the same way.
We'll ask for divers.
- Do we know their names? - Yes.
They both had their lDs.
Christine Matucek, 22 years old, and Herbert Brunner, 25.
A swimmer found them.
He's in hospital, in shock.
- Oh dear.
- Go and talk to him.
- Any signs of a struggle? - No.
It seems they were taken by surprise.
First the man was battered, then the girl.
The incident happened between 1 and 3 a.
Given the similarities it seems he was the same killer as last year.
- And that "finished"? - It's written in blood.
Like last time.
- What time of year was that? - Around this time.
Same time, same sort of crime.
A serial killer, Richard.
There's an imprint of a flipper and a life jacket.
Maybe the killer came from the water.
That would explain why they didn't hear him.
- Get a photo taken.
- Okay.
- I talked to Eckmayer earlier.
- Who? Eckmayer.
He worked on the last case.
Shortly after, another couple was attacked.
- And? - They chased the killer off.
They said he disappeared into the water.
Now this.
They couldn't describe him.
He was wearing a wetsuit.
A good disguise.
A serial killer So he could strike again soon.
Stocki, talk to the people here.
I'm busy right now.
Doing a good trade in flippers? Excuse me.
One question.
Do you also sell other diving gear? Like wetsuits, oxygen cylinders - Are you a tax officer? - No, do I look like one? Yes.
- Stockinger, Crime Squad.
- Well? Apart from flippers I sell sunblock and food and drinks.
What brings you here? Do you remember who's bought flippers in the past few days? Look, the people here are regulars.
They don't buy flippers.
They have their own gear.
The rest are casual customers.
I can't ask for the details of every buyer.
You can't? Shame.
A spritzer, please.
- What about him there? - What about him? He swims all day like the others.
He didn't buy his flippers here.
If he did, I don't remember.
But if by any chance you do call me.
And something else.
- What are your hours? - From 8 a.
to 8 p.
And I spent last night with my wife.
You gave an alibi quickly.
How do you know what happened? News spread fast that the police are hanging around.
And you always ask where people have been.
- Happy fishing! - Up yours! Hello, I'm Stockinger.
Yes, I heard that something happened last night.
- Same as last year.
- Really? The kiosk owner says he knows nothing.
That one? He's the first to know about everything.
But he doesn't like the police.
Why? Has he got prior convictions? Find out yourself.
What about those bloodstains, Mr Musil.
From gutting my catch.
I'm a passionate angler.
A great hobby.
Who's that man? You know him, right? Him? My name's Beranek, since you're interested.
Hello, Mr Beranek.
Now, give me your first names, addresses and dates of birth.
Elizabeth B"hm? Excuse me, I'm Moser.
What's up? Will you spend a few nights camping with me? I've heard about this.
But what's the reason for it? I'll tell you later.
My compliments.
Can we use Christian names? Okay.
I'm Elizabeth, but don't call me Sissi.
Why not? Sissi's a nice name.
We have last year's murder file.
I need a list of people Eckmayer, listen to me A list of those who made statements then.
Never! Only 1 8 people were there? See? What? Then find them.
Yes, I want it now.
Thank you.
Just wait till you need a favour from us! Look at you! My outfit for field work.
The man who found the bodies saw nobody else.
I spoke to the kiosk owner, an angler and a few others.
I'm checking the statements for both cases.
It will take time.
Narrow the field.
Serial murders share characteristics.
- What type of person is he? - One who's done four murders.
So, an adult male who knows the area.
He lives there or visits often.
Or even a teenager.
Could be.
But serial killers are older.
Statistics say between 25 and 45.
Maybe he stalked the victims first.
He leaves no trace, but writes on the girl.
Oh, yes, wait.
The photos from the first murder.
The same word.
Who would write this on a girl's breast? A madman.
Someone with a warped view of women.
Or sexuality in general.
- He may be a family man.
- We just can't tell.
Look at earlier cases.
They're people who no one likes.
Types who are violent against themselves and others.
- They go back to their mums.
- Or to jail.
I'll check the relevant files.
Stocki check the witnesses too.
Did anyone have an emotional crisis before the murder? Such as a mother's death, a job loss or something.
And? The writing is all about getting attention.
If you were in the wetlands he might even watch you.
Great! He looks normal but is a public danger.
So I'll go as a couple.
Maybe he'll attack us.
Are you serious? Who will go with you? You can't be a couple by yourself.
Richie? Richie? Yes? Elizabeth B"hm.
Delighted to work with the Crime Squad.
Well, this is Sissi Elizabeth from Juvenile Crime.
- She's helping on the case.
- I see helping.
- Well, shall we go? - Let's go.
- Where to? - Camping.
No, Rex Sorry, you have to stay with Stocki.
Bring him when it's dark.
I'll meet you at 1 0 p.
at the crossroads by the kiosk.
Shouldn't I come along? No, Stocki.
- Wow, that's - Purely business.
- See anything? - No, everything's quiet.
You're very good at this.
- What? - Playing the lover.
Well, I'm talented and I'm on duty.
It doesn't feel like duty at all.
That's only because If someone's watching us it must look convincing.
When all this is behind us then Yes? Telephone Hello.
I'll come over.
Stockinger has arrived with Rex.
Back soon.
Oh, it's you.
What a way to scare people! Didn't you hear him? You're the guard dog.
He heard.
And he whimpered, right? This angler, Musil, has former convictions for attempted rape.
- Any more details? - A girl camped by the river.
Musil and an accomplice attacked her, but she got away.
Guess who was his accomplice? The kiosk owner.
I'll look into it tomorrow.
Musil hangs around all day.
He also knows a strange guy called Beranek.
Some people stay all summer.
They all know each other.
Listen, shouldn't I spend the night with you? For safety reasons.
No, Rex is with us, right? Good night.
How's our colleague doing? She's fine.
Thanks, Stocki Rex! Sit! Sit! Listen Stay here.
I'll go back down to the water.
If you hear something, alert me.
And don't bark.
Don't bark.
What's up? A man was watching me.
He was standing in the reeds, then he vanished into the water.
I couldn't see much but I would recognise him.
If someone creeps up Rex will warn us.
Death by drowning.
Looks like an accident.
- Do we know his name? - We found his lD.
Let's go, this humidity's killing me.
That's the man who watched me when you were gone.
He must have died further away, or we'd have heard something.
Everything was quiet.
Maybe he had heart failure.
Tell Stocki to ring Dr Graf.
Let him check the body carefully.
I doubt it was an accident.
Please step aside.
There's nothing to see.
- Can we have a coffee? - Of course.
The best coffee for miles.
It's the only kiosk for miles.
Well, two coffees, two buttered rolls and eight ham rolls.
To take away.
We'll spend the night here.
Right, Sissi? What's up? She hates me calling her Sissi.
What else, then? If she belonged to me I'd call her Sissi too.
I'd call her some other nice things too.
But she's already taken.
The pretty ones always are, or they reject you.
Tell me, did you know the man who drowned? Of course.
Erich Musil was a long-time regular here.
- He didn't look that old.
- One customer less.
- He couldn't swim? - Couldn't swim? He swam better than the fish he caught.
But lately he'd been drinking a lot.
Maybe he fell into the water after too much wine.
He got it here? Why do you want to know? We want to take a bottle.
After all, we have plans for tonight, right? I understand.
I'll prepare the rest right now.
- Do you mind? - Feel free.
It's amazing how quickly things can happen.
Yesterday we were talking about fishing and today - Did you know Musil? - Everyone here did.
But he didn't talk much to others.
Only to the kiosk owner.
We had a very one-sided conversation.
He only said "yes" and "no".
He was an eccentric.
You find a lot around here.
- Did he have any friends? - Friends? Apart from the kiosk owner, none.
Or a woman? He was only interested in watching women.
So, a voyeur? He was sneaking around the river banks at night to watch couples.
We heard a young couple was murdered.
It's a jungle out here.
Like the city.
Your ham rolls are ready.
The wine's also in there.
- Where are you camping? - Down by the water.
We'll look after that.
Take him straight to Forensics.
This morning they pulled Musil out of the water, dead.
Musil? He's the angler you talked to yesterday.
Yes, the fisherman.
They say he drowned, but I think he was murdered.
And the dead couple's parents? There was no reason to kill out of jealousy.
I think it's the same murderer as last year.
It's unlikely Musil was the murderer.
But he seemed to fit the profile.
A loner, an eccentric, the attempted rape.
So that means if Musil was innocent the couple's killer is still at large.
I'm concerned about Richard.
I'll call him.
Don't get worked up, Stocki.
He can look after himself, and his colleague is strong.
- Still, I'm worried.
- I understand.
Imagine, the two spending a romantic night together.
Do you think for one minute that Richard would The fact that Rex is with him is reassuring.
There you are.
Were you having a drink? Look what I brought you.
No? You want to show me something? Can't you tap on a rubber? I can't concentrate with this noise.
Why doesn't he ring? We agreed he'd ring at intervals.
He might be busy.
With business, of course.
Stockinger Richard, at last! Tell Dr Graf to carefully check for head injuries.
Rex found traces of blood near the water.
No, I'll do that.
The police might scare him off.
Musil was here at night and watched Elizabeth.
But if he's been murdered, the killer must still be at large.
Be careful.
You two are in full view.
And ring more often.
What did he say? - Not to worry.
- There you are.
I'm still worried.
Maybe the attractive Ms B"hm keeps him busy.
Know what? - I'll buy you a ham roll.
- You, for me? What an honour.
When you eat at least you keep quiet.
- See anything? - No.
Only Rex is watching us from the bushes.
- As long as he stays away.
- He's jealous, all right.
And there's no reason for it.
- The prosecutor might disagree.
- The prosecutor! Musil was murdered under our eyes.
It looks like we were too busy to watch the area.
Either he was beaten to death and pulled into the water or it happened in the water and you saw the killer swim off.
And we were too far away to hear anything.
What about the kiosk owner? Stocki's checking his alibi.
He said he was with his wife.
If she vouches for him He'd better attack us before a good lawyer bails him out.
I keep thinking of how the guy at our table wouldn't look at us.
Not in the eye.
He looked at other things.
It happens to me often.
I can understand it.
- A mosquito's on your back.
- Where? Gone.
Rex, off you go! Go to your place.
Boy! He always spoils it for me.
Want to go for a swim? Yes.
It makes it more bearable.
I mean the heat I'll take a look from the water.
Someone might be watching us.
Elizabeth Yes? These noises will keep us awake all night.
Hear that? It's a duck.
I heard that noise yesterday when Musil disappeared.
Let's go and have a look.
We'd better stay here.
He could be close by.
Want a coffee? - With milk? - Yes, and sugar.
And two croissants with butter.
- It really scared me.
- Shit! Me too.
What do you want? Evicted from his flat on August 3 last year.
Two days later the first murder happens.
This one happened four days ago.
The police arrest him for assault.
Shortly after, the second murder happens.
He did it.
That must be Stockinger.
Help! - We were attacked by a man.
- You're fine now.
Stay calm.
- He hit me with a stone.
- Keep calm.
- Which way did he go? - Where's my girlfriend? With my colleague.
Stay calm.
You're safe.
Search! I'm glad you came.
I was after a man who attacked a couple.
Your luck's run out.
Moser, Crime Squad.
I'm arresting you for five murders.
Thank him.
Here it is.
"Klaus Beranek, 36, a baker, divorced, renting.
"Last year he fell for a girl who was always alone.
"He watched her from the water.
"He lost his flat, was depressed, wanted to get to know her.
" Did we miss any details? What? "When Beranek saw her with a young man "he lost his head and killed them.
" You guessed right.
Dr Graf stated that Musil died of a fractured skull.
Beranek killed Musil.
He thought he knew too much.
I'm still shaking at the thought Beranek was after you two.
In the gloom he mistook the other couple for us.
Well then, Elizabeth I hope we'll work together again.
Or we could even spend a normal weekend together.
In the wetlands, maybe? And what's your idea of a normal weekend? Forget it.
Someone's against the idea.
He won't stand in our way.
Stockinger's happy to take Rex for the weekend.
Aren't you? He'll take you to the Prater, for walks, buy sausages