Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) (1994) s02e14 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 14

INSPECTOR REX OVER THE ROOFTOPS OF VlENNA Did you hear something? Did everything go all right? Rex Rex, come here! Shit.
Great trick.
Top trick.
What next? Go! Morning, Franz.
What's new? Morning, Mr Hellwig.
It was a quiet night.
How's business? Not much fun at present.
The stockmarket's lousy.
Be glad you have no money.
If you did, you'd have lost it.
I've meant to ask you for ages, what does a stockbroker do? One hopes the times will get better.
See you, Franz.
Let's try something else.
Watch me.
You'll never make it! Don't tell the others.
Good morning.
You caught me again.
Fine, just take it.
I'm sorry I'm late.
First my car didn't start, then I just missed the tram.
But you had a nice breakfast.
Why? You always have omelette in the morning.
But we've never talked about it.
No but I thought of it because half of it is still on your apron.
Now I know why everyone stared at me on the tram.
You've been distracted lately.
You didn't get angry when Rex took the hat.
What hat? Tell me what's up.
Something's been bothering you for weeks.
What could be bothering me? Stocki All right.
You have to know sooner or later.
I've applied for a transfer.
- What did you say? - Yes, a transfer to Salzburg.
My wife inherited her father's dental practice.
Karin always wanted her own practice.
But that doesn't mean that you I get it.
You're deserting us.
Morning, gentlemen.
What do you mean I'm deserting you? What does that mean, please? You know that you two are my only friends.
And Rex.
You have no idea how long I pondered over this.
- I'm deserting you! - I know you pondered over it.
How often have you told me I'm the only one around who's still married? Ten times, twenty times? That l, at least, shouldn't risk my marriage.
After uni, Karin stayed in Vienna because of me.
Funny, eh? Because of me.
And now it's my turn.
For her.
See? You know, I did notice something wasn't right, but that it would be something like this You really don't make this any easier.
You in the country It's absurd.
I just can't imagine it.
See? And I can't imagine myself without my wife.
That's how it is.
Well, Stocki will be with us a while yet, and we do have a job to deal with.
As if we're not busy enough.
Sometimes it's good to bury yourself in work.
What's this? A car accident.
A woman burnt to death.
The fire brigade expert noticed some irregularities.
Well? Anything that concerns us? I don't know, Stocki.
But we'll find out.
Accidents have occurred at this bend before.
Two cars left the road recently because of speeding.
What's different here? The other cars which had similar accidents crashed a good deal further from the crest.
- Perhaps she was braking - No skid marks.
- So she could have stopped.
- Basically, yes.
She could have been drinking, perhaps taken drugs or some medication.
Forensics will examine her.
- The fire? - In this case, the fuel line may have leaked and ignited the petrol.
Fire destroys traces and manipulation of the car is harder to prove.
The killers know that too.
Perhaps someone really helped it along.
Well? Search, go ahead.
- He'll only smell petrol.
- Better than nothing.
Rex, did you find something? Petrol.
The trail ends here.
Maybe someone prepared the car right here.
Do we know who owns it? A Mrs Hellwig, a resident of 1 st District.
Parts of the licence could be identified.
- She was married.
- Was the husband told? First we had to see this.
We found this jewellery on the body.
The husband will need to identify her from this.
Hellwig lnvestments.
I'll check if he's in.
Yes? Who? What? Him? Tell him I can't be reached.
Sorry, I must go downstairs.
To do a bit of work.
Are you sure? What is it this time? The police? Did they say what they want? Tell them I'm coming.
- The police are here? - Of course.
To let me know about the death.
Better hide this.
In case they come up.
He's on his way, whatever that means.
- We can wait.
- But Rex is in the car! Firstly, Rex doesn't mind.
Second, the guy would worry about his carpets.
All right.
Nice view, I have to say.
You'll miss that, in Salzburg.
Ask them in.
- I'm Moser, this is Stockinger.
- Hellwig, hello.
- Please, have a seat.
- Thanks.
- Please, gentlemen.
- How can I help? Your wife has a Jaguar.
Registration W 897EO.
Is there a problem? You wouldn't both be here because she was speeding.
Did your wife often speed? - At times.
I still don't get it.
- Where's your wife now? My wife often goes out and stays out.
- Where is she right now? - She'll ring or drop in soon.
- What places does she frequent? - Many.
Some in the city, a wine bar in Neustift, the Mountain lnn The Mountain lnn? So you'd drive past the river? Yes, she goes there.
She goes out a lot.
Now please tell me why you're here.
So your wife drank and then drove the car? Yes, but does that mean you'll arrest her? A burnt-out car was found early this morning.
It had overshot a bend and fallen into the river.
It had the numberplate of your wife's car.
What happened to my wife? Sorry, Mr Hellwig.
The body of a woman was found in the car.
Ingrid My God.
- Can I see her? - Not yet.
Forensics are doing an autopsy.
Why would she need an autopsy? Unfortunately these are the regulations.
Of course.
But perhaps she was just tired.
She might have fallen asleep at the wheel.
Oh God.
I must ask you this.
Do you recognise this jewellery? It belongs to my wife.
Could you please leave? - Found anything? - Yes.
You? Hellwig identified his wife's jewellery.
Your turn again.
She has third and fourth degree burns.
Substantial burns on her head.
Want to see them? No Also a post-mortem haematoma at the back of her head.
Was she alive when the fire broke out? You only want to know simple things.
The simple questions out of the crime theory book.
What else can I ask? It helps us.
Yes, she was still alive.
We found soot in her respiratory system, which she'd inhaled, so she was alive for a short while during the fire.
- So she was unconscious.
- Or doped up.
But that was done before the accident.
I found traces of a very strong sleeping pill.
What? Leo, that would explain why the car left the road despite its rather slow speed.
But who'd take a sleeping pill and then drive a car? - A suicidal person? - Exactly.
Take suicides.
There are always cases of combination suicide.
Cut your wrists and take sleeping pills.
Hang and shoot yourself.
I know of one case who tried seven methods.
As far as I know he's still alive.
But Hellwig's dead.
What do you think? - Murder or suicide? - I don't think anything.
I'm waiting on a few test results.
I'll ring you.
Mr Hellwig Two dozen oysters for you.
- Anything else? - That's all, thanks.
- What are you doing here? - I followed you.
I want to know what happened last night.
- I don't know what you mean.
- You do know.
Tell me what happened or I'll see the police.
Listen, you little tart.
You think you can blackmail me? Hi there.
How much? - Ten thousand.
- Not bad.
I had a colleague who was transferred.
To the Feds.
I wasn't sorry.
I could never stand him.
He always wanted to clock off on time.
He'd get upset about murders taking place at 4.
He wanted to be home at 5.
Well, this is different.
Stocki looks like a bureaucrat, but he's a top crime solver.
And he knows human nature.
He pretends to be dumb, asks you an idiotic question, you can enlighten him and feel very clever.
- Whatever turns him on.
- I see.
You really have become a great team.
The Department must be thrilled.
It always rains in Salzburg.
It's his wife.
And his marriage.
Perhaps he's right.
What remains in life for an old crime fighter? All he does is wait at a cafe for someone to play billiards.
Then he goes home to study the files hoping to find what others overlooked.
It used to be my work, now it's my pleasure.
But this case is no fun.
The driver of a car is burnt to death, she took pills.
- The question is now - The classical question.
Was it an accident, was it suicide, or was it murder? Can't you train a bit later? Stop it! Right now.
I want just five more minutes.
Five minutes.
What's the matter? I'm here.
I'll teach you one day Telephone! to get your own breakfast.
Shall we swap? - Moser.
- Morning, Richard.
Leo here.
I hope I didn't wake you.
I got the final results.
I hope it's important, as you woke me up.
It is.
The woman had type one diabetes.
What does that mean? She had to have regular insulin injections.
We have the results.
Her husband says she drank.
Diabetics shouldn't do that.
Alcohol would have been poison for her.
Leo, one thing is really odd.
A man doesn't mention his wife's a diabetic, but says she drinks, that's odd.
Morning, Mr Hellwig.
Anything new? Nothing special.
I wanted to discuss your wife's illness.
It doesn't make sense to do this now.
Not just any illness.
A very special one.
- I don't want to discuss it.
- You should.
You must've known there were times your wife shouldn't drive.
- Why allow it, then? - It no longer matters.
Why did your wife take sleeping pills before the crash? Who could have given them to her? I don't know.
She led her own life.
You told me a different story before.
This is private, and no longer relevant.
A woman who shouldn't drive is found drugged after a fatal car crash.
I have nothing more to tell you.
Where were you two days ago at 1 1.
30 p.
M? I can tell you that.
I was home all night.
- Witnesses? - We have a concierge.
He knows who comes and goes.
I get my newspaper from him.
Ask him.
I will ask him, Mr Hellwig.
Count on it.
Morning, Stocki.
I got our breakfast.
So your transfer application was approved.
- I'm sorry, but - It's okay.
You've explained it often enough.
Everyone tries to get through the allotted 70 years without too much pain.
I'll make us a coffee.
- Morning, gentlemen.
- Morning, Richard.
Hello, Rex.
Come here.
- Anything new? - lndeed.
His transfer's official now.
Well? Anything to add? What can I possibly say? I'm just making coffee.
Well Dr Graf found out the victim was a diabetic.
- What? - Yes.
But Hellwig didn't seem to know about the illness.
It explains the accident, but on the other hand Why did he say his wife liked a drink? Lots of contradictions.
Graf even found out that she had overdosed on sleeping pills.
Or she'd been drugged.
It looks as if Hellwig did it all himself.
That fire brigade guy said the fuel line could only be damaged through the impact.
Rex smelt petrol from the parking area to the site.
So petrol must have leaked beforehand.
Before the fuel pipe was damaged.
So someone made sure the car would burn.
So someone must have tried to hide the victim's identity.
I've come to believe the woman wasn't his wife.
The motive? Insurance fraud.
He has a few policies on his wife, which is now even easier in the EU.
Say, ten life insurance policies in Europe.
She gets killed in an accident, he cashes the policies and they go abroad.
What now? We need Mrs Hellwig's photo and data to compare it with the victim's.
I've got something.
This finance magazine has a photo of the Hellwigs.
H"llerer But if Hellwig isn't the victim Listed here are two missing prostitutes.
The age of one and the timeframe is perfect.
H"llerer, check for any insurance policies in Mrs Hellwig's name, and any debts.
Stocki, try getting a photo of the prostitutes.
Meanwhile, I'll be with Graf.
Wait! - Why not arrest Hellwig? - His alibi is sound, no chance.
The missing girls don't have an address.
Only a bar where both of them spent time.
So where's the problem? Must I go there alone? Won't you come along? I must see Graf, who has a computer program to reconstitute faces, so I need a photo.
It'll be a real thrill.
Well, take Rex along.
I can't take him with me.
- Thanks.
- Who knows Look after him well so nothing happens.
Come on, Richard What do you say? Ingrid? I told you to stay here when I'm out.
It's fine.
The police suspect something.
Don't worry.
We planned it all thoroughly.
- But not a second murder.
- Are you nervous? She's burnt to a cinder.
We'll feed in all available data.
The person's height, age, weight, bone structure, etc.
With the help of this data it calculates the most likely looks.
The actual looks.
- How much was this program? - 70,000.
Hello? Anyone serving? Hello, hello It looks like there's no one here.
Rex, please behave.
We're on duty.
This is the second step.
Let me do it.
The computer takes the shape of the skull to figure out how the face looked.
And then it recreates it perfectly.
Here? In here? Sure? Sorry, we're not open yet.
I only want to talk to you.
Could you please turn this down? Thank you.
I must check the lights when we start.
Great work ethic, but tell me about Gabi Tischler.
Any idea what I want to know? What? Oh yes, of course.
I'm sorry, I forgot.
- Stockinger, Crime Squad.
- I'm so impressed I'll fall over.
- I'm in no hurry.
- Neither am l.
The first customers come at lunchtime.
All right.
You can close up and come to the station.
Don't be ridiculous.
Who have we here? Is he yours? No.
He belongs to my boss.
My current one.
My, you are a cutie.
- What's your name, sweet? - That's Rex.
- He never says much.
- My Mimi was 1 6 years old.
When she died, I wanted to kill myself.
- Can we talk about Gabi now? - I know very little.
She came from the country, with a friend.
Very nice girls, really.
Gabi, she loves life.
She always says "Who knows how long you'll live?" Now they're both missing.
One of us reported it.
Here this is for Rex.
You're a good doggie.
Tell me, what was Gabi Tischler like? - Did she drink much? - Not a drop.
A problem.
Many of the clients invited her.
I don't know why.
But she never drank.
You wouldn't have a photo? - No.
- Think about it again.
Perhaps someone killed the two girls.
And perhaps he's not satisfied yet.
So she wasn't Mrs Hellwig.
I cannot contradict you there.
Two questions remain.
Where's Mrs Hellwig? And who is the dead woman? Cheers, Rex.
Look, this was a sort of company excursion.
That's her, Gabi Tischler.
The hairstyle could have been different.
Quite a few possibilities.
This is incredible.
Stocki! I admit I wouldn't have got it without him.
- And how did he do it? - With psychology.
It's obvious.
The victim is most likely Gabi Tischler.
Or do you think differently? We should pay Mr Hellwig a visit.
I just can't keep this up.
What's the matter? Well, first this thing, and now clients keep wanting their money.
The insurance will pay in three weeks.
And then we'll leave.
Perhaps you should have left earlier.
I couldn't have endured it.
I can't do without you even for a day.
I must return to the office.
Simply stay here.
I have to keep up appearances.
At least until everything's over.
Say that you're so depressed over my death that you must take a holiday.
Yes, hello? What? What do they want now? Police.
Wait till Mr Hellwig comes.
Why interrupt my call? We wanted to surprise him.
Six insurance policies, beneficiary Mr Hellwig.
Totalling 23 million schillings.
- What are you doing? - Searching the place.
And I have an arrest warrant.
For murder.
Stop! Shit.
Crowbar! There he is.
Stocki, check the flat.
The others come with me.
Over there.
Rex, follow me.
Come on, Rex.
Rex, no! - Help! - Rex, stop.
- Hey! Tell the dog to stop.
- Stay calm.
Damn it.
Help! Stay calm and he won't harm you.
There's nothing here.
I guess this is yours, Mrs Hellwig.
- Come with me.
- This is how you got your alibi.
You left the house, faked the accident, and returned across the roofs in this way.
Then you saw the concierge.
- Prove it.
- I will.
We found policies worth We also found out that you lost millions of your clients' money.
So you and your wife needed money to leave.
My wife? But she's dead.
Oh no.
That was someone else.
She was Gabi Tischler.
A prostitute.
She resembled your wife.
You also killed her friend.
Children found the burnt corpse in a cave.
That's not proof.
Just wait.
Richard, look who we've got here.
I see.
Mrs Hellwig, I presume.
Well, that's enough.
Take him away.
- How did you catch him? - Well, Rex did.
He jumped across.
Roof jumping.
- What? - Yes.
- Why didn't you stop him? - He'd already leaped.
If I think about it I'll throw up.
I felt nauseous too.
But he was gone.
A dog is like a child.
You must watch it.
- You don't even have a cat! - It's just common sense.