Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex) (1994) s04e13 Episode Script

Series 4, Episode 13

INSPECTOR REX DANGEROUS MlSSlON Got them? He gets two packets of tobacco.
- Want one? - I don't need that shit.
Better take one to calm down, stop you from fighting.
At least I stay fit.
Boxing didn't get you far or you wouldn't be in for armed robbery.
It's none of your bloody business.
- I'll manage.
- That's what they all say.
But all they manage is to come back here.
Fourth floor Yard exercise.
Coming? No, I'm quite happy here by myself.
Fourth floor Yard exercise.
Aren't you bored in your single cell? I asked for a single cell.
I don't like people.
Six dead and forty-two injured.
Zach was sentenced as an accessory.
There wasn't enough evidence.
They never found his workshop or the money.
He told a prison inmate people would die if anyone tried to get his money.
- So there must be a bomb.
- It could explode any time.
Things look bad if Alex can't gain his trust.
Stupid bastard.
Don't look so dopey.
- Anything wrong? - No, I'm okay.
You think you're better than us.
Alone in your single cell.
- Leave him alone.
- Stay out of this.
Leave him alone, I said.
Got me? Nothing happened.
Don't put up with all this or you'll go under.
I can look after myself.
- What are you reading? - An encyclopaedia.
Not much action, right? Looking for ideas to bomb your way out, eh? I copied a few formulas.
The director thinks it's for a bomb.
You're quite clever, aren't you? Know what makes nitroglycerine? No idea.
Nitric acid, sulfuric acid and sulfur trioxide.
No wonder you know about it.
That's why you're here.
I've never made a bomb.
I'll fill it with a mixture of common explosives.
If the dog learns this smell he'll find any bomb.
It can't explode, can it? No.
I'm not putting nitroglycerine in.
Train him to not touch the pipe or to bark.
The bomb might have a sound wave detonator.
He can sit down to indicate it.
Rex, have the ham roll.
Alex will soon be out of prison.
All right, then.
Leave it.
I'll see where Höllerer got to.
I knew you'd rather steal it.
At least you ate it.
- What did he eat? - The ham roll.
Did he? So he has enough energy to brush up on his training.
Sniff it, Rex.
Sniff it.
This is what I want you to find.
But don't touch it and don't bark.
Got it? Right.
Well done, Rex.
But you mustn't bark.
- What's this muck? - Eat that or nothing at all.
Eat it yourself.
Think before you talk to me like that again.
Come on, you idiot.
Have you gone mad? That's enough, Mr Wagner.
You attacked an officer.
I've had enough! Apart from the bad food how are you, Mr Brandtner? Fine, thanks.
But getting on to Zach is harder than I thought.
Have a seat.
I especially gave you the cell opposite him.
Yes, but it doesn't help.
He reads all day and hardly talks.
You'll succeed.
I assume you want to phone your office.
Great, Rex.
Well done.
For you.
Yes, Rex, I'll be with you again soon.
And you'll get heaps of ham rolls.
With a big bone on top.
- What news for us? - I talked to him today.
No progress.
I fought with a guard again.
- Stay close.
- I will.
Regards to Peter.
- Regards from the prisoner.
- How is he? He seems fine.
He caused trouble again.
- Had a nice evening? - It was okay.
Let's keep practising with Rex.
I think he's had enough for today.
- Want any uppers or downers? - What? You haven't been here long.
Stimulants or sedatives.
I don't need that stuff.
Come on! Or will you put up with anything? - I told you to leave him alone.
- Wagner, stop it! Search, Rex.
Well done.
Very good.
Could you do the bomb training on your desk in future? Yes.
That's fine.
I'm sorry, but I had to put you into solitary or others might think you get preferential treatment.
It's okay.
It fits in with our plans.
I'd like to discuss tomorrow's plan.
Rex Where are you? Time to sleep.
So you want to sleep in your room.
It's fine with me.
Don't you like my pyjamas? Night, Rex.
Tomorrow's a hard day.
As usual.
You'll have to get your own stuff now.
See what fighting got you? A transfer to another prison.
I'll survive.
Look after yourself.
- What's up? Are we going? - I'm ready.
They couldn't wait to get rid of me.
The governor said I was too rebellious.
Well What do I care? Maybe the food is better there.
Yes, thanks.
I said thank you.
Rex, that wasn't Alex.
It was the governor.
Alex is being transferred.
- Why are you so early? - I couldn't sleep.
Nor could l.
I get sick when I don't drive.
And their bloody muck doesn't help.
I think I'm going to puke.
The key.
Quick! Stop here or your colleague will get an extra hole.
Didn't I make myself clear? You two get out and unlock the doors.
Over there.
Throw your weapons away.
Get inside.
Come along or stay, but throw me my bag.
Come on! Lock up.
That way.
They should be out by now.
What if Zach won't go along? Then Alex was in prison for nothing.
Yes, Rex, Alex will be back soon.
- They're looking for us.
- Naturally.
What about the truck? It has Vienna plates, it may go there.
Good luck.
Is this your first escape? The police are that way.
We'll hide in the truck.
Come on.
- Thanks, colleague.
- And? He managed to escape and Zach went with him.
I wonder how they'll make it to Vienna.
Vehicle check.
- What's your load? - Vegetables.
- Let me have a look.
- Of course.
I hope Zach won't get suspicious.
We can't provide more helicopters and roadblocks so Zach thinks we're looking for him.
- Think positive, Höllerer.
- I am.
I know it's difficult.
Very good.
The key to an appropriate car.
A silver Buick, parked downstairs.
And a gun and ammunition for Alex.
I'm off now.
Rex - Good luck.
- Thanks.
We'll need it.
Come on.
Let's find somewhere to hide until dark.
Okay, I think we'll be safe in here.
We're in luck.
There's a guy nearby who'll hide us.
Quiet area, no neighbours.
- Who is he? - Well, he sells things.
Stuff I get for him.
A fence? Yes.
But he doesn't like that word.
We have 3 to 4 hours.
By the way, he was minding my dog while I was in prison.
- I hate dogs.
- He won't bite you.
- Are we safe there? - Yes.
He's clean, no previous convictions.
Why did you throw the gun away? It's crazy to carry a police weapon.
Sit down, you make me nervous.
Earlier today two prisoners escaped from a police van.
They are Peter Wagner, sentenced for armed robbery and Fritz Zach who's serving time for bomb attacks and extortion.
Their whereabouts are unknown.
The light's on.
I'll check if he's alone.
You're here already.
Yes, I saw it on TV.
Just come in, then.
Rex is all nervous.
Wait, Rex.
Let me unlock it.
You're mad.
It's risky for me to let you in.
Don't get shitty.
You owe me something.
Fritz, my friend Herbert Riedl.
Shut up and close the blinds.
I started smoking in prison.
Yes, you're right.
Come into the lounge room.
You can only stay a few days.
Here but I can't provide room service.
So the goods have arrived? I understand.
Undamaged? First class.
We must negotiate the price.
We'll agree on the price.
I'll ring again.
Hi, it's Höllerer.
They're in the house.
You can get closer.
But don't act without instructions.
- Are you sure nobody saw you? - Yes.
Don't get edgy.
I'll leave when the search dies down.
What about you? I won't stay longer than neccessary.
And then? - First I'll get hold of money.
- How? No idea.
What about your ransom money? It's all gone.
- A glass of wine? - No, thanks.
- I've beer in the fridge.
- I don't drink alcohol.
What is it, Rex? No, we'll sleep in the lounge room.
- Alex - Anything wrong? Rex wants to sleep with me.
This idiot taught him.
Be grateful I looked after him.
- I said not to let him on a bed.
- I don't care what you said.
Go and wake Christian.
What? He's in a phone booth.
Put the transmitter in his bag.
He's in a phone booth outside.
We know.
Ask Höllerer to check the number he dialled.
Next time, tell me when you go outside.
- I needed fresh air.
- Did anyone see you? No.
Every time we eat the dog wants something too.
But I don't know where the dog food is.
Where it belongs.
In the fridge.
Anything new? How much time do you need? I know a phone booth takes longer but we're in a hurry.
All right.
- Can I use the bathroom? - No, I will.
It's my house, after all.
The escaped prisoners seem to have gone east.
Despite a country-wide search the police haven't been able to find any trace of the escapees.
So they've called off the large-scale manhunt.
Okay, I'm off now.
Something you don't like? I like to be alone.
Clear off then.
But remember you owe me something.
I don't owe you anything.
And don't spy on me.
It could be dangerous for you.
- He's walking into the forest.
- I know.
Cease observation.
He has a transmitter.
Go home and sleep.
- And? - There he is.
- Walking through the forest.
- We saw a bus stop yesterday.
I'll get the car.
He's on the bus.
It'll soon be at the terminal.
Zach might take the subway.
Looks like it.
He's taking line 4 He seems to be continuing on foot.
He's close to the subway station.
We'll be there soon.
The transmitter's in the garbage truck.
We'll go back to where he left the bus.
We've lost track of Zach and I want to know which number he called from the booth.
All right.
But don't take much longer.
They've used ammonia to keep dogs away.
He's lost the trail.
I'll look over there.
Got the number, Höllerer? A building in a yard I'm right outside.
Right above a kindergarten.
I'll call the task force and bomb squad.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
Be careful.
Böck here.
There's a bomb above the kindergarten.
Warn everyone.
Get the kids out.
Will do.
There's a bomb.
- Bomb squad.
- Brandtner.
I need instructions to defuse a bomb.
- Is there a battery? - Yes.
It's connected to a circuit board.
- Any clocks? - Yes.
It shows 2 mins 34 secs.
There's time.
Attention everyone.
This is the police.
Please stay in your flats and open the windows.
But do not stand near them.
There is a bomb threat.
Do you see a detonator? It's connected to the circuit board.
Is it connected to the battery or the clock? Two cables lead from the clock to the other circuit board.
Now you have to remove the detonator.
Will do.
Pull it out very carefully.
I've pulled it out.
Stay in your flats and remain calm.
You will receive further instructions shortly.
If anyone shoots we'll all go up in smoke.
- What do you want? - Tell them all to leave.
Back off.
I want a vehicle to get away.
Now cut the connection to the battery.
Rex, get me the pliers.
No, not that one.
The other one.
- There's a second detonator.
- Remove that one too.
I got the second one out as well.
- The battery's gone too.
- Cut the detonator wires.
Detonators can explode if you drop them.
Thank you, Rex.
Both detonators are removed.
I'll cut the wires of the clock now.
Done! - Well done, mate.
- Same to you, friend.
Thank you.
That was close.
Very close.
And thank you too.
Come here.
What now? Start driving.
Christian! Where is he? He's got a bomb on his body.
And Höllerer.
- Where to? - You'll find out.
Out of the city first.
Do I turn left or right there? Turn right, and not too slowly.
What if Zach had set himself off in the block of flats? There'd be more than one dead.
I hope Höllerer will be out soon.
When I rang the hospital, they gave me no information.
- What are you doing here? - I'm waiting for you.
I had a check-up.
Nothing more than a few bruises.
I was rather lucky.
We wanted to visit you.
They said we couldn't.
- They couldn't find me.
- Why not? I'd gone to the canteen.
To buy ham rolls.