Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) (1994) s04e01 Episode Script

Series 4, Episode 1

INSPECTOR REX BURlED ALlVE Günther? Günther? - Günther! - What are you doing here? - I've rung three times.
- I didn't hear the phone.
Can't the staff do the stocktaking? Who'll pay the overtime? I'm not going to the health resort tomorrow.
- Of course you are.
- We can't afford it.
- You need a rest.
- But l You need time to relax too.
I won't be late tonight.
How late? Go away tomorrow.
We'll holiday in summer.
Who am l? - Arnold Schwarzenegger.
- Wrong! Perhaps you're Brad Pitt.
Getting warmer.
You've got one more chance.
Give me a clue.
- Think of planes.
- I know! Tom Cruise.
Have you been waiting long? Two hours, three minutes.
Granny made me eat a whole bowl of muesli.
Muesli, yuck! Only old people like Schwarzenegger eat that.
- Tell my Granny that.
- She's really nice.
Yes, I'm having a bath.
You had one last week.
Rex! We have to go to work.
Oh dear.
I can't leave you for five minutes.
If you think I'm getting in there ETHER Morning, Richard.
Hello, Rex.
Morning, Höllerer.
Anything new? Nothing, thank God.
Looks like being a quiet day.
I've got no objection to that.
Have you got a new aftershave? It's pretty strong.
What is it? Lilac? Ask him.
Did you spend the night in a perfumery, Rex? It's for your benefit.
I didn't know you were so vain.
Morning, all.
I'm starving.
Have you got a new perfume? It's not funny, guys.
Your perfume really bowls me over, Rex.
- I can't do it.
- Of course you can.
Why do we have to do sums? Teachers are such a pain.
If you promise not to tell, I'll let you know a secret.
I never do my maths homework.
Granny does it.
Would she do mine if I asked her? Sure.
If you buy me a lucky dip, I'll ask her.
It's a deal.
May we have two lucky dips? Yes.
Which ones? - That one.
And you? - That one.
- l, 2, 3 - Go.
- What have you got? - Snakes.
You? - A rat.
Swap? - I don't like rats.
Me neither.
Do you like it? It's okay.
- What have you got? - Just chewing gum.
It's cool, isn't it? - It's too big.
- True.
- I've got to go home.
- Me too.
See you.
Bunnyhead! Hey, you're hurting her! Leave her alone.
Let her go! You? Good morning.
- Fresh supplies.
- About time too.
You've already had four.
- Hey, it's got a gherkin.
- Rex won't want it.
Let's get this sort in future.
What about Rex? I've got something for you.
- What on earth is it? - A ham-roll kitty.
You can make a donation.
Why always me? Because you eat the most.
Homicide Division.
Very well.
I know where that is.
We're on our way.
A woman's been shot.
Rex Hello, Richard.
Hi, Böck.
She was shot at close range.
Two bullets hit her.
One penetrated her stomach, the other her spleen.
She could have lived if we'd found her sooner.
She actually bled to death.
- Who found her? - The nun over there.
Talk to the nun.
I'll go to the kiosk.
- Dr König's office.
- I want to speak to Dr König.
I'm afraid he's in a meeting.
- Can I help you? - It concerns his daughter.
- I've got bad news.
- Hold the line.
Look at item 4.
Dr König, please.
As for item 1 1 in our calculations, make the necessary cutbacks.
No calls, please.
It's about your daughter.
An urgent call.
My daughter? - Shall I put it through? - Yes, do that.
I'll only say this once.
I have your daughter.
I want 20 million in four hours or you won't see her again.
I'll call back in two hours.
If you call the cops, she dies.
Who are you? - Could I ask you to leave? - Of course.
Mrs König speaking.
- Is lsabella home? - No.
Why? - When is school out? - At 1 2.
It's after 1.
Do you know where she is? She'll be with her friend, Paula.
Why do you ask? You don't usually bother about her.
Please, Mother.
Call her friend and ask if she's there.
- Yes, all right.
- Thank you.
The nun must have got here about five minutes after it happened.
No one was at the kiosk.
Look at these flowers.
You wouldn't discard them, would you? Not unless something happened.
Rex? What have you found? Good boy.
It belongs to an lsabella König.
- Any news? - No.
Paula said that lsabella went home after school.
What's happened? Who's Paula? Typical.
You don't even know your daughter's best friend.
- How can l? - What's the matter? A man called me.
He's kidnapped lsabella.
He wants 20 million.
- He's playing a joke on you.
- Then tell me where she is.
- Perhaps it's the police.
- What are they doing here? - See those two? - Where? Up there.
At least we know someone is home.
If it's the police, don't mention the abduction.
He threatened to kill lsabella if I go to the police.
I won't risk it.
Moser, Crime Squad.
- Hello.
- Are you lsabella's father? Yes.
Why? May we see her? Isabella? Why? Is she in trouble? We found this.
Is this her gym bag? Perhaps.
- Can you fetch her? - She's not home yet.
- What's wrong? - We have some questions.
When will she be home? Robert? Won't you ask the gentlemen in? Help! I'm down here.
Help! The lady at the kiosk has been shot? How awful! Who'd do something like that? We don't know yet.
Did lsabella know her? Of course.
She passes the kiosk every day.
What's the connection between a gym bag and the murder victim? We have to check everything out.
She's not at her friend's.
Where can she be? At the movies.
What do you think? I don't know.
She usually comes straight home after school.
As soon as she gets home, I'll call you.
You mean you're throwing us out.
My colleague is often rather blunt.
Would you call me? I'll show you out.
- Every word is a lie.
- Why, though? - He's shitting himself.
- Yes, his behaviour was odd.
Maybe she saw something.
I'd love to know what they're saying now.
Rex! Come here.
Stay! The lady from the kiosk was killed.
What if lsabella Pull yourself together.
Let's not get hysterical.
I'm quite calm.
What was lsabella wearing today? I don't know.
Jeans, I think.
No, a dress.
That's right.
A dress.
Which one? If you pressure me, I can't think.
- What colour? - I don't know Wait! She was wearing the blue one.
The blue dress you bought her in Paris.
Rex, open the door.
Press it down.
Good boy, Rex.
Press it down.
Open it.
Fantastic, Rex.
Where's the money? Why are you so slow? It shouldn't be hard for a bank to get 20 million.
I thought so.
In half an hour.
Mr König? I think we need to talk.
Help! I'm down here.
Help! Help! Help! Help! I'm down here.
Help! I'm down here.
Help! We know how you feel, but you must consider the risk.
There's a risk if you get involved.
You don't know who this man is.
He may have no intention of freeing your daughter.
Then what? Robert! You must cooperate with them.
- Don't interfere, Mother.
- Listen to me for once.
No one will know we're here.
Mr König, you can trust us.
We've done this before.
Come on.
Did you ring? Yes.
- I'm a policeman.
- Anyone can say that.
That's true.
Is Mum or Dad at home? - Dad's gone out, Mum's away.
- I see.
You're Paula, right? Isabella's friend? - Who told you that? - lsabella's granny, Mrs König.
Can I come in? I need to talk to you.
Here's my badge.
How do I know it's genuine? It could be fake.
Right again.
I've got another lD if I can find it.
Any idiot can fake stuff.
What about a real police dog? In my business we often have to rationalise.
Has a former employee ever threatened you? Some have threatened the company or the managers.
- They see things their way.
- I've made some coffee.
- Have a seat, Mr - Böck.
- Mr Böck.
And you, Robert? - No, thank you.
Keep him talking if you can.
- Have you got the money? - Yes.
How is my daughter? - All right so far.
- What colour are her jeans? Her dress is blue.
And she's crying.
I'll call in an hour.
Please don't hurt her.
If you don't go to the police, no harm will come to her.
He appears calm and determined.
- Was it the same man? - Yes, I think so.
He disguised his voice, but was it familiar in any way? - I don't know.
- Shall I play it again? - Yes.
- No! Why has she been kidnapped? I don't know.
Maybe you can help.
- You're the policeman.
- True.
Have any strangers talked to her or given her a present? We don't talk to strangers.
Why is Rex eating biscuits? I've been wondering that.
He must like them.
Or he likes you.
Don't be silly.
I can't talk to you any more.
Hey what's your aftershave? - "Spring Lilac".
- Didn't you overdo it? Dad! Guess what's happened.
- Hi.
Your little girl's cute.
- I know.
- Who are you? - Moser.
- What do you want? - lnformation.
Paula's friend, lsabella König, has been kidnapped.
Isabella? - Are there any leads? - We're working on it.
All right.
See you later.
Rex! - They found her gym bag.
- Her gym bag? - What did the police ask? - Where I last saw her.
And if I saw anything suspicious.
A man or a woman or a car.
- Did you see anything? - No.
- Will they hurt her? - No.
They only want money.
She'll be back tomorrow.
Come on.
We've got to go.
What's lsabella's ring doing here? Pardon? How did lsabella's ring get in our car? She must have left it behind.
But she only got it today.
- It was in a lucky dip.
- Maybe it's yours.
It's hers.
It was in the lucky dip.
You must be wrong.
It's not unique.
Have you got your key? Have fun at ballet.
It's definitely lsabella's ring.
Suggest that someone else will deliver the ransom.
Tell him that one of your staff is going to step in.
I'll volunteer.
It's out of the question.
She's my child.
I'll go.
I want you to take the ransom in an hour's time to the Karlskirche's left column.
I warn you that if I see any police, your daughter will die.
If any harm befalls her, I'll make your life hell.
We'll keep out of it at first.
We'll only intervene when she's safe.
- What's that? - A tracking device.
If the kidnapper notices, he may panic.
It's your decision.
- What's up? - I've got something for you.
- What is it? - A scanner.
You can listen to König's mobile.
That's 56 Where are you? Outside the Karlskirche as you wanted.
Can I speak to my daughter? When I have the money.
Walk over to the Otto Wagner Pavilion.
- Otto Wagner Pavilion.
- Roger.
New position, Otto Wagner Pavilion.
Yes? Walk towards Canovagasse.
A taxi will pick you up.
König is getting a cab at Canovagasse.
Bring the car.
Get in.
Follow the red taxi, Höllerer.
Step on it.
Stay calm.
Put the money in there.
- When I can see my daughter? - The money! Get out quietly.
I'll call you in ten minutes.
Please I beg of you.
- Don't harm my daughter.
- Out! Can you help me? - What's happening? - He's calling in ten minutes.
- Where's the money? - In the taxi.
The money's in the taxi.
Mr König? Are you all right? There he is.
Make way! - Damn it.
- Mind the pedestrian.
- Where is he? - There.
We've nearly got him.
I don't believe it.
Car 6 here, we're looking for a red taxi with a Vienna registration, W 5267 TX, Iast seen near Naschmarkt.
I repeat, a red taxi Patrol 1 7 to Car 6.
Repeat the registration.
I think I've seen the vehicle in question.
Car 6 to Patrol 1 7.
The registration number is W 5267 TX.
May I see your lD? Car 6 to Patrol 1 7.
Observe the vehicle from a safe distance.
I repeat, observe only.
- What's in the bag? - Car 6 to Old clothes.
What's wrong? - Can I stay here? - Of course you can.
As long as you want to.
You've got a hankie.
Blow your nose.
Sit down there.
You'll soon feel better.
Would you like to play a game? Stein! Where's the girl? Where is she? Come in, base.
Ambulance needed urgently at Schillerplatz.
Where is she? Where's lsabella? Don't move.
The ambulance is coming.
Rex, have you found something? Good boy.
Let's see.
Where's lsabella? What's the matter? Has lsabella been set free? No.
I've spoken to Mrs König.
Paula's there.
Did you tell her? I'd rather leave that to you.
- How's König? - He fainted.
He's at home.
At the front too.
Then you can remove them so the lab can inspect them.
Sweetheart, you haven't eaten anything.
- I'm not hungry.
- Dear me.
Have a little drink of Coke at least.
It's lsabella's ring.
I found it.
In Dad's car.
Thank you, Mrs König.
Paula suspected that her dad was involved.
Isabella's ring was in their car.
I feel really sorry for her.
- Moser.
- Böck.
Well? I've searched Stein's work premises.
There's no sign of lsabella.
They found sand and rubber in his tyre treads and traces of a petrol/oil mix, possibly from a two-stroke engine.
That's what motocross bikes use.
In the tyre treads of Stein's motocross bike Forensics found the same sand.
There! Ask Paula where her dad used to ride his bike.
It may help.
Paula Paula! Please, please, please wake up.
Paula! Who are you? Who am l? Well I'm I'm Karl.
I'm a nice old ghost.
I'm very nosey and I happen to ride a motocross bike.
You too? Dad once took me with him.
You only rode around the garden, didn't you? No, we went to a desert.
There are no deserts in Vienna.
I know.
It wasn't in Vienna.
It was just outside Vienna.
Do you know exactly where you went? Yes.
Please, please, please tell me.
We went to a huge quarry with lots of sand.
A huge quarry with lots of sand? Stein's car and bike were both there.
Paula said it was near Vienna.
There are sand quarries in the south and west.
Motocross riders use most of them.
Oh, brother.
You've been a great help.
The lab says you only find that sand in two quarries.
Let's go.
Höllerer, hold the fort.
Search! Search! Go on.
What? That's good news.
Rex, come! The lab found pine needles in the sand.
They're found near the other quarry.
Good boy, Rex.
Shit! Pull! Let's get out of here fast.
Rex! He still smells of lilac.
What? You're right.
Look, I've got a suggestion.
You can visit us and bath him as often as you like.
We've got lots of shampoo.
She's woken up.
Rex I'm allowed to go and bath him.
I've brought you something.
It's yours.
Are you still my best friend? They're real friends, aren't they?